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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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autism screenings. >> amy: happy thursday. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. >> reporter: good morning. police have wrapped up their double homicide murder investigation here in winter park and we'll have the latest coming up. >> she said i told you. >> john: the boyfriend of the woman who police said abandoned the baby after birth.
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the reason i say that nicely is that rubio called him a liar also. >> amy: the candidates getting feisty. a new poll coming out with a new man leading the pack in the race. jayme king is feisty every day. that's what i like about him. you're never boring. >> jayme: thanks, i appreciate that. your side kick is not too boring either. 39 at oinchts, how d that happen? 39 at ocala. and you may call it cool, chilly, cold, but the great equalizer returns in much of the way of sunshine and gorgeous, gorgeous weather overall. a little breezy to the north. no doubt about that. high pressure migrating over, and clockwise flow of air bringing the northerly flow
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we ride this all the way into the weekend. lots going on locally. the big running of the 58th annual daytona 500 at the daytona international speedway at daytona beach. 76 interior, and race time on sunday, right around 73. and, of course, lots of sunshine. enjoy. here's gina. >> gina: happy thursday. we have new crash at the 17-92, doesn't seem to be causing too many significant delays. just be aware if you are going through there. and we have yet another crash at the 472 at i-4. we're see seeing a few delays. no word on a roadblock in the area. but be careful if you are traveling through there this morning. i-4 westbound is slowing down. but still looking good. lake mary to colonial, 18 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the
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on the 408 westbound, 417 to downtown, 11 minutes. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you. >> john: police have spent all morning veghting a -- investigating a deadly double shooting. >> amy: it happened just about 10:00 p.m. at capen and comstock, off of fairbanks. andrea jackson has the latest. >> reporter: the police have just wrapped up their investigation a half hour ago. the focus of their investigation was on the black truck and the jeep in front of that house there. police were called to the winter park home in response to a possible shooting. when they you a lived, they found -- when they arrived, they found two men dead. police do not have information
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they tell us that neighbors do not need to worry about a shooter on the loose. >> the investigate right now is obviously ongoing. we don't feel there's anybody at large that would be a threat to the public at this point, but we can't rule out anything at this point in the investigation. >> reporter: the evidence markers were picked up about 6:30 this morning. the fire crews were here with police to help clean up the scene. no names were released and we don't have a motive, however, we expect that information to be released later today. >> amy: orange county deputies are investigating a dog attack which hatched just before 3:00 a.m. this morning on apopka boulevard. they were by bit by a pit bull.
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robbed across from thality altamonte mall last night. these two men grabbed $15,000 worth of phones and took off. there were people in the store at the time. if you recognize these men, call the altamonte police department. >> john: a woman who is accused of abandoning her newborn baby is remaining in jail. luanne has the latest on the search for the baby. >> reporter: susan richardson yawned and stretched in court when the judge said she was charged with child neglect. she gave birth inside of an apartmen t and then took the baby elsewhere. police found evidence of a birth in the parking lot. but she
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said that -- her boyfriend, said that she told him she had had a miscarriage. he said she left that baby on a doorstep. >> somebody around here knows what happened and just aren't saying nothing but they want to put it all on me. >> reporter: they have a 7-year-old daughter and she has two young children. he claims she is mentally ill. >> during a previous arrest, they noted she was on medication for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. >> john: fox's doug luzader has more on who knocked donald trump from the top spot of the new national poll. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning.
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never the less, showing the state of the race is in flux. not good news if you are donald trump or hillary clinton. ted cruz delivering the news he's been waiting for. >> for the first time in many months, there's a new national front runner on the republican side. >> reporter: a new wall street journal poll shows that cruz is 2 points up from trump. a massive shift from other polls. at the same time, trump has a wide lead in south carolina. although it may not tell the whole story. >> people doing private polling associated with campaigns and some of the super packpacks, the believe that trump's lead is not as commanding as the public polls suggest. >> if we can win in south carolina, we could very well run of table. >> reporter: when the g.o.p.
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with trump. cruz beats trurch by 16 points and so does marco rubio by the same margin in a smaller race. and rubio got more good news yesterday winning the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton are shown to be statistically tied. and just like trump, hillary clinton can point to south carolina where state polls show she is heavily favored to win the state a week from saturday. >> amy: developing at this hour, president obama is planning a trip to cuba in midmarch. the first president to step foot in cuba in nearly 90 years. and the president is making efforts to strengthen internet security.
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lead siebs security. the commission is responsible for putting together a report with specific findings and recommendations. this is following a massive data breach last year. >> amy: time is running out for apple to make a decision on whether or not they're going to crack into a dead terrorist's phone. >> john: when they will have to choose between possibly protecting the country and the privacy of their phone users.
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a gorgeous day ahead. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru
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love. it's what makes a subaru,
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. >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." i love this camera. this is our new camera on international drive looking back on downtown orlando. isn't that a beautiful view? >> john: perfect. >> amy: a really nice start to the day. a beautiful sunrise. a little bit of haze in the air. we had some fog yesterday, but we're not seeing that today. >> john: all eyes are on apple. >> amy: they have a few more
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asking them to hack one of their own users. >> reporter: talk about a battle of heavy weights. experts say that the company can do what the court is asking but many say they shouldn't do that. they are looking to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. they don't know his pass code. and if you enter the pass code 10 times it would wipe the phone. and apple is capable of making the software but said it could fall into the wrong hands. some lawmakers are saying there has to be some kind of compromise. >> there's a individual case but you can't just litigate this on a case by case basis. takes too long. hampers law enforcement. we need a solution. and we need a solution that protects privacy rights but at the same time gives law enforcement the tools they need.
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solution may be a difficult balance. apple has until next week to formally file an appeal in the case. they have given every indication that's the direction they're going. >> amy: top stories we'll follow for today. state lawmakers are set to vote on a series of education bills one is a bill to allow children to enroll in any public school. and another to provide at least 20 minutes of recess. even if the recess bill passes today, it's not being heard in the senate, so its chances of being law is very slim. and when it comes to visitors, governor rick scott will announce the 2015 tourism numbers. held at epcot this morning. and last year there were 97 million visit, which is short of scott's goal of 100 million.
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demolitions is set to take place. a house on north covington will take place this morning. the goal is to beautify the city and get rid of some of the eye sores. >> jayme: let's talk about temperatures across our fine nation. we show you a lot going on with high and low pressure. you can see a high not too far away from our neck of the woods makes for glorious weather. perfect afternoons in the northern tier of the nation. dakotas, 20s and 30s. chicagoland, 23. and 52 in oklahoma city. we continue with well above normal temperatures from el paso california. la hit a high around 90 degrees. and the phoenix area, the desert floor, and the phoenix metro. cool mornings. we have a little spoke of colder air moving into the region off the big bend.
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mareior marin are subject to cooler temps. 50 at daytona beach. and 40s at hammock beach and palm coast. breezes will be alive and well and kicking and popping into the afternoon. high pressure is coming our way. clockwise flow of air sends in the northerly air flow. and then the winds become more northeasterly, delivering a shot, scattering, sprinkling of clouds. no rain tied to the cloud cover. it starts tonight. scattered about. a few clouds. and coolish temps. 56 by 8:00 a.m. and we'll be live at the daytona international speedway. myself, amy and john. the big ramp up to the big race on sunday, the 58th running of the daytona 500.
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no chance of rain. next best chance of rain setting up late monday, tuesday, wednesdayish. but that is then. this is now. we're looking good friday, saturday, sunday at the track. you can see it live here on the one and only fox 35 here at 1:00 p.m. low pressure is coming out of the pacific. crashing into the western states and bringing a big, big bag of weather. snow, rain snow, thunderstorms, plain ole rain showers. they're getting a little bit of everything. the same batch of energy moves on shore and our way. by about mid-week, the system lines up around texas, near dallas and slowly moving our way. it should bring about a developing energy center passing to the north. there may be a squall line of foul weather ahead of that.
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eyes on. we'll follow for the remainder of the week, and brook also have for you for over the weekend. we transition to wetter times and stormy conditions by next tuesday and wednesday. 71 at orlando. and the shores in indian river county, very, very nice, in the low 70s. tonight, 40s and 50s overall. a cool one. high clouds moving in from time to time off the atlantic. coming seven bringing you saturday and sunday. highs in the mid-to-upper 70s. lots of sunshine. the stormy scene there, possibly by tuesday. rain chance there at 50%. highs that day around 78. >> gina: happy thursday. we're pretty quiet for the most part. i am bringing you back to earlier crashes. the 408. and it's causing significant delays in both directions there. definitely be aware of that if
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taking a look now, this is another crack at lake under-hill road. we had a crash off underneath the overpass. it's looking better in the area. and everything is starting to slow on i-4. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 19 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, 16. and the 4308 is pretty much up to speed. on the 408. regular gas is $1.57 at the speedway on 17-92. and you can check out gas saving tips on our website at and click on traffic. >> amy: just how aggressively should we be screening kids for autism? >> john: a task force issued its final recommendations. the new guide lines when it comes to routine screenings is coming up.
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why can't we be friends why can't we be friends >> amy: i want to be friends with manny so he will take me for a ride. check it out. manny is our fox 35 friend of the day. if you want to be cool like manny and be our friend of the day, seven out fox 35 on facebook. click like. and you too, like manny, could be featured right here on "good day orlando." >> john: i like his bike. >> amy: yeah, it's nice. great picture. >> amy: one of the most influential medical pams has new recommendations for screening autism. >> john: because not all children need to get screened. the fox medical teams beth galvin is joining us. what is the task force recommending? >> reporter: the task force is recommending that we don't
7:24 am
screening of very young children with no obvious signs of any autism spectrum disorder. the cdc says one in every 68 children in the country has an autism spectrum disorder. early intervention is key. but the panel looks for testing and screening and they said they looked at the available research and don't see that the benefits with the screening kids who have no symptoms and not setting off red flags or arlarms or anything. the benefits don't outweigh the risks. we don't have enough research to say that it's beneficial to screen the otherwise healthy kids. >> john: what should parents do if they are concerned? >> reporter: if you are concerned about your child, talk to your pediatrician. toddlers and kids and parents not concerned. we're talking about
7:25 am
flags and routinely screening. the cdc recommends that kids get routine screening at 9 month, 18 months old, and 24 months old, and so i think what the panel is basically saying is that, yes, it's important to be looking for these signs, but if the child is not showing the signs, maybe we wait off -- wait and hold off on screening. the u.s. preventive services task force makes recommendations on screening procedures but don't make recommendations on insurance. your insurance is still going to be covered for autism screening through the affordable care act. i would say that the parents don't worry about not being able to pay for kofnlg to get your child screened. if you have questions about your child's development, or
7:26 am
pediatrician and they can help you assess the child and go from there. >> amy: beyonce's new video so controversial that you could be in jeopardy if you plan on going to the upcoming concert in tampa. we'll tell you what the officers are refusing to do, when we come
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it's a beautiful morning >> amy: it is a beautiful morning. we're looking live on downtown orlando. this is our camera all the way down on international drive, giving you this nice perspective. it's a little chilly this morning. grab a jacket before you head out. by this floorn, picture perfect. by the afternoon. >> john: i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here are the top stories we're working on. we start with jackie orozco. >> reporter: i'm live here at fhp headquarters where i have the very latest of a fatal
7:30 am
. >> amy: beyonce's new song "formation" so controversial that police are refusing to provide security for her at her upcoming concert. >> john: you don't need to stress about money when you retire. we have a financial expert here to explain how to become a 401-k millionaire. a beautiful start to your morning. and it'll be fun too tomorrow, when we're live at the track. >> amy: it'll be great. >> jayme: we see our numbers reflecting 30s and 40s. mid-to-upper 50s. close to 60s along the beaches of southern brevard county. another great day overall. breezy weather. 71 by 2:00 p.m. and the big map shows big high pressure on top. that means a good run of weather all the way through the weekend. winds breezy on the outer
7:31 am
we maintain sunny skies. and the high kicks off the east side of the state, and we'll have atlantic cloud cover. no rain chances tied to the atlantic cloud cover but that may be approaching by next tuesday but until then quite nice. >> gina: we have breaking traffic news. a major crash i-95 northbound. new smyrna beach past the state road 44 exit. one lane is getting through, but very, very slowly this morning. it's a major crash. we just got word of this. i am going to keep my eye on it and keep you updated but at this point, if you are traveling 95 northbound, you have it go through here, i suggest giving yourself extra time this morning or getting off beforehand. taking a look at the drive times. everything on i-4 looks okay. pretty slow, but not bad.
7:32 am
attractions downtown, 20 minutes. and that's it foe live drive traffic. >> amy: thanks, gina. troopers say they found the jeep, or believe they found the jeep that hit and killed a jogger in cocoa. >> john: investigators said that an anonymous tip led them to the vehicle. fox 35's jackie orozco is at the florida highway patrol headquarters with the latest. >> reporter:lcsc i am staying in touch with fhp troopers. they tell me they are processing the vehicle been they can't release further details on that. but, again, all involved from a hit-and-run crash that happened on monday. 39-year-old jason rodeghier was hit and killed by a car while jogging monday morning. the driver kept on going, according to troopers.
7:33 am
tip that had damage consistent with the crash. jim reynolds placed a cross where he was killed. >> i thought it was something good to do for her. i hope they find him. he has to live with this for the rest of his life. >> reporter: they are not saying with the anonymous tip came from. they are processing the vehicle, and the vehicle is in the hands of fhpd. >> amy: a crime alert. attacked three ucf students. >> john: tuesday night at the collegiate village apartments. the crooks forced their way in. the man started punching one of victims. the victims said that the woman had a stun gun and threatened to
7:34 am
the suspect stole laptops, cellphones, their wallets and got away. >> amy: releasing video of a chase. they say they were going after 24-year-old and a 37-year-old suspect earlier in the month. they are accused of robbing a tourist, assaulting an uber driver and driving a car involved in a carjacking. they caught up with the suspects right after they crashed. >> john: brmpleghts county reporting a first case of the zika virus. in brevard county. it was not contracted here. all 24 cases were travel related, that were reported in florida. since friday they have received more than 400 calls on the hotline. some tampa police officers are refusing to work security at beyonce's upcoming concert in april.
7:35 am
the music video for her song "formation." fox's shayla shayla reaves has more. >> reporter: it's the same song she reformed during the super bowl and has a lot of people talking, including police here in tampa. tickets are already on sale for her concerted coming up in april. but so far, no police officers with tampa police have signed up to work security. coming after the super bowl performance of her latest song, "formation." her dancerrers guessed up as black panthers. showing police brutality and the words stop shooting us. make researcheses to her mother's creole ancestry, and food she likes and features she has. the kind of message that officers say is too political and unfair.
7:36 am
this to say. >> like any other event here in tampa, regardless of how controversial, or who the artist might be or the politician, we're going to staff it, because we have the responsibility to do that. >> reporter: now the concert is scheduled for april 29 here at raymond james stadium. so far police have not clarified whether or not officers will be forced to work the scet or -- handle. it's a couple of months away, so they'll wait to see who signs up for it. one option they are considering is possibly re-assigning officers scheduled to work that evening to the raymond james stadium and consider other options to make sure that the city remains safe. back to you. >> amy: reporting live from tampa. thanks very much. >> john: live your golden years in luxury. >> amy: the steps you can take
7:37 am
millionaire. it's 7:36. here's another view in downtown orlando this morning. giving you a nice perspective of the day. a i i dodon'n't t knknowow w whahatt i'i'm m dodoining.g. i i cacan'n't t fifindnd a anynyththiningg jujustst w whehen n i i ththinink k itit's's j jusust t nonot t gogoining g toto w worork.k. ththisis w womomanan t thahat t woworkrks s ththereree cocomemes s ovoverer a andnd a askskss cacan n i i hehelplp y youou?? anand d hehe w wasas s so o hahappppy,y, t to o dodo i itt amamazazining g ririghght?t? i i nenevever r wowoululd d hahaveve exexpepectcteded
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ththatat a anynyonone e wowoululd d fifindnd t thahatt dodo t thahat.t. mamakeke t thahatt gogo o outut o of f ththeieir r waway y fofor r meme.. ririghght t ththenen, , ririghght t ththereree i i cocoululdndn't't b belelieieveve i itt hehe w wasas s so o hehelplpfufull i i knknowow i it't's s susuchch a a smsmalall l ththiningg lilittttlele t thihingng.. sisimpmplele t thihingng bubut t itit m madade e meme s smimilele mamadede m me e hahappppyy mamadede m my y dadayy shsharare e yoyourur s stotoryry.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng
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. >> john: i love this time of the year. good news for baseball fans, spring training starts today. the pitchers and catchers for the astros meeting. and the nationals, and the braves are coming in tomorrow down at disney. >> amy: a local couple is finding out what it's like to be instant multimillionaires. >> john: they're you can tag about winning the chunk of the $1.5 billion jackpot. >> reporter: interesting, the wife said what she dreaded the
7:41 am
to come out and say we won. she was saying how scary that would be. david cal schmidt and his wife maureen smith. they kept it even from their children. she's 70, by the way. she looks fantastic. they want to take a lump sum, $327 million. they plan to take care of family but are not sure beyond that what they'll do with the money. >> he wants to get a new car. >> how about you? >> i really don't know yet. i want to get a massage. [laughter] . >> reporter: yeah. he said his thruk is falling apart as well. he'll get a new truck. and they'll get $100,000 for selling the winning ticket at pub politics. politics -- at publix. we have two of the three winners. still out there.
7:42 am
about the 401-k. most poem are not -- most are not millionaires overnight. but you can if you start right now. the average balance is $92,000 which is a long way to go from retirement. cat amalia is joining pus. us. that's the average. >> that is interesting. 18 to 34, funding retirement is you are thinking of student loans, and finding a job and performance. >> john: in the media we like to say the millennials are way behind, but back in history, everybody was behind early on. there's time to catch up. >> you need to think like a millionaire. daydream that are you a millionaire. think of what life would be like as a millionaire. >> john: it changes your behavior. >> it does. you stop spending like a college
7:43 am
having fun and you start saving. i have noticed that lately a lot of millennials have started thinking that way. i have three at home. and they are all very different. >> john: what's the best advice for the younger and the middle aged people too. >> first thing is automate. when you go and start a new job, automate setting up the 4012k. automate an increase in the contributions and automate the rebalancing so it's done automatically. you are not thinking about it. it comes out pretaxed. that's the first thing. the second thing is you need to make this is priority. millennials are not going to have a pension. they're probably going to have reduced social security benefits. if you look at baby boomers, most of them have a pension, many of them do. you want too make it a priority
7:44 am
and ira and the younger you are to start the better. you can set up the payment plan to pay off the student loans. whatever dollars you carve out for those two expense, you need to carve out half for the student loans and half to invest. the student loan balances are running in the $40,000 to $50,000. that may take five or ten years to pay off. you are paying interest at at reduced rate. if you wait until 40 or 50, you are behind the eight ball. >> how much do you need contribute to get started? 1%? >> you want to contribute at least as much as your employers match. you want that match. that's free money. it really depends. talk to your hr advisor. find out what your employer will match and contribute at least that much.
7:45 am
something. the other thing is don't just cash it out when you change jobs. a lot of people would say, i will cash it out, pay the penalty, and use money for something. don't do it. the penalties could be 20% and 10% from an ira. roll into a self-directed ira rollover, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and wider gamut of where you invest. that's the destination for all 401-ks throughout your working lifetime. financial >> john: 7:45. here's jayme king and a great start to your thursday. >> jayme: nothing better. it's looking good out there. hardly any cloud cover at all. ample sunshine bathing downtown orlando, and we're looking good. temperatures from 39 ocala, 42 at gainesville, widespread 50s on the cusp of 60 at melbourne
7:46 am
same last check at palm bay and micco towards the brevard and indian river borders. good morning to you. another great day. somebody has got to do it. breezy weather. back into the 70s we go. and middle 70s. cooler on the beach front. daytona beach, mid-to-upper 60s. wind off the atlantic is aiding and abetting in the cool down there. and high pressure will keep everyone in the sunshine. the high migrates off the eastern shores and brings in a more northeasterly component tonight. bringing in a few clouds. that's really it. cool temperatures. 54 by 2:00 a.m. by 8:00, i'm looking for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. looking good overall. rain chances? what rain chances. zero, nada, zip. flat. changes by tuesday and wednesday. a stronger system makes an
7:47 am
at the speedway this weekend, it's looking good. 70s for highs. a start time to the great american race. 1:00 p.m. start time. the 58th running of the daytona 500. you can watch it here on fox 35. this system yesterday was in the gulf of alaska and gradually shifting on shore. ahead of that, rain showers to full on blizzard conditions in some of the sierras and western rockies. that system draws closer by early next week. and the computer modeling is not hopping on board with tremendous rain chance, 40 to 50%, but what concerns me, the close proximity of the low, as it races by, do we see more severe weather here in the sunshine state? it's many days out, so just keep it here.
7:48 am
county, so darned nice. and lake county, umatilla to mount dora, good morning to you, clermont, 72. and lots of sunshine. breezy this afternoon, 15 to 20. and coastal volusia, highs in the mid-to-upper 60s. a direct result of the increase in winds off the waters. and deland, deltona, dell-on springs, and 70s and lots of sunshine in place. and north central florida, upper 60s. and melbourne 70. vero, 72. and scattered clouds. breezy in the coastal areas. gainesville, 4 #. kissimmee, 52, and titusville, 56. and much of brevard county in the mid-to-upper 50s, that's where we'll drop to. saturday and sunday very nice.
7:49 am
mid-to-upper 70s. breezes calming some. sunday, the big day, it couldn't be any better. enjoy it all. we have a good looking shot from leslie. thank you very much. a cabbage palm there, a florida native for sure. send us your photos and we'll feature you and your photography live on air. it's layla, a christmas hold over. visit for our weather baby segment. join us today. >> gina: hi there, everybody. happy thursday. we have breaking traffic news. i-95 northbound in new summary smyrna beach. it's starting to clear up a little bit. we have emergency vehicles leaving the scene of the crash.
7:50 am
moving very, very slowly. if you need to take to work or go anywhere, i have an alternate. take instead get off just a few exits before, on the 442, you take the u.s. 1 over to the 42 # and get back on i-95 northbound that way. we have a couple new crashes. on the 408 eastbound, good holmes road. we're seeing delays. be aware if you are traveling through. take, a look at goldenrod and valencia college lane, and that was causing quite a bit of back up but it looking nice right now. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 26 minutes. the 408 is very slow. 417 to downtown, it'll take about 19 minutes right now. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you.
7:51 am
nutrition labels another makeover. >> john: the goal is to help
7:52 am
we'll show you what they may some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> john: that looks nice. 7:54 here on "good day orlando." beautiful blue skies. we're at 51 degrees. and jayme said we're on the way up to lower 70s and lots of sunshine. >> amy: it'll be pretty. nutrition labels can be
7:55 am
>> john: the fda is proposing changes but some groups say they don't go far enough. >> reporter: here's a look at how the labels look right now. it probably looks very familiar to you. but under the proposal, that's how they would look. the calorie information is a lot larger. and changing the definition of a single serving size to make it more in line to what people eat now rather than 20 years ago. and they want to make the changes so people can make smarter changes. >> they don't know how much they are consuming as far as calories and food, and the food labels don't make it easier for us. any help we can get in will go a long way. >> reporter: some say that the changes don't go far enough. they don't say if the food you are eating is good for you or not.
7:56 am
for the label to say what foods you should be eater more of, what foods you should be eating less of, and how much of each is in the food you are buying. what do you think? are the labels needed, do you think? >> . >> amy: think it's helpful. but for most people it's about will power. with he know we're not supposed to eat junk food but don't have the will power oftentimes. >> john: and serving sizes. when you see what's a serving size. that's 130 130 calories but what you ate is not. >> reporter: i think it's helpful. i like how the new alternative says avoid too much of these foods. eat more of these foods. we know we're not supposed to be eating fast food, but it really breaks it down to you. >> john: 6 ounces of fish. how much is that.
7:57 am
>> amy: he stunned the world and became an american hero by running over a dictator's showcase. >> john: we sit down olympic medalist jesse owens' family. and the impact he still has on the world today. you probably know who she is today too.
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. >> it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> john: happy thursday. it is the 8 o'clock hour of good day, i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us and here's the stories we're working on right now. we start with this:


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