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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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to keep you . >> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day
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>> john: it is 8 o'clock here on "good day orlando." welcome back, i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you are with us on this presidents day morning and here's the stories we're working on right now on this monday, the first to find a missing boater is ramping up right now off of central florida's coast, this morning as rescue teams scramble to save a man from the frigid atlantic waters. we'll tell you where teams are focusing their efforts and what they have found so far. >> john: and the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia over the weekend has been ruled natural causes. but the battle to replace him is far from over this morning. >> amy: and they are banned from airplanes and, blamed for burning down houses, so, why are your kids favorite stores planning to stock more hover boards? we'll explain the motivation behind it coming up. >> please stop calling them hoover hover boards. they don't hover. >> john: i'm in camouflage
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>> jayme: totally slacking off, i don't see you. >> amy: like any other day. is that what you are saying? >> jayme: i'll be right here -- the gloves have come off. >> the weather wall -- >> and, you get to talk... with your mouth, not your hands. here's your forecast, for you now, stop it! we have again the clouds -- the cloud looks weird, ominous for early in the morning, and that is only a precursor as to what is done the line because, eventually the clouds will continue to thicken and the rain chances are going to be rising. let's look at live local temperatures, 40s over the northern tier and north central colder than we have down here, east central, the beaches, it speaks for itself and brevard county on the cusp of 70 degrees now, because of the increase of the southeasterly air flow, a very, very, like you can almost just like, you know, the frontal is coming in and you know what
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gusty southeast wind and a couple of ocean-blown showers, light but present and some central florida communities, mainly east of i-95 in brevard county, more of a nuisance than anything. hardly measurable rainfall at all. the stuff, though, this is the different beat and this is coming down south here to or neck of the woods. late, late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. let's look at the planning on this, when we expect the increasing clouds, breezy and isolated rain chance and highs toasty, mid and upper 70s, as we endure sound down the chance of rain will begin rising and rising even more into the overnight, 70% on that, and 20% early tuesday, and, the system moves offshore of the east central florida area. we'll see cooler temps, low 70s main for your wednesday and thursday and we'll keep the sun through next weekend and lows adjusting back to the mid and upper 50s, in other words, looking good and dry. no chance of rain after tonight. of. >> hi, happy monday, quiet day on the roads, presidents day holiday not keeping a lot of
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looking right now at university and econ trail. we have a crash there, no word of any roadblocks or delays. but, just be aware if you are driving through that area. taking you back out now to an earlier crash, on u.s. 27 at polo park boulevard. it was causing significant delays earlier but everything looks to be good, no word of any roadblocks there, either. good news there. as well. looking now at your drive times, everything looking nice, and i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound from those attractions to downtown, 13 minutes and, the 408 is looking good, up to speed as well. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, breaking news right now, the coast guard is searching for a missing boat are in brevard county. >> they are looking in the water between satellite beach and patrick air force base. andrea jackson is at millennium beach park where the missing man's boat was found. you saw the planes searching earlier today.
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anything? >> reporter: no word yet, john, but you can see the boat is behind me. and, they are searching up and down the coastline. about a 20 mile stretch, i'm joined by a local. you? >> very good, thank you. >> reporter: what do you think about the conditions. >> it is extremely rough, high surf, i live -- across the street and this is the surf we enjoy from time-to-time and mother nature gives it to us as well but this is a washing machine type of chop, 6 to 8 foot chop and extremely hazardous conditions and wouldn't recommend anybody being out there in it. >> when you heard the news of the missing better, what did you think. >> i'm a boater and fisherman myself and it distressed me. i'm an ex-coast guard auxiliary and navy and thought i could come down with my cup of coffee and get on the balcony and crossover and be of some help. >> reporter: what have you seen
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>> i did see a marine patrol fwc officer on an atv or coast guard, not sure which, he went by quick but he's going up and down the beach and checking -- and i imagine they had a grid search system going right now. >> a 20 mile stretch of water that they are searching for and behind me, as we look at the boat and the belongings, what can you tell us. >> they have a couple of large coolers on there. i imagine to keep his fish in, whatever he thought he might catch and it looks like the life-saving, preserver i which is a bit unfortunate. hopefully he had more than that and had something with him at this time and -- has something with him at this time and is floating safely. >> reporter: you said hopefully he has a lifejacket on and he -- though the waters are quite choppy and the conditions are cold and stormy? >> it is, the water is cold and it is very rough but if he has his life preserver on he has a chance. >> reporter: any final thoughts before we let you go.
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life preserver on or another cooler or flotation device of some kind and is safe out there floating and the coast guard >> reporter: thank you, a local here and you know the waters and the area. we'll keep or eye on the search here as the coast guard continues the search from land and air and along the beach with the help of the brevard county sheriffs office and fwc, live in brevard county, andrea jackson. >> john: thanks, more news from overnight, an rv is destroyed after it caught on fire in ore manned beach on u.s. highway 1 near i-95. around 1:00 a.m. we're told the rv was the only vocal involved here. two people were inside of the rv at the time of the crash and at this time we don't know the extent of their injuries. volusia county fire is now handling the investigation. also, firefighters battle a house fire overnight in deland. this happened on the south stone street just after midnight. we're told there were four people inside and everybody got out but one person injured their arm as they tried to get out of the house.
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project on 1792, if you drove this way over the weekend you knew it was a mess. the southbound lanes between park avenue and monroe avenue just reopened for the first time since thursday. there will be more road work later on this week, and over the weekend. so expect some delays around that time. developing this morning, the body of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia is now in virginia this morning. he died over the weekend at a ranch in texas. ryan joins us with the details on what is ahead. good morning, ryan. >> ryan: good morning, such a shock this weekend. he did die of natural causes. and family did not think a private autopsy was necessary. since there was no sign of foul play. he does travel with security, by the way and flags are now flying at half-staff, in honor of the 79-year-old justice who served for three decades. a look at the supreme court there. instead of reflecting on his career the issue of who will take his seat has taken the forefront for politicians, the p says he'll make a nomination for his replacement and republicans
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1940 in an election year and the president shouldn't fill the vacancy and should be left to the next president. democrats strongly disagree with that. the white house saying the president will nominate someone in due time and, important to net, the court can -- note, the court can continue with 8 justices but the controversial decisions could be deadlocked at 4-4 if that happens and will leave the lower court's voice as the rule of law and the supreme court will rule in a majority opinion. >> amy: looking to keep sports fans cool in the stands. >> john: spring training starts this week and daytona 500. we'll talk about how he came up with the idea on "good day orlando." it is 8:09. another live look downtown. nice and quiet this morning. .
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oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. message in a bottle. >> amy: this is cool! no pun intended. an oviedo high school student has big plans for the future. he's be a inventor and the ceo of his own business. >> john: a good start. his company started with a simple idea. beating the heat at sporting events. fox 35's jackie orozco explains how he is trying to keep all of
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days with the misting system. take a look: >> in order to make it really simple, all we have is a box, put on top of a five gallon bucket with a lid with a hole in it. >> reporter: he's quite the inventor, his latest creation, the ever cool. it is a mobile self-contained rechargeable misting system. the idea sparked from a family outing. >> four years ago i was at a baseball tournament at my brother -- for my brother at disney and it was crazy hot and there were no trees or shade. >> and the oviedo high school student said his patent pending invention is gaining traction far. >> i started selling them in august and at first they were version. done at home. cheerleader. >> i was just tickled pink and i'm glad he's doing this. yeah. i think it is wonderful. >> reporter: the to an is now working to get his invention in big box stores like walmart and amazon.
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now but we are in talks with some national stores. to put ever cool in. >> reporter: he says this is only the beginning. >> i also want to develop a drone which would be a fun endeavor to do. and, those are the only things in the plans right now. >> reporter: jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> john: and joining us this morning is the teen entrepreneur. you saw in the story. >> congratulations! okay. have you always wanted to invent things, tinker with things? when did it starred. >> not initially, i didn't want to, i wanted to be an attorney and follow in my dad's footsteps but later, i thought i want to make something and it would be cool to do and i was at my brother's baseball game and it was hot and i thought we needed something to cool down and the misters at disney en expired me to build this. >> john: everybody has an idea they think will be the next million dollar idea. what have you learned from the point where you said i want to come up with this, actually coming up with this? you probably have a --
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simple as building it and it will sell. you have to make a bunch of prototypes and put it together and market it and put it in a bunch of different places to get the name out and then maybe will be a million dollar idea and will not happen overnight but will eventually happen i like to think. >> amy: you are a sophomore, how old? >> 16. >> amy: what do your friends think. >> they think it is pretty cool. they don't really pay much attention to it because they are focused on other thing and they think what i'm doing is cool and think it is a nice idea. >> john: how are you able to balance it with your school work? i'm sure you will go to college after this. how do you balance that. >> prioritize. i'm not doing it by myself. my family is doing it. my mom and dad and me and my brother are doing this. what i do is prioritize education in front of this and do this in my free time and still have -- >> it can dominator free time? >> it can. >> john: you have to be aware it
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>> amy: to be a millionaire. >> john: help the student loans. >> amy: and, we talked about this in the commercial break and, you plan to be on shark tank and, a lot of people are familiar with the show and you bring on an invention. is it something that will appeal to you. >> that will be amazing. i filled out the application and we are waiting for them to get back to me and it would be cool to go on there and, from a well-known entrepreneur and help me with this. >> john: what is this response when you take these out. >> we've had a number of reviews from this, that we can -- you can see on our web site. and they are overwhelmingly positive, i wish i had this when my brother or sibling or son was in like sports, because it was terribly hot outside and most say it works perfectly and is great. a synopsis of some of them. >> amy: and we snow we showed it in the package with jackie. but it is all self-contained, right? and you would string these up, for instance at a baseball dugout and basically fill this
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you have a five gallon bucket or a bucket -- and a cooler, and, you put water in it and there is tubing in the bottom of it and turn it on and it is self-contained and you don't need to connect to an electrical outlet and string it up and the mist comes out. >> awesome! a great idea and, inspired by going to disney and seeing it there at the parks! amazing. >> good stuff. >> john: simplex -- >> john: and jayme king, things are working well. >> jayme: the middle of the summer -- >> you can have a misting system. >> jayme: as a necklace and fashion beads on and will be really, really cool. >> john: i like the idea. >> jayme: good stuff there. and pollen count today. not too bad. we are starting to hit the medium level at 5.
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one to 4 and juniper and elm by about wednesday. a quick look at the pollen count and, focusing on things other than clouds and rain. 7 degrees at boston, massachusetts and new hampshire, windchills early this morning when kristen was on the air at 4:30 bringing you the forecast. 35 below zero for a windchill! up in new hampshire this morning. ouch! makes you feel a little better about what you see here behind me. good morning to you now. 40s remain over gainesville and ocala and 50 as south of that point and widespread 60s, probably 70 in some of our coastal beachfront communities in brevard county. you know who you are and as we look, you can see the winds are slowly aligning east-southeast and then, south-southwest late tonight as our next front moves on in, have a few pockets of very light atlantic borne rainfall, blowing on shore here, just really, really super-light. i thought of taking it out of my presentation but it is more of a
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this is more meaningful here. the front on the move. eventually a line of showers and storms draping south of that boundary and will increase the rain chance around here. i think probably by late tonight and increasing clouds, breezy, isolated rain, 10 to 20, 30% of us on the, ba end of the forecast -- back end of the forecast, closer to 5 in the 8 o'clock hour and tonight through tomorrow morning, rising through 9:00 the rain chance at 70%. all the way through and into 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and after that we wipe or slate clean and bring in good looking weather for you. again, at 6 o'clock, the isolated pockets of rain closest to the coast and late, late tonight we begin to see the next surge. the band of showers and isolated storms at about 4:00 a.m., closing in on orlando metro. and we'll gradually begin to sweep off the coast and head out to the distant atlantic. the strongest stuff will play out south of orlando. in other words, i don't think we find anything severe. we'll be in the weather center watching it during the overnight hours and bring you the latest
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rain and storm-wise. next 7 days, delightful. a dandy, a central florida stirn, ample sunshine and highs in the 70s and overnight the 50s, here's gina. >> roads are quiet, nothing to tell you about. we have an earlier crash, here on university at econ trail, no word of any roadblocks or back-ups. really that is really it this morning. everything really looking nice. major roads and smaller roads. i-4 westbound looking good. i-4 from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes, right now, i-4 downtown. will take you 12 minutes and the 408, looking good. up to speed, time for your fox 35 pump patrol, and, saving money, regular gas is down to $1.58. at the speedway on u.s. 1792 and casselberry. you can check out gas saving tips on our web site, go to
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>> amy: thank you, coming up next, a high-tech makeover. >> wait until you she what she uses to get around. coming up on "good day orlando." it. >> john: you have to wait and see. 8:20. cloudy now.
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50s in central pine na coladas... >> welcome back. we are live, looking at downtown, a holiday for many of you, if you are off on this presidents day, hope you are enjoying a nice day. cloudy and overall not bad. a consumer alert this morning, hover boards could be coming to a store near you. >> john: "the new york post" reports big time retailers are stocking up on the toys despite the safety concerns about the batteries catching fire and other things there. >> walmart an toys "r" us plan to put them in their brick and mortar stores. they were previously only available on-line. recent fires sparked by hover board batteries have caused the toy to be banned and pulled from some retailers like amazon and they could show up, however on
8:25 am
barbie getting a super-high-tech upgrade. >> john: not only is her dream house getting new technology and barbie is trading her convertible for... a hover board. mattel displayed this dream house at a toy fair in new york and the house features lights that can be activated by a child voice command and it will sell for $300 and, barbie will fly high on her new hover board. it flies, though in this case, they say. no word how high the drone toy will be able to go. but that is actually a hover board and the price could be $60 for that and both toys set to be released later on this year. still ahead, thousands of sharks swimming near a florida beach and most swimmers had no idea they were there. >> amy: and the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia how causing controversy when it comes to who will replace him. we'll have the latest on this is death. and what is next for his court
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando"! 8: 29. at a nice view on i-drive. we were on i-drive over the weekend and i can tell you, it is packed! presidents day weekend and valentine's day means it is crowded down there! all the restaurants were packed and people out everywhere enjoying the nice weather. >> john: be a -- and everybody is off today. >> amy: we don't mind. >> john: we want you to be sure the weather is good to go to the
8:29 am
>> yes, please, fingers crossed. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown and let's check in with jayme king, a lot of kids looking for something to do, i'm guessing outside. >> jayme: you will be mighty fine but we have a chance of a couple of isolated closed-off shower activity through the course of the day and no one spot in particular favor and coastal locales as we go into the afternoon hours will begin to see the chance spread out over the interior but the uptick is going to be rather noticeable, overall rain chances in regard to nonand first thing tomorrow. you saw your temperatures live and local. a little milder, and warmer now, coastal brevard county and wind off the atlantic is raising the temperature stakes at this time. so, as we look ahead now to the day ahead, quiet on the radar now and we have had a couple of ocean blown pockets of sprinkles or a couple of quick-hitting light showers move on through and otherwise it is quiet. again, later today. as we see the clouds increase and a line of showers and storms
8:30 am
moving towards central florida. so, the outlook on the day today increasing clouds and breezy weather and isolated rain chances, by 8:00 or 9:00. the chance from isolated becomes more scattered. and find of full on into the overnight, the chance at 70%, showers and storms and as far as severe weather is concerned i'm not ambitious about it. late tonight damaging wind gusts and stronger storm cells that develop and the vast majority of severe weather will play out north of state overnight, through the carolinas and you can see behind the front, we begin to see temperatures fall off but really not much. actually seasonal through the next several days, highs the 70s and ample sun and lows in the overnight and early morning, mid and upper 50s, that's your forecast. here's gina. >> gina: happy monday, the roads have been quiet out there. good news if you are out and about. not really much to worry about. we do have a stalled vehicle here near the airport. on trade court drive.
8:31 am
be aware of that if you are heading outside. and osceola county we have a crash. cypress parkway and, no significant delays and be aware if you are triefg through there. looking at your drive times, everything looks nice on i-4, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, takes 14 minutes, right now i-4 eastbound from attractions to downtown, 12 minutes and, that's it for your live drive traffic. back to you guys. >> john: 8:32 on good day. two persons of interest in the case of an 81-year-old found stabbed to death in psychiatric care. >> amy: and they are trying to find more clues in the murder and fox 35's dana jay joins us live outside the orange county sheriffs office with the latest on that. good morning: >> reporter: good morning, and deputies are searching for a 2006 ford taurus, a beige one, and originally -- they originally thought the persons of interest in the case were in that vehicle, and turns out they
8:32 am
. investigators tell us that 81-year-old julien grisham's body was found late saturday night in his house on 3rd street in the taft neighborhood in orange county. his daughter and her boy friend are the persons of interest. and they were taken into custody yesterday. and baker acted. deputies thought they took off in the victim's cars which also has a gun inside and the car is still missing this morning. and neighbors are shocked that all of this happened. >> it was just unusual for something like that to happen to this guy. man, he was -- he didn't bother nobody. >> he was 80 some years old. >> reporter: we should have a photo of what the car looks likes.
8:33 am
the florida tag is skm-3-u. and anyone that sees the car is being asked to stay away from it but call the sheriffs office or crime line and you can always leave a tip, anonymously. reporting live this morning, at the orange county sheriffs office, i'm dana jay, fox 35 news. thank you, dana. in court today, trial is expected to start for a man who was shot by a deputy outside of his wwe performance center in orlando. >> john: he is accused of attacking an orange county deputy in august after he was caught trying to break inside of the building. you can see him there. his attorney, however, says he is not fit to stand trial. he has been previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder. >> amy: the man accused of shooting another man at a sanford 7-eleven is due in court today. police arrested brandon pickens yesterday. he is accused of shooting the man at the store of ronald reagan and lake mary boulevard. it happened early yesterday morning and the victim is expected to recover, police say they don't know yet what led to the shooting. >> john: tonight in brevard
8:34 am
the community will gather to celebrate the life of a rockledge high school teacher. the ceremony at the rockledge high school stadium at 6:00 p.m everybody is welcome to attend. she died two weeks ago and police say she was killed in a murder-suicide by her estranged husband. tonight ceremony will feature music, readings and stories from her former students. developing this morning, a political war is now underway following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> john: the country remembers a justice who almost single-handedly reshaped the court, politicians are fighting over the -- the president will get to appoint a new justice. doug luzader is live in d.c. with the latest on what is a big fight. good morning, doug. >> reporter: jordan and amy, good morning. the supreme court will get -- despite the snow, will get back to work next week, albeit with one empty seat, with the passing of justice scalia. the question is how long will
8:35 am
>> a hearse in texas carries the body of justice antonin scalia before a plane takes him back to virginia. his death has been a shock. mourners leaving candles, flowers and cars at the steps of the supreme court. with questions now about what will happen next. >> president barack obama: i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> reporter: president obama has replacement. in what would be his third selection for the court. leaving a lasting imprint. that requires approval from the g.o.p. controlled senate. where republicans say they will not sign-off during a presidential election year. >> the person who wins that is going to have the right to replace justice antonin scalia, whether a democrat or republican. >> reporter: in all of this, it caused more consternation out on the campaign trail. >> we are not moving forward on the supreme court nominee until after the election. >> i believe the next president should fill the vacant seat. >> reporter: republicans lining up behind the delay. . and democrats argue the
8:36 am
move forward. >> the president makes the appointment. senate confirms, let's get on with that business. >> reporter: the court, in the meantime will continue to function but with justice 8 justices, ties could leave important distinctions limbo and they'd refer to lower court rulings, ranging from immigration and political power, abortion rights and obama care. now, it is theoretically possible that the president could do a recess appointment, to circumvent congress and unilaterally appoint someone to temporarily take that open spot on the court. and republicans would be furious if that happens. the white house is indicating it will probably not happen but this is pretty early on right now, and this is going to be no doubt a long, long process. john and amy? >> amy: for sure. >> john: all right. doug luzader live from washington, thank you. still ahead, kanye says he's $53 million in debt. >> >> amy: we'll look at why
8:37 am
he wants to help him out of it, today in hollywood. >> john: really, biz sglr. >> amy: on this day in history, february 15, 1999. jesse ventura proclaimed it rolling stones day. he once worked for the rolling stones. you know that? >> john: i didn't. >> amy: what did he do for them? was he a bodyguard?
8:38 am
8:39 am
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>> amy: all right. on this day in history, february 15, 1999, the year minnesota governor jesse ventura proclaimed it rolling stones day. why? well, because governor ventura
8:41 am
stones. what did he do for them? was he a bodyguard? was he a bus driver? or was he part of the stage crew? what do you think jesse ventura did in his younger years while working for the rolling stones, on this presidents day, i promised i would pick something presidents day related. >> john: he was almost president. >> amy: true. governor. he was the governor and might have run. all right, let's send it over to ryan, because he's all by himself today. >> lu is on her honeymoon. congratulations to her. a lot of fans know him as the body, jesse the body and i'll go with bodyguard. a big man and out front there with 'em. >> amy: i like your rationale. >> john: the body. >> amy: gina and jayme. >> jayme: we feel the same way. >> amy: really? wow! >> john: way too easy. i am going to go with stage crew. . >> amy: stage crew? yes.
8:42 am
>> amy: he can drive a bus, he's a big man, right? here's your answer: >> let me tell you, all you people out there! mick jagger, keith richards and ron wood called up the body! they said, body, we need you to bodyguard us! we need you to announce us and that's what i did! >> amy: out of the mouth of the body himself. you guys are good! right, a bodyguard. fascinating. can you imagine him hanging out with mick jagger and keith richards? all right, good job, you guys. i'm impressed. that's right. all right. >> jayme: guys, accu-weather forecast update, downtown-uptown, cloud cover that's been streaming for the last five or six hours. and, that is all ahead of big,
8:43 am
talking about a cool front dropping down south. and will bring the clouds in, and a rain chance, a booming rain chance, late tonight and the wee early morning hours of our tuesday. let's discuss, hope you had a great weekend, good morning, time is 8:43. you are watching the one and only "good day orlando" on fox 35. we have got 40s over the northern tier, 50s south of that and 60s, near 70 in coastal brevard. what gives, maybe you are asking. again the wind off the atlantic, boosting temperatures. everybody inherits the south and interior. and will take a couple hours and we'll really load up the moisture count and the dewpoint, measure of moisture will begin to rise. and, rainier times ahead because of that. a couple of light showers nikkei on shore and ten miles offshore, the space coast an otherwise it is quiet and, you can see, the next front lining up and eventually a line of showers and storms will drape south of that general area and the boundary
8:44 am
chance of rain begins to go up. because of that. let's talk about today, first and get it off our chest, increasing clouds and breezy an isolated rain and we'll finds pockets of light showers and no one spot in particular favored at least on the early side of things, the mostal areas of brevard county and for the remainder of us it should spread out the isolated chance over the interior, not a big deal, keep your outdoor plans, and the skies may look ominous at times and overall we fare better than late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning because here we go! rain chance up and up. by 11:00 and midnight an early morning hours of tuesday and by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we begin to see the chance relax and down 20% and early rain chance, by noon tomorrow, looking great. sunshine returns and the weather couldn't be better. as we take a look on this monday again, toward 6:00, 7:00, fairly benign, nothing going on and the big round of showers an isolated storms roll in, stumbling and rumbling through the viewing area, through 5:00 a.m. and 6:00
8:45 am
7:00, 8:00, we're looking good. starts to pass down to the south. across brevard county and clears the coast and here we go, that will be that. beneficial rain as far as any strong and severe weather. up for debate now, being the system is coming in. and the mid -- in the middle of the night. no sunshine and the main area of low pressure, normally sparks things, severe weather will be well to the north, with that you get the displacement between us and the low, just not seeing any real big, severe weather chances, we'll be here watching for you, looking at the rain chances, mid-week, zero after tonight's big burst and another look here. shows the front coming in. another system tries to get in but wait! hold it there. high pressure in the gulf locks it to the north and we remain rain-free and we'll have sunshine and takes us all the way to the big race weekend, daytona 500 and a host of other vaeb and races between now and the big race. the weather looks fantastic all
8:46 am
marion county. we have your 70s and there to ocala and dunnellon and lake county from umatilla to leesburg and groveland and clermont. mid an upper 70s for the afternoon. a blend of sun and clouds. overcast as we get to the back end of the afternoon. looks like volusia county, the beaches of, into the i-4 northeast pockets, the corridor, looking just fine. again, no big issues until later tonight. a look at the day ahead for gainesville, and ocala, as mentioned, solid 70s down toward indian river county and vero beach, 76 today, coastal showers, light, 10 to 30% seeing the isolated activity and chances get going, good and hearty, after the midnight hour. showers and isolated storms. the next 7 days. a gorgeous run of weather. solid 70s, chamber of commerce weather into next weekend, lows in the 50s and highs, low and
8:47 am
after the big event, main event late, late tonight and early tomorrow morning. that's your forecast. snapping the sun now. oh, yeah. ter are you doing the due diligence. thank you very much: nice shot. mr. sunshine in the back. palm trees and umbrella. ready, girl! and you can snap the sun, #snap the sun on twitter. will feature you and your photography live here on gdo. and our weather baby. of this morning, looking good. all smiles. you know, love that batman, too: visit or web site for more on the weather baby segment. here's gina. >> hi, happy monday. roads are looking good this morning, after is quiet out there. we do have a couple of stalled vehicles, the first one here is the 408, near jigsaw trail exit. causing a delay, minor delays, nothing too serious and no word, in the middle of the road there. another stalled vehicle at trade port and conway. causing significant delays in that area but nothing too major. . be aware of that.
8:48 am
traveling there going to oia and looking, drive times, looking nice. i-4 looking great. i-4 from lake mary to colonial and i-4 westbound, 14 minutes, and i-4 eastbound from the minutes. and the 408 looking good. up to speed as well. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you guys. >> john: time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: dead pool wins the box office and actually broke a couple of records. brought in $135 million in the opening weekend. making it the biggest movie ever to open in february. and also set a record for the highest rockledge high school rated movie opening ever and the movie's earnings could be $150 million after the holiday sales. kung-fu panda-3, second place, the one the kids wanted to see, right? >> john: good movie. >> amy: was it cute? and followed by how to be single. number 3. zoolander at number 4. >> john: the second greatest movie of all time, zoo lander-2.
8:49 am
tyra banks sharing the first picture of her new son, posted a picture of herself wearing a headscarf with the weeks old baby against her chest and york was sleeping for the picture. the 42-year-old former supermodel captured the picture with, quote, this is the happiest valentine's day of my life. banks and her boyfriend, welcomed their first child together last month. via a surrogate mother. >> amy: kanye west says he's $53 million in debt and made the claim on twitter. just before he released his 8th album and has been putting out tens of millions into his high end fashion label. last year he said that he racked up $16 million in debt from his fashion business. and just yesterday, reached out to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in all his ideas and here's the problem. he reached out to zuckerberg on twitter. i don't know, i think that might be expensive. you know what i'm saying. >> john: i'm not buying it. >> amy: borrow a billion dollars. and you don't even news facebook --
8:50 am
something is wrong and i guessing, you go on facebook or whatever -- >> if he's in debt why do you need a billion dollars to get out of it? >> john: he plans on more debt. "sports illustrated" turning a page, the 2016 swimsuit issue features plus-size model ashley graham on the cover. the 28th-year-old's first time in the magazine. the magazine revealed the cover this past weekend, and fashion model haley clawson also has a cover and the issue hits stands next week. >> amy: thousands of sharks caught swimming right near a florida beach. >> john: coming up on "good day orlando" a look at the swarms of sharks, what kind they are and why there are so many of them in one place at this time of year. but, first, look: time for -- a good smile. time for our pet of the kaye. high to sparky. spashg is our pet of the day. if you want your pet featured,
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
page, we'd love to see it. >> amy: welcome back, 8:54. thousands of sharks swimming off of our coast. >> john: researchers shared the video and ryan has a closer >> ryan: they probably thought no one was watching but, look at the video here from florida atlantic university. a bird's eye view of the ocean and the little dots moving are thousands of sharks migrating north. and let's run the video and it gives you great indication of the tiny sharks, you see, moving and they are -- there are literally thousands moving around down there. and we'll continue to play that and show you the video on there. sharks swimming, under the surface, according to the reach researchers, they did not find many on palm beach but thousands were swimming between palm beach
8:55 am
and that many was posted on friday and saturday, they posted, different pictures coming very, very close to the sharks, actually being able to tag them and you can see literally than reach out and put the tags on there and fitted them with five transmitters. they migrate every year from january to march and follow the fish they eat and they say, the transmitter will track their journey this year. and, they winter in florida and go north to the georgia and carolinas, as it warms up. they have better timing than we do and it might sound crazy to have thousands of sharks together but they are rare, so it helps a lot. >> amy: i guess! unless you are bit by one! >> ryan: a little cold to go north yet.
8:56 am
luzader live shot? it was snowing in crazy -- >> ryan: they'll come back! >> amy: turning back around. >> john: a lot more coming up on "good day orlando" at 9:00. >> amy: we'll be live from the annual toy fair and check out the greatest toys and videos of the new year and look at how you can make money by making videos and posting them right on youtube. 8:56. here's a live view of downtown this morning. cloudy start to your monday,
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
if you have the day off, >> john: it is 9 o'clock hor on your monday morning! -- here on your monday morning, i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. happy presidents day to you, glad you are here. >> john: there is yours. >> amy: we are coloring. you know why? it helps with my stress level. >> john: coloring books and about the landmarks -- this is -- this is cool. so... we're talking about different landmarks and amy and i will try out our art today and -- >> what is cool, great city of orlando landmarks, the artist has put in here, jen will be joining us live in a little bit to tell us about it.


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