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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. thursday, february 4. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. first, a developing story from overnight. a marion county deputy and a suspect both in the hospital after getting shot during a shoot-out. we'll have details on why the sheriff side that the deputy was forced to open fire. and governor rick scott and his plans for the zika virus. let's get over to jayme and see how things are looking outside this thursday morning. we're starting out kind of warm.
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a happy friday eve. the weekend is in sight, finally. rain chances coming up through the latter portions of the morning. the cold front has really slowed down. it'll take a while to get things better around here. widespread 60s if not 70s on the mark. clouds come in, rising rain potential by 11:00 a.m. all the way through the evening. after that we sour out the clouds and bring back the sunshine. cooler friday but at least we'll have sunshine coming back in. we'll see clouds and rain ramp up and then the spreading affect
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nothing going on now here from gainesville to about here. it's inching closing to alachua county. it's a gradual process. if you are looking for the rain, patience is a virtue. if you are not looking for it, it'll be out of here tomorrow. we'll have the 60s after today. >> gina: all of the earlier crashes have cleared. we have a traffic light out because of the earlier incident. use caution. traffic moving nice and smoothly in the area and across the board. i-4 eastbound to john young, 3 minutes. and 434 to fairbanks, 6 minutes. well.
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county, a sheriff's deputy is recovering after being shot in the leg. >> this happened at the kangaroo gas station. and jackie orozco has more in ocala. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everything happened because mareop county sheriff's deputies say after they responded for a 911 call at the gas station with a man with two loaded guns he had one of the guns pointed at it's unclear if he was trying to kill himself. deputying arrived and tried to negotiate with him. he refused and he then he pointed the gun at them. and they opened fire. and the suspect was shot multiple times. and the deputy sergeant dan trammel was shot in the leg. he is expected to be okay. the suspect is in critical condition at the hospital.
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the gas station talking to the clerk to see if they have surveillance video. they said they are not allowed to release any information. we're staying in touch with the marion county sheriff's office. and the fdle is investigating the shooting. this all happened because of the 9-1. 9-1-1 call, and deputied said that he started to open fire against the deputies. >> john: a news alert. governor rick scott is planning to talk about the zika virus today. >> amy: he has already declared a health emergency in four florida counties, and luanne has the latest on that. >> reporter: the governor declaring the health emergency after at least nine cases were reported in those four counties. here's a looked at four counties. sanity a rosa, hillsborough, lee, and miami dade. and it allows the state
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mosquito spray in the four county, and allows the florida department of health to make its own decision on what is needed from for the state from the cdc. it's primarily carried by mosquitoes. causes babies to be born with birth defects with abnormal shrinking of the brain. and there's no cure. >> we have all of the ingredients that makes the virus able to spread in our community. so we have to be smart. it sounds like what governor scott is trying to do is stay ahead of the virus. >> reporter: all cases were from those who traveled outside of the u.s. the governor will hold a press conference starting at 1:30 today to discuss the state's current and future plans to
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>> amy: in brevard county, witnesses say a a dispute over taxes led to a shooting that injured three people in cocoa. yesterday afternoon at the tct tax refund business off of south clearlake road. deputies say two men were shot inside the office after they struggled over a gun. bullets went through a building and the pawn shop owner next door was grazed. they said it was all over a tax dispute. >> my cousin told me to come inside. >> what was in your mind? his hand. >> amy: deputies say one of the men is in critical condition. far. >> john: the so-called junk man has bonded out of jail. davis has made news over the
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than 30 tons of trash in his yard. last september, seminole code enforcement led a cleanup effort at his home. the 61-year-old was booked. >> john: a man will not face charges for a deadly fire that killed a child. they believe that he used gasoline to start the fire at his home last july. his 5-year-old stepson died in the fire. and another 3-year-old was injured. they said they have a lack of evidence. >> amy: two tried to stab security guards at a walmart at south kirkman. women were spotted putting merchandise in their purses. the security guards stopped them at the door.
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knife. county address today. the homeless problem came to a boiling point earlier when daytona beach broke up a building. now the county is committing $4 million to build safe harbor, 250 bed facility to temporarily house the homeless. >> you have folks with substance abuse, mental illness, they're not being taken care of and then you have the criminal element and not to mention veterans and everybody else. so it's a rubics cube. >> john: the county has offered to fund safe harbor. it's the city's responsibility to operate the facility. >> amy: having problems with its
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the agency stopped accepting e filed tax returns. joining us is the lovely lauren simonetti. >> reporter: the i.r.s. stopped taking electronically filed tax returns and anticipates more problems this morning. the problem is with computers. hard wire system. this is just ahead of the tax season. you can still go through a middle man such as your accountant. [audio interference]. >> amy: some technical issues with the microphone. we'll work on that. thank you. you can catch lauren every day at 5:00 a.m. go to fox slash channel finder. >> john: drama on the campaign trail once again. >> amy: donald trump and ted cruz trading jabs over what happened in iowa.
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surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, another trumper tantrum. >> amy: why trump is saying that cruz stole the iowa cardiacs. iowa -- iowa caucus. >> jayme: the gloves are coming up.
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x` 6:12 here on "good day orlando." wikileaks founder could be spending times behind bars. he's been living in london since 2012. he's been there to avoid extradition to sweden in a rape case. they will rule whether or not they can the embassy can keep him there. he said he will turn himself into police tomorrow. >> amy: all of the drama that's been playing out over the last 24 hours on the campaign trail.
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shown to be way ahead of tez cruz and everybody. trump with 38% in new hampshire. cruz 12%. and john kasich 9%, and marco rubio, 8%. the democrat race not close either. sanders sitting at 61%. hi just 30 -- clinton just 30%. donald trump a accusing cruz of fraud. he blames his campaign for the false rumor about ben carson dropping out of the's when voting was under way. cruz fired back. >> well, listen, it's no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, another trumper tantrum.
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everything. >> reporter: an embarrassing moment for former governor jeb bush. he was campaign. >> the next president needs to quieter and send a signal that we need to act in the national security and get back in the business of creator a safer area. please clap. >> it was sad. i honestly think quietly he's just incredibly discouraging and embarrassed. i think if he bombs in new hampshire, and he still could, i wouldn't be surprised that if within a week we see him out of the race. >> reporter: a couple people in the background didn't even clap when he said that.
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sanders saying don't call me the favorite. >> of course we're an under dog. we're taking on the most powerful political organization in the country, and that's, you know, the clinton organization. >> reporter: clinton also finds herself having to dispute sander's claims that she's only a progressive when it's convenient to be one. >> i'm what progressive who likes to get things done. i was somewhat amused that senator sanders has set himself up as the gatekeeper on who is progressive. >> john: count down to the primary will air saturday night at 11:00 p.m. again on fox 35. it's 6:16. jayme king, and we're almost at our normal high for the day once
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>> jayme: exact exactly. it's friday eve. the weekend is drawing closer. the weather actually does get better tomorrow. the weekend, i think, will get mixed reviews for both saturday and sunday. 60s to around 70. all of brevard county lighting up with the 70s. and a lull right now. prettyiquiet. benign. quiet. nothing going on. by late morning, the chance of rain swells all the way through into the evening. and the wee early hours of friday. the chance drops and we scour out the clouds. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, guy, we see some semblance of sunshine back into your lives and i think by late morning, we're there. tomorrow, pretty cool day, upper 50s to around 60. for today, in advance of the front, we should make it awful close to 80 degrees. we went 84 yesterday at orlando
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the record is 86, and we were 2 degrees shy yesterday. and today it's about the rain chances rising. our panhandle and the eastern seaboard is very active. 114 lightning strikes over the warm water currents over the eastern gulf. a lot of this will become tamer as it moves over. we may find heavy downpours but outside of that, not much going on. beneficial rain drops but not very beneficial to your golf game. at noon, we'll be at about 70s. and the rain looking likely from noon to 3:00 p.m. and the modeling shows the front coming on through.
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watch the time stamp. i told you the wee early morning hours we would start to clear out. the northerly wind flow setting up. and over the weekend, low pressure is developing over the southern gulf of mexico. it looks like we'll see a pinup there. the low around marathon, largo, the mid-to-upper keys and skirting back out to the atlantic. we'll be on the back side of this. it'll feature cooler temperatures, and coastal showers sphitting at us on saturday and sunday. i want you to know there's a chance for rain, 50%. it's not a good hearty chance, but there's a chance. once the low moves south of the state, moving along the eastern seaboard, and then it goes stationary or cuts off from the jet stream.
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attract a lot of the chill from the northern u.s. and force that down to our southern latitudes so temperatures will be in the 60s next week. a nice cool down in store, if you do, in fact, like that. 80 for orlando. warmer in vero breach. it'll take longer to increase the clouds and the rain chance. it's high, moving in, but you probably won't see it until midday around the space coast. blustery over north central florida. and 48 at orlando tonight. and flagler down to around 40. wind whipped area tonight through tomorrow. we'll feel that. tomorrow. by sunday, more of the same.
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zero >> gina: good news. not one single crash out there on my map. keep it that way. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, 12 minutes. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. as always, saving you money. regular gas is $1.65 at the race track on south apopka vineland road. you can always check out gas saving tips on our website at traffic. >> john: 6:21. space travel. >> amy: assembly has officially begun now on the orion.
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new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> john: nasa has gun to build the new and improved orion capsule.
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take astronauts beyond the moon. it orbited earth before splashing down in the pacific. since then, nasa has been working on improvements. the next man flight is slated for 2018. >> amy: a case against bill cosby is moving forward. >> john: a judge refused to throw out the case. now they'll move to a preliminary hearing to determine if cosby assaulted the woman in 2004. >> amy: over somalia. a law enforcement source tells fox news they're looking at somali al qaeda affiliate al-shabaab as a leading suspect in this. an explosion and fire blew a large hole in the side of the plane forcing it to make an emergency landing after a passenger was apparently sucked right out of the cabin.p
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that they could land itself. >> john: are a national prayer breakfast. one day after he made his first presidential visit to a mosque, and that was yesterday in baltimore. >> we're one american family. when one part of our family feels separate, it frays at the fabric of the nation. he called on americans to not be bystanders to bigotry. hour. we'll get reaction from the
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>> john: 6:30 own your thursday morning. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. we're so glad you're with us in morning. in marion county, a deputy took a bullet in the leg after a shoot out with a suspect. >> john: rain is on tap for today, but what does it mean for your weekend? we'll look ahead.
6:29 am
>> amy: a rare sighting in lake county. a manatee swimming around a lake in eustis. what the saw cow had to do to get there. why it was so unusual. that's coming up. but right now, let's get over to jayme. yucky looking on the radar. >> jayme: it sure is. rain chances rising by mid-and late morning. big weather changes on tap for today. the plume of moist is very evident moving into the panhandle. much cooler on the western edge of the panhandle. we're next to fall like dominoes. the temperature. and the rain chances will rise. generally before 4:00 a.m. after that, friday morning, we scour out the clouds and bring some sun and fun into your lives. but a cool day tomorrow, no doubt about that. it's on the warm to mild side.
6:30 am
right at 70 on the mark. and we have clouds and rising rain chance into the late morning time frame. after about 11:00 a.m. we see the rain filtering into central florida. obviously, areas north will see it first, and then spreading down as we ramp up through the afternoon hours. and windy weather and blustery the next few days. florida style, of course, highs in the 60s. no chance of rain on monday. a cool down is imminent and staying in the cool zone for quite some time. >> gina: we have a crash coming in as a hit-and-run at semoran and colonial. no word of roadblocks. use caution if you are in the area this morning. taking a look at drive times. i-4 westbound from lake mary to
6:31 am
i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 12 minutes. speed. >> john: developing in marion county, a sheriff's deputy is recovering after he is shot in the leg. >> amy: a shoot out at the kangaroo marathon gas station at south 20th street. and fox 35's jackie orozco has been live at the scene in ocala. reaction. >> reporter: good morning. that deputy is expected to be okay. but the suspect was shot multiple times and he is in critical condition. everything unfolded right here in front of this gas station, the marathon kangaroo gas station. unfortunately, the gas clerk there is not allowed to release any information. we were trying to get some surveillance video, if there is any available. deputies have not released the name of the gunman. it's not clear why the man came here with two loaded guns.
6:32 am
of a man getting out of his car here with multiple guns. the gunman, a white male, came out of the car with two guns and he pointed one at his head. it's unclear if he was trying to clear himself. during that time, the deputies tried to negotiate with him, and then they said that he pointed the other gun at them and then the officers opened fire and one officer was shot in the leg. a neighbor said she heard loud noises. she thought it was a car crash. >> i am going to start locking my doors. it's very, very scary. it really is. i don't -- i never figured anything like that could happen around here. >> reporter: now we're staying in touch with the marion county sheriff's office.
6:33 am
suspect's name and see if he has a criminal history and also the fdle is investigatele the shooting. >> amy: orange county deputies are searching for batman. >> john: they released this video of the robbery suspect dressed up as the super hero. he robbed the dollar general store on semoran. 1/2 hour later there was a dollar general in another area was targeted. if you recognize the suspect, call crimeline. >> amy: dennis jones owned the home on pennsylvania street where miscellaneous body was -- his body was found. they believe that his body was in the back yard since late november.
6:34 am
>> john: a security camera recorded this video in north cocoa. one of the suspects can be seen opening an unlocked door and rummaging through the vehicle. if you have any information, you are asked to contact crime line. >> john: the magic put up a big fight against one of the best teams in the nba. >> amy: but could they pull it off. ryan has more. >> reporter: the highlights now. a huge night for victor oladipo. 37 points. one off his career high. didn't have a single turnover. but@ a last second three by kevinz durant .z@b combined to go over 60. and that's the game in the closing seconds. 117-114. they played great last night.@ and( azona had 17 points.
6:35 am
they played a great game for sure. they will be hosting the clippers tomorrow night without blake griffin. national signing day yesterday. scott frost's class of ucf as 57th in the country. and the gators had a good day as well. they ranked from teens to top of the country. and jimbo fisher with fsu, no. one or no. two in the nation is what they are ranked after yesterday. they can all get sleep after a long day. we expect to find out moret on tony tony stewart's back injury. the weekend. they have not said how long he will be sidelined. of course, the first event on the nascar schedule is the sprint unlimited in daytona in just nine days.
6:36 am
another reason. today. >> john: packing heat and not hiding it. >> amy: how an open carry gun bill is moving closer to becoming law here in florida. >> amy: move over nesscy. a manatee swimming in a eustis lake has everyone talking. how this lonely sea cow ended up there. you're watching "good day orlando." this is a live view from our camera on international drive. gives you a nice view of the orlando eye.
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. cool. check this out. this is video of the only known wild jaguar in the u.s. this camera spotted him wandering around. he has been in the area for about three years now. the first time though that the center has managed to capture him on beautiful. look how beautiful that is there. >> john: that's really cool. >> amy: do you say jaguar? >> john: jag-u-ar.
6:39 am
>> amy: he had to have a mama and a dada at some point. >> john: maybe a sad story you don't want to get to. open carry is one step closer to becoming law. >> amy: the florida house passed two gun bills. one would allow licensed owners to openly carry and take them on state college campuses. another one would allow weapons to be carried on to the chamber floor and both bills are moving on to the senate. >> john: a man who was killed -- the bill for the cameras would only be applies to those who use the cameras. >> amy: protecting pastors for having to perform ceremonies for same sex couples. guaranteeing freedom of religion so that the clergy members have
6:40 am
will marry. >> john: in lake county they're coming out to see a sea cow. >> amy: what the weather has to do with this and what the big mammal had to do to get there in the first place. >> john: breaking news. sky fox over the scene of a crash that caused a traffic light outage at bates road and goldenrod. not a lot of traffic but as this goes on, it could get a little more congested. there might be some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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$ >> amy: in marion county, an investigation has opened up into a deadly hang gliding accident. >> john: apparently they took a bad takeoff and slammed into the ground. the hang dplieder that the 40-year-old was riding in on tuesday night. he was on his third training session of the day with the u.s. hang gliding incorporated group out of new york. the company does seasonal training at the airport there. the witnesses said that the man was using a power tow line to get up in the air and something went wrong. >> the witnesses said that it took an abrupt turn. he was pronounced dead on the scene. >> he had been flying for months
6:43 am
in florida. they said that everyone was following standards and each is licensed. >> amy: a manatee has been spotted swimming and feeding along the shoreline of trout lake. they are not sure why it's there but said that the manatee had tok passk through three navigational` locks to make it` to trout lake. >> as far as i have heard, this is the` first time in recent history it happened because it can't easily access the lake system. >> but he's all by himself. the mild winter so far has probably helped the manatee to stay warm. they usually migrate south or as you know, ghoa into the springs, blue springs or anywhere near a
6:44 am
they like the warm, warm waters. >> amy: storms hittings south carolina. the capital city got a lot of rain. other parts of the state were hit harder. a tornado touched down in lexington county. brought down trees and damaged a church. jayme king, we're not going to get anything like this? >> jayme: you can see where the front has been. 48 in pensacola, and if not right at 70 here in central florida. key west harbor. welcome to the show. here we go. looking forward to the weekend but big weather changes coming on in. we have 60s and low-end 7 30s at this time early this morning. clouds increased have rin chances rising because of the result. you can see the rainfall is
6:45 am
florida communities and counties. gainesville and ocala see this first. and everything dropping bodily to the south. with all of that considered. we look to the day ahead. 11:00 a.m., 73. rising rain chance for the afternoon. the drive home at 5:00, the rain may be intermittent, on and off. basically segueing to 8:00. a continued chance, higher end range. big towering rain chances. by late tonight we scour out the clouds and bring back sunshine for friday. it may take a bit as we get into friday morning. it by 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and nothing around gainesville. lake george looking good. through the space coast and far south florida, but this begins to change as the moments and hours tick on bay for the day today.
6:46 am
about midnight. then we shut the rain faws yet you faucetoff. you wanted bundle up the kids and consider the wet pavement. a live look here to what's going on with the modeling. showing us how it clears on down. we begin to see the shifter wind here by saturday. the ocean breeze igniting out of the north and the east. ocean-blown showers affecting the peach front and west of i-95 for a good portion of the weekend. there's not a big chance but i want you to know that. super sunday, the big game on sunday afternoon and evening. gusty winds, and light showers moving own through. by sunday we get the northerly air flow. we scour out the rain chances and overall cloud cover. sunday looking good. but it's portions of saturday and very early sunday morning,
6:47 am
we keep some rain chance in the overall forecast. once the low in the gulf clears the southern tip of the state, it'll set up around the mid-atlantic. it'll help to drag down a prolonged period of much cooler or colder temperatures. by next monday through much of next week. only in the 60s for highs, and a bit blustery at times. rain chances are up. and typical south, southeast wind swell. we see the southerly flow freshening. hardly worth it. i say stay in the breach and have a kochtail. and here are your tide times. volusia county, solid 50s in the surf. brrr is the word in the water. it's going to take time to
6:48 am
rain chances up down south. a bit more of a were with ainging potential. and then the numbers fall. especially in gainesville. 37. northerly wind, a distinct chill developing. we'll have a high of about 60 tomorrow. and then doing that again on sunday. next tuesday and wednesday, not a lot of variance. temperatures falling flat through the 60s. and overnights in the low 40s. no chance of rain. >> gina: sky fox over base and goldenrod right now. we had an earlier crash. some traffic light issues. quite a few emergency vehicles here causing a partial block at bates. traffic is moving smoothly. no major hangups. if you are going to the theme parks, we have a crash at buena buena vista.
6:49 am
taking a look at your drive times. everything looks nice and smooth on i-4. westbound, 16 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, about 12 minutes. the 408 is looking good as well. >> john: my chair is not working. >> amy: we need something behind to keep the chairs from rolling around too much. >> john: luanne is looking the a the headlines. >> reporter: the first headline. usa today. mall owner back tracks from amazon bookstore statement. a mall company is backing down on what they said about amazon planning to build hundreds of brick and mortar stores soon. once the nation got wind of news, it affected companies on wall street. bipartisanship barnes and nobles stock went
6:50 am
and they said that their speculation doesn't represent amazon's plans. >> amy: that's weird. >> reporter: they said we were speculating that we were going to build brick and mortar stores. and pentagon to offer plans to store eggs in sperm to retain young troops. ash carter, defense secretary, has found a way to keep people in the military for longer. they would pay for troops to have eggs or sperm frozen. even if severely injured in combat, they could still have children. they hope it will keep women in the military longer. many leave after giving birth. i have mixed feelings. good for them if they want to stay, but it seems like a little
6:51 am
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>> john: 6:56. time to look the the stories making headlines across florida. >> amy: a father is caught on camera stealing from a winter haven store and his daughter was apparently in on it. police say that he was tryrying to leave without paying for anything in his shopping cart. police said that he told his daughter to claim that he had thrown away the receipt. and he is being held without bond. >> john: a pizza delivery driver in key west helped to save a pregnant woman. a man broke into his estranged wife's house and began to
6:53 am
the knife. a pizza delivery driver arrived at the house, and the woman whispered for him to call 911. roberts was arrested and is being held on no bond right now. >> amy: almost 500 american sailors took off from the historic marina hemingway. the regatta will end on saturday. >> john: governor rick scott declares a health emergency. >> amy: he said that florida
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