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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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girl scout cookies. volusia county deputies released surveillance photos they say of a man who stole money from a girl selling girl scout cookies. tiffany teasley has more on this crime alert. >> the girl scout troop was too hang up to go on camera. now deputies are looking for the suspect who stole their hard-earned money. they say he stole from a 12-year-old girl scout. >> to victimize a 12-year-old girl throughout working hard to raise money for a girl scout troop to me is lower than your average theft. reporter: it happened here at at walmart in daytona around 3:30
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police say he walked out of the walmart with a woman and child and eventually walked back up to the booth where the 12-year-old girl scout was selling cookies. >> we got flagged down. the deputy was flagged down by the victim. reporter: the suspect walked quickly to the park lot and jumped in the passenger side of this gray hyundai santa fe. police hope someone will recognize the suspect or the car he was driving in. >> we have images -- we think if someone knows these people they will recognize them from these images. reporter: deputies are asking anyone who might recognize the man in that surveillance image
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will 277-tips. bob: a brushfire near highlander avenue and brook hill. you can see thick smoke and flames. the firefighters getting this thing under control. very close to that structure. no property was damaged. very nice work by the firefighters. developing right now. batman gets busted. a man dubs a batman robber. he's in jail tonight. we are hearing from one of his victims. we have new details tonight. keith? reporter: we are on east colonial out in east orange county. this is the area behind me. this area right here. the sheriff's office says is where the batman robber made a critical mistake. he dropped his cell phone. that gave it cops everything
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here he is juan carlos moral morales. >> i didn't realize what was going on at first. michael le grand was washing dirk around 10:30 when deputies say morales struck for the last time using a handgun. le grand was look for an opening to grab the gun. he saw the robber hesitate. >> he starts to put his gun away. sow i start running at him. me and my friend chase him out. he hopped a fence but dropped his cell phone. deputies found the phone which
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he has a heroin addiction of $1,000 a day. >> they love the drugs more than eating food or doing some other basic life things. they have chase this drug on a day-to-day basis. reporter: the sheriff's office plans to charge morales with five cases where where he's accused of using a gun to steal money. deputies arrested him this morning in a car in east orange county. the nine crimes he's suspected in, nobody got hurt. bob: we have a news alert. a central florida family remembering a young father and pizza deliveryman killed this past weekend. he was on his last delivery of the night when a woman ran
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car and killing him. he leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. today. >> i can't imagine life without him. reporter: authorities say the driver was trying to get away from deputies when she ran that red light. her license was revoked last august. she shouldn't have been behind the wheel. she is being held on bail with no bond. a fox 35 follow-up on that statewide statewide amber alert. a woman accused of kidnapping a baby and abandoning the baby in orlando. she faces a handful of charge. authorities say she took the baby from her own cousin and had
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she was arrested after troopers spotted her nissan august 1. the south florida sun sentinel reported augustine had recently suffered a miscarriage. cameras were there when the baby was reunited with her mother. super tuesday hours away from now voters in more than a dozen states. they are going to cast their ballots for the republican and democratic candidates. donald trump, marco rubio and hillary clinton going back to florida where they will await tomorrow night's result. these are the states at stake. this is the democratic side. on the republican side 595 are
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reporter: bob, good evening. holding a commanding lead going into super tuesday. donald trump continues to get pelted by attacks. but in typical donald trump fashion, he's returning fire. >> trump, 49%. marco rubio, 16%. lying ted cruz, 15%. reporter: super tuesday eve and donald trump is still lashing out at his closest competitors despite a 30-point lead against the two senators. he initially refused to disavow an endorsement from kkk wizard david duke. >> i don't care fit costs me my voice. i will never allow a con artist
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lincoln and reagan. ted cruz talking about crumb university's business practices. and talking about the "new york times" reporter saying donald trump told them he had a different immigration plan. far less drama showing hoik leading an unwavering bernie sanders by nearly 20 point. >> polls go up and polls go down. bob: super tuesday is the single biggest delegate grab. bob: they call it super tuesday for a reason. these delegates that are out there. some of the state aren't winner take all.
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delegate as you go through. but for some of the candidates, is it a make or break. if marco rubio doesn't win a single state, will that put him in a position he may not be able to overcome it? >> the short and is maybe. we don't know. ted cruz is ahead in most of the polls in texas. can is the biggest delegate state tonight. if he does not win texas or loses to rubio which is unlikely considering the polling going not lone tar state. ted cruz would have to leave the race and bow out. ted cruz would have to factor in what sorts of votes he would be giving up to marco rubio and the pressure might be too great to stay within the race. it's super tuesday, not blah tuesday. can the biggest state of them all.
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buts you mentioned already three of the major candidate including marco rubio and hillary clinton they are heading to florida. that's a winner take all state. that begins on march 15. but some the candidates' fate could be decided tomorrow. >> we started early voting. so we are trying to what voter as we speak. i look forward to talking to you throughout the race certainly tomorrow night as well. thank you, sir. joining us for team coverage as i mentioned. we are going to be taking you live to the trump and rubio rallies. keith will be leading a number of newscasts. at 10:00 a team of reporters and
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taking a look at what the super tuesday results mean for florida's primary. a wild chase in the streets of south florida involving two vehicles. >> police busted two suspects. four suspects in a stolen dark blue sedan led police on this high speed chase. the suspect made a run for it and two of them got into a second vehicle leading police on another pursuit. one man surrendered to police on the scene another was cap seward nearby. police are searching for one man and one woman who were involved. ucf's president and the mayor about to make a big announcement tomorrow. wednesday ucf leaders will plans to the florida
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tonight the dr. phillips center for the performing arts. it includes the musical "wicked. the new season kicks off october 4. for a complete list of shows go to our facebook page. fox 35 news. bob: a florida gun manufacturer is seeing booming business. he says tighter gun laws are fueling business. sportscaster erin andrews said her life has never been the same since a stalker violated her privacy. how chic fillet want to get families to talk to each other again. reporter: high pressure, nice
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enough talk. give us a plan. bob: a gun maker says business is good in south florida.
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gun control his sales go up. it's a big 50 caliber rifle. a lot of gun. at $875 he has dozen of new guns in production at his manufacturing plant in tampa. precision technology has come a long way. but no matter how big and advanced guns get, he believes americans have the right to own them. >> at the time of the writing the second amendment all they had was a musket, but that was the most advanced military weapon of the day. the most protected these assault rifles. like larger gun makers, his sales have gone up. >> we know we can't stop every
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but what if we tried to stop even one. what if congress did something, anything to protect our kids from gun violence. >> a lot of people saw the handwriting on the wall. reporter: he says people were anxious to get a look. >> many had already seen clips on his youtube channel. he says the internet has been huge for sales, bringing buyer to the small boutique firearms companies. >> we haven't bought a magazine ad for probably five years and we have got all the business we can handle. >> he believes demand will continue to be strong. for now, those aiming to control guns seem to be triggering a boom. and gun makers are shooting for
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bob: erin andrews was in a tennessee courtroom giving testimony money about how they are used in scandal has affected her life. she is accusing the hotel of allowing michael barrett to record her through a peep hole in her room. andrews was visibly just set as she described the moment when she was told about the footage. >> i could feel tonight my head, you have got to get out. the trembling. so i grabbed my laptop and flipped it open. and i say the for 2 seconds, and i thought, oh, my god. reporter: she says because of the scandal she suffers from depression and anxiety.
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sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. google is accepting partial responsibility of the crash of one of itself-driving cars. its left front struck the right side after city bus in california. google says its safety driver thought the bus would yield. glenn: we are going to give way to more sunshine. temperatures right now still holding tight. mainly in the upper 50s to 60. 48 towards ocala. melbourne, you are still holding tight at 63 degree. temperatures running 2-3 degrees warmer. humidity not that high. our 70% to 80%.
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degree. right now 62 degree. we are currently calm downtown and out of focus. but it's a nice forecast. 77 degree, the high temperature for today. 52 our early morning low. the air being dry, we were cooler than normal. we warmed up quick and ended up being warm than normal in the afternoon. nice and warm tomorrow afternoon around 82 degree. so just a mixture of sun and cloud. a little bit of early morning fog possible. little if any rain through the weekend. we have two ofs on the way. the next one shows up friday. both of them, not much. 63 in west warm peach. our latest satellite picture shows the first front cruising away. here comes the next storm system.
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the great lakes. so here comes the front. and right now notice how it gets weaker and weaker for tuesday and wednesday when it shows up in the morning, just a few clouds. not expecting rain with it. then we get a wind shift and we cool it down. the latter part of the day wednesday and the next front is on the ware. as we head toward friday that one will be very weak. not expecting to see anything more than isolated rain shower with that system. here are the lows for tonight. 47 in gainesville. 57 down toward kissimmee. look at the afternoon. up to 82. bob, a cooldown as we get into
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bob: here are the stories that are hot online. chick-fil-a has found a way to get families to get off their phones.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after decades, leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar and he almost forgot it at the after party. >> you see this guy like run out and you see him like holding like the oscar. he's like do you want this in here with you? >> it's like he went to the urinal to have a piss and he put it down and forgot it. [laughter] >> yeah. >> the worst part about the whole oscars last night, sly getting snubbed. >> it hit here, man.


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