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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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us. campaign season is in full swing as candidates are showing up everywhere in ohio ahead of tomorrow's primary elections. >> john kasich is in north canton today holding a town hall event at the air museum. dani carlson joins us live with the very latest from there. >> well guys, we are on our way down to that rally in north canton today where governor kasich is expected to have mitt romney as his special guest. now, recent cbs news poll has governor kasich and frontrunner donald trump virtually tied
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the state of ohio. mitt romney says he isn't endorsing any candidate but he has recorded robo calls for kasich and he said that kasich, senator marco rubio or ted cruz would all be better republican presidential nominees than donald trump. kasich has been recently attacking trump saying that the front runner has created a toxic atmosphere. we are headed down to the rally as i mentioned. we will be there. it starts today at 2:00 and we'll have live updates throughout the day on air and online. you will want to tune in to cleveland 19 news a at 4:00 for the very latest. we are live in akron on our way to canton. >> "q": thank you very much. and another presidential candidate in town. we are talking about bernie vannedders now. sanders is holding a rally in akron at the civic theater. denise zarella joins us live from there. >> reporter: q., as you just mentioned we are right outside the akron civic theater where we
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and speak somewhere around 1:00. earlier today at 11:00 a.m. he was scheduled for a rally in youngstown so we will see what time this one starts. it's a very busy day for all the canned dateds as they work on their final push for the votes here in ohio. we are just hours away from the primary. many predicted a tight race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton right here in ohio. we know that initially he had an event scheduled in cleveland but it was moved here to akron, which is interesting. we know he's very popular with the younger voters and in fact we have seen quite a few younger people, college-aged looking people going into the building. we will be speaking with a lot of those young voters, talking with them about why they expect to vote for bernie sanders and we will bring you more on twitter today, facebook and also live on cleveland 19 first at 4:00. >> "q": thank you, denise. later on today, donald trump
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the rally being held at winner aviation at 6:00 p.m. join us for our later newscast starting at 4:00 for continued campaign coverage. the latest cbs news poll shows governor kasich tied with trump in the battle for ohio. ted cruz isn't too far behind with 27%. marco rubio, a distant 4th with only 5%. and on the democratic side of things in the same cbs poll, hillary clinton has a 9% lead over bernie sanders. cleveland 19 news will have special expanded election coverage getting you ready to vote. that happens tonight at 10:30 on cle 43 and 11:30 on cleveland 19. you can also read up on all of the issues and candidates on >> "q": we have an update for you this noon on the fire in bay village last thursday that killed a woman in her home. we know now she was 79-year-old olaf nelson. firefighters say the fire began stove.
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being investigated. also, the mom who was hurt in the brunswick fire last week that killed her daughter is expected to be released from the hospital sometime today. we are talking about jordon sullivan. she suffered damage to almost a third of her lungs while trying to rescue her daughter named keegan. so far the family has raised more than $20,000 on their go fund me page. they say they will stop accepting donations on st. patrick's day. well here's good news for local commuters. all r.t.a. rapid service resumed this morning. crews were working around the clock. since thursday they have been repairing an overhead electrical source that powered the red, blue and green lines east of tower city. well, in sports news, oh, we are always talking about some johnny football. right? former browns q.b. johnny manziel remains a free agent and reports from around the league say he will be one for quite some time. manziel was let go by the browns friday for his off-the-field antics.
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photographed in a nightclub, this is some of that video allegedly, each night. we are talking 10 nights in a row. >> "q": what in the world. >> i don't know. but what i do know -- >> "q": go ahead. >> yes. right? see. johnny manziel leaves the area and sunnier days. >> i know. warmer. we love this, sam. >> samantha: i wish it would stay that way. right? the sun would stay out. we have seen a little bit of that today. we'll have to go straight to the maps. i want to start off with radar because we have been talking all morning long about today's chance for rain. looking good out there right now. we are even seeing a little bit of blue sky in some areas. but overall, a lot of cloudiness. look back toward indianapolis and points off to the south. that system, that rain, is going to be moving in a little bit later today. but, for now, most of the state of ohio is dry. here's what we are watching for you. i'm taking you right now into the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere.
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the atmosphere is like a big sandwich. it has tons and tons of different layers. so, we are going way up high in the atmosphere. because that impacts what happens down here on the ground. if you see that spin in middle tennessee, that is tonight's weather maker. and that's what's going to be bringing us showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms later on. i don't think we will see much, if any, rain before 2:00. but as we start to approach the evening commute and really after sunset, showers and thunderstorms are likely. isolated at first and then starting to pick up as we get toward sunset and through the night. i'll break down tonight's forecast and we will take a look at the week ahead coming up in just a few minutes. >> talking about immutes, this could impact your commute. avon road which runs between avon and westlake has been closed for two years but as laura shows us, a new project will temporarily open the road starting today.
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connecting nagle road in westlake. according to the mayor, it was the mayor of westlake who made the call to shut it down years ago. >> because i thought it was a hazard for people trying to drive through as more and more traffic went through. westlake doesn't have that on their high-priority list and it's been kept close. >> laura: today they will push away the barriers. jenson asked them to open the road temporarily while construction is on nagle road. the city of westlake agreed to help out. >> just for traffic. any time you go down there even rye now, it's busy. >> it's no secret avon has been booming for years. the cleveland clinic is growing. meijer, menards all plan to come soon. some nearby residents are already feeling the headache.
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it's a narrow road. it's just much easier not being -- not being open. >> laura: so that's why this big road closed sign has been a big bone of contention. some want it to stay up. some want it to move out of the way for good. right now, avon road is only set to stay open until mid august. that's unless avon and westlake otherwise. either way, come august, some of the roughly 300 home owners who happy. the others will be upset all over again. the nagle road construction is expected to wrap up mid august and work on middleton road which begins between nagle and jaycox roads is also expected to start soon. meijer will build a new location on the new middleton road. bloom bakery opens on public square. it's the first social venture for a nonprofit agency toward employment.
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right here in our studio. bloom bakery will provide training and jobs to individuals with barriers to employment. it's located between the u.s. bank and starbucks. all right. well, coming up on cleveland 19 news, it's a good day to take a nap. yep. holiday. in alaska, attacks on the iditarod race. a man arrested for intentionally
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scientists in china are being looked at for a controversial practice. genetically modifying beagles to be more muscular. these are the conditions research dogs are liveing in. >> a thousand beagles at this lab in southern china, two are making headlines. >> these are the ones you are caring about most? >> yeah. >> scientists, led by dr. shway claim they are the first to successfully altar the genetic makeup of dogs. >> this muscle is much stronger? yeah. >> they doubled the muscle mass of the beagles through the process of gene editing. we knocked out a gene which would ordinarily stop muscles from growing so these dogs became much more muscular. scientists here tell us the idea is not to create designer pets, but, rather, to mimic diseases
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and then treat them in an effort to find a cure. ultimately the idea is to create a safe, effective drug. beagles are often used in research against the issues of animal rights activists. scientists at another lab used similar technology to create micro pigs selling them at pets for $1600 each. another lab has drawn worldwide condemnation for carrying out embryos. some major scientific journals would not even publish the work. >> critics have called china the wild west of gene editing. is that fair? it's fair. what we do in the lab is for the added. i don't think anyone should experiment on humans before ethical questions are answered. dr. lye, a dog lover, insists they need to improve accuracy.
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gene edited, only two were successful. well today is national napping day. i saw you yawning earlier, celebrated all across the world. it's also celebrated following the daylight saving time. >> it provides everyone with an opportunity to catch up on the hour of sleep that we lost over the weekend. studies show napping for 10 to 20 minutes can improve overall alertness, mood, and increase productivity. >> i'm impressed. another study found that women tend to need more sleep than men because of their complex brain. scientists found women can use an average of 20 more minutes of sleep per night compared to men because the female brain works harder during the day than a man's. >> "q": a lot going on. >> yeah. just bright. very bright. you know? >> "q": listen, straight ahead
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noon -- we told you about national nap day. right? but mathemeticians are celebrating a different holiday today. >> samantha: i know what that is. we will talk about it coming up in just a bit. want to take you outside. i know it's national nap day. please don't nap. beautiful weather. 64. it's wonderful. but, there's rain on the way. this is a live look from our feizel roof camera there. south southwest wind at 14 miles an hour. oh, it's glorious. we will take a look at the rest of the day when we come back. and, move over moms. baby showers oh, they are the thing of the past. how fathers-to-be are now being celebrated.
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in alaska, troopers arrested a snowmobiler before crashing into two teams during the sled dog race. one snowmobiler reported that the 26-year-old man hit the side of her sled, then turned around several times and came back at her. she used a wooden trail marker to fight him off and he drove away. later, another musher reports the snowmobiler ran down his dog team, killing one of them. >> jeff king has one dog dead, one dog critically injured, and
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to continue the race. a fifth dog is injured, but is able to still continue. it's got a small scratch. and another was bruised, no longer able to race. >> the man confessed to hitting the dog teams with his snowmobile because he was drunk at the time. >> "q": all right. well, if you are a math fan, today's a pretty magical day. >> yes. reason is because it's pi day. nothing to do with food. math mathemeticians will be celebrating the number that's a ratio of a circle's sir crum forensic to its diameter. commonly proximated as 3.14 or today's date, 3/14. march 14. hence we why have a dress on that looks identical. >> "q": just about identical. >> samantha: do you remember a couple of months ago when there was all this -- not -- >> buzz. >> samantha: yeah, the internet went crazy about the weather dress. all the meteorologists were
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it ia and i both thought we would wear it today in support of women in science. >> tia: that's right. >> samantha: and it is pi day. die answer and math. that's why we have the same dress. shout out to all my ladies in math and and science. we don't have nearly enough of us. we are a little outnumbered. so if you are looking for a major going into college, it's a good one. any of the sciences. speaking of science, let's go outside right now. it's 64. it feels like april outside. a little on the breezy side, too. that southwest wind really helping us out. and we have had a little bit of sunshine. that's also helping us out. now, not everybody's in the 60s out toward warren, ashtabula, we have been cooler all day. 62 in wooster. elyria, 63. and good afternoon to you in akron. we are at about 64. it feels so nice outside.
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got a little bit of sun peeking out from time to time. no rain just yet. but it will be moving in later this afternoon. much later. and then into tonight. i think we get into the mid and maybe even a few upper 60s. but those will probably be few and far between. filtered sun and a stray shower or even a pop-up thunderstorm can't be ruled out through the afternoon. but any coverage will be very, very spotty. i want to take you through futureview. we have gone from 1:00 to 4:00. you can see not much happening on the model. most of us should be a-ok. any rain very isolated but closer to the evening commute and sunset time frame, that's when the chance starts to climb. only isolated showers at first. but look what's coming in from the south and west. showers and maybe even a few rumbles of thunder becoming more numerous through the night. we aren't anticipating any severe weather but rain may be heavy at times. again, you may hear a rumble of thunder.
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the winds may gust, be a little gusty, 30 miles an hour or so. again, we aren't anticipating severe weather. but, certainly some spring-like weather for this time of the year. spring is on sunday. it's coming. even into tomorrow morning, we could see a lingering shower. but most of this will be out of here by the morning commute and tomorrow morning's rain should be pretty light. speaking of tomorrow, big day, right? the ohio primary is tomorrow. lingering showers very early in the morning. don't let that stop you from heading to the polls, though. be very light rain. and then we will dry out through the day. we are back in the 60s tomorrow, but that's our last day in the 60s. well, for a long time. it's going to get cooler here starting on wednesday. 58 with rain wednesday morning. then on thursday, st. patrick's day, a chance for scattered showers. i love this little guy. i like putting him on there every single march. he makes an appearance on my seven-day forecast doing his little leprechan dance.
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rain but this weekend rain returns and guys you will notice i have flowers on there for sunday. sunday is the first day of spring. it begins just after midnight. but, you will notice rain is likely on sunday and, i haven't talked a lot about this today because i don't want to put anybody in a bad mood but maybe a little snow mixing in late sunday. >> "q": oh, boo. >> samantha: first day of spring.
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>> "q": well thanks for joining us. next. >> tia: join us for cleveland 19 news at 4:00. thanks for watching. on tuesday, march 15th, ohio voters will get to cast their ballots in our first winner-take-all presidential primary. last year, the legislature voted to move our primary back a week and give all the delegates to the winner instead of parsing them out proportionally. that probably did not go unnoticed by governor and presidential contender john kasich. what they should have done, for the good of the country and maybe the governor, is let ohio vote first.
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ohio can save it. in an excellent opinion piece in writer emma roller makes the case. iowa and new hampshire are about 90 percent white. ohio more closely matches the it' s racially diverse and culturally mixed with big cities, small towns and rural areas. we' re a swing state that has a balance of republicans and democrats and it doesn' t cost too much to campaign here. media costs are reasonable, giving under-funded candidates a fair shot. but it probably won' t happen. the parties have put penalties in place for states that move their primaries up, cutting their delegates, and our own secretary of state is on the record against it. still, it would have been nice to have had the chance to vote for a wider range of candidates if we wanted to. instead, we' ll just have to take what' s left after about 30 other states have had their say.
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better for both parties, and the country. i' m dominic mancuso and that' s how we see it. we encourage your response to this editorial. e-mail your response to
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from the crash. we need jobs that provide new penalties to stop companies from moving profits for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i


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