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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed.
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shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. live from cleveland's news center cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: now at 11:00 you flooded our facebook page over why an amber alert was not issued in the disappearance of a 2-year-old lorain girl. tonight, a new proposal to alert. but right now your first alert on a dramatic warm up along with some strong wind. >> denise: up to 40 mile an hour wind tomorrow.
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down the time line. >> jeff: a good rule of thumb when it comes to weather, a big temperature swing either a big warm up or cool down and it is usually associated with strong wind and that's what we have in the forecast. we have started the temperature rise. we went to 29 in cleveland and 30 in elyria low to mid20s. by morning i have us midto upper 30s with the cloudy sky and already the winds pick up and it will be a windy morning commute. it is windy for the 40 mile an hour gusts out of the south. a little bit of rain in the afternoon. tomorrow will be warmer around 50. on saturday we could be in the 60s. i am calling for a dry weekend right now. start your day with samantha roberts and laura d maria. navigate it on cleveland 19 news. samantha will have more
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denise, over to you. >> the lorain toddler who went missing for hours is resting at home. she was found alt about 1:00 in the morning after a frantic search. we were wondering and many of you asked us on our facebook page why police didn't issue an amber alert in this case. >> romona: now one lawmaker is hoping to clarify the situation. scott taylor has the details. >> reporter: this is the street where lana disappeared on wednesday night. with this new three-tier am -- amber alert system her picture would have got out sooner. under a new amber alert system being proposed the missing 2-year-old found on a passerby on a snow-covered corner in lorain would have been a two-tier alert meaning her picture and info would have gotten out within minutes
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>> a 2-year-old doesn't say mommy you didn't change my diaper so i am going to go hide in the woods. it is a freak accident. obviously somebody picked this baby up. >> reporter: a tier1 alert is like the current amber alert. nothing changes. police need to meet four criteria. 2-year-old lana went missing missing and didn't qualify for an amber alert. a two-tier alert would include a child like lana who didn't meet tier1 qualifications, but could be in possible danger. her picture and info goes out to the meed you right away -- media right away. >> tier two is fitting two criteria of the amber alert. it is two or three of the criteria. >> reporter: tier three will include a lot more kids. that will cover habitual run aways.
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police get all the time that never come home and run away all the time. >> reporter: angel has taken this idea to lawmakers in columbus. they are interested. he hopes to take the new3-tier system. >> they checked into whether the lorain county family services department had been out to that house recently. according to the records there were no calls for anyone being there. >> romona: numberses don't lie. more and more people are getting concealed carry permits and many are women. new at 11:00, tina ewing is looking at how they are training and getting armed. >> sandy hook. >> it was for my sister and i answered it. it said steph i was shot. i was at a work christmas party. >> san bernadino. there is no doubt that the
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through terrifying experiences in their own homes. and here at home. as mass shootings happen children have died. everyday people becoming victims. now there is a surge. some u.s. citizens in northeast ohio are exercising their second amendment rights to bear arms. >> i want to be protected. >> keep your family safe. >> meet this single entrepreneur who owns nightclubs in akron. and this married mother of 4 girls who often works from home. two women with different lives, but one thing is in common. they are motivated by their fears. taking control and learning the ropes to get their hand on a concealed carry permit. >> i leave at night and go home by myself. >> you find yourself in a situation and it is important to know what to do and how to defend your family. >> reporter: they aren't alone.
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general ccw licenses are on the rise. more than 4,000 were issued in 201 fie -- 2015 compared to 2014. the women sit through a written test and a test on the gun range in case the day ever comes they have to draw their weapons and fire. >> it gives them knowledge of the laws which is really all the ccw class is there for. it is not a self-defense course or a shooting course. >> reporter: he believes what is learned here during ccw class is not about learning how to aim and fire. instead the goal is to walk away with confidence of ohio gun laws loading and unloading the firearms and how to store it. the basics of being a gun owner. >> you can carry the gun loaded. you can carry the gun with a
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must booy concealed -- it must be concealed in the car. >> he is the founder of gun iq, llc. he teaches the class. >> have you ever had anyone say thank you because i had to use my weapon, unfortunately? >> thankfully not yet. i am not in a hurry for that day. >> an ohio licensed attorney. walter saw this growing trend of women trying to get their hands on the ccw and started offering class solely to women in november of 2015. this is where women can go to sign up for the class. you can see it right here. once you select that, this is the page tay pops up. -- that pops up. are available. you can see the last class that was held was sold out. in that time more than 150 women have shelled out between 90 and $95 for the program.
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portion of the course was the first time pulling the trigger. >> i was nervous at first, but i was getting the hang of it. today was pie first time shooting a gun. >> reporter: india hopes this is the only place she will need to draw her weapon and knows she needs more firing practice, but she feels the ccw training prepared her. >> if i ever got into a situation where i needed to defend my life i would do that. >> reporter: in case she ever has to protect her life. cleveland 19. >> denise: if you would like to apply for a concealed carry permit here is what you need to know. you have to be at least 21 years old. you also have to fill out an application and finish an eight-hour training course. and you have to have a validid and pass a background check. >> romona: let's talk sports for a few moments. hours before the nba trade deadline the cavaliers traded
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now tony zarrella is here with how it will impact the championship run. >> tony: they were obviously sorry to see andy go. he is as popular with his teammates as he is with the fan and the media. you look at their second unit that needs a boost. there is no doubt that this was a tough move to make. >> it was a very difficult phone call to have. there is very little i have enjoyed less in my professional career than to let him know he was traded. >> it is part of business and he knows that. he has been great since i have been here. definitely looked at him as a mentor and big brother. definitely helped with the tricks of the trade rebounding wise. it is sad he is gone, but we have to keep going and keep getting better. >> tony: as for what channing frye specifically brings to the table and i am not ducking the question, cavs talk about
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>> romona: are you sad to see the wild thing go? go to facebook page or tweet us at cleveland 19 news. >> denise: i am sad. as we told you last night ikea won't be building a store in brooklyn. we were wondering where else the furniture store could open in northeast ohio. we called several communities and elyria has sent a proposal for a store there and avon is also very interested. >> romona: it is a video you have probably already seen. a helicopter crashing in hawaii near pearl harbor. you can see the chopper approaching the shore before it goes down in the water. a pilot and family of four were on board at the time. three of them were taken to the hospital. no word on a cause for the crash. >> denise: frightening. we are less than two days away from the south carolina and
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ohio governor john kasich is starting to gain momentum and move up in the polls. donald trull p has a commanding lead to capture the nomination there, but mr. kasich is in a tie with marco rubio based on the margin of error. >> we just planned it and we had just booked it. >> denise: a doctor's message to one local woman, change your vacation plans because of zika. there are concerns for couples looking to cart a family. to start a family. >> romona: and a surprising alert. the surprising list of cars most likely to get a ticket. see if your car is at risk. breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland nip
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>> denise: new concerns over the zika virus. in the next few decades, scientists claim global warming could increase how far the mosquitoes carrying zika can travel and that could potentially spread the virus to places that would normally not be affected like here in the u.s. and we were curious if anyone here in northeast ohio was can cancelling their plans to any of the affected areas especially if they planning to start a family. >> romona: one couple decided it was better to play it safe. she has their story. >> reporter: patty and her husband have traveled the world. the couple recently booked a trip to antigua for some fun, but it was derailed after they talked to her doctor. >> we put together a beautiful trip. >> reporter: disappointed because patty's doctor told them not to go because of zika virus concerns. the couple plans to start a
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>> we didn't want to risk it because of the birth defects and the micro-cephaly that goesal with it. >> reporter: they changinged to spain. they were able to get their money back with the help of their travel agent. >> the airlines were receptive because they have had people going in and switching their flights because of the zika virus. >> situations present themselves that makes it not possible to travel. >> reporter: she says she has gotten a handful of clients like patty who had concerns about zika and their trip. >> this them this is the situation -- this is the situation. go to the cdc website and read what they have to say and find out if it would concern you or not. >> reporter: they now have peace of mind and they are ready to hop on a plane in a few months to head for spain. >> i was so excited. it is an upgrade.
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everything worked out, but next time she will get can sell for any reason united insurance. it costs $100 to $150 and it allows to you cancel your trip even up to the day of your departure. ramona? >> romona: in a stunning turn about the pope hinted the use of contraceptives is okay to prevent birth defects caused by the virus. pope francis says contraception is a lesser evil when compared to abortion. we reached out to the cleveland diocese for bishop lenon's thoughts and we were told no comment. >> denise: do you get a lot of speeding tickets? maybe it is the car you are driving. we have a list of the most ticketed vehicles in the u.s. according to topping that list is the lexus es300. in a close second the nissan 350z. the dodge charneller -- charger came in third and the
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the volkswagen jetta. in fifth place chevy monte carlo. in 6th place the buick encore. we introduced you to a group of kids that might take our tv job some days and one has a special story to tell. >> hi, i am logan william and i am here with memphis to talk about his glasses and what it is like to be color-blind. >> reporter: 8-year-old memphis won a contest for special glasses that correct color-blindness and helps him see color. logan william, a student reporter for brunswick's beat program invited him for an interview on the city's cable access channel 22 which the kids run. >> what did your mom and dad have out for you when you first put the glasses on? >> we had a lot of flowers and balloons.
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when you put on the glasses? >> it was amazing. >> what is your favorite color? >> blue. >> romona: before the glasses he couldn't see red and green and couldn't tell the difference between tbliew and purr -- blue and purple. i might add that logan there is pretty good. he actually wrote articles about color-blindness and a few have been published. he's on his way. >> denise: he sure is. >> jeff: a future anchor right there. >> denise: or meteorologist. >> jeff: or meteorologist, yes. step right up. it is a great weather forecast. we are definitely getting out of the deep freeze. our roof cam and high clouds and temperatures have started to go up and that wind is starting to increase as well. especially along the lakeshore. let's take the wind speeds. tomorrow over 40 mile an hour gusts. hang on to the hat as they say.
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mansfield and in cleveland and here comes the warmth. we have temperatures 14 in buffalo, but here we are approaching 30. we are well in the 30s in indiana and then 40. that's the warmer air that is moving in. that's why we are seeing the cloud cover right now. and we are going to stay mainly cloudy throughout the night and even through most of the day here tomorrow. 38 at 7:00 a.m. so we will be going up another 7 to 10 degrees by morning. the southeast wind 13 to 26. the warm up for you will be a little slower process, 33 at 7:00 a.m. we start out in the 30s tomorrow. this morning we had single digits out there. it is going to be a lot warmer. 40 or better at 10:00 a.m. and then look at this by 1:00 we are already approaching the 50-degree mark. check out these winds. this is the forecast for wind
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10:00 a.m., it is even going to be windy in the morning for your drive. 48 gusts at 1:00 in norwalk. and here we are 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. that's when the strongest winds will be. again these are the wind gusts, 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts. i went with 50 in cleveland. just a little light rain in the afternoon. 52 akron canton with a mostly cloudy sky. the planner at 7:00 a.m. noon, 44 and 5:00 and 50. if you think that's warm, that's saturday. it is still pretty windy. saturday will drop the temperature a little bit, but still mild this time of year. 64 on saturday and sunday 44 and it remains quiet into early next week. sunshine on both days, monday and tuesday. 37 on monday and 47 on
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we have to watch the east coast storm. it could affect us by the middle part of the week. right now i am thinking just some light snow with that. here's the buzz. >> now, it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: in the thursday night buzz, it is a sequel. 36 years in the making. >> denise: adele admits she was embarrassed over her performance at the grammys. >> hold me like i'm more than just a friend >> denise: the singer admitted on "the ellen degeneres show" she cried all day on tuesday. her performance of "all i ask" was plagued by sound issues and she got alt emotional -- a little emotional which didn't help. >> romona: harrison ford will be back and a see creel is scheduled to come back in
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ford will be joined by ryan gosling. he is a really good actor. and it will be set several decades after the end of the original. filming is set to begin in july. >> denise: still a you head, more on -- still ahead, more on today's trade on the newest cavalier. >> coming up tomorrow morning on cleveland 19 this morning, the eerie and the mysterious wwe superstar will be here. on sunday the wwe will roll into the q for wwe fast lane. and now some have called wyatt
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>> now, this is the chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: the cavaliers can
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on the league, but if channing frye gets the open looks they believe he will and drain three's he could be a key role player for the cavaliers. >> we know what he does well. he can shoot the hell out of the ball. he just won't post up as much as kev does. >> i don't think jr likes gibson as much. a push here and a shove there. team up, both of them? remember when gibson got into it with deli? he was going for 25-9-9. that's 20 wins in the last 25 games. it is thursday nighttime for the z awards. let's roll. >> we are moving fast in the z
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we have to to keep up. and coordination is is the name of the game. >> stuck that landing. >> always great to stick the landing. >> if only everyone could say that. >> hey, they are amateurs. it is not like they are professionals. to the slam dunking contest where airport -- aaron gordon was good. but zach levine was better.
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they are not 5-10. come on, try to keep up. >> unbelievable. the top award goes to the high school senior with down syndrome who had one shot, took it and made it and brought down the house. tough to top that moment so we won't even try. the end. no really, the end. hit the remote. we're done. >> denise: he had to drag that out again. >> romona: i hate that video. tearing up your furniture over a super bowl, really? >> tony: a little over reaction.
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>> all right, here we go, rising through the 30s
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30s and 45 at 2:00. we will be around 50 for the high. >> denise: thanks for joining us. cleveland 19 starts at 4:30
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>> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey, everybody! whoo! hey! welcome to "the late show"! (cheers and applause)


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