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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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f3 . it's monday,&j february 22. i'm{ john brown. >>; i'm amy{ kaufeldt.a /]_ z so gladu* you're withv: us this{ morning. &j a person'7{ who died in a1e{ nasty 3q!%m islp the7s scene out ofko orange|`
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q()pttfo1 across orangemy{{ blossom{i]u! trail. >>u! e i] that's onep [indiscernible]{s i*&!@&c @&c& can sayba ismyg# horrendous and is am!lqhp &c& in shock. >>zv where thed8 suspected driver | is >> twoa people found{ dead inzv a homey/? on merrittb island. withss iv: wh/%qymoo3_[ uu)t(ujujiiuj #g; know so{{ \ far. =) unbeliv >>hshp &c& bo it wasx completely insane.#vz0l insane finish#o last night{ aty-$u$e|` daytona 500.a5ok 10g first and{ second pl!g ]`how the drivers arg>' reacting this1e morning. wouldn'ym you bei the oneq+n kicking .wu)self if millisecond.x
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>>ok{ i wasa down top the metal. >>a,i i am notxd a %)s raceba+ fan, butv:my but i4 could not turn away from[wh the?;ht race.tzv fantastic. >> jayme:) unbelievableq% race beenx everybod``r*fu home, we hope[qu hadc'pl$p wonderfux' weathervg# weekend. very muchook like we haveq| this morning.{ vm#xpp cool start-/hym giving way toym another warm day.ym aa cool start ate the bus stopko gives|` wayg#tko to a wav day.{; a few extra7s rainc' drops mayzv grace ]q!i skies.ym zpwq)tainly tuesday into and today-- is kind ofs a|| transitional day.e we|` increase the|| couldn't, and a host ofs7 factors4h that bringq about ag# juicyxd rain chance yss! potential for&j strongerym storms as anv!ig areaok of low pressure and aht
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the plains andrgp comes ourco` way. and 75 for the> gina:{_?h$appy monday. weg# have a newu! crash i want{ to tellw you about.jf this is/ at jjz youngjf parkwayxgn at sand gg word{_ ofe/cabadblock, but weu/x are !0 *rkkutt)j jt)(p'to delaysf on sandnb lake. and#o a crash atu! obtzv which iszv partially{ blocked atkonb0& americana.{ mm um%9 significant del=eey we know#a2 was ae/c deadly cra j in the 9 area.@< fox | 35's andrea jac&wjz is liver> on scene ine will showw us what's goingvxnn there and: let us knowm/] when the roadc is set) tou! reopen. >> reporter:ht good morning.aa*
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however, the@< northbound#9% lanesr> remain shut down.ym the (#p*rv: happenedq% about 3:19 rl5,0 morning.{ troopers were ca$v:p, aboutxd a|` crashq% here at; americana nm orangenot bloss h{ one driver/+ took off. &e were able lopi track himu! down to4 americana boulevard.s he's??| been+wx apprehended and{ treated|` foru wounds atzvjcs(y we spokee (a with onev: witness.a5 wrappedok up hiszv cab driver|[ shift.lp|` having'of breakfast.jf heardu one driver8 speed)nb pastko and thennb the#9 crash. >>{ there'sp literally no|` wayko; to desbbibe the_[zv horrific accidentym that justko happened and i havep been heremy forp about 13 yearsco` in .g 11=i% ymht and_[ my thoughtslg ands prayers gou! out to thep personu!{) whof:uu killed{ in thei] vehicle. dr ujuu g thatym witouss stillht
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andmy seaing thatmy crash early this \ morning.]i you're lookingjf at"o" fhp troopersmy talking to one of|` the driv'9 hit in{ the{ hit-and-runym crash.zvmye ymu his|` merritt island. dana jay has the latest. good morning, dana. >> reporter: good morning.
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brevard county fire and rescue called to this home. 7 indian street here in merritt island late last night. they found two people dead inside. and the sheriff's office took over the investigation from there. they are calling this is death investigation. no word on whether or not there was any foul play or who was found dead or how they were killed. neighbors tell us that a father and his school-aged child live in that house. as we work throughout the morning to get you more information, we'll bring it to you. >> john: a pond in orange county is being drained as the search for baby willow continues. >> amy: the baby was abandoned by her mother about a week ago. and the pond is near silver star. they believe that the baby was
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they searched dumpsters and nearby sewers but didn't find anything. the baby's mother is not offering any information to help them find the child. richardson is being held on $50,000 bond. >> john: the city of orlando is launching a garbage experiment to keep bins from overflowing. people have complained their trash cans are only half filled by the recycling is overflowing. during this time, recycling and trash will be picked up once a week. if the results are good, the entire city could make a switch. >> amy: that means we're recycling more, wig is great -- which is great. >> amy: a man's mother was run over by a dirt bike. >> john: the driver of the bike
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woman at powers and denton drive. both of them were rushed to the hospital and both died. >> i saw her and she said she would go down the street and get something. i hope they find whoever it was. >> a group of motap(sqj and atvs in the area when it all happened but none of the drivers remained the the scene for questions. >> amy: 10 milliseconds separated the winner from second flays. it was truly a photo finish. you had to snap a picture just to be sure. >> reporter: it was so exciting. here's a headline. photo finish. denny hamlin wins closest ever
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>> here they come to the line. the finish of the daytona 500. up believable! >> i think it was denny hamlin. >> what a finish. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> reporter: it took a while to figure out who was the winner. hamlining managed to sneak past his teammate matt kenseth and martin truex jr. it was so close that hamlin said he didn't know he won at first. it's his first victory. something that hamlin attempted 10 times before. >> it's the pinnacle of my career for sure. i have not gotten a championship. this ised biggest win for myself. >> i felt i had enough momentum to keep him behind me, and i did, until the last couple of feet, and he just shot out. >> really pumped for joe to get
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for the daytona 500, it's been a long time coming. cool could see denny score the victory. >> reporter: this is the cool part. in second grade he wrote a letter to himself wishing for a daytona 500 victory. moments after the big win, his mother tweeted out a photo of that letter he wrote when he was in second grade. his letter said he wanted to win the race in 1998. it may have taken him 18 more years than expected but he finally got to victory lane. isn't that adorablele? he's like 7 years old. >> amy: that's really cute. good for him. reach out and touch someone on facebook. the social network is moving closer to using virtual reality. joining us is the lovely lauren simonetti. hi, lauren. happy monday. >> reporter: happy monday. i love that. reach out and touch somebody on facebook.
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very near future is about virtual reality. they bought oculus a few years ago. the technology is more and more commonplace. and facebook ceo is betting that the future of our social interactions will be through virtual reality. he has formed a team to work on this. >> amy: how does it work? >> reporter: i should know. my husband got a virtual reality set for christmas and he wears it, and he looks like a do all the time. but i had no desire to put it on. but you have 360-degree view, and you see everything. >> amy: like a 3-d movie thing. and you feel like you're there? >> reporter: yeah. and mark zuckerburg said it'll
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see how your daughter walks for the first time, and others can watch it too. >> amy: or you can just watch it with your own eyes. >> reporter: headaches, dizzy. >> amy: that's why i don't like 3-d movies. >> john: good point. could you experience in 3-d or live it in 4d and touch and see things. wow. weird how that works. 6:11. the the number of zika cases continues to grow including here in orange county. >> what oia is to doing to prevent it from getting worse. >> to put them in the bills, they didn't pay the electric bill. >> the light goes down on trump. what left the g.o.p. front runner in the dark. jayme king always in the light. >> jayme: hope to see you.
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enjoying that fantastic weather. patchy fog. and i'm talking about rising
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>> john: 6:15 here on "good day orlando." s this what we do during the breaks. we broadcast live on facebook. if you have not seen that new feature yet. we do it quite often. we did it at the track. and producer jack is wond wandering around. and there's gina. and jayme king. if you can't get enough of us on the air, you can get us online. is that too much of news. >> amy: a little bit. sometimes we have to go to the bathroom, so can't always be here. >> john: candidates on both sides moving ahead. >> amy: republicans holding a caucus tomorrow and democrats having a primary. they basically switch. marco rubio wrapping up a rally. he talked about reforming education, and limiting the size of government. and rubio who finished second on saturday joked when supporters
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>> marco. >> don't say polo. i know you want to say polo. i hate that game. in fact, when i am president, it'll be a federal crime punishable for five years for playing marco polo. that's a joke. >> amy: that was pretty funny. cruz said a top priority of his administration would be to bring back jobs, growth, and opportunity for all americans. donald trump who is expected to win in nevada is in georgia. he held a rally last night blasting the size of the national debt and illegal immigration. he had fun with reporters when the lights suddenly went out. >> we were probably sent here to put them in the jails.
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jails -- they didn't pay the electric bill -- oh, i like that much better. >> go ahead, sing the song. the lights went out in georgia >> john: hillary clinton is in los angeles. supporters will need to donate $1,000 each to get into then event. a bernie sanders said his loss was a a failure to get more people out to the caucuses in nevada. >> john: jayme king. a great weekend. what about this week? >> jayme: not bad. a day of transition been moisture content, dew point, and clouds increase. everything will go up. eventually the rain chance. and it was now are down. hardly up. as we see and realize a very cool morning with widespread 50s.
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brought in a component of cloud cover. rain developing on the northern flank of this particular system. it's not going to pass through as a cold front. it'll basically melt away or diminish, wash out, i suppose you could say, to the north. we'll see an increase in clouds and isolated rain risk. making a move to 80 degrees when all said and done. even a chance of strong to severe weather in the region. i was tracking this on the eastern side of the high. a lot of energy coming down through the eastern edge of the rockiess and filling in. certainly by wednesday. we have a model forecast showing the evolution of the system. number one move it's s away. the then the low starts to push through on forward motion. by early to mid-afternoon into the evening as we get into
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this concerns me. the storm prediction center weighs in and makes the assessment as to who may or may not see severe weather. they have us outlined on wednesday with a severe risk. keep it here. we'll do our best to keep you upto date on the evolution of the system, the timing, and more possibly what may come to fruition in the form of maybe stronger storms. we'll keep you updated. seas 3 to 4. 12 second interval. a long period swell. translating to fun surf today, guys. 2 to 3 feet. east, northeast swell. southeasterly sea breeze, 5 to 10. 76 on the sand. general increase on the cloud cover. rain chances coming up tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. behind the departing system, cooling things down and bringing
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lows back to low and mid-40s and highs in the 60s. >> gina: happy monday. sky fox over the crash at obt at americana. you can see significant backup there. the northbound lanes on obt. the road shut down. traffic being diverted on to rose. if you want to avoid this area all together,ly show you alternate routes. you can take orange or take john young parkway. another crash at john young and sand lake. no roadblock or significant delays, but just be aware if you are traveling through there this morning. i-4 is looking nice. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, about 12. and the 408 is pretty much up to
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regular gas is $1.57. go to, and click on traffic. >> john: 6:21. talk about the ultimate food fight. >> amy: an argument at a flag pleasure county restaurant -- flagler county restaurant landed several in jail. >> they don't deserve to be on the streets committing acts like this in the general public. >> amy: what sparked a massive food fight.
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a nice cool morning. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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a health alert. orlando international airport taking new steps to make sure you are safe from the zika virus. they're distributing educational flyers to travelers. the flyers encourage travelers to bring in-insect repellent and cover up their skin to prevent mosquito bites. there there are 24 cases. they are all travel related and
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deputies said it began after an argument over garlic knots. 25-year-old jessica conti said she didn't want cheese on her garlic knots and she argued with the staff to return her money and didn't like how they put the money on the counter-and things got out of control. >> she threw a tip jar, and then the three friends with her, were of a mob mentality and pushed and shoved all of the electronic equipment. >> john: then he this went -- then they went into the kitchen and started to throw around items. they are all charged with burglary and criminal mischief. >> amy: still ahead, why investigators warn suspect may
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another live look into downtown.
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welcome back. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. we're going to have a beautiful sunrise. be sure to keep it right here. first, four cars colliding in a deadly hit-and-run that happened overnight. where troopers are investigating to find out what caused the crash. >> john: people buzzing about the central florida billboard. you will see it in just a second. i apologize. that's the wrong video. we'll get that story in just a bit. plus this. >> it all just came together. >> amy: it did. literally in the last millisecond. the closest finish in daytona 500 history. following a record-shattering race. i found myself throughout the day getting sad seeing some of the drivers crash. chase elliot, drivers we were super excited about. seven laps in he was out. what do you do.
6:31 am
>> john: and junior, and danica. >> jayme: the weather couldn't have been -- the weather couldn't have been better. last year we froze. we hope you had a great weekend. one of a series of a couple different systems. the greatest effect coming in on wednesday. general increase in clouds right now. there'll be slight chances of showers today, but on the back end of the day. nothing too concerning. 61 sanford. 59 tampa. and melbourne, upper 50s if not close to 60 at palm bay. again, a cool start. increasing clouds and isolated rain chances by 8:00 p.m. the chance comes up as the sun
6:32 am
we may find strong to severe thunderstorms in play by mid-week. after that we brighten the skies and cool it back down. we've got cooler mornings by friday. 40s back in place. >> gina: good morning. happy monday. we have a new crash that i want to tell but. this one here is on semoran. partially blocked at cornelia avenue. and not causing significant delays just yet, but i will keep my eye on that and keep you updated. on americana, partially at obt, northbound lanes are backed up. and fox 35 andrea jackson is on the scene and will plain what happened in the crash. >> reporter: good morning. i'll step out of the way. we're at the intersection of orange blossom and americana
6:33 am
cleaning up the shattered glass. two cars involved in the deadly four car hit-and-run. the one most mangled is the one where of the fatality was involved. the crash happened at 3:17. we had a chance to speak with fhp trooper kim montess. >> this is a rear end collision. we're amazed that the vehicle was able to be removed from the scene. the driver is at the hospital. that helps us with the hit-and-run crash. we don't have to go out and look for a driver. >> reporter: the driver they believe caused the crash will be taken into custody after being treated for his wounds at ormc. this is live pictures of the northbound lanes of obt, still
6:34 am
mop up the mess left after the four-car crash. they expect all lanes to be reopened in the next is 15 minutes. southbound traffic is moving well behind me. >> john: developing right now, two people found dead inside a home. >> amy: this morning the brevard county sheriff avenues office is trying to figure out what happened there. 7 indian street in merritt island south of the causeway. two people were found dead inside the house last night. no other details have been released. scene. they'll have a live report for us coming up in the next hour. a new billboard created by the american muslim community center is causing a lot of buzz. it's near i-4 and john young parkway. comparing three women from three different religions wearing head
6:35 am
some women say they're harassed for wearing the head covering because some people associate the scarf with terrorism. the leaders want people to know that the display is no different than any other religion. >> a lot of times people don't think of the similarity with the muslim head scarf or the christian nuns or mother [indiscernible] it's an act of devotion, of worship. it's part of the faith. >> amy: the billboard will be up until march 7. >> john: it truly was a photo finish ated daytona 500. >> amy: denny hamlin won by a fraction of the second. the closest in daytona 500 history. he narrowly beat out martin truex jr. for the checkered flag. and the first time that a driver
6:36 am
and first win for joe gibbs since 1993. and hamlin spoke about what motivated him. >> it's a team. joe gibbs sat over here a week ago and said the side bar races are getting old, and let's go on to the new ones. >> chase elliot and dale earnhardt both didn't finish. >> john: the magic coming off a tough loss to the pacers last night.: the> game was tied all the way through.` andh but the pacers pulled away late. they took this 105-102. the first time we got to see the majority of orlando starters
6:37 am
the lions won it 2-1. lawmakers heading back to washington, d.c. the debate over who should replace justice scalia moves on. discussions to finally end the koreaen war. a live look inside the control room. matt is the one in our ears right now.
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we'll be right back. >> amy: just a sliver of sunshine poking throughout clouds this morning. thick cloud cover. but it looks like it'll be a pretty sunrise. and jayme says it'll warm up nicely throughout the day. >> john: we now know that the u.s. agreed to secret discussions with korea with aiming to end the koreaen world once and for all. >> amy: but this was called off just before the latest bomb test. they re-neuzed to discuss anything related to the nuclear plan. >> john: iraqi government is assembling hundreds of troops at
6:41 am
defeat the terror group by the end of the year. >> amy: members of congress meeting for the first time since justice scalia's death. the fight over finding scalia's replacement taking center stage. 40% believe that president obama should choose the successor. 46% said that the next president should take the pick. >> john: going to college for free and studying overseas. >> amy: the deal that seems too good to be true that you might be eligible for. >> i'm okay. i will be okay. anyone that knows me knows that i will get through this. >> amy: badly bruised and sore. but her spirits still very high. what the orange county deputy had to say about being run over by someone trying to get away. it's 6:41.
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>> amy: a sergeant out of orange county is speaking out about her recovery after being run over by a teenager boy she was trying to take into custody. >> we first told you about this on friday. she was run over on friday morning. the suspect is 15-year-old. he is still on the run right now.
6:45 am
after she got out of the hospital. show said even though she's bruised she is optimistic and overwhelmed with the support she's getting. >> i have four stitches in my eye over here. and i've got quite a bit of swelling around my eye and into my head, and i just really appreciate them taking the time out of their day to wish me well. i am very humbled by that. >> john: the sheriff avenues himself in. if you know where he might be, you are asked to call crimeline. >> john: identifying a suspect involved in an armed robbery inside what taxi cab. >> amy: they are looking for divine lovett. he took the driver's wallet and cellphone before getting out of the cab and runs away. lovett could be a male that who
6:46 am
>> john: a man accused of shooting four at a convenience store robbery. roy stevens barged into the s and w food store on parramore avenue. he demanded cash, and opened fire. four people were hit and one is still in critical condition. >> amy: trying to determine what sparked a fire in deland just before noon yesterday. near state road 15. the two people inside were able to get out unharmed. the house was a total loss. 6:46. checking in with jayme king to see how things are shaping up. >> jayme: elhoa. hope everybody had a great weekend. the weather was certainly on our side. gorgeous temps, pleasant air, and, of course, average sunrise. if you are traveling, bring a coat. in the upper midwest, it's been chilly.
6:47 am
we have early morning. temps of 20s and 30s. and another shot of cold air affecting our neck of the woods by about wednesday. and a stall front is producing shower and storm activity in austin, texas, beaumont, and the gulf south. and you can see from the satellite imagery that the clouds are increasing. a there's a slight chance of rain tied to the increase in cloud cover. 50s and low grade 60s. those of you getting ready to head out for the commute this morning, maybe a light jacket would do you good this morning. clouds are materializing and thicker around the florida big bend. overspreading north central florida in pretty quick fashion. a blend of sun and clouds. our accuweather visit orlando cam. i drive is looking good.
6:48 am
area from out of town, and you are going to the theme parks, it doesn't look too bad. a general theme of increasing clouds. sunshine to crisp up your sun. the afternoon sun angle can really do damage to your skin if you are not protecting yourself. despite the clouds there'll be impact with the uv index today. we will stop this here and show a line of strong vigorous storms. the possibility for strong showers on wednesday. we're outlined with a risk for severe weather. things could get rough
6:49 am
ocala, this is our marion county forecast. and close to 08 in all locales. close to 80. and gorgeous on the southern end of the county. a warm day despite the increase in clouds. slight chance of showers late. volusia county looking good for the i-4 corridor. rip current risk will be rather high today on the beach front. if you clooz to venture into the chilly surf, do it near a lifeguard stand. the rain chance increasing, and then down to zero by thursday. if you like it cooler the weekend is just for you. >> gina: sky fox over the
6:50 am
obt and americana. the northbound lanes are still shut down causing significant delays in the area. i would suggest taking orange or john young parkway as an alternate. we have back-to-back crashes there. use caution and be aware. we have another accident here on colonial and goldenrod. no road -- no word of roadblock. i-4 still looking pretty nice. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown will take about 12 minutes. and the 408 will take about 10 >> john: trending online headlines.
6:51 am
>> reporter: the first hiv organ transplants about to begin. johns hopkins school of medicine was approved tovvb9 perform transplants using hiv positive patients. the school will be first to perform these procedures. they were not allowed to donate organs before. but all of this changed because the law, the 2013 hope your next headline from the washington post. it reads, americans can study in germany for free in english. an increasing number are doing it. now tuition at u.s. colleges has surged in recent years and it's not getting any lower, we all know that, so american students are taking their education to
6:52 am
it's true ition fee -- tuition fee. and final headline. juicing is bad for you and the earth. you lose fiber when juicing. and left over pulp is being thrown away. and builds up and creates methane gas. researchers say you should cook fruits and vegetables because cooking releases vitamin and minerals that your body needs. as long as you get some fruits and vegetables, some is better thran none. >> amy: figure out another way to get your fiber. work it out. interesting. >> john: a woman from tampa is recovering after being stabbed by her roommate she just met on craigslist. >> amy: the frightening cancels.
6:53 am
would that do that. take an animal that's not yours. >> amy: someone stole an animal and left him stranded.
6:54 am
him home. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> amy: marvel's dead pool no. one bringing an estimated $55 million. coming in second, kung fu panda three. $12.5 million. i think that was one and two last weekend too. and risen. and then how to be single after the witch. >> john: making headlines around the state. >> amy: a miami woman is recovering after police said she was stabbed by history roommate, a man she met on craigslist. police say he lived with danielle jones for only one week when he beat and stabbed her inside their apartment on valentine's day. mitchell's attorney said that he is claiming self-defense in the incident. he remains in jail without bond. >> john: we expect to learn more details on the sunken cargo ship
6:57 am
all 33 crew members on board died. today is the first day of hearing for who is responsible for the ship's demise. >> amy: medina family came home toll find their german shepard was nowhere to be found. a good samaritan called after they saw a than put a dog on the side of the road. >> i can't fathom how somebody would do that. take an animal that's not yours. i just want to say thank you. my family is so grateful. >> amy: look how sweet she is. a little dirty but otherwise unharmed. police have not identified a suspect. >> john: we were debating the
6:58 am
lick-a like ha, or luka. >> amy: witnesses are stunned after a mangled car takes off from the scene. >> john: trash talk dominates a neighborhood. what the city is doing to
6:59 am
donny wahlberg, who (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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"good day orlando." i'm a john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us this morning. here are the stories we're working on for you right now.


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