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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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wahlberg . it's 6:00 a.m. on your wednesday morning, february 17. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. orange county deputies are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a worker at a popular restaurant overnight. a mother is in jail after officers said she abandoned her newborn baby. what officers are doing to try to find the baby. it's been over a month since someone won the big jackpot in melbourne. finally today we'll learn who it
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jayme has a look at the forecast. >> jayme: welcome to the show. 6:00 a.m. on the nose. our numbers showing 40s and low-end 50s. looks like 400s slowly taking over the scene. a jacket is in order this morning. and in the p.m., you want to take off the layers and eniowa shorts and flip-flops as we enjoy mid-70s. the fog grid shows issue at ocala, marion county. down towards tampa, we're looking good. solid 10 miles visibility. and front number one yesterday, and front number two moving through now. very mild sun filled skies and
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of the daytona 500 on sunday afternoon. temps in the low to mid-70s. no chance of rain unless next tuesday or wednesday. i have some breaking traffic news for you. we have a nasty crash here at obt near john young parkway. obt is shut down near lee road. you can use john young as an alternate this morning. chopper is on the way. we're working to get more information for you. taking a look at drive times. i-4 westbound, 14 minutes. and the 417 to downtown, on the 408, it'll take 9 minutes. >> john: breaking overnight. a gunman is on the run after
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ashooting. >> reporter: good morning. that employee is expected to be okay. deputies say he was shot inside the restaurant just after 2:00 a.m. this morning. you could see crime scene. the unit is still here. a few deputies as well. they're reviewing surveillance video and they are interviewing witnesses. orange county deputies said at least a half dozen customers were inside during closing time when a black male dressed in a hoodie, gray sweatshirt, brandished gun, demanded money from employees and fired twice. the employee was shot at least once. he has nonlife threatening injuries. he is expected to be okay after being taken to the hospital. and a second witness was taken to hunters creek. he was not shot but he was shaken up because he saw that
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deputies believe that the suspect is traveling in a white mustang. and that they spotted that vehicle at a nearby hotel. deputies would not giving us any more details on where that is located. deputies have been interviewing witnesses and the customers trying to get more information about this suspect. they're reviewing surveillance video. once we have all of that information, we'll let you know. again, that one employee who was shot is expected to be okay. reporting live here in orange county, fox 35 news. >> amy: a jet blue plane that had to be diverted to oia had mechanical problems. >> john: it was headed to charleston, south carolina and experienced a mechanical issue. it landed safely at oia. no one was injured.
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new plane to be put through to charleston. >> john: a woman and her daughter were killed inside their home on monday. our sister station in portland, oregon, spoke with sanchez's ex-husband last night. he said he didn't know anything was wrong until he received a facebook message from a friend of sanchez's daughter. >> she kept saying i am sorry for your loss and then she screen shots me a newscast segment and it said mother and daughter found dead in a home. deputies said that a man who lived with the victim said that both were alive when he left and when he came home they were both dead. >> john: a mother abandoned a baby girl.
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at the orange county jail with more. what do police know at this point? >> reporter: good morning. the search continues for the new borne baby. orlando police accuse 30-year-old susan richardson of discarding her newborn baby. >> officers were out there all night. we had bloodhounds, and dogs, and search and rescue team looking for this newborn baby. >> reporter: johnny brown said that richardson is his girlfriend and he said he was questioned by police. >> they wanted to know if i knew she had a baby. >> reporter: richardson gave birth at apartments near willow
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>> that's one of the reasons we named her. we want people to see her as a person and to come forward. maybe someone took the baby. >> reporter: if anyone saw her between 10 and 2:00 p.m. yesterday is being asked to come forward. >> john: needing your help with a suspected purse snatcher. the first robbery at a gas station on south babcock. the man in the surveillance picture reached into a woman's car and took her wallet. and the same man snatched a purse on aurora road from a woman. the isn't suspect took off in a dark colored car being driven by a woman. >> amy: joining us right now is
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great to see you. how are you? >> reporter: great to see you. i'm some excited its wednesday. >> amy: we're inching ever so closely. so basically apple is saying, look, we don't want to open up the iphone because it could lead to everybody losing their rights. is that what they're worried about or are they worried about? >> reporter: terrorist versus national security. apple is opposing a order to break into the phones from the san bernardino attacks. they found the iphone. the fbi said we can't get in. and apple hem help help us out.but they get it.
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that they find, i'm quoting, an american company to expose its customers to what they call a greater risk. phone, who else knows what can be done going forward. they call this move dangerous. obviously, a lot of people are annoyed by this. >> amy: people think these are terrorists, he's dead. what harm could come of opening up the phone. but apple doesn't stee quite in that way. >> reporter: they say make it a one time only kind of deal but apple doesn't see it like that at all. >> amy: leg room on flights. what do we need to snow. >> reporter: airbus filed a patent to have a box, a bin, if you will, under the seat. you have a bin. take it out. put all of your you have? there. lipstick, and sun glass won't fly all over.
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limits your leg room. the person can't put their feet under you, the person behind you. and you can't put your feet in front of you. they will probably charge you to use the bin. >> amy: 6:09 right now. if you would like to see more of lauren, you can find her on the fox business network. go to fox finder. >> john: no absentee voting. >> amy: the changes one lawmaker wants to make and why she think it'll make it easier. >> i continue to think that trump will not be president because i have a lot of faith in the american faith. >> amy: the president speaking out. why he thinks that trump will not be replacing him in the oval
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>> jayme: 40s out the door. maybe a light jacket for the morning. and shorts and tees for the afternoon.
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>> amy: president obama is criticizing republican presidential front runner donald trump. >> now trump is firing back as expected as he continues to top the polls. doug luzader is joining us. the new polls is showing a a look. >> reporter: they seem well established. there are a fair number of undecideds. the president is making his choice, at least who he doesn't want to see president, very clear. >> what a crowd, wow. >> reporter: donald trump joined by a large, boisterous crowd in south carolina and
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>> this man has done a bad job and set us back so far. >> reporter: the president singled him out when he was asked about the campaign. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> reporter: that attack may help solidify trump as the g.o.p. front runner, especially in south carolina, where a new poll out by arg shows him up 17 point, leaving some of the other republicans attacking ted cruz, seconds or third in recent polls. >> [coughing].
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hillary clinton had a coughing fit. >> quote doctor -- >> on election day i think folks here until south carolina are going to wake up the next morning and find a very big surprise. >> reporter: maybe sanders will be proven right. we'll see. before the democrats get to south carolina, they have the nevada caucuses on saturday. john? >> john: fox's doug luzader in dc. the senate senator from orlando is trying to make it easier for you to vote. >> it would replace absentee ballot by mail ballot. the word absentee has been outdated. she believes it'll encourage
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>> so -- more people to vote. >> the legislation shows that you no longer have to show cause, you can vote by mail. so we want more people to take advantage of that and we bereave that we'll have more people who are involved. >> the bill cleared the senate budget committee. a companion bill is making its way through the house. we'll talk to a political analyst about what that could mean for the upcome race. let's collect in with jayme king. it's a little chilly. >> jayme: numbers are in the upper 40s. along the orlando metro region. and north central florida, lower whos. good morning to bushnell, and sumter county, around 40 degrees. a bit of a chill, but beautiful skies and perfecto temperatures returning on the day today.
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we ride the wave of good looking weather. i can do without the fog. you have the residual moisture locked into the landscape. and that sets up under clear skies. you typically get a nice veil of fog. nonexistent on this side of the state. you go to the i-75 corridor, and closer to tampa through lakeland and polk county, you get a little bit of a reduction in visibility. a good solid 8 on the uv index today. that's on the higher end of the scale on the uv index. we have front number one and front number two. coarsing through. through. a stronger storm possibly in the makings for next tuesday into wednesday. and until then, it's high pressure on top. by friday, saturday, sunday, we begin to see winds relax into
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it prompts me to tell all of the boaters and fisherman that you may be able to do both. much lighter winds and seas. fishing has been a different story. do what do you, and hopefully you have some tight lines out there. the pacific is slowly coming to life. we have storm number one and then this storm here, the gulf of alaska. going across the open pacific and making a move as we get into mid-week of next week. it'll take a week to get here. right now the preliminary model data show possibly another run of very strong storms in close proximity to florida. as we get more information into the weather center, we'll convey all that have to you folks at home. a good looking day. ample sunshine. near 40s and 50s in orlando. widespread 50s in the space coast down to indian river county.
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looking good for the running of the daytona 500. the big ole grand race at the speedway on sunday afternoon. temperatures for race time, in the low to mid-70s. enjoy it all. here's gina. >> gina: hi, everybody. happy wednesday. we have a nasty crash at rose rosemont drive. southbound has one lane open. and traffic moving very slowly through there. lots of emergency vehicles on scene. we'll keep you updated on that. here's a map of the crash. the northbound lanes at the john young parkway. i made you alinterpreter routes. alternate routes. take lee or john young parkway. traffic is being completely redirected on to lee road. if you are already stuck in the mess, you will get some alternative routes while you are there.
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for this morning. i-4 eastbound, from the attractions to downtown, 13 minutes. the 408 westbound is okay. 417 to downtown, about 10 minutes. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. $1.57 at the 7-eleven on u.s. 17-92 and east semoran in casselberry. you can check out gas saving tips on our website at, and click on traffic. >> john: we expect to learn today who won by buying one of three tickets. >> it's worth hundreds of millions of dollars. the thought of that amount of money has gotten people talking again. >> it's so much money. there's no way i could spend it all. >> john: i could try. >> amy: we have the details on today's big announcement.
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6:21. a live view on international drive. could you spend a little money down there. >> john: yes. it could go quick.
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the orlando eye is looking so >> amy: i love this. look at all that have hair. can you imagine combing that every day. >> john: there's a new top dog in town. one from central florida. the 140th annual westminster competition. charlie, the skye terrier won best in breed. look at that hair. this is his second year making it all the way to the final round of the competition. >> amy: he's beautiful. manual grooming that. >> john: that would be a lot of work. >> amy: we're going to find out today who won part of the jackpot.j7o >> john: no one called me. no one called you. no one called lu. >> amy: someone called lu. one person, not who won.
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>> reporter: not who i wanted to call me. and a news conference will announce who bought the winning ticket. a publix grocery store at melbourne. they'll get a third of the $1.58 billion. the largest winning jackpot ever. one was in california. the other was in tennessee. the people we spoke with told us how they would spend the money if they were the big winner. >> i don't think i'm going to live another 30 year, to be honest with you. i would take the lump sum and invest it. >> it's so much money there's no way i could spend all of that. >> reporter: you could leave it for your kids, and your grandkids, and your grandkids kids. it's going to be announced in tallahassee at 1:30. do you have to complete people
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>> i think by law your name has to be released. it would be nice to be anonymous. >> john: they are changing that law because of threats and other things going on. i don't know what the rule is in california, but maybe that's part of the reason. >> john: buy a private island somewhere, lu. we have breaking news in orange county. the search is on for a gunman who shot one in an armed robbery. >> amy: it happened on the site of a popular restaurant. and gina is covering a nasty crash. >> gina: sky fox is over obt and
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apparently yesterday on the show i said happy friday. >> amy: you did. jayme was like, wait, is it? >> john: i was looking ahead. don't blame me. i was trying. i thought maybe someone would be fooled. happy wednesday.
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>> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here are the stories we're working on. one person was shot during a robbery at a popular restaurant. we'll have the search for the gunman, coming up. >> john: the search for a missing boater off the brevard county coast. plus this ... the photo shoot gets boring. >> what they don't like about their job as nascar drivers. we'll have a preview as we start a countdown. >> john: if it were friday, we would be at the track. it should be better? >> jayme: last year you looked like the michelin men. we have the weather on our side. the weekend looks amazing.
6:32 am
wednesday, this mid-week peak peek first. and 40s are peppering. and i want you to bundle up the kids this morning. it's a chilly one. a little bit of fog developing in some spots. it shouldn't last past 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. and will probably melt before before then. front number two solidifying a good looking forecast. we highs at 74:00 and 75 degrees by saturday and sunday. lows in the mid-to-upper 50s. no chance of rain. >> gina: sky fox is over a nasty crash. at obt and rosemont. all northbound lanes of obt completely shut down. quite a few emergency vehicles are on scene.
6:33 am
crash. only one right hand lane is open. be aware as you travel through this morning. i made a map for you should you need to go through this area. take lee road or john young parkway. everything looks good on either of those roadways. and traffic is being redirected. and appoint see poinciana it's partially blocked at obt. but not causing many delays. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound from attractions downtown, 14 minutes. >> john: we have breaking news overnight. a gunman is on the run after shooting a worker at a popular restaurant in orlando. >> amy: at gators dock side on
6:34 am
south of the 417. and fox 35's jackie orozco is there with more. >> reporter: orange county sheriff's deputies have been interviewing witnesses. there were about a half dozen customers in the restaurant during the time of the armed robbery. let's look at some videos so you can see all of the decks that -- detectives that were here earlier. they were trying to review surveillance video. past 2:00 a.m., a black male, masked, gun, fired at an employee, and shot at least twice and one employee was hit once. he was taken to the hospital. is he expected to be okay. another second person, a witness, was taken in to hunters creek. that person was not shot but was pretty shaken up after seeing the gun brandished.
6:35 am
suspect may be in a white mustang. about 22 years old. wearing a gray sweatshirt. again, they're still investigating. they believe they saw the suspect's vehicle in a nearby hotel. again, we'll stay on top of this developing stoirl and bring you the very latest. jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> john: it's 6:34. crews have stopped searching for a missing boater in brevard county. >> amy: 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain, seen in this family photo, left on his boat and was supposed to come back on sunday might but did not make it home. they have been searching the waters. they found his boat washed up on port canaveral on monday. the coast guard was forced to suspend their search with heavy hearts last night.
6:36 am
admitted to shooting his neighbors and two died. the death penalty is no longer an option they said in the case. following the ruling that the death penalty is unconstitutional. >> amy: our cameras were there when david buck ham walked out of the sheriff's office. the elderly man was found inside of his home on saturday night. the girlfriend,s at tessee, is considered a person of interest in the case but so far no charges. >> john: a well known player being sent to the pistons. and media day is over, and today they start racing. two practice sessions for the sprint cup cars. and an open house from 3 to 7. you can go out and check out the renovations at the speedway and
6:37 am
we were there for media day, at the track, and we asked the drivers of the down sides of competing in nascar. >> the photo shoot to me gets kind of boring because you take pictures all day. >> sometimes you don't know if the sponsors will resign you, or the team will resign. >> losing. yeah. you are never guaranteed that you will win a race. >> drivers elliot and kenseth will be starting up. the rest of the lineup will be determined in the camam duel. >> amy: tons of fans are talking about the big event. and it's now sold out. taylor said, it's a good thing i bought my daytona 500 tickets today. we got the last three seats together. vince says, not that there was a high probability of me going to
6:38 am
but the fact that it is now sold out confirms it. i think you can get infield. >> john: he yes, i think you can. >> > brandon jennings, and earthen elisovo. played under magic coach styles and with the milwaukee bucks. but we'll miss them. >> john: i know they were going to do some shaking up. and the talk again, do we bring dwight howard back? >> amy: no. >> john: all new at 6:00, his his
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>> why he an accused thief in georgia is feeling remorseful. >> he was caught taking a package from an atlanta area home. a guitar hero game and toy police car meant for their children. the victims shared with the atlanta fox station. and the next day the suspect returned what appears to be the stolen items with an apology letter and even some cash. they opened the note.
6:42 am
right but i want to try. >> the behavior changes is the key here. if you take something or damage someone property. >> they are checking for prints. >> john: here's what happened when the pope greeted a large crowd. . >> i don't blame him. they were grabbing hip and pulling him. he's a person. he's a special person. you can't see a man below him in a wheelchair. it happened when the follower pulled the pontiff over on top of him. the pope scolded him and told him not to be selfish.
6:43 am
border where he will address immigration. 200,000 will be expected to pass through to see the pope this time around. i saw some of the stuff on twitter, did he react quickly he's a person. he just got dragged on to another person. >> amy: he's just being real. a storm system which hit south florida. >> it went through with no time flat. find out what the national weather service is saying about
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>> amy: welcome back. health official in orange county said there there's some good reasons to worry about the zika virus. >> john: they're taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus. there are 21 cases of the mosquito borne virus. mild fever, and skin rash and conjunk vietis eye problems. and birth defects. they are concerned but they believe it poses a minimal risk here.
6:47 am
most people. we don't have local spread. most of our pregnant females are not traveling to afflicted areas. i think the most important thing is to understand the risk. all of the florida zika cases are related to travel to he latin american countries. but the concern is that someone could come to through and it could spread. the orlando international airport said that they're taking aggressive steps to control the mosquito population at the airport. two tornadoes did touch down yesterday morning. look at the damage there. one in miami dade, and the other in broward county. both rated at ef-1s. and the tornadoes did damage to homes, buildings, and some cars. one woman was hurt when a tree fell on her mobile home, but she is expected to be okay. here's jayme king. we got the bad weather out of
6:48 am
just perfect. >> jayme: good morning, bud. a secondary frond is getting ready to hop, skip, and jump through the state. it'll set off a dynamic run of weather. high pressure filling in. we have 40s and low-end 50s. a cool and foggy start along i-75 through portions of lake, southern marion, sumter, to the northern edge of tampa bay. we have visibility issues. but the issues will be resolved quickly today. beautiful skies. ample sunshine. delightful temps. 73 or so by 11. and we're on the cool side, dropping throughout 50s by 5:00 a.m. at 52 and 54 around 8:00 pmg tonight. and front one brought the weather through the state yesterday.
6:49 am
system is moving through. and high pressure will be on top all weekend. we leave the temperature profiles of highs in the 70s and the overnights in the mid-to-upper 50s. if you're boating today, seas around 3 to 5. long period ocean swell of 10 seconds. this is showing up nicely on the spectral wave plots. if you speak my language in the surf, you know what i am talking about the in the trade swell. a look the a the wave plot shows a good bulk of the groundswell from the northern atlantic filterers down into the caribbean, and you can see the southeast trade swell hitching up a little bit. 3 to 5 feet at 12 seconds. by the time it gets here, 2 to 3 plus surfs.
6:50 am
blowing from land to sea which makes things extra sweet out there. and ample sunshine. and clear skiess. lows to around 50ish orlando. and 41 in alachua county. mild weather in the weekend. lots and lots of sunshine. and no rain chance until maybe next tuesday into mid-week of next week. enjoy it all, and here's gina with traffic. >> gina: a crash at 408 westbound. we have a right lane blocked. we have emergency vehicles on scene. doesn't seem to be causing too many significant delays but just be aware in the area. i want to take you back to the big crash at obt. it's partially blocked at rosemont drive. @ all southbound lanes completely shut down. i made a map with alternate routes.
6:51 am
young parkway. i am being told that cars are rerouted on to lee road, cars that are stuck in that mess. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 16 minutes. i-4 eastbound about 14. and the 408, 417 to downtown, it'll take about 18 minutes, so it's a bit slow. >> john: taking a look at trending online headlines ttion. >> amy: luanne has the headlines at the wall. >> reporter: the first headline from fox news. scientists claim extraordinary success with treatment using immune cells to target cancer. this is really interesting. doctors from a research center in seattle released the results on sunday. 90% treated were completely
6:52 am
they removed white blood cells and altered them by putting receptors in the white blood cells and then put the cells back in the bood body through infusion. scientists said they have avi,t lot more research to do but this is big triumph. 94%. a dismal turnout. after beyonce's performance at the super bowl half time show fans who were upset said they were going to protest. it was supposed to happen outside of the nfl headquarters in new york. only a few people showed up. here are the pictures. handful of protesters and officers who were supposed to control the crowd, and there were not really a crowd -- the sidewalks were empty. i think not as many people are upset.
6:53 am
people are moved on. >> john: posing as a doctor and running his own practice without a license. why this bust was not a big surprise. a man with a back hoe trying to get away from authorities. the trouble is, they don't move fast. >> no. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream
6:54 am
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@w|gtgtg@|g|m@olo \{o >> amy: welcome back. happening tonight. actor mark wallburg and his family will be downtown for the grand opening of his restaurant. the newburgher joint located in the sun trust building on orange avenue. the kickoff is at 7:30. >> they're in town. time to look at the stories making headlines in florida. >> a teenager is accused of posing as a doctor and running his own medical office. 18-year-old man is charged with practicing medicine without a license. authorities say he performed a
6:57 am
agency and offered medical advice. the florida department of health started to investigate him and cited him for the same offense back in october. chasing down a man who took a back know a joy ride. the 59-year-old man was driving the back hoe on the bridge. he was driving recklessly for an hour and a half before he ran over a spike strip. and then they eventually arrested him. >> john: honoring african-american soldiers from the civil war era. the bronze forgotten soldier statue remembers key west soldiers who served in a union regiment. the piece tells a story of the war that's never been heard before. >> john: workers shot by robber at a popular restaurant. >> amy: the gunman is still out
6:58 am
where they believe he could be headed. that's coming up. the fbi wants apple to crack into the san bernardino's work phone. why they are opposing a judge's
6:59 am
7:00 am
good day. welcome to a wednesday. i'm john brown. >> look at the view. it could not be prettier. here are the stories we're working on for you right now.


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