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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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busch gardens. florida's thrill ride leader. >> happy 9 o'clock hour on this leap day, "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us this morning, here's a look at some of what you can expect in this morning' 9 o'clock hour, women putting their health on the
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on doctors appointments. >> john: and oscars fashion hits and misses, breaking down the best and the worst on the red carpet. >> amy: and, great deals, bargains you need to know about, coming up, plus, david martin. >> reporter: are you a coffee or are you a tea girl? tell me right now. tea. >> reporter: you will love what i show you. we parked our live truck in winter park village to show you an explosive new place called tea and tea and we'll take you live at the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! >> a great day. winter park, maybe or anywhere, and -- >> amy: walk around, yeah. it will be beautiful. a little chilly now, jayme? >> jayme: we're making a move into the 60s in ay lot of spots, not there yet and we'll be there in all location and you can see the numbers adjusting up, 62
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and 62, south of brevard and the general trend is one where highs are 80ish and we'll have moments of clouds passing by. mixed skies and warm p.m. temps, 78 by 2:00, a nice day, enjoy it with lunch or something, take advantage! look at this. we have clouds now, moving through, and back behind that, over the central northern gulf. featuring sunny skies and the latest layer of clouds kicks onto the east and we return to the nice blend of sun and clouds, a little overcast in spots right now. but, doesn't last much longer. we are warming, through mid-week, down we go and up again and down and up and a rollercoaster affect. talking more about that and your mid-week rain chances coming up in full weather in a bit. over to you. >> john: all new, a two-month-old baby is back with her mother after being kidnapped from her home in south florida. >> amy: her disappearance sparked an amber alert over the weekend. jackie orozco is joining us live, right outside of arnold palmer with the latest on what happened. good morning. >> good morning, amy.
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dischargeded here from arnold palmer hospital late last night to be reunited with her mother. it comes after investigators say that baby was abandoned. in an apartment complex, in orange county. >> 23-year-old stephanie ast gust tin and her 14-year-old cousin are charged with numerous felonies including kidnapping and aggravated child abuse with a deadly weapon. they are being held without bond. police say on friday, the two took taraji kemp from a fort lauderdale home at gun point. the disappearance sparked an amber alert. investigators found the baby girl in the apartment complex, where police say augustin lived. investigators say the baby was still strapped in her car seat and did not have visible injuries, taken to arnold palmer hospital as a precaution and augustin lived was arrested after troopers pulled over her car in okeechobee county.
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mother. orange county parents we spoke with say they are relieved the baby iz okay. >> i'm glad they found the baby, usually in situations like this, they don't find the kid. >> reporter: one of the main questions remains, why the cousin allegedly kidnapped the baby and we are working to get that and heard fhp troopers may be releasing the dash-cam video when stephanie augustin lived was arrested. now reporting live, genesee county -- >> amy: a woman is accused of causing a deadly crash as she was trying to out run deputies. >> john: troopers say syndia saint cyr was spotted speeding and ran a red light at the intersection of john young parkway and americana boulevard before slamming into another car and the driver of the car, cody
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fhp said she never should have been driving because her license was revoked in august. >> amy: a prisoner behind bars, following a nationwide manhunt. it took investigators three weeks to track down gary bullock. when we on the run with natasia quigley and here three-year-old son, zander last month. the couple was caught in kentucky. on february 12th. and, were extradited to volusia county over the weekend and the boy is back with his father and both are being held without bond. developing, the virginia man accused of killing a rookie police officer is due to be in court today. the officer was gunned down on her first day on the job. luanne joins us now with more on that. hi, lu. >> luanne: a horrible story, the officer was one of three officers who were shot during a domestic disturbance call saturday in wood bridge, virginia. now, police say ronald hamilton opened fire as those officers were approaching his home. investigators say he also killed his wife. inside the home, police found an 11-year-old boy along with two
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hamilton is an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the joint staff support center at the pentagon. meanwhile the prince william county police department is mourning the loss of the officer who was just sworn in on friday. >> she was driven and passionate but, exceedingly intelligent and struck us that way as we interviewed her, prior to hiring her and rehiring her. and, always the type of officer we are seeking is that type of passion and intelligence. >> now, the other two police officers are still in the hospital this morning. the community held a candlelight vigil last night in honor of the officer. meanwhile we are learning that she graduated from emery riddle university in datona beach in 2010. that school released a statement, which reads in part: the community is deeply saddened to learn of the death. our hearts are with ore family and friends. how, hamilton is facing several charges this morning including first degree murder of his wife
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john, amy, back to you. >> amy: thanks, you decide, 2016 early voting is kicking off this week for several counties, in central florida. >> john: people in orange and lake counties want vote today and saturday, seminole and osceola county will have their turn, the primary is tuesday, march 15. meanwhile, candidates getting ready for super tuesday. which is tomorrow. democratic and republican candidates gearing up toer what is going to be the biggest night in the race so far. ryan joins us now with the closures look. good morning, ryan. >> ryan: the month of february we saw four states win, and tomorrow alone we'll see a dozen in one day and it is donald trump and hillary clinton looking for big days, super tuesday and the latest polls show trump is ahead in georgia and ahead in tennessee an marco rubio and ted cruz are falling behind. trump leads in nine or 8 of the 11 states an ted cruz is leading in his home state of texas and marco rubio, not leading in any state in those polls. on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders
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coming off the huge win saturday, in south carolina. and donald trump, in the latest controversy, getting support from former kkk leader david duke. and trump tweeted out about duke, saying, quote, i disavow. but, is still getting heavy criticism, here was his response. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i ever met him and i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i don't know anything about him. >> candidates in both parties are turning their focus as we said to super tuesday tomorrow. the latest drama surrounding him is leaving him in the cross-hairs. >> there is no doubt that if donald steam rolls through super tuesday, wins everywhere with big margins he may be unstoppable. i don't think it will ham. >> a first rate con artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln and reagan. >> john: they really turned up the rhetoric in that race and hillary clinton is also attacking republicans. ignoring rival bernie sanders. given that she beat him by 50
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saturday. she took shots at trump, though, during a rally in nashville, yesterday. >> see, i believe that america is great. right now. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole, where all of us have a place, where everybody feels like we are all in this together. >> we think we'll do well in minnesota, on super tuesday, colorado we'll do well, oklahoma, we'll win in massachusetts and i believe vermont and do better than people think in other states. >> ryan: a survey shows 70% of republicans and democrats think it will be clinton and trump in november and tomorrow, clinton and marco rubio will be in florida and both candidates holding events in miami. john. >> john: and fox 35 is your source for continuing coverage of the presidential race. tomorrow night, we'll have full election results and analysis of super tuesday. guess what? testing season is back again and
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today and many of them start taking the fsas, make sure they get plenty of sleep and, glitches last year happened last year and education leaders are making sure it doesn't happen again. testing is scheduled varying depending on the school district but students in 8th through 10th grades use computers to take the tests and other children will use paper and pens ill to take the exam. >> john: still to come women are risky with their health. >> amy: why some are skipping out on their doctors appointments. plus, david martin. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy, live in the beautiful winter park village to should you something that might get you awake in the morning besides the sun in my eyes! they call it tea and tea! hot or iced teas, take it here, take it to go. doesn't matter. it is terrific and wait until you meet the crew behind it.
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>> on theh a chemical so common it can be found in pacifiers an tires and gloves. could actually cause cancer. the world health organization has concluded mbt, used in rubber manufacturing probably does cause cancer.
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things that you and your children use every day. soft play ground surfaces made of those rubber crumbs. and turf soccer fields as well. experts put the chemical only one ring behind cigarettes. asbestos and other substances that definitely cause cancer. something to be aware of. research shows women are putting their health on the back burner because they are too busy taking care of everyone else. a survey of 2,000 women shows a quarter of them prioritize work over going to see the doctor. and more than a third say looking after their family is more important than taking care of themselves. meanwhile, 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every, single day and a growing number of people are going forced to take on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent. so, how do you take on that role as care giver and not get yourself burned out? the author of the book, you are seeing right here, is joining us
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take your oxygen first. protecting your health and happiness. while caring for a loved one with memory loss, great to see you. thanks for coming in. we're looking at the cover of the book there and we see leeza gibbons and many know her from her days as an entertainment reporter and a talk show host. you spend a lot of time with her in writing the book and talking about the issue. what was that like. >> it was really the way we figured out, take your oxygen first, because she lived it and she had lived through her grandmother and her mother having alzheimer's disease and figured out quickly that if she didn't take care of herself and her own oxygen first, she was going to be of no use to her mother and her family. >> amy: the burnout factor is high and as women we tend to be the ones who take on the burden. >> right. and most care givers are still women, though i will say, that the latest report coming out of the aarp in 2015 shows men at
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and more men are taking on the role as well. and you are right. it is usually william the average care giver would be 45 -- women. the average care giver is 45, years old and taking care of young adults and their parents as well and it is stressful, different fox that go into keeping a family together. >> amy: what do you want those care givers to know this morning? what is it you think the most important thing for them to remember, through the process? >> i think the main thing is to be sure they know from a medical stand point what they are facing, and lizza said the enemy you know is the enemy you face and find out what your loved one's illness are and the thanks you need to pay attention to. having someone that you can turn to from a medical team standpoint, maybe your primary care provider. might be a specialist, but, knowing where you are going to turn, something comes up, knowing what you will call
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that right there is a lig re-- big relief from a stress standpoint and after that, knowing the resource in your community. resources in your community. >> amy: you are not alone. >> exactly. you have support groups, afternoon a good place to get social support and here in the orange county area. area on aging, senior resource alliance, that is a terrific place to start if you don't know what you might need or might need in the future. knowing where the resources are. can give you a lot of peace of mind as you go through the care giving journey. >> amy: and i want to mention proceeds from the book actually go to leeza gibbons foundation. where can folks find the book. >> you can find it on, the easiest place to look for it. a lot of the tips in the book, though the subtitle is memory care, are things that can help any care giver helping a loved one with any kind of problem. the stress is the same no matter
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>> absolutely, trying to help someone you love and it can be a burden and also a gift. a great, great topic. thank you so much, doctor, she's going to stick around and answer your questions, so if you have question for the doctor, going through something yourself, she'll stick around and be with us. go to and pose your question there and we'll check in with the doctor and see what kind of questions you have been asking her. thanks for doing that. jayme, over to you. >> jayme: thank you, good stuff there. lake eola, downtown orlando and pretty much calm winds right now. the air is very, very calm. and the temperatures are slowly on the rise. 62 now for an example, at orlando, and 64 houston. and you go north of oklahoma city, starts to get chilly. denver now 43. we have 11 at bismarck and 24 twin cities. of minneapolis. back down yonder. we are looking good. good morning to you, hope you have a fantastic week, watching
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will continue to do so. we have got again the nice warm-up underway now. we started way down, 40s and 50s, slowly climbing up and out of the mix and you can see mixed skies on order today and we're showing partly to mostly cloudy conditions at the airport now and, waves of sunshine, mix of clouds at times coming off the gulf today. and very warm afternoon temperatures. looks like 80ish, and close to that over the interior. mid and upper 70s, and a nice day overall, up at gulf breezes, 74 by noon and 78 by 4:00 this afternoon. the cloud cover, the far western edge of the stuff. once it pushes on through, i think we get a bit more sunshine back here live. one feature i'm watching. outside of that, a lot to watch, another front gets here wednesday, dropping down, model forecast, and, computer simulation, as to what may or may not happen and shows us a ribbon of moisture, very, very lacking, we'll say in the rain department.
9:20 am
10, 20% chances, with a blend of sun and clouds. during this time and another system reloads here, this guy gets in by about friday, and, yet again, another very low rain chance associated with that. maybe a shift of winds and slight reduction in overall temperatures as we get into your friday afternoon and saturday, so, again, just to make it clear, rain chances are lacking, through about mid-week, at least 10 to 20% of us seeing raindrops come wednesday and next 7 days, highlighting just that and a good bunch of temperatures for us, now, not only for the highs of the day but also the overnight and early morning lows, you see at the bottom and rain chance again minuscule through mid-week. that's your forecast. >> still to come, time to turn up the -- time for a little tea. >> john: david martin is live at tea and tea. >> reporter: you pick out your own flavor of fruit tea, cream
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but that is okay. the people behind the counter will help you and they make it hi, guys! we all know about bogos from other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not always the best deal? pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, not just on select items. orlando the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie was $20.54 on this week's basket- that's 17% including bogos. why shop anywhere else? pstart maximizing your savings on your entire pbasket of groceries by shopping at walmart. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today
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>> amy: woke. this is our camera on i-drive orlando. starting to rm wa up a little bit more you -- warm up a little bit on this leap year monday. 56 degrees and jayme says he'll get us near 80 today and will feel great by the afternoon. i love it, adding a little tea to your morning routine, makes it up. you don't have to do coffee -- >> a cool local joint that features over 100 different kinds of tea. some you probably never heard
9:24 am
tea. in winter park to check it out. good morning, david. >> reporter: it is dynamite, mr. brown, good morning to you. i want to remind folks you can buy tea pots and they'll pack it up for you. i'm with karen here, who is two doors down from tea and tea. you? >> good morning. the tea and tea. >> actually each with edible arrangements and we partner with hansen, he does showers and bridal, wedding showers, baby so... >> reporter: here at the store and you bring these goodies. >> we bring this with him as well. >> if you are nice i'll bring them back and you share them in the editorial meeting at 10:00. tea and tea. more than 100 varieties of teas and look at how beautiful the collection is. i county name half the stuff and pronounce it but that is what the experts are for. and samantha, what kinds of varieties of tea do you have.
9:25 am
tea, oolong and white. >> reporter: i like the name. >> this is the flamingo passion and will be a stra barry black tea -- strawberry black tea with passion fruit juice. >> reporter: and shake it like a martini. 5:00 somewhere and you pop off the top. >> reporter: and those are tasty and will give you a heck of a boost in the morning, good for you, thank you. how are you, tony. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: what are you making. >> pecan pie tea. >> reporter: what is in your hand. >> a measuring spoon. >> reporter: can you get this? the perfect amount of tea, each and every time. you are making the pecan pie, caffeine free. and, dig in there and pull out what you have got. >> just the tea, a little bit of caramel and all natural flavors. >> and four minutes later you have the serve syringe ing for somebody. do they change.
9:26 am
the menu changes. >> reporter: he hails from germany, brazil, indonesia. did i get it right? >> that's right. >> reporter: why did you come from germany to open a tea shop. >> a healthy offer in florida. >> reporter: do you like it better than coffee. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what are you doing at 5:00 today? >> give away free tea between 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., and, david's dynamite chai, and, flamingo passion tea. >> reporter: this is available free from 5:00 to 7:00 today. it's not this particular one, you will make it fresh. and then, the other free drink is samantha's. >> flamingo passion. >> reporter: your cold tea between 5:00 and 7:00. a generous offer, hansen, down at the winter park village on the corner of 1792, by the movie theater. right?
9:27 am
information. give yourselves a round of applause. tea and tea. back to you in the studio. >> john: still to come, chris rock focusing on race. >> amy: and leo decaprio finally taking home the scary. plus the stars bring their a-game to the red carpet. we'll check out some of the top moments from the academy awards and fashion hits and misses. see if they pick out the ones you picked out and the doctor is answering your question about taking care of your aging parents. if you have questions for her, all you have to do is go to the
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slow health to j >> john: 9:30 on your monday morning, i'm john broushg, i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us on look leap day, the headlines so far today. a two-month-old kidnapped from her home is reunited with her
9:31 am
23-year-old stephanie augustin lived and her 14 and her 14-year-old cousin took the baby from the home at gun point and saturday an amber alert went out and investigators later found the baby inside of an apartment in orlando. where augustin lived and the suspects are held without bond and police say the baby taraji is unhurt and that she was reunited with her mother, late last night. >> john: in brevard county, this morning a basketball coach who was wanted for child molestation is arrested while trying to escape to mexico. he was arrested in texas on friday. investigators say that he coached with the palm bay youth basketball league and engaged in inappropriate activities with a child during a sleepover at his home and they say he'd frequently host sleepovers for team members and friends of his own kids and is held in jail on $75,000 bond and now awaiting extradition back to brief county. investigators believe there could be more v case.
9:32 am
the performing arts has exciting news. song and dance is coming to orlando again. today they've announced the new broadway series for the year. the announcement is later tonight, at dr. phillips center, you don't want to miss. there will always be good ones on the list. >> john: time for the business headlines and joining us live from new york is lauren simonetti at the fox business network studios, happy monday, she's wearing green, hopefully -- >> leap day! >> how are the markets? >> traditionally leap day is bad for your portfolio but actually, it is -- i got the wrong memo. should be wearing red. dow is off 2 points and the month of february has been solid for stocks. the dour up this month and -- dow and s&p are up, this is the final derek oil prices are up. so january is behind us and hopefully now, maybe we can see a gain. we're not down that much. >> john: let's talk about disney, we have discussed that this morning, the seasonal pricing, break it down for us here.
9:33 am
ticket and look at a calendar to see which days have certain demands and you can book your ticket to the park, 8 to 11 months ahead of time and for orlando's park, the value tickets stay the same, one day pass, $105 and the regular prices are going up $5, to $110 and, the peak prices are $124. for a one-day pass. they are doing a similar pricing structure out in california, season passes and all that remain the same. nonetheless there is really hot attractions at disney world now and the park says if you bant to see the stuff -- want to see the stuff. look at the prices and if you want to save $20, get the value one at 105. >> john: down here where we are, we want to know when it will be a peak day and don't want to go that day and, raising prices has not knocked done this crowd numbers, the numbers are up. and -- >> amazing. isn't that amazing. >> right.
9:34 am
since you are -- >> you know, i have no idea and i would have thought -- nobody wanted to go above 100 and they went above 100 and now they are 125 and the numbers will go up and i don't know what it will be but, i mean, no one ever pays -- few people pay full price because you get package deals and so, it is all different. >> i say as long as there is a blockbuster movie or something they can peg everything to, they'll be okay. but when there is a dearth in hollywood they might have trouble selling those tickets. >> john: catch lauren each week day morning on the fox business network at 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. eastern time and if you are not sure where to find it on your system go to finder. 9:34. a great day for the theme parks are the beach today. >> jayme: why not, man! looking for mid 70s and probably closer to 80 as you go west of i-95. into the interior. bottom line, though, mixed skies
9:35 am
78 by 2:00, 75 at the 5:00 and by 8:00 the mid 60s, here's the deal. we have high clouds streaming through, and, mostly sunny conditions, and we'll be subject to a few waves of clouds, kind of off and on through the course of the day. no big deal, the rain chance is zero, nada, zip, flat as a flight tire with 50s and 60's, slowly coming up through the area now and appears we get the highs close to 80 and we're there tomorrow and into wednesday, wednesday we may just back into the solid lower 80s, take it up to 82, 83 as this front moves in and behind the front we clear it out and cool it down, marginally, and the rain chance, sonar, flat and low and 10% there wednesday and 20% for some of us and friday, more of the same, two fronts moving in with little consequences associated with both. a quick look at the forecast. over to you. >> thank you, sir. 9:35.
9:36 am
awards lack of diversity and kap leo decaprio won big. >> amy: the biggest moments of the oscars. >> spotlight. >> reporter: a big winner at the academy awards was spotlight. picking up the best picture oscar. surprising many. >> the 88th academy awards. which means this whole no-black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. okay. >> it wasn't a big surprise that host chris rock hit the diversity issue out of the gate, spending the first 10 minutes of his opening monologue on the topic, using humor and frankness to make his point and the show continues to punch the subject throughout the three-and-a-half hour-plus telecast. >> thank you to the academy and thank you to all of you in this room, i believe the acting... >> reporter: leo decaprio won for the revenant and brie larson
9:37 am
>> i'm in love with my life, by phrases. singing, i'm in love with my life... >> what about it? >> for your oscar. >> yeah, it feels amazing. >> thank you. so much the academy for this incredible recognition. >> reporter: the supporting acting category, the danish girl, won as predicted and bridge of spies, mark rylance took it away from sly stallone. and mad max, took home 6 oscars. >> the oscar goes to inside-out. >> pixar characters, buzz and woody presented the blockbuster inside-out for best animated feature. >> performing her oscar nominated song, until it happens to you... >> reporter: and vice president joe biden introduced an emotional performance with lady gaga. singing, until it happened to you. and smith's 007 title song, writing on the wall, grabbed
9:38 am
>> an amazing experience! >> reporter: in hollywood, fox news. >> amy: another part of last night's awards show, the fashions, who best to bring into talk about is is our lovely fashion expert. with the hits and the misses. great to see you. >> great to see you! you look beautiful. >> thank you, so do you. >> amy: let's talk about the hits first. i was mixed on the hits last night. some of them i saw people were dissing and i liked that one. who were your favorites. >> it is hard. there were so many and, they've been wanting it nor so long and the grammys, we were like -- >> i'm with you. >> and everybody came out. and, my first pick was charlize theron. >> amy: of course! >> and, a facebook post, i always ask people, what do you think and she was the number one, and she was exquisite. >> amy: the gown was amazing. >> she's 47 years old. >> amy: really? i had no idea. >> absolutely stunning, the
9:39 am
is beautiful and the train on the back. here body is insane and skin tones, and she was wearing millions and millions of dollars worth of jewelry from harry winston. >> john: she doesn't. >> amy: she doesn't need to. >> it is crazy how much money are on the red carpet. >> amy: they give it back. don't worry. >> they do. and, they follow them around. and the next one is cate blanchett. again another woman, 46 years old. killing it. >> amy: i love it. i saw mixed reviews. i thought it was very, very classic i guess. >> and, swarzovsky crystals, absolutely stunning. i heard commentators say in person it was just -- flowers and everything -- >> they said it was absolutely gorgeous. >> great. >> and i think she had more of that old style, she can really pull this off. >> amy: i love it. >> next is naomi watts, another woman in her 40s.
9:40 am
the 40s into where are the young girls. >> amy: step it up. >> the new styles, and these women are gorgeous. i love the dress. this is by armani and it is fully embroidered in swarzovsky crystals and, it is absolutely gorgeous and looks gorgeous on her. >> i love the blonde hair on the red carpet. our misses, heidi klum. >> awful. >> by marchesa, and, she has a great birthday -- >> i don't get what is going on, the weird flower placement and weird sleeve and weird way -- cleavage high and -- >> mother of the bride. >> even mother of the bride
9:41 am
and our next one is whoopi goldberg. did you see the controversy, oprah, came to the oscars. come on! whoopi and oprah look nothing alike. >> she is it stick to the pantsuits. it worked and the dress is not pretty. and, they were saying it is another sister act she was wearing, and the nun's outfit. >> amy: not flattering. >> and she's well-known for her shoes and they asked her to show her shoes she said she went for comfort and didn't want to show them. it was wrong and she went in a different direction in a bad way. my last worst dress is going to be ashley graham. >> amy: oh, gosh. i didn't miss it. >> ashley -- >> what is that. >> a girl from "sports illustrated," we featured on the cover and she's a more curvy woman and that was supposed to be her tag line but the thing is, it is just tasteless and she talked about how it is hard for her to cover up the girls and there are many, many women in
9:42 am
or adele, comes and shows up and is stunning with a curvy body and this is really, really bad. >> amy: tacky and something you would buy at an adult bookstore. >> and she is so well-known now, that she should have come and shown up and been classy, to keep furthering her career. >> amy: trying to get people to talk about her but not in a positive way. >> in the studio now, people are looking -- does it do anything for you? >> no! >> amy: tacky, right? >> yes. girls? she didn't try. >> amy: make an effort. wow. and, how can our viewers find you. >> instagram, and i'll have all the different dresses. >> amy: there are many more. >> and it was hard to choose but a four minute segment and i've got to go. bye. back to you, my friend. >> john: still to come, leap day
9:43 am
we have some of your bargains, just for today. coming up next. and, you know what today is? leap day? it is national frog legs day. melanie pace, stick around and eat frog legs with us, help us leap into the holiday with frog leg recipes. and don't forget you can join our house calls web chat and dr. laird is answering your question about taking care of
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>> john: happy leap day, 9:46. leap day means leap day deals. carraba's offers 20% off you ever entire year and if you are a leap year baby you get a free birthday meal at hard rock cafe and retail stores are offering special deals, foot locker and
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day coupons, some offer $40 off, and free shipping. search for it. and it is leap day and also national frog legs day because it works together, you see? >> right! >> amy: joining us to talk about it, how to prepare them is our good friend. you need to try the restaurant. it is one of my favorite, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. today we have -- >> i haven't tried frog legs. everybody says it is about anything that is different. and would say it tastes like chicken only it is chewier! >> it is more tender, a cross between fish and chicken and more on the chicken side. >> john: it has been several years and i liked them -- we'll see in a second. you have the frog legs.
9:48 am
hoppin' john, a southern staple. beans and rice dish and i do it different with lima boones -- beans. and, our house made ham, trinity and that is celery, onions and green peppers. and we let that sizzle off a little bit and add the lima beans and a little bit of rice in there. >> amy: rice is cooked, right? you have it all going. >> and a little salt and pepper and medium-high heat and fnd we do crazy things here and there and people will be serving frog legs for leap day. >> what does f and d stand for. >> food and drink. >> john: and taking the homegrown foods to the next level, right? >> we try to use local farms, as many as possible and, it is tough in florida with the crazy weather but there are great farms in the area. >> amy: one of my favorite
9:49 am
commercial break is the deviled eggs, i can get them for dinner. you have a great menu and what are your favorite things. >> we have a half chicken we do and, we sear it in a cast iron pan, crispy and wonderful, a simple dish and something you want to eat. >> how long does it go. >> until it is nice and brown and, just cooked off. and, so we don't have to wait long. i went ahead and fried off the frog legs ahead of time and do that in a little bit flour and but your milk and panko crumbs, japanese bread crumbs and, florida frog legs and they are low in fat. you can do them in olive oil and butter. >> amy: if i wanted to go to the store and buy them. where do you go to get them? >> most of the time at the seafood markets, whole foods. >> you don't have to catch them in your backyard like john did
9:50 am
>> john: those are on the menu. >> today. >> john: get up here. >> amy: we'll stick around and try a frog leg. and, jayme king is a big fan of th told us to save him one. >> john: in case people need to know more about your restaurant -- >> international parkway and we paired frog legs with the frog's leap chardonney and a nice hoppe beer. >> okay. look at this. look at this. too cute. >> our web site, in case people want more information. >> come see us, and, we'll be open all week and serve the frog
9:51 am
>> amy: right in front of the marriott. >> we'll try it. >> john: we'll hop over to jayme king! hop over to yam king. >> jayme: i'll try not to break a leg! your numbers, 41 at gainesville and the morning lows, and we bottomed out and widespread 50s, orlando metro. a difference, a handful of hours as we are now seeing 60s, and peppering back into the area. overall we can have a nice day, and nothing says it will be an awful day. our temperature switch, 24 hours ago, we have tacked on many degrees of warmth. the frost has begun, the same boat we're in and the northern u.s. now, slowly beginning to cool down. from chicago north towards the twin cities, temperatures now falling behind a front. the same front comes by mid-week and we'll be packing the cold air punch and have much in the
9:52 am
with it. the rain chances will stay fairly low, mixed skies and warm temps and occasional clouds traversing the eastern gulf, loading up here and once we are past this, give a couple more hours and we'll phase in more sunshine and north of that high, nothing but he pressure and will keep us in the scattered cloud regime tonight and the cool side as well. 50s in the overnight, by 8:00 a.m., and looking more like maybe low 60s, phasing in. models show the arrival of the front by wednesday. a little thin ribbon of moisture with it. we'll produce cloud cover and slight shower chances, maybe north of 10 or 20%. and after that, good-bye to rain chances and hello to sunshine, especially by thursday and we scour out the clouds. and the numbers don't move around a lot. the 80s early this week and back the week featuring close to to that mark but generally a warm and dry forecast. all the way into next weekend. where it counts, right? weather baby time!
9:53 am
it is annabelle, everybody. weather baby number one, good looking kid. and last but not least, mckenzie. snoozing. a cutey indeed. the only place you will see weather babies. log on and check us out. send the pictures of your gorgeous kids to us on gdo. guys? >> amy: so sweet. >> john: a frog in my throat! i'm done! >> amy: yeah, you are! >> john: you take it. >> amy: we'll check in with the doctor and see what question you have asked about taking care of aging parents without getting
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
it is 9:53 >> 10,000 baby boomers turned 65 each and every day. >> amy: a growing number of people are being forced to take on the responsibility of caring for their aging parents. and, the doctor has been answering your question would you that. great to see you again, doc. how are you? >> doing great.
9:57 am
>> what kind of question are you hearing the most. >> care givers out there, all of them want to figure out how to help their parents. and so it was either medical questions, and i want them to get to the primary care providers and maybe come and see us and they want to know about community resource and for that line. >> amy: and to get the information out about your book, where can folks go to find the book again. >> thanks, amy. all proceeds go to leeza's charity. >> amy: leeza gibsons is instrumental in happening the doctor with the book and the money goes to her foundation, our audiences are familiar with her. thank you so much, great to see you. take care. >> john: we are about out of time -- actually we are.
9:58 am
>> amy: leap day, hi, guys! we all know about bogos from other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not always the best deal? pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, not just on select items. orlando the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie was $20.54 on this week's basket- that's 17% including bogos. why shop anywhere else? pstart maximizing your savings on your entire pbasket of groceries by shopping at walmart. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i am about to tell you.


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