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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center, this is cleveland 19 news. >> a record-breaking day in northeast ohio. 63 degrees shattering the old record of 57 back in 1890. check it out. we were 10 degree warmer than san francisco. even warmer than dallas. they were at 52. well that was then and this is now. back to reality. dropping temperatures and snow. >> romona: how much snow will we see? let's get to meteorologist jeff tanchek for the details. >> jeff: not much snow coming out tomorrow, but it well get cold enough for that to happen compared to where we were
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let's look at our roof camera out there. the clouds are moving in and even though we are much colder compared to where we were last night at this time, in fact check out the temperature change. 16 degrees colder and even 21 degrees colder in lima compared to this time yesterday. low to mid30s by morning and that's still above average for this time of year. some flurries and areas of light snow and overall an easy commute . weather wise it will be a one. we got that moving in of the flurries and areas of live snow tomorrow, and then it looks like the weekend we start to warm up a little bit. it is not the 60s that we saw today. the forecast details coming up at about 11:19. ramona. >> romona: the warmer weather could be making your commute easier because they can finish their construction sooner. we wondered if some projects are ahead of schedule. sara goldenburg talked with the city and odot to see if
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>> reporter: odot says work on city streets around the inner belt bridge is picking up, but this warmer weather doesn't faster. sunny skies and unseasonably warm weather in february meant construction crews were out working on projects like the inner belt bridge in downtown cleveland. >> certainly the weather has been wonderful and has helped done. what we have done is expedite some of the areas around the big bridge itself. near ontario street east 9th street and some of the more city level street grids. >> reporter: it will be finished earlier than the original deadline in the summer of 2017. but not in time for the republican national convention in july. work should be complete this fall and they don't expect that deadline to change. jew unfortunately >> unfortunately the bridge itself will tell how fast we get it from our producers. it has been set for years
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get the structural steel in place and then they will pour the concrete and the deck. with thousands heading to cleveland for the rnc we want to know how it will affect traffic. >> essentially what you see is what you will have for the rnc. i know there are several cities around the state that will look to a way to improve traffic flow . they are riding smoothly for that week. >> reporter: this bridge replacement project in ohio history with a price tag of half a billion dollars. sara goldenburg, cleveland 19. >> romona: we also asked about other downtown projects like public square and the hilton. we are told those are on schedule for the rnc. good weather has speeded along work on public square. work on the cafe is underway and new trees have been
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it is set to open on june 1st, the same day as the new hilton hotel. >> denise: we are following two breaking news stories right now. a man shot his 21-year-old female roommate in the chest at the ridge road apartment in brooklyn. she was rushed to the hospital, but later died. police took the man into custody. police are expected to release more details in the morning. >> romona: and a scare for donald trump. the presidential hopeful's plane had to make an emergency landing in nashville after the pilot reported engine problems. he was headed to arkansas for a campaign event. he made it, but was two hours late. >> denise: we told you about two inmates who escaped from a correctional facility in downtown cleveland. there are 60 prisoners who escaped or went awol in the past year. and that lead us to ask more questions about how at least
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from the facility every week. scott taylor was first on the story. he spoke to officials earlier today. >> denise officials have a funny way to describe their building. it is not a prison, but they lock people up every night. the convicted felons are not inmates. they call them clients. if one escapes they don't tell the public. >> on tuesday cleveland 19 was the first to tell you about 32-year-old lavelle tucker and tyshon shepherd's escape from the mcdonald correctional facility through a window. tucker convicted of heroin possession and busted after being caught with a car stolen from the cleveland clinic. they got a tip about the escape,. they never alert the public about convicted felons that are on the loose. we wanted to know why. >> the protocol's are to
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court and probation take it from there. >> reporter: on tuesday night we asked the facility to provide pictures of the men so we can alert you. officials said they didn't have pictures. 24 hours later we found out they did. >> we do have pictures of the individuals. the files we have are not public record. >> the men's mug shots are public record. we obtained them through the sheriff's office. after 30 days clients are given a pass to find a job or visit relatives. in the past 13 months 65 of them never came back. they call it a successful record. >> do you alert the victims of their crimes that they are awol or have escaped? >> that's something the court would have to do because a lot of times we are not aware of the victim and are not aware of requirement of notification. >> reporter: they are working on improvements, but as far as we can tell there is nothing in place right now that will
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walking away. which means if you use their clock in about two days some other felon will just vanish. >> denise: thank you. and here is a little background information. it opened in 2010. it is a minimum security facility. most inmates stayed there between four and six months. and there are 215 beds currently in the facility. >> romona: new tonight, some councilmembers are supporting a new proposal that would give them a raise. we are asking if their salaries are justified for the work they do. dan deroos is here with some answers. >> dan: yes, trying to get you some answers. if the county council pass it, you still have the chance to strike this down. if you think it is unfair. first of all let's talk about the county council. we used to have three commissioners, but because of
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jimmy demora thing that went away. let's talk about the raise itself. they are talking about a $7,000 raise. i know that sounds like a lot. let's talk about why it is 7,000. first of all it takes them from a $45,000 a year paycheck to a $52,000 a year paycheck. this is a part-time position. although some of the county councilmembers we talked to say they see it as a full time position. but this will only apply to those who are either re-elected or are newly elected come 2019. cuyahoga county is one of the largest counties in the country at 29. some of the councilmembers are trying to justify their raise by saying they oversee 125,000 people in each ward making it a very big responsibility. we got curious. we checked in with summit county.
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in the state that runs with a council like we do, and they get paid about $23,000 a year. again another part-time position. there you go. denise? >> denise: dan, thank you. florida's governor has declared a health emergency in parts of the state. that's because of the zika virus. officials are worried that once the temperatures start to warm up, the virus will start spreading quickly throughout the south. zika has been linked to several thousand cases of serious birth defects in latin america. as of now, there is no vaccine against the virus. but the researchers are working on it. >> romona: new information on the family who was killed after their home exploded last month. according to the autopsy reports jeff mather had evidence of smoke in his lungs, but his wife, sin tee, and their two daughters did not.
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were dead before the fires started. how they died is still under investigation. officials say murder-suicide is a possibility. >> denise: tempers flared on capitol hill at a hearing on the flint water crisis. some of the key people set to testify including governor rick snyder didn't show up of the -- didn't show up. >> why are they paying for water they couldn't use and it is poisoning them? that's not american. >> why wasn't that made public? >> i don't know the answer to that question. i think -- >> you can't come to a hearing charge of water quality for the epa and not know the answer to that question. >> denise: the senate committee is expecting the e-mails from the epa that show who knew what by friday. they also want to know whether the agency was involved in keeping the information from the public. >> romona: today rick santorum
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for the white house. could john kasich be next? the governor said he would drop out if he gets smoked in new hampshire. a fox news report shows kasich has made the most campaign stops in new hampshire out of all of the candidates. >> denise: hillary clinton and bernie sanders held a town hall tonight. >> of course we are an under dog. we are taking on the most powerful, political organization in the country. organization. >> i am amused he set himself up on who is a progressive. i am a progressive who likes to get things done. >> denise: the pair will take part in a debate in new hampshire. the first debate with only the two of them on stage. >> denise: and tonight there could be relief for breast cancer patients. coming up, how acupuncture is helping and where you can go to get it done.
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are pushing for one of their former players to get a presidential award. details on how you can help. jeff? >> jeff: getting back to where we should be this time of year for a little while. then next week, get ready. i'll explain the next segment. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland 19 news
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>> live from cleveland news center, this is cleveland 19 news. >> acupuncture has been used on cancer patients to reduce nausea and vomiting a ever chemotherapy. and now doctors are using it on some breast cancer patients symptoms. >> and this could potentially help them have significant symptom improvement. >> experts say more than 60% of women with early stage breast cancer suffer from hot flashes, joint and muscle pain as well as depression caused by their treatment. we checked tonight at the cleveland clinic and university hospital offers the service for breast cancer patients. >> denise: bob feller was a hall of fame pitcher who dominated hitters in the 40s and 50s, but now the indians are hoping to get him
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off the field. the team is calling for the white house to give the legendary pitcher an award. several other players have already received it. tiffani tucker with the story. >> reporter: a baseball legend, world war ii hero and hall of famer who won the hearts of fans around the world. especially here at home. just say the name bob feller and you will get plenty of people talking. if you ever met him, you know his spirit was contagious. >> the experiences he had both as a baseball player and as a humanitarian and as a navy man, you can't replicate that. one of the most unique individuals i ever met and will probably ever meet. >> the senior director of commune cages helped bring the baseball great's priceless meme memorabilia to the hometown in iowa to the terrorist in progressive field where it is on display. achievements go beyond the diamond. he was the first big league baseball player to enlist in
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pearl harbor at the height of his career. with eight battle stars and six campaign ribbons. now the organization is petitioning for feller to have one more honor added to his resume, the presidential medal of freedom. the highest civilian award in the u.s. president obama gave that award to hall of famers willy mays and the late yogi berra. >> he took probably more pride in his role in the navy and serving our country than he did as a baseball player. >> a baseball icon. the winningest pitcher into cleveland's franchise history who is no longer with us, but will be remembered for his achievements on and off the ball field. >> there isn't a person more deserving of that honor than bob feller. >> reporter: tiffani particularrer, cleveland -- tiffani tucker, cleveland 19. >> denise: if you would like to sign the petition to help him receive this award there is a link on our website embedded in this story. there has to be 100,000 signatures in the next 30 days
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even consider the proposal. it only takes a minute. >> romona: you probably have heard social media posts may prevent you have landing a job. it is a good idea to be careful what you put on-line. according to the numbers one-third of employer have eliminated a candidate from their list of potential hires because of something they posted. some of the most common mistakes applicants make? posting negative or inappropriate comments. another thing to avoid is posting other being tagged in inappropriate photos. >> if you are too opinionated, too negative, it can really come off to some individuals that you could be a problem in the workplace. >> romona: if you think staying off line is the answer, think again. 17% of hiring managers question job applicants who didn't post regularly or didn't have a social media profile at all. >> denise: how about that? we all know the main reason
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is the commercials, of course. and tonight we are getting a sneak peek at an ad amazon put together. >> let's hear it. >> cheerleaders. >> cheerleaders, moreno, i thought you were an expert at these parties. >> it shows alec bald win and dan moreno trying to throw the perfect party using echo's computer assistant. a 30-second commercial in this year's game by the way costs $5 million. >> dan: oh that's nothing. >> denise: if you want to look at some of the super bowl commercials head to our website. on sunday watch for our poll where you can vote for your favorite ad during the game. >> romona: i hear the cars and actors with i will be all the rage this year for the super bowl. >> denise: i love the clidedales. swref jeff here is the colder -- >> jeff: here is the colder air moving in. i mean, come on, if i told you february 3rd, 11:00 p.m. we
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would take that. it is all relative, the weather. compared to yesterday at this time, you are feeling the change. chicago is down to 29. and there you can see the light snow and flurries that will be coming at us overnight and tomorrow morning. in the meantime clouds are on the increase and still a little windy out there. at least we got rid of the 30 mile an hour gust, but you have a 20 mile an hour wind in sandusky and 17 in mentor. whenever you get the temperature changes you are going to get windy conditions. cloudy, windy overnight and some flurries developing. 31 the low. southwest to west wind at 13 to 26. here is a look at 7:00 in the morning. flurries are flying around and it is just going to be cold enough for a little light lake affect snow along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. it will be inch or less. in fact, they think it will be less than an inch of uh coul lags -- of accumulation. it could be into the early
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less than an inch of snow on cleveland. 34 or the high. 33 akron canton. flurries around and the wind will be lighter tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. lunchtime 32. pockets of light snow. flurry at 31. so tomorrow the 60 -- the 63 that we saw today will be a memory. the big picture, 34 tomorrow. 38 on friday. and the weekend doesn't look bad at all. how about 41 on saturday. it will be dry throughout the weekend and even a scosh milder on sunday for the super bowl 42. the neck alert day will be on monday. this is for a rain-snow mix. that will be in advance of much colder air that will be getting in here next week on tuesday and wednesday. 34 tomorrow. some areas of light snow are down to 20. tomorrow night, sunny to
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the weekend is 41 on saturday and 32 on saturday night low and sunday is 42. mostly cloudy skies. there is the alert for the rain-snow mix, 40. light snow on tuesday, 27. high. windy with snow showers around. tune in this morning 789. samantha roberts will be tracking the snow. here is the buzz. >> now, it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: tonight a big announcement from the grammys. we know who is performing the tribute to david bowie. >> denise: and the "fast and furious" franchise keeps on cruising. universal pictures announced today there will be a 9th and 10th version of the hit film.
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title of the movies. "fast 8" will hit next year and the next two movies will be out in 2019 and 2021. >> denise: lady gaga will perform a tribute to the late awards. she was already scheduled to perform the national anthem, but producers decided she would be a great choice to honor bowie who passed away from cancer last month. >> romona: beautiful voice. today was a big day for hundreds of high school football players across northeast ohio. it was national signing day. carl tells us which local
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>> this is the chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> the hornets have been hot
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muy-caliente. it was an average of 14 a game. none of that matters when frank kam nie sky connects -- kaminsky connects. load, locks, pulls the trigger and it cuts the deficit down to eight. when the king goes down hot lava like pompeii it is a sibs-point game. that's as good as it got. the cavs could not stop the insanity. hornets stinging the cavs by nine. talent acquisition is the name of the game which is why signing day means so much for college coaches and all sports along with the kids that they have been courting. everyone can breathe again. including the local stars like luke perry and hawkins and do mario mccall who is psyched to suit up with so much homegrown talent at ohio state. >> there is only a few i don't know. other than that we all
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you we all communicate. our class, i think we have one of the best classes ever right now. we have a huge recruiting class. we will do something special. >> let's hope so. the king and cam are pretty tight. lebron is not sure about the panthers' quarterback calling him the cam newton of the nba or a power forward. >> i am not a power forward. i am not a power forward. >> i am not a power forward right now. i am not slowing down anytime. >> can i be the cam of the -- can you be the cam of the nba? >> can i be the cam of the nba? i played in the muni leagues, but not that much. my left tackle was not that
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i gave that up really, really fast. >> if he just had a left tackle maybe he would be the lebron of the nfl or the cam of the -- >> romona: he has an ego, doesn't he? i guess you need that to be a winner. >> denise: you have to have an ego to wear those versace
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>> tiffani: three people are counting down the days to the big game. >> denise: larry jacobs went to the first superbowl los angeles. he said he paid $100 for tickets, air fare and food in 1967. can you imagine? larry and two other fans met 16 years ago. they continue their tradition every year by going to the game and swapping stories. >> romona: how cool is that? >> jeff: a little different story now. tomorrow morning we are looking at low to mid30s out there. can be flurry. >> denise: thank you for
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