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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> amy: happy wednesday to you. we're so glad you're with us on "good day orlando" with our 6:00 a.m. hour. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. >> amy: parts of central florida are under a tornado watch. this same storm as spawned tornadoes in the panhandle. s this a look at some of the damage. some people have actually died in the storm. we have details of what we can expect and what we'll see around here. >> john: a woman in central. they said she murdered her own son. we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. thank you. >> amy: donald trump winning big again. the final votes were counted in nevada wp keel
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marco rubio fared. it's one of those mornings you walk out and you can sense something is coming? >> john: something is different. >> jayme: we're what we are in the warm sector of the storm. and it's a going to be a warm muggy day until this moves through. a 10e a.m. alachua, marion, and sumter, we're under a tornado watch. the northwestern corner of alachua county has a severe thunderstorm warn going until 6:45. this system is hauling some tail. moving really, really fast. we have rain developing in gainesville soon. the entire glob will be moving in your general direction. from that point, spreading into ocala. and south and east of that it'll be fair game. a broad system. we've been talking about this since its inception since it
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it formed up real nice and brought a big helping of nasty foul weather to the states. and wreaked havoc to the southern states and now it's knocking on our door. rain chances exponential rising. ocala 8:00 into the 9:00 a.m. hour. mount dora, lake county, 9:00, 9:30. i-4 corridor, 10:00 a.m., to 12:00 p.m. and cocoa beach, rural sections of osceola, from around 11:00 a.m. into the 1:00 p.m. time frame. storms on the way. and peeling back the rain chance tonight. clearing things out nicely. drop skies and bringing down the temperatures. looks like a run of fairly cool weather over the next couple of days. as amy pointed out, you can tell there's something brewing. temperatures are mild, around 70
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storms today, not tomorrow. bright glorious sunshine phasing on back in. and cool temperatureses and morning lows back into the 40s. >> john: people in the southeast assessing damage. >> amy: in pensacola the strong line of storms spawned tornadoes. and fox 35's jackie orozco has the latest on the damage. >> reporter: good morning. first responders, neighbors, and volunteers are door knocking this morning to find anyone who has been trapped under the rubble. three people have been killed and several others killed in louisiana and mississippi. this comes after last night's tornadoes and severe weather ripped through the gulf coast. three people killed and dozens more injured and damage that spans several states along the gulf coast. this is a destruction left behind after tornadoes and severe weather struck louisiana, mississippi, and florida.
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apartment buildings in pence colta. that same storm system killed two in louisiana and one person in mississippi. 100 mobile homes were damaged as the tornado ripped into the sugar hill mobile home park in louisiana. >> 31 people were transported to several different facilities. out of the 31, we had at least 7 in critical condition. and we also have confirmed we had two fatalities. >> the governor of louisiana said that this devastation has become a search and rescue operation. >> very much a search and rescue. it'll be a active scene well into tomorrow. we'll have road closure because of the highways and the power lines and the need to protect the scene. >> reporter: schools across south louisiana and mississippi canceled classes ahead of the
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the road. governors of mississippi and louisiana have declared the states. >> john: the easiest way to is downtown the fox 35 weather app from the apple store. >> gina: all of our roads are looking nice. i will bring you back to some of the earlier ones. the first one at the 408 and good holmes. doesn't seem to be causing any significant delays. be aware if you are traveling in this area. and back to colonial at the 5:20. the road is partially blocked. and roads looking really good so far this morning. taking a look at drive times. i-4 eastbound, 3 minutes.
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fairbanks, 6 minutes. the 408 is looking good. it's up to speed as well. >> john: breaking news. a shooting investigation is under way in daytona beach. >> amy: the gunman could still00 be on the road.00 they're telling daytona beach police that they're investigating two crime scenes. one home on sheridan drive and the other at cypress park. it all started at 11:00 p.m. last night. two people may have been shot and they are collecting evidence from a car. >> amy: the final votes in the nevada caucus have been confirmed in the last few minutes. >> john: ryan has the latest. >> reporter: it was just a question of how big the margin would be. donald trump is coming out on top. third consecutive victory in the race of the white house. trump had 46%. rubio with 24%.
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ben carson and john kasich rounding out the top, 5 and 4 respectively. >> i just want to say it's a great state. and they have great people. i was so proud. i went to caucus, i was all over the place tonight, and the people are amazing. the enthusiasm. it was unbelievable to see. the people of this country are absolutely amazing. i love you folks very much. remember, make america great again. we're going to do it. it's going to happen fast. >> reporter: we talked about the race for a second. marco rubio is continuing to build momentum after a disappointing message in new hampshire. >> fluftion is not a plan, being angry is not a plan. it can't just be about making a point. can't be just about electing the
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because that alone can not solve a problem. >> reporter: the democrats took part in a town hall ahead of the primary. bernie sanders continues to call out hillary clinton for her ties to wall street. and there is pressure to release transcripts. and fox 35 is your source for your continuing coverage of the debate going forward to south carolina. can you follow us on and download the fox 35 news app. we have analysts to look at the numbers from last night as well, coming up. >> amy: a mother accused of murdering her adult son. >> john: she is accused of attacking him when he was in the shower. virginia arteaga shot and killed him. they went to the home to do a
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relative claimed that howard could be in danger. when the officers arrived, they said that virginia arteaga threatened them with a gun. at this point she is cooperating. >> john: an orlando police officer is recovering in the hospital after being injured in a crash. >> amy: it happened in orlando. according to police, the driver cut off the officer. the officer did have the right-of-way. the officer, another driver, and a passenger were taken to the hospital. thankfully, they're all expected to be okay. >> amy: the justice department looking to unlock even more iphones. officials want applekhp to unlock 12 phones in addition to the ones used by the san bernardino shooter. joining us this morning is the lovely lauren simonetti. >> reporter: happy wednesday.
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>> amy: it's trust me. why do they want to open adinner phones? >> reporter: so you have 12 additional instances where apple devices were used by krcialtion not terrorists. by criminals, not terrorists. in 12 different states. they want information on what the crooks were up to. any information that they could get from the device. recently unsealed court documented shows that the d on j is pursuing orders to unlock the phones. if you add that to the whole hullabaloo over apple unlocking the phones from the san bernardino shooter. you can see how people are saying it won't stop. they'll want more information. >> amy: fascinating. there's a deadline for when they need to make a decision. >> reporter: i believe it's on friday when apple has to respond. >> amy: all right. it'll be fascinating to watch
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it's a big debate in the country. we'll talk to you soon. you can catch lauren on fbam. >> amy: what they decided against a lgbt policy. why mosquitoes are not the only thing that's contributing to the zika virus. >> jayme: a big line of weather coming in off the gulf. overspreading the northwestern and northern communities. it's racing rapidly to the southeast. everybody will see some effect
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seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. >> amy: 6:15. a fox 35 health alert. another case of the zika virus in central florida. >> john: there's a case in seminole county bringing the total number of cases to 29. all cases remain travel related. that means people caught the virus somewhere else and brought
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zika can cause a fever, rash, conjunkivitis. 14 men visited areas where the zekea outbreaks and came back to the united states and possibly infected their female partners. two cases involve pregnant women. spacex is attempting to launch and land. something never completed before. >> amy: that's right. they'll try to land on a floating barge at sea. they've tried this many times before. the last time they tried, the rocket exploded. this rocket will carry a european satellite. spacex tweeted out, that the weather was at 60% for launch. the weather should be out of the area. they have a good window. >> jayme: the rain should be well east of the state. the winds behind the system as
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pretty vigorous winds, all day long, and then a strengthened westerly flow that will usher in a much cooler and drier air mass. it leads me to tell you that things get a whole heck of a lot better, as we go from wet to better. a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m. we have an active severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern alachua county. that's what you see right there. alachua, marion, and sumter. i wouldn't be shocked to see the watch boxes shifting to the east and south of that point. lake, volusia, and even seminole county could be involved in the watch. 6:45 for the neighbors, a thunderstorm warning. and possibly of damaging wind, and reduced visibility, and
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and the radar is capturing that. that continues south and west into the eastern gulf of mexico. the front moving off into the east to southeasterly direction. the rain moving up from southwest to north and east. you can see the canopy of the thick veil, the dense veil of cloud cover ray head of that now. rain chances start to rise. and then this is close to the viewing area now. lighter rains spreading out, and more concentrated focused rains moving into the western shore lines. off the gulf into the western peninsula. the most concentrated roughest is in this line. this is with the best information i have at this current time. an evolving, fluid situation. i advise you to keep it here. we'll revise the time line. ocala, 8:00 for 9:00 a.m. lake county, 9:00 to 9:30.
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for i-4 and orlando areas. south, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. time frame. we wrap up with the rain by early afternoon. and return to some semblance of clearing. the actual clear-out won't happen until the afternoon hours. we should slump back down in the low 50s. orlando for lows. and 40s in the northern tier. gainesville at 69. ocala 70. 69 orlando, and space coast, 70. mild humid air mass ahead of this. the tracking in line with our timeline information. coarsing through ocala, lees burg, orlando, most concentrated rains will be in advance, and mid-way through. lightning, rains, and dense cloud cover trailing behind this thing. and tonight it punches on through, and then scours out the clouds and moisture and we're
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days. amy mentioned the story for the launch opportunity. 6:45. the window i think is two hours. and the winds behind the system may be an issue. that's one thing we're keeping our eyes on for you. ocala to fourth mccoy to dunnellon, looking for 70s. dramatic increase in rain over the coming hours. and closer to lunch time in orlando. and silver lining, bright sunshine and pleasant temps for the weekend >> gina: all of our viewers in the area, i-75, we have two lanes blocked at archer road. we're seeing significant delays in that area. if you want to avoid, get off on the 24.
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much. i-75 southbound at archer road this is. and on the 520 here on the colonial, we have a lot of red in the area. that road is still partially blocked at that intersection. give yourself extra time or avoid if need be. everything is still looking nice on i-4. i-4 westbound, 14 minutes prp i-4 eastbound from the attractions about 12. saving you money. regular gas $1.57 at the speedway in casselberry. you can always check out gas-saving tips on our website at and click on traffic. >> amy: a viral video is shocking the daytona beach community. >> john: some who have seen it hope it never happens again.
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took off the >> amy: a leap of faith caught on camera in volusia county has gone viral this morning. >> john: luanne has a closer look at what happened. >> reporter: good morning.
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jumping off the bridge at international speedway boulevard. some are hoping it never happens again. one man jumped and then his friends shortly followed after him. witnesses said no one was hurt, but they hope that this video stopped others from trying this dangerous event. >> fdot tells us it's a 70-foot drop. jumping from the bridge is a noncriminal traffic offense. and anyone who does it could be fined $160. it loose like it could hurt. >> amy: super dangerous. but a traffic offense? really? >> reporter: that's what they say. >> amy: that's nuts. >> amy: killing a proposed lgbt policy which would have set up
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employment guide lines. florida today is reporting that nearly 100 people spoke out about it. most were opposed. they will hold a public workshop on lgbt issues down the road. >> amy: a last minute change to the bear ordinance. they have decided people living east of i-4 don't have to follow the rules which remain to keep bears out of residential areas. that rule was changed because people east of the interstate said they don't actually see bears roaching around in their -- roaming around in their neighborhood. once the bears show up, they may have to change it again. >> john: a police officer is making sure more kids have something positive to do. >> amy: you will love this. how he is using another famous athlete to spread his message.
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these kids are so stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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>> john: 6:30 here on "good day orlando." welcome back. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us on this wednesday. first this, nasty weather making
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this storm has caused major damage throughout the southern u.s. jayme is standing by with what you need to know before you head out today. >> john: a mother is accused of killing her own son. >> amy: donald trump wing over voters in nevada. the battle for second place. we'll tell you who took second in nevada. first let's talk about the weather. you look at the images in the panhandle, and it's nasty. >> jayme: it is. we're on the southern end, and we have our fair share of weather. a full on tornado watch box involved three of our counties. alachua, marion, and sumter. ocala and gainesville are the two big cities of the two mentioned counties, and wildwood and the bushnell area in sumter comes to mind in this area.
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the watch is going until 10:00 a.m. there's a severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern sections of alachua county. including the northern edge of the city of gainesville. for you guys in gainesville, i'm tracking a cluster of extremely concentrated rains on top. a secondary batch reloading, near the university of florida campus, and downtown of the city of gainesville. concentrated rain, wind blowing around, and all of that stuff. and the entire line is beginning to shift on shore on the gulf side of the state to the big bend region. next to fall in line are the interior communities and counties and then tampa going down hill as we approach thete morning and the lunch time hour. oassments area -- marion, mount dora, lake county, 9:00, 9:30.
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12:00 p.m. and sout))y 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and until then enjoy the sunshine after this bust of pretty nasty weather. we'll track it from the weather center all morning long here on gdo. >> amy: continuing coverage of the severe weather system. >> john: the cleanup way after a tornado touches down in pensacola. and damage being assessed in louisiana. two people are dead and others are injured. a mobile home park where more than 100 trailers are damage involved. >> we're concerned that there could be people missing, unaccounted for. we really don't have a good way of knowing that we have one, two, three people unaccounted for. we know we have people in hospitals. >> john:s this this is is the
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central florida. it should be here in a couple of hours, later on this morning. >> john: live drive traffic time. >> gina: here's a live look, i-4 west of the 434. traffic is starting to build up on i-4.`` but the good news is that we're pretty quiet around the metro area, and the major highways. i want to take you out to gainesville for all of our viewers out there. we have a crash on i-75 southbound, at archer. there are two lanes blocked there. if you want an alternate route, i would suggest taking to the 441. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, 12, and the 408 is looking good, it's up to speed as well. >> john: developing this morning in seminole county. an altamonte springs mother accused of killing her son will face a judge today. >> amy: police say she shot and killed her son while taking a
6:34 am
fox 35's dana jay is out outside of the police department with more. >> reporter: vir virginia arteaga is the in jail. she was taken into custody late yesterday afternoon at the scene of the crime. she is expected to be in court around 1:30 today. police say she shot her son, 29-year-old blake howard, multiple times while he was in the shower. investigators were on the scene late into the evening yesterday collecting evidence. according to police, late yesterday morning they got a call from one of howard's coworkers telling them he could be in danger. the officers went to the home for a well-being check. they forced their way in, and found arteaga gun in hand. >> throughout the investigation we learned many thing, but what
6:35 am
ms. arteaga planned the murder of her son blake howard and shot him multiple times while he was in the shower. >> reporter: now police say at this point they're not saying exactly what led arteaga to shoot her son. we expect to gather more details on this story throughout the day. we will, of course, be here in court when she makes an appearance before the judge at 1:30. dana jay, fox 35 news. >> john: also a news alert this morning. donald trump gets a big victory in nevada winning almost every possible demographic. >> amy: he finished with 45% of the vote. marco rubio with 23%. and ted cruz, 22%. and ben carson, and john kasich, 5 and 4% respectively. other republican hopefuls are
6:36 am
senator ted cruz has struggled since winning in iowa but he still think he has a chance. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, and the only campaign that can beat donald trump, is this campaign. >> amy: voters will go to the polls in 12 states on super tuesday. >> amy: facing the league's worst team. that means you have to win. ryan has the highlights. >> reporter: he remember what happened around a month ago the 6ers were here in they lost. and nik vucevic, a season high 35 points. magic win it. they're 25-30 on the season. they're getting ready for the biggest game of the night. golden state warriors and setting curry.
6:37 am
and it's a secondary market,, dream for the price of some of those tickets. and a blocked shot., and watch the shot. it goes in. one of the craziest shots you will see in college basketball. >> amy: show it again. >> reporter: they throw it the other way. look at the gator coaches. they are thinking, did this just happen? >> amy: what. >> reporter: they never recovered. i see a lot of college basketball, i've never. >> amy: it was weird. straight and down. >> john: what do you say at half time after that. fellas, we're doomed. let's just give up right now. thanks, ryan. >> john: a texas homeowner getting ready to renovate comes
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>> amy: look at whats with a waiting. i am not sure i want to see it. >> amy: how you can get your
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played by music legends. >> john: a dangerous surprise for neighbors in texas. >> amy: a man found a hornet's nest that is taller than most children. neighbors say that no one has
6:41 am
10 years now. >> john: oh, my gosh. >> amy: is that not insane? it stands 5 feet high and is growing on top of a couch. the man said when he realized what it was, he turned back around and did not go back inside. the property owner is calling in an expert to remove the huge nest. you stir that up, and you can be dead. that's nothing to mess around with. >> john: look at that. firefighters came out to shut{ counsel the water. still unclear how it happened. >> amy: it's like a geyser. look at the guys down there. like, this is fun. >> amy: hundreds of classic guitars being auctioned off. they were played by classic
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and eddy van halen. you can bid online. >> amy: spending time equally between parents.
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a fox 35 update. a police officer who went viral not long ago is still giving back to neighborhood kids. >> john: as i am sure you know by now, officer white was called after neighbors submitted a noise complaint on the kids playing in the street. instead of sending the kids home, he joined in the game, and told them to keep it down a bit. he said that the viral video showed a point that the kids need a safe place to play. he got a brand new court built for the kids behind their house. look who showed up. an anthony bucket blaiks showed up. >> the fact that when they get older that they have the opportunity to help somebody one day. and hopefully, you know they see that somebody looked out for them. >> john: that's fun. later this morning. buckets is going to join us in studio to talk about why he made the effort to get up there and
6:46 am
>> amy: very cool to see that. in tallahassee, big developments. parents who soon got divorced have to split time with their children equally. a new bill says that a couple has to split the time unless a court finds reasons not to. the house version of the bill has not yet been heard in committee. >> amy: let's check in with mr. king. he will be a busy man this morning. >> jayme: by the next two or telling. i want to spread the message, we are under a tornado watch for the counties of alachua, marion, and sumter. the cities of gainesville, ocala, wildwood, and bushnell along i-75 in sumter county. in the heart of the county. we might see the watch box area expand out into lake county county volusia, and northwestern seminole when all said and done. it's a wait and see situation.
6:47 am
right now they are getting hammered with very strong stormed playing how out, and some of the energy is moving out into the eastern gulf of mexico. another round of rain is loading up. appear a concerted rush. the spur area. near pan a a city and the pafnlts. -- the panhandle. storm motion may be from 40 to 60 miles per hour as it tra versions the peninsula and heads out into the open atlantic. the timing now. the best information and timing we've got at this moment. it shows ocala at 8 to 9:00 a.m. we'll have impact with the most concentrated heavy rain. mount dora, 9:00, 9:30.
6:48 am
metro orlando, 10:00 a.m. and noon. by 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.ism pacting the cape canaveral area, and cocoa beach, and south of that. and it'll trek into far south florida where they have a risk for strong showers and storms. this is our visit orlando tower cam atop the hyatt regency. giving you a perspective of how high the clouds are there. south, southwest, and north, northeast. the skies have kind of a strange look to it. overall, you know something is on the way. by 11:00 a.m. for metro orlando going strong. pretty good storm activity in the vicinity of the city. by 5:00, for the drive home, we start to dry things up. straggler showers. and then rain will be diminished. the rain ends with gradually
6:49 am
we're into the low 50s tomorrow morning. and bright sunshine. we need to get through of rough stuff first, and then we're trending better. gainesville, and then soon into southwestern marion county. the squall line by 5:00 p.m. is down and entering far south florida. of concern during that time? i think not so much. i think the winds will be a big player. westerly flow drags in the cooler air and helps to dry user out. the seven-day forecast looks like this. nice. solid temps. if you like the 60s, i have them for you. and no weekend rain chance. lows into the 40s. >> gina: happy wednesday, everybody. for the most part we're pretty quiet in the metro area and beyond.
6:50 am
boulevard there's a crash. it doesn't look to be causing too many delays. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 12 minutes. 408 westbound, 417 to downtown, # 11 minutes. 1-s time to look at the online headlines. >> amy: let's get over to luanne. >> reporter: the first headline from npr. egypt's military said that toddler life sentence was case of mistaken identity. the egyptian court sentenced 150 people involved in riots in 2014. a 3-year-old was included in the mass trial. the toddler was sentenced to life in prison. the boy's father went on a talk show in egypt, you see him there.
6:51 am
he was hysterical as he held his sleeping child. after the broadcast, the government said it was just a case of mistaken identity. this is too cute. baby gorilla delivered by c section at uk zoo. take a look at that adorable face. the bristol zoo welcomed a new member to their family. he she gave birth via c section. 2 pounds and 10 ounces. they have not named it yet. they made the call to do the c section after she had signs of complications. look how tiny she is. >> john: that's amazing. >> reporter: mom and baby girl are getting time away from the public eye. i love that picture. >> amy: can you imagine if that was your job to take care of that little. >> reporter: you would love to go to work every morning.
6:52 am
caught on camera. >> amy: the scary video you have to see to believe. >> john: and there it goes. first a look at i-4 and conroy. it's getting a little busy there. the reason we're showing you this this morning is that it'll be jammed there later this morning. near the holyland experience on the left. if you are looking for something to do, it's free day at the parks. but it gets very busy.
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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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6:54 here on "good day orlando." you can see the clouds are out there. we'll see a lot of clouds and storms pushing in in the next couple of hours. be aware. keep us on here, "good day orlando," and or have the fox 35 weather app. you will need it today. >> john: headlines around the state of florida. >> amy: a boys' crime spree brought to an end. he's barely a teenager. a 13-year-old boy stole a van from a day-care center and drove it to a nearby cellphone store.
6:56 am
the store's owner saw him on the surveillance camera all the way from his home. the owner drove to the store and blocked the teen from driving away. deputies say that he took off, ran back to the daycare, and he stole another van. >> it might have happened. part of this is just a case of luck that it wasn't worse than it was. >> amy: after leading authorities on three separate pursuit, they were finally able to catch up with him. he is charged with burglary and grand theft. >> john: a deputy on patrol captured a wrong way driver headed into traffic on i-75. the 21-year-old drove six miles of wrong way at around 70:00 miles per hour. they eventually caught up with him. his blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. >> amy: in jacksonville. jumps into action to save a struggling sea turtle.
6:57 am
they managed to capture the whole rescue on video. it was a stroke of luck that they came across the 9-foot turtle. the sea turtle was exhausted and trying to free itself. fortunately, the deputies were able to cut all of that away. the turtle quickly swam away. that thing is huge. >> john: yes, it is. quite a recover effort. as the other stations go to new york city, we're keeping it local. >> amy: we have expert analysis on donald trump's win last night in nevada. do the other candidates stand a distance? that's the big question. and the government reportedly asking apple to hack into more phones. a local attorney joins us to
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security is at risk. the skies are a little ominous back there this morning. we're going to be talking about that in a minute. a line of storms that caused serious damage in the panhandle last night now headed our way. take a look at that radar. we'll tell you what you can expect this morning and when. >> reporter: trump wins another one. this one was not even close. the nevada caucus results are in from overnight. and we have new sound in from the candidates. >> john: beware at your next job interview. one ceo's sneaky trick to find out what his job candidates are like.


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