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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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scotts. it' s good out here. great company, pharmaceutical company. captioning provided by captions solutions, llc >> the voters have spoken on florida's presidential primary. fox 35 is your election headquarters with live reports from the candidate's rallies plus political analysis of the election results you won'tp get anywhere else. illinois going to donald
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amount of dell ghats he will receive there. and ohio going to john kasich. north carolina goes to trump, still again waiting on the amount of delegates. missouri still up in the air and florida also going to trump as you know he wins 99 of our delegates there. trump winning nine delegates for more than island. >> here's a look at the democratic side we do know hillary clinton had a big night winning florida, as well as ohio, and we are still waiting on results right now in missouri and illinois. >> missouri is still too close to call for both the republicans and for the democrats. we're still waiting for the democratic winner as soney was just mentioning in imi will. >> let's go live to palm beach. >> the wonderful woman of the job she's done in florida is incredible. you know so many, we've had such incredible support paul ryan called me the other day, tremendous call. i spoke with mitch mcconnell
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the fact is we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. we have [applause] we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody's writing by the, all over europe, all over the world they're talking about it. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. many, many more people i'm looking at the polling booths, i'm looking at different polling booths all around the country where it's up. and the lines are four, five, six blocks long. and the woman one woman was in there for 40 years she has been working the polls and she said we would have two people here. we would have three people. now look at the line and the line looked like it was long. it was really long. five deep and long. and it's just a different thing. we have a great opportunity, and the people that are voting are democrats are
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coming in, and very, very importantly people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. i want to pay my respects, by the way to todd palin. sarah was here she was incredible making a speech on my behalf and fantastic, everybody loves her. what happened he was in a very bad accident. he's tough as nails he's going to be fine. but i just want to pay my respects, by the way, to todd and sarah. so our theme when we started and yeah, sit down everybody, please. i mean, this is we give you seats you don't have to stand. i'm looking at all these people. cory good job. cory.
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>> thank you. >> and hope, and our whole our whole squad, right. so when this began melani and i got to do it she has been so spoiv it has been amazing. we have to do it. we came down the escalateor it and was about trade and it was about borders. and what happened is pretty quickly after that and we shot right up. i shot right to the top of the polls and have been leading in polls almost from the beginning without fail. we went up in june, most people said i'll never run. she's just going to have fun he's having a good time. this isn't necessarily, i mean i'm having a good time. i'm having a very nice time but you know what i'm working very hard and there is great anger, believe me there is great anger. one of the broadcasters was saying is there anger you're supposed to say no there's not we love the way things
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deal you made with iran it's wonderful you give them $150 billion we get nothing. we love all the deals the trade deals are wonderful you lose $500 billion a year with china. we lose $58 billion a year in terms of in terms of imbalance, it's a total imbalance. anymore. we don't win anymore as a anymore. they asked is there anger from your people there seem to be there is anger. they're not angry people but they want to see the country properly run. they want to see borders, they want to see good healthcare, they want to see things properly taken care of. they want our military rebuilt. our military is in a very bad state. they want it rebuilt. [applause] >> very, very importantly and they want the second amendment, by the way, protected and protected strongly. and that's going to happen. and you know what they want so badly they want our
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our veterans are treated so badly. [applause] so we started and something happened called paris, paris happened, and paris was a disaster. that was there have been many disasters but it was paris and then we had a case in los angeles, where it was in california, where the 14 young people were killed. and it just goes on and on and on. and what happened with me is this whole run took on a whole new meaning. not just borders, not just good trade deals we're going to make the best trade deals you've ever seen. we've got such endorsements from carl icahn and the smartest people in business and these people are going to be negotiating our deals and they're the best in the world. we have the best business people in the world. they're -- we're going to have such great deals we're going to do so good with trade. we're going to do so good on the border. but it took on a whole new meaning. and meaning was very simple we need protection in our
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happen. and all of a sudden the poll numbers shot up. and i'm just very proud to be apart of this. i think we're going to go and we're going do a lot of trips over the next month but i think we're going to have a great victory. i think more importantly than anything else we are going to start winning again. this this country is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military we can't beat isis. we're going to knock the hell out of them the. we don't win at trade, china, everybody, japan, mexico, vietnam, india, name the country, anybody we deal, anybody we do business with beats us we don't win a trade we're going to win a trade. we're going to make our country rich again. we're going to make our country great again and we need the rich in order to
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tell you. [applause] so, so i'm going forward we had a fantastic evening i would have never thought this could have happened. i guess we're waiting for one result which possibly will be very successful, also. but to win the states that we won and to win by the margins. especially, look this is my second home, florida, to win by that kind of a number is incredible. and i have to say it, i have to say it, that number one i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough, he's smart and he's got a great future. he's got a great future. but i have to say, and nobody has ever, ever in the
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the kind of negative advertising that i have. by the way mostly false i wouldn't say 100% but about 90%. mostly false, vicious, horrible, they say it was $18 million the first week, meaning last week, and $25 million it added up to over $40 million and you explain it to me because i can't, my numbers went up, i don't understand it. nobody understands it. my numbers went up. [applause] it has been an interesting experience. adam scott won the world tournament of golf. adam i guess a lot of you folks saw. that i'm watching we have television screens all over. we're down at this gorgeous green in doral and everything is working beautifully. then a commercial comes on
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i'm with these wonderful people from cadillac and all these top executives and i'm saying look over there, look don't watch it you don't want to watch it. i'm saying, isn't the grass beautiful. look, look don't watch. and they came in waves. one after another after another and it was brutal. then adam comes here's this handsome kid from australia one of the greetest golfers in world made an unbelievable shot on the 18th hole to win the tournament he's a great champion. we're giving him the award just before we break for a commercial we'll be right back with our great champion from australia adam scott. here's the commercial. i said no. it and was. two of them. two of them. oh, what a day that was. what a disaster.
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[applause] [cheering and applause] >> so again i just want to congratulate everybody. this is a really interesting prosess. it's an amazing process it's very tough but it is by the end if you get to the end you can handle a lot of things, including pressure. that i can tell you. because there's nothing like it. lies, deceit, viciousness, disgusting reporters, horrible, people -- some are nice. some are nice. some really disgusting people back there though. i just want to say we're going to go forward and we're going to win but more importantly we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win and win and we're not stopping we're going to have great victories for our country. thank you very much everybody. thank you.
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are you doing. good to see you. >> yeah, i think a lot of people on twitter are already talking about that one. interesting though, we've talked before about how trump takes a lot of time in these acceptance or victory speeches to sort of talk about family, talk about personal thoughts but his critics have said when will he flesh out his policy a little more. >> looking for a little bit of the meat on the bones, so to speak. he did take time this time though to congratulate marco on a very difficult, marco rubio a difficult campaign that he ran. >> speaking of marco rubio tonight's florida primary was must-win for him unfortunately he did not pull it off. >> let's go to dana jay who is live in miami. as we heard tonight he has suspended his campaign? >> he has. he suspended his campaign just about an hour or so ago. for the past few weeks rubio keeping a positive message on the campaign trail. if you leave out those days late last month where he
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attacks on donald trump. but as he conceded this race he remained positive as well. he said america has been caught up in a political tsunami where people are frustrated about the direction of the country. as he gave his concession speech he told the crowd he could have taken advantage of that frustration and ran an angry campaign but he chose not to. as they dropped out of this race he urged americans to choose optimism as well. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president= in 2016,p; or maybe ever, and while todayp= my campaign is suspendedp9 , the fact that i've even comep? this far is evidence of howp= special america truly is.p=p? and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. i ask the american people do
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not give in to the frustrations. >> around 8:00 the air -- now he only mentioned donald trump once and that was to congratulate him and then tell the people gathered in this room that this is a republican we listened to the will of the voters. he didn't accuse trump of running an angry campaign outright but if you have been following this campaign at all it certainly was implied. i did speak to some people after the campaign event ended and they told me one woman told me she won't vote for donald trump in november she said she would rather stay home from the polls. i spoke to a man he told me that he will go to the polls in november not to vote against hillary clinton but now he's throwing his support behind ted cruz. reporting live tonight in miami, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> dana, thank you. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is also in south florida.
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the democrat who scored some big victories herself. hi, darryl? >> reporter: good evening, sonni, just 3.50 miles away from that speech that was just given by donald trump and hillary clinton turned her attention part of her speec444444444444 to donald trump. she thanked her supporters which the campaign said ran 1300 strong scled bernie sanders with running a strong and vigorous campaign thus far. she also then turned attention to donald trump saying america needs kindness and love instead of bluster and bigotry. in addition to make promises about social security and affordable college. she encouraged. >> with people who have
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that stand with everyone that believes america's best days are ahead of us. for all of our challenges i have never had more faith in our future and if we work together, if we go forward in this campaign, if we win in november i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday. thank you all so very much. >> reporter: and hillary clinton garnering more than 300 delegates so far tonight. but also more votes she said from the stage tonight than any democratic or republican candidate thus far. live in west palm beach, derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> thanks. there were some problems at polling places in orange county today. tracy jacim she's at the orange county supervisor of elections office. >> reporter: an interesting day and an early night. this conviction wrapped up
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supervisor of elections 251 precincts out of 251 reporting. first let's just take a look a snapshot, if you will of what it looked like as far as voters go. presidentially mirroring what we've seen around the state. donald trump taking it here in orange county, hillary clinton doing the same. trump up 9% over rubio, hillary clinton nearly doubling bernie sanders. also some municipal races here. there will be some runoffs. there were some very tight races. one of the bigger issues the winter park question with regards funding for a brand new library barely passing by just under 200 votes. so i asked the supervisor of visions elections if he thought some points would point to that issue that you mention the ballot shortage that happened earlier today as reason perhaps for losing. he said he's not worried but he imagines the folks that lost may do so. that's how that works. here's what else he had to say about how they were able to restock the polling places in belle isle, windmere, apopka, ocoee and
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ballots earlier. take a listen. >> we were able to print ballots here then deliver them out to the sites. so we went through all the precincts with cities -- city elections and i think probably around 1:00, 1:30 in the afternoon had finally gotten ahead of the curve on having enough ballots out there then we didn't hear the rest of the day from any of the precincts needing more or we would have printed more and sent them. >> give folks an idea. this is what people want to know how long did a polling place not have a ballot, how long did someone have to wait? >> i don't have an exact time. >> reporter: he does not have an exact time. but what i can tell you is you probably heard this he did request the governor to extend voting here in florida for an extra hour. the governor in the end decided no. reasons given one everything was restocked by 1:30. there were also some alternatives offered to voters who didn't have a ballot. one they could actually have
10:20 pm
delivered to their home or workplace. they were able to come down here and vote which normally they can't. three once the ballots were restocked they were able to get into the quick line if you will the express voter booth which is usually reserved for disabled folks. so tonight maybe not a big issue but it's going to be very interesting tomorrow sonni and bob to see what folks think in hindsight regarding why the preparations here perhaps not enough. >> thank you. another candidates for president are of course speaking out tonight. >> let's head over to keith landry who is live here in studio with the update here. >> reporter: the big story outside of florida john kasich taking ohio 66 delegates there in a tight battle with donald trump. but john kasich prevailing. here's what he said to supporters in a suburb of cleveland a little while ago. >> i have to thank the people from the great state of ohio. i love you is all i can say. we are going to go all the
10:21 pm
the republican nomination 92 all right. on the democratic side so far it's hillary clinton sweeping everything but very close counting of the votes in missouri right now. bernie sanders is campaigning out in phoenix, arizona, looking ahead to the primary process and coming up state. here's what bernie said a little while ago. >> what this campaign is about is asking the american people to think outside of the box, outside of the status quo. think about, think about a nation not where our children are being poisoned by lead in the water but where we have a cutting edge infrastructure in roads and in bridges and in rail and in air transport. that's where we've got to go. right now we're still waiting to hear from ted cruz who is camped out in houston, texas, tonight. and when that sound comes in we will be sure to share it
10:22 pm
let's go back over to sonni and bob. >> keith, thank you much. we'll have much more ahead on fox 35 news at 10:00. >> when we come back our political power panel is weighing in on the big races from tonight. >> and family and friends gathered tonight to remember a teenager who was killed in
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welcome back to the coverage of the presidential primary. these are the election results from fox news. county by county from the ohio republicans and ohio democrats. you can see how dramatically hillary clinton took ohio pretty much the entire state county by county she did very well. donald trump trump, trump train really went right through florida very, very handily as with hillary clinton as well. handily beating bernie
10:25 pm
county in florida. meantime, hillary clinton secured wins in both of florida and ohio, and a run down of the big wins for donald trump tonight. florida, north carolina, and illinois as well. as i mentioned florida, ohio and north carolina going for hillary clinton tonight. we want to get right to some analysis from our power panel right now. >> we have political analyst on set with us frank torres and ric keller. they have been here all night. guys thank you by the way for sticking around through the web coverage, you were around for hours and hours and you are back here at 10:00. any surprises tonight? we would like to say we were surprised by what happened in florida but this is what you guys have been saying now for weeks would happen here. ric, we'll start with you? >> we expected trump and hillary to do awesome in florida and they did. the only thing that we didn't know is what was going to happen in ohio. so kasich pulled off a win but in reality it doesn't matter. he's still mathematically
10:26 pm
down to trump and ted cruz. trump is the only one that has a real shot of locking it up before going to any contested conventions. >> if he had won ohio then he steamrolls all the way but right now the possibility of a contested convention is still out there. while he can't get it through delegates if it goes to a second ballot he would win that way? >> he could. still be a long shot. the big story besides marco rubio suspending his campaign. this underdog john casic who has been exiled really preventing donald trump from getting the sweep. i think the rubio suspension and john kasich being the good guy for the establishment tonight giving that passionate speech in ohio winning his home state are really the two big take aways. >> you would think someone like kasich who represents such a conservative ideal than does trump he might be a more appealing candidate to keep on the stage because he truly does represent the opposite, at least currently
10:27 pm
in the event that he doesn't last and we are left with cruz and trump, what do voters come down to at that point? think that that's more or less the same package? outsider? trump is really appealing to some blue collar republicans who are frustrated i get it. that was kind of the base i appealed to. people who didn't like the wall street bailouts and amnesty they think hey we have given you the congress. he has tapped into that frustration better than anyone. crews, also is sort of an anti-establishment guy. but he's got a good conservative group of folks not quite as likable as trump. didn't tap in quite as much to the anger. but it's no surprise that those are the two last men standing because they're the furthest one against the establishment. >> i talked with carl jackson he said probably one of the reasons why the win was so big for john kasich in ohio marco rubio don't
10:28 pm
john kasich and secured the vote for him. what happens now to all those delegates that were supposed to go to marco rub oif does he have to release them for them to go vote for someone else what happens? >> what will happen they will go to the convention if nobody has the delegates they'll have to take multiple votes and those delegates can take their votes elsewhere. that's where you hear the stories of this establishment parachute this guy coming in at the last second and saving the republican establishment. have you heard rumors like paul ryan. people from earlier candidates from this race coming in and rescuing the party from donald trump because they fear that he won't be able to beat hillary clinton in november. make no mistake that's where the fear stems. can he win in november. >> frank, ric, great to talk to you as always. we hope you stick around and help us through this entire primary process in general and all that. >> thank you. >> don't go far. and we will be right
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10:32 pm
wrapping up here at the palm beach estate of donald trump. and what a night it really was for him. donald trump the big winner tonight basically knocking marco rubio out of this race by winning florida. picking up wins in north carolina and then a crucial win in illinois even though he doesn't get all the delegates there he wins another big mid-western state. so really it was more of a celebration here tonight than the other donald trump events that i've been to. not as a rally so much as sort of like a congratulatory celebration kind of moment. and he talked about how this is really become a movement for donald trump and how he is bringing out new voters to the republican party. >> thank you very much everybody, this was an amazing evening. this was a great evening. they just announced north carolina i don't know if
10:33 pm
yet but we're leading by a lot. i think they're going to announce it. florida was so amazing. >> reporter: the difference here in florida being just voters never sort of got behind the message of the two establishment candidates here. jeb bush and marco rubio. simply put nobody really got behind them and supported them. this is, it really is right now a movement. people are just ready for something different and donald trump seems to be the voters' answer to that question. we'll have much more on what donald trump had no say tonight about 15 minutes or so video speech. that will be coming up at 11:00. live in palm beach tonight mike simon, fox 35 news. >> all right, mike, thanks. our political power panel part two back in house tonight. >> political analyst mark mills and conservative radio host carl jackson great to have you here. talk know that about the guy we haven't really talked about very much ted cruz. didn't win but quietly you know skirting into second place.
10:34 pm
the running to be talked about as far as having a chance? >> mark is going to disagree with me. >> i'm ready for this fight. >> i think he is. i think he clarified himself as the second guy in the race i think that's what he wants. he wants a one-on-one. is it a little bit too late, i still think it's possible for him quite frankly because i go back to the exit polls from michigan and mississippi from people that support444444444444 rubio had 80%. people say listen that's our second choice kasich people say that's our second choice at 60%. so i think if they're out of the race then cruz can take it, if not with kasich being in i think he serves as a spoiler. so in that case it would make it virtually impossible. >> my friend i hate to break up a beautiful bromance have you with cruz. it's simple math. he has to win 70% to 80% of the remaining delegates to win this thing. it's not going to happen.
10:35 pm
is to keep trump from winning and hopefully pull it out somehow in a contested convention. >> but if we do get to the point where trump is by delegates only the candidate, does the establishment ever choose to embrace him, mark, doesn't that always sort of go back to that concern? >> if trump has the 1237, 1237 delegates he needs there isn't a thing that the republican party establishment whoever you want to call them can do about it. trump will win. the issue is does he fall short. tonight based on tonight i think it's going to the last week june 7th. 300 delegates at stake including 172 in california. future. you would never have guessed that this would be the outcome not only for him we talked about this earlier in the web cast but that jeb bush would also be out at this point. we were talking about two people who were frankly not considered big players until fairly recently what are your thoughts on that. >> i think rubio has what ted cruz doesn't have.
10:36 pm
i think rubio's best shot to be in an administration is to go on the campaign trail for ted cruz. otherwise i think his future in politics is bleak for quite a while. >> i think he's got -- excuse me. i think he has a terrific future in politics. if you really paid attention to the speech tonight it was not a concession speech. this sounded like an announcement speech. >> i agree with that. >> very inspiring. the future of the republican party, the future of america. his aides kind of behind the scene are telling some people that i know that rubio may be preparing at some point to run for governor in two years. so i think his future is bright. i don't think this hurts him at all. >> and no drama left on the democratic side. >> none. it's over. >> it's hillary. >> all right, gentlemen, thank you much. >> thanks, gentlemen. we do want you to get caught up on some local races as well right now. in the apopka city council there will be a runoff election april 12th.
10:37 pm
roof will face douglas bankson coming. bill arrowsmith will face becker. and rusty johnson wins 63% and steels 37%. in the gainesville mayoral race lauren poe has beat incumbent ed brady. shepherd at 57 brady 39 and brady did speak out earlier tonight. >> well, there's a transition period and we'll transition out and make room for the new guy and i'll probably do a lot more fishing and spending time with the kids.
10:38 pm
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>> we want to get you caught up on local news. friends and family gathering to arm 15-year-old boy who was shot and killed in ocoee over the weekend. kelly joyce reports. >> reporter: family friends and students that went to school with antoine davis showed up at stark lake here tonight for the vigil in memory of the boy who is 15 years old. he was walking to a park early sunday morning when he was shot and killed. tonight family members tell us that he was a fun energetic young boy that he liked coming to this park to go fishing with his friends and hanging out and they're hoping anyone with any information will come
10:41 pm
>> it showed how much of an impact he had on people's lives. how much the spark that he brought into people's lives you know. the outcome is friends, family, friends in school. you know the thing is we have to keep this fresh for him. because something like this >> reporter: the orange county sheriff's office is investigating this case. if you have any information about antoine davis' death call the sheriff's office. in ocoee, kelly joyce, fox 35 news. seminole county grand jury issued a first-degree murder indictment against virginia ortega the altamont springs mother who is accused of shooting her adult son 29-year-old blake howard last month. she is being held in jail without bond. the downtown campus for the university of central florida is a go. governor rick scott approved $20 million in state funding
10:42 pm
approved the state budget. they spoke about the excitement of this new campus today. >> it's really going to not only change lives of our students in the way they learn but it also going to change the neighborhoods and it's going to create an economic impact in energy towns. u.s.f. is also paying with $16 million in donations and another $20 million from the school's own budget. the owe video fire department -- the fire is burning about three acres but it is under control. they do say to expect smoke in that area. another brush fire today this one in coco brevard county fire rescue batled this borrow but that fire is contained tonight. our forecast right in central florida looks like
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> a fox 35 crime alert from orange county a man is left with brain trauma after a beating. >> authorities released this
10:46 pm
tiffany teasley has more. >> reporter: this is the composite sketch that the orange county sheriff's office released this afternoon of the man who they say beat another man unconscious last week. >> he sucker punched a man and kicked him in the head while the man was unconscious outside a bar. he's dangerous, and we want to arrest him. >> reporter: it happened here at the tavern at the creek early last wednesday morning after deputies say the suspect grabbed a woman's private area. deputies say the woman then told her male friend who then confronted the suspect. >> the woman and the victim walk outside to see what's going on then the victim gets sucker punched and while he's out cold in the parking lot he gets kicked in the head and he was taken to the hospital. >> reporter: the victim, 23-year-old sebastian valencia remains hospitalized with brain trauma. now deputies are hoping someone recognizes the man in this composite sketch. >> it's a very good sketch.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: in orange county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. two people are dead after a wrong way crash on i-4 in orange county. now troopers are saying that this crash might have been alcohol-related. the deadly collision happened on i-4 at 3:30 this morning. troopers say that the driver of the van was travelling eastbound in the westbound lanes when it collided with a taxi cab. both the driver of the van, 44-year-old fernando clementa and the driver of the taxi 39-year-old herald fabre died. they are now investigating whether clemente had been drinking. >> we found a battle of hennessy in the front right seat there was a smell of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. so we'll wait for toxicology. >> anyone who saw the crash though or the van prior to the accident asked to call the florida highway patrol. the search is on for a group of home invasion suspects who t-boned a car then took off.
10:48 pm
nissan in bad shape in winter garden. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover. troopers say the crash happened after the suspects raided a townhouse in ocoee, where they beat, pistol whipped and tied up the people who lived. there they believe that the suspects targeted the residents because they were flaunting their money on social media. troopers who are handling the crash investigation are now reviewing evidence from the suspect's getaway car which as you can see was left behind. a local chorus teacher is behind bars accused of trying to prey on teenager girls he found on-line. david o'neil is facing felony charges. he contacted 16-year-old girl through facebook was messaging her. o'neil is a part-time chorus teacher at abraham lincoln middle school and howard bishop middle. he was busted by an undercover agent after he allegedly arranged to meet that girl in person. >> the second teacher i've known who's gotten arrested
10:49 pm
don't know that kind of came off as a shock to me. like one of our teachers did such a thing. >> the district says o'neil is on paid administrative leave. spring breakers have descended on daytona beach in volusia county officials are out in full force. police say they have made hundreds of spring break related arrests as the city tries to push a family friendly atmosphere. they say this year seems busier than ever. >> we have been working with a.b.t. for the last nine days so far over 200 arrests made for under age drinking. we made 62 arrests alone on friday and saturday night last week. a beach patrol wantstro mind people you're not allowed to drink alcohol out on the beach. glen. >> great beach weather all across the sunshine state for today let's talk about the warm temperatures. live radar right now rain free a beautiful day today and a very comfortable night. temperatures running way above the norm right now 75 in stanford, 73
10:50 pm
and 69 still up in gainesville. so we're basically going to be holding in the mid to upper 60s, even for the overnight lows and a few spots will be hard to get below 70 for the low. right now still a west wind at about five to 10 miles per hour. six miles per hour breeze currently up out towards leesburg. 75 right now downtown. we have a west wind at 10 miles per hour so a beautiful mild evening all across central and north central florida looking good. it's warmer than normal weather pattern will continue through friday. as we get into the weekend things do begin to change quite a bit when it comes to the temperatures. scared storms will also be in the forecast starting friday. we could actually see some scattered showers beginning by thursday afternoon with a better chance for rain once again will be for friday and saturday. then that much cooler weather pattern does begin to move in as we go through the weekend and into next week. 79 down in miami, 69 up in gainesville, 73 up in jacksonville, severe weather
10:51 pm
watch these storms blow up. they have a tornado watch severe thunderstorm watch right now some severe thunderstorm warnings hitting the western suburbs of the chicago area. that then changes slowly over to snow. this will be a big snow event expecting upwards of a great lakes. that's important because that means that this storm colder air. so for tomorrow it looks good. still partly sunny skies breeze out of the west as we get into thursday notice the scattered showers begin as we head into the afternoon. still more scattered showers even as we get into thursday during the evening. but then as i mention a better chance of rain as we get into friday and saturday. then your cooler temperatures start to funle on in behind the front. high tomorrow 88, 85 on thursday as we get into the weekend. a high in the 70s skies will be clearing on sunday and
10:52 pm
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>> an unusual crime coming out of bike week a stolen parrot and now one biker is on the hunt. >> the somebody took his blue and gold macau right off of his motorcycle. his bird can't fly and would have likely put up a bit of a fight. >> he was forced off the motorcycle and they ran off into the crowd. some local motorcycle enthusiast saw it happen and tried to chase them down but could not. >> he's offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to spike, that's the bird spike's safe return. universal orlando is sharing some details on
10:56 pm
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>> in tonight's not o-town count number. >> number three. >> reporter: universal orlando is sharing details for the ride vehicle for skull island reign. the expedition vehicle will carry up to 72 people at a time and operate on a trackless system. five different characters will operate as driver. it opens this summer. >> number two. >> major progress on sea world's new roller coaster. crews installed the final piece of the mile long track. the roller coaster will orlando's longest, tallest and fastest. expected to open this summer.
10:59 pm
>> get ready to cheer on the u.c.f. knights they held their first spring track -- practice tonight. that's tonight's o-town countdown. coming up in october fox 35 news at 11:00 we're continuing coverage of the florida presidential primary. primary night in florida and it's a big night for drimp with a win -- donald trump with a win. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> and for the democrats it's hillary clinton defeating bernie sanders in the sunshine state. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> live team coverage of the florida primary and all of tonight's big races across the nation. >> announcer: right now on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> donald trump and hillary
11:00 pm
>> for senator marco rubio it's the end of the road to the white house. he announced he's suspendings his campaign. here are the states going to trump as of tonight. florida, illinois and north carolina. missouri still undecided. >> hillary clinton winning florida, north carolina, and ohio. illinois and missouri on the close to call. >> and another big win of the night governor john kasich winning his home state of ohio. >> donald trump declaring victory at his private club in palm beach tonight. >> let's go live to mike signen tonight. >> good evening from the club in palm beach where it really just was an incredible night for donald trump. he clearly was the winner in taking all 99 sell gates in florida and then picking up other wins in key states, illinois and north carolina as well. really, it was interesting to hear him speak tonight for once he was very gracious to marco rubio a man he has belittled if i


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