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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> dan: at 5:00 a canton father accused of the unthinkable. matthew miku answered charges to murdering his own child. his live-in girlfriend charged in the death of the 3-year-old. >> today for the first time we are sharing miku's frantic call to 911. on it he claims to have found his daughter dead in her bed. denise zarrella is live in starke county with the latest on her investigation. denise? >> i received court documents today stating matthew miku held at the starke county jail charged with the murder of his daughter. the documents admit to police he physically abused his daughter. three year-old hailey miku loved her father, according to her mother. that may be hard for family members to come to grips that hailey's father is charged with her murder.
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charged with murder and child endangering. her mother is arraigned and charged with endangering. this is the phone call matthew miku made from his canton home. >> oh, my daughter, please. >> miku tells the operator his daughter tell down the steps. >> what's going on with that? >> he is down on the steps. oh, my god she's not waking up. >> when investigators arrived city scene of the home they uncovered evidence that led them to believe hailey's death was no accident. hailey's dad and girlfriend were arrested. hailey's mom is devastated and had full custody of her daughter. when we talked to her on the phone she told us she was not up for an on-camera interview but on the phone she said she can't believe her daughter is gone. >> is she breathing?
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>> oh, my god. >> so in these new court documents i just received, the son of miku's live-in girlfriend told investigators she witnessed miku physically abusing his daughter. when asked what parts of hailey's body he witnessed or saw injuries on he pointed to areas all over his upper body. >> reporter: live in starke county, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> tough. >> the man accused of shooting and killing a 7-year-old boy and wounding two children in columbus is held on a $2 million bond. police say friday grace opened fire on a car at a convenience store. 7-year-old donte fisher was shot in the head. his brother and 4-year-old sister were treated and released from the hospital. the mother believes it is gang related. >> doctors at the cleveland
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clinic gave us an update on a historic procedure they performed there, the fist ever uterus transplant in the u.s. mark nolan is live with details. >> mark: the first operation of its kind in the u.s. doctors transplanted a uterus into a woman unable to have children. >> when lindsey was a teenager doctors told her she would not be able to have children. >> i prayed god would allow me to have the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today it is the beginning of the journey. lindsey was born without a uterus and now the first patient in the u.s. to receive a uterus transplant. >> it involves removing a healthy uterus from a deceased healthy woman from reproductive age, the uterus is cooled transported and transplanted into the recipient. >> the nine hour surgery was performed at the cleveland clinic. the hospital was carrying 250
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women and find 10 who qualify for this research study. >> women crave that experience of carrying their own pregnancies and we know women will get that experience through outious transplantation. >> she will have to wait a year before trying to get pregnant through in vitro. doctors will remove the uterus so lindsey is not on rejection drugs all her life. >> it provided me with a gift i will not be able to repay. >> reporter: what lindsey and her husband are already parents to three adopted sons if she is able to have successful pregnancies doctors will be able to deliver her baby by c- section at 37 weeks. >> dan: it continues to amaze me what our hospitals in this city does. >> mark: especially the cleveland clinic. >> weather will be amazing. get the gulf clubs ready. >> it will be an unseasonally warm week.
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a big pattern shift taking place and one that could give us record highs before the week is out in the coming days. if you think it is warm now just wait. as the stronger push of warm air comes at us we could develop showers and rain around marion and not much more than that. it won't be much. i have an alert tonight, a heads up. could be light showers around mainly before 1:00 in the morning. that could lead to a few wet roads. we will see temperatures in the 50s. we have a cloudy sky downtown cleveland but we are still at 60. 63 in akron. we have 61 canton and downtown cleveland forecast temperatures, i think we will stay above 50 degrees throughout the night. dropping into the low 50s by morning and it looks like it will be dry. we have the potential for light showers tonight. unseasonally warm.
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the best risk of rain friday and saturday and there could be storms in there because we are in a spring-like pattern. forecast details at about 5:17. denise? >> denise: thank you. today ohio governor john kasich ordered flags at public buildings be flown at half-staff in honor of nancy reagan. the former first lady died of congestive heart failure. nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband former president ronald reagan this friday during a private funeral. >> dan: correspondent chris martinez is in simi valley at the ronald reagan presidential library with the details. >> reporter: flowers and cards pay tribute to nancy reagan outside the ronald reagan presidential library and museum. >> the first lady of the united states nancy davis reagan. >> reporter: the former first lady will lie in repose for visitations two days before her
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nancy will be buried here at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband of 52 years. dignitaries from across the country will attend. >> we are estimating 1,000 people will be here for the ceremony. it will be outdoors rain or shine. >> nancy reagan was known as president reagan's fiercest protector and trusted political advisory. her project was her campaign against drug abuse. >> just say no. >> reporter: following the president's alzheimer's diagnosis in 1994 she controversially advocate for stem cell research. colin powell served in the reagan administration and recalls reagan depended on his wife so much he found it difficult when nancy would take a trip. >> we knew after 48 hours he would be fretful and distracted and on the third day we would have a little meeting and somebody call and tell her to come home. >> he was lucky to have her. i'm sure he would be the first
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to acknowledge that. she will be missed. >> the white house lowered flags to half-staff in honor of nancy reagan. >> reporter: chris martinez simi valley, california. >> dan: the funeral is closed to the public and will be televised. the public can pay respects lying in repose at the reagan library wednesday and thursday. >> denise: democratic candidates tangled during a debate in flint, michigan. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head on their differences in economic policy. earlier, sanders snagged his 8th presidential primary contest win in maine. the win brings sanders up to 499 delegates in the battle for the democratic party nomination. 2382 delegates are needed to win. despite sanders win in maine hillary clinton is way ahead
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now let's take a look at the republican race. 1,237 is the magic number needed for the nomination. donald trump is in the lead with 384. look at ted cruz. not far behind after the weekend with 300. marco rubio with 151. our governor john kasich has just 37. >> dan: in a state pivotal as ohio, the battle is about to begin. we are already seeing an increase in commercials, political ads and now we are starting to see, it is our turn as we get closer to our primary, next tuesday. tomorrow is a big day especially in michigan. we are seeing the candidates starting to pile up their event list in cleveland. hillary clinton will be here tuesday. that's obviously tomorrow trying to get momentum after michigan. she will be at the cuyahoga county community college. that's in the downtown campus on east 30th.
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will be holding an event tomorrow 5 p.m. broadview heights at the cat ohio headquarters machinery and equipment manufacturer and donald trump will make a visit later than the other candidates at the i-x center saturday march 12th, 2:00 p.m. all the events are free and we have all the information for all the stumps on denise? -- ohio's presidential primary is next tuesday. to read up on issues, races in our state and find your polling place, very important download the cleveland 19 news app and select the election 2016 tab. >> denise: lawmakers are turning their focus to the heroin and prescription drug epidemic sweeping the country. senators cast their first vote today on the comprehensive addiction and recovery act or cara for short. the bill is aimed at tackling
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heroin and opiate abuse and cara will look at alternatives than putting addicts behind bars. >> dan: coming up decoding lebron's cryptic tweets from king james this weekend. i don't know. do they mean anything? we will take a look. >> some eagle eyes spotting a new addition to the avon lake nest. >> dan: let's look at traffic headed to break. everything looks great in cleveland. we know of an akron accident 77 south between 77 and i believe 224 is that accident. it will be a little slow through the area again. akron accident southbound on 77
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: ride sharing app uber is fighting back at claims that more than 6,000 customers have complained about being sexually assaulted by drivers. buzz feed obtained leaked internal records from uber and published screen shots for searches for assault and rape complaints. uber responded by saying those results include customers who misspelled the word "rate" and received just five complaints alleging rape and only 170 legitimate claims of sexual assault. a new law went into effect in manhattan. people accused of committing minor crimes like public
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urination or littering will not be arrested any longer. instead of getting hauled off in handcuffs, new york city police will issue a low level offender summons instead. city officials say the new law frees up to investigate more serious crimes and owes fences will remain arrestable in the city's other burrows. >> if you follow lebron james on twitter his latest round of cryptic tweets probably left you scratching your head just a bit. what is going on. >> denise: what did he say this time and what exactly does it all mean? mark schwab will give us insights. >> mark: we will try. lebron james says today he has a beautiful mind referencing the russell crowe movie who played a mathematician in cryptology. the secret is about a basketball player in akron. lebron tweeted things dreaming the same dreams and sits a nightmare and structure and consistency and tweeted about
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mistakes and being able to live with whatever comes with the consequences. it doesn't translate these for us, i think he is doing some for fun. i am sure they are not meaningless and meaningful for teammates and friends and doesn't have to explain it all but some might figure it out on their own. >> for the educated mind. if you have an educated mind and it hits home last night i tweeted consistency and structure breeds perfection. if you take a short cut it will be -- no -- you will come up short. everybody should understand that. it is life. you can't short cut. >> mark: yeah. some of the tweets like that last night make sense and others, i think you need a secret decoder ring from the bottom of a cracker jack box.
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maybe we will find out at some point. all right, mark. thank you. we have an update on a story we shared last month. the 70-year-old nursing home resident who received a shoe from lebron will get to see him in person tonight. mr. robinson is excited to see the cavs take on the memphis grizzlies with his daughter. she sent this picture what her father plans to wear to the game tonight. the retired steel worker has impaired speech and possibility because of a stroke but says he is one of the cavs biggest fans. god love him. >> dan: that will be great. we have an update from redwood elementary, a third egg in the eagle's nest. mama eagle laid it over the weekend. eagles lay two to three eggs, and we hope to see babies the first week in april.
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eagle stars and stripes. very fitting. >> denise: it is amazing seeing one fly around. doesn't happen often. when you do, eagle! it is so cool. >> jeff: amazing to see the eggs hatch. >> love the camera. the weather is absolutely gorgeous. we have spring fever right now hitting northern ohio. feel my head. it is spring fever out there for sure. just a few light showers moving through toledo and these are more sprinkles than anything else and on the edge of even warmer air coming at us. we are around 60 most areas, temperatures in the 60s and st. louis at 76. this air will continue to warm. again a few light showers around. that's what futureview is indicating. mainly this evening. 1:00 in the morning, you could see a few around ashtabula and tomorrow morning is looking dry.
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temperatures are tricky tomorrow especially because it depends how much sun we see. here is what i am talking about. looking at futureview, temperatures tonight in the 50s through most of the evening and by the time we get to tomorrow morning it looks like 40s inland and around 50 along the lakeshore. i only have us dropping to 52 and unseasonally warm. some light showers around and mainly this evening akron-canton and i have you dropping to 49 for an overnight low. light showers. futureview going aggressive tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. well in the 50s if not 60s and 1:00 in the afternoon it has mid to upper 60s to around 70 late day. we will see what happens. i am forecasting a little more cloud cover. that's why i have us at 61. if we happen to see more
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we could easily sneak up to around 70. i definitely have that on wednesday. the record high in cleveland wednesday is 73. i think we will be around that. in fact, as the wind picks up more out of the south thursday and showers in the forecast, 76 the high on thursday. that's the warmest day i have. on friday we have a front dropping through and wind shifting off the lake. we will see a fall in temperature. that and i have rain and storms in the forecast. the better opportunity of rain and thunder will come friday and into the day on saturday here. it could be a wet day on saturday. upper 60s. some showers even saturday night and sunday a few morning showers and cooler 53. fyi, this is the weekend we turn the clocks ahead an hour. make sure you do that before you go to bed saturday night.
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afternoon and turning cooler next week. dan and denise? >> dan: we have a little breaking news to report now. michael bloomberg, the billionaire and three-term mayor of new york city decided against running for president. >> denise: how about that. bloomberg says he was considering a third party white house bid as an independent and fears a third party bid could lead to the election of donald trump or senator ted cruz. so again, michael bloomberg former mayor of new york city will not be running for president. another news, can you soon get your amazon orders faster. the on-line retailer is setting up shop in northeast ohio. that's exciting. details at 5:00. a real life cookie monster
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>> dan: welcome. your amazon order could be in northeast ohio sooner than you think, starting this summer. >> denise: they are opening a brick and mortar store on eastex change near the university of akron. amazon student and prime members will get free one-day pick up for orders placed by 10:00 p.m. and you will be able to return items at the store. a man in central ohio bringing new meaning to the name cookie monster. police say he stole close to $600 from girl scouts selling cookies at a wal-mart store. this happened sunday in the columbus suburb of canal winchester. the guy swiped $571 from the troope. money they were raising for tennessee. a gofundme account is set up after the theft and so far they raised $2,000. >> dan: a bizarre story in
5:26 pm
police on a high-speed chase in replica of the mystery machine, yes, the van from the scooby doo cartoon. officers tried to stop her for a probation violation and she took off in her mystery machine hitting speeds at nearly $100 a mile after smashing four other vehicles she ditched her van and her whereabouts are a mystery. [ laughter ] >> denise: you can't make this stuff up. i mean, who has something like that? >> dan: when i first saw it on facebook i didn't think it could be true. >> denise: real life stranger than fiction. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> denise: last night, the democratic candidates showed they, too, can take the gloves off on a debate stage. the latest for the white house coming up next at 5:00. plus a story causing outraging. two firefighters credited with saving a child's life. how they did it almost cost them
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see if you agree with the reason they were suspended. lorain's finest. find out why this police officer
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>> denise: presidential candidates kick off a busy week on the campaign trail with events scattered across the country and time is running out for anyone to smash the frontrunner on nominations diane gallagher is with us live from washington, d.c. diane, it seems to be about michigan. yeah. dan, denise, there's actually a handful of states voting tomorrow. the attention is on michigan for one simple reason, mathematics. every single candidate knows at this point whether you are way out front or behind it is a game
5:31 pm
a guess of what michigan has quite a few of. it was a fiesty democratic debate. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> if you are going to talk tell the whole story 55-42 with hillary in the lead over bernie sanders and the vermont senator is about turnout. >> if there's a large turnout we will win here in michigan. >> sanders isn't the only one hoping for a last-minute surge. the poll shows a familiar story for republicans with donald trump leading by double-digits. >> i swear i will vote for donald trump next week. i swear. place. only this time it is between ted cruz and john kasich who spent a lot of time in michigan. >> it is not just the whole country watching michigan.
5:32 pm
>> cruz knows the best chance of catching trump is a one-on-one race after victories in maine and kansas he alluded to just that. >> if we are divided donald wins. >> a not so subtle message to rubio supporters as he desperately needs a win in his home state and it won't be easy. people have been voting weeks and weeks and we have had a million votes cast and a lot of votes came and seem to be on trump's side. that's an obstacle for marco rubio. >> reporter: there are a handful of states voting tomorrow. republicans and democrats in michigan and also in mississippi and republicans will be casting votes in hawaii and idaho. dan, denise? >> denise: diane, i understand there are new numbers out of florida and not good news for marco rubio. tell us about that. >> it is not encouraging news
5:33 pm
for the florida senator. this brand new poll comes out showing donald trump is leading 38 to 30% and believe most those who cast early votes early voted for marco rubio and people making their mind up may be leaning towards donald trump. they say head to head trump would beat marco rubio in florida 47-45 and there's a margin of error in this. effectively it could be about even there. that's not what the florida senator wants to hear and something marco rubio has been hanging basically most of his campaign at this point. florida is different from a lot of states and that's winner take all on tuesday. 99 delegates go to the winner of the state. >> dan: speaking of winner take all, ohio is in the group. 66 delegates and finally seeing it is our turn and candidates are booking their events and coming to ohio.
5:34 pm
speaking of winning your own state, does kasich have a chance to win not just ohio. if he doesn't win in ohio that's pretty much it for the governor, correct? >> he sort of said almost as much and said he might have to take a look at things if he doesn't take ohio. winner take all. you are seeing the ads on tv and you know because they are having events to get your vote and john kasich going back and forth and every speech he invokes ohio and even in michigan he constantly talks about his state and neighboring state and used ohio quite a bit for his platform and donald trump continues to lead. john kasich is seen as maybe having a better chance of winning ohio than marco rubio may have in winning florida with the new numbers. >> it is something both the candidates talked about their home states because of winner take all. both states mean a lot in the
5:35 pm
>> all right, diane gallagher thanks for the time in washington, d.c. it will be an interesting couple of weeks. >> denise: it sure is. >> dan: denying coverage of campaign 2016. download our free app for the latest updates on the go. >> denise: joint military drills with the u.s. and south korea got underway today and north korea is threatening nuclear action. north korea says it will launch responding to what it considers aggression on the part of its enemies. state media quotes a national defense spokesman saying the strike would show the country's military power. >> meantime british police are preparing for what they calle norm us and spectacular terror attacks on the u.k. that's according to britain senior counter-terrorism officer. the current threat level for international terrorism in the u.k. remains severe meaning an
5:36 pm
attack is highly likely. >> dan: this is interesting. two volunteer firefighters in virginia were suspended after they chose to drive a toddler to the hospital in their fire truck. firefighters were first to arrive when called to a location near mcdonald's in fredericksburg last saturday because the child was having a seizure. after learning it would be at least 10 to 15 minutes before an ambulance could get there they decided to take the child to the hospital themselves. >> the child when we found her she was sigh knotic, blue from the chest line up and doesn't mean she has oxygen to the upper part of her body. she was put on oxygen in the fire engine and in the trauma room within 13 minutes and because the fire truck is considered nontransport unit both firefighters were suspended. >> denise: incredible. >> a lorain police officer on dog duty catching hundreds of strays and even reuniting some
5:37 pm
>> denise: it is his full-time job since there are only two dog catchers in lorain county. sia nyorkor rode with him today and says there's definitely a need. sia? >> well well, when the city laid off the dog warren officer rick jumped in and started catching patrol duties. he has caught more than 500 dogs all on his own. he says it is a safety issue and the dogs need to be off the street. >> on any given day officer rick will get a call like this. >> a great dane white and brown. >> reporter: the officer is a dog catcher for the city of lorain and says it is a full-time job that keeps him running. >> trying to get dogs off the street that are running loose humanely without having to injure them or us getting injured and without the public getting injured. >> reporter: the city laid off the dog catcher in 2009 and the
5:38 pm
problem didn't go away. the officer says last year he caught more than 500 stray dogs and took them to the county kennel and he uses social media to try to reunite strays with owners. most of the dogs aren't licensed, like this one we picked up in an alley, the officer recognizes the dog. >> is that him? >> that is him. >> is he loose? >> he might be. he is. a neighbor called police and said this dog has been running loose for months and she's had it. >> seeing this poor dog it breaks my heart to see them not being taken care of. this dog has a chain on it. where are the owners. why isn't the owner aware of the fact their dog is missing? >> the officer can usually catch the dog without tranquilize and after a chase he finally caught this one with a leash. >> is he under arrest?
5:39 pm
trotting without a license. >> now he will take the dog to a temporary shelter until the dog warden picks him up hoping his owner and others get the memo. >> the officer feels his efforts are working. there's a 30% decrease in calls in the last month and there are still a lot of stray dogs out there. >> that was somebody's pet at some time. >> beautiful dog and had a chain. he had to take it in. that. >> can you imagine? >> crazy. thank you. the hudson fire department's job isn't always about fighting fires. last month, firefighters were called to a home for a dog stuck in a furnace vent pipe. can you see it there? it is so tiny. they had to dismantle several duct pipes to get to tina, a
5:40 pm
pound miniature teacup yorkie. tina was not hurt, just very math. >> all right. >> let's look at the first alert outlook here. i have a first alert out tonight mainly before 1:00 in the morning for some light showers. we are seeing some of that on the radar right now. could be a few spots with wet roads. it will be unseasonally warm this time of year in the 50s. here is a look at some of the light showers. this one moving into mansfield. you could be looking at a little bit of rain. we have a couple in ottawa county here. again these are sprinkles and light showers. so, you know, you might plan on bringing at least an umbrella just in case out there this evening and you might have a few raindrops on your person. 55 at 8:00. and downtown cleveland we drop
5:41 pm
to around 50 degrees. average low this time of year talking mid to upper 20s and we will be way, way above that. 61 akron-canton and we have a west wind at downtown cleveland. 64 and 64 officially out there. tomorrow it all depends on the cloud cover. we will see what happens because there's a chance that we could be well in the 60s tomorrow if we see enough sun no matter how you look at it. unseasonally warm most of the week and light showers out there tonight. best risk of rain we are seeing friday and saturday and i will have more on that in the 7-day coming up. but before tomorrow short-term forecast mostly cloudy. the breeze picks up again and it will prevent a lake breeze. 61 the high in cleveland and 61 as well in the akron-canton area. if we happen to see more sun we will be warmer. 53 at 7 a.m. unseasonally warm start.
5:42 pm
cloudy sky at noon, 57. if we hang onto the cloud cover it will prevent a big temperature rise and i expect us to go partly cloudy at 5:00. look at futureview again stay enjoy it. we get warmer and i will tell up. guys, back to you. >> denise: all right, jeff. news. the verdict is in the aaron andrews civil trial. a sportscaster was awarded $55 million in the nude video taken at a hotel. >> andrew sued the stalker who filmed her through a peep hole and admitted in line of doing it in nashville and columbus, ohio and for that he will spend two years in prison. all right. peyton manning hanging up his football cleats for good.
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retirement still ahead at 5:00. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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thanks for staying with us tennis star maria sharapova suspended after failing a drug test at the australian open. the 28-year-old says she has illegally taken the drug for 10 years just banned on january 1. sharapova says she made a huge mistake and she has let her fans
5:46 pm
down. she has been the highest paid female athlete for the past 11 years. >> denise: one of the nfl's all-time greats hung up his jersey today. peyton manning retired from football a month after super bowl 50. brook braga reports. >> reporter: peyton manning flappable almost two decades in the nfl struggled to stay composed as he said good-bye to football. >> i thought a good fight. i finished my football race. and after 18 years it's time. >> reporter: manning retires as one of the nfl's greatest players, its only 5-time mvp and all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. >> there are players more talented but no one could outprepare me. and because of that, i have no regrets. >> the first pick of the 1998 draft manning spent 14 years
5:47 pm
superbowl there. they moved to denver leading broncos to an improbable final act capped by super bowl 50 last month. >> the final season was marred by controversy. allegations in annals always documentary that the performance-enhancing drug hgh was shipped to his home and alleging sexual assault during his time at tennessee and manning denied wrongdoing. >> i revere football. i love the game. you don't have to wonder if i will miss it. absolutely. absolutely i will. >> manning becomes eligible for the football hall of fame in five years. >> tom brady congratulated manning telling him he changed the game forever and made everyone around him better. >> yes, he did.
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>> denise: and a live look from the feazel roof cam. smooth sailing in and out of downtown clear skies just the way we like it and getting warmer by the minute. right, jeff? >> jeff: it is by the day. this will be an unbelievable week. it will put everybody in the spring mode. >> denise: i am in it already. >> jeff: it will really stink if we get snow down the road after a week like this. i don't see it really happening. let's look at the 7-day here. the record high on wednesday, i don't think we will break records tomorrow. wednesday the record high in cleveland is 73. you can see that's exactly what i am forecasting. tomorrow looks dry. we have light showers possible tonight. but i think tomorrow will be a dry day.
5:52 pm
you know, mostly cloudy 61 and see if we get more sun. tomorrow night i have us dropping to 59. that is real warm. 73 wednesday. open up the windows and let the spring air in. warm thursday and a few showers and 76. temperatures will be falling to the 50s friday with a wind shift off the lake. friday into saturday will be the better opportunity for rain and storms. saturday night showers and 47. sunday a few morning showers and 53. spring forward this week. turn the clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed saturday night and the cleveland 19 news first alert weather app a reminder, a great tool to have actually and customize it to your neighborhood on the hourly updates for your area. dan? >> dan: thank you for that, jeff. looks great.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet
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mill outlet. >> dan: in the buzz if you watch house of cards in netflix you may have noticed a cleveland connection in the show. the political drama appeared friday on netflix and apparently one of the characters in the witness protection program in ohio posed as a reporter for the cleveland plain dealer. then there's this lady gaga took the plunge with her fiance taylor kenny over the weekend. the singer and her beau braved frigid waters of lake michigan for the special olympics. 6,000 participants raised $1.5 million. >> that's a great cause. >> denise: good for her. victoria's secret swim special featuring the world's most beautiful women airs wednesday on cbs.
5:57 pm
jonas will model their swim wear at 9:00 on cleveland 19. >> dan: i wasn't paying attention. i had other things to read. coming up at 6:00 investigating confusion with ohio's primary ballot next week. find out why there's a chance your vote won't be counted.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. after a cold weekend you may have noticed you didn't need a winter coat this morning. >> mark: that's right. jeff tanchak is here to tell us if warm weather is here to stay. >> this week it will feel that way. you will not only not need the winter coat, you won't need a
6:00 pm
we hit 64 cleveland hopkins and that's why we have a few light showers here just west of mansfield and cedar point and cloud cover out there. we have an alert tonight for the risk of a few light showers before 1 a.m. and you might encounter raindrops here and there and wet roads and unseasonally warm tonight and many spots staying above 50 as unseasonally warm stretch of weather and we could be breaking record highs and looks like the best risk of rain comes friday and saturday. and that could give us quite a bit. 59 cleveland. 1 akron-canton and upper 50s canton and mansfield and sandusky and the forecast temperature keeps us around 50 at downtown and 51 overnight. we are talking 70s out there in the 7-day. 70s. more on that coming up. mark?


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