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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": another big change in the weather is on its way. >> laura: yeah, i'm excited about this one. if you are tired of the cold, meteorologist sam roberts is in the first-alert weather center tracking your weekend forecast. this is one we are looking forward to. it maybe a little bit like last weekend. >> samantha: yeah, not a bad change. we aren't going to get colder, in fact, we will get much warmer as we get into the weekend. but for now, it is pretty chilly. last day of the workweek and we are sitting in the 20s, all of us. with the wind factored in, it feels even colder than that. that's a live look along the skies of downtown cleveland. high atop our feizel roofing camera. it's beautiful here in downtown.
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seeing those blue skies. a lot of you are still hanging on to those lake-effect clouds there. now, most of what you see on the radar is not making it down to the ground. the air is very dry. so, i expect a lot of this is way above our heads, not coming down to the surface. or, it's mixing down as just flurries. but there is one little spot out to the west of norwalk and then potentially east of norwalk excuse me and then in southern lorain county, there may be a little bit of light know making it down to the ground. we don't expect widespread snow through the afternoon. just flurries for the most part. temperatures hold steady where they are now in the 20s. not the best friday but not the worst. right? it is friday. we will talk about the warmup and look ahead to next week coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> "q": thank you, sam.
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to date with the latest weather locally and around the country just by downloading our free cleveland 19 weather app. now on to politics. a wild debate last night for the republicans. the insults were ruthless and the target, as normal, donald trump. >> laura: yeah, but the billionaire developer never did back down and oh, boy did he fire back big time. >> other than that, i rest -- >> reporter: senators marco rubio and ted cruz launched verbal attacks against g.o.p. presidential front runner donald trump during a debate on cnn last night. $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million dollars, you know where he would be right now? selling watches in -- scrambling. cruz sold himself as the best to beat hillary clinton but trump fired back. >> first of all talking about the polls, i'm beating him awfully badly in the polls.
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hillary. >> well then if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed, aren't you? >> rubio picked up where he left off at the debate with an appearance on cbs this morning. >> i'm asking everyone watching tonight if you are a republican and you don't want your party taken over by a con artist like donald trump, unite behind us. >> trump hammered rube yon twitter. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is claiming new momentum on the eve of the south carolina primary, which, she's expected to win easily. clinton danced on stage with charlie wilson during a campaign stop last night before stumping in georgia and south carolina today targeting minority voters. >> let's make sure we get out and vote on saturday. >> bernie sanders meets with supporters in minnesota before heading to the palmetto state for the next big race. >> "q": and locally, two st. ignatious high school
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hospital after a car crash this morning. police say they were on delbank drive when they hit an icy patch on the road. the driver lost control. the car hit a tree, ended up flipping over. we are told they were treated for minor injuries and released. we got an e-mail from the passengers' mom. she says cleveland just sent two salt trucks at 10:45. and a cleveland police cruiser crashed into a tree at east 71st and longview around 3:00 a.m. witnesses say the street was a sheet of ice. a police source tells cleveland 19 the officer has broken ribs, a broken leg, and a partially collapsed lung. he's being treated at metrohealth medical center. >> laura: some hazing allegations are casting a cloud over fraternity row at miami university of ohio. officials there have ended the pledging process early after 21 reports of hazing by frats and
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at least 12 greek organizations are under investigation but the dean of students is not being specific about the alleged activities taking place on the campus. >> we will not tolerate this behavior and what i want to emphasize is almost all of our students reject this behavior. >> what concerns me the most is just the drinking aspect. that's a scary thing. a lot of freshmen don't know their limits and, you know, these kids not knowing their limits and being forced to happen. >> laura: miami launched two separate investigations into these allegations. it may be weeks before they return those findings. well it's a sure sign of ohio. we are talking about the cleveland auto show. >> "q": yes. and for the first time it's opening to the public on a friday night. we have dani carlson live at the preview. what's going on, dani? >> reporter: well we just finished up hearing from ford. they announced they are going to
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into their brook park facility and, they said that they are going to create or retain 150 jobs right here in northeast ohio. so, first of all, that $145 million. what exactly does that mean? at the brook park facility, i was told that it means a couple new production lines and then a facelift to other parts around the facility. now, those 150 new jobs created or retained, today, i pushed ford reps trying to figure out how many new jobs will actually be created but i was told they just don't know yet at this point. i also talked to the mayor of brook park and he says that this is great news for northeast ohio, great news for brook park. but he says that he wants more. he wants ford to show that they are really committed to northeast ohio and committed to investing in this community. hear more from him and also about what this major announcement means to northeast ohio coming up today at 4:00.
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well, it's a big weekend in cleveland. we just told you about the auto show. but comicon invades downtown. there's something for everyone. dozens of vendors are at the convention center selling and buying comics, art, memorabilia, sword and sourcery items and d.v.d.s. more than 100 stars are also set to appear including thor actor chris helmsworth and members of the original power rangers. >> my manager said here's an audition called phantoms at the time which was power rangers. went in there -- >> and they said you'd look good in green. >> "q": you can even get a picture with your favorite star but a warning before you strike a pose, it's not cheap. it can cost you upwards of 175 bucks for one snapshot. the wizard world comicon convention runs through sunday. >> ole willoughby police are birthday.
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a big cake, but rebel only wanted the doggie treats. they are asking everyone to wish rebel a very happy birthday if you see him on patrol tonight. so happy birthday, rebel. >> "q": and, coming up right here on cleveland 19 news, it's not too late to get your flu vaccine if you are wondering. so, you are going to want to hear how well it's working this year. that's in today's health watch. >> samantha: and check out these leap babies from 2012. on monday, they will technically just be turning one. coming up, find out the best ways to celebrate leap-year
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>> "q": in health watch today, just how effective is this season's flu vaccine? according to the centers for disease control and prevention, well. the season's vaccine cuts the chance of getting the flu by nearly 60%. that makes it one of the most years. by comparison, last season's flu shot only reduced flu risk by 20%. meantime, the c.d.c. says 13 children have died from flu this season. adult deaths aren't tracked. they also say it's still not too late to get a flu shot. subway says it's adding antibiotic free chicken to its menu. the company claims it beat out its fast-food rivals to become the first major chain to make the change in all its stores.
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restyle chicken sandwich will be available on march 1. mcdonald's announced a similar move a year ago but it still working on it. chik-fil-a did also. it has reached 23% of its goal to eliminate antibiotics with a full switch-over expected by 2019. many fast food companies have committed in recent years to selling cleaner ingredients because of public health warnings about antibiotics in food. >> laura: well it comes around only every four years. we are talking about a leap year. and specifically, this monday, well, it's leap day. that means february 29. well, a lot of people were actually born on that day. and as we said a few minutes ago, yeah, they only get a right? the stores and restaurants have come up with a bigger way to celebrate leap day and we've got some of the best specials that we found around for you. many more are on my facebook page that you can check out as well. but stores, lands end said if you shop there until february
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some deals where you get 20% off on all of their merchandise on the sears website. footlocker also has some deals until this monday and they have a 15% off code that is available. maybe if you want some new sneakers. i did see krispy kreme has a buy one dozen get the second dozen for $2.29. you know. as in february 29th. and arby's has become famous for the we have the meat special. well monday, february 29, maybe not so much. it's a little bit of a trick they are trying to play. they will still have the meats don't worry, meat lovers, but they will also have a special vegetarian option available. now, if your birthday is actually on leap day, meaning it is on this monday, we have some specials that only you can get. hard rock cafe will have a free entree for you if you are a leapling meaning your birthday is leap day. and if you go to pizza shut and show them that it's actually your birthday, you can get a free personal pan pizza with
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oh, yeah, there's some big travel deals available. i saw expedia, several other websites are offering some deals like 29% off, you know. a lot of kind of things are trying to use this 29ploy, you know, just like the date. 2-29. but we want to know, too, let us know. is your birthday on leap day and when do you sell operate? the day before? the day after, or only once every four years? >> "q": well no matter when you celebrate, happy birthday all you leaplings out there. still ahead, hear from the family bumped off a flight after their little boy had an allergic reaction and fellow passengers burst into applause when they left. >> samantha: all right. are you looking to get away this weekend? how about a trip up to peak and peak? it's not that far. and it's going to be great up there this weekend. machine-groomed powder, 25 trails open. oh, lots of room to get out there and have a wonderful time. and, did i mention the weather's going to be nice? hey, it's going to be nice here, too.
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when we come back. so, stay close. >> laura: and, coming up on cleveland 19 starting at 4:00, we are following a groundbreaking medical breakthrough from the cleveland clinic, the country's first-ever uterus transplant.
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>> laura: an arizona family is speaking out about getting kicked off a flight because reaction.
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passengers clapped and cheered as they left. >> i was just -- made me sad when my dad's dying of cancer and, um, that was really not nice to clap at only a seven-year-old. >> "q": that's little giovani. he and his parents went to see family in washington state because his dad has stage four cancer but the little boy had an allergic reaction to a dog on board. the dog owner refused to get off the plane so the family was told it would be best if they left the flight. some passengers took to the allegiant airlines facebook page to describe how horrified they were at the applause as the family walked out. they aren't angry. they just want to remind people that you never truly know what someone is going through. >> we don't know what we are suffering. they don't know. we know. we know what we feel inside. >> all we want is for people to
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there would be some -- the world would be just a better place if people could act out of kindness. >> "q": allegiant airlines did apologize and the family says they aren't looking for any compensation whatsoever when it comes to this ordeal. >> samantha: all right. time now 19 minutes after 12:00. hope that you are having a wonderful friday. last day of the workweek. and, we are still contending with some moisture on the radar. so, is it making it down to the ground or not? i think some of it likely is. we have reports of flurries do you understand dover new philly and the returns down there are not even that impressive. so, i would suspect that what's out toward the western side of lorain county eastern side of huron county, that's probably making it down to the ground. down through medina, wooster, no steady widespread heavy snow. we don't expect any additional widespread accumulation or anything like that. and, drier air continuing to
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so, we should start to gradually cut this lake-effect off as we get deeper into the afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy skies, depending on your location. it's almost mostly sunny right now. downtown it's beautiful. 29 will be your forecast high temperature for today. a little breezy, so probably going to feel even cooler than that. we have had wind-chills throughout the day in the teens. so, bundle up if you are about to head to lunch and your evening commute, you probably will be bundled up out the door. 23 will be your overnight low. mostly cloudy skies tonight. no rain if you have plans tonight, you aren't going to get rained on. you aren't going to have to deal with any snow. we are done with cold stuff, as we get into the weekend. change. we go from 29 today to 45 for a high tomorrow. 57 on sunday, so, almost a 30-degree difference between now and the end of the weekend.
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right back into the 50s on tuesday. and then right back down into the 30s wednesday into thursday. wednesday thursday, by the way, march. and we are back in the low 30s. so, i knew we would pay for that unusually warm winter we have had so far. we will pay for it early in march. right? we will be seeing some snow showers by wednesday. but, no snow this weekend. weekend actually looks fantastic. tomorrow. partly sunny and breezy on sunday, but in the afternoon, we will likely cloud up as rain starts to approach from the west. that rain will move in sunday night. it will likely mix with a little bit of snow before moving out throughout the morning on monday. now, this morning, we did not have a chance for wintry mix in the forecast by the morning commute on monday. now, it looks like we may have to deal with a little wintry weather early monday morning. most likely a mix of rain and snow. i knew you probably don't want
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commute. right? because it's friday. so, you probably just focus on the weekend, but of course this is your first alert that you may have to drive through a little mix early monday. stay tuned as we continue to fine tune that forecast. it looks like a bigger system, guys, will bring us rain tuesday night transitioning over to snow on wednesday. the second day of march. meteorlogical spring. >> "q": we are still getting three days of good weather. >> samantha: the weekend's going to be great. >> laura: that's almost 60 . who knows? maybe it will even hit 60. >> samantha: southwest wind. could happen.
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>> laura: ohio's primary election is coming up march 15 and a farmer in tuscarawas county is making his feelings pretty clear. >> "q": pretty darn clear, that's right. if you are driving south on i-77 just before the town of strasburg, you will see this message. no trump. and apparently, it's spelled out in cow manure. yep. you can bet it's making driver's laugh. i'm laughing right now but i'm just imagining the smell in the air. >> laura: i know. p.u. >> samantha: i'm going past that later and i'm not sure -- i'll roll the windows up.
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that well from driving? >> samantha: i'll let you know. >> laura: we will look for your report on twitter and facebook. >> "q": yes, please. take a look at this. >> samantha: the good news is, today. so that smell is not going to be area. but, a little breezy so they are probably smelling it across the -- >> laura: your forecast doesn't stink near as much as that probably does. much. >> "q": thanks for joining us. the young and the restless is up >> laura: have a wonderful weekend. we will see you monday. >> "q": enjoy the warm weather. five years ago, the greater cleveland community was horrified to learn about the strangulation deaths of eleven innocent women at the hands of serial killer, anthony sowell. their bodies were found in and around his imperial avenue home on the city' s eastside. he sat in court and mocked his victim'
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appearing to be sleeping or disinterested. for months, this community listened to testimony that led to his conviction. now, with the gall and disdain he displayed in court, sowell is asking the ohio supreme court for another trial. he claims he didn' t get a fair trial because of intense media coverage. why, in the name of justice is he being allowed to drudge up the heart-wrenching details and horrors of his murderous acts? cleveland has paid a high enough cost in pain and treasure, more than 500-thousand dollars in public defender bills. remember, he was convicted of killing eleven women, raping and assaulting even more. cuyahoga county prosecutors call sowell' s latest move " gamesmanship." if his appeal is allowed to go
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played again. i' m dominic mancuso and that' s how we see it.
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>> jack: i missed you at home last night. >> phyllis: yeah, it was weird for me, too. being here alone. i needed the time. >> jack: you gonna need much more time? >> phyllis: you hurt me. and you know i' m sorry. i was just hoping that... >> phyllis: that i' now? >> jack: that maybe we could talk about it. >> phyllis: go ahead. talk. >> jack: i apologize. i apologize for breaking your confidence, for telling neil your story.


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