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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 14, 2016 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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oh i pray that you will come right now to the lord as jack prays and ask the lord to forgive you of've done. i don't care if it's drug, illicit sex, or what it is, alcohol. he'll forgive you and help you to live for prayer with jack? my catholic friends, next week i'm using bishop sheen and the pope i admired, pope john paulhow you, trust your catholic bible, not necessarily a catechism book. they are man written.mes through the holy spirit and jesus said, in the catholic version, john 14:6 i am the way, the truth, and the life. can come to the father but by me. believe your catholic bible. abraham can't get you there.hank
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oh thank you father for sending world and that that precious blood can cleanse and save me from everyitted and make me ready for heaven. jesus, i accept what you did for me today. come into my heart now, save me,e. amen. amen. did you pray that prayer? if you did please let me know.o our hearts and i'll send you this little booklet. there's my address. please write to me. first steps in a new direction. you want to walk in jesus will walk with you in that new direction. now our last week, islam exposed and explained. we truly need to knowt. here is our announcer to tell you how you can receive it. chuck. thank you rexella.islam
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god cares for you. so do we so very much.
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on: welcome back. joining us now is cbs news director o eection, anthon salvanto. we're going to try to map o the ne wee let's start first, o thi found interesting i t po
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trump in ohi doi muc bette than rub i h hom sta o florida, why i tha >> one i h sta advanta one may dsadvantage i good a kasich has sky hig approv ratings governor that's avantag bu cmparably in florid rubio's approva ring m ev amo rublicans he' g lower numbers than rest t candidates on bein prepared t be president and that' essentially the differencegh let's tal abou ohi a florida. big winner take a stas ne week. let's go through some oh scenarios her it seems lik fr t mmenald trump has been t questi i i goin gtnouglegates get th nomation wll he to t cnvention wit may lead i telegates bu h bet's wa through some of t scenario first, in oh a forid let say tru w both, what next? >> t becomes ahave fro there wi
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out tuesday i keeinnin and keep winnielegate at t se pa a which h hink t m aheatual favors him in his abili t d that because you look at t states coming up aa more of the ki onald trump has already bee winning you g you blu colla republicans. you've got you suburb republicans, he's been doi few of the kind vters in th ki o area that te cru h be wning t northeas we'r heade thro test pennsylvania, new york, e cetera that shoul avantagrump that pace >> dickerson: if he wins those two stat i wil sugge a these attacks against h tha they're just n worki a they blikely t sddenemainitates let' lk binni glimmers o hop wch t s that trump lose o o tho doe it look li t
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>>hink tha is glime hope f flk ting to catc hi but depen als w h los los tasi iio that ie cmpetitive race b seen -- that's a hom sta w for kasi b whe e doe hetill trailin h delegate rubio happens to catch him i florida, same thing rubio goie behin h dlegates probably will th tuesda other thing tha t ruloi forward from the s actual advantage th wnner t ev great degre thah alreadd out mo winner tak al dlegates, eve region o district a t differenc between th leadi cndidat and the trailin candidat actualends t op >> dickerson: so in that cas rump w o those he would have to do littl b doing t g the magic number? >> he' he to pic t pac a little bit have to pick u thace jus
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because he coop tha lea now, i h do a places lik pennsylvania li new york those other states the tries to build o t lad h wouldn't get the quick might go dee into but h would still to g tre >> dickerson: quickly he loses both what happens then? >> he los bth tha l of people want to stop him t a t cventio i think a least on advanta out his voters do te t t t wra things up as w g d int the proces ten t t t but if h lseo then so of tha luster o bei winn certainly come o crtainly haoughe r let' n frg other stat vting, nort carolina, th mssouri, if t cruz were touchie repick coup o thos n crouf th dfference >> dickerson: cruz is closest to
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l n frg thos they have mo i total jussi o ohi a florida, rightly becau they the bi winn tak a p but there's lo m delegat ou ther watc fr cruz to tr ah trump le and tum doe happ t dr both ohio a flori now w g competitive. no coul thi thg de >> dickerson: well, we'll be asking you all the way along t wa athony, thank f hpi us out we'll be right bacgeico?...
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hewlett packard enterprise. >> dickerson: we're back with our panel. peggy noonan columnist fo t "wall street jrnal jeffrey goldberg writes fo t atlantic and nanc cordes coveran dmocrat pesidenti candidates f c a michae duffy is t dutanagin editor "time mazin peggy, wha d w makughter lot to go here what d y mak talli in the las coupl o d anonal tru contributed nontribute to this at all. seei t p f days especially last night chicago, tisruption, t yellin t pushin violenrrounding the dona trum rlly insi eve though he wasn't the hor safet reason
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reasons th i hpening a on vct gou ha hasn beeasons it hpening trump cvali aarele in h rferences to punch h in t n i wish punch him i t if you punch him in the nos i'll p yo bill that's immatur that n knowi teric is always ountr wn it and politic pssio can start throwing punche that's the fir p second part is th a groups that a opportunistically moving on th fact that he's givem thi opening wit h statements th aomi ithei hav anushin peo arou that's no alway h t remember, th is america, you have right coig t hav rll
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it zooms t morgotte t peaceful peopl w wan g see donald trump a gt hi o who h is, decde w they're goi vote for la night they s peo pushin a out of ea other' hds, it's aut ba i kno people hav gone tru rallies, they arrious wa to g le "washington post" has uestion h donal trump lit f tha n can ctained what is your sen ohat cntainment n wo th t dscri th eection s fr i don' think we should star epectin but i don't think any o k t weekend, all o t tap see to be new o every coupl o hourmind o we all liv in differe places now
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to come together at tru rallie that seems like maybe n t best place that the count nde nhat' happening tw bicalrighten group of peopl the trum supporters a scare of losin thevelihood a no ral familia yet ful wal multi-raral society. they're concerne abo t second amendment th protesters w aeneraiffere part of theuntry and ar concerned about ho w t rhetoric of donald trump i spewing he temselves a thei kid asimilate both sets genuiney are bei m a the rallies, that i s combinatio >> dickerson: vlati pare m be new meeti pla f the tw grou a the berni sander rallies going s o to >> that was thougayb we'd bi' nve obviousl i didn't read the tweet first
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in egy w tol aou t berni or supporters will to go yo rallie and my frien fro e s welcome to the middle eas becaus tis ihe wa politicer parts of t world. we don't like the wa politi is don where peo send other people ralli bre them u a makolence there is a rea f n t these things are goi t are meetin ahe rallies, someone is going t g seriously hurt a aong oth things we're not modelin go t worl t looks ameri f politica mturity >> a pgg might p tha would be badne tumber of bern sanders' rallies the a pre peacef afairs li eagle concert where everybody know the word and they show read to sing gre analogy a wel they're bringi l o thes
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pretty laid ba afair clashi with fired urum spporters that could be - >> dickerson: may sihe metapho jeffre mntioned decays lak which we had see earlier i t week the w deba t look lke - everybody joed thought the were a ptending to b h so nice an civi what did you make that hav well t ca befor t some of t candidates together they cou not connu dow t road tha previous debate h bee jus out contro but then they bk the separate campaig eves peop shouldn say trump followed that withh remarkable lin a isl hates whic w withi 2 hours of t dbate th atonishinglry reckless thin t say, add tha we're goi t need someone lot morensiti
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lad whether you'rd or not reminder that so republica accordin t d expe prudent talk abo rligion the prefer ie somethin that we have to live wit think wi tru unt h decides, whatever reason t change the w he' campaignin >> t quick point there i regret, hk o tmarco rubio that h acelerate that process b responding the othe thought i was havin last couple of days is tha wondering who t seni could straddl all -- is it col pell w needs to come o simpl sa you kno wha w simpl cann ta aout, f instance, i talki about it in this campaig because this is dangers fo the united state and i don't kn w t figur or group o fgure i b f i a this point >> dickerson: i don't know if that person existsegg because that person would b i th etablishment, o be - thakes them suspe to all of the people who a
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>> it would have to be perso of grave respect to t lefou lte t knowing th weren' prsuing a agenda but trying to loo o for americ we'vorn s peo institutio d i decade i'm not sure who tha would b let me thr question y mike, some tim wh trump say things lik isl o enem or whateve exactly i i t sates u does he kno wt he saying mea couayook ther irtioca jihaddist growi isl whi has appeale youeopl which violent th appe t ha u y cn't ju s islate impreci thin he' intelligent many doesn't he s
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>> the question you'v aked s h rea think. ben carson when h endorse trump something i don't think all of u wo hav predict there are two dona tmps, n or maybe 200 righ ate yeshere ar t trum the seem to b testion o whether ther wer t tumps he's talki nbou uifyi the party i think he's de so mu damag with his rhetori n matter h muodka yo p o t di going to h tparty around h a continue to - >> i thi i interesti tha marco rubio starting to say tha the things tha t h sai ar mki m difficul r a the glenn that wi sport t nmine th poblem for h i wha does tha mean y don supporinee tha means yo spport bernie sande or hillary clinton or sit it o
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yo rublicana a hou candidates and everybod d th bll iovemberrson: that sense o unpredictability. you mentioned marco rubio, let' watch, actuall mome oki about this man, alrey tal clinton would be terrible for th country. but the fac tt you' eve asking me thauestion, sti t momen contie intend to support t republic gttin hardver da har ever da >> tha w real momen that was ralr he'l support donald trump. >> that seemed li rea mome of he' ash real moment onguis and i woul bse on thelieve that c n in goo cscio support donal trum not do chr christi they're a thinkin abo thinkibout thei o
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>> like hin tha they're - al l t thi it's - america >> they're tryin t figur o what i t bes thg here i thought marco rubi looke shocked istory a ideed au surprised at how things a turning out. w're al srprised be history at t momentswit t democratic history nancy, what happened i mr. mesh, how big a dea tha sanders be cinto >> pe id shiar starting to using the gener election. have to spend mor mne tha she probably wanted to i thes primary states it showed that t is ogger tha probab even tinto campaig thought it was in manufacturing sta lik michigan and that ral centerpiece te bern sander tra is killing job she alocused michigan a she ha oth states
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out an it's tru s d ver we aca b no, si we whee wins lik 09% arica americans the aren enoug aican america in the state lik michigan t put he ove t top s los 3 o aans in michiga whi i danger point number for h particular aemocrat r go north and to t mwe t th w coa becaus nonwhitons are much smaller ther nanc mention these states ar iend t more liber cndidat your pol fascinatin sappedders i ahead h h stat are goi w their home states. >> the polls had her 2 u i michigan still los >> y als made t poi th sanders lives off th lan he can g a g ano h cos >> we ma hav gotten to t
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ra beginni t engat is s rll howeve i is mrs. clinto ral scared rig n o i th jus a pain ig t have play ou is scared can't spe t h sta o mind iider i year that is s favori outsiders. and when you have tru a sanderhreateninrg abouhe experience. >> she must be getting sick o the >> more frustrate t sared you're right she sa thi w i've gone a e befor so ca aga b it's clear no te wa t s wou h that thi would >> dickerson: no mssag othanks to all o yo jeffrey will stay with us t talk abo h intervi wi
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ck with jeffrey goldberg of of "the atlantic" who has cover story i this month magazine amazin piec i want to sta wh talki foreign poliegacy the red li o sri considered by some peop eve
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administration, a big mistak he sees it a t oosit rig he see vy probecause he didn't d t thi that everybody i t establishment all of our all wanted to do which wa attac syria, t pish for crewin chemic wpons seeyri a t biggeippery slo ter i a it's mome when nel himself an tell m tha he' proud that have because pushing him to go hav w wit syri >> dickerson: does he -- wha about having said i o lou do a aknowledgh tha maybe wasn sh great idtely - >> hidn't -- desn' regret or didn't s that h regrets it he thoug i wch what i think he' leane don make these kin o statement unless you're going to carry through. that's w t b says les s thi f himal tou free rider we hear th ter oe thi te lxplain io fre
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>> fle rers ar americain erope and middl east, wh expe ameri t everything f them don't pay enough of their o share dfense an do everything. president obama has, like a l aericans, som lel resentmentme h talkout arab statantin bring americ i a thei wars againania oppositio and so muc ss, why d w have to al thnally americans ha looked at europe said, yuy need to pa m f you defense. it's a very america positio he ting, b tay on th questionulf stat you're saying what they' saying is, would you dea w iran f u tak care f us? rightthey want uso heiuscle we're having a fign yem and syria, you're th big g you just deal with it f u we'll hold you coa a y
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who is not looki f n fights for america and the worlt connect to another phrase, feel li we're goi through t phrase of t oma fei plicy b leadin f behi hich fscription to do this i pecisely it id y knohat we'll d this, yo meain bitai a france this is your ba yar you got to d a t cle u cpabili o bombing everything we nee t bomb bou h told m thi mtter som o controverhink th britain and fran dnough i the foll u and has som disappointme about that and of course they don' lik hehat true >> dickerson: isn't that t argument for why the u.s. h do everything because you can leave it to somebod els >> tnk presidebam trying t train oulies i essence and take a littl b mor responsibility especially for problems th a
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more >> dickerson: that how he can say that t lss o lib that you got to make sur there's something in place aft the militar actio becau that seems shockin because t lesson iraq. wll, th liby w h ira in some wa w w s syria. lib bra he feels like he d everythight, hine everythi, lhough they would do x y a z he told me, idn wot work he learnedesson whi i like don't g iolved in the kind of problemsinut left. you' interview him s m times over cou o s lo just give me yo sen of wh it was like interview hi towards th exits, what i h state o mind? >> i'v b thi iin about this i woing sees serifour month we'r talking abo limi libera inrventionism, we' talkin aou t amorphourying to hav
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conversations we're having them then y l wha people ar talking about in trimar poli and e-mail ad beood 'an build a wall agger wall anhi t d x y an it abo ila i wonder i a this poin sitting ther aon lauinying, yo have idea what it's like to t much. >> thank yought back. sure a my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connecte am i seeing double'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to se appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media you know iseeing dollar sign you should probably get your eyes checked good one bab optometry humo right now get up to $650 i


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