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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  February 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> it's 9:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt what. can you can expect in our 9 o'clock hour, should you stay friends with your e your ex? we'll talk about benefits an relationship expert. >> john: and from your family to your friends it can be tough to say no when they ask for things. so how do you put your foot down without feeling bad about it. >> we have an etiquette coach to share top tips, plus this: >> can you tell us what you are going to do with the money? >> no. >> john: i like her! >> amy: funky for the first time, we're hearing from the powerball winners from melbourne beach, what they plan to do now that they are gazillionaires.
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number. >> amy: they have a lot of money. david martin. >> reporter: they can come down to the orlando museum of art and spend it at the antiques vintage and garden show. if you like these kind of things including gardens in operations, this is the place to be this weekend and it benefits a beautiful museum. we'll talk about it in the 9 o'clock hour of "good day orlando." >> amy: what are you trying to figure out. how much money they really have? >> john: no, not really. >> amy: they won't miss 2 million, that is all i need! >> amy: i'm just sayin'! >> john: the write off number and won 1.58 -- you didn't even mention the 2 million, thank you. >> amy: so simple! >> jayme: apparently. maybe they are fans of the show! good morning to you guys. look here, good looking numbers now, we have 40s, 500s, 60s, 65 degrees, melbourne and palm bay
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county an sebastian and vero beach. looking good. high refresh on top means within thing, good looking weather, ample sunshine and pleasantries in the air. temperatures now, and as you look, 2:00, 71, 69 the 5:00 and 8:00, down to 60. a cool overnight, not too bad, though, looks like each and every day we en cure cool this morning and can deal with that. light jacket or sweater weather an peel it off and put on the sunblock. it will be raging, the sunshine all weekend long and the rain chance tuesday, stronger low pressure approaching out of the gulf and we'll talk about that in the long range forecast in 10 minutes. >> john: developing now, police spent all morning investigating a deadly double shooting outside of a home in winter park. >> amy: it happened just before 10:00 last night, the house at the corner of comstock, off of fairbanks avenue. fox 35's luanne sorrell joins us live with the latest on that. >> luanne: good morning, police were call to the winter park home just before 10:00 last night.
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of the men lying in the front yard. the other one was found near the sidewalk. both men were pronoun dead at the scene and at this point police have not released a motive. and have not named a suspect in the case. they did tell neighbors there is not a shooter on the loose. >> the investigation now is obviously ongoing. we don't feel there is anybody at large that is a threat to the public at this point. but can't rule out anything at this point. in the investigation. >> luanne: be sure and keep it here at fox 35 for the latest developments in the story. now, amy, back to you. >> amy: thanks. this morning orange county deputies are investigating a dog attack just before 3:00 a.m. on apopka boulevard. the sheriffs office says the victim was bitten by a pit bull. deputies have not said how serious his injuries are or if the dog was someone's pet. >> john: a woman from orlando who accused of booning her newborn baby remains in jail. susan richardson yawned and stretched in court when the
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charged with child neglect. monday she gave birth to a baby girl in the parking lot of the willow bend apartments. investigators say she won't tell them what she did with the baby. police spent the day searching for baby willow but didn't find anything. we spoke with her boyfriend yesterday and he says he thinks there is a 50% chance that he is the father. >> somebody around here knows what happened, and they ain't saying nothing and want to put it on me. >> john: during a previous arrest police noted that she was on medication for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. according to the national highway traffic safety administration nearly half a million americans are injured each year in crashes involving a distracted driver. >> drivers of all pages are getting an interactive look at the problem and fox 35's jackie orozco joins us live at seminole state in sanford where officials are using similarities to try to reach these drivers.
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>> reporter: yeah, this is the first annual one they are doing at seminole city college and dr. alexander evans is with me and i want him to talk about the trauma -- you guys are the first trauma center, you have been been getting a lot of, you know, trauma from distracted drivers, >> absolutely. as i said, this is the save a life expo for safe driving. and we are a provisional trauma center in sanford and central florida regional hospital. and this is an expo we put on in conjunction with the community. a lot of community support has come out and we're doing several different things. we have the alcohol awareness, alcohol driving or distracted driving here. >> reporter: a simulator they are working on. >> and this is simulating what you see or don't see when you
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and what you can miss. >> reporter: come and explain, she's driving and also texting? >> that's correct driving and texting and cars are coming at her and she's trying to stay on the road but it is obviously going to end in disaster. most of the time. >> over here we have students that are practicing putting on drunk goggles. i put one on and you can't see a thing! >> basically intox case goggles and they put them on several different things, sleeping or intoxication goggles, alcohol or other drugs and try to get it into the basket and we'll see it miss! >> reporter: and there are different levels, right? a couple of people say they have one or two boars and feel fine. >> they have one or two beers and, five or six or seven and how you react in the situations. exactly what is going on here. >> reporter: what else are
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there were going to be extractions outside. >> fire and safety will come out and show an extraction and dui simulators an rollover simulators, and how a dummy react when you are not in a seatbelt. >> reporter: my producer told me to put on the drunk goggles. >> it has the name on it. the drunk buster. 5 or 6 -- >> reporter: okay. i'm going towards the camera it is right here. i can't see it. >> that is exactly what will happen and you'll miss a stop sign or the road. >> reporter: here, right? >> reporter: i'm off. and overall the message is, you know, about the whole distraction. it is deadly. >> exactly.
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you know, like you see over here, texting alone increases your chance of being distracted and crashing 25% almost. a significant thing in our community and we can actually help to decrease trauma, decrease crashes by just decreasing our safety. >> great. thank you so much and there are -- they are giving these out. it will prevent you from texting and driving, right? >> a reminder on your thumb, so, if it is there, go to text and pick up the phone, i have this, don't text. don't text and drive. >> reporter: thank you so much, doctor, appreciate you talking with us. >> wonderful. >> reporter: back to you guys. >> john: 9:09. you decide 2016. for the first time ted cruz is now leading the republican field in a new nationwide poll. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" survey has ted cruz at 28% and donald trump at 26% and
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on the bottom, with 4%. on the democratic side, look at these numbers, support for the two candidates is split done the middle. nevada, just ahead of the caucus there on saturday. the latest cnn/orc poll, clinton 48%, sanders 47%, and all eyes on apple. >> amy: just a few days to formally appeal a court order that asked the company to hack into one of their own users. the user is a dead terrorist and ryan is standing by with the latest. >> ryan: experts say the company can do what the court is asking but a real privacy issue is at play. the fbi is working to break into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter but don't know his pass code and the phone has a security feature where it wipes out data if you enter the pass code incorrectly ten times and the judge ordered apple to make the software to pass the security feature and anal said
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while they are capable of making it fear it could fall into the wrong hands and affect millions lawmakers are saying there has nobody a compromise. >> there is an individual case case by case basis. enforcement. we need a solution and need a solution that protects privacy rights but at the same time gives law enforcement the tools they need. >> ryan: and so a stand off could be coming. apple has until next week to formally file the appeal in that case and google has now sided with them on the issue, two tech-heavy weights now facing down the u.s. government. john? >> amy: still to come. >> john: you want to be friends after you split up? is that a good idea? >> amy: a question a lot of folks have, a local relationship expert will explain benefits and drawbacks to staying friend with your ex. david martin? >> reporter: can't wait for that interview. good morning, we're live at the orlando museum of art telling you about the 34th annual
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show. more than 30 an nikkei vendors are setting up now for the big weekend starting tomorrow. jewelry, furniture, unique
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of times gone by >> stood today marks 15 years since dale earnhardt died in a tragic crash at the daytona 500. that is him sitting with five-year-old chase eliott on his lap. he is the son of bill eliott, one of earnhardt's racing rivals. the picture was taken at the 1988 sprint cup. earnhardt died 13 years later, he was only 49 years old. >> amy: you spend years together and share friends and great memories and break up and it is tough sometimes to goer separate ways, is it ever -- go your separate ways. is it ever a good idea to stay friends with your ex? our relationship expert is here to share tips. great to see you as always. there are a lot of ifs. is it boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, was it marriage, do you have children together
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imagine on that, right. >> a matter of context, not a question that can be answered in a vacuum. let's deal with the marriage thing. the easy one. >> right. >> we have to define friendship. does it mean friendly? because we want to be friendly, but friendship, there are levels and does it mean we are applicable and if you have kids you need to be applicable. because you can co-parent and do all of those things and so that the kids don't see the strife. the other thing with married couples, if you argue while you are married, then you continue to argue and fuss and fight. while you are unmarried, then the kids never escape the angst and it is very important to do that. now, with outside of children, you have to ask the question why is it important to do this? are we business partners and is there a business relationship we
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at interpersonal things, are we doing it because somebody doesn't want to let go? doing it because we have invested so much, and we don't want to give up all of that we have invested? that is critical. but you have to ask yourself the question, why. is it necessary with in the context of my relationship and if that person -- is the person going to respect your new relationships? i teach people that friends of the opposite sex needs to be friends of the relationship. >> amy: right. >> and if they are not friends and can't become friends of the relationship it may be something you have to do away with. >> amy: a lot of resentment will build up in your current partner i would imagine. why are you still keeping in touch with so-and-so and your family says, we see the new age of 0 social media, sometimes even just the fact we are friends with the person on social media is a problem, right. >> social media is always a problem. people get in trouble with facebook. we have done shows on that
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issue of contact versus real friendship, that is why we have to look at that and see if they can really become friends of the relationship. so everybody understands the limit of respect there. you may have people waiting on the opportunity. you also have to decide, can i be friends with this person because if you have an intense emotional passionate relationship with that particular person, given the right set of circumstances, that can creep up again. and mess up your entire presence and you have to make up your mind whether you can or have the capacity to do this. >> and how many times have we heard i want to check up on my ex and all of a sudden you have a whole big issue going on. >> yeah. >> anything you have to hide you shouldn't do. >> absolutely.
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jayme, peanut gallery back there. >> >> amy: 9:18, over to the peanut gallery now. >> jayme: good advice. let's talk about your sky scape, looking nice, downtown orlando, bathing in sunshine and one heck of a die we have lining up now, a look at your temperatures, coming back live again, 63 at tight yousville and the interior, running cooler and we expect that. the wind direction has a lot to do with that now, on shore and wind blowing from the atlantic toward the shoreline and toiling with temps in coastal locales. an interesting feature, looks like a big ocean storm trying to develop here the northeastern flank. numerous strikes there, will pull away all the while for us and high pressure settles in and what a day i've got for you, guys. looking righteous out there. sunshine and breezes in place, 70s as we head toward 2 o'clock,
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problem, a couple of extra clouds tonight. and otherwise quite nice, the day ahead, exactly like here, the visit orlando tower cam high atop the hyatt regency and look at highways and byways and hotels and motels and the district at large there and i-drive can be seen there. a really, really good looking shot and pretty overall and again just emphasizes the rain-free conditions and the stronger storm that could come blowing through by next tuesday and wednesday. the high settles east from region and allows wiggle room in the atmosphere to allow the low moving toward the western u.s. to come across texas and move our way and it will change our weather world, monday and tuesday and early wednesday, days of transition monday, by tuesday the rain chance is up and up.
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departing system, may be windy with morning rainfall wednesday as it looks like another major ocean storm will take shape east of our shores and taking the rainfall with it an enhancing the winds late in the forecast period. over to you. >> still to come we're checking out all things antiques and gardening this weekend. >> you going to be there. >> john: i'll check out race we'll be there. >> amy: we'll be together at daytona 500. a great alternative, something fun for people to do. hey, david. >> i'm with you guys but i'll be here on saturday, we're now at the track on saturday. you can come down here, to the orlando museum of art for the antiques vintage and garden show, number 34. what i love, you can bring your own items from your attic and garage, basement and we have a
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>> john: if you want an old heirloom appraised now is your chance, the antiques and garden show starts tomorrow and fox 35's david marp joins us live. with a closer look at what you can expect there. hi, david. >> a reminder, it starts tomorrow, all weekend and benefits the orlando museum of art. jan is a member of the council 101 and $10 gets you in the door and you get to experience 30-plus vendors. >> live style and a tea room and lots of activity, gorgeous books by india hicks, our featured speaker. and it is really a destination for the weekend. if you are not going to the races. >> a good point. latter of neat furniture, also, looking for interior design.
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>> plus, our friend here, an official appraiser of antiques. you do it full-time and go around the country. >> do it full-time around the country, primarily the southeastern u.s. and work with estates and individuals and lishing liquidation houses. >> reporter: you look at something and know what it is worth. what are those. >> those are from 1890 to 1910. made in china and for the western market for export. >> i buddy was hoping he could finance the college kids education with them, can he or not. >> these days, it might buy a good pair of tennis shoes! >> reporter: sorry, charlie! what do you have here? a smoking apparatus? >> reporter: these were made in the german area, influenced by turkish. tobacco has been associated with turkey and these have that
9:26 am
and are made in germany, 1850 to 1935. >> what do you suspect it might be worth. >> these will be individually price theed d out, 150 to $350. >> i brought this in, it was part of my family's inheritance i got from my grandmother and i want to talk to charlie and find out if it is really something that is valuable and should be passed down through the family. >> because it is engraved with the family name she wants to keep it and she could do a repair and polish it up and it would be a prize for her family as well. a beautiful piece, typical of work 1870 to 1890 and will be nice, silver plate was popular among the well-to-do. >> reporter: in terms of a dollar amount? >> as described, about $375.
9:27 am
you approve. >> i definitely approve! special to me! >> reporter: very good. appreciate that. jan, thank you. the web site for more information, antiques vintage and garden show are on the web site. affair. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. >> a little vase my grandmother saved for me i think has value. i'll have to cheng it out. >> john: the first time we're hearing from the powerball
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>> amy: what they plan to do >> you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> john: 9:30. "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. we do want to get you caught up on the headlines. on this thursday, brevard county troopers have found p
9:31 am
they believe hit and killed a jogger in cocoa. an anonymous tip led them to the vehicle. a 39-year-old was hit and killed while jogging along satellite boulevard monday morning and yesterday, fhp said they had a good idea w hat type of p vehicle it was that hit p him and then they got an anonymous tip that led them to a jeep cherokee that matched the description and it had front end damage. >> it turns your stomach to know the person didn't stop. they hope they find him and he has to live with it the rest of his life. >> amy: troopers are not releasing where they found the jeep. >> john: brevard county is reporting the first case of the zika virus and it was not contracted here. florida now has 22 known cases. officials say they are all travel related at this point and none involve pregnant women, last week officials set up a zika hotline with information on the virus and since friday they say they've received more than 400 calls. >> and, breaking records,
9:32 am
florida released by visit florida show 105 million people came to visit us last year. up from 97 million in 2014. governor rick cot will make the announcement official at a news conference at epcot later this morning and the governor had a goal of 100 million and will be a happy camper about that. >> john: time for this morning's business headlines and joining us live from the fox business network studios is lauren simonetti. market time! what is going on? >> well, four days in a row, dow up 42 points, oil up, seems like we could possibly be positive for february, a huge deal after the tremendous losses in january. and, you know, i want to get you a quote. walmart is down on and earnings report investors are not liking. down 4%. >> john: walmart, they've been known as the low price leader and no longer has the title?
9:33 am
amazon and grocery stores and also have competition to get to shoepers when went elsewhere to come to their stores and are spending so much money and all sorts of projects they are working on. look at the report card for the past quarter they didn't meet expectation investors would have liked them to and are citing a bunch of reasons, the strong dollar and paying their workers more money, almost $3 billion and the type of walmart shopper relies on a tax refund. and there have been delays to the tax refund season and that is cited as something that could hurt walmart. >> john: and today is national drink wine day. and numbers, who is drinking the most besides amy? >> women, so that is amy and millenials. and the number is huge. look at all of the glasses and jugs and cases of wine drank in the u.s. last year the national wine market council says that
9:34 am
that is two cases per millennial per year, three glasses were sitting. i'd be on the floor! >> john: wow, because they don't have kids yet and have more time? >> probably. a bunch of reasons. a, wine is good. and, it is not expensive and the average bottle is $7.80 and, when they are -- millenials are expanding their palates and when you build your family, and start growing and have kids, then wine becomes a little more social. >> i guess so. as early as we go to bed you have to drink wine at 2:00 p.m., not that there is anything wrong with that but when you used to be able to stay up to 10:00 or 11:00 it was a different world. >> but i associate millenials with craft beer, to be trending and keg parties and red bull, vodka, that kind of thing.
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>> john: a little bit. great to e sea you. have a great thursday. we won't talk with you tomorrow, somebody will, we'll be at the racetrack and catch you. >> fun! all right, enjoy! >> john: all right, watch lauren each morning on fba-am on the fox business network, 5:00 a.m. eastern time and not sure where to find it go to finder. jayme king has a look at the race weekend. >> jayme: i'm glad you approve and the weather is just gorgeous. let's look at what is going on. visible satellite, tells the tale of marine based cloud cover. slowly but surely moving towards the coastal areas and that is due in part to shifting winds, the surging of winds by the cloud overlay, where they are coming out of the knot and east and moving toward the coastal areas. it is going to bring a breezy condition. back side of low pressure
9:36 am
sustained 13 at melbourne and the winds will align northeasterly and punch in. there will be cloud cover tied with that initial wind surge and look for maybe mostly sunny, to partly cloudy skies depending on where you are as we go deeper into the afternoon hours. a great day. and we find 69 by 5:00, 60 by 8:00 and should hit a high of low and mid 70s, over the interior. a little cooler along the beaches, mid and upper 60s, especially volusia county north, looking now you can see the temperatures, especially here as we go back into the mid and upper 60s. everybody seeing close to 70 degrees, saturday and sunday and we'll talk about your extended forecast, coming up in bait a bit. >> amy: what do you do when you within a share of a $1.5 billion jackpot. >> john: you go shopping! a melbourne beach couple hit it big and aren't sure what they'll do with it, at least not telling us what they'll do and i don't blame them. ryan.
9:37 am
>> ryan: i would play it that way. they took a month and they said when they found they won they stayed candidate. the lottery introduced them yesterday after a month of waiting to see who it would be and, david, 55 and his wife, who is 70, they say they don't play all the time and kept it secret from friends and family and children, until last week, over three weeks with the life changing information and took the sum of one-time payment, $327 million and now are planning on taking care of their family and not sure what they'll do with the rest of the massive amount of money. >> he wants a new car. i don't know yet. i want to get a massages. >> ryan: they were low key and
9:38 am
$100,000 and it generated $114 million and it the money will go towards students, i could get my ducks in a row and then come out and say it was us. >> john: i don't know why it intrigues me. where do you stay the night before? the super-8 the night before, the night after, at the ritz? >> all flendz and family -- all the friends and family that will have their hands out. >> john: right, buy your own private island! >> you should. >> john: still to come, put your foot down without feeling guilty, an etiquette coach will tell you how to say no to family
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blood. >> amy: well, 9:41. how can you not love that view, our camera on i-drive, looking
9:42 am
morning, a great start to your day. temperatures, 54 degrees and will be a great day out there. a tough one, families and friends and it is hard to say no any whefsh is always asking -- any when everybody is asking for things. how do you put your foot down? our relationship coach is joining us, when you are a woman it feels like people are constantly asking things of you, doesn't it? all the time. >> we are people pleasers and don't want to disappoint and we have a tendency to say yes, when we should say no and we feel resentful. and miserable because we are overbooked that we don't have time to breathe. >> i think it happens more for us than i've ever seen for men, most people say, can you squeeze this in and do this and, when we want to say no we feel guilty about it and one thing i tell people, when you say no, start
9:43 am
you can take a bitter pill better when you have something sweet to take with it. you start by saying nice, thanks for thinking of me. and, it's an honor you want me to do that, and be on your board... however -- >> however! >> you start nicely and say something nice about the person asking you and, you are amazing, i don't know how do it all and get it all done and i wish i could do what you do but i'm breezy now and if a volunteered and helped, remember the word, volunteer. if i volunteered now i know i wouldn't do a great job and be able to do what you need and i would feel bad and and you would feel bad. i bet someone out there is dying to do that. let's find the person -- >> actually you find the person. and when someone asks for money, an awkward thing especially a relative or a close friend.
9:44 am
say no, because that crosses a line and can be awkward if someone doesn't pay you back or pay you back quebec. can ruin a tripp. and one thing you want want to do is say i will not lend it do you. you can take it off and say, as a general rule i don't lend money out and, if you really are tight and close to the belt. that is the reason. i would love to lend you money, you are my best friend but if i do i can't pay the bills. my children will starve if i give you the money and if you have an alternative answer, is there anything i can -- >> babysit for a night or something. >> and there is no anger or upset on the other person's part. >> amy: and you are invited to a family monks you really don't want to go to. of a few family functions, and you can't say no to all of them. what do you do? >> well, if you have been to a
9:45 am
that. i love your holiday dinner and love your fourth of july party and i'll miss it. miss everyone and i have to call everybody and tell them high and catch up. i'd love to be there but we are swamped this year, i can't squeeze it in. we can't get there. can't squeeze it in. it's not going to work for us this year to get there. >> and don't go on facebook and post what you did. and that is the problem with social media. i probably shouldn't have posted the picture since i said i was busy. >> and i tell people, when you say no thank you you are saying no, but also saying i appreciate it. thank you. so always start every no with something appreciative. i'm flattered. you are awesome. >> amy: however... i love the however. how can our viewers find you. >> etiquette >> amy: thank you so much, 9:45.
9:46 am
>> jayme: thank you very much, let's look now, outside. and inside works, too. looks like temperatures now, 50s and 60s, starting to pepper in. looking good at melbourne, 65 and should get into the 70s today and datona beach and coastal flagler county running cooler and wind off the ocean will help out with that and that should keep us in those mentioned areas, upper and mid 60s for highs. good morning, 9:46. where did the morning go in i don't know, i hope you have been with us the entire time. we have talked about good looking weather and winds are light and variable over the interior and we are seeing a pretty good switch-up to the north and northeast direction, and will be the call of the day today. breezy from the north an east and cloud cover as well. . slowly beginning to move in off the atlantic but it isn't that thick, scattered about and scattered clouds we'll call it here, into the afternoon, a great day, looks like breezes
9:47 am
by 8:00 the clouds will be lately more noticeable and keep the clouds overnight and partly cloudy conditions, a few clouds, cool temps and 53 by 5:00 and 8:00 a.m., no problems, ample sunshine and temps closer to 60. if you are golfing, right now in the 50s and 60s, ramp up to near 70 by noon and 3:00 temps on the local links likely over the interior. lower and middle 70s and closer to 70 as you endure the beachfront communities and golf courses, a smidge cooler as you get closer to the atlantic. the rainfall outlook, a stronger storm, tuesday and wednesday and until then the chance of rain is zero. and saturday and sunday we're dry, monday a day of transition and slim rain chances and looks like we'll pull off the great american race, 58th annual, running of the daytona 500, 1:00 p.m. start time, seen on fox 35. and race time around the low
9:48 am
couldn't get any better. i don't think so. and awesome as the graphic says. a big storm system on the western states, if the guy draws closer tuesday and wednesday and at that time we'll see a big, big get-up with the rain chances, probably the range of 50 or 60%. a long way out and the modeling brings it in, high pressure shuffles east of the state and will allow a higher rain percentage, 50 or 60%, tuesday, with diminishing chances into wednesday and wednesday may be windy, keep it tuned and we'll update you. looks good, temp wise and let's talk about weather babies! two lookers today. they look great. cutey pies, leyla now, a christmas holdover and mad ton, eyes and smile, thank you very much, sharing the kids with us and you can log onto the web site, for the very latest in our weather baby world. over tu. >> john: time to check out what
9:49 am
>> amy: bill cosby trying to turn the tables on one of the women who accused him of sexual assault. filing a breach of contract lawsuit against andrea constand and her attorneys, her case sparked the only criminal charge against the comedian and the lawsuit remains under wraps an attorneys declined to comment. she accused him of drugging and molesting her at cosby's home in philadelphia in 2004. >> john: sources say rapper kanye west left the country, after an alleged melt down during the taping of "saturday night live." the profanity laced tantrum happened last saturday. he was upset after the stage crew tore up the flooring on his performance set and said he couldn't perform that way and dropped choice word and flew to paris alone. leaving his wife, kim car did sheian and their two kids -- kim kardashian and their kids back in the e states.
9:50 am
in order and if you believe this. his album needs more sales -- >> it is hard to tell with the family. >> john: get ready for loud engines and fast cars. >> amy: this daytona 500 kicking off this weekend. how much can you really -- how much do you know about the big race? putting our skills to the test.
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>> john: we want to wish you a happy birthday if you are celebrating today and there are celebrities in concluding a local celebrity who says... >> amy: yeah. >> john: he's our ocala correspondent. he gave us permission to say that every time we mention his name. john travolta. i think he was lying about that. he is 62 today. and, dr. dre, who we're sure has never seen our show. >> amy: darn it! we'll send him a copy!
9:54 am
he tweeted us once... >> john: and, diddy will be at daytona, nice transition into our -- i don't know if he has a car but saw him two years ago. >> amy: yes. we are getting ready for the great american race, daytona 500 tomorrow and taking our show on the road and we'll be at daytona international speedway. just ahead of the big race on sunday and great racing going on all weekend long and if you can't get in on sunday because the tickets are sold out, go friday. saturday, tonight. >> john: tonight would be great. >> amy: the truck race and, all that stuff. we thought we'd take a little bit of racing to the masses, to you, to john and jayme. they have the cars. what color -- >> i'm yellow. >> i'm red. >> yellow socks -- >> and, look at that.
9:55 am
they'll best my eyeballs! all right, so, here we go, trivia question. we'll do -- okay, see if you guys can answer. john, your car -- backwards. >> okay, first question -- >> all right, so, here we go. tomorrow we'll talk with speedway's president about the make i don't ever and how it will impact the fan experience, and number one guessing, for today, is, how much money was spent on the makeover of the track. 400, 300 or $200 million? >> all right. john? >> john: i'm going to go with $400 million. >> jayme: $300 million. >> amy: answer is. >> john: $400 million! >> amy: good job. >> john: how far does my cargo? >> right here. >> john: only three questions? >> amy: yes. a third of the way. and we'll sit down with richard petty. like last year. the king is the most decorated
9:56 am
how many races has the king won? answers on the board. 100, 180, 200? how many races has he won in his career. >> jayme: 180. >> john: seems high. 100. >> amy: he's the king and called him king for a reason. 200, you have it wrong. here, this way. florida-georgia line will headline -- better get to the pits. they'll headline the pre-race show and brian kelly is one part of the duo. we'll speak with his dad who has a cool job, okay? dad will be there with us. what does brian kelly's dad do? a local guy. a local singer? a local mayor or a local astronaut? what does his dad do? >> john: you must go first. >> jayme: mayor. >> amy: mayor? mare?
9:57 am
horse's wrong. >> john: i think you are wrong. he's the mayor of -- along the beach there. one of those cities along the beach. >> amy: he said mayor. you thought he said mare. >> john: i don't know. i was trying to confuse everybody. jayme is right. >> amy: can you name -- >> ormond beach. >> amy: all right, you get to move up and john, you are tied. >> we need an ice breaker. two wrong. >> john: the dumbest game. >> jayme: quick. >> amy: we'll see you tomorrow, be sure and join us, we'll be at the track. a great time. luanne and ryan will be at the studio and jayme will have your
9:58 am
9:59 am
see you tomo (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.


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