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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 11, 2016 1:35am-2:05am EST

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>> dickes the nation. we're joined by republican presidential candidate senato rand pau senator pau t rac i iow going to b big surpris there>> w announc a thousan precinct chair whi i pretty significant effor we don't think a oth campaign really h announc th man precinc chair t mos
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that somew unheralded yo wat t polls caucus i abo turni you people out getti l o college stude out we'v organized a t colle campuses >> dickerson: "new york time ha headli o fro pag tod that say quote formes fears of the lastin split as cla divisio erupt y think there's somethi larger happening in th republican race that's not jus competition candidates b chang goi on i t republican disnnect betwee many th republicans washingt and th gra roots lecture m fello unt 3:00 t morning saying dri outside t beltway you'll find tha n republican reall wants u t raise th deb ceiling withouetary refor we did the opposit raised th deb ceili unspecified amount and we ga up o t budgeta cap not one republica outsi t beltway supports tha nnect if y se republica leadershi
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raise th budge cap but it's because som o t righ wan more milita welfa spending they both g toget we rai bot consequen we ha $ trillion deb th disconnect this you'r talking about i see prett bad? >> term limit real needs t b mor tur over i office if y h tha all of sudde peopl would b i thi that' why th republica electorate i looking fo outside becau they're tired base y canni of everybody i washingtoanything we have th power of the pur we're not using i we control the house senat not usi tha power >> dickerson: you mentioned tha you said ted cru i eligib for prim b in a seriousness do you thi he n eligible to b president? >> the thing i a exper agree that he waaturally bor canad is, ca you natally born i canad and also b considered b
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th hasn' bee decidedr presiden constitutional n statutory n question if you were bor i canada t you 34078 a america you're citize but they u thi unusu constitution o natural born i think i wil broug u congressman gr son fro florida saying he's going t challenge it i courtenge i the very lea a thi hav to b decided b the supre cour if it's not this -- are y sayin voter should s thi a impedimen t ted cruz a bei presidenthe were t president, he would be t fir president not born in the unite states so tha alone would b extraordinary. people have decid f the own minds whether i mak differen whe >> dickerson: this week sena will bring up pie legislation you're sponsoring o auditing the fed wha doe tha matt is reguleople talk abo income an equality lot
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related to fed polic i also thi o maj recessi 200 w cause b t f b rates below t market rat th housing boo was sti late but then there was n reaction to slowin dow housi boom by interest ratest rates like the price o money, the price o bread prices go u a dow t giv information bac if you're sendi wro information we get int the boom cycle the w havant bust during t bus feder reser bougorei banks, bough asse of foreig banks i don't kn wheth w ga power to o forei bankstill bailing o t banks tens o billion o dollars,an t know h giving it t what assets the hol whethd asset transparency. it passed in the house wit ever republican an democra that bipor the same thing o tuesday in t senat
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interest rat a n reflective of the actu that hurts regular folks. yea what happens i interest rate are kind o lik insulin y eat a bi mea insul r should be the same for t econom economy heats up there's mo competition for the money, pri of interest shoul ris i slows the economy ba dow but if you keep th pri o mone oee getting th signa a econo rises without end b eventuall it burst in ver tragi w lik it d i 200rson: good luck out there we'll right ba wit our analysis fro o politic
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>> dickerson: we're back, pegg noonan jamell bou cleav politic correspondent and c new politica analy sus pag "uto burea chie o'keefe cover politic f the "washington post." welcome to all o y susan want to start with you the late i iow republicay tight betwee cruz a trum how does it go fro her
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look mor nar t a organizatio there and in oth state we don't know trump h t kind o organizati thad bringing people out g t t caucuses on co winter's nigh this is a bi advanta t cruz whatever this poll showadvantage might be that h bring o a kinds of people but d ty the work. >> that' right it's proved to b hard t past m. time worke f barac obama he turne o l n t democrati caucuses in 2008. it's tough >> dickerson: a lot of tal about third pla w might tha be important? >> o o tho estddle of the ro republicans that person hopes te t win or tha third pla showi iow a vau i bettee where you have n according t thi poll thi morni 4 of ne hampshir republicans a choosing between fiv o the
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so man losing count but in new hampshire t dynam is so muc mor tight these thr governo especially jeb bush, chr christie, jo kasic i circular firing squ insid t larg circula firin squ them going to be abl auto marg from new hampshire make th money to the rest of t count let me continu o >> dickerson: i' g t punchi match was - getti worse thi weekmelle, t cz-trum friendship, whatever it wa joint operations has gon awa th aru brough wheth he' eligible. what do you make? >> this i tru goi bk hi greatest hits of t attac n lik o trus he sor o broug o t birther question wit barac obama 2 hs trying tha agai
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think cruz needs to do muc respond because i'm n sure ho much actua republica voter ar taking thi seriously i thin cru wel lik enoug conrvativ republic a evangelical come on guy this i nonsens it's fin th not cas a w oba wherd, the the accusations th ide tha i n egible, tha coalesces wit bun oth mistrust and anger t really g furtheon: i'm going to a you abou competition that going on in th republican rank right now. you ha donal tru a t cruz you have thesters i want to p somhing u tha is chairman of t republica party sa about donald trumpot one o thoseop tha think donal trump can't wi a gener election actuall thi there hug
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people that ar disengagth significa becau saying, might oka i he' th nominmp will b th destruction of th party how does this g sorte out >> we're goi t sor ou ove t nex ver f wee tru doe wel iowa, c wins may tru exceebl tru wi f tru win in ne hampshire, tru starts look like, wow, thi cou really happe th going t b force eithe t come t ter o t mak sound will b interestin what would they abo trump my sense o republicans on t more a mor o them are at lea getti use
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possibility of trump that's som progr f himrson: jamelle, this not just backing perso there's something going min trump in "new york times" h story tod which they quot someone who says tepublicanr do anythin for worki m l m even though vot republic for year at one of th rallie this election t fir i m life whe c chang wha i means to be republica >> it's interesting thi there's a way in whi t previous establishme trump wil detro the party the a bot right they think tru i appeang t disaffected whit republican party not reall spoken t the econom issue an tru i showing pat h you get those people t t poll somi populi that's the cas trump becom
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bush and christie and kay can th is kasic tha mea it dying, i viability limited as politic movemenho i trump plays by t rules get nominated winni primaries or any oth establishme republican says he nlica nominee i thi wha cou happ something that involves one o the guests that you had on you show that is pau rya i wonde i w y mig sstablishme republican say trump is th nominee, talk abo pau ryan let' tal abot wh congres is going t d you remember what happened i republicans decided that b dole was goi t los and n england star makinea wit democratic president bil clinton i w harmf f dolas going t los th election the tried t g different direction t sav th party i just wonder w mig s that happen th tims smart to be talki abo poverty. this summit he w holding i south carolina yesterda because thi i doe
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the party that wha tru i doing lowe incom americans 15% of the country is i pover right no smart fo republican party ta aboutivityre tryin t und foo stamp program all the oth things that happens every time they tal abo tha but i think you' right everythin washingto bas republican congres worki either they can fin w t scor points a lea worki polic decisions whi tru running around t country >> what's s interesti abo th yea is th democrati sid mrs. clinton is th establishmen leader on th republica side i rebuke to thth establishme usi thi sloppily in broadway, is goin to have fige out wh t d about thi do w just rol wit thi suppos tru brings l democra i new hampshir may lat i virginia
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in t position happi lettin n peopl't like t g tha a coming i it really - it' complicat and strange year >> dickerson: one moarles is quoted saying the things i' passionat about i think thi count urgently needs aren' bei addresse criticiz donald trumat's another part of t establishment with b checkbook. thi that quote ge t the co dil policem m her terms -- lik ideologic the kind o reaganesq conservati that h bee dominant in th par sintl challenged b trump viab elector coaliti i trum c assembl i i'm not sure b goi pau rya washington that is f because you ha - n jusblicans yo hav p ry repsentin fundamental
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th trup woul bome of t independenc an democra tru seems t drawing in littl b hav reagan democrat feel t the do you know what i meaic worki class, this i b jumbl thi thi yea w fou o ol categori don qui encompasmocrats quickl susa tightenin what y think from hillary clinton i she mo worri abo n e-ma revelations or tha thi mor wor reabo bernie sanders wh wou hav thoug whe bernie sande announc tharo iow would be margin o err rac iowa and new hampshire yo know, hillary clint h 2 point le nationwide but, man, t momentu c real shift we' see thaif berni sande manage w io and n hampshi the hillary clinton go sou she goo positio
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this i kin o thig th coul reinforce some of th concerns som democrat havppea this is going to fun too >> dickerson: i think what i most interesting that she stil refuses to take o tru f s has be payin attenti t te at all in t last few months s should kno that sooner yo respond t better. jeb bush is probably the be example tha he let i wal f t lonow i just think tha the attacks continue on bi clinton's character whether or not she w associate with i allow i tuld vulnerability f her many kelp crate can voters dow the line wil s tha a potential weakness. agr tha settles ickerson: we'll end the show earl you've solved all take on donald tru mea tha these questions of the past ars, h know h t fig tou a
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to tak h on thes questions >> first of a i'm surpris that she w surpris that h to h him you're sexist, he sai i sectionist, look what you'v done to wome he famou for -- als h sai you, too par of h drama he famou fro givin y you hav t answe h sternly an definitively one o the things we' fin out in th coming wee i whether t cru ca reall p t b thith mischievo iss abo whether or not he's a u.s citizen, whi cruz whi trump brough forwa becau cr is rson: where she shows th republicans says w i o candidate who can stop them she' runni o electabilit
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control that she made o sanders? >> i thi combination of th two going to b beseast in state lik iow which is o democra a mor liberal th democrat nationally on t wle stro ber challenge surprising stron berni challenge is the best thi tha can happen part o clinton problem ing t be coronatio and we c alrea s the sort o rif betwe bern starters a d a bernie win iowa i hampshire th w hav thi drawn out tough race fo t nomination, clinto win tha in itsel coning that c happen she wins. >> if she win injured we'll have to end i there. thanks to all of you
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le m a y philosophic humphrey us to s t strength of t american economy is be judge by t weakness o a secti a perso o any par tha >> yea thi there something to tha i'm not b huber humphre fa d think -- le m giv y another democrat jac kennefts all boats that tru wit pover we' finding deep a persisten chroni poverty we hav - over 5 years i t war povert ha 8 n programated since the at t feder lev spendin trillions o dolla b hav stalemate on our hands we have safety ne tha tri to cat peopl fro falli into poverty b don't havet people o o povert we're actually treating th symptoms o pover a perpetuating poverty we need t break th cycl need go to t roo cause per based inp a efforts b outcome a results get people out o poverty
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not to g int statistics, t rates ar awf we haven see the since lik the carter year what that mea i able-bodi worki aren' looking for work, they're o t sideline we've got to g the bac int the econom fo t reasons th sha the talent wit us, th rest tbenefit from them sharing the talents they get their liv back togethe that kind injection hum reka tif o wor o energdy that helps t economy th lowers th cri rat tha lowers the dru rat that helps gconomy a society going should b pushing fo >> dickerson: you want folks t work, more wor requirements fo benefits. wh progressives wil say l t poo hav job a t hel them keep thob fai wor schedule, paid sick leav medical leave kee them the job so that the c kee>> don w t k peopl
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keep them poverty i want people to be able t g the skills they need to g better job want people to ha t t escalat upwar mobility whic slowing down in america we got to get the t skill th nee that's not just a j thamigh man different kin e people a experiencing but thi a the wisdo washington, i we' telli our fello citizens pay youll f povert washingto g bureaucrac tha wil tak car of thi that's what we've been doing f 50 years if w say you eac a ameri needs to get involve so that w c o communities help a person, if w ca remov tho barriers th are makin harde f people t risewth th i growing the economy everywhere then we c reignite t enthusiasm for the americaream reconnect people it to instead treating t symptom of poverty s people c tolerate it more, let's get the out povert ends u doing they speak t peopl a i
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station in life an governmen here to help them cop w i we should reject tha we want to help peopl g o g o t a betr life s tha the c me potenti a flouris there will b differences i people's lives that' oka that's what free society hassk y about th phra takers on refer t those receiv benefit taker y lett apologize >> i was wrong isit's interesting you seem to be saying, b careful about the words you use in t presiential campaig right no that would b calle political correctnes think w wrongng tha i wron you should ca t i people who g governmen 'streets tan peo o governme benefits, sure, som exploit t system. some peopl a choosin t jus live on t dol n wor because they prefe thamu it most people don't want to poor. most people don't want to dependen if we speak a everybody i in thi categor that' w d. w wro
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so that' w thi nee t respec peopl for the ambitioams that they actually have then he facilitate their access t i thin politic correctne has gone w overboard that' the new thing in th campaigat but let's just b accurat let's be right let's not n hav populism that unattache fro>> dickersonwe'l b rig back. hit. the orders were rushing in. racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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