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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now at 5:00 a massive explosion rocking the western suburbs, a fireball erupting at the construction site at crocker park in westlake today. we talked to people more than a mile away at the time of the blast and they felt it. >> denise: crocker park much more than a shopping center. some of the people who live and work there had to evacuate as well. >> dan: denise zarrella is live at the scene. can you tell us what happened? school fire investigators are here at the scene and taking a look at evidence that might be left behind looking at traffic happen. the one thing we are asking from everybody and we talked to eyewitnesses thank goodness no one was hurt. >> rachel told us she could feel the heat from this massive explosion at the new american park.
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at maximum velocity marketing and was 800 feet away and staff noticed a fire at first this video was taken by a ironworker at the scene. >> all of a sudden this huge explosion, shook the building. my hand was on the window and i felt the heat from it. >> reporter: suddenly, something blew up. fire investigators say propane tanks exploded. a construction worker on the scene say propane tanks are used to supply heat for workers during the winter months. >> i think we all went silent because we were afraid somebody would be injured. >> reporter: amazingly no one was hurt. many like the boss feared the worst. he was in a meeting even closer to the explosion. >> unbelievable. we were all disrupted. we thought there potentially was something that hit the building and brought up some, frankly, horrific memories of what america experienced and we were a little nervous for a second and didn't know what happened. >> hours later construction
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to see when they could get back to work. >> so it was a significant explosion and lucky no one got hurt and no one was in the vicinity of the explosion at the time. >> reporter: that same fire chief said at first glance when they went into the building looked like there was significant damage to what would be the american greetings building. why the explosion happened is in front of the lunch room i am told where the construction workers obviously eat their lunch, a lot of their personal belongings were there including car keys and waited a lot of the day to see if they could get back inside and get their tools and finally most of them are all gone and they did not expect to be working here again tomorrow because they expected the fire investigators who were here now to be back tomorrow and figure out what the cause of the fire was. >> reporting live at crocker park, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> all right, denise. >> crocker park sent a statement
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part we are extremely grateful to report only property damage and no injuries. american greetings and crocker park are working with the authorities and more information on the incident will be released as those details become available. >> dan: for the second time in a week, a major apartment fire in new brunswick. several people again are without a home following this early morning fire at the lauryn hill apartments. firefighters were called there at 4:00 and 12 units were affected by the flames and no word on the cause. investigators are working to determine the cause of monday's fatal fire at the hickory hills apartment in new brunswick. keagan died in the blaze. her mother remains in the hospital on a ventilator. she broke out a window saving two of her other children and now needs surgery on her arm. a gofundme account has been set up and so far raised $18,000. >> so sad.
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i didn't expect the visibility to be so bad driving in. it was like fog. >> jeff: yeah. along the lakeshore. the wind shifted off the lake. we got pretty thick fog and it is only along the lakeshore inland and not as bad. wet roads all over the place. can you see the solid shield of rain and mainly a steady light rain and it will still be with us in the next four to five hours and winding down this evening. >> and looking at medina county akron you can you see the darker green right there and there's the steadier pocket of rain. first alert details for this evening. light rain ponding out there on the roads and everything will wind down by 1 a.m. and the temperatures are dropping with this front coming through. 49 meanter, 53 the current temperature in cleveland and you are well in the 50s inland, though and everybody will be
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11:00, the hour-by-hour forecast has the rain ending in downtown cleveland. more on the forecast including a warm up this weekend straight ahead. dan. >> thank you, jeff. >> new information on the deadly wrong way crash on i-480 last month. investigators say the wrong-way driver who killed kayla coates was trying to kill himself. mark rafter was trying to commit suicide when he slammed his truck into coates car. rafter is charged with murder, assault secular suicide and at the metro health center. >> i was just robbed at gunpoint. >> denise: a scary story out of lorain county tonight before a woman was carjacked by another woman while pumping gas. the suspect pointed a gun at her and ordered her to drive them both away from the bp station. the terrifying ordeal was caught on camera.
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sia? >> reporter: yes, the victim tells police she was terrified and may be able to catch the clues. video. this happened just after 7 a.m. friday man 4th. there's a woman in the middle pumping gas at the bp station on lorain road in north ridgeville and you see another woman in a dark hoodie walking towards the other woman's car. the suspect walks around the car and pauses waiting for the woman to finish. once the woman opens her car door, the suspect opens the passenger door and gets in the car. police say the suspect pulled out a handgun and ordered the victim to leave the gas station. listen to the 911 call where the victim describes what happened. >> i had to drive her. it was a woman hi to drive her and she took my money and she took my personal cell phone this is my work cell phone. >> the victim called police from
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and she told police she dropped the suspect off at a housing development about a mile from the gas station. police say carjackings in north ridgeville are rare and believes the suspect lives in the area. detectives say she rode into the gas station on this bicycle and left it. >> we are asking the public's help in either identifying a female seen riding this bike or taken from their neighborhood and haven't reported it stolen yet. >> reporter: police say this was a crime of opportunity and people should be aware of their surroundings and lock your car doors. if something is not right go inside and call police. for a description log onto denise and dan? >> dan: thank you, sia. it was a busy night for cleveland police. two deadly shootings hours apart on the city's west side.
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near west 58th where 52-year-old pedro was killed. two men walking to a nearby deli were hit with gunfire. two hours earlier, there was a double shooting on west 43rd near clark. jose reyes was gunned down inside his car. a 15-year-old was also wounded. if you know anything about the >> denise: cleveland mayor frank jackson delivered his city address. he said cleveland is on the edge of greatness but that education is an important key in getting there. dani carlson is live with that story now. dani? >> reporter: mayor jackson took the opportunity of the state of the city to talk about cmsd and say the levy for the schools need to be renewed and said we can't expect an institution to do better if we don't give it support. >> reporter: mayor frank jackson
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education over and over again in his state of the city speech and touted cmsd a success story saying there's real school reform and a councilmember we spoke to said the job isn't finished but hopes voters reapprove a levy for the schools. >> why should i vote in the levy if it won't happen. >> i fully understood that. you have to believe. if you don't believe you will never go anywhere. >> jackson says passing the levy again is a vote of confidence. we learned today despite the mayor claiming increases in reading and graduation levels at the school, cleveland 19 saw in 2014cmsd was ranked in the bottom 50 districts in the state. >> is there any way cmsd could be one of the top districts in the state? >> we have schools that have been the top schools in the entire state.
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years back our early college was the highest performing public high school in the state of ohio third now. we have schools do pretty well. but as a district we don't do as well. >> now, another major issue mayor jackson talked about was half percent income tax increase that he has proposed and he says if that does not pass, that the city of cleveland will have a budget shortfall likely meaning layoffs and/or cuts in services in 2017. >> live in cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> dan: thank you, dani. speaking of projects that need to be completed, the city tweeted out an update on the public square renovation. let's take a look at the picture. yes, it consent look like much now but the 32 you $000,000 project has to be completed in time for the rnc and show you this picture and show you what it will look like when it is done and it is supposed to look
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you have seen ponding and they have terraced area to do concerts and this needs to be meet. they set a completion date for june and it looks like a road that will be opened back up and it will stay closed the way it is and bus-only traffic d.a. niece? >> denise: all right, dan. hillary clinton and bernie sanders debated in miami last night. the two traded jabs over immigration, wall street and u.s. cuban relations. after facing a big loss to sanders in michigan polls show clinton far ahead of the vermont senator in ohio and florida. tonight it is the rncs turn. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich will face off for the 12th debate of the campaign in miami. right now some polls show trump leading the pack in winner take all states of ohio and florida and a fox news poll has governor kasich edging out trump by a 5%
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the margin of error. doesn't it seem like there's a debate every night? ryan nobody selles in miami ahead of the republican debate. we will talk with him live at 5:30. >> dan: the leader of the ohio state buckeyes is backing governor kasich urban meyers and john kasich in a campaign video posted on youtube today. ohio state says meyers and kasich's have been friends and urban decided to make the endorsement as a private citizen not in his role as ohio state football coach. >> it's day two of free agency in the nfl. the browns and done absolutely nothing. yet they could be closing in eye quarterback. colin kaepernick is on the trading block whether or not you think he is worth it. the browns are making a big push. the niners want a second round pick and the free agents who left the browns are speaking august today.
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are saying coming up at 6:00. >> denise: a first-of-its-kind procedure designed to treat people with heart failure. that's what caused the death of former first lady nancy reagan. coming up, how this approach works and how it could help millions of others. >> dan: plus local children helping others by getting hair cuts this story has your heart
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news.
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live pictures from simi valley, california. the public paying respects to nancy reagan before her private funeral tomorrow. even in death the former first lady is having appear impact raising awareness about the disease that ultimately took her life congestive heart failure. it is said to be the leading cardiac killer responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the u.s. each year. >> researchers right here in ohio are hoping to change that. catherine bosley joins us. >> reporter: this is groundbreaking research out of columbus. half the heart failure patients with a certain type experts say there's no effective treatment to turn to at this point. a tiny implantable device could finally offer some big hope. >> whenever you are ready. >> a brief walk in the hospital hallways and janet wick um's doctors get a better condition of her heart. heart failure took the lives of
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and thought there would be new treatment options. >> i am not where i would like to be. i am 69. what's happening. >> diastolic heart failure means janet's heart does not relax between beats to fill up completely with blood causing blood to back up and cause pressure in her lungs. >> patients have shortness of breath. other than that we don't have a way of dealing with a patient's symptoms. >> it is hoped a new approach at wexler medical center could finally change that. janet is the first patient enrolled in the u.s. to possibly test this new implant. they punch a hole in the heart with heart catheterization and the shouldn't keeps it open to prevent excess blood draining to the other. >> it is like having a traffic jam and instead of backing up to the lung you create a detour taking you around the lung. >> reporter: that allows the heart to work better in relieving the pressure and half
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procedure will get the device. and patients and doctors learn who got the device. janet doesn't know and is grateful for the possibility of a new option. >> i am wanting to feel better. what will be, will be. if there's a chance of something new, i want to try it. >> reporter: there have been small studies with this device in europe and this is 40 patients up to 28 different hospitals worldwide. to find out if you or someone you know qualifies we have a link on in cleveland's newscenter i'm >> denise: thank you, catherine, really interesting. today. it was the 4th annual saint baldricks event brave the shave for childhood cancer research. 35 students, 7 girls, got their heads shaved to raise money and support classmates who battle cancer.
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last year's record raising $30,000. >> we show the tease. the little girl got her head shaved she ran to her dad and rubbed her dad's head. >> usually the like father like son. in this case father/daughter. >> cute. >> a little wet out there. a few accidents. >> take it slow, you know. it is about 10, 15 minutes extra i assume. this rain isn't talking about downpours by any stretch. it is just steady rain occurring all afternoon and accumulated enough. 3/4 inch of rain across the area and enough to create ponding out there on the roads. this is a steadier shower in ashland county. that's moving east to wayne county. i expect rain to pick up more in holmes county here.
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and eventually it will move to tuscarawas county and big conveyor belt of moisture light to moderate rain and true back edge of this stuff is north of toledo. there's an end in sight. quiet and cooler air coming in and shut off the rain. it will be a noticeable change out there. tomorrow a lot of cloud cover and one day anyway we will close things down before we warm up again over the weekend. >> i would say through early evening dealing with the rain obviously with it ending northwest to southeast southern counties will be the last to dry out. we are at 53 in cleveland. 49 grand rapids. this is not particularly cold air. but you get the idea. it is on its way. it will be a noticeable change. >> akron-canton, i think by 1:00 a.m. rain will be over and look for an additional quarter to
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good-bye to this system and looking at future view temperatures will be dropping. i am thinking by morning here about 41. a little bit cooler near the lake with that north wind. that's still, you know, above average this time of year. evening rain akron-canton you will be drying out overnight and tomorrow 47 with a partly cloudy sky and that's more seasonable and saturday back up to 61 and we have more rain. saturday night showers on sunday but 71 and clocks ahead this weekend going to daylight saving time. sunday 71 afternoon showers and storms and spring-like pattern continues and tuesday staying dry and st. patrick's day looks like it will be cooler. we will keep an eye on it. guys, back to you. >> denise: at least no snow right now. that's a plus. >> dan: coming up, major recalls to tell you about
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>> denise: oh, no. plus a major league baseball player had a surprising hit at spring training this week.
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>> dan: a consumer alert tonight. a massive nestle recall. da jorana and lean cuisines recalled based on finding glass in the food. we have posted full items on corona issued a recall of 12 and 18 packs of corona extra. corona says it is voluntarily recalling the 12-ounce bottles because there could be small pieces of glass in the beer. the company says a small number
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no one has been hurt from the glass so far. >> denise: now to a story going viral. atlanta braves first baseman freddy freeman and hit their gender reveal out of the park. >> chelsea friedman tossed a ball to her husband. when they hit it, it exploded in blue powder. the overjoyed parents to be were surrounded by loved ones. freddy freeman might as well have made his way around the bases with that one. how cool. drug dealers. thanks to a major sweep many are now off our streets. we will have details on the big bust coming up. >> jeff: we continue to track the rain. you know, it is raining everywhere. where is it raining? the heaviest a shower in ashland
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> denise: here's a live look crocker park in westlake some of the businesses evacuated earlier today when propane tanks caught construction site. the fire is out now. be sure to watch tonight at 6:00 how the explosion impacts the american greetings headquarters being built at crocker park. >> dan: like we always do at 5:30, time to talk politics. tonight may be the last stand for candidates to stop donald trump's march to the nomination. >> denise: four candidates will meet in the last debate before they vote tuesday. ryan nobles is live at the university of miami with a big preview of the night ahead. hi, ryan. >> reporter: hey dan and denise.
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pressure tonight is on marco rubio. he stakes his entire campaign on winning in the state of florida and collecting the 99 available delegates and polls show that is unlikely. >> if you elect me -- >> as marco rubio's chances to capture marco rubio dwindle the florida senator is openly questioning his tactics specifically the personal trump. >> my kids were embarrassed about it. if i had to do it again i wouldn't. >> rubio's last stand is florida holding several rallies and ads of his super pack filling television airwaves. >> he is capable of doing it. he can be an excellent debater and he needs to do it tonight and convince the voters of florida he is still viable. >> ohio governor john kasich is fighting to win his home state. polls show he has a narrow lead over donald trump and kasich picked up the support of urban
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state football team. as for trump, if the past is any indicator regardless how he performs in the debate tonight his support will remain solid. >> i think this will be much different. i may be wrong but i am far and away the frontrunner t. will be softer and i will be ready. i think marco will be a different person. marco has been mortally wounded. you know, questions will marco even be there. >> reporter: after tonight it will be left to each campaign's ground game as ballots are cast in each state and the republican nomination potentially hanging in the balance. >> reporter: for a long time we talked about how the candidates in the race may be hurting marco rubio from being able to establish himself as the closure opponent to donald trump. now that question is being raised in ohio where rubio's support could keep john kasich from perhaps winning his home state. here in florida it is ted cruz
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to score that knockout punch that takes rubio out of the race for good. dan and denise. >> denise: so much at stake next tuesday. ryan we heard a reporter accusing donald trump's campaign manager of physically assaulting her at a recent event. what's that all about. >> denise, this is a growing controversy on the campaign trail right now. it has to do with michelle fields, a reporter for the conservative web site which is a pretty positive news outlet for donald trump. they covered him pretty favorably and she was at an event and attempted to ask trump a question and felt someone grab her from behind to the point she was bruised. she didn't see the person who did it. a reporter from the "washington post" ben terrace clearly saw it and said it was cory, the public campaign manager of donald trump's campaign. he put out a statement saying it wasn't him and he actually
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overselling this a bit saying in the past she has talked about being attacked covering the occupy wall street controversy. so for bright bart's point they called for them to step down and calling on him to fire him and dan and denise if he were to step down it would be a major shake up to his campaign. he is one of the driving forces of the operation. >> will it ever end? ryan nobles. thank you for your time, sir. >> dan: keep it right here for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 and get the latest on the candidates every day on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 or download our free mobile app and get updates on the go. >> we do have breaking news that's come down. the c.e.o. and coo of the wounded warrior project have both been fired.
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fire recently accused of spending too little on veteran's and too much on administrative salaries and retreats. scott pelley will have all the details coming up on the cbs evening news following cleveland 19 news at 6:00. >> denise: well, we might soon get some answers on a local cold case murder. bedford police will hold a news conference tomorrow about the march 1987 murder of who was killed at the alamo apartments where she worked as night manager. her boyfriend was tried and found not guilty and bedford police got information that made them reopen the case and up the reward. we will have an update tomorrow. lorain and elyria police got over $20,000 worth of drugs off the streets with nine suspects. raids happened tuesday morning and officers seized heroin,
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vehicles and arrested 7 suspects in lorain and two in florida. >> it was a complex case. these guys are high level traffickers and getting multiple kilos of heroin and cocaine in from out of state and breaking it up and selling it in lorain county. >> dan: nice work here. investigators with the ohio bureau of criminal investigation and attorney general's office the suspects. they are hunting for five more in the lorain area. we will let you know more on the case. >> denise: tonight learning more on an f.b.i. raid in bay village centering around child pornography and exploitation. agents served a warrant on the $1.5 million home on lake road. we checked with f.b.i. officials, no word yet on any arrests or charges. >> dan: severe storms forced thousands from their homes in
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and massive weather system stretches from texas to tennessee. david reports from louisiana where three people drown. >> reporter: a second blast of heavy rain pounded north louisiana overnight. >> it stalled out. >> should have known better to do that to begin with. >> almost 15 inches have fallen in other parts of the state and way. that threat forced officials to call for mandatory evacuations of 3500 homes. >> it's a disaster. >> more than 100 roads have been closed. some crumbling drone video over shreveport show entire neighborhoods under water. more than 100 homes have been flooded. most of those are in the nearby community of haute on in bossier parish. crews go door-to-door
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the high-risk areas and find themselves overwhelmed with calls for help. >> they are getting calls and trying to respond and do the best they can. >> the water is receding in some areas and there are homes still flooded. >> 8 neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuation and the national guard is called in to help with rescues and the rain is expected to continue for the next two days. david begnaud, louisiana. >> dan: you see the winter storms and blizzards and flooding we have gotten lucky this year. >> jeff: we are seeing rain slowing down the commute. >> same system affecting us and getting a foot of rain and some spots getting an inch out of this. the rain continues to come down. it will be with us through this evening and it will generally be
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out there on the roads and by 1:00 in the morning rain will be over all over the place and ending basically from north to south as we move along tonight. right now on ford first alert doppler as i expected, holmes county and tuscarawas county rain is picking up in the canton area as well. and widen out and still see everybody in the rain and this is the back edge of it. rain is letting up in toledo and there's drier air coming in. also cooler air. we will be falling through the 40s tonight. 7:00, 51. 49 at 9:00 in cleveland and rain around and midnight cloudy sky and 46. for this time of year this is still warm tonight downtown cleveland wind coming off the
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46 now. akron-canton now 57 with the rain. slow go with the fog and wet roads and i believe there's an accident near fleet i saw southbound coming out of the city. rain ending tonight. dry tomorrow and saturday. it does warm up. the next alert day is saturday night and cloudy, seasonable and 47 for your friday. denise. >> denise: jeff, thanks. prom season around the corner and teenagers are preparing for the big dance. it was amazing. i cried when i saw her pick a dress and i knew that was the dress for her. >> one high school senior who said yes to her perfect dress is now being told it is too
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5:43 pm
. >> dan: in flint, michigan a two-piece prom dress is stirring up controversy. her daughter's dress might be provocative for the big dance. take a look. this is the 500 dress kara morris bought for her daughter. school policy requires parents to send photos of dresses for approval before the prom. but the principal said it was too revealing. >> being the mother i am i thought i covered my daughter up as much as possible. i want my daughter to be tasteful and the dress is not
5:44 pm
>> the principal asked to see more photos and the verdict is out whether morris' daughter can wear that to the dance. >> that was a $500 dress and had us curious just how much going to the big dance cost these days. we found in some cases teens or parents can spend more than $1,000 on prom. according to visa, the average cost of a prom-posal was $324 just to ask someone to the dance. adding up money spent on dresses, tuxes, limo, flowers, pictures, events before the actual dance in 2015 it was down from the previous year. we have a treat for you. we want to you take a look at this picture.
5:45 pm
>> if you can take a look there, that's denise dufala on prom night. >> my gosh. i think i am turning red. >> big year, senior year. >> do they call that feathered. >> that was feathered. >> the date. >> he was the date. not the boyfriend. just a friend. yes. greg dower. >> you remember his name. >> of course die. he is a nice fella. he went on to marry someone else and so did i, obviously. i feel i am 100 shades of red. we did not spend $500 back then. >> what you couldn't see in the photo. there's a big hoop thing and the whole night why did i buy a hoop dress. i could hardly sit down. >> jeff took his date to wendy's. >> oh, come on. >> jeff: all right. i was going to show you the radar behind me.
5:46 pm
there we go. focus.
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first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. while we show you 77 south out of downtown cleveland. yes, it is slow. that might be an accident a tow truck on the left-hand side. we want to tell about you an accident in the brecksville area 77 north before route 82 and traffic is backed up all the way to i-80. it will be slow-going if you are waiting for somebody to get home. >> the rain and fog is causing -- >> denise: no. >> jeff: it doesn't have to be a heavy rain per se, roads are wet and ponding and it will be with us through this evening and things drying out. you will feel a temperature change. it is relative weather, guys.
5:50 pm
last couple of days and even today we hit 60 even with the rain. tomorrow 47. even this is a bit above normal. basically, it will be a seasonable day out there tomorrow. it will be with us one more day and drop to 33 tomorrow night and look what happens saturday. partly cloudy sky and warm and how about 61. we have more showers saturday night and 71 on sunday. mostly cloudy sky and showers in the area. daylight saving we spring forward. it will be a warm start to next week afternoon showers and storms monday and monday 71 windy tuesday partly cloudy and 70 and right now st. patrick's day i have mid-40s and light rain. that could change. >> this body is made for rocking denim. >> denise: lane bryant's new commercial has been banned by two major networks for being too
5:51 pm
5:53 pm
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>> now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet victoria's secret revealed body by victoria in a commercial featuring the angels. >> dan: but when plus-sized clothing brand lane bryant did the same thing with ashley graham and precious lee two major networks deemed it inappropriate for tv. see if you agree. >> this body. >> this body. >> this body. will turn heads. >> this body is made for proving them wrong. >> it is made for being bold, powerful and sexy. >> this body. >> this body. >> this body is made for love. >> this body is made for rocking denim. >> this body ad for lane bryant nbc and abc rejected the commercial without saying why. sources tell tmz they firmly believe the network's issue is with the women's size and not because of nudity.
5:55 pm
there was one shot that was a little revealing with the baby i thought. the rest of them, you know. >> seems like a big double standard. >> it does, though. tonight at 6:00 we continue to follow what happened in westlake. an explosion at crocker park. the investigation and a look at amazing video coming in just minutes away. now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> on tuesday march 15th ohio voters will get to cast their ballots in our first winner take all presidential primary. last year, the legislature voted to move our primary back a week and give all the delegates to the winner instead of parsing them out proportionally. that probably did not go unnoticed by governor and presidential contender john kasich. what they should have done for the good of the country and maybe the governor is let ohio vote first. our primary system is broken and
5:56 pm
in an excellent opinion piece in the "new york times" emma rauler makes the case. iowa and new hampshire are 90% white. ohio more closely matches the demographics of the nation. it is racially diverse and culturally mixed with big cities, small towns and rural areas. we are a swing state with a balance of republicans and democrats and doesn't cost too much to campaign here. media costs are reasonable giving underfunded candidates a fair shot. but it probably won't happen. parties put penalties in place for states that move primaries up and cutting delegates and our own secretary of state is on the record against it. still it would have been nice to have a chance to vote for a wider range of candidates if we wanted to. instead we have to take what's left after 30 other states have had their say. ohio first primary would be
5:57 pm
>> i'm dominic mancuso and that's how we see it. >> we encourage your response to
5:59 pm
newscenter. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: yep. that's what it looks like when a thousand propane tank explodes crocker park. >> romona: here is a live scene of the picture now. all roads are open. it's been 8 hours since the blast. we have team coverage at 6:00. the explosion at crocker park kept things busy all day and talked to someone we saw and felt the blast more than a mile away. paul orlousky was on scene
6:00 pm
shows us what happened. >> the video merits another look. a fire near the construction site 2, 1,000-pound propane tanks started the explosion. >> one ruptured and blue through the building and caused the other to blow from the building. >> workers tell us they heard a hissing sound. >> a few minutes before the explosion we heard rumbling and didn't think it was thunder. the windows shook. and you could smell gas. >> other workers took to their cell phones in a parking garage to call loved ones to let them know no one was injured. workers and shoppers compared notes. flames came out of the propane tank and heard explosion. >> the remnants of that on the other side of the american greetings building look at the


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