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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news off the top at 5:00 and this could have a big impact on voting here in ohio. a legal victory for ohio teenagers who filed a lawsuit week's primary. a judge decided the 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the general presidential candidate. we will have the latest for the battle for ohio coming up. >> so long, johnny after a turbulent two seasons in cleveland the browns suspect given johnny manziel the boot. >> dan: browns released the controversial quarterback. we all knew it was coming. what happens next for johnny. >> tony: the easy answer is hollywood. there's no easy answer. johnny has to clear waivers tonight and tomorrow. no team wants to pick up $2 million johnny is owed and browns will be on the hook for
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browns don't. denise, you called it a turbulent two years. he went from draft league to draft night and wrecking his reputation and we'll see, maybe his career. maybe he can bounce back. 30 other teams in the nfl watching what he does now. will he enter rehab, stick with the program and stay out of the tabloids. that's what a team will watch for to take johnny manziel. he put out this statement i would like to thank the browns for the opportunity they gave me two years ago and we all hoped building a championship team for cleveland and i will remember the support i received from the organization, my teammates and especially the fans. >> think about what's gone down in the past few months. johnny spiraled out of control. his agent bailed and none of those things were a wake up call. >> and i said this at 4:00. i like johnny manziel.
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when he says we thought we were putting together a championship team he had no commitment to the team. >> dan: ever see a rookie implode to this scale? >> tony: i have seen players go down and self-destruct but never somebody this entitled and and having never done anything in the nfl and doing that much damage off the field. >> denise: that's the times in which we live. social media and tmz and you have to live up to that and you have to do something to earn the respect of others and he hasn't. >> tony: i hope he gets it together. i really do. dnc johnny manziel didn't look like he had a care in the world yesterday. he was partying at the hyde lounge on the sunset strip. it was the 4th night in a row, too. he was hanging out with friends until 2:00 in the morning and
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last month manziel's father says if his son didn't stop partying johnny would not live to see his 24th birthday. >> dan: and those who help johnny get help and those who will use this as a chance to have a little fun. here is a meme. hello texas a&m when does your spring semester start. you knew this was coming, the crying michael jackson, johnny manziel meme. here is one from tsar, stay in school, kids. johnny manziel, let's get to maybe one more. there was another good one i saw today. we'll just go right here this meme. how did are you going to get fired on your day off. a reference to the movie friday. and yes, he did get fired on one of his days off. >> it looks like it will be a rebuilding year for browns for
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decision to dump johnny football. join in on the conversation on our facebook page. it is entertaining. denise. >> all right, dan. the state fire marshall is investigating the cause of a house fire in bay village. a neighbor called firefighters to the house on knickerbocker road and told dispatchers an elderly woman was trapped inside. that woman indicted in the blaze. the fire appears to be an accident. >> oh [bleep]. we are learning more tonight about that massive fireball and explosion at crocker park. people miles outside westlake reported hearing and feeling that blast. the fireball erupted at an active construction site. it was a miracle no one was hurt. our dani carlson spoke with safety inspectors today to find out exactly what went wrong. dani? >> reporter: it is very much an
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can you see behind me at crocker park that the ohio bureau of criminal investigation is here. we know westlake fire is here and osha is investigating and everyone trying to figure out what happened. it looked almost like a bomb went off yesterday at crocker park. the culprit was two propane tanks that exploded. the cause is under investigation. >> how lucky was it that no one was injured. >> i think we can be fortunate no one was injured in this incident. i call it an incident intentionally because honestly these things can be prevented if all standardses and regulations are followed. >> the occupational health and safety administration, osha is looking into it. ohio bureau of investigation and state fire marshall's office. since it is an investigation none of the state agencies give
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construction workers were told they could he leave and osha is trying to figure out who was at fault and how to prevent this in the future. >> what we will try to do is find out if the employer was following all osha standardses and regulations and try to determine how this doesn't happen again. >> if osha determines there was a violation, the company responsible and who they determine it to be is $7,000. if there's a violation turning out to be willful or repeat that fine could jump to $70,000. >> reporter: live in westlake dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> dan: thank you, dani. let's take a live look at our feazel cam. look at the sun trying to break through the clouds. it is a tempered day. jeff tanchak has great details for a beautiful weekend.
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have rain coming to an end mostly dry and tomorrow night dry and sunday will be the wet day. as dan mentioned, we get rid of the low cloud cover replaced by high, thin clouds and that's why we are seeing the sun in cleveland. warmer tomorrow. we have the wet sunday and next alert day raining and storms as we roll up. >> and burke lakefront north of downtown and akron-canton you saw more sun this afternoon. you were be at 48. it is a seasonal night and clear out and clear at 37 and 36 at midnight. grab the jacket before you head out. if you are going to the mack tournament, details on the next warm up coming up at 5:20. >> thank you, jeff. >> dan: no new trial for akron police captain convicted of
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today a judge denied douglas parade's request to have his case reheard. he spent 15 years in prison for the murder of his wife dr. margo prade and the conviction was overturned and douglas prade was freed more than a year and that decision was overturned and prade went back to prison. this sunday marks 29 years since the brutal murder of analia zavodny. she was stabbed to death at the al no apartments. her boyfriend was arrested and tried for her murder and found not guilty and the case went cold. last july bedford police received a tip and reopened the case and told us today they were recently selected to present zavodny's murder to vidoc. it is for friendsic and legal experts and meet every month to
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eyes. >> i think everybody has a mother or daughter they cherish and love. nobody wants to see their loved one suffer such a grew some death without the person responsible being held accountable. a bedford police say vidoc produced a psychological profile and the killer is alive and asking for the public's help to finally close this case. the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of zavodny's killer is increased now to $10,000. please call crimestoppers if you know anything. 216-25-crime. you can remain anonymous. >> dan: medina, one of four ohio law enforcement agencies adopting new standards for the
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standards permit police to use deadly force when they are defending themselves or preventing serious injury or death of somebody else. the other thee agencies in western ohio and the apartments adopted standards for police recruiting and hiring created by governor kasich's collaborative ohio community police advisory board. >> denise: funeral services held today in simi valley, california for nancy reagan. what a beautiful send off it was. the former first lady died at the age of 94. mrs. reagan was laid to rest next to her late husband president ronald reagan. first lady michelle obama and former george w. bush and wife laura and former first lady hillary clinton were among those in attendance. former presidential candidate ben carson endorsed donald trump today. >> dan: dr. carson dropped out of the race after failing to win
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throwing his support behind his former rival because he is the voice of the people to be heard. meantime donald trump is speaking out about his campaign reporter who sucker-punched a protestor at a rally in north carolina last week. at last night's republican debate mr. trump does not condone the act of violence. but in florida today when asked about the protestor getting punched, trump's story was much different. >> i thought it was very, very appropriate. he was swinging and hitting people and the audience hit back. and that's what we need. >> dan: 78-year-old john mcgraw is hit with assault and disorderly conduct charges for hitting the protestor. mcgraw says he did it because the guy was not acting like an american. >> denise: also speaking in florida senator marco rubio told his ohio supporters to vote for john kasich in next week's presidential primary. that's because rubio thinks our
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in the race who has a chance at beating donald trump here in ohio. according to cnn's poll of polls released today trump is currently leading in ohio with 36% of voter support. with 34% kasich is right in there with him. texas senator ted cruz has 17%, marco rubio is just at 8%. ohio's presidential primary is this tuesday. to read up on the issues and races here in our state and find your polling place download the cleveland 19 news app and click on the election 2016 tab.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: yours truly restaurants have been serving up stellar breakfasts and burgers and classic diner food for decades here. the shibley siblings who run the local chain say their menu wouldn't be complete without the lebanese famous hummus recipe. >> they are making an old world classic with a bit of modern in this week's cleveland cooks. >> reporter: we are at the countertop of yours truly in independence. you know yours truly for things not so fries and one of my
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what are we making that's legendary? >> we will make the hummus. >> a family recipe and family secret coming up. let's go to the chicken. >> we start with dried chicopees easy to find in specialty markets, whole foods, tablespoon baking soda. we will use 8 cups of spring or filtered water. when it soaks overnight chicopees will triple in size and be at the top. to dissolve the baking soda. >> what does baking soda do. >> activates softening of them. >> after you soak them you put it in a pot and how long do you cook it. >> simmer. bring it to a boil. simmer about 45 minutes until soft. in the old days in lebanon, they will take the chicopees, cook them and remove the skins one by one. >> nobody does that any more. the pressure or ability of this
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and keep the protein. >> after cooking chill them. don't put them in the food processer hot. put these in. next is the garlic. if you put them in the food processer whole you will never get the right amount dissolved. i use himalayan sea salt. >> make a paste with it. >> we do this with every batch of hummus we make. it is done by hand. >> now you know why it tastes good. >> lime juice not lemon? >> both. this is a quarter cup of water with ice. the colder the better. ice helps with the color and i will start grinding. >> i like hummus my sandwich. >> absolutely. we do that on our menu. >> add air to it making it lighter. >> now i will add garlic, lemon
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cayenne pepper, cumin. and lebanese cuisine. >> the easiest way to explain this is what peanut butter is to peanuts. >> we use an extra virgin olive oil import from lebanon and the trees that are in the olive grove this comes from planted by my dad and grandfather. >> tomato is a classic topping. >> a sprinkle. >> we serve by default with peta bread. >> okay, fellas. i feel i am part of the family. you let me in on the secret. let's taste it. this is delicious. >> did it come out good? >> it is velvety smooth. literally doubly good help. >> that's right.
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language. yours truly sends this huge platter. you can't have a little hummus. you have to dip it, dip it, dip it. it is cool. olive oil that comes is from olive oils their family planted in lebanon. it is pretty neat. >> i am a freak about not double dipping. >> i need this. it is excellent. >> if you don't describe as a hummus emergency and don't have overnight to do it. you can use canned chicopees and rinse them out with the sugar and sodium and watch those things and stick with the dried ones. >> very tasty. >> can you find this recipe on the cleveland 19 facebook page. if there's a dish you want to see me make i am always open to ideas. tweet me to jen picciano cle cooks. what do you think, guys?
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>> oh, yeah. >> all right. i will first start out here by showing you the warmer air that is coming at us. you have temps in the 60s all the way up to iowa and southern minnesota. we are at 40. we have wind off the lake and a lot of low cloud cover in cleveland. you were warmer inland and in fact still the case out there right now. these are high clouds and low cloud cover and it has disappeared and we will go clear tonight. it will be a more seasonable night to 33. akron-canton your forecast low 34 with light wind and i expect frost to form overnight because of the clear sky. here is a look at the futureview mid-30s by 10:00 a.m. we have a lake breeze setting up tomorrow. on the lakeshore you will warm
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be 60 most places inland and lakeshore futureview is picking up on the lake breeze 4:00, 44 sandusky. 51 downtown cleveland. i think we will hit 59 before the lake breeze hits and cooler on the lakeshore in the afternoon. the alert day sunday here for rain. it looks like over a quarter inch. the risk is all day. we are not talking about heavy rain here. most of tomorrow night is looking dry. after 7 a.m. sunday here it comes. this is going to be associated with a system that will bring storms on monday. don't forget we turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend and do that before you go to bed and enjoy the day tomorrow. 59 saturday and rain sunday and how about 70 on sunday and then monday with showers and storms. primary day tuesday 61 and
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and some rain later tuesday night and then it turns cooler. 53, windy wednesday and i expect windy weather st. patrick's day isolated showers. >> 53 is better than the 47. the picture is getting better. >> there's so many snowy st. patrick's days. 53, please. that's nothing. >> we'll take it. >> daylight saving is sunday and parents know the time change can make kids tired and cranky.
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>> denise: clock shop owners dread this time of year. at 2:00 a.m. this sunday we spring forward. >> as we get ready to spring our clocks forward many are fretting
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routine. >> you bet. >> it is extremely important to have a nice structure and bedtime and routine that allows for the clock system to work for us. >> cleveland clinic doctor sally says keeping a constant bedtime is important for all ages as it helps the internal clock of our body to work effectively to help us sleep. she recommends shifting a child's wake time than putting them to bed earlier. >> if it is hard to get them up early try 30 minutes of increments out of days. >> denise: good advice. a hairstylist with unbelievable strength.
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despite american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future.
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>> dan: like we do every day at 5:30. time to talk politics. the debate are in the books. >> denise: a flurry of activity expected as they make the final pitch before the states cast their ballots. >> ryan nobles is in florida with what is at stake. ryan? >> dan and denise, it seems we have been talking about this for months. ohio voters will have their say in this election as will voters in florida. these candidates realize there's so much at stake and three states and three others that vote and they are not holding out any stops. >> leading in the polls in florida in search of a knockout punch donald trump unveiled another endorsement. >> having his support adds credence to what i am trying to do and what we are all trying to do. >> dr. ben carson and he had
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it is endorsing their campaign. >> he is an intellect man who cares by them. >> the opponents are not done yet. >> it comes down to florida. >> marco rubio was making a last-ditch effort to win the state. >> ted cruz is positioned to place it. >> we are competing everywhere. competing in florida, ohio, north carolina, missouri. campaign. what we have seen in the primaries, we are winning victories all over the country. >> the democrats are busy as well. hillary clinton is poised for a series of possible big wins tuesday but bernie sanders is spending friday in north carolina, ohio and illinois. >> everybody had agreed that hillary clinton was the sure
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points, maybe 30 points. well, it didn't quite happen that way. >> the sprint is on. to keep the nomination process on both sides of the aisle alive beyond tuesday. >> donald trump is sure talking candidate. during his press conference with ben carson he feels last night's republican debate should be the last of the primary season. dan and denise. >> dan: ryan, what does it say when we see candidates picking their battles ohio governor clearly not leaving the state, neither is marco rubio and ted cruz isn't interested in ohio. what does it say this is the winner take all mentality? >> i want to play a sound bite for you from marco rubio that's specifically targeted to voters in ohio where he is talking about this divide and conquer
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deny him the delegate count. listen to what marco rubio is saying to the voters of ohio. >> john kasich has a better chance of winning ohio than i do and if a voter in ohio concludes that john kasich gives us the best chance to stop donald trump i anticipate that's what they will do. >> reporter: so imagine right now if you are living in cleveland and watching us on tv right now, someone running for president is actually suggesting he doesn't want you to vote for him but to vote for someone else, we have never seen anything like this in a primary process. >> it is crazy. >> it is unheard of. >> what do you make of donald trump responding to accusation that is his campaign manager roughed up the reporter. we are hearing about that today and his response to the person in the audience who punched that guy. he is almost advocating violence
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>> this is continuing to be an issue dogging donald trump on the campaign trail. the activity at his campaign events and his supporters but the folks that go to his campaign events just to protest is increasingly acrimonious and we have this incident with a reporter from bright bart where she claims she was grabbed by donald trump's very public campaign manager and donald trump was asked about this in the spin room. listen to what donald trump has to say about the controversy about the reporter. >> i wasn't involved but the secret service was surrounding everybody and they said nothing happened and everybody said nothing happened happened and perhaps you made the story up and i think that's what happened, okay. >> reporter: the campaign forcefully rejecting the idea that his campaign manager was involved and michelle fields is not backing down. she has filed charges with police in jupiter against his campaign manager. >> not going away. thank you, ryan, we'll see you
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>> it will be an incredibly busy weekend for ohio governor john kasich crisscrossing the state for campaign events leading up to the primary election this tuesday in addition to events in southern ohio, the governor will host in mansfield and sunday scheduled to make stops at the rec center in strongsville and akron and monday youngstown and followed by north canton. could cookies predict which candidate will win? a bakery is serving up special campaign treats. who is the hottest selling white house hopeful sia nyorkor will have the answer to that coming up at 6:00. a local salon owner with incredible strength despite losing her own hair with the ballots of breast cancer she
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other women to make sure they feel beautiful. >> dan: we will have that touching story in a minute, first we will check with jeff with the 7-day forecast. jeff? >> jeff: we will get to that for sure. right now i've got to talk about this half and half weekend that we will be seeing here. temperatures have been held down along the lakeshore. we have wind off the lake and cloud cover most of the day and busting out the sun. it is 38 in cleveland and 38 sandusky and 40 ashtabula. look at dover new philly 56 and totally new ballgame and westlake only 35 right now. good tool to have over the weekend with this rain coming in. the cleveland 19 first alert weather app there and interactive radar. you need it sunday but not tomorrow. 6:39. this is the forecast for downtown cleveland. 10:00, 36 and eventually dropping into the low to mid-30s.
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a nice looking late afternoon. warming up tomorrow. we have the rain in the forecast on sunday. it looks like that will be the case there and very warm on monday with showers and storms in play there. here is your forecast tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy. 59 the high in cleveland some spots hitting 60 partly cloudy and warm, akron-canton, 59 as well. and here is a look at the forecast tomorrow. the planner 7:00 a.m. 34, we will start out with frost and by noon up to 54 mostly sunny, 5:00 and partly cloudy sky and 57. here is the alert on sunday for rain and i have it moving in after 7 a.m. and you can see a quarter inch possible. nothing real heavy and the risk of this rain will be with us
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here is tomorrow night. 1:00 a.m. and here you see the fist batch of moisture coming in 7 a.m. sunday southwest to northeast and that ribbon of moisture. that's what will make things wet here on sunday. again, nothing too heavy with this. but come monday as that instability actually increases we will see some storms here. another look at temperatures tomorrow mid-30s at 7:00 a.m. by 10:00 in the morning we are in the 50s inland and lake breeze setting up. this is the time of year when we get these dramatic temperature differences from lakeshore to inland here. 1:00 in the afternoon and 42 sandusky and akron-canton right around 60. we will take you to st. patrick's day in the 7-day forecast coming up. dan? >> dan: thank you very much, jeff. today the american red cross
5:39 pm
cleveland. doctors, nurses, police officers and firstenergy meter man recognized for showing extraordinary courage and compassion by saving or improving the lives of others. >> denise: the boys and girls club youth of the year is a senior at lincoln west high school. members of the boys and girls club of cleveland. kevin mack was there. club newspaper editor ricky kyle interviewed mack about his career and playing for the cardiac kids. >> exciting. >> denise: yeah. >> dan: coming up, could the key to controlling metabolism is lie in the first few weeks of your life? >> a new plan from president obama.
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. >> denise: a follow up to breaking news we told you a few minutes ago about 17-year-olds winning a legal battle to vote in the primary by the general election that they are 18. >> dan: we found out the state of ohio plans to appeal the ruling by the judge. the ohio secretary of state came out and said the appeal will take place and it will be up in the air whether or not 17-year-olds that will be 18 by november can vote on tuesday. the battle will continue. all right, we know how important metabolism is when it comes to weight control. >> dan: researchers hope a
5:43 pm
struggling to drop the pounds. catherine bosley joins us to explain. >> reporter: this study is unique and metabolism of infants. the idea is how a body takes in and expands energy early on and the key to staying healthy later. everything is brand new to little charles. he is a few months old and already contributing to science. >> for the first time we will be able to measure metabolism in babies. >> reporter: he is spending three hours inside this metobolic chamber measuring air and carbon dioxide exhaling and how he eats a bottle of food and how many calories he is burning. >> the thought what happens early in life sets the metobolic fingerprint for what you will be the rest of your life. researchers hope calculations will better explain how to change the fingerprint. for example, what mothers should
5:44 pm
>> i always wondered why they are also can different. >> my daughter and 2-year-old seem to be the same and my 3-year-old and baby seem to have the same body. >> the mom was eager to get her baby in the chamber. researchers say it is the only one in the world used now. >> it is a brand new discovery about a baby's metabolism. >> there are no risks from spending time in here. charles seems to like it. he may not remember but one science will. >> of course, this study has been done in adults several times. no surprise with adults. it is reportedly found a resting metobolic rate is a predictor of weight gain in the future. thank you, catherine. any parent knows having a babe, diapers can drain your wallet and the white house wants to make them more affordable.
5:45 pm
end of april will help low income families get diapers up to 25% cheaper than what's currently available. the white house says 1 in 3 families has trouble affording diapers for their babies. romona? >> romona: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 6:00 will cleveland be the host with the most. we want to know how many volunteers the city plans to have for the rnc. find out what's being done to recruit them. donald trump found unlikely
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>> denise: now a local salon owner with incredible strength despite losing her own hair with breast cancer she is styling hair of other women to help them feel beautiful. shanice dunning has the touching story. >> geraldine pierce says she
5:49 pm
doing their hair and her life took a turn, she is still dedicated to her work. >> i enjoy making people beautiful and helping them with their problems and things like that. >> reporter: there are moments to split life from before and after. geraldine pearson owner of shear perfection salon in maple heights is living the after. >> she is living the after. >> her doctor called her to tell her she has stage 2 breast cancer. >> doing hair. i have been helping people with their problems and now them helping me with mine it is life changing. >> when she was diagnosed, we want you to take off two weeks. she said oh, no. i can't do that. >> pearson is here almost every day. >> having the cancer, i just do a few people a day. >> despite draining and constant chemotherapy treatments she refuses to quit doing hair. >> how do you do that.
5:50 pm
like god just carrying me through this whole thing. >> even after losing her own. >> i always figured hair is just one part of you, you know. it takes more than your hair. it is your heart. >> pearson is surrounded with support from her fiance who shaved his head to the generations of customers she served over 30 years, so many times when life is submit before and after pearson focuses on the now. her faith and work. >> the cancer will win if you stop. you know. in this life you have to keep fighting. >> pearson is now working to help spread the word and encouraging women to get regular check ups and mammograms. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> all right. here is a live look at
5:51 pm
it is smooth sailing out there. 480 eastbound just before stearns road out by the north olmsted line there's an accident eastbound lanes and chagrin falls on 422 at shaw road an accident there. >> can you check the latest, download the cleveland 19 news app and click on the traffic tab. >> yeah. >> denise: and the weather tab, too. >> jeff: yeah, first alert weather app. >> we have a mixed bag this weekend and turn the clocks ahead. more daylight sunday. that's what you need to remember. >> 59 will be the high tomorrow. not too shabby considering this afternoon only around 40. it will be warmer tomorrow. your saturday night is now looking dry. we will see some high clouds. it will keep the temperature up. we only dropped to 47. it is warm this time of year and an alert sunday for the rain.
5:52 pm
i kept the temperature down because of the clouds and rain and we will have an east wind. that's not a favorable wind for a warm up around here. here is your planner tomorrow. 34 at 7 a.m. and frosty early in the morning, mostly sunny 54 at noon and 57 at 5:00 and showers and storms and primary day, 61 looking dry during the day and cool down to 53 and windy on st. >> dan? >> dan: for the new trailer for the next marvel blockbuster is out with a special super hero appearance we didn't see coming.
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5:55 pm
now, it is time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> in tonight's buzz an epic "star wars" prank. >> dan: the plot thickens in marvel's new blockbuster.
5:56 pm
fight, tony. >> you just started a war. >> the trailer for captain america civil war is out. guess what, spiderman makes a special appearance in the trailer. it looks like spiderman sides with ironman against captain america as the two fight over the government's call for a super hero registry. >> i can't wait to see that. >> a virginia man's phone won't stop ringing and has this to thank. >> they posted his number in a craigslist ad asking people to call and do their best chewbacca impression for their chance to win $50. >> most of the time hey is this the guy from craigslist and i was like what? can you imagine? blake web says he received dozens of calls since the ad went up last week and now is planning a revenge prank on his friends.
5:57 pm
he is keeping it up until may the 4th. do you know why? may the 4th be with you. >> now that johnny manziel is out who is is on the next browns carousel.
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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: a top marco rubio aide is urging his supporters to vote for john kasich in the ohio primary. it is the latest stop trump effort one day after a don't after trump rubles failed to take a swing at the frontrunner. we will have more on campaign 2016 and first johnny manziel is cut by the browns.
6:00 pm
expecting for weeks. >> the headlines are reading johnny be gone. sports director johnny manziel joins us with more about the team. tony. >> tony: let me tell you something. you cannot forget about fist round picks. browns took a first round brandon weeden and johnny manziel, completely different skill sets and personalities and they are gone after 12 years. weeden cut loose and johnny will not know. not in a browns uniform. you cannot debate how high the ceiling is. >> and unfortunately, they were immediately overshadowed by the drama off the field and now he is gone. he will likely clear waivers tonight through tomorrow and browns will be stuck paying $2 million he is guaranteed. here is what johnny said in a statement. i would like to thank the browns the opportunity they gave me more than two years ago and what could be a championship team for


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