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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is a really bright spot. starting on monday things getted significantly warmer. i hate to rush you past this weekend. nobody wants to think about next week and you want to think about the weekend. it will get a lot warmer next week. let's start with this morning's forecast, though. this time yesterday we were tracking snowshowers, and they really did impact the morning commute for many of you, especially out on the east side. this morning it's low impact weather. you're not going to drive through any rain. you might see like a flurry. that would be all. i think we actually see a little bit of sun once it coming up at 6:58. this is the first day that the sun comes up before 7:00.
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partly cloudy skies early with temperatures in the 20s. so a little on the chilly side, but nothing to stand in your way. it's 23 right now in cleveland. a light breeze, so it likely feels as if it's in the mid to upper teens, big heavy coat this morning but no need for the umbrella. there's no snow or anything like that right now, but look to the west. this is the system that we expect to bring us snowshowers later today. it's going to be mid to late afternoon. so for the next several hours we are just good to go. again, evening commute may be a different story as we have some light snow around. we'll talk about all that in next week's warm-up in a few minutes. >> laura: we head outside now. look at the roadways. i-71 at west 140th there. i guess four and flee sound too close together at this time in the morning. 6:02 right now.
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no big problems, and we're well. commutes look good and a lot of green on the map. don't see any yellow or red to worry. let's head over to the east side. here. you come on come ing down i-90, 60 miles per hour. man's curve. there's the rest of the ride when you come around dead man's curve and head towards downtown. this is what it looks like. we stay behind the car the whole time. we're all up to speed out there. looking at the drive times now, canton to cleveland 57 minutes and mentor to cleveland, just took that ride and it's 28 minutes out the door and then 27 minutes from elyria. brian. >> brian: laura, thanks very much. 6:03. while you were sleeping, american astronaut scott kelly made it back home to texas. he returned to earth yesterday after spending 340 days on board
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he landed in kris stan and went through a battery of tests before boarding a plane back tohouse stone where he arrived at 2:20 this morning. he spoke briefly after landing. >> this was not my flight. they talked about my year in space. it's not my achievement. it's nasa's and our country's achievement. i was lucky to spend an incredible year with some incredible people that are here today to greet me back on earth. >> brian: scott kelly back on his feet now holding the record for spending the longest continuous amount of time in space. >> tia: we're anticipating an announcement today from 2012 gop romney. he's stepping up his criticism of republican front-runner donald trump and is expected to lay out his reasons why the billionaire should not be the party's candidate.
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tonight's republican presidential debate in detroit. >> that's right. carson does not see a future of the campaign and it's been canceled. of course, he won't take part. donald trump's overwhelming victories on super tuesday are making him look more and more like the presumptive nominees. some republican leaders are pledging an all-out effort to derail a trump nomination including ohio governor john kasich. >> attacking donald trump or insulting him is not going to peel any voters away from him. >> brian: governor kasich is campaigning in michigan. >> tia: ohio's primary is less than two weeks away and you can count on campaign coverage and reaction from the debates. you can get the latest on air, online and on your mobile device. >> brian: no bond for a cleveland man accused of making threats against our president. prosecutors same jonathan smeed called a secret service field
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kill president obama and hillary clinton. when agents paid a visit, he admitted making the call and then told them he had been drinking. >> well, he's a good boy. he's not a bad person. i mean, i don't know what's wrong with him. >> brian: that's family members who say smeed would often say he's bipolar or suffered from split personalities. on his facebook he lists handguns and sniper rifles among his professional skills. 6:06. it's still going to snow today. we're going to get snow. the good news is it's nothing we can't handle, right, sam? >> samantha: no, an inch or two inch. so later today when we do have snow moving through, i hope you send me some pictures of it. i probably will sleep through it afternoon. you know, we're already in bed
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so send me pictures, twitter, samrobertswx and same thing on facebook. would love to see all of your snow pictures from later today. i'll have that snow forecast whether we come back. o say can you see note >> tia: lady gaga made the list "star-spangled banner." >> brian: she was good, wasn't she? when the supreme court is expected to a decide a high-profile case that centers on the regulation of abortion clinics. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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>> tia: time is 6:10 on your thursday morning. the supreme court is expected to decide in june on what is called the most significant abortion case in 20 years. it centers around a texas law mandating hospital-like standards for doctors in abortion facilities. it forces all doctors who perform abortions to also have hospital admitting privileges and mandates clinics to upgrade their standards. >> women whim be able to access abortion. this case is not about overturning roe vs. wade. what this -- the issue in this case is can texas enact valid patient regulations and improve safety? >> tia: before the law texas had about 40 clinics that performed abortions. opponents say if it's enacted the law would force 75% of those facilities to close. >> brian: the national park service predicting the peak cherry blossom bloom will occurring between march 31st and
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>> more than a million are expected to attend the annual cherry blossom festival along the title base in d.c. the festival runs from march 20th to the 16th. >> tia: sing it with me. and the rocket's red glare. that was not good. >> brian: i nailed it. >> tia: it's national anthem today, and today this one celebrates the star-spangled banger. >> brian: president hoover made it the official national anthem of our country, right? it's performed before sporting events everywhere, but only a few singers have nailed this thing, me and them and q. mccray has the list. q. job, brian. no doubt about that. many great singers including brian have been called upon to singe the national anthem in front of a large crowd and only a few still have us talking about it today because their
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our most recent favorite is lady gaga at the super bowl 50, which was last month. o say can you see by the dawn's early light >> q.: she really did a nice job with it. for our classic favorite we go back 46 years for a very different and dramatic version of the song, jimi hendrix at woodstock 1969. [ guitar playing ] >> q.: hendrix's unorthodox woodstock performance with an electric guitar at the famous festival is legendary, but it doesn't come close to the most
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and the rocket's red glare the bombing bursting in air gave proof through the night night >> q.: this is the one that just about everyone agrees on that you still get chills listening to whitney houston's rendition. i just did. if you grew up in northeast ohio, your local favorite is most likely rocco scotty. what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight >> he was singing before the 1981 all-star game, which was held at the old municipal stadium right here in cleveland.
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and wondered which rendition you like the best. so far whitney houston is leading followed by jimi hendrix, lady gaga and rocco. the next half hour i'll show the renditions that didn't go so well. they are hilarious to say the least. >> tia: did you make that list, brian? >> brian: i gave you one word. >> samantha: every time i hear that roseanne, you probably already knew. >> tia: she just screams it. why would you do that? baseball team. they're always trying to -- promotions. they get people into their ballparks based on promotions. >> samantha: and then they leave after they hear that squealing. let's take a look at what's happening out there this morning. it's 22 in madison. good morning to you in chardon. this time yesterday you were
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dry right now. cleveland is at 24. the time is 6:15. it just changed. we have a clean scan on our doppler radar. that. it's going to be a dry drive into work or a dry drive or walk to the bus stop. chilly and 25 at 8:00 in the morning and 33 at noon and highs today in the lower to middle 30s. a light wind, and pretty quiet and what you might expect for late february. we would expect to be a little warmer as we go into march, but we're below average for today. snow is going to move in later, though. first half of the day, i want to be clear we're not expecting any snowshowers. we go through future view and show you what we mean here. we start the clock at 1:00 in the afternoon. you see a few spits of snow popping up 1:00, 2:00, 3:00.
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it's closer to the evening commute, and tonight here's 7:00. we have scattered snowshowers around, and that will continue into 11:00, 12:00 and even through about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning tomorrow we could be seeing scattered snowshowers. this is not going to be a major snow event. you know, we've been telling you all week that we were expecting snow for today and for tonight, but it's not going to be a ton of snow. it will be out of here by the morning commute tomorrow. how much snow are we looking at? i think about 1 to 2 inches for most of us from this afternoon overnight. most us will likely be closer to 1:00, but a couple of you, sandusky to chardon could get up to 2 inches. most of us are around an inch. this is not as we mentioned a big storm system or anything like that. a break in the active weather. tomorrow will be very quiet, but a little clipper drops in on saturday, and that will bring us snowshowers from mid to late morning all the way through the
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inch of new snow on saturday. and then just look at next week. i know that you're very busy and trying to get ready to head off to work or get the kids to school, but you've got to see next week. significant pattern change there. 62 on tuesday. 65 on wednesday. >> tia: that's what the groundhog was talking about. he was referring to that week possibly. and then we're done. it's spring, right? okay, maybe not. that's wishful thinking, right? let's look outside now, and looking at the valley view bridge here. you expect traffic to pick up progresses. it's thursday so we have typical commutes out there, but we're one day and one step closer to friday. 480 looks really great this morning, moving through there just fine on the valley view bridge. of course, we're not tackling that weather issue we were dealing with yesterday. looking at 480 from the map's perspective, 60 miles per hour there as you go through the
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to be the same exact thing. up to 71, i don't see any reason to be concerned either north or south of 480, and then out on 422 through solon you're up to speed, 61 miles per hour through that area. let's look at the drive times. 37 minutes right now up 77 from akron, and strongsville to cleveland is a 20-minute right. minutes for you. we will take a lookt at your ride from elyria coming up in guys. >> tia: time is 6:19. an internet video of lebron james has die-hard cavs fans shaking their heads this morning. >> brian: next, it's the new party game called bubble ball, and it's blowing up all over the country and right here in
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live look outside in downtown cleveland. it's looking beautiful as always. you see the old bt building. yep. >> tia: oh, boy. what i wouldn't do to do this. this is cool. there's a new sport popping up everywhere for kids' birthday parties. the social media players aren't just having a ball behind me, they're wearing one. mark albert explains it all. >> when these players face off they get knocked off their feet. it's a big hit. >> it's hilarious. >> reporter: after seeing it on social media, steve put a team together. >> they have videos of people getting knocked out, and who doesn't want to do that on a saturday. >> reporter: like traditional soccer, the goal is to get the
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times it looks less like soccer and more like bumper cars. despite appearances organizers say it's mostly injury-free. >> they get up laughing and it's no holds barred going at it. >> reporter: ryan shoeman and john mill housen bought their first bubbles in 2014 and average 30 to 40 rentals a month. >> we've had 8-year-olds up to 80-year-olds play. we've done corporate events and kids parties. >> playing soccer with 20 pounds of plastic is not as easy as it looks. >> it's impossible. you can't see anyone. i was identifying teammates by shoes. that's about all you can do. >> the balls are very hot. you can't really breathe in them. all your heat is retains by it. it's like being inside a thermos. >> reporter: the short burst of play gives everyone a chance to catch their breath.
6:25 am
across the country. >> tia: bubble ball is gaining popularity in cleveland. the national association of bubble soccer started a chapter here, too. really cool. would you do it? >> brian: absolutely. >> tia: i would love to do it. especially if you do it with some people that maybe you kind of want to rough up a little bit. you don't have to be violence. >> brian: maybe some friends you might want to take a shot at. >> tia: maybe they did something and you want to give them a good knockdown. time is 6:25. one very recognizable presidential candidate won't be at the republican debate. >> brian: a piece of the malaysian airliner missing for two years might not have been found. sam, why do i think tia was talking about me? >> samantha: i sensed a lot of tension at the desk. >> tia: i don't have no beef with you, brian. >> samantha: look at your forecast for this weekend. at peek n' peak it's a great weekend. they have snow in the forecast
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weather all weekend long. it's going fob a wonderful time. 25 trails open, plenty of space to get out there and just have a ball. i'll have your local forecast
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good morning. it's 6:30. this video of lebron james makes cavs fans every cringe this morning. >> tia: find out why one shopper in a northeast ohio city is told to keep their eyes open for more than deals az this woeshg the aisles of their
6:30 am
[ music ] >> tia: really? come on, dude. >> brian: come on, bolton. where they fovr get the words our butcher the song, the "star-spangled banner" doesn't go as planned. we showed you the best, and now we show you some of the roughest renditions of the national anthem. >> tia: starting with you. hit it. it's your time. come on. >> brian: i cannot sing. >> tia: you can sing. >> brian: no, i can't. >> tia: in choir form. >> brian: i can sing songs as i walk down the hallways and stuff. >> tia: happy national anthem day, you all. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i was going to give you the glare. meteorologist sam roberts is in the first alert weather center with details on the forecast. hi, sam. save me. >> samantha: good morning. i'll take the pressure off of you. the pressure is on in the world of weather, right? is it going to snow later?
6:31 am
take a while. don't expect snow any time soon. look outside. there's terminal tower in the background. beautiful morning out there. it's gorgeous and cold. we're in the teens and 20s. late day snow still in our forecast, and i'll ask you, are you ready for a change? i think i'm definitely ready to not wear my winter coat. i want to put it in the closet and forget about it. we can do that next week, but until then we have some cold weather out there. good morning to you out in mentor. 22 is our current temperature and 21 in canton, good morning in norwalk, 19. it is 23 right now in the cleveland area. you can see we have a lot of higher level cloud cover out there, but no snow just yet. it's coming, though. i'm going to break down today's snow timing for you coming up in a few minutes. laura. >> laura: right now we talk about what it looks like on the roads, and there's no reason to be worried this morning.
6:32 am
that looks perfect on into downtown. you've got green commutes and you're sailing right towards downtown there or out of downtown perfectly on time. there's the school bus as well this morning. we have an accident reported on the west side. this is west 65th street at lorain. it's off the highway, but it can cause slow down in the early morning hours. we don't have any issues on the highways as i mentioned accident-free out there. we want to know what's going on as you make your way towards the highway as well. west side looks good on i-90 and up 71. it says 17 miles per hour past a sensor there, but i don't see that being a slowdown. if it is, it's a minute for you. you get the extra congestion along the metro curve. 480 looks good a cross the entire map here. as you make your way up 71, there's a slowdown as many exit off 480 there. 77 looks good from the south and up towards the north this morning. if you look at that commute time
6:33 am
perfectly on-time ride. 22 minutes from strongsville. north olmstead to cleveland is a 20-minute right there and 27 minutes from elyria. tia. >> tia: time is 6:33. republican candidates hit the stage tonight in detroit for yet another gop debate, but tonight it will be just four candidates going head-to-head in the motor city. dr. ben carson released a statement saying he will not be attending this debate and he does not see a political path moving ahead after the super tuesday's results. trump, cruz, rubio and ohio governor john kasich will be the four candidates on hand battling it out tonight at 9:00. >> brian: hillary clinton may lead in the democratic presidential race, but she's trailing when it coming to fund-raising fund-raising. her campaign announced clinton raised $30 million last month. that's good. by comparison, bernie sanders
6:34 am
month. sanders' february number is the most a 2016 candidate raised in a single month regardless of party. >> tia: australian officials say debris that washed ashow from mozambique may be from flight 170. it matches investigators theories. a u.s. officials says photos of the debris discovered over the weekend appear to show part of the tail section of the boeing 777. flight 370 that disappeared two years ago is the only known missing boeing 777. we have a warning for shoppers in new philadelphia. police are looking to talk to a man that acted suspiciously toward women while they were shopping with their kids. here's the surveillance of the man police are looking for. several women reported they felt they were being followed by a man saying they would move, and the man seemed to be following them. >> oftentimes these people are
6:35 am
so when they're trolling these areas where there's large numbers of people, they have anonymity and can travel around and be unseen. >> brian: police say no crime has been committed, and they're looking to identify the man so they can talk to this guy. >> tia: we told you this is breaking news yesterday on our morning show. we want to update you now on a house fire that was breaking news on "cleveland 19 news" at 4:30. investigators released the man's name that died in an early morning fire. looks like a kitchen fire killed 44-year-old richard waddell in his home on west 99th near lorain. neighbors think he was cooking and fell asleep after working a different shift. we'll get an update next week from cleveland clinic doctors on the first uterus transplant. the clinic scheduled a press conference to share details on monday. the transplanted uterus given to a 26-year-old patient came from an organ donor that died.
6:36 am
february 24th. >> brian: your cavaliers had the majority of the week off. they'll be back on the floor tomorrow at the q against the washington wizards. while they were off, lebron james decided to make a trip some see as a bad idea, a bad move. this video blew up on social media when lebron hooked up with dwayne wade for a quick training session in south beach. it has a lot of people asking the obvious question, what the heck is lebron doing working out with the competition during the season? add that to this chiropractic crypttic tweet nights ago as it's okay to make a mistake. we all do. he knew the reaction he was going to get, and he did it anyway. watch when he meets with the media today. he's completely down-play this whole deal. lebron wants to be a leader. you need to be a leader 24/7 when you're air leader. i love the guy and glad he's
6:37 am
championship and glad he came back. i don't know if this was a good idea. just my opinion. people might not agree. >> tia: i don't disagree. i think it's a lot of pressure when you're an athlete, and sometimes you make mistakes, and sometimes you get it right. it's tough. >> brian: listen. he knows what he's doing. he's a smart guy. he knew people were going to see this and he knew the reaction would be bad. he did it anyway. >> tia: he didn't care. time now is 6:37. a fast food restaurant is willing to give you something free. all you have to do is stay off your phone while you eat. i know that would be hard for you, sam. >> samantha: it would. i'm always on amazon prime or doing something on my phone, the weather. from twitter i do that from my phone. if you have your phone out, download that cleveland 19 first alert weather app. it's wonderful and your forecast is always on there. i've got your bus stop forecast right now. 23, and good morning to you.
6:38 am
coming later. i break it all down for you when we come back. so stay close. and the rocket's red glare >> uh-oh. i'll make up for it now. >> tia: i don't think you can come back from that. >> brian: uh-oh is right. carl lewis didn't quite nail it. others have took the butcher's knife to the anthem. we look at the roughest renditions of the "star-spangled banner" on this national anthem day. >> tia: how to save the most
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at 6:41 in the morning, right? the sunrise gets you rolling in the morning, too. beautiful out there this morning, although we might have to fight our way through a little bad weather. nothing too bad, but next week i'm not saying. i'm just saying. >> tia: well, you're saying, then. what does that mean? >> brian: 62% of us take a spring vacation. if you say cash don't wait to book your trip. >> the best time to book your deals is right now. in fact, you're going to find discounts up to 29% on hotels and airfare. >> brian: sometimes the best deals are also just a drive away, because gas is so inexpensive many people plan to just drive to their destination and, of course, then save the money on the airfare. >> tia: this job with netflix sounds too good to be true, but it's true. a lucky person will spend two
6:43 am
middle east visiting sets of popular shows, and movie, and netflix originals. juror your john is simple. you post cool photos. the company will pay $2,000 a week. to apply follow netflix on instagram and hashtag three motors by march 6th. this is interesting. chick-fil-a is offering their customers a challenge and a treat at the same time. it's simple. stay off your phones. i think it's simple. i don't know if brian could do this. stay off the phones while you eat and you get free ice cream. the promotion is available at more than 150 locally owned chill chick-fil-a across the country. it's to reduce distractions through mealtime, brian. >> brian: it's like an appendage with you. where is your phone and where is
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>> when does it ring? >> brian's. >> tia: he's in love with the responsibility. >> brian: i have people calming me. >> tia: don't make excuses for him, sam. >> samantha: i'm trying to remain diplomatic. >> brian: i have the kids calling. where is my homework. >> samantha: dad has to be there. it's important. you are there. good morning to you in cleveland. check out the sunrise. it's gorgeous. 6:44 is the current time. your official sunrise time this morning is 6:58. so the sun is now coming up during the 6:00 hour. isn't that just gorgeous? beautiful start out there. just a little on the chilly side. the good news is the only thing i expect to impact your morning commute at least in terms of the weather would be a little glare. i think you'll get in just fine. so you have the green light for that morning commute. midday commute looks fine, but later today we're talking evening drive. you might have to battle a few
6:45 am
so want you to be aware of that. the morning drive, again, looks fine. i know you see this snow out towards the i-75 corridor. i would expect that a lot of that is not mixing down to the ground. it's going to take a long time for the snow to get here. so even though if you look at the radar and i know you probably have the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. i'm tapping the weather clicker like it's my phone, but you get my drift. if you have that app, you can see the radar on it. you can zoom it out, and it looks like the snow is really close. but it will take until mid to late afternoon for it to get here. clouds increase through the day. we top out at about 34. scattered snowshowers continue into tonight as we fall to about 27. a breezy night with those snowshowers around, but we're not expecting a ton of snow. i mean, an inch for most of us. some isolated spots, sandusky, tip pid, up to 2 inches. most of us right around an inch if not a little bit less than
6:46 am
tomorrow a break from the snow as it's gone by the morning commute. saturday an alberta clipper brings a few snowshowers but only around an inch of new snow. sunday is looking good and 44. wow. this is a major pattern change. i know that you're busy. you're trying to get to work and get the kids ready, but you have to look at this. monday 54 and then by wednesday mid 60, laura. it's amazing. >> laura: that sounds just fantastic. i can totally hang with that. we look outside right now, this is i-90 at fulton this morning. looks perfect through this area. as you make that final stretch towards downtown, nothing to worry about there. now let's look at i-71 here along the metro curve. 20 miles per hour this morning. easygoing through that direction this morning right now at least. if anything you have a one-minute delay. we're not at rush hour yet. i like it moving along like that. it moved closer to the 7:00 hour. look at 480 here.
6:47 am
45 miles per hour as you head over the broadway area. it looks like a little bit of a slowdown, but it's not changing the color to yellow, which means on-time drive times. in akron things look good. up route 8, 55 miles per hour. we're not complaining about that one. 65 up 77, and here is that drive. looks like all of those cars that are moving along are all in the green up to speed over route 82 in brecksville. we check out the drive times in the green, and we're all still on time. guys. >> tia: if you didn't know, now you know. today is national anthem day, and we celebrate the star spang spanningle banner. you may not know it was written as a poem. when it's sung it doesn't go the best, does it?
6:48 am
of we'll nicely say the roughest renditions. >> q.: they're rough to say the least. some start off well as you see. i scoured the internet for the worst inare renditions of our national anthem and here they are. o say can you see >> there have been thousands of renditions of our national anthem. though some saturday off great like christina aguilera at the 2007 super bowl. by the dawn's early light >> q.: things turn south in a big way when se remixed the fourth line. while so proudly wi watched at the twilight's last gleeming .
6:49 am
of the greatest american olympians of all time, but it did not translate to the mic in this 1993 performance in front of the michael jordan. and the rocket's red glare . oh, no. i'll make up for it now. >> q.: he never did. at least he tried, right? unlike comedienne roseanne barr's effort. >> for the land of the free. >> q.: she screamed through the whole thing. some people are still asking why she was booked for the gig in 1990. sometimes even the pros need a hand. the ramparts we watch were so gallantly streaming >> q.: luckily michael bolton
6:50 am
there's steven tyler at the 2001. as if his harmonica intro wasn't enough, his ad-libs were enough to make ears bleed. land of the free >> tia: no. >> q.: there you have it. if you're wondering the "star-spangled banner" was written in 1814 on september 14th by a man named francis scott key. >> thanks. >> tia: my ears are bleeding. >> brian: i have to ask jen what she thinks about steven tyler. aerosmith is her band right there. >> tia: brutal. coming up at the end of our 7:00 hour, we will play whi whitney houston's super bowl ren addition of the "star-spangled banner" in the entirety. >> brian: coming up on cle43, it's a dangerous move.
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prescription drug teenagers are
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>> brian: on this day in rock history in 1956 the king of rock 'n roll elvis presley makes his first appearance on the billboard charts when "heart break hotel" debuts at number 68. you can enter to win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino in northfield. >> tia: as you head out the door to start your day, here are stories to know before you go. we are anticipating an announcement today from 2012 gop presidential candidate mitt rom knee. >> donald trump's overwleming victories on super tuesday are
6:55 am
like the presumptive nominee. >> clinton is campaigning in new york while her closest rival bernie sanders is trying to close the gap. he's campaigning in michigan. >> american astronaut scott kelly made it back home to texas. the university of akron has to reimburse student fees used to help solve the school's budget problems. >> if you love shopping at the west side market but can't always get there during the week, they will open on sunday afternoons from noon until 6:00 p.m. beginning next month. >> samantha: time for a quick forecast. we have 1 to 2 inches of snow in the forecast today, but it will take a long time to get here. probably not until mid, even late afternoon into tonight before we see it. then we have more snow possible saturday, but only light amounts. warm-up. i know lauren our producer told
6:56 am
do we have time to show the sky camera? we have a beautiful sunrise right now. it's okay if we don't have time. there it is. that's just gorgeous. i appreciate that. >> laura: are those stratus clouds. >> samantha: they look like wavy stratus clouds. >> brian: what's the saying, red sky in the warning, sailors take night. red sky at night, sailor's delight. >> laura: let's talk about this accident i-71 southbound off the ramp at west 150th this morning. if you're moving along through the area, it's on the ramp and not on the actual highway, but want you to be aware of in case you take that 150th exit this morning. as for drive times, they still look good. akron to cleveland, 38 minutes and 22 from strongsville and north olmstead, 20-minute ride for you and elyria is on time as well. >> tia: you guys look great this morning.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the republican establishment turns up the heat on donald trump ahead of tonight's debate. mitt romney prepares to deliver a scathing speech, calling him a phony and a fraud. a manhunt for mass criminals who stormed a gun store in a violent smash and grab robbery. and is this new transportation hub at the world trade center architectural genius or a boondoggle? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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