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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shows us what happened. >> the video merits another look. a fire near the construction site 2, 1,000-pound propane tanks started the explosion. >> one ruptured and blue through the building and caused the other to blow from the building. >> workers tell us they heard a hissing sound. >> a few minutes before the explosion we heard rumbling and didn't think it was thunder. the windows shook. and you could smell gas. >> other workers took to their cell phones in a parking garage to call loved ones to let them know no one was injured. workers and shoppers compared notes. flames came out of the propane tank and heard explosion. >> the remnants of that on the other side of the american greetings building look at the
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fire reaching to the top floor coming down and widens out and getting to the ground floor and the windows were blown out. >> reporter: what did you guys hear and see. >> construction workers and those they tried to schoo out didn't leave. >> i am asking to you leave. >> i will do what you have to do. >> 10 fire departments responded and hazmat unit and given the blast it was necessary. >> barricades next to the tanks don't exist any longer. >> at crocker park, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> well, video from the blast is jaw-dropping. a lot started popping up on social media minutes after the fire started. dan deroos with another look at the explosive images. >> and in the days where social media turned and can you see why
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event they will go to a health center. the reason i want to show you this this video is 16 seconds long and basically a flame thrower who knows how long it was going before they started taking the video and they can switch to this one. this was taken by brandon zigdale. this is a vine that will loop over and over. there's the flame thrower and we will see the explosion right there. the fire truck. that's amazing to me. those guys are awfully close when you look at that. >> and the two construction workers standing around. >> i can't imagine being westlake firefighters when that went off. absolutely amazing no one was hurt and no one was killed in this explosion. romona. >> romona: thank goodness no one was hurt. we did digging into the company at crocker park. walsh construction second
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in the u.s. we didn't found any recent problems. they had two fatalities in 2012 and in 2006, they paid a $5.4 million settlement after construction workers got hurt. mark? >> mark: okay. so we had a soaker of a day. i walked away from the window about 10 minutes walked over and the fog was there and completely covered the city. >> jeff: especially on the larry soulsby. the wind shifted. the front is through and temperatures are dropping. will you get your thicker fog on the lakeshore and it is nasty right now t. will be that way through the evening and ford first alert doppler a salad shield of rain right now. this is where the heavier rain is currently in holmes county. northern tuscarawas and rains picking up in the canton area half to 3/4 and when all is said and done we could look at around an inch of rain out of this.
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ponding on the roads by 1:00 in the morning. rain is over. there's the fog mark was talking about. rain ending tonight. dry tomorrow and saturday warming up again. we have more rain developing saturday night and second half of the weekend will be wet and down to 45 mentor and cleveland and 50s inland and everybody noticing that change as the night wears on. mark? >> jeff, listen. you want to track the rain wherever you are download free first alert weather app. i did it, too. this was me clicking around getting live radar pictures and more and do it from your phone. >> let's talk about bay village today. f.b.i. agents raided a $1.5 million home and serveed a search warrant at lake road property part of an ongoing investigation and learned late
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a child pornography case in detroit and so far no arrests. >> the north royalton man accused of killing his girlfriend, police say jeff greener shot crystal schafer in her condo. he pleaded not guilty and set bond at half million dollars. >> talk about scary, a woman pumping gas in north ridgeville was carjacked at gunpoint. sia nyorkor tells them the woman with the gun ordered her to go for a ride. >> the victim was terrified. the suspect may still be in the area and left a few clues. >> take a look at the surveillance video. this happened after 7 a.m. friday march 4th. there's a woman pumping gas at ridgeville. a woman with a hoodie walking to the other woman's car. the woman pauses. once the woman opens her car door, the
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and gets in the car. police say the suspect pulled out a handgun and ordered the victim to leave the gas station. listen to the 911 call where the victim describes what happened. >> i had to drive her. it was a woman i had to drive her to some place and she took my money and she took my personal cell phone. this is my work cell phone. >> the victim called police from the mcdonald's on lorain road and told police she dropped the suspect off at a housing development a mild from the gas station. police say carjackings in north ridgeville are rare. detectives say she rode into the gas station on this bicycle and left it. >> we are asking the public's help in either identifying a female that's been seen riding this bike or maybe it's been taken from their neighborhood. they have not reported it stolen yet. >> police say this was a crime
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people should be aware of their surroundings and lock their car doors. ifing something's not right go inside and call police for a description of that suspect log onto >> all right, sia, thank you. twinsburg police charged a 17-year-old boy with posting nude pictures on tumblr. we have been following this a couple of months. he is accused of putting 14 twinsburg students on the site and the tumblr page has been taken down. the suspect faces nine second-degree felony charges. >> romona: people in cuyahoga county will notice a change tuesday. >> mark: lines to vote may be shorter. the board of elections will allow people to use any scanner at their voting location for the primary election. until now they were allowed to scan specific to their precinct. this led to lines forming at idle.
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each other in miami, florida tonight. candidates have gone after each other in past presidential debates. tonight may be no different with so much at stake ahead of next tuesday elections. marlie hall is in miami with a look at tonight's event. hillary clinton has a big lead in the delegate race against bernie sanders. >> romona: in cleveland we got this picture from the city's photographer with the progress on public square. we are told the $32 million project is on track before completion in june before the g.o.p. convention. mayor frank jackson delivered his 11th state of the city address and dani carlson got a response from city council as one of the hot topics. this summer it is the rnc. >> reporter: is the rnc, is the city prepared? >> time will tell. we had a briefing on the council on rnc preparedness and asked for that. we are hoping they are ready.
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you plan for the worst and hope for the best. until we get that briefing that's all i can tell you. >> the mayor said he thinks the overall economic impact from the rnc will be positive as will cleveland's reputation in the world after the major event. we press the him if the city is ready and why the councilmember said there's no briefing. >> a lot of people in cleveland concerned. we are not ready for the rnc city council said they have not gotten a briefing on it. is the city ready for all that. >> all they have told you, right. when all of city council tells you that, you can believe it. >> had some gotten a briefing. >> no. we constantly brief on rnc. i think we brief your general manager on rnc and not like we are concealing. >> are you ready? >> we stay ready. we will be ready. >> the mayor used his state of
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voters to pass a 1 1/2% income tax increase. he says if it doesn't pass the city will have a budget shortfall meaning layoffs and cuts in services in 2017. in cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> mark: all right, dani, thank you. we could soon get a place to shop. the company plans to build the outlet at the cleveland mall in the long abandoned bridge crossing site by i-480 at transportation boulevard and across the bridge. 2018. >> romona: up next new details on a wrong-way crash. the man deliberately responsible for the crash on i-480. >> let's take doppler max out. we are tracking the showers and line of rain east of canton and changes. that's straight ahead. >> is it haunted art or trick of
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newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: police say the man responsible for a deadly wrong-way crash did it on purpose. >> romona: last month mark rafter was driving a truck and smashed into a car on i-480 in brooklyn. 20-year-old kayla coates died and rafter is in surgical intensive care and investigators say this was a suicide attempt and rafter is indicted on murder and other charges. a double shooting at a cleveland bar overnight. it was a large fight on daley's bar in lorain. >> one was shot in the hand, the no arrests yet and police are looking at video from cameras in the bar. brooklyn. a 4-year-old died on beverly drive and thankfully a different story this morning at laurel hill apartments. one person now out of the
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smoke inhalation. 12 of the 48 apartments were affected and the red cross is helping out. some local school kids who saw a video about children suesed as slaves on cocoa plantations are doing what they can to stop the practice and change the world. we went to cleveland for tonight's romona's kids. >> they should stop child labor, traffickers should stop kidnapping children just to make chocolate. >> they were very upset about the conditions that children were working in and just the fact these children were not in school and they would work long hours. >> and children watched the video showing mali to cocoa plantations and decided to help
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nestle and hershey companies ivory coast. >> it is sad to think they never have a chance for education or normal childhood and they work hurt. >> they can hire older adults to do their jobs instead of children doing it. >> romona: so far no response from the companies. both nestle and hershey said in the past few years they are starting to move to fairer trade sources for cocoa. never underestimate the power of our children. >> mark: absolutely. >> romona: now an unusual image at the cleveland museum of art. >> is it paranormal or optical illusion. a visitor snapped a picture at the colossal head of the deva. tiah ewing was nearby. it appears the head's mouth is open with teeth and eyes are piercing.
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>> it was just in october that the cleveland museum of arts snapped this picture. is it the ghost impressionist of mona? wow.
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>> that was really a little >> jeff: it will remain unseason below next week monday afternoon showers and storms 71 and tuesday looks fantastic windy and 70 partly cloudy and
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patrick's day i have us at 45. and windy. tony? >> tony: thank you tan. lebron looking to make a high. >> caleb's four-point play and reaction that followed. i'm hillary clinton and i her life's work has been about breaking barriers. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: all right. they are not exactly tearing it up in free agency but browns could make big news in a trade and colin kaepernick says he
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kaepernick wants out of san francisco. the niners want a second round pick in return and for the browns means the 32nd pick overall and that's steep. stay tuned, broncos remain the frontrunner and we were talking cavaliers in the break. let's talk cavs about the big 3. who is happy and who isn't it. that was a cool scene in sacramento. final minute and a half. kevin love couldn't hit a shot. he went back and drained the shot of the night. >> under 2 minutes to go down the stretch we come. irving trying to get it and love sends it. welcome caleb. sacramento and has a chance for a four-point play, which he would get with the free throw. happy. >> fred asked him about it after the game. >> that was a big break for us
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are laughing. yeah. they see me. i will leave it at that. >> okay. they are back at it tonight in l.a. lebron's final showdownshowdown kobe catch it on fox sports ohio. >> and top seed in trouble against eastern michigan. led by 12 and those who shot 27% from beyond the arc heat up and less than a minute to go. eagles had a shot. they could not convert. here comes josh williams off and running to seal the deal. he misses. but then eagles call a time-out they didn't have and that was that. 65-63. survive a scare. >> we had our moments when we were not very good. i had belief in my guys. we have been through this, that
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injuries two years in a row and injuries and i feel we have a good team. what's up with kevin love not showing any emotion. >> bizarre interview. >> he was in the moment. >> tony: after the game just looking around.
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>> thank you for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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>> pelley: dishonorably discharged it's two top men at wounded warrior project are fired after a cbs news expoas a on lavish spending by the veterans' charity. also tonight, deadly floodwaters in the south force thousands from their homes. more rain is on the way. violence at a trump rally. a protester is sucker punched. and a koala is killed at the l.a. zoo. "60 minutes" introduced you to the prime suspect. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight


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