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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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county... in a deadly hit and run. plus weather with kristin. *.jn up on good day orlando at 430-- rolling road-blocks begin this morning in orange county... as crews kick-off the latest phase of the i-4 ultimate project. where you can expect major slowdowns. and we now know what happened moments before a bicyclist was run- over in brevard hit and run. plus weather with cq good morning. thanks for waking here are the stories we are working on a new phase of the t underway overnight. where you can expectrollg adblocks"... and what it means for your commute. plus... vtigators now ow what happened ments before a ay hit and run in erd county last night... but they're who was behind the and... president obama's histitrip whoe meetg with... following calling a major "snub" over the weekend.
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rolling roadblocks
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next major phase of the i-4 ultimate project gets underway.
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these rolling road blocks continue
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new this morning... the search is on for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run in brevard county. it happened last night around 9-45 at the intersection of courtney parkway and spruce avenue in merritt island. according to florida highway patrol.... a 54-year- old man was riding across the street... when he fell off his bike. as the man was getting back up... troopers say he was hit by an un- investigators say scene.... and the driver did not stop. troopers say the possibly a pick up truck. anyone with information on this case should call patrol. also new this morning. new details are emerging in a deadly shooting at an orlando strip club. deputies have arrested 28-year-old louis cintron for this role in the shooting. so far... he has been charged with murder. but deputies say additional charges may come ... as they continue their investigation. it was just after midnight sunday morning...deputies say shots were fired at the "diamond club" on semoran boulevard in orlando. when they arrived... they found three men with gunshot
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year-old carlos enrique cruz... died at the scene. the other victims were hospitalized.... one in critical... the condition. investigators say they believe the fight between three groups. happening now... a community is mourning the loss of 15-year-old "destiny bargman"... death by another teen in apopka over the weekend. teasley spoke with the victim's family...
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morning on the attacks.
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one of the surviving suspects says he was planning to strike again... before his arrest on friday. fox's kelly wright
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waking up in cuba... as he gets set to raul castro later today. the first family touched down in havana yesterday afternoon. he is the first
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nation in nearly 90- years. after stepping off "air force one"... president obama was greeted by top cuban officials... but not president castro. while some are calling castro's absence a "snub"... the white house says everything went according to schedule. tomorrow... president obama is scheduled to address the cuban people. he is also set to attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays.... and the cuban national team. altamonte springs is ready to roll-out its new uber deal. how much of your next bill the city is willing to pick-up... and for how long. plus... new details this morning on the health of seaworld's "tilikum". why trainers believe he's getting better... coming up
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say everything for a launch to the international space an atlas 5 rocket is send more supplies to the international space station. orbital's launch is set for 11:05 p-m. city officials in altamonte springs are making transportation more affordable than ever... by paying for part of your uber bill. officials will be hosting a press conference this morning to present the new feature. the city will pay for 20-percent of all rides starting and ending in altamonte springs. plus, in an effort to get more people to use the "sunrail".... the city will pay 25- percent of the fare if the uber takes you to the train station. altamonte springs has half-a-million bucks for this new one year test program. federal, state and local tax dollars will all be used to fund it. p
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announcing good their famous whale--"tilikum"--is getting better. company announced because of an but d said tilikum's energy level and improved. in the last several days--tilly has been trainers and other whales more. seaworld insists that the team is being cautiously optimistic and is giving him the best possible treatement for his infection. it might not be more delegates are up for grabs in several states we bring you the latest from the race for the white house. plus... hulk hogan is heading back to awarded more than 100-million dollars in the "gawker sex tape trial". what we expect to learn later today... coming up on good day orlando. 35 good day orlando. it's
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presidential candidates are turning their sights on tomorrow... as three more states prepare to hold contests. fox's dan springer has the latest from the campaign trail.
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the magic take on toronto... while the arnold palmer
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a new winner. fox 35's adam shadoff joins us now in the sports- zone with this weekend's highlights.
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` a 60-thousand dollar
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buy it using food- stamps. car... after trying to buy it using food- stamps.
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@`@x`8`8@x@80pw@e@b" {{3:ww7m:3{{{tt0e@cpppyyxhxhh```zdq`{k0`zzzzzzzqb coming up on good day orlando... how deputies say they caught the thief... red-handed. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's
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time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. the n-t-s-b is investigating a plane crash that killed this was the scene on friday.
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isn't known... but a second plane was also taking off and is believed to be involved. both the pilot and passenger were killed. investigators say they're not jumping about whether it may have struck the first plane. hulk hogan is back in court over his sex tape case. today the jury will return to award punitive damages. friday... a jury awarded hogan 115 million dollars... after gawker leaked a sex video of p hogan... with the wife of his former @s`@ ps friend. gawker plans to appeal the case. a pompano beach man is arrested, accused of stealing a 60 thousand dollar b- m-w. deputies say nicholas jackson first went to the dealership and tried to buy the car with food stamps...but was turned down. shortly afyterward... the dealership was burglarized... and keys for 60 cars were stolen... including the b-m-w. on friday morning... authorities got a call about a suspicious person... and found jackson in
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stolen keys. they say he ran out of gas and didn't have money to fill the car back up. he's charged with grand theft auto. a new phase of the i-4 ultimate project gets underway overnight. where you can expect "rolling roadblocks"... and what it means for your commute this week. and the search is on for a hit and run suspect in brevard county. we head out to the scene for a live report on the very
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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- developing from overnight in brevard county -- the search is on for the driver... troopers say hit and killed a bicyclist... and kept going. then.. all new this has justed updates famous whale tilikum. coming up.. what they're now saying about the sick orca. plus... a meeting of world leaders today in cuba. president obama is set to meet with raul castro. hear why the president says his trip is not about the past... it is about building a better future. rbut first, let's get


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