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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> welcome back, to "good day orlando." it is 8 o'clock, i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you are with us on this leap day monday, here's the stories we're working on right now, first a two-month-old baby girl kidnapped from an apartment in south there a and back home with her mother. we'll have details on how investors garts igators say the baby ended up hundred of miles.
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holds the secret to long life because she's turning 108 today. her message to you, straight ahead. >> and from leo's big win to a girl scout cookie extravaganza, the most talked about moments from hollywood's biggest night last night, plus, david marp. >> we parked our vehicle live village. i want you to take everything you know and throw it away. we'll give you a major education what it should be like, live at the ice dynamite on the 8 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! [cheers] >> i never want -- everyone is awake this morning. >> john: because you have an extra day, in 2016 to go out there and capture the moment and make it the best year ever. >> amy: yeah! make it happen! >> john: wow! >> amy: you have had way too much caffeine!
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>> jayme: speaking circuits, attending all of the speeches this week. good stuff, good morning, people, 40s and 50s now. and look. what you see is what you get. not bad and certainly nowhere near as cold as we started saturday and sunday morning. we're moderating and warming and making things tolerable early. and making things great. extra fegs during the afternoon, high pressure on top, blended skies today. featuring clouds and sunshine, overall nice day. a warm day for you. 2:00 we'll see temps close to 80. mixed skies and warm p.m. temps, 75 in the 5:00 and we'll drop down to the mid 60s for you by around 8 o'clock tonight. your forecast for the next 7. nice. we'll top, by thursday scour out the cloud cover and bring back mainly sunny conditions. back in the cloud, and another front moves in. really low rain chances all week, guys. by wednesday, 10%. friday, 10%, and you catch my drift, dry and warm all week long, enjoy.
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drive traffic. >> kristin: back out to kissimmee, i-4, the eastbound -- eastbound, there is a you crash and you can see the lights in the distance, causing eastbound lane. keep that in mind, i want to this. you can really see where it is causing the backup here, i-4 eastbound, reports are calling it a serious accident at exit 58. osceola-polk exit and the florida turnpike, we had an accident in the southbound lane, but now you can see a lot of delays in the northbound lane, again the debris went and spilled over to the northbound lane as well. so, this is exit before exit 249. the the the the osceola parkway exit and a backup with orange colors, typical spot where you see the slowdowns. john, amy, back to you. >> john: 8:03. new this morning a two-month-old baby back with her mother after being kidnapped from her home in south florida.
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sparked an amber alert over the weekend. a lot of phones going crazy. on saturday, jackie orozco joining us live at arnold palmer hospital with the latest on what happened. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: baby taraji kemp is back in her mother's arms. she spent the day here at arnold palmer hospital. for ones vacant after investigators say -- observation after she was abandoned in an apartment complex. stephanie augustine and her 14-year-old cousin are charged with numerous felonies. including kidnapping, and aggravated child abuse with a deadly weapon. being held without bond. police say on friday, the two took taraji kemp from a fort lauderdale home at gunpoint and the guess appearance sparked an amber -- disappearance sparked an amber alert. she was found on the apartment complex where augustin lived. she was strapped in her car seat
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injuries but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. agust stint was a-- augustin was pulled over in okeechobee county and the 23-year-old is cousins with baby taraji's mother. orange county parents say they are relieved the baby is okay. >> i'm glad they found the baby. usually situations like this they don't find the kid. >> reporter: it is reported baby taraji was dischargeded late last night from the hospital and to be reunite with her mother, reporting live outside arnold palmer, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> amy: thank you. a woman accused of causing a deadly crash while trying to out rin orange county deputies is going to be in court. >> john: cindy saint cyr was spotted early day morning and took off before they could pull her over, she ran a red light at john young parkway and americana boulevard before slamming into
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the driver of the car, cody garrick was killed and they said she shouldn't have been driving in the first place because her license was revoked last august. >> amy: an escaped central florida prisoner is back behind bars in volusia county following a nationwide man hunt. it took investigators three weeks to track down gary bullock. he was on the one ate natasia quigley and three-year-old son, zander last month. they were caught in kentucky february 12th. and extradited to volusia county over the weekend. both of them are being held without bond. >> john: testing season is back again, florida schools start fsa testing today and students, saw a lot of glitches last year and state education leaders say they have been prepping all year to make sure it does not happen that way again and testing schedules vary depending on the school district and your grade. students from 8 to 10th grade use computers to take the test and everyone else will be using the paper based exam. >> amy: you decide early voting
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counties here in central florida. >> john: people living in orange and lake counties get to vote and saturday, seminole and osceola counties have their turn, florida's primary will be tuesday, march 15. a couple weeks away and the candidates are preparing for super tuesday tomorrow. democratic and republican candidates are gearing up for what will be the biggest night of the race. ryan joins us with more. >> ryan: listen to this number: 70% of republicans and democrats now think it will be donald trump and hillary clinton facing off in november. of course both expected to have big days in tomorrow's sumes tuesday primary and the latest poll has donald trump ahead in georgia and tennessee an marco rubio and ted cruz behind. cruz is leading in his home state of texas and, marco rubio is not leading in any states, and will be interesting see how he does. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in those key states. clinton is riding high after what was a huge landslide victory in south carolina.
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the weekend. the front-runner getting support from former kkk leader david duke. . now, trump tweeted about this, saying, quote, i disavow but is still getting criticism for what some people was a slow or muted response. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him, i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i don't know anything about him. >> ryan: the democratic side, hillary clinton did not talk much about her rival bernie sanders over the weekend. instead she turned her focus on republicans. now, clinton beat bernie sanders by 50 points in south carolina on saturday, perhaps that is the reason why. and our florida primary is two weeks away from tomorrow and tomorrow, hillary clinton and marco rubio will be in the state of florida. both holding rallies throughout the state and clinton is leading and marco rubio trails trump in what many feel is a must win for him. >> john: fox 35 is your source for continuing coverage of the presidential race, tomorrow night we'll have complete election results of super tuesday and of course, analysis of everything that goes down. >> amy: coming up, a life lesson
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of experience. >> john: the lesson she has for young folks today, straight ahead. it is 8:08. plus, good morning david. >> reporter: john, iced or hot. inhouse, or to go. loose leaf by the ounce. these are the things you will have to decide when you walk into tea and tea, the hottest
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sanford, on the >> welcome back, happy leap day. to you today. it is pretty special, because today, you get an extra day and it only happens every four years. >> how do you celebrate if you have a leap birthday? lu is in studio to tell us more how some people do it. >> luanne: you celebrate once every four years, right? you either pick the 28th or the 1st of march. so, the odds of having a leap birthday are slim, your chances are 1 in 1461, to be exact. but, look at some of the celebrities born on a leap day.
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whoa turns 40 today. and, the lead singer mark foster is turning 32 today. but some of you wonder, why do we have leap years? most people think the earth rotates around the sun in exactly 365 days, but it actually takes a little longer than that. after four years the time adds up to one full day and leap year is just a way for our calendars to keep up with the earth's rotation. the big question is, how are you going to spend your extra day? we are spending ours at work, of course! >> john: do we get paid for today? an extra day -- >> luanne: it should be time-and-a-half. should be a readily! >> john: not a bad idea! you know, lu, whatever you want to do today, because jayme king cooked up the perfect forecast. >> amy: he did. beautiful. though there is no food involved. one leap year baby is
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what -- >> divide by four. yeah. >> john: and is sharing her life story with jackie orozco. here she is. >> a long time... great-great-great-grandmother says her secret to living a long life, eating right and having a strong faith. anna lee bell was born in georgia february 29th, 1908. you can say that she has seen it all. lived through world war i and world war ii, the great depression, the civil rights movement and much more. but, her family says that she always lived a simple life. >> she has kept it simple. and no stress, no aggravation. >> reporter: she's among one of 42 grandchildren, she has over 100 great grandchildren, too.
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lots of wisdom. knowledgeable, because she still recognizes us. i mean, when you walk into the room, she knows us by name. >> reporter: she says her grandmother never smoked or drank alcohol and has been a vegetarian more than half a century. >> she loved to garden, green thumb, she can make anything grow. >> after turning the big 100, she revved countless awards, birthday cards and other gifts, three years ago, on her 105th birthday, president obama personally wrote her a birthday letter. >> how do you feel today? >> young. >> who can blame her for feeling young. >> i feel young. >> why is that? >> don't do what young folks do today. >> reporter: jackie orozco, fox 35 news.
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vegetarian, don't do what the young folks do. >> john: and you'll be a spring chick at 108. >> amy: so cute. happy birthday. >> john: 8:15. let's find out how jayme king is cooking up the weather forecast. >> jayme: a little bit of this and that gives you a great outcome. it will be a good day and the recipe today is quite simple. a little cloud cover and a little sunshine and hiegs closing in on 80 degrees. right now, how low do they go this morning? here's where we bottomed out. a lot of you in the 40s and a lot of you to the mid 50s, warmer than over the weekend and in some cases a lot warmer. we had frost reported, all across metro orlando through the suburbs and communities and i-4 corridor, prevalent, some of the frost. different times now, a different atmosphere, atop of the area with a little additional warmth, overall. quite nice as we look again at the nation as a who'll now, front number one goes that way, and front number 2, here, comes
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little fan fare and may bring a ribbon of clouds in and prompt a couple of light shower chances, pop off a couple of showers and otherwise, it is benign weather true the next 7 or 8 days and not seeing big storms entering the scene. mixed skies and warm p.m. temps, pretty much the day ahead, a little sun and clouds and highs approaching around 80 degrees. a very high to moderate-type scene with our uv index forecast today. again, varying numbers, some of you might see an 8 outside of the clouds and the bulk of us the moderate zone of 6s today. scattered clouds and cool temps, 59 by 2:00 and 5:00 a.m., 58 and 62 by 8:00 tonight. looking good again, you see the clouds now loading up around the eastern gulf of mexico. and, sliding on in. and high pressure here, and keeps any of the foul weather locked up to our north. and, a good looking run of the weather, again through mid-week, when we see the next system closing in. bringing with it a little bit of light cloud cover, a couple of
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locked up, will allow for wiggle room to get this guy in here by friday. but, yet again, only a marginal increase in clouds and very, very slim rain chances, nothing more than 10 to 20%. looking at the day ahead, and tomorrow into wednesday, in regard to the three-day rainfall outlook, great weather continues with low chances, through the remainder of the week. quite nice, again, wednesday into thursday and that should be it. marion county, today, looking good, fort mccoy to ocala and, dunnellon, nice. solid and mid 70s in place, now down to lake county, from umatilla and mount dora, groveland and clermont, good looking there. our last stop, volusia county, beaches of and northeast not bad. nice overall, a blend of sun and clouds and highs well into the 70s, with ease today. closer to 80 tomorrow, closer to 80 wednesday and down we go. and back up friday. you can see we're running way above normal in some cases,
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and, of course, keeping the sunshine in play, enjoy, folks. live drive traffic. here's countries kristen. >> kristin: a disabled vehicle we're seeing on colonial. the vehicle is at shine avenue, and causing becomes there, you can see all of the red on colonial drive. so, if you are heading there, keep that in mind. down again in kissimmee, the accident on the eastbound lane is causing serious backups there. you see all the red down i-4. this is right around the 429 before you hit the 429 on i-4. keep that in mind if you are heading in that direction. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 westbound, from lake mary boulevard to colonial, under 20 minutes, eastbound, i-4 from the attractions downtown, 18 minutes and if you are on the 408, heading west from the 417 to downtown. it will talk you 16 minutes, amy, john -- kifd ing dding.
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patrol -- pump patrol. $1.50 $1.50. check out gas saving tips on our web site, john, amy, back to you. >> amy: all right, thanks, kristen. coming up how would you like a spot of tea. >> john: good, british accent -- no! david martin is keeping it classy. he's having nice hot tea. >> reporter: soothing the throat. the flavors are amazing, blended team, cream earl gray, i can't pronounce that. lemon mango punch, bingo blueberry. you come here and select your flavors and atrio of tea experts, make it for you here on the spot.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, all right, if you like tea we've found the perfect place for you to head out -- >> tea and tea has over 100 different selections to choose from and i'm sure they can find or i don't know what they have but i love these location where you sit and chill! >> amy: yeah! >> exactly right.
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village near the theater down here, and i love it. it is cute and you walk in and look at the menu, created by hansen and i think i'll try a brazilian chocolate cream tea. never heard of that or had it and you know how to wake it. good morning to you. >> great, thank you. >> reporter: how did you come up with the idea? where is your background in tea. >> i was an engineer before. and all teas brew like perfect engineering precision. >> reporter: what kind of engineering. >> an aerospace an automotive -- >> reporter: your teas will be created like your high end luxury cars are created. >> absolutely. >> let's start with hot tea and cold tea. what are you making. >> a waikiki spirit. >> reporter: why is she making that? because it is shaken and not stirred and, your most popular fruit tea blend. >> that's correct. >> reporter: what is in it. >> lemon black tea with passion fruit juice, fresh lime and
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>> reporter: i'll bring one of those back for you but i like a hot tea in the morning, it settles my nerves and gets me awake and, gets me start with my day. you are making what. >> david's dynamite khai. >> reporter: because, last week they asked me, david, what is your favorite flavor of tea and what did i say. >> you love hot and spicy. >> reporter: i love it hot and spicy. what do you have. >> a vanilla chop chai and a chop chai mix, a little bit of nondairy creamer and sweetener, and gives you the quick and the sweetness and the delicious early morning drink. >> reporter: wow, i had a couple when i walked in morning and i mouth went boom! dynamite, like tea and tea! >> great. exactly whew you named it... >> absolutely, yeah, tea and tea! >> reporter: tea and tea is the web site. winter park village, there it is, steaming hot and ready to serve how many people, one?
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>> what does it cost? >> the whole tea? wow. and you have a special going on today. what is that. >> between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m., you can come here -- >> reporter: free tea between 5:00 and 7:00? is that right? >> that's correct. >> this is -- i'm getting notified of this. are you sure? giving away your old menu? >> no, our best-seller. >> reporter: a corollary, you get a free david's dynamite tea and what is the other. >> flamingo passion. >> reporter: those two are free. oent order the whole menu! -- don't order the whole menu, tea and back to you guys in the studio. >> amy: i love tea. >> john: me, too. disney changing up ticket prices again. >> amy: it -- how much more you will have to pay if you want to go on, for instance, christmas
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>> and we're back, "sky fox" giving you a nice bird's eye view this morning. looking down on traffic. a little gray out there for some of you, still a little chilly, 52 degrees, don't worry, jayme says it will turn out to be perfect. >> john: glad are with us, i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown on this leap day. what about? do you drive i-4. >> amy: i did. it was nuts.
8:31 am
and, the work taking place -- wow! >> jayme: we have great weather on our side, right. >> let's talk about your hourly forecast, good morning, central florida and bring you up-to-date. mixed skies and warm p.m. temps, and how is the high closing in on 80 degrees today. huh? sounds great, and, now clouds in place, and not enough to call it mostly cloudy or overcast, we have had our moments this morning, but enough holes peppered into the increase in clouds to allow a great blend of sun and clouds or partly sunny, depending how you slice it. overall a good looking day, enjoy and nowhere near as chilly and the morning temps adjusted up nicely and we are headed to good looking weather and a look at the satellite, confirms high pressure is in charge and stays that way, i think, until about wednesday, we allow another surface front to get in here and it will increase the clouds, wednesday and also help to bring a rain chance and i'm looking for 10 to 20% of us seeing
8:32 am
second system comes by friday, more of temps up and up and a slow decrease towards next weekend. that's your forecast. over to you. >> all right, i want to take you right now, out to this partial roadblock here, add got holmes road. and we will head back out to that partial -- i'm going to throw it back to you, i'm having issues right now with the computer. >> amy: it's all right. >> john: all right, we'll check in you in a second. developing this morning a woman accused of causing a deadly crash is heading to court. >> amy: orange county deputies say she slammed into another car while she was trying to out run them. it happened early sunday morning. fox 35's gina benitez is live outside the orange county jail where she's preparing to face the judge. good morning, gina. >> reporter: good morning, troopers say 27-year-old syndia saint cyr was not supposed to be driving and is charged with driving with a suspended license but is charged with vehicular
8:33 am
the crash happened on germany parkway and americana, and deputies attempted to pull her over for speeding and she took off. she kept driving to get away from deputies and ultimately ran the red light there at john young and americana and hit the side of 23-year-old garrick's car and sadly garrick died in the crash. she was arrested shortly after, we are learning there were red light cameras at the intersection. fhp will likely use them for their investigation. in the meantime, she is set to make her first appearance here this morning in half an hour, and we'll be in the courtroom and let you know what happened. now reporting live in orange county, gina benitez, fox 35 news. >> john: altamonte springs police are searching for the gunman behind a deadly shooting. >> amy: the story tops our morning rush, police found the victim in a parking lot, coral glenn loop, happened saturday night and have not released his name, investigators have not identified a suspect.
8:34 am
investigation. >> john: in orange county, a heroin task force will finalize their action plan on battling neighborhoods. in 2014, orange county and osceola county led florida in heroin relate deaths with it 90. that is an 84% spike over the year before. some of the plans being considered include random drug testing in schools from 7th up to college students. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... zero. we have -- abort. >> amy: that was another last second abort as the rockets were explosived supposed to fire. the third attempt for spacex this week, crews say the latest scrap was because a boat that passed into the keep-out zone and because of the delay, the liquid oxygen could not stay
8:35 am
and they said when they will attempt a fourth time and disney changing the way it charges you. >> john: and luanne has more on the seasonal pricing and will break it down. >> luanne: good morning, yeah, when you go to buy your disney tickets on-line. this is now what you see. a calendar that tells you which days are value regular, and, peak days. the value days show up in gray and, low traffic days like late august when kids head back to school. they cost $105 at magic kingdom. and then the other parks will cost you $97. regular days make up most of the year, they'll cost you $110, to get into magic kingdom and $102 for the other parks. and, then those peak times are going to show up in dark blue on the calendar. on those days, you will have to pay $124 just to get into magic kingdom and $114 for the other parks. peak days include things like spring break. and around christmas times.
8:36 am
off on our facebook page about the story this morning. deborah says, prices getting out of reach for many, especially seniors. who enjoy a date out and seeing exhibits. not necessarily doing the rides. and chuck sounding off and he says unless they make it affordable on nonpeak days it doesn't party to him. what do you guys think? have we reached a breaking point for most people? >> amy: uncle! >> luanne: right. >> amy: it is tough. we're a family of five and you really have to save up to go. so, you know what? i have to tell you every time we go it is so worth it. >> luanne: so much to do. >> amy: so much fun. >> john: and i like the idea, because now you know when it will not be as busy, because before you don't know, you schedule a vacation and think, is it when everybody is there? >> amy: true. and you get there and you have to wait so long and didn't get to maximize your day. >> luanne: a good point, you can get cheaper tickets and it will not be as crowded.
8:37 am
want to go on fourth of july when it is 122 degrees. >> you have to wait three hours to get on a ride. >> amy: it will help people. >> john: still to come, a lot of people talking about the oscars this morning. >> amy: from chris rock's opening monologue to leo's big win, we'll check out the hot moments from last night. also on this day inhistory, february 29th, 1964. leap year in 1964. the temptations debuted on the charts for the first time with their career single, the first one, "the way you do the things you do." >> john: love the song. >> amy: the group started a few years earlier under a different name, though. they didn't start out as the
8:38 am
what was their put more fun in your day at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. well you could have been anything that you wanted to
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>> amy: on this day in history, february 29th, 1964. it was the leap year, the temptations debuted on the charts for the first time, it was their first career single. the way you do the things you do. this the group started a few years earlier under a different name. what was the name of the original temptations? earles, earth tones or the elgin elgins? that is the e question this morning, out to david martin, to get a crack at this one, what do you think, mr. martin? >> reporter: a great question, amy. and playing center square at tea and tea is the owner of tea and tea, mr. hansen. >>eth tones. -- earth tones. [applause]. >> amy: all right, the earth tones. what do you think, luanne and ryan?
8:42 am
>> luanne: we'll break out in sync nized thinking -- >> ryan: you dance better than i do. >> luanne: i think the earles. >> amy: going with the earlese. >> jayme: greasing the elbows when you do that. yeah. earth tones is right. >> amy: you guys are going with the earth tones. >> john: no one has gone with the elgins and i'll take c, bad to leave one answer on the table. yeah. >> john:el el el el -- theel gins. >> amy: they the elgins, they were the elgins before the temptations. it doesn't really have a ring to it. the elgins. and smokey robinson wrote the song. for them, great song. >> john: really? >> a tough question for monday
8:43 am
i should have held it for tomorrow for you? >> john: it wouldn't have been this day in history. >> amy: it was a weekday question! >> jayme: accu-weather forecast update and we are looking decent. out at lake eola. very, very nice. and, again, we have had our moments of clouds moving on through. the exception, rather than the overall rule today, we'll have periods of cloud cover and enough breaks in the cloud mass to allow for a blend of sun and clouds, mixed skies, you might hear me call it that at times and now the airport reporting cloudy conditions, warm p.m. temps, despite clouds -- it doesn't matter, we're going up and up, close to 80 degrees on the day today. the golf scene, noon, 74, nice, warm temps and pleasant for us at 3:00. again, clouds streaming in, overhead and that is about it. no rain chance today. you can see the clouds on the satellite, kind of peppering in across, a little more notable here, over the central portions, versus the panhandle area. once we get the push of stuff over the eastern gulf, up, up
8:44 am
say, hey, hey, hey, two thumbs up. looking good. again, sunshine phasing back in, giving up a couple of hours, we'll be there. 40s and 50s, for the region this morning. nowhere near as cool as we were saturday and sunday morning, respectively. running many degrees warmer in most locations and ten degrees plus in leesburg and kiss semi and the theme park area. much, much warmer times, look here, cape canaveral, the gorgeous shores of and notice how flat the ocean is. good day to run the boat offshore, if you have time and means to do it. lit winds northwesterly along coastal brevard county with 58 degrees reported at this time. beach forecast, no appreciable swell. knee high sets, if you are lucky. day-to-day, hang the board and let it sit there. we have nothing going on, 74, a blend of sun and clouds. here's the deal.
8:45 am
front slated for wednesday and notice a thin ribbon of shower and cloud activity with that and after that, it presses toward the east and we turn our sights to friday. with the next system dropping in through the great basin, and inner mountain west and moving toward eastern texas and this one looks, the energy confined well to the knot and leads me to tell you we have got nothing going on for the rest of the week, quiet and slow rain odds again, slim rain odds, and if you are marion county, a look for the ocala national parks and, fort mccoy and winters dale and doesn't and dunnellon. the overnight through 50s and 60's, and 8:45. this is your weather baby, mckenzie, everybody. gorgeous kid. thank you so much. visit our web site for more on the weather baby segment. the place. the one and only place, check it
8:46 am
here's kristen, live drive traffic. >> cute, sleeping on the bible. we're looking at "sky fox." flying over i-4, right now, looking good both direction. heading west, just past the lake mary area. looking at your roads, a lot of green which we like to see on a monday morning. we do have the partial roadblock at good holmes road and, old winter garden road, just south of the 408. so, keep that in mind if you are heading that way. and heading over here to cimarron boulevard. we have an accident at gatlin avenue, not really causing too much of a delay. but, just something to keep in mind. and here, we have congestion from earlier crash on the florida turnpike, exit 58. osceola polk line road and again, eastbound i-4. back to you guys. >> all right, time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: everyone is talking about last night's oscars. chris rock took on the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity at the awards show
8:47 am
comic relief, of course! >> the 88th academy awards, which means... [applause]. >>... the whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. [laughter]. >> amy: he had a point. another big headline, leo decaprio, he got the big win. >> and the oscar goes to... leo decaprio. [cheers and applause]. >> amy: and, she put on the sexy voice for that one. i don't know what she was doing there. a long time coming and leo decaprio finally getting the big oscar, jenny castillo from rumba 100.3 to talk more about the show. it had really good -- i know. it was like a hello clarice, like -- she was in that movie, wasn't she in maybe she was doing her best anthony hopkins impression.
8:48 am
what did you think of that? >> i don't love his comedy. it is not my type but i have to say i loved the opening act. i thought it was the best way to address the issue. so many people have been talking about it and all eyes were on him. so, what better way than to make fun of it. and, he did great. he said if being a host required a nomination, i wouldn't even be here! i love it. and he did it in comedy and i like it. what did you guys think? >> amy: i did, too and i think what i liked about it, he was humorous and made his point and he said, it is -- is hollywood still racist and brought up the thing, like a sorority. you're not a capa, you can't get in and there are still problem and race issues, we need to work on it. and i thought it was a perfect tone. >> john: jenny, my favorite line of the night was, i'll summarize, was, jay da is
8:49 am
that is all right. to me, the line of the night. >> amy: and, we can't say the rest. >> john: trying to summarize. >> he did his job and did what he had to do and he was very brain entertaining. and, leo used the acceptance speech to talk about global warming. >> i was a little surprised about that, yes. i couldn't believe it but at the same time, he talked about it with the pope and talked about it in social media. and, i guess he said, what better way than to, you know, do it in front of millions of people. my time, everybody has been waiting for me to finally win and i do, and this is the moment for me to talk about it. and he took advantage and, i think he did it beautifully and kind of -- i loved it and, creating awareness and he did his thing. >> amy: obviously, too, they
8:50 am
the teaches, leo's speech was the only one they didn't play the music and try and usher hum im off. >> all this time, waiting to win. >> amy: he's so young. >> john: she's 40 -- he's 40. >> amy: good stuff. all right, jenny castillo, rumba 100.3. all wales ways a pleasure. >> john: still to come, lots of new story lines developing on fox's hit show, gotham. >> after the break we'll sit
8:51 am
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>> john: 8:53. gotham returns to fox tonight. >> amy: first david martin sat down with ben mckenzie for the news remixed. >> reporter: welcome to the news remixed, i'm david martin and joining us on the big screen, is ben mckenzie, star of fox's hit show, gotham. ben, welcome to the news remix. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: all right, now, gotham is in the second half of season 2. last time we saw detective gordon. >> he proposed marriage and we had been told mr. freeze is on his way. >> they take him down dark paths and mr. freeze is unleashed, as we open up the second half of the season and up to no good, walking around gotham, freezing people and jim gordon has to stop him. he found out lee was pregnant and proposed to her but in gotham, the romantic relationships don't always go so well.
8:55 am
>> see where it takes us. >> michael chickless is on gotham, do you know he has a band. >> the michael chickless band. he's an accomplished drummer. >> do you have talent, what is your band's name. >> i don't have a ban because i have no talent and therefore, no name. michael is quite good and, has a new album coming out. which he will tell you all about. if you can get him on the show. he is very excited and sounds great. he's got a great -- great musician and, a full 12 track album or something like that. >> that's right. and -- >> also, also. decent actor. >> not a terrible actor. >> not too shabby. >> won the emmy award and we're happy to have him on gotham as an actor and if he wants to sing in the dressing room, we'll let him. >> you played batman yourself in an animated film, called...
8:56 am
>> did that help you win the gotham role. >> it had nothing to do with it, unfortunately as far as i can tell. >> but it was a hoot! i got to play bruce and batman in the animated movie, like you said, and, it was really fun. i love year one, the frank miller batman. i think i'm the only actor, i believe to have played jim gordon and bruce wayne. so, at this point, that is my claim to fame if i can just held onto that for the rest of eternity. >> a trivia question. >> it has to go on jeopardy. >> and the show, you an expectant father and in real life, an expectant father as congratulations. >> it was revealed in the season, jim gordon will be a father and what will it be like to raise a child in gotham city. >> i would imagine challenging, i would imagine raising a child in gotham. >> the daycare center and the school system there... >> exactly.
8:57 am
i imagine trying to raise a child in gotham would be a harrowing experience. >> we have two kids each, do you have any questions regarding fatherhood. >> so many, the segment is not long enough. i would imagine it is just sort of, you know, you are sort of in the fog of war, i would imagine. kind of stumble around in the dark, and keep them from hurting themselves, would be the -- is that pretty much it. >> we're in our own personal gotham with our children. >> gotham airs monday night only on fox, and we'll see you next time with the news remix. good rehearsal. ready for the real one? >> john: all right, all new on "good day orlando" at 9:00, ladies putting their health at risk. >> amy: that's right what women say is actually keeping them from getting to the doctor.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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busch gardens. florida's thrill ride leader. >> happy 9 o'clock hour on this leap day, "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us this morning, here's a look at some of what you can expect in this morning' 9 o'clock hour, women putting their health on the


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