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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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ot fry and gator, that's good local man who outsmarted them. >> announcer: right now, on fox 35 news at 10:00. >> we start with a weather alert, strong storms moving into central florida after midnight. >> that means we have the potential for severe weather before 5:00 a.m. let's check in with chief meteorologist glenn richards. >> glenn: already some scattered showers blowing up across the area but the good news, at least in the short term, it has moved offshore, so right now we are currently rain-free. however, building out to the west and northwest you can see the big area of rain, lightning. the good news with that, is that that has also been showing signs of weakening over the last two to three hours. and the computer models are
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be moving through after midnight tonight. there goes the current area of rain. we have some showers along the coastline and out to the east of orlando. and here's our forecast at 4:00 a.m. already showing the line of showers and storms moving in out of the ocala gainesville area with our high resolution computer model forecast, it looks like as we head towards around 5:00 to 6:00 a.m., heavy rain and gusty winds moving through downtown orlando. right now the risk of severe weather, very, very slight. but there is a chance later tonight in the form of hail. and some gusty winds. right now very hazy outside. 65 degrees. we'll talk much more about the chance for storms as we go through tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll have the forecast on the rain, too. >> you can track the forecast with our free fox 35 weather app. get it at the app store or the google play store. you can also text iphone or android to 87057. >> bob: a crime alert in orange county. detectives are trying to find out who killed a woman and her teenage daughter.
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afternoon in a house in pine hills. that's just north of colonial. fox 35's keith landry is live at the sheriff's office. he's got new details on the investigation. keith? >> reporter: that's right, bob the orange county sheriff's office releasing new details within the last hour in hair double murder investigation in pine hills. they tell us the victims are a 36-year-old woman and her 16-year-old daughter. they are not yet ready to release their names, though. a pine hills street is packed full of police cruisers, deputies seal off the street with yellow type. crime scene experts photograph what appears to be a double murder scene. inside the home on santa barbara road. neighbors like mr. williams are surprised by all of this. >> naturally i'd be shocked because this normally is a quiet neighborhood.
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>> the sheriff's office tells us a man who lives at the house left this morning about 7:45, when he came home at 2:30 this afternoon, found the woman and teen dead inside. the sheriff's office spokesperson tells us both victims had signs of trauma but no specifics on that yet. >> graphic indeed. i don't understand why that would happen or how that would happen. >> a spokesperson tells us the man who discovered the two bodies is cooperating with detectives. they have not released his name. >> they did have some gentleman down there they were questioning >> tonight, the sheriff's office tells us the man who found the two victims and the two victims themselves were the only three people who live at that house together. we can also tell you that detectives are interviewing family and friends of the victims, working now to identify a possible suspect. at the orange county sheriff's
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>> bob: new tonight at 10:00, a flight from orlando international airport to tallahassee had to be canceled after a small plane caught fire. oia officials telling fox 35 that nine passengers and three crew members on board that silver airways plane, the flames spotted just before the plane took off. nobody got hurt. and no word on what caused the fire. covering brevard county, coworkers and students came together tonight at rockledge high school to remember a popular teacher. we're talking about sandra cook. she was a math teacher and she was found dead in her home earlier this month along with her estranged husband's. >> authorities say that man killed cook then killing himself. fox 35's tiffany teasley reports. >> reporter: hundreds of students and staff from rockledge high school came out tonight to remember the loved math teacher sandra cook and they say tonight was a celebration of her life. >> she was more than my teacher. she was my mentor. she helped me get through anything.
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>> she proudly wears a sweatshirt with a photo of her and her favorite teacher, mrs. cook. she joined hundreds of students and staff at the football stadium tonight to remember the 54-year-old teacher who was tragically killed. >> i could literally go to her with anything, ask her anything. she was just a teach her that was more than a teacher, she was a best friend and a mom and a coach to most of the students. >> cook was found dead inside her brevard county home earlier this month after an apparent murder/suicide, according to melbourne police. >> we're trying to move away from the tears. like tonight was a celebration of her life. >> during tonight's memorial, dozens of students and staff shared their personal stories about cook, who was also a finalist for brevard county's teacher of the year. >> she was that kind of teacher. i've known her for years. just a wonderful person. you'll never find another sandy
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>> and the students who spoke tonight said mrs. cook truly touched every student to's life in some kind of way. reporting from brevard county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> sonni: new details tonight about a person of interest in the stabbing death of a 81-year-old man. investigators say a girl and her boyfriend are persons of interest in the death of her father, julian. he was found over the weekend in his home in tarts. yesterday both his daughter and buchan were baker acted for mental health evaluations. deputies say past run inside with the law include going after a deputy with a knife, and stabbing his mother 23 times in her bed. the judge found him not guilty by rope of insanity in his mother's stabbing. as of right now, neither have been arrested in the death of the father.
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for a major fisherman. the fishing boat washed ashore in indian harbour beach. long time girlfriend says 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain launched his boat, looking for fish on a sunday morning, but she hasn't seen him since. the search is focused between satellite beach and patrick air force base. now that crews found his boat, the search can be even more targeted. >> now we've got a starting point. and from the starting point, we can start doing a grid and work our way out to try to find him. if he had his life jacket on, hope flip he did, his chances are good. >> the crews are using atvs to search on land, planes in the air, boats on the sea. stay tuned to fox 35 news, we'll have the very latest. >> a fox 35 health alert. the florida department of health reports that 21 people in the state now have the zika virus. that mosquito borne virus now in eight counties state-wide including osceola county.
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point out that these cases are travel-related. there have been no locally acquired cases in florida. it can cause a mild fever as well as a skin rash. it is, however, also linked to birth defects, specifically microenself-ly, which causes babies to have small heads. there's also a potential for brain damage. none of the confirmed cases in florida involved pregnant women. experts say, try to avoid mosquitoes and avoid travel to south america where the zika virus is prevalent. >> breaks down her space for the city, building a parking lot that costs almost a million dollars. >> sonni: fox 35's mike synan shows you where it is and ask is it worth it or wasted? >> reporter: the dream of a city center is almost complete but to make it happen, they're going to need some parking. that parking lot is going to cost $950,000. oviedo on the park has been years and millions in the
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>> it has proven to be a gathering place for our community. >> reporter: while the fountains, playground and more may be the perfect gathering place, people are wondering why a parking lot costs nearly a million dollars. >> what i didn't know about it, i guess we were kind of wondering when they have these big events where they thought people were going to park. >> i can't believe that amount. i think it's crazy. >> the lot has to be big, more than 300 spaces, to accommodate all the people that can sit at the new amphitheater. and the government plays a role. they had to deal with acres of wetlands and the americans with disabilities act. >> government regulations, whether it's private sector building something or government, we all have to meet the same confines. so, yes, there are added costs to it. >> the city council is adding its own costs, $50,000, to add three electrical outlets to each light pole in the three-acre parking lot. >> have you ever used an electrical outlet on a light pole in a parking lot? >> never in my life. and i don't think i would use these, either. >> the city says vendors will
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they also have higher outlets for holiday light displays. fox 35 news. >> sonni: still to come, you might want to shred your boarding passion the next time you fly. we'll tell you what crooks could be doing with that private information that most people just end up tossing in the trash. and dangerous driving on social media. some teenagers on the run tonight after they're caught doing doughnuts in a car in the
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>> your id up locked. the next time you fly, it might seem like an insignificant piece of paper but that boarding pass could be a ticket to identity theft. >> dana jay explains, a wealth of information is hiding in something most of us just toss in the trash. >> reporter: those slips of paper that get you past security and onto your plane, are really no good to you once you've reached your destination. >> i just throw it away. >> it goes in a pocket, the pocket gets unloaded and eventually they get thrown out. >> reporter: for someone who wants to steal your identity, your boarding pass could be a golden ticket. >> you really need to think of like a second photo id. >> reporter: leading the national champion cyber defense club at the university of central florida, he knows what fraudsters can do with the information hid especially underneath the bar code on your
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>> first name, last name, frequent flyer number, as well as other identifying information. here's all the information. >> he's helped us show travelers just how valuable that little slip of paper can be in the wrong hands. >> they just don't realize what's actually in the information. to them it's a little block of squiggly lines. they don't comprehend that all that information is actually on there. >> some people we talked to were surprised. >> were you aware that that could be done with your boarding pass? >> no. >> it's amazing what you can grab with that. >> george was skeptical. >> i got bigger things to worry about than that. >> but he let us demonstrate, using a simple qr reader loaded onto a cell phone. >> what have we learned about me? >> we found his frequent flyer number, reservation code and record number. >> is the password still somewhere in that -- >> there is a password there but now we have this, we can go to facebook or other social media sites and look up your challenge questions. >> and see if i'm stupid enough to -- okay. >> armed with the right
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>> if you had a dedicated enough fraudster, they could call up the airline, provide the information, say they're this person, could you also use the card already associated that you saved with my account, they could book travel. say i'm booking it for a relative and get the free travel themselves. >> so when you travel, don't just throw that boarding pass away. >> what should we do with it? >> you should shred it. >> shred it. >> shred it. >> we can do that. >> thank you. >> the danger is just as real on social media. i got on instagram and typed in orlando international airport, and it's not hard to find photos of boarding passes. so here is the warning from experts. fraudsters can steal your information from a photo just as easily as they can from a paperboard go pass. dana jay, fox 35 news. >> sonni: multiple car break-ins reported at a hotel bar.
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tonight's nightly news wrap with the details. >> reporter: tyler clark works as a bus driver for nascar driver jaime mcmurray. he and a dozen of his crew members were staying at this holiday inn in daytona beach when their escalades were smashed into. money, valuables, electronics, a guitar, even a gun was stolen. clark had about $300 taken. he says the thieves smashed his window and police think the criminals used a window punch to get in. >> they went through the front, went through the glovebox. everything still remained locked. they went in the back and went through all the clothes, went through my golf bag. and just pretty much everything that i had. >> a small company in leesburg is doing its part to help fix the water crisis in flint, michigan. david williams reports. >> a water bottling company in leesburg is trying to send thousands of gallons of water to the people of flint, michigan. holly stuart, who owns the company, says she had to do
12:47 am
their tap water became contaminated with lead. she has thousands of gallons of pure water ready to go north but she's hoping can step up and help ship the water. it costs about $2,000 per truckload. >> a new four-way stop should be coming to one smyrna beach neighborhood after three major crashes were reported there over just the past few weeks. in the latest crash, a pickup truck blasted through the wall of a house saturday night, when one woman was sleeping inside. at the intersection of cooper street and oakwood avenue. no one was hurt but it's just the latest in a string of crashes in the area that have residents concerned. city commission has to sign off on this new four-way stop, and we're told the new signs can be in place in just a matter of weeks. for the latest on these stories and other local news any time, check out our website, fox 35 >> bob: the countdown is on to the republican presidential primary in south carolina. a new poll puts donald trump way out in the lead.
12:48 am
caucus surveyed more than 1300 likely voters and donald trump came in first. 33% followed by ted cruz and marco rubio at 14. jeb bush at 13%. john kasich at about 10%. and ben carson at 6. a former florida governor, jeb bush, working hard to connect with voters. today he brought his big brother out to a campaign rally. he's got some experience, i guess, as a candidate and of course as a president. >> this is a serious election. for a serious job. so please welcome a serious and thoughtful candidate, a good man, a man i am proud to call my big little brother. jeb bush. [ applause ] >> we're living in difficult times, and this election is really important. and i look back during my brother's time, he didn't know that 9/11 was going to happen, but he rolled up his sleeves and he inspired us.
12:49 am
and i'm proud that he did it. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton was in nevada where she reminded voters about another former president, her husband, bill clinton. >> it won't surprise you to hear me say that we did really well when my husband was president. and not only that, but it wasn't just the folks at the top. everybody did well. that's the way the economy is supposed to work. yeah, 23 million new jobs in eight years. but incomes went up for everybody. >> bob: and speaking of bill clinton, he calm pained for hillary in riviera beach, florida, and their daughter recall idea voters in ohio. florida's presidential primary is on march 15, and tomorrow is the deadline to register and to change your party affiliation if you are interested in doing just that.
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closed primary state, so if you want to vote in the republican presidential primary, you need to be registered as a republican. if you want to vote in the democratic side, you need to be registered as a democrat. >> good monday evening. a look at your i-forecast. that means new i-4 ultimate projects and ultimately some new lane closures. the first one is happening right here on i-4 westbound from lee all the way down to fairbanks avenue. we'll have one right lane closed. this work actually goes on all week long. every night this week from 8:30 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. just be aware of that if you are driving there. through the overnight hours. then not too far away we have another lane closure. this is on i-4 westbound from princeton down to new hampshire. this starts on wednesday but i'm just giving you a heads-up now. this is going to go on every night for a week, from 8:30 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. this work wraps up february 24th. and remember you can actually check out traffic and construction updates on your own smartphone.
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and traffic app, text the key word android or iphone 87057. >> just a few little showers for early tonight. then a line of rain and thunderstorms. more on the potential of strong storms coming up. >> and later your first look at the toys of the future.
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>> glenn: our forecast in central and north central florida, a little lively as we go through the overnight. live radar in good shape, the showers that were earlier along the east coast have now moved offshore. so again in good shape there. look what's building to the west and northwest. a line of severe weather. right now numerous showers and thunderstorms, a couple of thunderstorm warnings, the good news, we're not finding any tornado warnings. earlier today there were numerous tornado warnings being issued as the storms were traveling from louisiana, mississippi, alabama, even into west georgia but now it is showing some signs of weakening but still is pretty potent. a lot of moisture with it. brand new computer model run showing amount of rainfall. i think it's a little messed up. we still get the idea. right now expecting about a half-inch of rain. that's what the models were showing earlier. that seems very reasonable based on the trends of what's currently coming down out to the west and northwest but there will be a few areas where we could see over an inch of rain,
12:55 am
green stripes. 65 in deland right now. 67 in melbourne. 65 in clermont. 65 up in gainesville. temperatures right now nearly 20 degrees warmer tonight compared to last night at the same time because the winds have shifted. the humidity has really ramped up. our breeze is coming out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour, the case overnight continues. humidity very high, running around 90 to 95%. a little haze, not fog but kind of hazy outside right now. 64 degrees, live picture with our visit orlando tower cam regency. a beautiful view over towards the i-drive area. rain will be developing here overnight tonight. showers, storms, are likely. a storm or two that could be potent. still possible. good news, we'll clear it out by noon tomorrow. this comes through real fast. there goes the warm front, changing the rain and snow over to all rain right now across
12:56 am
here is the actual cold front currently a severe thunderstorm watch and also a tornado watch out across south georgia and portions of the panhandle. do not expect to have that extended into central florida. none of the models show anything like that. here's our computer model for later on. this is at about 3:00 to 3:30 this morning. notice the showers, storms hitting gainesville and ocala. nothing in orlando. by around 4:00 in the morning, heavy rain in portions of lake county, volusia, flagler, beginning to move into metro orlando. the heaviest rain shows up around 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. in metro orlando. hits the space coast at about 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., and then after about 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, it's gone. it quickly moves away. the timing, once again, pretty good here. 76 for tomorrow in the afternoon as the sun comes back out. 72 on wednesday. and plenty of sunshine, looking good as we head towards the daytona 500 on sunday. >> bob: he went out for a jog but unfortunately he never came home.
12:57 am
live report on the search for a deadly hit-and-run driver in brevard county. tonight what we know about the >> bob: let's try and save you cash with the pump patrol. 1.54 a gallon at the marathon, east silver star road and north bluford avenue.
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>> bob: a fox 35 crime alert from brevard county tonight. florida highway patrol are searching for a suspect after a deadly hit-and-run. a 39-year-old cocoa man was found dead in a ditch. the victim was found right near satellite boulevard and dean avenue. authorities are looking for a gray chrysler with front end damage. tiffany teasley is live in brevard county with more on the search. >> tiffany: tonight troopers continue to search for that driver, who they say hit that man here on satellite boulevard and then just took off. florida highway patrol says 39-year-old jason was jogging around 7:00 this morning when he was hit by a car and killed. troopers say the car just kept going. >> i noticed the body, i backed up and i yelled and then i dialed 9-1-1. >> johnny vasquez says he called police when he saw the body of the man while he was driving by
1:01 am
>> and i just saw him laying there. somebody hit him and knocked him in the ditch. >> tonight florida highway patrol continues to search for the vehicle that fled the scene, described as a gray chrysler with damage to the front end and possibly a headlight and turn signal. >> we know this is a hit-and-run based on some parts of a vehicle we located at the scene. >> and of course anyone who has any information on that driver should contact the florida highway patrol. reporting live tonight from brevard county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> sonni: a dangerous new trend to watch out for. police say young drivers are traffic. in fact, one woman saw what was going on and pulled out her smartphone and started recording it. >> reporter: it's the kind of thing you'd expect from the fast and furious franchise.
1:02 am
it happened here in pinellas park. >> on a very busy six lane highway, no less. >> i think it's ridiculous. it really is. people don't care about anyone else's safety. >> complete disrespect for everyone. >> they call this kind of thing a freeway takeover. the sheer number of these types of clips will make your head spin. >> extremely dangerous. these young people are looking at facebook and social media and this is an instance in which the results could be dire. >> another local case proves that theory. early monday morning a 27-year-old driver went head on into a traffic signal pole. fhp says he was speeding and may have been drag racing on the road. his condition is critical. >> until these kids understand that this is not something that my youthful i know discretion will get me out of, then we're not getting anywhere.
1:03 am
to stop this kind of thing, police are the ones going in circles. >> oh, my god. >> fox 35 news. >> a senior citizen in marion county turns the tables on would-be thieves who were after his hard earned money. how he was able to keep the suspects on the phone and get them caught. >> bob: coming up on fox 35 news at 11:00, a volusia county man helping the disabled enjoy a day at the beach. >> what they feel is love and joy. >> meet the man making it possible for just about everyone to hit the sand. and former magic star dwight howard may be headed back to florida. not too orlando, no. details on the negotiations that are heating up down in miami. in just over 20 minutes on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> how about this presidents day present?
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a billionaire donating money to repair the roof, clean the marble, plus extra space for exhibits. meantime, for the first time in more than half a century a u.s. factory will be built in cuba. our government giving a company from alabama the go-ahead to break ground on a plant that will assemble small tractors. and if you want to avoid the er, be careful on the stairs. a new study shows injuries from steps are the no. 1 reason for emergency room visits. the second biggest reason, slipping or tripping on floors. forgot about valentine's day? domino's is offering a carryout special for you and your sweetheart. any large two topping pizza for 5.99. if that doesn't win over your valentine, i don't know what will.
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>> this man accused of beating two disabled men and forcing them to be part of a counterfeit money scheme. facing several charges, anthony brulewicz. police say he would print fake money, give it to disabled money
1:08 am
he would allegedly steal those items and then pocket the change. the victims say the suspect beat them. authorities went to his home and found blood on his hands as well as fake cash. >> bob: on the consumer corner, a man in marion county says the clerks pretending to be with the irs and tried to steal his money but he outsmarted them. tracy jacim shows us how he did it. >> >> i sit out here every morning and do exercises. >> reporter: 72-year-old gary spends every morning on this deck, and it's also where he tried to bust phone schemers. gary says last thursday afternoon he was sitting here at the table, doing homework for his online classes, when the schemers called him, claiming to be with the irs. >> i owed $3,000, according to their records, did i intentionally defraud the government or was it just an accident.
1:09 am
filled out my own, you know, i'm 80 years old, and i can't hardly see too well. maybe i made a mistake and didn't add it right. >> gary knew he didn't make a mistake. he says he was conning the callers because they were trying to con him. he said he knew it was a scheme at the beginning of the call when the caller asked him to spell his name. >> i spelled it, oddball for them and then they came up and said, oh, yes, we have your records. and i'm going, what a sucker they must think i am. but mr. metcalf is everything but. while the caller was on the phone, he walked back here so he could put the phone on speaker while he grabbed his cell phone and went outside to the deck to call police. the fbi, he tells me, anyone to trace the call. >> they could have traced it. come on. >> gary didn't fall prey but the ocala police department told him that others have. this phone scheme is widespread right now.
1:10 am
beach police department and the sheriff's office have actually asked us to warn you not to become a victim. remember, the irs will not call you to demand immediate payment, call you if you owe taxes without first sending you a bill in the mail, demand you pay in a certain way or ask you for your debit or credit card numbers over the phone. >> just irritated me. come on. i can use some other language but not on television. >> in marion county, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. >> new tonight, video at the seminole county sheriff's office helicopter tracking a suspect down, one of three in a car that hit another car and then took off. after the suspect's car flipped, all three, they got out. made a run for it. the chopper was able to track this guy so the patrol cars could zero in on him. all three suspects are now facing charges ranging from drug
1:11 am
competing for a chance to make it onto store shelves. >> bob: after the break, we'll show you some of the cool stuff on display at the north american international toy fair in new york. >> glenn: just a few rain showers earlier this evening. now heavy rain, thunderstorms, they're blowing up out to the west. we'll talk more about the storms, when they arrive county by county. that's coming up. >> and a tribute to the past presidents. we'll meet the man who has
1:12 am
right on
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>> bob: who doesn't love toys, right? the north american international toy fair is going on in new york city. >> sonni: fox checked out the cool stuff that could end up on store shelves. >> when i was a kid, i made tents out of blankets, pillows, couch cushions but certainly nothing like this. check out this food truck tent, just one of the many items on display at toy fair 2016. hundreds of toy companies, hundreds of thousands of toys, sprawling across an area the size of seven football fields. this is video game meets drones. really every boy's fantasy and dream come true. >> from the sky vice presidenter hover racer to this smart car. >> it goes like really fast. >> silicon valley is taking over toys this year, both interact with your smartphone. at 600 bucks, the cart is not cheap but the parental safety controls may be priceless.
1:16 am
allows the parent to basically supervise remotely while their child is having a blast in the cart. >> one of the hottest toys this year, if you have a little girl, i don't have to tell you. >> new for this year is going to be the first ever doll so kids with play with shopkins and have the fashion doll experience. >> if you prefer old school for your child's play, a german company still makes just about everything out of wood. >> what's your favorite thing that the company produces? >> favorite thing is building blocks. this is a generic toy but one that will last forever. >> sometimes you can improve on a classic, like this space scooter, self-propelled. i gotta tell you, i was a little skeptical but it's a lot of fun and actually not a bad workout, too. at the toy fair, fox news. >> and the cabbage patch doll
1:17 am
the new doll is loaded with tiny sensors, comes with -- kind of creepy. that was editorial. lcd eyes. it talks, coos, works with an app. the doll so real doll -- the baby so real doll will cost $100 and it goes on sale this fall. >> bob: the baby so real. one virginia man celebrates presidents day every day basically with an unusual collection. howard hankins, he's got about 43 giant presidential statue heads hanging out in his backyard, he got them from presidents park in williamsburg which shut its doors about six years ago. park officials called him, who owns a concrete recycling company, to have them destroyed, but he had other plans. >> i didn't like that idea at all. they asked me if i could get rid of the stuff.
1:18 am
i've got a vision for these guys. really, something that will attract kids and get them to learn some history and what the country is really all about. >> bob: kind of his own little there. he says that he hopes to one day turn the statues into a historical attraction. he says moving the statues cost him about $50,000. >> sonni: really impressive work, though, right? despite the fact that the neighbors may not love it. >> you'd hate to see those things destroyed. >> sonni: i've been looking outside, kind of busy for you tonight. >> glenn: it is busy. we're going to be covering the storms overnight tonight. so somebody will be here at all hours. right now live radar currently is looking good. scattered showers offshore. rain and storms building out to the west. right now the in the short-term we are in good shape. it looks like our chance for showers and thundershowers sitting to the east will be staying offshore now as we go through the next one to two hours. but look what's building out to the west, out through the
1:19 am
weather. severe weather. right now numerous severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued across the panhandle up towards tallahassee right now, again, this is the main line. quite a bit of lightning. our lightning tracker picking up on about 300 lightning strikes. however, the amount of lightning has been cut in half just in the last three hours. we had over 600 lightning strikes at one point. now we're looking at only 300 lightning strikes in about a 30 minute period. once again, not nearly as active when it comes to the lightning because overall the atmosphere is starting to cool down just a little bit. 65 the palm coast. right now 67 in melbourne. 65 out in clermont. temperatures are way up tonight compared to last night because the dewpoints are back up into the lower 60s. not summer like but definitely it's getting a little muggy outside. 64 degrees in advance of the approaching cold front. this is our visit orlando tower cam on top of the hyatt regency
1:20 am
and the i-drive corridor. here's tomorrow. storms in the morning. six, 7:00, 8:00 they'll move offshore. 11:00 a.m. we're back to sunshine. and lots of sunshine. highs will be in the low to mid 70s as we go through the afternoon. very comfortable. there's the actual low pressure center. earlier today this low was very near alabama and mississippi. that's the reason why they had rotating thunderstorms. the low continues to get farther and farther and farther away from us. so the risk of any rotating storms basically zero. chance for some severe storms overnight tonight. about 10%. not much. expecting potentially some gusty winds, possibly some small hail. wouldn't be surprised if we got one or two severe thunderstorm warnings during the overnight. let's talk about it here as we go through the county zones. marion county and alachua county, between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning, your best chance for the rain and the thunderstorms moving through.
1:21 am
it looks like lake county, metro orlando, seminole county, volusia county, flagler county, towards sumter county, best chance for storms for you, some gusts of wind. 6:00 a.m., heavy rain, gusty winds moving through osceola county, polk county, and brevard county, still in into eastern orange county. around 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., the best chance of storms mainly in brevard county. after that the storms move offshore. look at this, at about 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. the sky is beginning to clear and then we're back in business. looks good as we go through the afternoon and into the evening. here's my seven-day forecast. it's a good one. plenty of sunshine after we get the rain out of here tomorrow morning. 76 the high. 72 on wednesday. as we head towards the upcoming weekend for the daytona 500, the forecast looks sunny and dry. you can always get my updated
1:22 am
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> in tonight's o-town countdown. >> no. 3, seaworld orlando is raising their starting pay to
1:25 am
that's a 50 cent wage hike. the increase will apply july 1. >> orlando police officers will speak with residents in a special workshop at howard middle school. orlando speaks runs from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. the goal is to strengthen relationships between officers and residents. >> no. 1, and, time to get your burger on in downtown orlando. wahlburgers is open, the burger joint owned by mark, done -- done i and paul. >> one 15-year-old girl battling cancer sang her heart out for
1:26 am
1:27 am
1:28 am
you won't want to miss her >> a 15-year-old girl at a children's hospital in mexico city sang for pope francis, her voice had the room fighting tears. >> ave maria. >> sonni: beautiful. after the teen finished singing, the pope gave her a kiss on the cheek and spent some time with her. the 15-year-old is fighting a type of bone cancer. coming up at 11:00, the sudden death of supreme court
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