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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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-- we'll see you at 4:30. od morning. it's tuesday, mar nd. i'm ry elijah. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. breaking news out of belgium... ...where there are reports of multiple explosions inside brussels international airport. reports saying multiple people have died. the details coming up. plus-- a u-c-f student is terrorized overnight... as two armed men rob him at gunpoint in his own bedroom. the details on the search for the suspects. and-- an update in the zika virus outbreak. health officials have confirmed another case in central florida. we'll tell you where... next.
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breaking news... there has been a possible terror
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airport in brussels. there are reports of several deaths.. after two explosions went off inside the airport... this is new video... just posted to twitter... capturing the chaos.. moments after the explosions. people can be seen running from the airport.. now to video from our news partners at sky news... inside.. the airport, you can see smashed glass.. debris.. and injured people. initial reports are that the explosions went off at a ticket counter.. and a departure lounge. there are reports.. that there was gunfire before the explosion went off. planes are being evacuated on runways.. passengers are being told to wait outside... the airport. right now, all flights in and out of brussels have been canceled.. planes are being
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authorities are telling people.. to stay away from the aiprort. here is what an american couple just told sky news about the explosion. trt: belgium has raised their terror alert to the highest level. belgium has been on high alert... since authorities arrested "salah abdeslam" on friday. he is the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks. officials believe... "abdeslam" may have built a new network while on the run. meanwhile.. police are looking for a suspected accomplice.. who may have helped "abdeslam" in the paris attack. developing right now-- the search is on for two suspects... who robbed a u-c-f student at gunpoint overnight! this happened just after 12-30 this morning-- at the "tivoli apartments" in oviedo. that's just minutes from the u-c-f campus.
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deputies-- the two armed men came in through an unlocked door of the victim's apartment. they kicked in the door of his bedroom... and robbed him at gunpoint. the victim was not injured, and he says he does not know the suspects. deputies say 2 k-9s were brought in to search the scene, but nothing was found. a crime alert-- police now hunting down a pair of robbery suspects... before they strike again. the duo is responsible for 4 robberies in altamonte springs. fox 35's keith landry has the latest. an is on the loose in orange
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u@x playground. looking to find whoever pulled the trigger. deputies say the shooting happened near444444444444 court in the area of old apopka road and 13th street. that's just southwest of orange blossom trail. deputies say they arrived on scene around 2-30 y afternoon. that's where they say multiple shots were fired... with one hitting the teenage boy. deputies say he died at the hospital... and despite the crowd... no one is talking ut what they saw. right now... investigators are releasing the
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we will bring that information to you... as soon as it's made available. also in apopka-- we now know what lead up to the shooting death of a 15-year-old apopka girl....and who pulled the trigger. police have identified the boy arrested in the shooting as 16- year-old "quashun massey". officers say massey and 15-year-old "destiny bargman" were hanging out in bargman's bedroom... when massey left to grab a gun from someone else in the house. massey told police the two were laying side-by-side and he thought the gun was not loaded. police say he pulled the trigger three times... and the third time... the gun went off. massey also told police bargman had asked him not to point the weapon at her. he currently faces a second-degree murder charge. in seminole county-- a search is underway this morning-- for a missing 12-year-old girl. the state has issued a missing child alert for "jaden ramirez" of lake mary. she was last seen on morning glory drive... wearing a grey jacket with yellow sleeves, blue jeans that are cut out over the knees, and black tennis shoes. if you know where
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sheriff's office. happening now... president obama continues his historic trip to cuba today... where he's set to address the cuban people directly. the speech will be carried live on .n state television. the president will also focus on the cuban american community... which has heavily criticized this trip. president obama met with raul castro yesterday... to discuss cuba's request to return guantanamo bay... and the current trade embargo between the two countries. president obama also plans to catch a baseball game today... as the tampa bay rays take on the cuban national team. this comes as major league baseball discusses a deal that could make it easier for cuban players to enter the u-s
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a health alert now-- a new case of the zika virus is found in central florida.... as new research shows the state is now home to more than half of all u-s cases. according to the florida department of health a new case of the zika virus has been found in osceola county. officials have also found two new cases in miami-dade... and one in broward. the new cases bring the florida total to 71 all travel- related. according to the c- d-c... there are 116 zika cases in the u-s. that means florida makes up 61-percent of all u-s cases. a clermont police officer is severely burned in a bonfire accident... and now you have a chance to 5 out. officer "kris kruse" received 3rd-degree burns to 60-percent of his body... while trying to move a fuel container away from a bonfire on super bowl sunday. right now he is undergoing medical treatment and physical therapy at the university of florida. the clermont performing arts center is hosting a comedy show this friday to help with kruse's medical expenses.
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coming up next-- we are following some new details surrounding the gainesville teen... police. teen was seen carrying a firearm when he was killed. about that welcome back-- set your eyes to the
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"united launch alliance" will blast off its "atlas-5 rocket" from cape canaveral. the rocket is carrying 8-thousand pounds of supplies to the "international space station." the launch is set for 11:05 pm at "cape canaveral air force station." fox 35 will bring you the launch live. you decide 2016-- the presidential candidates continue their campaigns this morning-- before the next nominating contests in arizona, utah, and idaho. all five hopefuls talked to reporters last night ... hoping to sway voters in those western states. fox's kelly wright
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new details this new details this
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shooting death of a gainsville teenager. alachua county deputies killed the teen after he was seen walking around with a gun. we now know... that gun was fake. police say robert dentmond called 9- 1-1 yesterday saying he was going to kill himself. officers say they also uncovered text messages that he had to, he would force law enforcement to kill him.
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the majestic oaks apartments, police say dentmond initially put down what was thought to be a real gun, but picked it back up... forcing the officers to shoot him. a total of nine law enforcement officers are on paid leave following an investigation into the shooting death. five investigators are from the four are from gainesville police. daytona beach police searching for a man... accused of teenager. more on how she was able to get away. plus this-- serena williams now blasting a tournament director... following his negative comments about female tennis players. the details on the controversy... when we come back. welcome back-- with easter around the corner--
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released a list of the 100 best and worst cities... to celebrate the holiday. "orlando" came in at number-3. topping the list... is pittsburgh, pennsylvania. orlando scored big on "percentage of observers"... and also topped the list for "easter traditions." that accounts for the number of places to do- and buy- easter-related things. the lowest-scoring city on the list... was hialeah, florida. easter is this
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case you forgot. you celebrate-- we want to hear about it. talk to us on twitter... and share your photos... using the hashtag g-d-o. daytona beach looking for the man... who tried to lure a teenage girl into his car. that story kicks off the morning rush. it happened friday night, when she was walking on hillcrest drive. dqays a man drove up in a blue jaguar. he leaned out of the window and tried to get her to get into his car, saying quote, "if you don't come to me, i will come to you." the suspect is "dark-skinned" man, between 30 and 40 years old, "five foot pounds. if you have any information call daytona beach police. today orange county mayor, "teresa jacobs," will
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lawmakers about the heroin epidemic. congressman, "john mica," invited her to speak at a "national oversight committee hearing," in washington, d-c. her heroin taskforce. exploded in central florida. in 2015, there were 82 heroin-related deaths in orange county, compared to 19 in 2011. investigators are trying to figure out how a fire started at disney's animal kingdom. it broke out yesterday, during the "festival of the lion king" show in theatre." a fox 35 viewer shared this twitter video with us, showing cast members and guests evacuating the building. no one was hurt. a news alert-- watching hotspots, after containing a brush fire in orange county. dangerously close to homes. skyfox was flying over the scene afternoon, in avalon park. a 20-acre brush fire broke out just after three. it took firefighters about three hours to contain it.
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extremely dry conditions and wind fueled the fire. turning now to sports-- the magic's losing
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orlando was in boston, last night, playing a celtics team looking forward to the playoffs. the celtics are in fifth place in the east. victor oladipo led orlando with 25 points and eight rebounds. but the celtics built a big lead in the 4th. the celtics go on to win 107 to 96. that is orlando's fourth loss in a row. the magic play at detroit, tomorrow night. the "orlando pride" continues its preseason schedule today in gainesville. the new "national women's soccer league" team plays the university of florida,, in a closed door match. orlando started the preseason saturday, by beating eastern florida state college, 8-0. alex morgan scored four goals. the pride's first regular season home match is april 23rd, against the houston dash, at the citrus bowl. tennis star serena williams is responding to comments from a tournament director. raymond moore, saying women's pro tennis players "ride on the coattails of the men" and are 'lucky' and 'don't
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adding: if he was a lady player, he would go down every night on his knees and thank god that roger federer and rafa nadal were born, because they have carried the sport. williams adding, "those remarks are very much mistaken and very, very, very inaccurate." coming up-- another victory for former wrestler hulk hogan. why a jury just 444444444444awarded him more money... in the trial against gawker. plus-- bad news for florida drivers! why a new study says... the sunshine state is one of the most expensive places to drive your
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that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. petersburg is awarding hulk hogan even more money-- in the trial against "gawker media." yesterday-- the jury slapped gawker with fine in punitive that's on top of the awarded last week. site... after it posted a sex tape of him and then-best friend. he claims the video
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because he didn't know he was being recorded. more than 2- hundred d-u-i offenders get a first-hand look... at the consequences of drunk driving. last night, 3 people shared their stories on stage at the "falkenburg jail" in tampa. in those cases, all three lost loved ones in d-u-i crashes. deputies say deadly crashes involving drunk drivers.. are becoming more common. this comes a week after a hillsborough county deputy was killed by a wrong- way driver. the driver-- who also died in the
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hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means!
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so, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. orlando, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. winn-dixie was $18.08... that's 13% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's every day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. breaking news... belgium under attack.. reports of multiple exposions at an airport and subway stations across brussels. good morning it's i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. let's get straight to that breaking news.. possible terror attacks in belgium. the country-- now at its highest terror level. this is all


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