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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's monday, february 15. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. happy presidents' day to you. break, news out of brevard county. searching for a missing boater right now. the search continues for a car linked to a murder in orange county. the key piece of evidence that
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in the vehicle. >> amy: even though hover boards have had problems retailers are still selling them. >> john: daytona 500 week ahead. >> jayme: the big live show this friday. we'll be live from the track. lots to plan and in store. the weather couldn't be better. last year we froze our pants off. and 50s space coast. and it's all about the wind direction this morning. the wind going the relatively warm surf waters. we're going to be a bit warmer in brevard county.
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rain chances at some point. isolatessed in nature after 3:00 p.m. a warm one today. close to 80 degrees in a lot of locations. trending cooling along the immediate beach front. it'll be a toasty day tomorrow. down we go, slowly but surely, baby steps to the cool down. we keep it in the 70s all week long. no chance of rain after late tonight and very early tomorrow morning. >> gina: happy monday. it's a pretty quiet time on the road so far. the partially blocked at lake hundred under hill road. and northbound lanes are blocked the a alafaya. and another crash at the 528 and boggy creek.
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be careful. and i-4 westbound from laimed to colonial 14 minutes -- lake mary to colonial 14 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. >> john: the serve is on for -- the search is on for a missing boater. >> amy: 38-year-old lloyd chamber lain is from merritt island. he went out to fish but did not come home. they found his boat off of satellite beach. he was not in the boat. the coast guard is searching between satellite beach and patrick air force base. they're using a boat and a chopper. the brevard county sheriff's office and fwc is helping with that. we have a crew on the scene, and they should be there any minute
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we'll bring you a live report just as soon as we're able to. >> john: near i-95, just before 1:00 a.m. the rv was the only vehicle involved. two people in the rv at the time of the crash. at this time, we don't know the extent of their injuries. >> amy: battling a house fire at deland on south stone street after midnight. four people were inside the home, but everyone did get out. one person injured their arm. we're not sure of the severity of the injuries. >> john: construction crews are wrapping up a project. >> amy: they've been closed since thursday. and fox 35's dana jay has more on how things are looking so far. man alive it was a mess for most of the weekend. hey there, dana. >> reporter: yeah. kind of a headache for people traveling here through winter parking especially if you had
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valentine's day this weekend. they're starting to clean the traffic barrels off the street here and wrap things up, as they were expected to, at about 6:00 a.m. this morning. cars are able to make a left on park avenue but not quite going straight on 1792 yet. but crews are working on putting the finishing touches on the work they've been doing here. southbound lanes between park avenue and monroe. getting ready to open up around 6:00 a.m. right about now. they've been closed since last week. that was so that the rues could -- crews could do work on a railroad bridge that's just over here. this is quiet a project -- quite a project. it disrupted traffic throughout the weekend. they'll pick up this again next weekend. same detour, same amount of work. they have work to do, but
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and then they will be back here next week working on the same project. 35 news. >> amy: the search is on for a orange county. >> john: it may contain clues after a man's body was found stabbed to death. his daughter and boyfriend are considered persons of interest in the case. they were taken into custody yesterday and baker acted. they thought they took off in the victim's car which they believe had his gun inside. the car is still missing. neighbors are shocked. >> it was just unusual for something like that to happen to this guy. he didn't bother nobody.
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we have kids, and older people we don't need that around here. >> a ford taurus is the vehicle. >> amy: snrofd a fight during a party at daytona beach. security broke up the fight. the fight continued outside. that's when he grabbed the gun from his car and shot three people. but he insisted he could not haven about the shooter because he was beaten unconscious before the shooting even happened. >> he said he woke up to text message, voice mail messages on his phone saying he was wanted. he immediately made arrangements. he insists that he did not get a gun, did not shoot anyone.
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injuries. his father drove three hours for the first appearance. >> i want justice for my son. he didn't deserve that. he was a good child. >> amy: she says that her son was a standout student. he was the glue that held everyone together and had recently become a dad. we should mention one of the women shot during this is in critical condition. >> john: are a truck slammed into a home in new smyrna beach. at cooper street and oak oakwood. neighbors said it was speeding down the road and clipped a sign first. neighbors say it not first time they see this type of crash. >> i hate to see people getting hurt and cars damaged right here. it's going to continue unless
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>> john: several neighbors say they're trying to get a four-way stop at the intersection and warning of actual problems there. >> amy: the number of hit-and-run crashes is on the rise here in florida. the florida highway patrol will kick off a program to try to curb in deadly trend. 92,000 statewide, 250 every day. >> the problem is that you increase your chances of being charged with a first degree felony in if you leave the scene and someone dies. with the law that changes in 2014, will you go to prison for a minimum four years if convicted. >> amy: a major part of the campaign is to raise awareness
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involved in a hit-and-run. call 9-1-1 immediately and stay in your car, if you can, to wait for help. >> john: supreme court justice antonin scalia died of natural causes and said that a autopsy is not necessary. he died on saturday at the age of 79. >> amy: he was the most conservative voice on the high court. expect a huge battle if president obama nominates a replacement. the republicans say they should be picking the next spot. >> amy: joining us from the fox business studios is the lovely lauren simonetti. i didn't think you would be working because of the holidays but you're there. >> reporter: business networks is open for business, so i
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>> amy: i am glad to see you any day of the week. i'm happy to have you here. let's talk hover board. seems all we report is bad news, bad news, bad news, but not stopping people from buying. >> reporter: fires, falls, new york city banning, ditto for subway, trains, airlines. you hear of all of the terror stories and the tragic story, but none theless, walmart and other large retailers are planning to stock the physical stores. the post is reporting that walmart and toys are us are looking into doing that. brand name hover board makers to stock their shelves. >> amy: interesting.
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happy valentine's day too. >> reporter: you too. >> amy: you can catch lauren on the fox business network. >> john: you decide 2016. former governor jeb bush is getting a little help from his family. >> amy: a big rally that is set for tonight. >> we can not lose this election. we have to nominate a conservative that can win. >> senator rubio telling people0 why he you@+ you should be the nominee. it's time to talk weather, jayme king. >> jayme: we're cool up north. a little warmer down south. way warm across coastal brevard. we have changes like this, and
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whether >> john: you decide 2016. we're five days away from the next contest in the race for the democratic and republican presidential nominations. >> amy: the cbs news battle ground tracker poll shows donald trump with a big lead in south carolina.
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rubio with 15% of support. and on the democratic side of things, 59% for compared to sanders 44%. this again. we can have a me in creates jobs, increases income, and makes it possible to share more profit, raises minimum wages, and guarantees equal wage for women's work, which is way overdo. >> amy: and her rival spoke to the crowds. >> how do we pay for the proposal to make public colleges and universities tuition free and lower student debt? i will tell you how. we'll impose a tax on wall street speculation. >> amy: after saturday's nevada caucus, the democrat also go to south carolina for the
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>> john: senator marco rubio is explaining why he should be the choice. >> we can not lose the election. we have to nominate a conservative that can win. i'm as conservative as anyone in the race. my conservative ism didn't start six months ago. i have 15 years of conservativism. >> john: the former president's first rally with the former florida governor. jeb bush is trying to build momentum after many say was a strong debate. >> amy: boston broke a record` for the` coldest valentine's day. the temperature drops to 9 degrees below zero. that's awful. they're starting the morning in
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it's supposed to warm up to the freezing mark today. it's going to be in are the 50s tomorrow. that's going to be a serious warm-up compared to what they experienced right now. let's talk about what's happening outside here in central florida. jayme king? >> jayme: the accuweather forecast update. 40s in alachua and marion counties. and down towards central florida, it looks like 50s for us this way. orlando, 55, and sanford, seminole county, 52. and warmer, 60s. looking good, brevard. wow. you guys win. the wind is freshening up. sustained, 5 to 10 miles per hour. and i've seen repeated gusts to 20e knots. there's a couple of light showers. it's hard to say if it'll reach the coastline but it's pretty present. that's the case. the next system moves in.
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could deliver isolated sporadic in nature type showers. the front dangerous closer, and -- the front draws closer. and increasing clouds, breezy. isolated rain. after 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. by tonight, clouds thicken. rain chance rising through 9:00. through the wee early morning hours of tuesday. here we go, by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we are looking okay. and by mid-day we trend mostly sunny. this is a computer simulation of what may happen or not, weather-wise, of course. pockets or pods of isolated activity. you can see the line is getting through gainesville and ocala by
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and knocking on the door here at 3:00 p.m., and coastal volusia and tampa bay. later in the evening hour, we wrap things up and dry things our. it looks like we stay rain free through the coming weekend. looking good for the daytona 500. we're taking ggo live there on friday. and 77ish by 3:00 p.m. or so. we take a look at the big map. boston at 5 above. 15 at new york city. and houston in the 50s and 60s. the winds are way, way down over here in the new hampshire area and vermont, and maine. and 31 below zero. that's it it for the wind chills.
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here in good ole florida. we have snowfall impacting the western carolinas. and our system is loading up quite a bit of rainfall. late tonight and early tomorrow morning. and then bright sunshine. and highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. >> gina: we have earlier crashes that are work to get cleaned up here. boggy creek. taking you back to lake under-hill and alafaya. we have a turn lane there partially blocking the road. aside from that, that's it. the road looks clear. take, a look at drive times. i-4 looking good.
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i-4 west bend from lake mary and colonial. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. $1.58 at the speedway in casselberry. and you can always check out gas saving tips on our website at and click on traffic. >> john: the anthem of the seas is back on it's water a week after a strong storm turned it around. >> amy: it just left on another cruise. what workers had to do to make
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that's coming up on "good day >> john: a bill moving through the florida legislature could give teens who break the law a second chance. >> giving juveniles the clean slate when they turn 18. senator soto said that when a teenager makes a mistake their criminal record pops up on the internet. too often that person can't get a job because of it. it would seal records. but critic says that does it send a message that it's okay to go wild.
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through the punishment the court provides. juvenile detention, fines, or community service. but the key is that we want to give them the opportunity as they become adults and are mature to be able to get on with their lives. >> amy: that bill is moving through state senate committees and a similar bill is moving through the house. >> john: the anthem of the seas cruise ship is sailing again >> reporter: it cost millions of dollars. and they are hoping for a much smoother ride. last week the ship had to turn around after it ran into hurricane strength wind gusts and nearly 40e foot waves. look at some of the video of what they encountered. no one was seriously hurt. a propulsion system was damaged
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and now has been given all clear. >> people should give credit to the captain and the people who designed the ship because it's extremely sea worthy. >> reporter: there are serious questions about whether the ship should have set sail to begin with. senator nelson has been a vocal critic. it's expected to arrive in port canaveral tomorrow morning. >> john: california authorities are looking into alarming attacks at a national landmark. >> amy: they're trying to determine who is shooting beam blow gun darts on the golden gate bridge. >> amy: a nba slam-dunk contest. one some of the best dunks for the all-star weekend. a live look at i-4 west of state
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jayme is going to have a >> john: 6:30 on your monday morning. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt.
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morning. first, breaking news out of brevard county. the coast guard is looking for a missing boater off the coast of satellite beach. we'll tell you about the clues they found so far. >> john: are a supreme fight. the battle to replace the late justice antonin scalia. why it's expected to be very politicized this time around. >> amy: history at daytona. a rookie driver is the youngest to start the the pole, and a two-time race champion will start next to him. we'll have a look the a the next big event at the track. >> john: i'm so excited about this week. last year, it was 28 degrees. >> amy: it was chilly. >> john: kids have the day off and a lot of people have the day off. >> jayme: temperatures 40s. gainesville to ocala. 50s across the east central side. and out towards the brevard coast, we have 60s for you.
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the east, southeast. and winds are light and variable and calm over the interior. and brevard wins the weather award this morning. everybody sees the great equalizer move in. and the next front on the way. and not until later today. we ramp up into the p.m. time frame. the accuweather times and temps. we have isolated showers and breezy. during the afternoon hour, 20 to 30%. greater odds late tonight into tuesday morning. a 70% to 80% chance. we're loading the atmosphere with a lot of moisture through the course of the day.
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and then after tomorrow morning, then clearing out. >> gina: sky fox in maitland over the 1792. we have the construction but we have a right lane getting by.` it's` moving nice and smoothly. some good news there. a new crash by the airport on the beachline near the 436 exit. use caution and be aware in the area. and we'll take you to the earlier crash at boggy creek at the 528. not causing significant delays any longer. and taking a look at drive times. i-4 looking nice. from john young to downtown, 13 minutes. the 408, rouse road to downtown, 9 minutes. >> amy: breaking news right now.
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boater in brevard county. >> john: the coast guard is looking between satellite beach and the air force base. andrea jackson has more. >> reporter: it's very windy and cold out here this morning. it's making the search efforts very difficult. near patrick air force base on satellite beach. we'll pan over and show you the windy, choppy waters. his girlfriend, the guy that is missing, she. >> reporter: reported him missing last night after he went fishing and never returned. his boat was found off satellite beach beh but he was not in it. a 17-mile stretch they're searching. they're trying to use a boat as well as a helicopter. the brevard county sheriff's office and fwc is assisting in
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dangerous rip currents were called into effect over the weekend, and they continue. i just checked with the national weather service. it'll continue near the jetties. and they're definitely issuing a warning with the heavy surf and the dangerous rip c >> john: 6:35 here on good day. construction crews are wrapping up a project that shut down a major road in orange county. >> amy: the southbound lanes of 1792 between park and monroe avenue have been closed since thursday. fox 35's dana jay is live at the scene. traffic should be pretty light today because of the holiday. that should help people. >> reporter: yeah. that should help people. and the fact that the road is now open. and so you can see the big truck
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he has to stop at stop light. when we take the live shot, of course, there's no traffic going through. but i tell you what, the first vehicle to go through was a big ole pink lynnex bus. so traffic is flowing this morning. and there had about an detour around from park avenue to monroe avenue since late last week. crews are working on the railroad bridge. they had to shut down a big chunk of the roadway, where a lot of people travel to get to stores and restaurants, you name it. it reopened, i would say in the last 15 minutes or so. all of the heavy equipment was gone by 6:00 a.m., and it was on schedule, and then they needed to make sure everything was cleared away, all of the workers and what not, before they
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flowing through there. because, yeah, travel is flowing. the road is open now, but it'll close again late this week and over next weekend, because they'll continue the work next weekend. >> john: a major void on the u.s. supreme court after justice antonin scalia passed away over the weekend. >> amy: the battle is dividing the political parties. fox's joel walt whaldman is joining us.x for ax lot of people it's uncomfort because he died andp now everybody isp talking aboutx what's next. >> reporter: a lotx of peoplex are upset about that.x his body just flown back last night from this area in texas where he passed away.
6:38 am
replace justice scalia could affect so much and triggered a political firestorm. with the republicans 54 senate seat majority in potential jeopardy in 2016, political wrangling is in over-dive over the timing of the nomination for justice scalia's replacement. they want a delay until after november's general election. and president obama and his democratic allies are pushing for a more pressing timetable. >> i plan to fulfill in due time. >> reporter: vying to be the next president of the united states. donald trump, rube, and ted cruz have -- marco rubio and ted cruz
6:39 am
>> the next president should determine. >> bernie sanders described scalia, as brilliant. >> barack obama is president of january 20, 2017. >> reporter: scalia's death leaves with a even split. getting a new supreme court justice confirmed in an election year is a tough thing to do. it's only happened once in the last 80 years. >> amy: joel waldman, thank you. >> john: a strange attack at a national landmark. >> amy: two people were walking along the golden gate bridge and were struck by darts from a blow gun. we'll find out how they are doing and what investigators are
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mamadede m my y dadayy shsharare e yoyourur s stotoryry.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. >> john: the california highway patrol is looking into a blow gun dart attack which happened on the golden gate bridge. the dart hit two people walking across the bridge on friday. the investigators think that the shots may have come from a car that was going across the bridge. the victims are okay. the experts want to test the
6:43 am
coated in any type of chemical though. >> amy: scary. >> john: the front row is set for the daytona 500. and talking about gordon's dunks. i will say it. i think he was robbed. >> amy: i think so too. >> reporter: absolutely robbed. and we'll show you eric gordons dunks in a minute. top two spots are set for this weekend for the daytona 500. chase elliot. driving the 24 car. last year it was jeff gordon. he became the youngest driver of to win the poll. and mat kenseth in second. set to retire at the end of the season. finished with 10 points.
6:44 am
and they played zero defense. this is lebron and kobe jumping for the tip. that didn't go so well either. 2-s that score. >> reporter: it was ridiculous. >> basically shooting baskets. >> reporter: there was no defense. basically shooting lobs. think you got taken out of the game if you raised a hand. >> amy: that's ridiculous. >> reporter: aaron gordon, there's a dunk. he was on a hover board. amazing dunks. and clearly the best. >> amy: that was asome. >> reporter: and shaquille graded gordon pretty low. >> john: is that one? that was not the pair parallel. >> reporter: that was impressive. they're talking about gordon
6:45 am
it's just one of those things. they hold up numbers and not scientific. >> john: if you have not seen the dunks. they're calling one of best of all times. and it was unbelievable. >> reporter: john, you and i would have scored 20. and aim amy with 16. >> amy: please. my jump shot is noted a good. >> john: action in the skies above central florida. >> amy: a drone racing league. >> i fell in love with the out of body experience of putting on the goggles and feeling like you become the aircraft. >> amy: thowt pilots fly these copters and how popular it's
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it's kind of like >> john: a new kind of racing is gaining traction in orlando. we're talking about drone racing. >> amy: flying at 60 to 70 miles per hour and they navigate through the gates. how they don't break apart into a million pieces is beyond me. isn't that amazing? >> john: in the early days they do. >> amy: a first person view as if they were on the drone.
6:49 am
racing a couple years ago. in april 2015 he founded the multi-y gp racing league. and now there are 300 chapters around the world. >> i immediately fell in love with the out of body experience of putting on the goggles and aircraft. >> john: that's cool. >> amy: he has the goal of taking the sport to the masses. >> john: they have always wondered how to play quidditch, like with harry potter, and here's a way to do it. >> amy: it's actually making me a little sea sick. >> jayme: a good monday, everybody. i know a lot of you are off for the holiday today. relax, enjoy. we're here until 10:00 a.m. keeping you informed and entertained all morning long. 47 at the state capital of tallahassee.
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progressively further into the south, especially in our neck of the woods. melbourne, 65. scottsville, and mims. primarily in the mid-60s. the wind off the ocean is keeping temperatures up. the wind is getting gusty at times. east southeast at 8 miles per hour. at the immediate beach front and the open atlantic, it's ripping pretty good out of the south and east. in advance of this big mess right here. only a few isolated showers for the sunshine state, especially our neck of the woods, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. after that, the front draws closer and closer. for the overnight hour, we trend wetter, even stormier at times. increasing clouds, breezy weather, and isolated rain against, 3:00, 4, 5:00 p.m., and after 8:00 p.m., areas around gainesville and ocala, is the chances sharply rise. and the great equalizer late tonight as everybody sees rain
6:51 am
rain chances through 9:00 p.m. at high as 80%. and by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, only a few pockets of isolated activity. by noon tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. we'll get through this. let's talk about the isolated nature of the activity. the time stamp, shy of 5:00 p.m. p.m. the clouds thicken and chance of rain rising. and the line kicks through, getting through lake county, and leesburg, coastal flagler, northern volusia, along the beach front, and shy of 3:00 a.m. we'll be here watching for you all night long. we'll keep you posted for the gdo morning edition, by tomorrow morning it'll be be raining pretty hard. and it's going to sweep through and then deliver shots of good looking weather. highs don't move out of the 70s for the next seven days. and the overnights in the
6:52 am
not all that cool beyond this thing. rain chance peaking at 50%. we're fairly confident that high pressure remains large and in charge, and firm in and control, through the rest of the week. 71 is the coolest high. lows in the 50s. no chance for rain up through the big race at the daytona 500. >> gina: happy monday, everybody. we have a crash at the 429 southbound, before the 414 exit. looks to be a pretty significant crash. off on the center median. but use caution. be aware in the area. it doesn't seem to be causing`` significant backups or delays but looks to be there for quite some time. just be aware we have a few emergency vehicles on scene. the earlier crash at the 528, we have the accident at semoran boulevard near the airport. no roadblock. no significant delays.
6:53 am
through that area this morning. taking a look at short drive times. it's going to take you 3 minutes. i-4 westbound from the 434 to fairbanks. and the 408 is looking good. it's up to speed. first one comes from forbes. kanye west said he's $53 million in debt. he posted the tweet saying he has a serious debt problem. $53 million. fans don't believe that he is in that much financial trouble. he just dropped a new albumday. it's getting a lot of intention. >> john: last headline. stricken f16 pilot saved from landing in isis territory but quick thinking sky crew. something malfunctioned with the
6:54 am
he started to lose fuel fast. only minutes to get the f16 back on the ground. but there was nowhere to land safe. he was going to have to eject. a fueling plane came to him, and refueled every 15 minutes. an amazing story. he was able to land safely.
6:55 am
some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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two teenagers are accused of attacking and robbing three people at gun point near tampa. the crime spree started early agreed northern in carolwood. an 18 and 15-year-old hit a woman in the face with a gun and stole her purse. during the struggle, the gun accidentally went off. and hit the victim. and they robbed two men earlier in the morning. the teens were caught and confessed. 7:00 p.m. at last check they caught more than 100 pythons which were turned over to scientists for
6:57 am
the goal is to lower the python numbers in the everglades. they're notj jjutx, to florida. >> john: look at that catch. >> amy: how do you hunt them? >> john: they said because it's been so cold lately, they were out in the sun. almost twice as many this year. because the cold weather drove them out into the sun. >> amy: we're live this morning. more breaking news.
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