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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> welcome back to "good day orlando". it's 7:00 o'clock. happy mardi gras as well today. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown, fat tuesday. >> that's right. >> here are the stories we're working on for you right now. first, dana jay. >> wildlife officials are on whale watch this morning to see if an endangered whale and her calf have gone back out to sea.
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with the latest. >> first votes in the new hampshire primary have been cast. we'll have details on a small town picks their primary winner and why jeb bush could have a fighting chance of winning coming up. >> a florida lawmaker demanding answer after a cruise ship sailed into a storm with 4,000 passengers onboard. the rough voyage that caused injuries and damage. >> i'm trying to convince my family to go on a cruise. that's not helping, jayme. >> they're like, see, dad. >> hey. >> we want to go south. i'm not cruising north this time of year, that's for sure. >> you don't want to do that, that's for sure. go south, my friend. you maybe want to go farther south this morning. it's cool out there, 41 glaifl, 45 ache 41gainesville, deland 45, south of that point generally in the 50s. a lot of cloud cover. when we pair that up, the
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today only in the mid upper 50s and the wind, you've seen nothing yet. it will be cranking today. all right northwesterly at 21, sustained out of kissimmee, windy along the boat ramps. it's blowing good. passing clouds, windy and cool all day, 54 for us at 5:00 o'clock, then the next several days offering up cool temperatures, closer to 70 by friday and saturday, but another strong system blast through here, so sunday we're cooler at that time, but no chance of weekend rain. we'll keep you posted. that's your forecast. >> happy tuesday, everybody. roads are looking okay this morning. we have this disabled vehicle on the side of the road. this is i-95 northbound, this is a couple of miles before the new smyrna beach exit. emergency vehicles not causing too many delays, but use caution if you're traveling i-95 northbound in volusia county. roads are really clear.
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downtown about three minutes right now. i-4 westbound is slow, the 434 to fairbanks will take you about nine minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. >> thanks. developing in brevard county, florida fish and wildlife will be in sebastian inlet to help a stranded whale and her calf. >> they're trying to come up with a solution if they didn't swim away overnight. dana jay is live at the inlet. good morning, dana. >> good morning, john. good morning, amy. guess what? we just saw the whales. we've been seeing them for the last 20 minutes or so. nick will zoom in so you can see them. one popped out there. i hope you got to see it. these are north american wright whales. they were here in the inlet yesterday swimming back and forth, back and forth, and people spotted them. we were waiting to see if they had gone back out to the ocean this morning. maybe about 20 minutes or so ago, we saw them.
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i thought for sure they went back out to the ocean. lots of people have flocked here to seat wheys once they got word that they were here, that includes this gentleman that i have with me, his name is matthew. you're a marine biologist, not a whale expert, but a marine biologist, you study tiny fish. you have a lot of experience with the inlet here. what can you tell me about it and why would you just guess that that these animals caiment in here? >> inlet is a special place. it's a conduit between the indian river lagoon an the ocean and because it's so narrow, it concentrates a lot of wildlife and they shouldn't be here, but they're here because of the currents potentially. hopefully they'll go out to sea because it's not the right habitat for them. >> what makes it a bad habitat for them?
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but what dangers are they in? >> the boat collisions. it's a very busy inlet. it's not so bad during the week, but on the weekends it's very, very busy, shallow. if there's boats coming through, it would be difficult for a whale that size in this shallow of water to avoid collision and that really is the main danger to them in the inlet. >> i'll send it back to the today yo, but this is -- you ran over here. this is really something special for us to get to see. hopefully the animals will go back to where they belong, correct? >> yeah, i really hope so. i hope they head out to the inlet in a few minutes. i know it's bad for tv, but i would like to see them get back to the open ocean. >> thank you, matt. john and amy, back glow we would like to see them get back there, too. dana, i don't know if you could see, but we could see the whale in the water. yay, got to see it. the new hampshire primary officially underway. >> there's been a big shake up in the polls, especially on the
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with details and his fight board, so this is important. >> this is big. we'll show you in a minute, but voting is underway in new hampshire. the town of dicksville started at monday to use a board like this one. producer josh created almost exactly what it looks like. they have a population of twelve there. here's the results. john kasich has two. it filled it up. bernie sanders swept all four votes on the democratic side. add those up, nine. where would the other three people in dicksville, we don't know. former florida governor jeb bush surging in a new poll. he's picked up momentum and donald trump is sinking, a poll showing he's still in first place, but his support level,
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22%, that's a significant movement. we'll see if that is reflected in votes today. jeb bush has moved up in second place with just 21% support, now to one percent behind d.o.t.. john kasich in third with 13 and marco rubio has fallen, now in fourth place with 12%. a a @ a a a a a a a bush is telling supporters he's a a a a a a a alive and campaigning hard. a a a a a a a a a a a last night on fox news, he a a a a a`` explained how he was put into an```````` early ``grave in this election cycle. >> i've been written off. i've seen obituaries written by myself. i'm still alive. >> meanwhile, marco rubio is reflecting on his performance during saturday's debate. rubio telling fox that he's standing by the repeated phrase, despite what a lot of republican rivals are criticizing him for. >> i get it, but that's the only way i know how to describe it. >> that's a two-hour debate and we were asked questions on all sorts of things and the answers
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employees cars them. them. this is what i deeply believe. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders maintaining a double digit lead over clinton in new hampshire, but nationally it's a dead heat. a new poll by reuters showing it's a three point margin, hilary clinton at 48% and sanders at 45%, that's within the margin of error for that poll. a cool fact about the new hampshire primary. the small town like dicksville, they can set the time they want to opt polls, which was midnight which is why they were the first to vote. maybe that's the three didn't show up, they didn't want to come in the middle of the night. >> the good news is they're done. everybody votes by 12:05, you go home and go to bed, primary day is over. get breakfast. thanks, ryan. >> you bet. >> breaking news, all survivors have been rescued after a train crashed in germany.
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150 others are hurt after two passenger trains collided head-on. no word yet on the cause of the crash. >> also, that royal caribbean cruise ship is back in new jersey after it sailed into a dangerous storm. luanne is here with information on that storm. >> good morning, john. four people are coe roverring from injuries after their rough cruise on the anthem of the seas. 30 feet waves can be seen outside of the cabin window. nicole posted this on twitter. furn shurn overturned inside lounges and stores, caused by the waves and 100 miles per hour winds. lawmaker bill nelson is cause asking
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ask why they sail into that storm. when the storm is abrewing, you don't gout to port. >> royal caribbean said the storm was stronger than expected, but forecasters said, no, we predicted this storm correctly. john, amy, back to you. >> a crime alert in the tourism district. >> from a mass shooting to a rash of burglaries, there's been high profile incidents in that area recently. we're asking opened if the crime is as bad as it seems and how they're responding to the tourist area. it's 7:10. jamye king. >> it's 7:10rbg temperatures are dropping out there. how low they'll go and how high they'll fly today, cool today
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there was a momma wright whale and her baby calf are stuck in the epilepsy let this morning. florida fish and wildlife will see if they can get them back out into the ocean, but you're about to see the momma come out in the water here. we caught it live a few minutes ago. did you see her? >> yeah, she popped up a little ard to see. >> anyway, it was cool. it was a cool moment. we're sending it over to todd now. >> there's been more than a hundred smash and grabs in tourist location as cross central florida in the last 30 days. orlando police came out to take the reports from four victims to later find out that there were dozens more. >> some tourists and locals on edge following a rash ofbb@d dd burglaries.@d >> when we pulled in, there was@l@ldd @l one police here, we could see glass was all over the ground. it looks chaotic. >> and a mass shooting. >> >>: we're working break is news this morning. a mass shooting at a central florida nightclub.
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here at the nightclub here in orlando. >> some of the folks who were injured in those shootings were definitely innocent. >> so what's being done to keep people safe in an area that's so vital to our economy? >> orlando police department sergeant wanda ford joins me in the studio. thank you for being here today. we hear stories about i-drive and maybe the perception is it's violent and out-of-control. what's going on, on i-drive? >> when you have two incidents tragic over the weekends and with the vehicle burglaries it may appear that crime has risen, but it hasn't. robberies have decreased, our motor vehicle thefts have decreased, our vehicle burglary s did increase because of one rash, one incident that occur. >> so one group of young people can dramatically skew the numbers? >> yes, of course. we had one incident that was 30 something vehicle burglaries, but what public may not know, a week after that, the chief had
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the area and caught two to three of those suspects. >> we get mentions on our facebook page all the time, we have one now saying it seems like crime in orlando is out-of-control, not just i-drive, but orlando is out-of-control. the numbers don't seem to justify that. maybe people see it on the news and things thinks it's dangerous, but the numbers don't add up? >> it does. it's nationwide, not just orlando. crime is the news so that's what you're going to see. you're not going to see all of the things that we're doing. there's an abundance of officers on international drive right now. >> let's talk about i-drive again. because that area is so vital to our economy, people outside of the region focuses on what goes on there. do you police differently in the attraction area? >> we have officers on bikes out there, in patrol cars and also on horses. all of o our officers know all of the managers and owners that
7:17 am
we have a very good relationship with all of the owners on i-drive. >> and the one story that got everybody's attention, the shooting inside the glitz club. we haven't seen a suspect or suspects that the point. what do you know at this point? where is it at in the investigation? >> it was not a random shooting, it was isolated, and our detectives have identified the suspects. however, there's a lot of things that we have to get done before with he release that information. there's witness statements, there's video that we have to review. we can't just go ahead and tell the public this is what we have. we have to wait and we have to analyze everything, but we have identified the suspects. >> okay, you've been in this town for a long time. what do you want people to know where crime not only on i-drive, but ins orlando? >> the chief, every week, the manager at opd and the supervisors meet and we go over all of the crimes that happen on a weekly basis and we analyze and make sure there's no crime trends, and that's where we
7:18 am
we want the public to if you see something, please say something. >> okay, sergeant wanda ford, appreciate your time. 7:17 own "good day orlando". here's jamye king with your accue weather forecast. >> welcome. let's talk about things. the cape, the beaches, it's looking decent out there. we have cloud cover, it's on the cool side. you can see the long, long swell lines out of the northeast still piling into the beaches with the best surf conditions like yesterday, from palm beach county south stowrvetion go south to get the good stuff, not to say it will be bad locally, but get south if you can. the weather cam, the visit orlando tower cam. all of those motels and hotels, people visiting our fine state. let's look at what they're waking up to this morning.
7:19 am
fifty orlando, 41 gainesville, ocala 45 and generally speaking south of orlando, it's a blend moving moving in in out of the 40s and 50s. statewide, the coldest readings in the panhandle from pensacola out towards tallahassee along the i-10 corridor, dufl county and jacksonville, 41 in gainesville, and south florida has yet to get the full thrust of this front. it's closing in now on dade and broward counties, it's down here with strength eping winds behind this thing. i've been watching the clouds, kristen and i in the weather center early this morning and we're thinking clouds on top going nowhere fast. fast. when you bring in the winds, it will be a rare, chilly day by our central florida standard
7:20 am
passing clouds, windy and cool, mid 50s, upper 50s for highs, down to 55 for the drive home at 5:00, makes sense at least. colder, clearing into wednesday morning, wake up temps down into the 30s and 40s. we have a freeze warning that goes into effect at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning until 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning for the cities and countieses of alachua county, that's gainesville, ocala, marion county and out toward flagler county from the beachfront west of i-95. bring in the pets and cover up the plants because looking at freezing or subfreezing temperatures for two to three hours. it will be very, very cold. take precautions now. as we look at the model forecast, one thing we find tomorrow is extra sunshine on top of the cool down. that at least is a little bit of a glimmering hope at the end of
7:21 am
it's been cold for us in central florida. temperatures 20s and single digits. minneapolis six above, 20 at lexington #-rbgs 30 in denver, and phoenix and vegas in the 60s. today, looking for highs in the 50s. from ocala to forth mccoy. as we go south of that area to lake county, looking for more of the same. mid to upper 50s for us. very, very windy weather overall overall. our forecast for the next seven highlighting again more sunshine in the near future, that's the good news, but we stick and stay below average for this time of year, well below the 70-degree mark into friday and saturday, then sunday highs in the upper 50s, brees, breezy, but no rain chance. over to jeanna. >> giving you a live look at i-95. this is a couple of miles before the deland exit.
7:22 am
of the road, was a couple of disabled vehicle there's from an earlier crash. this crash is tarting to clear, so good news there, not causing significant delays or slowdowns, but there's quite a bit of slowdown on i-4 eastbound and westbound right now. just be aware, use caution.``````` no major accidents on i-4 this morning, but there's a bit of delay thrsms i want to take you out to this one incident we have. we do have something in the road here. this is at kirkman and washington street there. it doesn't seem to be causing delays, but be aware. i. 4 from the attractions to downtown, it will take you about 16 minutes, but it's looking good, 417 to downtown is only about 12 minutes. the pump patrol, saving you money. regular glass is $1.60 at wawa on anchor road in altamonte springs. remember, you can check our gas
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just go to and click on traffic. >> thank you. politicians and house politicians health experts monitoring the zika virus. >> find out how president obama
7:24 am
the precautions that >> look closely, they're out there. every time i say that, they're gone. this is a live look at sebastian inlet in brevard county where a mother whale and her calf have stuck in shallow water. there they are. >> cool. >> they're trying to put a plan together, but cool images this morning. hopefully it turns out okay for them. the white house asking congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. >> that would cover mosquito control programs, vaccine research and better healthcare for pregnant women. the cdc has put the emergency operations center on a level one status over the zika outbreak, that's the highest level of
7:25 am
one three other times during the ebola outbreak, the h1n1 pandemic and right after hurricane katrina. >> for the average american, this is not something that will change your day-to-day life, but if you are pregnant, we have taken the unusual step of recommending that you avoid travel to areas where zee zika is spreading or living in an area like that or you must travel, that you apply mosquito repellant and ataking steps to avoid mosquito bites. >> the president is scheduled to submit his 2017 budget to congress later today. if lawmakers approve the funding request, that would make the money available almost immediately. it's a big development for the future of downtown orlando. >> the city is supporting plans plans plans
7:26 am
we'll show you what's com >> welcome back to "good day orlando". we love this view. this is our new came ran on international drive, gives you a great perspective of how things
7:27 am
the orlando eye is off to the right of the screen there. 50 degrees, chilly start, but not as cold as it was yesterday. >> 7:30. "good day orlando", i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt, so glad you're with us. here's the top stories. we'll take you live out to sebastian inlet in brevard county where a momma whale and her calf are stuck in shallow water. >> look at this camera. it's windy, chilly, a lot of traffic backing up right now. jamye king has your forecast straight ahead, plus this. >> i've been written off. i've seen obituaries written by myself like the guy at the town hall meeting, i'm still alive. >> a new poll proves bush has some hope. our political analyst will join us to break down the race in new hampshire this morning. we're talking about outside. the next couple of day also get interesting around here. >> well below normal for daytime highs and typical average
7:28 am
and every morning. right now, no exemption. fortys and 50s dominate the weather map. a chilly day ahead, too. here's the deal. we're partly sunny, sun, clouds, but as we go through the next couple of hours, it looks like this big area of cloud cover will move north of tampa and overspread the orlando metro and the surrounding communities t will be cool today. windy with the weather today, all ready west/northwest 17 reported at sanford, 21 sustained out of kissimmee in ocala county, so it will be blowing good. windy, quite cool, and passing clouds adding to the cool down effect out there. fifty-six by 2:00 o'clock, drive home at 5:00 o'clock in the mid 50s, then upper 40s at 8:00 p.m. this evening. overnight we'll clear it out, cool things down. some of the coolest air we'll see this week will begin filing in, but the end result will be 50s for highs through
7:29 am
friday and saturday, then back down again we go, well down into the 50s for highs come sunday afternoon. here's jeanna. >> happy tuesday, everybody. will give a live look at i-4 westbound at kirkman. we have a crash that appears to be in the left lane, causing quite a bit of backup, a lot of delays in that area, so be aware of that, use caution, give```````` yourself extra time` if you travel through here on the way to work or school. looking now, i want to take you to another new crash, there out in brevard county on u.s. 1 at barnes boulevard. this isn't causing significant delays knowledge word of roadblock, but be aware of that. taking a look at drive times. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial will take you about 24 minutes. i-4 from the abeing tras to down to en, 24 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. amy and john, back to you.
7:30 am
county, florida fish and wildlife will be back out in sebastian inlet this morning to help a stranded whale and her calf. >> trying to come one a solution if they don't swim back out into the ocean and they didn't, they're still there. fox 35s dana jay live at the inlet with great views of the this morning. >> good john. good morning, amy. i'll get out of the way because you don't want to look at emergency you want to look at the whales and they've been between the markers for the past 45 minutes or, so that's when we were able to see the water. they seem to have moved a little bit closer to where the inlet meets the ocean and now they seem to be moving back again, so people who were here yesterday are telling me that yesterday they swam back and forth, but they were further into the inlet. this morning, they're a little
7:31 am
could be a good sign but we really don't know what the whales are thinking. of course, this body of water, much shallower and smaller than they are used to and so the concern is that this is not the right environment for them and that they could get in the way of boats or whatnot. yesterday, these whales were monitored, both by air and on the water. the officials set up sort of a perimeter around them so that boats couldn't get to them and they could be protected. these are some of the largest and most endangered whales that there are. these are north atlantic wright whales, a momma about 45 feet long and her baby, the calf, about 20 feet long. florida wildlife officials says they're healthy, so there's no reason why they should be in the inlet, they will come come back. their benchmark for this morning was around 8:00 o'clock, they
7:32 am
and see if the whales are here, then develop a plan from here. as you may have seen throughout this live shot that they're still here and so we are standing by of course for fish and wildlife to develop a plan and work with other agencies to try to figure out how tho get these whales out to the ocean where they belong. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> dana, thank you. a huge milestone for the ucf downtown campus. the orlando city council has now officially pledged that they will back the project in a unanimous decision, they pledged over $75 million in land and other commitments to this. the vote was critical to show the ucf board of governors that the city is committed. the board of governors will meet in march to discuss the campus expansion. this is artwork of what the campus will look like if it's built. the 15-acre plot of land is near livingston. ucf is hoping to get $20 million in state funding. >> in orange county, deputies
7:33 am
robber who may be connected to two separate robberies. ryan is here with the morning rush. good morning, ryan. >> john, we want to show you surveillance video from the kangaroo express near east colonial drive by the four-way. this was early saturday morning, a suspect pointing the gun at the employee, forces the clerk to employees cars pee to empty out the register and takes off. the orlando police are on the hunt for the person who killed two brothers as they were heading to a super bowl party. investigators say that 34-year-old antonio jones and his 16-year-old brother christian were both gunned down on sunday night. their bodies were found at the stone bridge reserve condos in metro west. their mother saying she has no idea why anyone would want to hurt her sons. if you have information, you're asked to contact the orlando police department. orlando police wants to you look at this sketch.
7:34 am
in a deadly shooting at serrano apartments last week. the image is a picture of the vehicle as it was leaving the complex. nineteen-year-old jacob almond was killed in the shooting. take a good look. if you recognize the images, certainly contact orlando police. >> you decide 2016, the new hampshire primaries are underway and some voters have all ready cast their ballots. >> dicksville notch is one of the three communities in the state that held votes at midnight and john kasich ended up win the town on the gop side, he got four votes, bernie sanders won on the democratic side of things. this newly released emerson college poll shows support for donald trump is slipping a bit. he's still in first place, about you his support has dropped from 37% on thursday down to 22% today. former florida governor jeb bush is running in second place there, 22% of the support for him and as you can see, actually 21 21%, john kasich at 21% and
7:35 am
frank torres is joining us live in the newsroom. great to see you, frank. how are you? >> good. yourself? >> very good thanks. donald trump did have some significant sliding there. what do you think is going on with that? >> i think they're having people to catch on the jeb bush momentum. he's been donald trump's major enemy on the stage and on the campaign, and a lot of people who may not be connecting with donald trump's message might be looking at some of the other candidates including jeb bush and john kasich. they might be looking for more@ experience as new hampshire tends to be more of an establishment state and that's where i think you're seeing the bump for the two governors. >> everybody talked about marco rubio out of iowa, what a great showing he had, and chris christie went after him in the debate over the weekends d that hurt his numbers? >> i believe it did. it's the hardest i've seen marco rubio get hit in an event and he didn't respond well. he has a lot of extra resources in new hampshire.
7:36 am
top three finish, but that saturday night performance did hurt him. we'll see where it lands him tonight for the establishment like candidates tonight. >> how big is new hampshire for these candidates? we talk about how important are these early ones really, but is this a big deal? >> it is for the people on the bubble. it is for people you might not have heard from in a while like chris christie, ben carson, carly fiorina. you can see two to four candidates drop out this evening@ after f they don't show up in new hampshire. a lot are broke, so everybody needs a big showing and it's a must-win for donald trump who has been up in the polls for so long. >> let's move over to the democratic side of things. what are your thoughts there? bernie sanders god win by a lot, right? >> able, bernie sanders should win tonight, but what can he do with the momentum? he had a positive appearance000000 over the weekend, democrats are starting to connect with the
7:37 am
it will be up to him and his campaign to take this momentum and run with it into the other states because right now, hilary clinton has a big lead in national polling. >> >>: what does hillary need to do to turn around folks like in new hampshire who are not standing behind her? >> she'll probably take the losshhhmmhllxxh tonight. she needs to circle wagons and x x move into the other xstates where it's more friendly to her brand0000 where her name might be higher than bernie sanders. she that to move on. if will be a tough spin, but she that to move on and plenty of resources to back her up. >> frank, how can the viewers find you? [unintelligible] >> political analyst, frank torres. thanks. fox 35 is your source for your coverage of the presidential race. you can get the updates on our website. simply go to or you can download the news app on to your phone. >> an anaconda alert. >> this is freaky. >> a little. >> two dangerous snakes found in
7:38 am
and this he want your help. we'll tell you how to help them to get rid of some of these dangerous snake dz. look at this. that momma whale and her baby are jumping around in the water out there. this is sebastian inlet this morning. florida fish and wildlife want to help them back out into the ocean. they were hoping that they would go break out on their own, but it hasn't happened yet. we'll keep hoping and praying on how we can help. a little nudge? what do they like to eat? >> with bait. >> maybe you drag something.
7:39 am
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>> florida fish and wildlife officers needs your help of keeping track of anacondas in our state. >> yuck. >> florida fish and wildlife is looking for anyone keeping one of these dangerous, non-legal state dz illegally. last week, almost a nine foot one was captured in melbourne and found a domestic rat in its stomach so they think it may have been someone's pet. a second snake was found near the brevard/orange county lane. neither snake had a entrance respond wher is required by law. >> you're not allowed to have them without a permit. if your neighbor is showing that he has a an condo or
7:42 am
one, you can call us. >> are we still chilly out there, jamye? >> you know it and we're not veering from that notion, all day strong and tonight and tomorrow, another cool one for us. you see the citrus bowl in orlando and the flags are sticking way on out. it's breezy out there for sure and we only heighten the wind and overall speeds as we go through the day tomorrow. let's look at the live and local wind data showing us it's picking up. northwest, for example, 21 miles per hour sustained in kissimmee, deland at 17 from the west/northwest and everyone else following suit as the winds increase and we develop a shield of cloud cover from time to time coming through, that will really make for a rather cool day, quite cool in fact with 50s throughout the course of the day, mid to upper 50s for
7:43 am
good morning to you. bundle up heading out #-rbgs 41 in gainesville, 45 ocala, south of that point it's a nice blend of low 50s, if not a few pockets of upper 40s out there. when that wind picks up, we're registering a little bit, a touch of a windchill factor. you can see the vail of clouds rather thick at this time over the eastern gulf and that it continues to overspread the region. i'm looking on live cams in the studio, we got a little bit of sunshine early today and through the day, distinct blend of sun and clouds and at times, the cloud cover will win out. by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, down to 40 degrees we go and we have freeze issues in north central
7:44 am
with. modeling showing us the gusty winds, there's the front, secondary one slipping to the south overnight. winds still out of the northwest, breezy, but you'll notice the cloud cover in this particular model data that we're clearing out with sunshine tomorrow, but with the clear skies tomorrow, we see the temperatures drop low. the freeze warning from 3:00 a.m. i will 9:00 a.m. on wednesday from gainesville, ocala, flagler county, bring in the pets, cover up the plants and even the pipes if you're so inclined as the freeze time, it's not that bad. we're going freezing or subfreezing, looking like gainesville about a two to three hour duration, same with ocala, anywhere from two, maybe on the plus side of that for flagler county. temperatures falling off tonight, rebounding to end the week, but not that much. it remains below normal for daytime highs and early morning
7:45 am
seminole county, 50s, times of clouds season sun. for orlando, goldenrod, christmas, apopka and areas to the west experiencing those 50s today. brevard county a little closer to 60 i think, especially along the seashore, some of the employees cars b beaches beaches around 60. mostly 60s for everybody tonight. for tonight, into the 30s. the freezing point or subfreezing at gainesville, ocala, palm coast, also of note i think frost may be the reality for interior volusia county, northwestern seminole and much of lake county, so do what you ornamentals tonight. the seven-day forecast, temps are up a sun, not much of rain. that's your seven-day forecast. this is a gorgeous weather baby. julian, looks like a ball of
7:46 am
visit our website for more pictures, and if you want to send us your picture, thrshes directions on the website, hope to see your babies soon. here's jeanna. >> happy tuesday. going give you a live look at i-4 eastbound at kirkman road. you see we have an accident in the left lane causing quite a bit of backup, significant delays in that area, quite a bit of vehicles involved as well, so be aware. give yourself extra time if you need to thrafl through there this morning. we have a couple of new crashes on the roads this morning. this first one in lake county thai want to take you to, on spring garden and mercer road. i want to take you out to this other crash here, this one in clermont, this is on u.s. highway 27 at victor boulevard, causing significant delays in both directions. no word of any roadblock in either area, but able ware of the crashes if you're traveling through there this morning. looking at drive times, everything is looking slow. i-4 westbound taking but 21
7:47 am
i-4 b from the attractions to downtown about 24 minutes, and the 417 to downtown, that will take you about 15 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. guys, back to you. >> there's a live look at sebastian inlet in brevard county. mother whale and her calf stuck out there in the shallow water. we've been monitoring all morning long. the officials are coming out at 8:00 o'clock to figure out how to get them back out into the ocean, so we'll keep you updated -- there they are -- keep you february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club
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$6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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we want to say good morning to alone that green for orlando. you're the fox 35 friend of the day. >> casey anthony has started a new business and live in west palm beach. we have paper work that showed she filed with the state to incorporate her business called case photography llc. she listed the business address as a home in west palm. it turns out it's the same address as a private investigator she used during her murder trial. she told investigators that a babysitter kidnapped her young daughter in twaift after the girl was reported missing. the body was found down the street from anthony's home. anthony was later acquitted of murder in 2011. >> check out this video from the citrus count fee facebook page.
7:50 am
springs in crystal river temporarily closed. those are manatees in the water. hundreds of manatees huddled together in the warm water. the springs will be closed offw@p to kayakers and to no swimming and no kayaking until they clear out. >> you look in the water, you think look at those big rocks in the water. no. daughter in 2008twaift after the >> a man is behind bars after police say he threw a life al gater through a window at wendy's in royal palm beach. he did it in october. the gator was caught and it was release into a canal. >> coming up at 8:00 o'clock, taking you live back out to sebastian inlet in bref county, that's where the mother whale
7:51 am
shallow water. bebefoforere c conontetempmplalatitingng ththe e mamanyny c chohoiciceses o onn ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke's's $4$4 d dolollalar r memenunu,, onone e mumustst c calalm m ththe e mimindnd inin o ourur z zenen g garardeden.n. fofocucus.s. ththe e gagarlrlicic d dououblblee ststeaeakbkbururgeger r memealal.. rereflflecect.t. t thehe t tacaco o sasalalad d memealal.. zezen.n. ththe e ororigigininalal d dououblble e 'n'n chcheeeesese s steteakakbuburgrgerer m meaeal.l. ohoh!! dodownwnloloadad t thehe n newew ststeaeak'k'n n shshakake e rerewawardrds s apapp.p. eaearnrn r rewewarardsds e eveveryry titimeme y youou u usese i it.t.
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