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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good day orlando. is glad you're but us on a friday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. >> a time for human rights and moving forward is now. so we feel tonight. >> amy: a push to endu|{{ discrimination| against the lgbt community. but as you can see it failed. >> john: a massive security breech at ucf puts 10s of
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numbers in the hands of cyber thieves. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. let's talk about the issues. >> amy: oh, yeah. the gloves came off last night. one of the most fiery democratic debates to date. the mud and punches that went aflying last night. >> john: like amy said, there's a chill in the air today. what a difference from today from yesterday. >> jayme: we set daily rainfall max records in a lot of communities. daytona beach was one of them. a lot of the rainfall in excess of one inch. we had a few rumbles of thunder and that was that. gainesville, 39. 48 at metro orlando.
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44 to the north, and 46 in coastal volusia county. the winds are up. the wind chill factor is kicking. feels like the freezing mark at gainesville it's gobbing a chiller this morning. 40s for everyone and sunshine. i'm happy to say. welcome back. a shot of fine looking weather on the day. sun returns, and cool and breezy. 69 by 2. the forecast for the next seven days. we're stick asking staying with highs in the 60s. 30s by wednesday morning. clearing out, cooler air settling in and we'll talk about
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>> gina: we have a new crash at osceola in the kissimmee area. a at pleasant hill road and gra nadia boulevard. the earlier crash we had at west oak ridge and john young. use caution. i-4 westbound, 14 minutes. and the 408 is pretty much up to speed as well. >> john: 6:03 here on good day. a proposed ordinance to put an end to discrimination againsted lgbt community is shot down in palm bay. >> amy: voted down after hours of debate. the meeting did not end until 1:00 a.m. andrea jackson has more. >> reporter: late night or very early morning, depending on
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the meeting drew a passionate crowd. 500 palm bay residents showed up. a ordinance intended to protect the lgbt community. its intention was to protect the rights of the lgbt community at work, housing and public establishments. the 25 page ordinance detailed specifics about allowing transgender to use the restrooms they most identify with. schools and churches would have been exempt. and we met up with community leaders following the ordinance being voted down. >> i was happy to see that people are passionate in the city and they care and they want to make sure that they voice their opinion. it was about the reality of trying to do something good, they were actually putting at risk all the business owners of faith. so my reaction is extremely faith. >> the time for human rights and
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so we failed tonight, but the movement moves on and goes forward. >> reporter: one council member put it this way, the ordinance was written pliek a solution in search of a problem. the mayor and three council members decided to vote against it. >> amy: new this morning, orlando police are looking for several people who shot a man after an argument at the south brook condos on south semoran boulevard. police say that the suspects opened fire from the parking and shooting bullets into the condo. one hit the victim. he was rushed to the hospital but no word on his injuries. >> john: an 11-year-old boy was struck by a car and is still in the hospital. fox 35 was there just moments
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paramedics arrived. a witness rushed out to help the boy. >> he was a little bit underneath the truck. i had the driver back up a little bit. and just applied pressure with a towel on his forehead because he was bleeding pretty bad. >> john: the titusville police said that the driver stayed on the scene. the boy was taken to the hospital with pretty serious injuries. >> amy: a scary situation. the university will send out letters which will happen today. notified 63,000 students and staff that hackers stole their social security numbers. the university said they first found out about the hack last month. they announced the data breach after the school realized it impacted more people than they initially thought. the fbi is now investigating and warning other schools in an effort to warn potential victims.
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prevent it from happening again. >> the president has called for a complete review of online system, and protocol, training. we care about our ucf community, we're doing everything we possibly can to protect our information. and we're going to look at every angle. >> people whose information was compromised will get one year of services top protect their identity and services. >> amy: a rock elt carrying a gps satellite. you can watch the launch here on "good day orlando" and, provided it happens. >> john: senator bill nelson is asking president obama to appoint a zika czar as the
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>> reporter: a 12th case of zika was reported here yesterday. that person lives in broward county. broward is the fifth county to be added to the list where a public health emergency has been declared. working with the centers for disease control to provide additional testing kits to test it early on and prevent it from spreading. there are ways you can help. >> get your screens out. make sure there's no standing water. no standing water around your house. if you are outside, use repellant. >> reporter: according to the cdc, only one in about five people will even show symptoms and most of the symptoms are very mild. but pregnant women are at the greatest risk here because of defects. >> amy: new this morning, the white house wants oil companies to pay for green projects but
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prices. joining us now from the fox business studios is lauren simonetti. happy friday to you. >> reporter: we made it. t. g. i. f. >> amy: talk about the whosks. what does the white house want? >> reporter: they want them to pay a tax 10 addresser per barrel of oil produced. any want to put money to the clean transportation. the oil companies are suffering. slashing jobs and cutting dividends because oil is so cheap. do you think they'll say they'll pay $10 a barrel? no. they'll pass it on to the consumer. it would equate to a $0.25-gallon increase at the price per gal when you fill up. that's going to be proposed in
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be unveiled next week. it's only a proposal, and likely not to pass. >> amy: you think $0.25 it's not so bad. but we know eventually it'll go back up again. that could be huge. >> reporter: absolutely. you are already paying lots of taxes when you fill up on that per gallon. >> amy: so true. interesting stuff. love you. have a great friday. >> reporter: you too, bye-bye. >> amy: you can watch lauren on the fox business network. go to fox finder to find her. >> john: the first debate with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> amy: they did not -- how the debate turned into an argument over the definition of one single word. 6:10 right now.
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the word this rning is cold. >> jayme: is it cool or cold, depending on how you look at things. clouds on the way out, and central florida sunshine on the
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more changes by saturday, >> john: that's a plan. >> amy: yes, it is. are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? we have just the thing. 41st annual mount dora art festival. one of the biggest art festivals in central florida. 250,000 people are expected to attend. 250,000 people. it'll be open from 10 to 5. bring a sweater or jacket. >> john: what's the population, 20 to 30,000? >> amy: imreap it's not that big. it should be fun. >> john: the flosks came off during the democratic debate. the gloves came off. >> reporter: the two were close together on stage but very far apart on some issues. hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading blows on who is more progressive and best fit to take on wall street. >> i am not making promises that
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>> i have not run for president before. >> there's no disagreement between us on universal coverage on healthcare. the disagreement is, where do we start from and where do we end up. senator sanders wants us to start over again. >> the idea that we'll dismantle while waiting to pass a medicare for all is just not accurate. >> i have heard senator sanders comments and it's caused me to wonder who is left in the progressive wing of the democratic party. under his definition, president obama is not progressive because he took donation from wall street. >> instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do. one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. >> but if we'll get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive
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>> represents the establishment. >> i have to jump in here. senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exceptpy plying -- exemplifying the establishment. >> having a super pac that raised $50 million from wall street. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> oh! >> reporter: and there it was. it went on and on. every poll has sanders leading in new hampshire. he has a 31 point lead here in a recent cnn poll. marco rubio continues to climb. rubio, the second highest
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that's a big change. donald trump still with a double digit lead. but this lead was smaller than it was last week. iowa caucus ted cruz is third at 13%. jeb bush getting help from his mother now, barbara bush introduced him in derry, new hampshire. she came out after the 2013 proclamation that the country has had enough bushes. >> i didn't really plan on this, but jeb is the nicest, wisest, most caring, loyal, disciplined -- [laughter] not by me, but he is not a bragger.
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[laughter] but he is decent, honest, and he's everything we need in a president. [ applause ] >> reporter: it's tough to beat that on the campaign trail. the first time that the two will appear together on the campaign trail. jeb bush has been stronger in new hampshire. fifth place with 10%. much better than where he was in iowa. we'll find out on tuesday when the new hampshire voters head to the primaries. a little different feel out there this morning. >> jayme: it sure is. a lot colder now. the last bit of cloud cover kicking east of brevard. clearing out and cooling down and temperatures responding to the front in the downward direction. 39 in gainesville. 46 in interior sections of volusia county, and coastal volusia as well. and titusville, mims,
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the breeze is light in spots. and 32 is the chill in gainesville, and 42 in orlando. as you head through the state, boston with rain on the east side of town, and snow to the west of the city center in boston. obviously, new york city. we've been trying to effort a few live shots out of times square to show you the snowflakes. they are applying around -- flying right. the clearing trend continues at this hour. looking for a shot of central florida sunshine today. our hour-by-hour forecast. clouds reported at the airport, but sun will return today. we're cool, we're breezy, and gusty winds pretty much all day long. they intensify some through the course of the day.
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small craft advisories, and really nasty surf conditions. really strong, long shore current. blowing from due north to due south. not the best beach day. atlas five heading up at 5. putting up a satellite. i have not heard net from the alliance. 53 to 55 degrees out the the cape canaveral area for the launch. the clouds kick to the east and we reap the benefit of sun filled skies. a rain chance slowly phasing in here as we go through the morning hours of saturday and reaching a peak into the noon hour. and winds align more northeasterly. cloud cover.
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interior. the ocean will spit a few showers towards us. low pressure will move through. it looks like a high chance of rain tomorrow night. a lesser extent over the interior. about 50% for orlando to 60% or 70%udg- for areas like melbourne, daytona beach, and even flagler county subject to much higher rain chances. clearing, drying, cooler today. rain chance saturday and saturday night. the peak comes at 50% on saturday. not a complete wash out but rain drops are cycling back in. big seas. 6 to 9 feet over the open stretch. 10 second interval. unless you want a spinal realignment, and sink your boat, today is not the day to do it. keep your boat on the trailer or
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off. clermont, 59. and leesburg, about 60. talk about what's going on in volusia county. 50s throughout. oak hill, 59. it'll be a rather brisk day with very gusty winds in place. highs today, 55 at gainesville. 61 for kissimmee and st. cloud. down towards the attractions and local theme parks. tonight, 50s in brevard. and the coastal locales are much warmer. warmer surf temperatures will be calling the shots later tonight. a little warmer there, but area wide, 50s and 60s for highs and we're subject to local breezes. lows down into the 30s by next wednesday morning. here's gina. >> gina: happy friday, everyone.
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ridge just past john young parkway. use caution in the area. there's a tow truck on scene, so it looks to be clearing up. and there's no roadblock at agree gnatta. just be away of that if you are in the area this morning. taking a look at drive times. everything looks nice on i-4. 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions, 13 minutes and the 408 is pretty much up to speed as well. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. saving you money. regular gas, $1.63 at 7-eleven in orlando. you can always check out gas saving tips on the website at click on traffic. >> john: still ahead, valentine's day is creeping up on us. >> amy: it'll be here before we know it. florida may not be the best
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and progress is being made on the homeless issue in daytona beach. the latest plan by the city to try to build a permanent shelter. you are watching "good day orlando." here's a live view of the city beautiful on a chilly, windy, friday morning.
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bundle up. >> john: just in time for valentine's day, open table has made a list of the 25 most romantic cities for dining out. not one florida city made the list, believe it or not. virginia beach, virginia. newport, rhode island, and milwaukee wisconsin. these cities they said had the most romantic restaurants and the most dining out during valentine's day last year. >> amy: holding a special meeting today to talk about the homelessness issue. >> john: at yesterday's state of the county address, the chairman said that progress has been made. a homeless camp was broken you outside of the, building. now they are planning to build a building to temporarily house the home glls if we can get a
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>> john: they are no longer insisting it'll be built near the jail. and that's helping. >> amy: what the university at ucf is doing to notify you if have you have been a victim of a data breach. >> amy: what? >> john: that's new. >> amy: no way. the sea lion pup ended up in a restaurant. why it decided that -- i don't
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>> john: 6:30 here on "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. we're so glad you're with us on this friday morning. happy friday. it's a chilly start and windy too. it got me thinking about the rocket launch. hope it's not a factor. >> amy: typically it's the rain. there's a 19 or 20 minute window
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we'll see how it goes. as of right now, i don't see anything that will hinder the launch. i. not putting that up in the heavens. 2 degrees of temperature separation as we're in the currently upper 40s. winds increase and the wind chill factor feeling like the freezing mark. 30s in the corridor. gets better. 40 at sanford. better than 30s, i guess, but it's a windy morning. looks to be a wind-whipped day with cool temperatures in place. the front has dipped to the south. the end result is sunshine for everybody, eventually. morning clouds peel away for the late morning and early afternoon. sun returns and cool and breezy and dry today. unlike yesterday. quite a bit of rainfall in place. in fact, setting rainfall records in some communities.
6:28 am
heading towards sunday. chance of rain tomorrow. we start at 30%. i thing we end saturday, into the overnight, at 50%. we scour out that moisture, that batch of clouds and bring back sun and fun in your lives on sunday. with 60 for highs. >> gina: sky fox over a crash at orange and disel road. we have a right lane blocked in`` use caution. be aware if you are in the area this morning. an earlier crash in kissimmee looks to be clearing up. boulevard. be aware if you are in the area this morning. taking a look at drive times. lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes.
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and that's it for live drive traffic. back to you. >> amy: the university of central florida will mail out letters to everyone impacted by a huge security breach. >> john: 63,000 students and staff had their social security numbers stolen. fox 35's jackie orozco has the latest details about what they're doing. >> reporter: good morning. ucf is also sending out letters and offering free services to check your credit and id protection as well, just to give that extra peace of mind for those 63,000 students and faculty members who were affected by this. ucf has set up a website and a phone number for those people as well. ucf officials found the unauthorized access last month. reported it to law enforcement. the campus has launched an internal investigation with the help of a national digital forensics firm. the school officials say that it
6:30 am
security, not the credit card numbers and medical records and grades. some students are a bit nervous. school officials say they're taking extra measures to tighten up security on the computer network. >> i am kind of nervous. i think i fall into one of the categories for the ops student employees. i'm a little worried. >> president hitt has call food a complete review -- called for a complete review. we care about our community. we want to do everything we possibly can to protect information. we're going to look at every angle of this to see what we can do better. >> reporter: ucf has posted this information on line, on the twitter account. you could try to get that as well. they're still trying to figure out who is behind all of this. jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> amy: it's time for the morning rush. we start in orange county. >> john: sheriff's helicopter
6:31 am
find a suspect hiding in a garbage can >> i have him hiding into a trash can. >> john: the video from january 22 in apopka. 18-year-old suspect was arrested after the chase. they found him in the trash can at a home at south 18th street. he is accused of stealing a car along with two other juveniles. >> amy: a fire truck crash. the engine collided with a car yesterday. it happened about 5:30 in the evening. fhp tells us there were injuries with the crash. they are not telling us how many were hurt or how serious the injuries were. >> john: deputies arrested three teens they believe are behind a rash of car break-ins. there have been dozens of thefts. 10 new break-ins at a hotel when
6:32 am
officers chased them, pulled them over, and they said that the three men inside were covered in glass. they were arrested but bonded out of jail. >> amy: pope francis will head to cuba, and it'll be historic. he will travel to cuba next week and meet with the leader of the russian orthodox church. the two will sign a declaration. no details have been released about the declaration. after that the pope will travel to mexico. >> john: another opportunity to beat a team from the western conference? >> amy: orlando will be hosting the clippers. somebody will be missing. he hurt his hand. >> reporter: that's right. you can't dribble the become if@ your hand hurts -- you can't dribble the06 basketball. no blake griffin.
6:33 am
griffin hurt his hand in the fight with the assistant equipment manager. it was on tmz. he is getting famous for the fight. you can watch it live and on tv. tony stewart will miss appear daytona 500. there will not be jeff gordon or@ tony stewart. he was hurt in an atv accident.` he will be out for the beginning of the season. is he expected to make a full recovery. we just talked with mike bianchi last hour and he thinks that tony tony stewart is done and won't race again. super bowl 50 hype is growing. peyton manning was on fire. they will hold their final practice. and the panthers also practicing at san jose state.
6:34 am
the hype and go back to the media. now the coach wants to make sure to one gets in trouble. >> john: we'll make a prediction. what do you say? >> reporter: i think carolina is better but i will go with my heart, peyton manning. >> amy: i want peyton, but i think it's cam newton's year. >> john: 44-6. >> amy: 44-12346 write it down i don't think it's that babad. >> john: i hope not. i am actually rooting for denver, i think. >> amy: a freak accident out of a mcdonalds. >> john: a man got his head stuck. >> his head was stuck in the car door. >> john: find out how that happened and what first responders had to go through to set him free.
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>> amy: 6:42 here on dpand. all new, a sea lion up. pup made its way into a resestaurant in southern california. how does that happen?
6:38 am
the booth. the sea world staff came in and they got it, but he was hungry. he didn't want to leave. [groaning]. >> they think that he was underweight. keeping him in captivity. and that's why he was in the restaurant. he was hungry. >> john: that's funny. a freak accident in utah. a man accidentally got his head pinned between the car and the wall at the mcdonalds drieive through. >> he opened the door and the head was out. he pushed forward on the gas. >> oh, my gosh. the driver opened his car door
6:39 am
drop offed. then the cash moved forward. and they worked to lift the car away from the wall. hospital. that's a freak accident. >> amy: you know how you see this all the time? drive-thru. you open up the door. maybe that's how it happened. >> john: good news about the central florida job market. >> amy: metro orlando has landed list. we'll tell you what is fueling the growth. paragraph
6:40 am
>> amy: we were sad to see our local girl leave american idol. she didn't make it into the top 24. people are being very supportive of her on social media. and some tweeting, you got rid
6:41 am
she's another dolly parton. keep singing, girl. you have something going on. and another tweet, she handled it with grace and the class of a champion. she sure did. >> john: the top cities for job growth. >> amy: orlando had added over 50,000 jobs from 2014 to 2015. orlando was only projected to get 23,000 new jobs based on previous year's data. career builder said tourism, the unique economy played a large part. the number one is dallas, texas. and miami ranked above orlando at no. 5. 6:48. it's national weather person's day, and scwaim germany has our forecast -- and jayme king has our forecast. >> jayme: thank you. thank you very much. the temperatures have cooled dramatically after the front.
6:42 am
are part of the equation. much warmer compared to the rest. and we have cooled down substantially. bundle up the kidded as you leave the home. and we are currently in the 40s. i have your upper 30s. 39 at gainesville. compared to a balmier 59 in melbourne, brevard county. when the wind picks up, the feels like temperature. and the palm coast feeling like the 30s. and feels-like temperature is 41 in metro orlando. we get the benefit of sunshine today but temperature it's don't make much headway. it looks close to 60 by 2:00 p.m. down we go by 5:00 p.m. towards 8:00 p.m., a few extra clouds moving in from the atlantic ocean. it'll likely be a contributor to a small rain chance during the course of the day tomorrow, but i think we peak saturday night,
6:43 am
much higher along the beach front. putting up a atlas v gps satellite. i am crossing my fingers and toes that we get a launch. we have clouds and winds are breezy at times. from what i see at least it looks like green as a go. tonight, a rain chance. 30% during the day tomorrow, saturday, but by tomorrow night, overspreading the area, light to moderate showers. the heaviest showers along the coastal plain. if you have evening plans along the beach front, wetter skies and thicker cloud cover in the coastal communities. the seven-day forecast, you may ask, we stick and stay in the 60s and 70s. we have moments of cloud cover.
6:44 am
sunshine dominating, for example, by monday. 64 there and a low by that time of 40ish or so. >> gina: happy friday. sky fox is over a crash at orange and zell road. a couple emergency vehicles. it appears to be a tanker truck involved. use togs. as you caution in the area. i-4 westbound, lake mary to colonial, 16 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 13 minutes. on the 408, it's pretty much up to speed as well. traffic. >> john: time to look at trending headlines. >> amy: luanne is at the wall. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. when go fund me goes wrong, woman faces losing state assistance after raising money
6:45 am
cancer. she went on line and started a go fund me campaign to raise $10,000 to throw her daughter a surprise sweet 16 birthday party. but the problem is, her mom gets government assistance and the money she raised is income and she could lose her assistance. bottom line, be careful when you accept money because it could impact your tax status. the last headline from the miami herald. royal caribbean to fully stop offering last-minute deals. if you are planning a royal caribbean cruise, you need to book early. they have announced they will stop offering discount deals 30 days prior to a ship's sail date. only applying to trips lasting more than four nights. three or four night cruises can be booked last minute.
6:46 am
the brand and upsets. i love the quick get away. if you spend a lot of money for a cruise, and a week before people get it for half the price. >> amy: absolutely. >> amy: two people broke into a florida business and went right for the cash register. they were disappointed when they got there. we'll tell you what happened next. that's coming up. time for the job of the day. brought to you by career source. an estimator. to view the require february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems...
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. xxx$& >> john: earth wind and fire founder maurice white passed away. he suffered from parkinsons disease. he stopped touring in 1995 because of some health problems and left the public eye. he was 74 years old. when you look the a the classic musicians that have passed away this year alone. >> amy: a sad loss there for sure. making headlines around the state of florida. the parents of a teen are
6:49 am
their son was hit and killed. two years ago andrew joseph was struck by a car after getting kicked out of the florida state fair. hundreds of rowdy teens caused a stampede on student day. according to his parents, andrew was for the involved. they said that deputies made an unjustified arrest and released the boy without letting them know about it. they have increased security and require teens to be accompanied by an adult after dark. >> amy: looking for two suspect who tried to rob a store but left empty handed. a pair came up and snashed a door with a rock. they came up to raid the register but there was not any money. nothing. but they did hit another store and stole money, beer, and cigarettes. >> john: rights in a local city. >> amy: why it took leaders
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>> amy: breaking down the fiery democratic debate. you will want to see the
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