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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> amy: good morning. so glad you're with us on this tuesday. it's been a busy tuesday morning for us. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. >> amy: sky fox over the scene here. causing some headaches on i-4. gina will have more and how you can avoid. >> i didn't expect it to be here today. i thought it was still being repaired. >> john: the anthem of the seas is back in port canaveral. how officials are making sure it's safe to cruise.
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person who lies more than ted cruz. >> [imitating dog barking]. >> amy: that sounded pretty believable. mud slinging and dog barking. >> john: you thought it couldn't get any weirder. >> amy: every day gets a little weirder. >> john: people waking up saying, what are you talking about storm damage? >> jayme: it came in like a lightning bolt and exited now off the atlantic. it's lit up from 20 to 60 nautical miles off the shore. the axis the strong storms in far south florida. leaving us pretty much high and dry. and it's transitioned in the area. focusing on dade, broward, palm beach, and into the lower keys. and we're there issuing marine
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north side of the islands. that's what we had on our plate earlier this morning. and keeping you ahead of the approaching storm. we had a tornado warning pop off in western brevard county which transitioned into a straight line wind event with strong gusty winds in place. all clear right now. the airport has calmed down. gradual clearing and warm temps. ample sunshine as we paving the way into a good run of seven day weather. average sun. highs in the 70s. and no chance of rain. >> gina: happy tuesday. a busy day weather-wise usually means busy day on the roads. it's been quite a mess this morn. i-4 eastbound and westbound is now starting to clear. we have a left lane blocked on
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the median. i-4 eastbound at the turnpike, we have a crash off to the shoulder. and causing significant delays in the area. we have a brand new crash here. i-4 inality month spring near the 434. it's off to the shoulder but it appears there's another crash up there as well which is causing significant delays in seminole county this morning. and definitely give yourself extra time. we have yet another crash that i want to tell you about at orange and sand lake. and definitely be careful. give yourself extra time. drive carefully this morning. i-4 westbound, really slow, 434 to fairbanks, 9 minutes. >> amy: the anthem of the seas
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>> john: the cruise ship gained national attention after it was hit by hurricane forced winds off the carolinas. fox 35's andrea jackson has more on the cape this morning. >> reporter: good morning. she's quite a sight. braved a storm early this morning to make it to the dock in cape canaveral. she is gorgeous.@ you stand in front of her, majestic, at least 20 stories tall. anchored here at the terminal. a lot of spectators here. he can chg her out. and they gave her the okay to cruise down here to port canaveral. they said most of the damage to the ship was cosmetic during the storm, one component of the propulsion system burned out all four clutches. the ship returned to new jersey
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in the storm off cape cape hatteras. four of the 400 passengers sustained injuries. some of the cabins and public areas were damaged. according to the royal caribbean. but she's docked here in port canaveral. some cosmetic damage. she looks good at cruise ship terminal one here. she rolled in between r5bg 30 and 6:00 p.m. one spectator drove along side as she pulled into port early this morning, despite the wind and rain, and it seems like that is probably minor compared to last week. >> amy: some breaking news out of houston. firefighters are battling a massive fire at an apartment complex there. officials say that everyone got out safely, thanks to neighbors who went knocking on doors.
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door waking people up. no word on what started the fire, but no one was hurt. >> amy: troopers looking for someone who hit and killed a jogger and took off. >> john: west of i-95 and cocoa. the 39-year-old was jogging along the road when he was hit by a car. right now the only lead that police have is that the vehicle was a gray chrysler. they found debris like that at the same so likely it'll have front end damage. >> we know it's a hit-and-run based on parts of the vehicle we found aft the scene. >> john: if you have any information on the driver, you are asked to contact the florida highway patrol. >> john: the search is on for a missing woman from alachua county. she was last seen more than three weeks ago. 28-year-old man was the last to see her alive it's said.
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this is video of the two when they were seen together on january 19. right now he is in the alachua county jail on an unrelated charge. a teenager is expected to enter a plea deal. the 16-year-old is facing several charges including second degree murder and attempted premeditated murder of a law enforcement officer. investigators said that the shooting happened last june. the lieutenant pulled over a truck that mcneill was driving. mcneill's boyfriend, pulled out a gun and shot taylor in the shoulder. taran. pact. >> amy: a volunteer firefighter accused of starting two fires will be charged today. he is accused of torching a clubhouse.
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setting fires up in pennsylvania. >> amy: a fox 35 health alert this morning. the florida health department is reporting that 21 people in the state have the zika virus. >> john: all of the cases are travel related. the zika virus can cause mild fever, skin rashes and even eye problems and it's been linked to birth defects. none of the cases in florida involve pregnant women. the best bet is to avoid mosquitoes and avoid places in south america where the disease is prevalent. commissioners will talk about mosquito controlled efforts this morning at 9:00 a.m. >> john: the campaign is getting a little crazy. >> amy: i don't know how it could get crazier.
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that a dog barked every time that republicans obscured facts. [imitating barking]. >> the crowds liked it. there were some dogs barking through the lightning strikes last night, i `an tell you that. >> jayme: first off, hillary, barking?
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>> jayme: we'll have (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> john: a birth night for taylor swift. a big night. it won album of the year for last night's grammys. they have been saying is it getting a bit stale. same people keep winning. >> amy: did you see -- google the expression. she was not as excited. >> john: i like that she took shots at kanye west.
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>> john: final day to register for the primary. >> amy: and ryan has a update on the campaigns with a wild 24 hours. >> reporter: the latest poll with donald trump in a 17 point lead. he is feeling good but on the offensive. and announcing plans to potentially sue ted cruz. >> i have never ever met a person who lies more than ted cruz. never ever seen anything like it. he did it with ben carson. the voter violation tbrawd deal that he did. i mean, it was a fraud. >> reporter: he certainly doesn't hold back. he said that a lawsuit could be avoided if he removes the latest round of attack ads. and he said that he could run as an independent besides promisesz not to. he said that they are not treating him with respect.
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from marco rubio. accusing cruz of lying on his record and planned parenthood in similar attack ads. some ads were a pro-cruz super pac were so blatantly wrong that they were taken down in south carolina following a legal review. and george w. bush made a debut on the campaign trail. and he did not mention trump by name but said that comments about the former president'shh handling of the debate were nothh accurate at all. >>h i thought it was a littlehh strange that a front running candidate would attack the brant of the united states who did keep us safe while he was building a reality tv show. >> we need someone who can take a positive message across the entire country. someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life, not just one party or one class of people. >> reporter: a bit of a rare
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we don't see george w. bush speak much in public anymore. and jeb bush has been running fourth in polls. on the democratic side. hillary clinton taking shots at all republican rivals yesterday in reno. she said she wished there was a dog that barked every time they twisted the facts. >> we can get the dog to follow them around. every time they see these thing, like, oh, [indiscernible], regulation [barking]. you know? i think we can cut right through a lot of their claims. >> reporter: right when you think you have seen it all. i suspect that dog won't have much of a bark left after they followed the candidates along. we've seen everything. >> amy: the severe weather alert. thousands of people without power after powerful storms ripped through the panhandle. at least three people injured
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the town of century, florida, near the alabama/florida state line. two homes damaged. power lines are down, and debris on the roads. the assessment of the damage is still underway. thankfully, we didn't have a problem. >> jayme: we did have a tornado warning. and myself and kristin, the newest addition here. at the border of damaged reports. if you have everything, pictures, info, please send to us via e-mail. join us on twitter and facebook. we're all over social media. so, again, can you see all of
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far south florida will bear the brunt of this. and featuring a dynamical, energetic atmosphere. the risk of severe weather is heightened down to the south. we here are starting to stabilize. we're cooling down, 50s and 60s. 59 at the airport. gradual clearing. another warm day despite a front moving through. we see some that cooler conditions. and we are looking for temperatures in the 50s, and average ample sunshine. and the winds may freshen up out of the north and the northeast briefly, but on the back end of the week, the seas lay down and we should have decent boating conditions locally. some of the points of interest
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snowflakes flying around st. louis. and chicagoland, 25. the western third of the nation is fairly quiet and way above normal for the day time highs and the early morning lows. out at sea today, 3 to 5 at a 9 second interval. west winds at 10 to 15. the surf should be pretty smokin'. 3 to 4 feet. combo swell. swell energy is focal pointed here. and some may get down to the palm beaches. 15-foot seas. the india has been blow -- the wind has been blowing for days on end. when you focus the energy, it looks good for a run in the surf. and the tide times.
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70 overall. a couple spots may kiss 80 degrees briefly. 40s up north, 50s down south. orlando metro, 52. and the same at kissimmee, st. cloud, and lake buena vista, close to the theme parks. if you are visiting, good morning to you. we have highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. >> gina: i-4 westbound at obt. we havex an overturned vehicle right there. emergency vehicles are on the scene and it's causing quite a bit of backup. it's a nasty, nasty scene. closed. everybody is stop the right now. it just freshly happened a few minutes ago. use caution in the area. here's another live throok from a different angle. it's going very slow. the emergency vehicle is in the
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be aware of that if you are traveling through there this morning. taking you out on i-4 westbound, near the 434, we have back-to-back a crashes and one back there. you can see a lot of congestion in seminole county as well. definitely give yourself extra time if you have to take i-4 eastbound or westbound. a lot of wrecks on the roadways. on orange and sand lake, causing some delays. we have a couple back-to-back crashes in the same area. definitely use caution traveling through there. taking a look at drive times. i-4 westbound, 20 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions, 19 minutes. the 408 is looking okay. from the 417 to downtown, 11 minutes right now. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol.
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gas-saving tips on our website at and click on traffic. >> john: on the health watch. we're learning about a link between concussions and suicide risk. >> amy: we'll talk with the fox medical team on what athletes and parents need to know. as we head to break, we're listening to "thinking out loud." it won song of the ear at the
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grammy's last >> amy: we want to wish a good morning to our fox 35 friend of the day. we like this picture. and you can go to facebook and search out fox 35. i got a nice note. >> yesterday's friend of the day. and she said she was having a tough day and then saw her picture.
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>> amy: a new study shows that people who suffer from a concussion may be three times more likely to commit suicide years after suffering a brain injury. doctor mike is joining us. good to see you. how are you? >> reporter: i am fine, amy. how are you? . >> amy: i am good, thanks. a couple years ago, a former nfl player. he comitted suicide and shot himself in the chest and left a note and said please study my brain. i am concerned that the concussions caused me to get to this point, and i remember thinking how sad that was. >> reporter: amy, concussions are becoming really front page news because concussions can lead to so many problems. and this new study highlights that death by suicide is one of the most tragic outcomes of concussion.
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professional athletes, it wasn't professional wrestlers, it was none of that. this was looking at folks like you and i, people that are in car accident, people that fall off ladders that happen to go to home depot or lowes like me, and people in every day life falling down the stairs and suffering a concussion. what they found was that six years later you had a three or four time increased risk of death by suicide just from a minor concussion. this is a sobering study. one that we need to take seriously and really, really think about. >> so what is the link, doctor mike? what do we think is happening to the brain that's causing this down the road? >> reporter: well, we're not really sure, but many experts look at football players, as you
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autopsy when they die. they have something called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. and you look at the brain, and there's significant damage. and many believe that concussions lead to inflammation to the brain, and changes in the biochem industry in biochem in the brain. i think it has to do with a change in brain bio chemistry. >> amy: and football is not the only sport where kids are prone to to concussions. >> reporter: if you live long enough, something will happen to you. my son and daughter are playing football around the house. they're banging into furniture and themselves already. they're 7 and 4. i am very, very concerned,
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concussions as my son and daughter get older and play organized sports. unfortunately, my kids picked me as their father and there's no way they're going to make it into the nhl, the nfl, or the nba. >> amy: you never know? >> reporter: their genetics just -- i failed them. so the bottom line is, they're going have to use their brains to make a living. i am more concerned about their brains. i am more concerned about them not being depressed and suffering death by suicide, god forbid. i hopefully, i won't make them end up in therapy talking about dear old day, which they probably will already. >> amy: i think you're a pretty good dad. >> reporter: love you amy.
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our kids to therapy. looking for a fisherman who didn't come home. >> john: we'll have more when we
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>> john: welcome back. it is 7:30 here on "good day orlando." we'll get to your live drive traffic. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. look at that beautiful sunrise. see, after every storm comes the light, jayme king. isn't that fantastic? >> jayme: gorgeous. it'll stay that way for at least seven days. here we go. we can see that the line has gone offshore. the heavy line from 30, 40, 50 nautical miles east of cape canaveral. yet to eject from the land in far south florida.
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the lower keys about to get blasted pretty good. the potential for severe weather alive and well. and clearing things out. bright brilliant sunshine. it stays that way for a good while. and gradual clearing, warm temps. 77. another front late tonight and early tomorrow morning. very little fanfare. scraps of cloud cover. and no raif8cu with the next burst. paving the way for good looking weather for the coming days. the seven-day forecast speaks for itself. you have all of the sunshine, pleasant temps and highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. fantastic weather. enjoy it all. >> gina: happy tuesday. messy, messy day on the roadways. left lane blocked on obt. overturned vehicle.
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yet another crash in seminole. i-4 to the 434. it's off to the shoulder but it's pretty much a parking lot`` out there.p a lot of stop and go traffic. definitely give yourself extra time this morning if you are using i-4. taking a look at another crash. back-to-back crashes near sandlake road causing significant delays there. and out here we have another crash at narcoossee at the had 417. that's not causing any delays. another crash that i want to tell you about. at obt and willow street. this is also not causing too many significant delays, but i will keep my eye on that one. and everything is slow on i-4. the attractions to downtown, 27 minutes. the 408 is looking okay. the 417 to downtown will take you 13 minutes right now.
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morning, in orange county, detectives are trying to figure out what happened a ever two bodies are found in a home in pine hills. >> amy:a tragic story. a mother and her teenage dawsh were found on sunnyland road in the pine hills area. and fox 35's dana jay is outside of the sheriff's office and more on what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we expect to learn the name of the ims have are a little bit later today. and we may learn more about how they died. right now, all the sheriff's office is telling us is that this is, in fact, a double murder. a man who lives in the home with the woman left yesterday morning. when he returned in the afternoon, he found the woman and the teenage daughter dead. a sheriff's spokesperson said that both victims had signs of trauma.
7:36 am
break-in prior to the murders. neighbors tell us they are shocked. >> naturally i'll be shocked because normally this is a quiet neighborhood. you just don't really expect nothing like that to happen. >> reporter: and the investigators tell us that the man who discovered the bodies is cooperating with the investigation. we'll be following up on this case throughout the day and we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. reporting live at the orange county sheriff's office. dana jay, fox 35 news. >> john: the search continues for a missing fisherman in brevard county. >> amy: 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain launched out sunday morning and then now his boat has not been -- his boat has been found but he has not been found yet. >> amy: mayor buddy dyer,
7:37 am
hold a orlando speaks event at howard middle school on east robinson street. ryan has the police chief in studio b. hello. >> reporter: we have love it when we have chief mina and we have today. >> thanks, ryan. >> reporter: you see the messages that are sent out there. how important is it to talk to the community, and hear their concerns and you ask share your feelings as well? >> it's extremely important. the what what has happened around the bpx nation. it's important for officers to talk to residents in nonenforcement type situations. >> reporter: the things you hear surprise you in terms of attitudes and beliefs? >> i participated in the first one. i remember a young african-american female, she was telling me about her feelings when she was pulled over by the police. she was just trying to get to work early in the morning, and
7:38 am
i really thought about that, and i was able to tell her about my feeling, and my perspective, and being a young officer, in certain neighborhoods, and kids. and parents pulling away their kids and saying, don't say hi to the police. that's wrong. >> reporter: a super bowl halftime incident. you have to deal with the issues in orlando, even if it doesn't affect you. how much harder to put through the message. >> it's important for the officers to connect to the community. and having the interactive workshops, helps to build trust and relations with the community. >> reporter: people can sit down for 15 minute windows and concerns or praise. >> we always take praise. but the thing that's great about it, about 40 police officer.
7:39 am
all of the officers want to be involved. and 120 residents. one officer sitting a the a table with three or four residents. they get to ask the police officers whatever he this want to ask -- whatever they want to ask. and they run the workshop and the dialogue and the inter-axes and -- interactions and the conversation. people can talk one on one with the officers and conversely the officers do that as well wrp when you out on a traffic stop it difficult to do that? >> many times it's that persons worst day, they've been a victim of crime or been arrested. and this is an opportunity to talk to a police officer in a situation that's less formal. and there's nothing happening. >> reporter: and we know you'll have a great turnout.
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>> john: crooks are trying to take advantage of tax season again. >> amy: what to look out for 10 you don't become their next victim. >> john: beautiful blue skies. the storms are out of here. and jayme king, paving the way for a beautiful seven days, and
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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. >> amy: welcome back. lady gaga's david bowie tribute. the award ceremony saw big winners as well. singing ed sheeran got one of
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and bruno marses and ronson. and taylor swift. and one of the big talks about is her success is her success. and david bowie tribute was a big talker and the red carpet fashions. we want to know what you thought about the grammy awards. tweet us at #gdo. and i have more on taylor's speech ask was she talking about conay, and a lot of people think she was. >> amy: crooks pretending to be from the i.r.s. >> john: there's a warning to keep you from falling victim. in marion, volusia, and flagler counties but it's likely happening everywhere. the scammers call claiming to be the i.r.s. they then say you owe thousands of dollars in back taxes and
7:45 am
that's what happened to 72-year-old gary metcalf. he didn't fall for it. instead, he started to conthem right back? >> they came up and said, we have your records. i thought, oh, what a soccer we they thought i must be. >> john: they will not demand immediate payment at the i.r.s. first sending a letter. and they will not ask you for debit or credit card information over the phone. >> amy: cars were broken into at the holiday inn on atlantic avenue near the daytona speedway. members of jamie mcmurray's crew got their cars broken into. 16 cars overall.
7:46 am
>> assuming they went through the window. and went through the gloving box and everything. and they went through the back, the clotheses, and went through the golf bag. and everything i had gone through, they made a mess of things. >> not exactly a nice welcome to daytona beach. and police are warning people to be on the lookout and keep their car doors locked. we have to treat our guests better than that. >> jayme: i will treat them right, you have that for sure from the weather center. the seven day is plooking good. and a host of activities at the speedway. and separate races and such. again, the weather couldn't be better for it. all of the weather has kicked off the coastal areas of brevard county. you can see it picks back up over land over okeechobee. it is closing in on far south
7:47 am
dade, broward, palm beach counties and through the lower keys. through key west they are issuing marine warning at this time. strong storms with a lot of energy moving into the particular regions. for us, again, it's calmed down. the winds are light and variable. west, southwest. we have seen a couple of spots of dead calm in southwest. and pleasant, dry air is filling in behind this. you see the squall line. a tremendous prolific cloud to ground lightning. at the southern he tip of the peninsula. kissimmee, 61. melbourne, and all of the great beach front communities that had the burst of rain, , you are looking better now and sunshine will prevail. mid to upper 70s for day time
7:48 am
the uv index will be a high. a 3 early to probably about a 6 or a 7. if you are going to be out, protect your skin. the clouds are on the way out, and here comes the front. this will sweep clean the state. and another front impacts the region later tonight. no reinforcements of clouds and certainly no rain chance. it makes for a good solid run of weather over the next self-days. clear and cooler later tonight. a blend of low to mid-50s. a couple of spots in 40s in north central florida. a warm day. and then clouds and then from fort mccoy to ocala to wintersdale. get out and enjoy. and groveland to clermont, solid 70s. and our last stop, but not at least, love you guys in volusia
7:49 am
oak hill, mid-70s. the i-4 corridor, deltona, 70s, and ample sunshine. it looks like 70s across the entire viewing area. the exception, melbourne, 80ish or so. and heading down to the 40s again. down here across east central florida way, solid 50s. i wish had i a drum roll here in the weather center. this is good looking stuff. high pressure dominating. skies are dry. gorgeous. filled with sunshine. highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. this is your weather baby. our first weather baby people. meme. look at this. my first christmas. cute kid, mom and dad. head to for more.
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news, weather, traffic, and gorgeous, gorgeous weather babies. >> jayme: a lot of our i-4 crashes are clearing. this is u4 at the 434. congestion is still a really big issue however. and this crash also just cleared. traffic moving nice and smoothly through there. there are a couple of other crashes i want to tell you about. this first one on obt near orange is causes significant delays in both directions. be aware. use caution in the area. and another crash also on obt near willow street. we're seeing some delays in the southbound lanes. just be aware of that as well. taking a look at drive times. they don't look so a great. i-4 eastbound from jun yawn will take 10 minutes. and 434 to fairbanks takes 14
7:51 am
westbound to rouse road and downtown, 16 minutes. >> john: we're noticing a dangerous new trend in some parts of florida. young drivers doing doughnuts in the middle of traffic. and these don't always turn out well. that story is coming up. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. here comes the stun >> john: i'm making a list right now. the daytona darchghts 500 this weekend. spring training. princess half marathon. hundreds of thousand of people coming to town. >> amy: do you remember a couple
7:55 am
and the nba all-star game. >> john: that was a big weekend too. what else is going on? do the #gdo. and let us know. it's pliem time here in orlando. >> amy: it'll be beautiful. >> john: in pinellas county, there's a new dangerous trend that you need to look out for. young drivers are doing doughnuts in the middle of highways. a woman took this video of a car spinning rapidly on a six lane highway. they're calling this is freeway take over. officers have said that more and more of this dangerous stunt is popping up on social media. >> ebbs freedomly -- extremely dangerous. they're looking to social media. and the results could be dire. >> john: a young driver went
7:56 am
probably doing doughnut driving or drag racing. the driver of the car is currently in critical condition. >> amy: in miami. a driver is in serious condition after his garbage truck dropped off a eamp into the road below. near little havana. the garbage truck somehow fell down to the street below, which was 100 feet. no one was on the street below. and the truck driver is in serious condition and it's under investigation. >> john: there will be a public hearing leagued up to the sinking of the el faro. it went down near the bahamas in october. all crew members on board were killed. there's a public meeting in jacksonville today, and we'll let you know what happens there. more and more men are
7:57 am
>> amy: we'll somewhere a doctor here in the studio to show you what they are seeking surgery for. 59 degrees. it'll be a nice day after a
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we'll . >> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> john: it is 8 o'clock on your tuesday morning, "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you are with us, the sun is up! and it is actually starting to shape up to be a decent day out there. here's the stories we're working on right now. the anthem of the seas, back at port canaveral, live pictures, and, now there is a whole new


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