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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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distribution] . it's friday, march 11th. thanks for waking up with us! i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories this morning. first, breaking news-- lanes of i-4 east- bound are closed following a deadly crash in orange county. we will tell you where it is-- so you can avoid the traffic. plus this-- even donald trump kept his cool last night.
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highlights... and the candidates who will be in town-- later gk and-- deputies are upset-- after they find out a suspect -- they were looking for -- doesn't even exist. find out why the girl who filed the report-- is now in trouble. toss to kristin we are following breaking news--
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three counties. starting in orange county-- where all east bound lanes of i-4 are blocked ..following a deadly crash. this is happening along i-4, near lee road in winter park. right now-- we do not know what caused the crash-- or how many involved. headed to the scene, and we will bring you a live update on good day orlando at 5. motorcyclist has
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hospital after a nasty crash. this happened on north nova road-- near "international speedway boulevard" in daytona beach. there is no word on how the biker is doing.. or if anyone else is hurt. this is the second crash-- involving a motorcycle-- on nova road in the last week. it comes --as "bike week".. wraps up this weekend. and several people are recovering from burns.. after a house fire in seminole county. this is happening on boyer street... in longwood... just south of state road 4-34. firefighters say-- several people were burned -- but they are going to be okay. no word on what sparked the fire. you decide 2016-- fresh off their performances in last night's debate.... ted cruz and marco rubio will be in central florida today. there are just four days left before the florida primary. later this morning... cruz will speak at a rally at the "faith assembly of god church" on curry ford road.
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joined by former presidential candidate carly fiornia.-- who threw her support behind him earlier this week. and marco rubio will be in kissimmee tonight -- for one of the biggest g-o-p fundraisers in florida. rubio will appear at the "lincoln day dinner." former louisiana governor.. and presidential candidate bobby jindal will deliver the keynote speech. last night-- all the candidates took the stage for the final debate before florida's primary. it was a lot more tame than the previous debates... with the candidates remaining more focused on the issues than each other.
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444444444444side-- bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both continuing their tour of the sunshine state. sanders... making a stop in kissimmee... where he sat down with us to talk about making changes in washington. ddf8vdd `d|||t|tt$|
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0 ` 0 p1 0855700 0` margins in the polls here in florida. 7 but he reminds voters-- he was also ` down big in michigan-- a state he xzzxx```pp won earlier this week. meanwhile-- hillary clinton rallied voters in pa yesterday. during her speech... she talked about creating equal x6lll888888@00x```@ opportunities for all americans. a0
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were hit by a car-- while riding their bikes across the street. officials say the boys are both in stable condition at "arnold palmer hospital." f-h-p says they were hit --yesterday afternoon -- near "merritt island high school." troopers say the boys were in a crosswalk... when they were hit by a truck... turning out of the school. the driver says she had a green light... and never saw them. no word yet--on if that driver will be charged. also developing-- a man accused of video voyeurism is out of jail this morning. police say the man used his cellphone to film up girls' skirts at a grocery store. fox 35's keith landry has the details.
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your help finding a missing 16-year-old boy. "armando vandyke" was last seen on wednesday... along piedmont park boulevard in apopka. authorities say he was on his way to a local fitness center, but never arrived. armando is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and
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he was last seen on a red, white, and blue motorized scooter... ... and was wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts. u-c-f has fired their mens head basketball coach. it comes-- after the team lost in the first round of the "american athletic conference" tournament. the news came down late last night. athletic director -- danny white -- says it is time for a change. donnie jones is out-- after six seasons as the knights head coach. he had a record of 100 and 88. this year-- the team was 12-and-18 overall ..and only 6- and-12 in the conference. u-c-f had to win four games in the conference tournament to make the "big dance." the knights could not even beat tulane-- at the amway center-- even though u-c-f beat that team twice in the regular season. coming up-- a fight breaks out on a "spirit airlines" flight. find out why music was reportedly behind it.
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a woman calls 9-1-1 as her over-turned truck filled-up with water. find out how a daring deputy--
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former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest today. more than 3- thousand people paid their respects yesterday-- passing by her casket at the "ronald reagan presidential library." reagan died at her home in los angeles on sunday-- of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. chaos broke-out on a spirit airlines flight-- bound for los angeles, on wednesday. it all started when two women-- who witnesses say were drunk-- played loud music...and refused to turn it down. things escalated
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three other women jumped in-- and they all started pulling each other's hair.. pushing... and even throwing punches. flight attendants were trying to break it up. airport police eventually got on the plane, and arrested all five women. new details in an attempted abduction out of volusia county. deputies are now releasing a sketch of the man-- they say tried to grab a 9- year-old boy. this is the man deputies say they are looking for. they say he tried to lure the boy into his car wednesday morning. deputies say the 9- year-old was riding his bike home from "edgewater public elementary"... and managed to get away. anyone who recognizes this man-- should contact the sheriff's office. meanwhile-- a polk county girl is facing possible charges this morning... after lying about an attempted abduction. it was back on tuesday... when the 11-year-old claimed a man tried to lure her into his car -- has she walked home from school. but it turns out-- the girl made the
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investigators say she did it because she was tired of walking a mile home from the bus stop. officials say the girl faces a misdemeanor charge for filing a false police report. that scary 9-1-1 call led to an amazing rescue. it happened city of "bunnell" in flagler county. deputies say-- the woman's truck had flipped over in a deep. they say-- she was in the car --for more than 40 minutes-- before she was able and call for help. soon after-- a deputy arrived to break her free.
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says-- that deputy- ...named "aaron beausoleil" ... has only been on the force for a little more than a year. he said-- making the rescue was a "good feeling." coming up-- a champion biker has a change of plans this weekend... following an arrest earlier this week. find out why he will not be racing in the "daytona 200" tomorrow. plus-- people in louisiana are waist-deep... in a deadly flood. find out how the on-going weather-- is now affecting
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reported fighting off an armed stranger-- who was trying to rob her-- is now in trouble herself. this story tops our morning rush. volusia county deputies arrested 53-year old magalys mejias at her home thursday. they say the actually part of a drug deal---and not a random act of violence. the drama unfolded last friday in the parking lot of a winn-dixie on howland boulevard in deland. two women said a man got into their s-u-v, pointed a gun at a 2-year-old .. and tried to rob them. but deputies say mejias was not innocent. she faces several charges including child neglect. defending daytona 200 champion --danny eslick -- has been suspended.. and will not compete in
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daytona beach police arrested eslick late monday night. he is accused of punching a police officer. officers also say he pushed a woman to the ground. a weather alert now-- at least five people are dead-- after storms bring heavy flooding across northern louisiana and neighboring states. rescuers have pulled several people from the water-- and thousands have already evacuated. eighteen inches of rain have fallen in some areas of the bayou state. the storms have also hit tennessee and mississippi. officials are telling residents to be prepared. forecasters predict another one to three inches of rain in the next few
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turning now to sports-- the magic try to stop a losing streak. they are continuing their west coast road trip, tonight. the magic have lost their last three games. the last time out-- they fell to the lakers 107-to- 98. tonight-- they play at the kings. the game starts at 10 o clock, our time. orlando needs every win they can get. the magic are five and a half games out of the playoffs. . the gators in action, at the s-e-c tournament in nashville. they played arkansas thursday. this game was close throughout.
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brought the energy. florida wins, 68-61. u-f plays top-seed texas a&m today at noon, in the quarterfinals. round two of the "valspar championship" starts this morning in the tampa bay area. world number one-- jordan spieth-- got off to a rough start in the first round, yesterday. he shot a 5-over 76. he is now tied for 118th place. there is a three way tie at the top. keegan bradley.. ken duke.. and "charles howell the third"-- each shot four- under 67. still ahead-- a school bus driver --and an attendant --are now facing charges.. after leaving a special needs boy all alone on a bus. if you are a movie lover-- there is a film for everyone at the box office. 444444444444we will take a look at what is new in theaters-- when we
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making headlines around florida. in polk county-- a bus driver --and bus attendant --are busted... accused of leaving a special needs child on a bus by himself. polk county deputies arrested these women-- bus driver gale brown. and attendant gwendolyn simmons. they are both charged with child neglect. this video shows the 13-year-old-- trying to get off the bus through an emergency exit in
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had to walk and hitch-hike to get back to his home in davenport. deputies say brown and simmons left the boy on the bus not once-- but twice in one week. investigators say the pair failed to follow protocol-- because they did not check to make sure the bus was empty. in pinellas county-- a family's home gets a military makeover! back in 2013... corporal devin kyle was injured in combat-- while serving with the marines in afghanistan. was all possible lifetime-- which families in need. new in entertainment-- there is a movie for everyone at the box office this weekend. from a sci-fi thriller... to a faith- based film. fox's jonathan hunt
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details on a deadly crash-- that has some lanes of i-4 closed this morning. you're watching good day orlando... we'll be right back. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and
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