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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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story in your 6:00 hour. if you like your child to be safer behind the wheer l, there's an app for that. how a simple download can help you child focus on the road. the republican caucus will be held today in nevada, but it appears according to the analysts that we know who is going to win. it turns out kyrie irving was not really sick when he left sunday's game against okc. it's just that something really, really bugged him. >> brian: that's not all we're hearing about that hotel, right? >> tia: no, much more to that. >> brian: good morning. it's tuesday, february 23rd. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. moment. first we're on the brink of a big change in the forecast. sam roberts is in the first the details.
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talking about, sam? >> samantha: it was so warm over the weekend, and we gradually got cooler. now we get a touch warmer before we get colder again. it's really kind of a roller coaster ride here. i want to go straight to the maps and show you that this morning it is a super quiet start for us. no winter weather alerts, no alerts. it's very, very quiet on the radar. there's no rain, there's no snow. in fact, we'll have a lot of sunshine once it comes up after 7:00. still some cloud cover hanging onto the south and east, but that is rapidly decreasing now. the clouds are going to fill in later today, but once the sun shades. our temperatures in the 20s and 30s. linndale, good morning to you. 28 is our current number. it is 27 in brecksville, and if you're waking up with me out in euclid, good morning to you as well. we're at 30. traveling farther off to the
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31 there. chardon is 27 degrees. it is about to get a lot colder as we approach the end of the week, and we have some rain and snow to talk about as well. i'll have your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. laura. >> laura: easy commutes out there so far this morning. things are looking good. 77 is barren right now. we have a couple of lone cars driving along on their way in rolling into downtown there. those are the northbound lanes. no delays at all this morning. of course, it's still early and 6:02 right now. always keeping track. as we look across the wide map, west side is 50 miles per hour. the entire path into downtown. 71 also trouble-free. here's the airport as you past over 480. keep on going through linndale and brooklyn. you have easy, easy rides in this morning. 71 and 77 and there's a shot farther south at the turnpike. we move along well on the turnpike and also as you exit off towards 71 if that's your route.
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at 480. may be people getting ready to exit off and moving off slower by the sensors. 77 from akron to cleveland, 60 miles per hour there and you're up to speed. all of the drive times. abbing kron to cleveland, 37 minutes, 27 minutes from strongsville and then 27 minutes from elyria. we'll look at the east side on 480 and 422 coming up in about ten minutes. guys. >> tia: i'll warn you right now, this story may make your skin crawl, right? >> brian: this is a tough one. >> samantha: they're parasites to feed on human blood, bedbugs. kyrie irving says that forced his early departure from sunday's game in oklahoma city. >> it was originally reported that kyrie had flau-like symptoms, but we learn that it was something a lot more creepy than that. nikki. >> nichole: a lot more creepy, like bedbugs on your pillow makes your skin crawl. that's what irving says in the
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was bedbugs but they were isolated to one room. kyrie says he spotted the reddish-brown bug on his bed and got freaked out and slept the rest of the night on the couch. he felt nauseous at the game because of that and said his back was tight. not a good experience. >> what if you say five big bedbugs sitting on your pillow. i woke up itching and looking around. i'm like, dude, are you serious? it was 3:00 a.m., and i was like -- i was so tired at that point. >> nichole: but there is more to the skirvin hotels. many other nba teams say it's haunted. we have more on that story in the next half hour. tia. >> tia: thank you. we have a twitter poll going. the questions is, what would you
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irving and discovered bedbugs inside your hotel room? this is what we ask. ask for a new room, leave the hotel, and then maybe perhaps you would do something else. i don't know. sleep on a couch. that's another one. >> something. >> something you do, right? right now we have 111 votes and so far 75% of people say they would leave the hotel altogether. i'm with them, too. the campaign for 2016 turns again to nevada today for the republican caucus. if the polls are correct, donald trump is set to win the third state in a row by a wide margin. the focus today for the finish second? ted cruz and marco rubio are aggressively campaigning against each other and may have gotten the better of cruz, however. he had to part ways with ms. chukzs director after falsely
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john kasich is projected to finish a stint fourth. in a half hour we'll show you how little some ohio voters know about our governor. tim mcginty is running for rereaction against michael o'malley, who serves as parma's safety director. cleveland's police union also has announced just recently it will not endorse either candidate before the march 15th primary. a horrific story out of independence. police there continue their investigation today into the drowning of a 6-year-old boy at the double tree hotel swimming pool. police say this happened during a birthday party. the adult who was in charge was not there at the time of the drowning. there are plenty of questions about how this could happen, and answers. we expect to learn more later this morning when we talk to the hotel's corporate office. >> tia: there's a new app aiming to prevent teenage
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it's called drive i.d. parents will appreciate this. it uses bluetooth technology to stop a driver from sending or behind the wheel. it replies for the driver with a message about when they will reach their destination. >> we have parents that say thank you so much. you gave me peace of mind. i know that my kid is protected. >> tia: as long as the car is in gear, the phone only serves as a clock at that point. this means no instagram, facebook, snapchat, absolutely nothing. there are emergency parameters like 911 and a parent's phone number. the driver i.d. device costs 129 bucks. >> brian: good idea. indian fever be a believer in the cleveland indians. that was the old tag line from 400 years ago. >> tia: i'm with it. >> brian: you'll like the odds the experts give your tribe of winning the world series. sam.
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hey, do you experience any kind of ache or pain based on the daily pressure changes? our air pressure, it changes. sometimes the rain comes, the low pressure arrives, and you start to feel kind of lousy. if you are a sufferer, i think that you'll experience some aches wednesday into thursday. that pressure really dropping as we have rain and snow on the way through the middle of the week. so, again, if you do suffer from those weather-related aches and pains, oh, the middle of the week might bring you some trouble. q. >> q.: coming up in about five minutes or so, i'll tell you all about an event happening right here in cleveland that could improve your life no matter where you live in northeast
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>> brian: good morning, everybody. 12 minutes after 6:00. today we expect to hear from president obama about his plan to shut down the guantanamo bay detention center. this is something he long vowed to accomplish during his presidency. congress has shut down the previous proposals from the president. mr. obama argues guantanamo is used as a terrorist recruiting tool and costs too much to maintain. >> tia: look at this. the surf slamming the hawaii coast. crews had to shut down a 12-mile stretch of highway bau the because the waves were too strong. rocks were thrown across the roadway of course, so at first they didn't seem to mind the waves. honolulu city officials say this is the biggest swell they've seen in a decade. >> samantha: forget the waves. just give me the beach.
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every time we show those big waves from the sea of el nino, we talk about those beautiful beaches. does anyone else have spring fever? >> tia: i definitely do. >> samantha: winter hasn't even been that bad. either we're wimps or it's that time of year. >> brian: wait until it's snowing on st. patrick's day. >> samantha: i sure hope not. look what's happening this morning. good morning to you in akron/canton. we have clear skies now. we had a lot of cloud cover overnight but that decreases this morning. we have clear skies in cleveland. mentor won't have any problems getting into work today in terms of the weather, right? laura will have your traffic situation in just a moment. your bus stop forecast looking good. 30, no need for the umbrella. you may need the big puffy coat, though. i don't think you'll need it this afternoon. mid to upper 40s for the ride home, and a 90% chance of
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it's going to be so nice. the clouds thicken up throughout the day, but we start off nice and clear and then tonight we are cloudy. now, if you have plans tonight, dinner plans or you're doing some shopping this evening after work making a quick run to the gym or the sun is staying out a little later, so maybe you're going to go for a long walk or run after work. you will not get rained on and won't get snowed on. after 4:00 in the morning, move in. if you work a late shift and maybe you don't get off until 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, you may be driving through some rain. let's go through future view here for this middle of the week weather alert. rain is going to move in early tomorrow morning from our south. remember, after 4:00, and through the morning commute will be contending with areas of rain. all the green you see here, widespread showers for that morning drive. mid daye commute we're tealing with rain, and it may be heavy from time to time.
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a little during the afternoon, likely towards mid to late afternoon, but then some additional showers potentially mixing with snow are possible overnight as we start to get colder air coming in. then throughout the morning hours of your thursday we transition over from a wintery mix to all snow, and we could see some accumulations here. rain totals, i'm thinking an inch to inch and a half on wednesday. and then snow totals on thursday, well a lot can happen between now and then. we're still closely monitoring the track of the store, so, of course, that would have an impact on your totals. we'll go broad view right now and give you an early guess. 1 to 4 inches for thursday. again, stay tuned because that is subject to change depending on the track of that storm. friday lake-effect takes over mainly in the snowbelt. weekend is looking good. i am so happy we were able to bump those temperatures up for the weekend, because last week,
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weekend was going to be cold. not looking like that anymore. >> laura: if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, right? 49 degrees on a sunday. i will take it. looks great. bless you, brian. looks fantastic on the roads. 77 at harvard right now. no holdups. that's fleet avenue. the sign says it's a mile ahead. not a bad commute out there if you're an early bird hitting the roading bright and early. we see 90 and we can see 480 here going all the way across the screen. everything is really in the green. arrows are moving along fine. that means the cars are moving along fine as well. 480 and 422 here towards solon completely up to speed, 64 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour. no issues there. 480, 60 miles per hour as well. 271. the entire area really moving well. let's look at the drive times now. canton to cleveland, and mentor to cleveland and north olmstead is looking at an 18-minute drive
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door in elyria and headed towards downtown cleveland right to the middle of downtown. we take the commute over on the west side coming up in about 15 minutes. guys. >> tia: they're going to be here. are you ready for this? >> brian: i am. >> tia: bree bree prenears get a chance to pitch. >> brian: q. mccray joins us leave in cleefd with the story. q. >> q.: it's called accelerate 2016. it's a sifk pitch competition that rewarding individuals and not organizations for their amazing, innovative ideas that ohio. individuals like jackie. event. >> q.: jackie adams is all smiles and for good reason. she's hours away from making a pitch that could change lives right here in northeast ohio. she's one of the very few presenters at cleveland leadership centers accelerate
6:18 am
>> when you look at accelerate 2016, it's really a way that we can help northeast ohio improve. we're going to do that by empowering individuals that have fantastic and great ideas to help our community build, grow and develop. >> q.: like jackie. >> women make up 24% of the positions in s.t.e.m.-based career but women working in those positions make 33% more than other industries. why aren't girls flocking into the field? i think the reason is the way that minorities are treated. >> q.: her initiative enriches women and encourages personal growth, and she isn't alone. 24 other social entrepreneurs pick their idea during accelerate 2016 in front of a crowd of hundreds. this is footage from last year's event. everyone in attendance voted on the winner. >> whether you have these ideas and concepts, even if you're not a presenter, it gives you the
6:19 am
might be able to help you move thoughts and ideas forward. it gives us a chance to take the wonderful ideas and accelerate them. >> cleveland has a great stamina right now. >> i'm really, really excited about this opportunity. >> q.: the grand prize tomorrow is $5,000 and all the connections you need to get your idea going. everyone is invited to attend tomorrow at the global center for health innovation at 4:00 p.m. you can attend and vote and you can network. we're also going to have our very own mini accelerate 2016 in our next hour at 7:00 on our sister station, cle43. so you don't want to miss that. >> tia: all right. thank you so much, q. time is 6:19. we'll show you what happened when someone took a picture of ohio governor john kasich around too much people in nevada to say if he would be recognized. >> brian: next, if you love to
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>> tia: time is 6:if 23. if you don't have amazon prime prepare to spend more to reach the free shipping threshold. right now if you spend $35 on an order the shipping is free. pretty soon the minimum for free shipping is $49. this doesn't impact amazon prime members. the days of typing in a password could come to an end. mastercard is launching new technology to use selfies to approve online purchases. if you shop on your phone. it has you take a selfie each time you buy something online. selfie security could be the future of protecting online shoppers from fraud. >> brian: it is day two of full squad workouts in goodyear for the tribe.
6:24 am
spring training? it's former indian jason giambi. he signed on as a guest instructor. mark schwab is in goodyear this week. he has extensive tribe coverage on our website, they were, as you may remember, sported illustrated's cover story favorites to win the that didn't work out. here we go again. vegas says the tribe is the favorite to win the american league central this year. west gate super book gives the indians a 16:1 odds to win the world series. that's tenth best odds in the league. that's pretty good. the cubbies have the best odds at 4-1. we know what happens to the cubs? what happens to be indians whether they get close. things don't seem to work. >> tia: i think we should let them play and take the pressure off.
6:25 am
indians/cubs world series be great? that would be a lot of fun. >> tia: plus cub fans are crazy. i'm going with crazy. time is 6:24 or 6:25. kyrie's bedbug problem is only half the story coming out of the hotel the cavs stayed at in oklahoma city. >> brian: the democratic presidential race is moving to northeast ohio later this week. sam. >> samantha: this is your first alert alert that at this time tomorrow we will be contending with rain, and it may be heavy and we might have thunder from time to time tomorrow. a dynamic system is going to bring us rain, high wind. it's going to cause you to have a slow drive in to work tomorrow and maybe even a slow drive home.
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>> brian: members of a northern ohio basketball team let a player on the opposing team score a basket, and their parents couldn't be more proud. if you bet on ohio governor john kasich to win the nevada caucus today, hedge your bets especially after you see a little experiment that ran on cnn. and the hotel the cavs stayed at while in oklahoma city apparently has scarier things than bedbugs roaming the halls. one thing that's not scary this morning is the weather. very nice out there on this tuesday morning, february 23rd. thank you so much for joining us. but we are going to see a big change in the weather. here's our meteorologist sam
6:30 am
planned for us in the next couple of days. sam. >> samantha: we're changing it up, brian. it was a gorgeous weekend and so nice yesterday. today is going to be pretty nice, too. but tomorrow we'll all be breaking out those umbrellas. we want to go straight to the maps and show you what we have going on out there. no rain or snow. this is our last quiet day before the sogginess arrives tomorrow. then getting snowy on thursday. so you will need it all. your rain boots and umbrella and maybe your snow boots and a big, puffy winter jacket on thursday, right? maybe even the scraper. oh, winter is still here, guys. we're not done with it just yet. clean scan on doppler max. you won't have anything standing in your way weather-wise this morning. maybe a little sun glare once after 7:00. that's about all. temperatures in the 20s. cleveland, good morning to you. we're at 28. if you're joining me from new
6:31 am
well, 29 is our current temperature. 31 out in sandusky and mid-20s for my friends out in warren. so we have a little warm-up today. then we're going to get colder at the end of the week, and then, of course, we've got all the rain and snow to talk about as well. i'm going to cover it all for you including your weekend forecast in just a few minutes. laura. >> laura: we look perfect out there early morning this morning. 480 and 77 both rolling along just fine. no troubles out there. i don't have any reports of any accidents or broken-downs out there to tell you about yet this morning. morning commutes really looking pretty good. let's look at the wide map there. no issues either. you may start to slow down there on 71 northbound right as you pass along the metro curve over the area by the steelyard there, walmart down below and headed into downtown and headed wherever you head this morning, commutes are honestly looking just fine. so it's just a tuesday morning
6:32 am
you're rolling along. 50 miles per hour on route 2 near mentor as you keep on coming. 60 miles per hour the rest of the way on i-90 towards cleveland. we have easy commutes fomenter this morning. coming around the dead man's curve as you head towards it, you won't be slowing down. keep on going. pass by a motorcycle. not a bad day out there, i guess. keep on rolling in. the cleveland 19 billboard, and we have on time drive times. 21 minutes from strongsville north homestead to cleveland. that's a 19-minute ride. 28 minutes from elyria to cleveland on 90 on the west side. brian. >> brian: thanks, laura. an awful night for the cavs at the q. they lost at home to the detroit pistons 96-88. lebron played one of his first games of a year. i guess he's allowed a bad oning. turned it over six times, but that's not what people are talking about this morning. kyrie played last night. oklahoma city.
6:33 am
were told were flu-like symptoms. ends up it was bedbugs from the team hotel that had him nauseous because he didn't sleep. >> tia: can you blame him? we found out bedbugs may not be the only issue at the oklahoma city hotel. nichole vrsansky is here to explain this wacky story. >> nichole: bedbugs and ghosts. when you do a search on the skirvin hotel in oklahoma city, find websites and youtube videos claiming this place is haunted. in fact, back in 2010 the new york knicks blamed a loss to the thunder on a ghost at the same hotel. legend has it that a former maid at the skirvin hotel now haunts it. the building dates back to 1910, so this isn't the first time an nba team has had an issue here. for the cavs kyrie, he saw bedbugs on his pillow and it freaked him out. he slept on the couch and got about three hours of sleep and felt sick at the game because of
6:34 am
he said he also had a tight back. the skirvin confirms there were bedbugs but it was isolated to one room at the hotel. as for the ghosts, i talked to a worker at the front desk there. she's worked there for a year and never seen a ghost. she gets the is it haunted question a lot, but shetsz no, it's not haunted. tia. >> tia: we'll take her word for it. the campaign for 2016 is making a snop in our backyard come thursday. bernie sanders is planning a rally at baldwin wallace university. right now it's set for 10:30 in the morning at the lou higgins rec center. no tickets are needed. hillary clinton has planned to campaign in ohio in the coming week. reps caucus in nevada today to select their party's presidential nominee. after winning primaries in both south carolina and new hampshire, front-runner donald trump is looking to beat ted cruz and marco rubio once again.
6:35 am
contest without one of his top aides after firing him over a misleading video suggesting rubio insulted the bible. >> brian: the caucus begins in nevada about 8:00 eastern time. as results come in, you want to keep an eye on the cleveland 19 mobile app. we have have the updates and eventually the winner posted under the election 2016 tab. ohio governor john kasich not expected to do all that well in nevada today. cnn actually did a story. they were wondering how many voters in the silver state could actually recognize kasich use just a picture many people couldn't tell who he is. >> i think he's a movie star. >> is that john from ohio? >> is that kucinich? >> nope. >> i'm not sure about that guy. he's not currently running, is he? >> who is that? >> george clooney. you know george clooney and don't know john kasich.
6:36 am
if he was compared to clooney. only one voter could name kasich in the diner. kasich is spending most of the week focusing on super tuesday states like virginia, massachusetts and vermont. geez. good, too. minute. months. time is 6:36. the chances of having twins is about 1 in 67, but what about twin sisters with twins having more twins? follow that. the odds simpledy don't exist for this scenario. it's like seeing double five times. five sets of twin in one family. >> samantha: i'm so confused by that piece. i guess we'll have to stay tuned, right? lots of twins there. let's take a look at what's coming next for you. hey, this is your first alert that tomorrow's commute is going fob messy.
6:37 am
that's headed our way. it is going to be a slow drive in to work tomorrow. i'll track it all for you when we come back, so stay close. >> q.: it's an event happening right here in cleveland that could affect you no matter where you live in northeast ohio. i'm q. mccray, and i'll tell you all about it coming up right
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>> brian: good morning. this is the feazel room cam. great look at downtown cleveland on your tuesday morning. terminal tower is beautiful blue and fwreen this morning. it looks great.
6:41 am
a lot of people are getting set to make their pitch to change lives right here in northeastern ohio. >> brian: as q. mccray tells us, they have more than a goal in mind. he joins us live in downtown cleveland with the story. >> q.: they call themselves civic entrepreneurs but their goal is to enrich the lives of all people who live here in northeast ohio. they're going to do that by pitching their innovative idea at what's called accelerate 2016. that happens tomorrow. now, the annual event is organized by cleveland leadership center, and it's sponsored by citizens bank this year. what is so unique about accelerate 2016 is it cate reates an opportunity for any person in the community to share an idea with a room full of leaders and community members with the ability to actually help foster their idea into fruition.
6:42 am
that love our city, love our passionate. they want to do something that's going to be unique. they want to do something that's going to move our community forward. >> q.: the top prize is a $5,000 check and all the connections you need to get your idea going. dozens of people submit ideas but only the top 25 make the -- excuse me. only the best ones make the top 25, and three of those top 25 will be in our studio in about an hour or so on our sister station, cle43. we'll have our own mini accelerate 2016 right in studio. as for the main event, that's actually tomorrow at 4:00 and again, everybody is invited to attend and vote and network. to stick around for our mini accelerate 2016 on our sister station, cle43. until then, that's the latest live from downtown cleveland. i'm q. mccray, cleveland 19. >> thanks for that. >> tia: after hearing this next
6:43 am
might move from twinsburg to salt lake city, utah. listen to this. two twin sisters have each had two sets of twins. each sister has at least one set of identical twins, but really they all kind of look alike if you ask me. we were curious what the odds happen. this. in a quick search a scenario like this didn't even pop up. >> samantha: that's insane. i'm still trying to wrap my head around that. can you imagine? >> tia: tough. >> samantha: surprise! >> brian: not taking the twins fest away from twinsburg. never going to happen. sam, we have some changing weather going on, right? >> samantha: all right. yes, we do. it's going to get very rainy by this time tomorrow. you're going to be waking up to showers and taking the kids off to the bus stop in the rain. 28 is our current temperature in cleveland. we have no rain, no snow this morning. today is our last great weather
6:44 am
so if there's anything you want to get done outside, you want to take the dogs for a nice, long walk, today is the day to do it. next several days are going to be pretty tricky. we have clear sky out there right now. it is going to be a beautiful morning, but i think those clouds will increase throughout the day. up its in the mid-40s in cleveland, akron/canton is headed for about 48. not a windy day, light breeze from time to time, overall a good day for this time of year, right? our average highs are in the 30s, so we're not doing too bad. tonight cloudy and rain moves in after 4:00 in the morning. anything you do tonight, maybe you're going to see bruce springsteen tonight, you'll have good weather if you have to park far away from the q and walk. you won't be walking in the cold either. overnight. what happens after that rain moves in in the morning? it kind of hangs around all day,
6:45 am
it's also going to be windy, so tomorrow is a first alert weather day. not only will you be battling the wind and the rain, just really uncomfortable all around. it's in the upper 40s, so it's not going to be terribly cold but still wind, rain, that makes for a good combination, right? tomorrow night we start to mix in some colder air. so we transition from rain to a snow. thursday morning we wake up to the rain/snow mix but transition to all snow throughout the day. how much rain and snow and all that stuff are we going to see? in terms of rain i'm thinking an inch up to an inch and a half. we could see some minor flooding in poor drainage areas. so we need to closely keep an eye on those gauges tomorrow. mainly we think poor drainage areas that you might typically encountersome flooding with
6:46 am
thursday as we switch over to snowshowers, how much snow do we think here? our totals are dependent on the track of storm which has a little bit of uncertainty associated with it. early guess a broad view is 1 to 4 area-wide, 1 to 4 inches, that is. that's something else we have to keep a close eye on as new model information comes into the forecast center. friday we switch over to lake-effect snows mainly out in the snowbelt and the weekend looking easy, good, warm. just a little on the windy side, laura. >> laura: out there as we look outside, that's i-90 over at east 140th. it looks like that sun is rising. might be a pretty sunrise this morning as you take your drive towards work. roads are looking good, so you have easy commutes. make sure to take those sunglasses along with you if you will be headed east this morning, because it looks like you deal with a sun glare. kind of like what we had yesterday, but the morning commutes, we haven't had to deal with the sun for quite a while.
6:47 am
trying to channel it with the yellow here. we have an accident on the east side. 422 right at 306. what i hear is it was a car versus a deer. we do have the car still there, but they're waiting on the tow truck to arrive to get it out of the way. so we have slowdowns reported in the area. 29 miles per hour as you move towards 480 towards 271. there's the wide map shot. 37 miles per hour is the biggest slow joan i see on this part of the map. 37 miles per hour just as you pass by the steelyard moving a bit slower, 176, want jennings joins in and causes a domino effect slowdown because so many more cars are on the road headed into work. it's the morning rush we head towards. look around akron. 76. i don't see any slowdowns west of town or 60 miles per hour over on the east side. both looking good on 76. route 8 is perfect, and 77 to the north no troubles there. here's your drive times. canton to cleveland, you use 77.
6:48 am
29 minutes out the door from mentor to cleveland, north olmstead to cleveland looks like an 18-minute ride and 27 minutes in from elyria. we take that ride from elyria coming up in about ten minutes. brian. >> brian: thanks very much. 6:48. a great story out of marblehead where two basketball teams came together to make the dream come true. max steven son had been the manager for the past few years until this season when he had a uniform on his own. on senior night mac finally cracked the line-up. game. he scored the first bucket of the game. tony zarrella talked with mack and his mom about the big moment. >> i missed it the first two times? >> three times. >> and then you made it. >> i wasn't surprised but it's heart-warming to see everyone go all out for him and things are celebrated that are normal for
6:49 am
was a huge night. probably won't get anything close to that quite a while. >> brian: mack has plans to attend a local vocational college after he's done withle skoo. very nice. he's looking forward to prom and senior skip day, tia. >> tia: that's really cool. i remember that. it was a while ago, long time ago, but that's a good, positive story. time is 6:49. we have a recap of today's top stories and our changing forecast next. at our 7:00 hour on cle43, that's channel 43, we talk about the kickoff of the 25th annual harvest for hunger food drive in northeast ohio. >> brian: looking forward to that. also at 7:00, toy guns don't look like toys at allful a local
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tia: time now for trivia that rocks. did you know in 2003 nora jones won all five grammy awards she was nominated for including record of the year and song of the year for her single "don't know why." if you want more trivia head to where you can enter to win two tickets to dinner and a show. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. woke up itching, you know. i'm just looking around, and i'm like, dude, are you serious right now? >> now he says his room at the team hotel, the skirvin, had bedbugs. >> we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. >> there's something wrong with this guy. >> trump looking to secure a third win in a row, while his rival ted cruz is fighting back against claims he's running a dirty campaign.
6:54 am
8 in akron are back open this morning after a woman was fatally struck on the highway there. >> jason dalton was arraigned on six counts of murder. >> starting in april your poirnts are based on how much you spend rather than get rewarded for each transaction. >> lbj did not play well. he was held to 12 points. cavs fall to the going nowhere pistons 96-88. all right. a live look out at cedar point. if you're just waking up with us, good morning to you. it's going to be a beautiful start. doesn't it look nice? it gives me even more spring fever than i already have. the good news is today we can get outside, mid-40s and mostly cloudy skies. your forecast eventually. we start off with sunshine and those clouds thicken. rain tomorrow, heavy at times, and transitions over to a winter
6:55 am
lake-effect takes over on friday. so three days there, guys, where you're not going to get much done. the weekend is looking a lot better. >> laura: very nice. hey, in any minute we wait to see that sunshine show its bright face. we look at sun glare here in a bit. looks nice up 77. no troubles there. that accident on 422 at 306 really cleared. no slowdowns reported in the area out towards solon. wide map looks good and not much in the slowdown department. maybe a bit between 77 between 480 and 490. the drive times look okay. we get to those in a moment. here's the ride on i-90 through avon. you're zipping on through. no slowdowns are reported and no accidents reported either all the way towards the inner belt bridge or 71, if that's your path this morning. maybe 490 and everything really looking good. 40 minutes from akron to cleveland, strongsville to cleveland you have a 22-minute ride. north olmstead is 20 minutes for you out the door, and elyria to
6:56 am
28-minute perfect drive. a lot of people, of course, are they head into work. if you head east, you stare right at it and you get not only from staring at the sun and the glare that pops off off the car in front of you. need those sexy specks along for the ride. >> tia: look at the billboard out there. >> brian: when will the weather start turning? >> samantha: tomorrow morning. this morning we're dealing with glare. i think i'd rather deal with glare, though, than rain, right? tomorrow it comes down at this time, so you want to watch "cleveland 19 news" to keep up dated. >> tia: we'll have delays for schools and stuff like that. you never know. weem we'll be on top of that. >> tia: cle43, we'll see you on the other side. have a great day. closed captioning provided by
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good morning. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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