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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> it's 9:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> it is 9 o'clock, happy thursday, i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us, and what you can expect in our 9 o'clock hour. first, it is the age old
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young to get the kids' ears pierced pierced and in is it a gram post causing a lot of controversy. >> john: now you can user phone to make new friends. new technology helps ladies find a new best friend. >> amy: and resting grumpy pace! stars like kanye west and kristen stewart have resty grump grumpy face. what makes you look unfriendly when you are happy. the science behind the trend and what would grumpy cat say? >> john: he's happy. >> amy: and we have called him grumpy cat. david martin never looks grumpy! >> reporter: my son has that. it is funny, i'm interested in that story. good morning to you guys, from the point orlando, we parked our gorgeous satellite truck here. something you have to get your kids involved in, once a month
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they can learn how to roll their own sushi from a celebrity chef, funky monkey. we'll take you there live on the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando." >>. [cheers] >> right now, let's find out how things are looking outside with big changes, coming, jayme. >> jayme: good morning, north central florida seeing changes and closing in on alachua county for folks in gainesville. good morning and south of that point, looks like between 3:00 and 5:00, this cold front is slowing way down, and means later arrival of the projected rainfall will get our fair share and on the way. 60s and 70s, dot the map and here's this rain, through here. starting to see lightning popping off, too. around the big bend. we have a few isolated storms. however i don't -- i repeat, i do not anticipate anything severe, too chez aotic.
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the last hour duval county and jacksonville and southwest of that. the boundary is moving in. clouds into late this morning and laying out for orlando metro between 3:00 and 5:00 and a wet go of things, and the big drive home anything i-4. slow it down. looking next 7 days, windy, cooler weather and 60s for highs and through the next 7 days, a cool one and lows dipping low into the 40s, that's your forecast. >> john: developing news in marion county, deputies treated after he's shot in the leg during a shootout. >> amy: the suspect opened fire after deputies responded to a gas station, in ocala. last night at the kangaroo marathon gas station on northeast 20th street. jackie orozco joining us live, there in ocala with the latest on what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sergeant dan trammal was shot in the leg during the shootout.
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the kangaroo gas station. multiple shots were fired and the suspect was shot by deputies. now he's in critical condition at the hospital. everything unfolded last night around 7:00 when deputies received a 911 call a man was going in and out of his car with multiple handguns, and when deputies saw the man point the gun to his head, they tried to negotiate with them and tried to put the weapon down, but he refused and then pointed the gun at deputies and started firing at them. and during that exchange, when deputies fired back. shot the suspect multiple times and they haven't released his name yet. again he is in critical condition at the hospital. and, the deputy was shot in the leg and we have talk to other witnesses here on the scene. telling us they heard at least 25 to 30 gun shots, a scary situation for many folks that live here as well. we're, woulding with the
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the 911 call will be released. and if there are any other updates. now, reporting live, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> thank you. a news alert. fox 35 learned an alegion gentleman plane coming from -- allegiant airplane blew two tires in pennsylvania. >> john: yesterday evening, the md-80 landed in allentown, passengers felt big jolts when it landed. it was evacuated and none of the 158 people were injured. and, they are now investigating. brevard county, witnesses say a dispute over taxes led to a shooting that injured three in cocoa. yesterday afternoon at the ttc tax refund off south clear lake road. deputies say the two men were shot inside of the office as they struggled over a gun. investigators say the bullets went through a wall where the was grazed. police say one man is in critical condition and no arrests were made.
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office is warning about skimming devices, they've been found inside gas pumps at these 7-eleven locations. two stores are on west byron ronson memorial highway and no one reported any credit card fraud issues as a result. but if you did go to one of the gas stations, you should keep a close eye on your bank statements. >> john: in volusia county, we expect to hear about the datona beach homeless problem today during the annual state of the county address. the issue came to a boiling point earlier this week when datona beach police broke up the homeless camposted outside of the the county building, the county is committing $4 million for a facility to temporarily house the homeless. >> you decide 2016. a new poll from overnight shows donald trump is way ahead of the pack in new hampshire. ryan joins us with more on that. >> ryan: good morning, we know polls can be wrong but would have to be very wrong for donald trump and bernie sanders not to win in new hampshire.
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trump 38%. ted cruz behind, 26 points behind, and john kasich and jeb bush showing up, and marco rubio not reflected in the poll, 5th. the democratic side, a one-sided race, bernie sanders a 31 point lead over hillary clinton. a state he has been strong in and clinton checking in at 30%. donald trump accusing ted cruz of fraud, and blaming him for dropping out of the race while voting was underway. it leaves someone to think he's dropping out and cruz's campaign apology ized and wasted little time responding to donald trump. >> well, listen, it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or a trumper tantrum. his reaction to everything is to throw a fit an engage in insults. >> ryan: hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off one-on-one tonight in a debate
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despite a huge lead, bernie sanders saying... >> we're taking on the most powerful political organization in the country and that is the clinton organization. >> ryan: interesting to see how they approach each other tonight. clinton finds herself happy to dispute and bernie sanders claims she's a progressive when it is convenient to be one. >> i'm a progressive who likes to get things done and i was somewhat amused today that senator bernie sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> ryan: they'll meet on the stage tonight, the debate set to start at 9:00. looking forward to that and you can catch our show as well. talking about weekend and the look at the presidential race, coming up, counts down to florida's primary, saturday morning 7:30 and our sister station, and saturday night 11:00 here on fox 35. >> john: still to come, two manatees spotted swimming in a local lake.
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that you would see in the lake. why it is interesting. andrea jackson is here to tell us more. >> reporter: at trout lake there could be more than trout, two unusual guests have come to swim in the waters. >> reporter: live from funky monkey at point orlando. i have 11 kids, making that your own sushi. what will we do? eat it! >> eat it! >> reporter: first, high-five on the red carpet. the celebrity chef, ashley nichol, star of hell's kitchen, season 15 on fox.
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>> john: a news alert, governor scott is planning to address the zika virus threat after declaring a health emergency in four counties. >> amy: this governor declaring a state health emergency after at least 9 cases of the zika illness were found in four separate counties.
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lee, hillsborough and santa rosa. all nine cases were detected and allows the agricultural department to use extra mosquito spray if necessary and directs the florida department of health to make decisions about what is necessary for the state and cdc, the zika virus spreads through mosquitoes and has scary consequences. causing babies to be born with birth defects, associated with abnormal shrinking of the brain. zika has no cure and there is no known vaccine which is why prevention at this stage of the game is so important. the governor will hold a press conference in tampa at 1:30 this current and future plans to fight the virus. and we want to bring in best galvin out of atlanta and she'll tell us more about what we can do here, because in the meantime i think state health officials are saying, look, you have to be abundantly cautious because you don't know what will happen and there is no known cure. >> good morning, yes.
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trying to do, a real concern is for the pregnant women, as you said, because of the birth defects in brazil, where the virus is really kind of spreading like wildfire, it is -- in 2015 about 4,000, at least, babies were born with the birth defect: and may have brain damage or developmental delays and 50 babies died and this is rare yet they are seeing all the cases and think it may be connected to the zika virus. and don't have 100% confirmation, but why they are really concerned about pregnant women traveling to the affected areas, especially the cdc put out the travel advisory for 30 destinations and most in central and south america, and, also the caribbean and, yesterday they added a couple of countries to that, jamaica, a popular travel destination an tonga and are asking pregnant women, postpone
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until we figure out the virus, what is going on, how it is transmitted and what the real risk is to pregnant women and their babies. >> amy: we have to worry about mosquitoes here or not at this point? >> so, i would say in florida, you do, because the 80s mosquito, which is responsible for transmitting the virus is already in florida. so, it is something you need to be aware of. the mosquito has been tied to other illness, like yellow fever, and west nile virus. so, it is always a good idea to take precautions when you will be outside, especially in the warmer weather. mosquito bites. so i think that is in general what we can do, wearing long repellent. to protect ourselves from mosquitoes. but we know they are here, and not seeing cases of local transmission. that is where the mosquito bites someone infected while traveling
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infected, transmitting the virus locally. we're not seeing that yet in this continental u.s. but is lake coming because the mosquitoes are here. you have to protect yourself. >> amy: beth galvin, live from atlanta. great to see you, thank you. >> thank you, a rare sighting in lake county, two gentle sea cows are attracting clouds in eustis. >> john: handing out in lake drought and andrea jackson is there to show us more. good morning, good to see you. amy. trout lake here, considered a quiet lake, and doesn't have a lot of boat traffic and has a lot of vegetation. perfect conditions for the manatee. >> as far as i've heard there has never been a manatee before in trout lake and is the first time in recent history it happened. because they can't easily access the lake system here. >> the manatee has no name but el nino could be one of the reasons the florida sea cow made its way through impossible channels to alive in trout lake.
9:17 am
drop too low they head towards the spring where there is warmer waters to hang out. so far they must be finding some with the cool weather, from what we can tell they are fairly healthy and not exhibiting signs of cold stress or anything like that. >> experts believe the manatee likely arrived through a chain of locks between connecting lake waters and will likely need assistance on the way out. >> probably with the high waters, last summer, or when they came in, with all of the rains they were able to get in but i don't know if the locks are open or closed, how easily they can get out. >> neighbors we spoke to here on trout lake believe the manatee traveled from lake dora and lake eustis through those channels before arriving here at trout lake. we are in lake county, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> all right, it is interesting, too. how they get in there and the high water --
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we'll war worry about it. >> we'll send it over to jayme, the cool weather could be problematic for those guys? they have quite a layer of blubber around 'em! around warm. good luck, manatees. temperatures up and up through the 70s. we should reach highs close to 80 and my thinking is the front has slowed way down. slow in the roll. getting clouds in place and how much and how soon and would reflect how high the temperatures might go and if we do climb up, closer to 80 we see more instability in the local weather atmosphere and may see a couple of thunderstorms develop but i don't think anything near severe levels and values and a stroke or flash of lightning and hear the thunder associated with it. but outside of that nothing too severe and hardly anything that gets too frisky out there. looks like gainesville, you have a little heavy rain starting to spark up, west of the city center there. around the university of
9:19 am
and areas south of campus. clouds and rising rain chances into the late this morning timeframe but i think here in the metro of orlando surrounding communities and suburbs and looks like between 3:00 and 5:00 we'll begin to really enhance the rain chances and area wide, anything can happen in advance of front. i want to account for that. and put that late morning time stamp on it. everything feeling through the region. beneficial rain and do you love a rainy night? tonight will be for you, because more. up tomorrow morning looks like we'll have clouds but a northerly air flow will have sunshine and clouds return probably late in the day and saturday. with winds off the atlantic helping to prop up a really minuscule shower chance, low pressure pulls away from state. rain possible through 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 tomorrow morning we'll bring it down to 48 for the temperature increase the clouds. and looks like those clouds will move out. as we head toward 9:00 or 10:00,
9:20 am
for the weekend. low pressure, passing south of the state. if it passes a little bit farther to the north and hugs the eastern shores and rain chance, no doubt, is going up. but now, feeling optimistic, rain chance on saturday, i'll leave it at about 30, maybe 40%. and bring it down more for you by sunday. 7-day forecast, here it is, all its glory. do you like cool temperatures? this one is for you guys, as we hang and hover through the 60s. over the course of the next several days and lows moving back down into the 40s. no chance of rain by monday, bright sun by this time, over to you. >> amy: i like when you break out this sweaters. dust them off. >> john: maybe the ground dog was right! a celebrity in hot water with her fans after posting pictures of her infant daughter with earrings. >> amy: luanne at the wall with the pictures. >> luanne: we talked about it before and again. former model katie price posted pictures of her 17-month-old
9:21 am
wearing earrings. but, now a lot of her fans are criticizing her for piercing a baby's ears. now, she first posted a picture, sunday. and fans started commenting saying price is cruel for punching holes in her daughter's ears. before she could choose to do so, herself. now, a recent tv appearance, price defended her decision, comparing this to circumcision and she says piercing a baby's ears is part of her husband's spanish tradition. what do you guys think? how young is too young to pierce a baby's ears? >> amy: i think it is cultural for a lot of people. we didn't let our oldest daughter get hers until she was ten and she bugged it and i wanted her to make the decision and here's the other thing, you have to take care of them or they'll get infected and it is a lot of work. i don't want to change deep,and swab ears all day. >> luanne: a good point. >> john: cultural thing, i get that.
9:22 am
we wait until our daughters, had to wait until they were old enough to make the decision and i don't want to inflict pain on my child. but that is my own personal policy. >> amy: circumcision? she has a point. >> john: they are girls. that would be -- one is for health reasons and you can disagree and this is for cosmetic reasons. and that is not my child. if they want to do it to their child. that's their child. their culture. i'm not going to do it to my kids. not going to tell you what to do with your kids. lu you are quiet. >> i don't have a daughter and haven't had to make this decision. i think i'd do it but it is up to each parent to make their own decision. your prerogative. in the words of bobby brown. >> john: you quoted bobby brown. that is big! get your kids rolling in the kitchen!
9:23 am
with you a fun class for kids. hi, david! >> reporter: it is a monthly class, funky monkey run by ashley nichol from hell's kitchen, season 15. the last hour we had them make a chicken tempura roll. >> and they did wonderful. >> reporter: coming up we'll
9:24 am
for the (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> time to get help from the kitchen. >> amy: kids young as 6 are learning to roll sushi and, actually -- >> kids younger than 6.
9:25 am
david martin is at the funky david martin is at the funky monkey bistro on i-drive. february 20th, is that right. >> reporter: and, what is the web site? >> fmi restaurant >> reporter: having fun this morning? >> yes. >> reporter: you made a chicken tempura roll. have you done something like this, chloe? >> no. >> reporter: you have a choice of what. >> spicy mayo. be careful, it is spicy. >> he's on hell's kitchen every wednesday night on fox 35. what is it like getting yelled at by chef gordon. >> terrifying. >> reporter: did he make you cry? >> once. >> it is okay to admit that. and, it happens. >> that looks beautiful. >> now, kids it is your turn, and sauce up -- good luck! >> a lot of kids are afraid of
9:26 am
texture of any food here. chef, how long is the class here at funky monkey on saturday, february 20th? >> it will be a couple of hours, i'll go through with each child and make sure they know exactly what to do and it will be a few hours and a lot of fun. >> good. all right, you never had sushi before, right? >> no. >> all right, live television, go! >> okay, here we go. >> the chop sticks or kids. good. and, enjoying the moment and breathe and think of your response. okay. times up. >> spicy. >> spicy. that's okay. do you like it. >> yeah! >> reporter: all right. you, too. pick one up. huge -- >> okay. >> you got it. >> go ahead.
9:27 am
sushi? i presume you have. >> john: i love it. >> amy: one of my favorites, yeah. >> john: that's me, right there. >> do you like it? >> no. >> reporter: no! >> nina, give it a shot! she has made her own shrimp -- chicken tempura. looks like shrimp. but taste like chicken because it is chicken. grab it with your hand. japanese culture, they do eat sushi with their hands. totally appropriate. >> good. >> amy: there you go! >> how many have you had, james? >> 100! >> reporter: 100, all in your mouth! my word!
9:28 am
what do you like here? did you sauce them? >> no. >> reporter: all right, oh, yes. good. >> [mumbling]. >> reporter: all right, fmi restaurant, sign up for sushi and chef, thanks. we'll see you every wednesday night on hells kitchen. round of applause, mom and dad for the kids. back to you. >> john: i'm hungry now. i love sushi. any time of day. still to come you have heard of all those dating apps out there, right? >> right, now there's an app that can actually help you to find new friends. we'll check out how that work
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this changes everything. >> amy: 9:32. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, let's get you caught up on the headlines and we start with a marion doubt deputy being treated after a shootout at a gas station in ocala last night. deputies say they got a call
9:31 am
in the parking lot. when they tried talking to him, the suspect pointed a gun at them. when deputies say they shot the suspect multiple times. that person is now in critical condition. this sergeant who was injured is expected to be okay. >> and, the junk man has now bonded out of jail, allen davis was arrested at his home in altamonte springs and made the news over the past several years having more than 30 at the end of the season of trash in his yard. last september county officials cleaned it up and yesterday deputies booked the 61-year-old on felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance charges. >> john: comcast now confirms they paid $130 million for land near universal studios. according to the orlando business journal. come past is the parent company of universal orlando. the 475 acres is along i-drive and universal boulevard.
9:32 am
plans to do with that land but there's a lot of speculation out there, including could another theme park be put on that land? >> 9:33, time for your morning business headlines, for that the to new york city where lauren simonetti is standing by. hi, good to see you. >> hello. good morning. >> amy: good morning. i was -- the markets are going by what color you are wearing and you are wearing red. is that an indicator? >> not yet. inaccurate at least four minutes in, dow up 17 points. green. >> the broader markets -- i'm wearing the right color. the broader market is down, we have a mixed market, dow up, s&p >> amy: all right. what is going on with the irs? what terrible timing to have computer problems. to file. >> overachievers, probably really annoyed at this. trying to e-file their actions on this earlier side. can't do so today on the irs web
9:33 am
handles it isn't working because of the computer problem at the agency. which they are working on and it will be fixed. will your refund be delayed? possibly. but the irs says nothing major, no major disruptions will be caused, because of the outage, but i have to say i don't like hearing the irs web site goes down. i don't. it doesn't make me feel comfortable. why does it go down? is our information at risk? >> absolutely. you would think they'd have the best i.t. people in the world, think of all the information they have ahold of for all of frightening. all right, no good. >> social media number and finances and, the list goes on. >> amy: everything. -- social security number and, finances and everything. >> amy: you can see here on fbn am, go to fox finder. jayme king. >> jayme: let's talk about our temperatures, they are starting to move up now. we have 0s for you.
9:34 am
county in the 70s all morning long, this hour, no exception to that general thought and our visible satellite we use the sunshine to highlight the clouds and texture, lifting cloud cover over the open gulf of mexico tied to the approaching front, bringing rainfall to an area near you. i-75, lighter returns approaching gainesville, a little more south there. work toward the i-ten corridor and, i'm not looking for anything severe, nothing crazy. but strong, gusty winds and cloud-to-ground lightning. clouds, a rising rain chance toward late morning, from 11:00ish toward 1:00. when we really see the chances blossoming. especially for us in central florida. 72 by 5:00 and 67 by 8:00 tonight. winds increase overnight and the front drops down to the south and end result for you, my
9:35 am
blustery out there. early, windy weather and upper 50s, 60 on the mark and looks like we go down 50 by saturday morning and move in and out of various forms of 60 degrees plus for highs in the overnight, down to the 40s, and will occur sunday morning through mid-week of next week. that is your forecast. over to you. >> a big happy birthday to facebook today. the social media site turns 12 today. and are celebrating with their $1.6 billion users. but instead of calling today a birthday facebook says it is a friends day and the site will put together a video collage with your pictures, facebook users can delete or select other pictures to choose from. the collages are expected to be up around noon or so. >> amy: i've seen some. some people posted them already. >> john: a new app for women looking to make new friends. >> amy: luanne is here to tell us about it. hey vena.
9:36 am
for friends. as we get older our circle of friends gets smaller and the app links to your facebook page and asks you a series of questions, and then introduces you to other women in your area with common interests and habits. the name means beloved or friend in scottish and the p a is meant to build friendships with women who can be your friend. would you use them? >> i don't think so. >> john: to meet women? >> meet friends. >> amy: as women -- i don't have a problem making new friends as an adult. i think -- i think guys struggle more with making friends as an adult than women. >> luanne: i don't see them using this. you are a younger woman who moved to boston. don't know any one there and you can kind of meet -- but, luanne, you meet friends by people you work with and then maybe you
9:37 am
>> luanne: the older i get the fewer friends i have time for. you have kids and everything and i have a hard time keeping up with the friends i have. >> john: when you moved here, it seemed like your group became who your -- your kids, their parents become your friends, your are with them every practice and those become your friends and it is funny, your kids' friends' parents become your friends. >> if you are single... >> still to come the "american idol" contestants get pushed to the limit. >> amy: with one day to p a song, could they get it together. >> we'll have your idol chatter. coming up next. plus researchers are explaining resting grumpy pace. i don't think shoo looks e looks grumpy there. maybe a little. why some people look grumpy all the time. and only on fox 35 we're giving away a v.i.p. experience to the daytona 500 and tickets to the
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>> all right, welcome back, the third and final round of hollywood week now in the bag! the singers only had to learn one song last night before they performed in front of the judges. entertainment expert and radio talk host is here. great to see you. we'll go through the top picks last night, right and we'll start with stephanie. >> she had a situation, she was there by herself in hollywood the whole time, no family supporting her and her dad had open heart surgery but her parents are super proud and she got on stage and performed amazing and like the round is about who has the it factor and i think she has it.
9:42 am
that i never you, never you the things you say were never true, never true the games you played you would always win, always win and set fire ... >> amy: wow, she's beautiful. she looks me, to me, a little bit of cher, right? the hair -- >> skin color, all that. >> amy: really pretty. i like her. okay, you think she has the it factor? once. >> amy: and this one performed an original song. >> very talented and did his own song and the judges were surprised, trying to figure out whose song it was and he's like, it is mine and they were amazed. >> amy: smart move, let's listen: >> roses are red roses are red
9:43 am
no way out there's no way out of this red... >> amy: an interesting look, and he looks like -- i don't know like a school boy and doesn't look very old. >> he's 16 years old and they compared him to ed sheeran and is one to look out for. very talented young man. >> amy: and a songwriter, too. okay, next up, tris ten macintosh. >> and had the emotional attachment. i don't know if she'll win but i want to see her go far. great singer, though. the situation with her mom was overseas, and, in the military, surprised her. >> amy: she's beautiful. >> it might not be her year but she's talented. >> amy: let's listen. >> i can take this rain on the roof of this empty house that don't bother me i can take a few tears now and then
9:44 am
... >> yes. she can sing. year. top. >> amy: the last year, and she has to find another show, if not this year. she'll be okay. she's talented. and finally, die tabby beach contestant, michelle marie. >> didn't give her much tv time. round. proud of her. >> good job michelle. >> from florida. >> and we did well, right? thank you so much, ricky. where can our viewers find you. >> instagram,@ricky padilla and today, from 3:00 to 7:00. >> amy: power 95.3. 9:46. over to jayme king. >> jayme: good to see you. accu-weather forecast update. temperatures now upwards through the 70s. continued warming anticipated. in advance of our cold front
9:45 am
the south at 9. a wind shift here in an hour-and-a-half, the front is coursing through your region now, southeast, sanford and 15 and gusty now out at the orlando airport. again, visible satellite confirms the front and clouds a bit of lift and smoke us we have showers and isolated storms now, punching through. all tied to the advancing front and rain from western duval county and jacksonville shy of metro gainesville and toward the big bend region into the gulf. recording some lightning strikes now, lightning detection indicating 49 strikes within the last 45 minutes to an hour's time. not a bug bust of thunderstorm activity. nothing anticipated today, in regard to severe weather. but a gusty wind burst or heavy downpour would not shock me. this will be this case again, gainesville and ocala and the programmers of 3-to 5:00 moves steadily through central florida skies.
9:46 am
through late morning to account for that. ahead of the fronts that's a move in you get popcorn cells popping up and, throwing down rain. the main deal arriving just before the rush hour tonight at 5:00 p.m the overnight scour out the clouds and bring back extra sunshine back to your lives, not bad on a friday. two thumbs up and nice to see good looking weather into the weekend. the question remains, how long will that last? we have rain chances, slight at least at this juncture saturday and early sunday morning. rain possible through midnight tonight. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, 48 degrees, gusty, blustery winds out there to kick things off. early tomorrow. rain chance and high temperatures approaching the 70s, through 80 degrees and a bit warmer, a run toward 84, melbourne down to vero beach, longer to get the clouds and rainfall brewing there. tonight, done we go. 37 gainesville and 44 leesburg and lake county, sanford, good
9:47 am
coast, coastal flagler county, 41. datona beach 43. your forecast for the next 7. windy, cooler weather as we head into the weekend. and stay on the cool side around 60, maybe 60 plus on sunday. not on the other days but the rain chance drying up good by monday and chance at zero, lows at around 42 degrees. okay. weather baby time, we have bronson. looking good in his -- i guess the type of halloween costume, yeah. what he's sporting there. one of our babies this morning and of course, braden getting swallowed up by the teddy bear. i love the shot. visit our web site for more, segment. here on gdo. >> john: trending now, people get accused of having a resting grumpy face, and they look mad when they are happy. >> amy: do one. now, we are learning there is
9:48 am
new technology is allowing researchers to find out resting grumpy face is a real deal and a lot of famous celebrities have that kind of look like maybe kristen stewart from twilight or even the queen of england. she looks, i don't know... >> john: maybe they are unhappy. >> amy: grumpy. new technology allows scientists to examine people's expressions in-depth and people accused of having resting grumpy face have significantly more features that relate to the faces people make when they feel negative. like squinty eyes to a dip -- >> i'm annoyed by the picture. wow. >> amy: poor queen. >> john: just happens, but again maybe they are in thought. looks grumpy. >> amy: what about grumpy cat. >> john: probably a happy cat. >> john: a close call outside of taylor swift's house. >> why this media is to blame
9:49 am
and kanye west lashing out on wendy williams? hollywood. i wonder what she'll say, we'll hear from her this morning,
9:50 am
>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." 9:53 right now. and a couple of celebrities are sharing a birthday with you today. today is your birthday on this february 4th, happy birthday to you! we start with boxer oscar de la joya, turning 43. >> john: and gavin degraw is 39. happy birthday if it is your birthday today. time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: taylor swift is blaming the media after an unwanted visitor showed up outside of her house. l.a. confirmed they received a call yesterday afternoon about a guy who was lurking outside of her house and it's not clear if she was there at the time. but mulitple sources say the man seemed unstable and one eyewitness said he was yelling for taylor to come outside. officers did detain the man saying he was not supposed to be there. and this is not the first time the star was been in that kind of situation and last year granted a three year retraining
9:51 am
was harassing her and claiming to be her husband. the spokesperson says it is exactly why the media should not publish celebrity addresses. >> john: not just the media. public record. everybody's address is published now. kanye west, starting a beef with wented wendy williams, coming up next on fox 35 and he recorded a remix of dude looks like a lady and in the song he says wendy is actually a man. and is responding to williams on her comments about him being secretly gay. she's also called his marriage to kim kardashian one of convenience and he got into a twitter battle with amber rose and it appears they've put the drama behind them and as we said, he is singing the song "dude looks like a lady" poking fun of wendy and in his own family it is interesting because of bruce jenner. why his wife says, back off. the song can be not good for us.
9:52 am
awards. and among the people nominated for favorite singer, adele. justin bieber and taylor swift. the actors and actresses, jennifer lawrence and chris pratt and nominations, best films, "star wars" and jurassic world and the avengers age of house. >> john: the 7 day behind us, what you got. see it here. windy weather and we have the front moving in and the rain chance will swell after about 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. for metro orlando, a lot sooner for you guys in gainesville and looking over at the radar and we have a couple of pockets of heavy rainfall, crossing 75. and getting ready to move in toward the uf campus and metro county. behind the system, we see rammed clearing into tomorrow morning, sunshine filled day and windy. though, high of only 60 and notice we stick and stay through this weekend, through mid-week
9:53 am
lows falling back down through we'll bring you this -- the latest at 5:00. >> amy: i like it. you know what it will be in a couple months. >> john: 95 every day. and no way you have socks that match the tie. >> amy: come on, show 'em off! i love it! i like how you -- matching today. >> john: freaky that way. and we never call each other. >> tomorrow we'll be wearing red. health month. don't forget your red tomorrow. >> john: we'll have it on. >> amy: bay ye, everybody.
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