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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> amy: happy tuesday. man alive, it's been a busy morning already-i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. today's stop stories. >> amy: storms led to a tornado warning overnight. jayme will track all of the severe weather to keep everybody safe. >> john: a woman and teenage daughter found dead inside their home. we have the latest on this murder investigation. >> amy: what state leaders are trying to do to keep more case of zika virus from popping up. >> john: i didn't even know it was storming, and then i get here and i see this. >> jayme: what happened when the line came through, it got intense over eastern, southeastern orange, and os olequa, and brevard. and we had a full on tornado warning. that's been long canceled.
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i fully anticipate that i think this watch will go bye-bye through the next half hour. maybe keeping it down for indian river county and areas south. you can see how rapidly the rain and storminess has moved to the east. this is tranquil, dry, stable air. cooling temperatures and much calmer temperatures are spreading our way. we had severe weather, and that's how it goes this time of the year. and the conditions are perfectly adequate to generate tornadoes and hail, and strong damaging winds and tremendous rainfall. that is subsidinged threat of it. probably a wet scene and ongoing rain plaguing portions of brevard, maybe you drive your kids in for eastern brevard.
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and it was down into the 60s. and the next seach days. it's all about the 70s and rain free conditions. enjoy it for the big race, the daytona 500, any activities at the track look fine. looks like near normal temps for the season. overnight in the 50s. >> gina: happy tuesday. here's a live look at i-4 westbound at conroy. we have -- we still have the earlier crash. a left lane is blocked.`` it looks to be clearing in the area.> be aware if you are traveling through. we hadden a earlier crash at chancellor and sand lake. everything is still looking nice.
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attractions to downtown, 13 minutes. that's it for live drive traffic. >> john: it's 6:02. detectives trying to figure out what happened after a mother and daughter are found dead inside a home. >> amy: the bodies were discovered in a home at sunnyland. in pine hills. and fox 35's dana jay has more on this horrible discovery. >> reporter: we expect the sheriff's office to tell us the names of the women and how they were killed. they are only saying now that it's a double murder. the orange county sheriff's office detectives continue to piece together what happened a the home in pine hills. yesterday afternoon they sealed
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and the neighbors are shocked. >> naturally i am shocked because this is normally a quiet neighborhood. you just don't really expect nothing like this to happen. >> reporter: they found a mother and a teenage daughter inside. investigators are not saying how they were killed but their bodies showed signs of trauma. >> it's graphic indeed. i don't understander how or why that would happen. >> reporter: the man who discovered the bodies is cooperating. >> they did have some gentleman down there they were questioning. >> reporter: the investigators are telling it is there were no signs of a break-in. we dent know why the women were attacked in their own home. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the day and bring you the latest, as soon as we get it.
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>> amy: in brevard county this morning troopers are looking for the driver who hit and killed a >> john: trooper s sai d jogger. that the jogger was found in cocoa yesterday morning. the 39-year-old was jogging along the road when he was hit by the car. the only lead that authorities have right now is that the vehicle was a gray chrysler with front end damage. >> we know it was a hit-and-run based on parts of a vehicle we located at the scene. >> if you have any information on the driver of the vehicle, are you asked to contact the florida highway patrol. the anthem of the seas is expected to dock in port later this morning. they were hit by hush strength -- hurricane strength winds last week. they had to turn around and go back to new jersey. four people were injured and the ship you
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it's expected to dock in port canaveral in about 25 minutes. it's been since repaired. >> john: 28-year-old man is expected to see the last person to see her alive and he is now a person of interest in the case. this is video of the two seen together on january 19. right now he is in the alachua county jail on an unrelated charge. >> amy: the florida health department reports that 21 people have the virus. >> john: it's in eight counties, including osceola county. all of the cases are travel related. it can cause mild fever, skin rash, and conjunctivitis. and it's related to birth de-fengts. the best bet is avoid mosquitoes and to places in south america
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prevalent. >> john: commissioners will be talking about mosquito control across central florida. that meeting kicks off this morning at 9:00 a.m. >> amy: at&t testing out a new high-speed network thats who away what your current phone has. joining us is lauren simonetti. 5g we're talking about? >> reporter: yes. 4g isn't fast enough for you. and you want to blow through your monthly data cap. at at&t planning to test this big time this spring in austin and eventually roll this out. the speed of 5g is up to 100 times faster than lte. you literally tap the play button and everything automatically loads for you. this is super, super, super
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at the same time, at scwrch t says ditch your carrier, and we'll give you 650 to do so, and you can get two brand new device for the price of one. >> amy: that's actually a good deal. it's great when you get in, but how much will it cost you lateer? >> reporter: and read the fine print. it's not available for everybody. and, true, what does it cost you later? if 5g is the new norm, and you whip through all of that data, that will be expensive. >> amy: and expensive quick if you have multiple people in the house with phones. >> john: now my kids will blow through in two weeks rather than three weeks. >> amy: but it's so fast. >> amy: donald trump threatening to run as an independent. i have never.
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than ted cruz. >> amy: ouch. trump could soon be slapping ted cruz with a lawsuit. we'll tell you what that is about.
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getting less active. >> jayme: 6:11 is the time. jayme king in the weather center with you now. the weather has cleared much of central florida. working down towards the treasure coast. from vero to st. pierce. and martin and st. lucie counties with strong wind gusts. for us, the winds, the rain, everything is slowly beginning to relax and returning to what looks like a blockbuster of a day. if you like today, eventually when ut sun comes up and we confirm it'll be a nice one, you will love our forecast. we'll talk about that in weather in a bit. >> amy: powerful storms ripped through parts of northwest florida. >> john: three people were injured when a tornado touched down in century, florida, near the alabama/florida state line.
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due to downed power lines and trees on the roads. damage assessments are now under way. >> john: you decide 2016. today is the final day to register for the florida primary. >> amy: right now candidates are focusing on other states before they get to us. ryan has the latest. >> reporter: a lot to bring you. starting with donald trump. he'announceed plans to potentially sue ted cruz. >> i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. i have never, ever seen anything like it. he did it with ben carson. he did it with a voter violation fraud deal that he did. i mean, it was a fraud. >> reporter: stepping up the rhetoric. trump said that it can be removed if he removed the latest round of attack ads.
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they said they're not holding up their pledge to so he doesn't have to hold his. cruz is accused by rubio of lying on his record. rubio's campaign said that some from the pro-cruz supperpack were so wrong that they were taken down pending a legal review. >> reporter: in support of his brother jeb, george bush was on the campaign trail. they went over the comments that trump had made.h >> i thought it was strange thath a front running candidate that would attack the president of the united states who did keep us safe when he was building a
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>> we need someone with a positive mental. someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life, not just one party or one class of people. >> reporter: right now bush is fourth in the latest south carolina poll.pp that primary is on saturday. hillary clinton taking shots at all in reno. she says she wishes there was a dog that barked every time they obscure facts. >> we need to get that dog to follow them around. every time they say these things, like -- to talk about regulation -- [imitating a dog bark] -- i think we can talk about the claim. >> reporter: i told you we had a lot. and they'll vote on south
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it's hard to predict this election cycle. >> jayme: it's been a very busy morning. and a lot of the heavy duty stuff has moved off shore. good news, and even better news is the rapid clearing that is taking shape to the west of metro orlando. we, too, will get ours. and we should begin to see, in the next few hour, the skies part and a good looking run of weather. a tornado watch until 8:00 a.m. i think in 20, 25 minutes, maybe a half hour max we'll peel back the watch and continue to watch in the treasure coast, da broward, and palm beach counties where it's popping pretty good. you can see the cluster along the southeast shoreline. this here is the dry stable air
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of fantastic weather moving in. not seeing a big rain chance. the sun will be out shining brightly. and the weather super duper nice. 50s and 60s for us. and it's slowing down some. we'll not see the typical big blast of cool air with this one. we stay tranquil. 77 by 2:00 p.m. and 65 by 8:00 p.m. another warm day. we were in mid-to-upper 70s yesterday, and i think we'll see the same today. the west, northwest wind cranks up. and it might get a little breezy at times but outside of that, the rain chance is flat. another front will move our way early tomorrow morning and move on through like it did this morning. however, there's no rain component with that, and another run of basically cloudless skies and not much of a cooldown.
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east texas and the gulf south, and there's not a lot of cold air to focus and drag on in, versus something that would come from the far north and sweep the entire state. rain not expected for the remainder of the week, wednesday into thursday. be a absolutely zero. get out. and daytona 500 and other races and activities all week long. the weather couldn't be better for into and much more. welcome to our home. we're featuring a little bit of action by st. louis but the next system by the time it gets here i don't expect anything. 80s across the space cost. the legacy of the system racing through right now is about the
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44 in gainesville tonight. 49 in sanford. orlando, 52. 49 in palm coast and daytona beach. and the cape, looking around the 50s. for highs in the 70s, lower in the 50s, and no rain chance. only fantastic temps. >> gina: happy tuesday. sky fox is giving us a much better look at the crash at i-4 and conroy. it's in the center median here. there are significant delays in both directions. we have two left lanes blocked on i-4 eastbound, one lane blocked on left bound. i-4 westbound is not too bad but`` give yourself exral time if you have to pass through there. the earlier crash at -- a new crash at hiawassee and clarcona ocoee, no word of roadblock but be careful as you go through
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and chancellor we have back up in the eastbound lanes. but no roadblock. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 14 hins. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, 14 minutes. the 408 is looking good, pretty much up to speed as well. saving you money with the pump patrol. $1.58 at the speedway on 1792 and north griffin drive in casselberry. and regular gas $1.59 the at speedway at kirkman in orlando. go to and click on traffic. >> john: one of the pope's top advisors is demanding major changes from church leaders that go above the law. >> amy: and sea world has changes. it's now 6:20 on this tuesday morning. a live look in the control room.
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ears this morning.
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i love it.
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seekers out there. seaworld orlando revealing a new roller coaster. they'll show the ride's train, and that's the part you sit in. the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster. 200 feet high. 73 miles per hour. and it's over 4,000 feet long, which that is nearly a mile. that would be a good ride. it's set to open this summer. will you do that? >> amy: i'll go. >> john: okay. developing this hour. four covering the anniversary of the back rain anniversary have been arrested. >> three men and a women were taken into custody, including anna day, a contributor to the huffington post. they said that day is not on assignment. >> john: condemning russia for
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attack on two hospitals and a school in syria yesterday. nearly 50 people were killed in the air strikes and leaving 40,000 people in the area with virtually no access to medical services. >> amy: bishops have a responsibility to report rape or molestation even if local laws don't require them to. church leaders have been able to conceal if the law doesn't demand if they come forward. >> john: deadly stabbing in orange county. >> amy: details of his violent past and why some said he should never have been on the street. >> amy: this is a mess out i-4 at conroy is backed up near the
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>> john: just about 6:30 here
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>> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. the radar has been lightening up all morning. and most of the storms are off to the coast. >> john: passengers getting ready to head back home after their plane catches on fire at oia yesterday. >> amy: could dwight howard be coming back to the sunshine@ state. we'll tell you which team could be rumored to come back. >> john: have you ever seen someone fall further? when he left orlando he was the man. but the careers are smarter than the average person. >> jayme: good morning. what a morning it has been. a lot of you have joined the
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giving us the latest on what has happened in the respective counties and communities, and we appreciate it. the rain has kicked off shore. and the most aggressive on line is getting into palm beach county, and martin and st. lucie as well. rotation near jupiter farms and the turnpike at i-95. tornado watch continues. honestly, right now, for no good reason locally speaking they should peel it back. i will give it another 15 or 20 minutes. there's really no reason for it. he everything has adjusted back down to the south. and quite frankly this latest front, and one that comes in later tonight, moving through, very little fanfare, extra increase of clouds but solidifies, paves the way for awesome run of weather over the
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50s and 60s. warm temps. up to the upper 70s. coastal locations as well. everybody seeing good warmth today, and for the foreseeable future. no big dips in the cold weather patterning. that stays to the north. overnights featuring some 50s. and boat loads of sunshine. >> gina: happy tuesday, everybody. sky fox over the crash on i-4 here at conroy. it's contained to the center median but it's causing delays in both areas. sky fox moving just a little bit. you can see the left lane is blocked on i-4 eastbound, and the left lane blocked on i-4`` westbound. and everything is still moving pretty slow through there. if you have to travel through there this morning, definitely be aware. otherwise, we're pretty quiet. the crash at sand lake and chancellor has since been cleared. and taking a look at drive
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i-4 still looking nice in this area. i-4 west bound, lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, abou14 minutes. the 408, 417 to downtown. >> john: the search continues this morning for a missing fisherman in brevard county. orlando a sad story here. 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain launched hit boat out of port canaveral but has not been seen since. yesterday, his fishing boat was found. the search was focused on satellite beach and patricks air force base. >> john: a plane caught on fire0 at oia. the airport said that 12 people were on board the silver airways plane. the silver airways said that it puts the passengers up in hotels
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orlando fox 35 has -- the two were baker acted for mental health evaluations. both are persons of interest in the death of 81-year-old julian gresham. buckan was accused of stabbing his own mother in 2007 but back then he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was sent to a state mental hospital where he obviously did not stay. at a holiday inn on atlantic avenue near the speedway. members of nass cash driver jamie mcmurray's crew had cars broken into. money, valuables, electronic, and a gun were stolen.
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>> they went through the cars glove box, and everything remained locked. they went through the clothes and golf bag. everything that i had, and they had gone through and made a mess of things. >> police are warning to keep their doors locked and be on the lookout. >> john: a 16-year-old is facing several dharnlgs, second agree murder and premeditated measured -- and second degree murder. the lieutenant pulled over a truck that the suspect was driving. the boyfriend pulled and shot taylor in the shoulder. taylor fired back and killed taran. they said that taran and mcneill had a suicide pact. >> john: 27-year-old travis pierce is accused of torching a
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course last month. and the "orlando sentinel" reports that he is also charged for starting fires elsewhere. >> one win closer to making the olympics. >> reporter: dwight howard not happy this time in houston. his role is diminished. start the trade rumors with the miami heat of all teams. multiple reports suggest that the houston rockets are interested in swapping 3450eu78y. a huge difference. he would have to give up a lot more than the player. we'll see what happens come thursday. orlando's pride, alex morgan. and the team routed puerto ricobb
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and morgan praising her teammates. tied a record by scoring five goals in the matchup. >> it was so incredible. [indiscernible] he's so fast, so good in tight spaces. she really showed that tonight. so i am happy for her. >> reporter: sounds like a rock concert in the background. and they outshot puerto rico 5-1. one shot is all they had the entire time. >> john: ralph brown, raced with his dad in 1967. been to 50 consecutive daytona 500. the tampa native has a new goal in mind. >> i will be 75, and i don't think i will make that. >> but you never know. >> you never know, that's right. >> reporter: hopefully, he
6:37 am
the daytona 500 is here on fox on sunday. we'll have coverage from media day. it'll be fun time with the drivers coming up. >> john: seminole county teachers will meet with the school board on their fight for better pay. >> why they said that their current compensation is impacting your child's education.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> john: the rain and storms we had overnight but it's paving beautiful day. the clouds are moving off to the east. beautiful blue skies on tap. this morning. >> amy: it'll be pretty, yes. 6:40 right now. in brevard county, hundreds of students and staff at rockledge high school came out to remember sandra cook. >> john: people who knew her said she was just an incredible person. dozens of students and staff shared personal stories about cook. >> i could literally go to her with anything. ask her anything. she was a teacher that was more than a teacher.
6:41 am
and also a coach to most of the students. >> john: the 54-year-old teacher was a finalist for the brevard county teacher of the year. the school has been offering grief counselors to help the students and staff. >> amy: gathering at the school board meeting to push for a pay raise tonight. the teachers said they want a real solution, to get compensation for the agreeing demand they -- growing demand. they said it's a struggle to live on what they're making considering how much work they're doing been they recently got a 2.4% pay increase but said it's not enough. the district said they'll do whatever they can to try to resolve the issue, and it's scheduled for 5:00 p.m. >> john: targeting the i.r.s. >> amy: what you need to know to
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>> john: in case you missed the grammys. bruno mars, and mark ronson accepted their award for up town funk. and taylor swift winning.
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the weather alert is falling by the wayside. severe threat focusing to the neighbors to the south. from jupiter to far south florida. orlando metro looking good. clearing things out, and warming thing up, and about to embark on a journey of gorgeous temperatures. you'll love the seven days, which is coming up. >> amy: scammers are trying to trick you out of hard earned money. and trying to portray the i.r.s. >> john: the scammers call claiming to be with the i.r.s. and say you owe them thousands of dollars. that's exactly what happened to 72-year-old gary metcalf.
6:46 am
instead, he started to conthem right back. >> i gave it back they said i have your records. i said, oh, what a sucker they must think i am. >> john: they will not demand an immediate payment, and not demand pay in a certain way and essentially not ask for your -- certainly will not ask for your decade or credit card number over the phone. >> jayme: there's a lot going on, especially at the daytona international speedway with the running of the 500 on sunday. and we'll have a host of activity before that. and we'll have our show live there, live at the speedway, like we do every each and every year bringing you the latest
6:47 am
everything severe in nature has moved offshore and out of the fox 35 viewing area. lighter rains out of southern brevard county. and outside of that, it's getting quiet. the tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. and the last weather i said that it woulding moving out. we're going to watch and wait for the officials in the storm prediction center from oklahoma say we're in the clear. and they'll probably look at this now, and say drop it now. the rust color and shades of gray show that the dry air it is moving in. and we say hello to a fantastic run of weather. it happens today. the 50s and 60s and the weather clearing. gradual clearing. and warm temps.
6:48 am
3 or 4 degrees above where we should be. and another day of above normal temperatures. we're pretty much in the range of what i would call normal. 73 or 74, into the weekend. and we're looking quite warm. on the minds of many is is the rain potential. the three day rain projection. and clearing this morning by mid-and late morning. the front coming through is a secondary one that gets through here for tomorrow. on top of that is a cap of high pressure. and then by the weekends, the winds subside. we're looking good overall. no rain chance. as we see again, the next system coming in and a lot of the weather associated is on the eastern edge of the low, around st. louis. it should stay in the general area sweeping that front through. and very little fanfare.
6:49 am
and a shift on the winds. but outside of that, no big shifts. the system has gone through the state of texas. the second one is loading up around oklahoma city, dallas, and houston. it'll a grab somewhat cooler conditions but nothing like what we have seen as the main bulk of the cold air is positioned to the north. everything is approaching the state pretty much from the west. and we'll have 70s all day long. 08 in melbourne. and vero beach. and tonight the temperatures will be down to the widespread 40s over the northern tar. a couple of spots lower lying, titusville and mims may skim through the upper 40s tomorrow morning. outside of that, it's all about
6:50 am
each and every day, highs in. 70s, ample sunshine. and? chance of rainfall for through the extended period. >> gina: happy tuesday. sky fox skill over the crash at conroy. we have one left lane blocked in either direction. causing significant backup both ways. it loose to be clearing. a lot better than it was earlier. if you have to travel through, give yourself extra time. we have another new crash at kirkman. we have a lot of green in the area, but be aware if you are traveling through there this morning. taking a looked at drive times. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 15 minutes. the 408 is looking good, it's pretty much up to speed as well.
6:51 am
back to you. >> amy: time to look at the stories trending online this morning. the first headline from usa today. nation's disciplined teacher data to be audited state by state. after a media investigation, a nonprofit will audit around the nation to be sure that teachers are properly disciplined. right now schools voluntarily report. in many cases they show teachers were disciplined but never entered into the database. teachers who caused a problem at schools can just go to a new7 state and start fresh. they hope to avoid this by reporting teacher discipline. >> amy: 2015 was an
6:52 am
last year 136 passengers died in plane crashes which is a huge decrease from 2014 when 640 people died. the proof is in the numbers they say. that's good to know. but all it does is one significant crash to change the numbers. >> john: take a look at this. cars doing doughnuts in the middle of traffic. social media is helping to make it more popular. we have more details on what police are trying to do to crack down on this. there's your live look of the downtown.
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skies are on the wa >> amy: 6:55. exciting news for star wars fans. cameras are rolling on star wars episode 8. adding actors dell toro and laura dern. episode 8 will be released in december 2018. in pinellas county.
6:56 am
for. young drivers are doing doughnuts in the middle of traffic. a woman took a video of a car spinning rapidly on a six-lane highway. the police are calling this is freeway take over. more and more videos of the dangerous stunt are popping up all over social media too. >> it's dangerous. the young kids are looking to facebook and social media as their guide. s this season instance where -- this is an snrans instance where the results could be dire. >> john: a 27-year-old driver went head on into a tree. they suggest that it happened because of doughnut driving and drag racing. the driver of that car is currently in critical condition. >> amy: a driver is in critical condition after his truck fell off the exit ramp at i-95 near little havana.
6:57 am
over the barricade and fell down on the street below. 100-foot fall. can you imagine? no one on the street was hurt below. the crash is under investigation. >> john: the search for the wreckage for el faro. they will hold a public meeting to leading up to the event. all crew members on board were killed. we have a crew headed to the public meeting in jacksonville, and we'll let you know what happens. >> john: linking concussions to sue suicide risk. >> amy: what doctors and patients need to know. here's a really nice view looking down on the attractions area, on i-drive, the orlando eye is to the righted of your
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>> amy: good morning. so glad you're with us on this tuesday. it's been a busy tuesday morning for us. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. >> amy: sky fox over the scene here. causing some headaches on i-4. gina will have more and how you can avoid. >> i didn't expect it to be here today. i thought it was still being repaired. >> john: the anthem of the seas is back in port canaveral. how officials are making sure it's safe to cruise.


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