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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live from cleveland's news center, this is "cleveland 19 news" brought to you by spanky's carpet and flooring outlet. "cleveland 19 news" starts now. >> tia: it's safe to say the entire country is waiting. today ohio voters go to the primary polls and make their decision in what has become tight races on both sides of the aisle. >> brian: polls open in a half hour at 6:30. we have a live report of what to expect before you head to your polling location. >> tia: some parts of ohio are cleaning up this morning from a very severe weather storm that swept across the buckeye state. this video comes from the dayton
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touched down. >> brian: good morning, everybody. today is the ides of march. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. the good news no one was hurt from that tornado we showed you and better news for ohio voters. weather shouldn't keep you from casting your vote today. sam roberts is here. the only thing we're contending with at this point, a little fog out there if someone is heading to the polls early. polls open at 6:30, and there's still lingering fog. >> samantha: there will be some fog through at least 9:00. if you're voting very early this morning, you will be driving through the fog. don't let that stop you. about 9:00. of course, that rain from overnight, that's gone. it was loud and windy. the thunder, the rain. so that's all gone. now, there are a few little spits of light rain or drizzle around, but the big story is the fog.
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medina counties under a dense morning. that just means that in these areas through about 9:00, visibility may be down as low as less than a quarter-mile. so please take it slow out there. this is 480 in the background. it's very foggy out there. cleveland. you travel south, akron/canton well into the 50s. mansfield is at 50 and sandusky, good morning to you. we're also in the upper 40s. here's the fog. again, you notice the visibility starts to lower as you go farther north. elyria, cleveland, a mill and a quarter there, and then things improve as you get into akron where we are reporting 10-mile visibility right now. that's great. of course, that could change from time to time throughout the morning, and that's only in one spot. so this fog is very localized, and you'll drive through it and get out of it. you may drive right back into it. take your time this morning. time is 6:02.
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with john loufman in for laura all week long. >> john: all week long, yeah. not exactly by popular demand. 71 -- >> brian: oh, come on! >> john: laura is traffic. i will keep you up-to-date on everything going on traffic-wise. you see the fog out there, and it is thick in some places as sam pointed out. she's also noted rightly that low beams are the things to use when you get into a foggy situation. this is 71 and west 117th street. let's get to the fire. don't know the severity of this one. it is a car fire at andora and lambson roads and 20 is euclid avenue and center ridge west of town. we're up to speed along the shoreway nearby, and a quick look at the folks trying to get into town from 77 and out. 480 westbound, plenty of fog out there. otherwise, no accidents. tia, brian.
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here in ohio. our voters along with voters in four other states head to the polls for what some call super tuesday 2.0. >> brian: we begin the live team coverage, 2016 team coverage with cleveland 19 reporter nichole vrsansky. a lot of people today are voting for the very first time. >> nichole: that's right, brian. a judge cleared the way for 17-year-olds registered to vote and will be 18 before the november election to come out and vote today at polling places like this. we're at the fairfax rec center in cleveland. the polling judges are just getting everything ready, getting the equipment set up and paperwork in place. we watched them take their oath of duty, sworn in to be an election judge at this polling place today. people will be arriving and voters arrive around 6:30, and they are expecting a large crowd. they expect the biggest crowds to come in after about 8:00 today. more than 417,000 people have
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that's according to the secretary of state. that's more than what they saw in 2012 but less than 2008. the election director here in cuyahoga county expects the turnout to be relatively normal, about 41%. on your ballots you vote in two areas for president, delegates at-large and district delegates. >> i'm projecting a 41% voter turnout here, and that includes both in-house voting, absent jie voting and election day voting. it's similar to previous elections. it's going to be right in line with the november 2015 election, and maybe slightly less than the 2012 and 2008 presidential primary. >> nichole: he said he was surprised that he didn't see an uptick so far, but he says you never know what happens at the polls on voting day. and that's a lot of what these election judges have been saying. some have done it for 20 years.
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turnout today. they said donald trump as a candidate could push more people to the polls, but they say, you know, you never know. from what we've seen, one year you expect a huge turnout and you don't see it. the next year you might not expect as much and see it. polls open in a half hour and close tonight at 7:30. live in cleveland. back to you in the studio. >> brian: thank you. this primary isn't all about the oval office. there are plenty of important local issues on the ballot as well including issue 23 in cleveland. this is a health and human services tax renewal. in akron voters will decide on issue 1, which is a proposed ordinance on gas aggregation in the city. we have a link to both of these for you to read up on awful of these issues on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: this morning we have new poll numbers from the quinnipiac poll on the
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in ohio bernie sanders cut hadded's lead in half from yesterday morning. in the poll clinton's lead was 9 points. today clinton is in the lead just by 5 points, 51-46. sanders' progress is even more significant if you look back at a poll from earlier in the month, which showed him down 30 points to clinton. >> brian: in the same poll republican voters are still teetering now between governor john kasich and donald trump. both poll at 38%, while ted cruz and marco rubio are slipping further and further behind in ohio. >> tia: ohio is a winner-take-all state for the presidential primary, so today voters will decide which candidate will get the 66 total ohio delegates. >> brian: that's huge, especially with as tight as the race is, right? it's no secret it's a must-win for john kasich's campaign. he's making a last-minute push at a rally at baldwin wallace university this morning. that's where q. mccray is. q., everyone is watching this
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>> q.: that's right. everybody will be watching this race today, and the good news right now for our governor, john kasich, is that the race is too close to call according to the latest surveys and polls. as you mentioned brian, governor john kasich will be here on the walled win wallace university campus today as the votes are tabulated and come in late into the night. according to political experts like roger beckett, who is a political analyst from ashley university, he expects kasich to drop out if he does not win today, and if donald trump can pull it off, he can -- we can expect to see donald trump here in cleveland come july. >> for mr. trump, if he wins in ohio, he's going to end up carrying the table through the convention. it's likely that he'll go into the convention with maybe not all the delegates that he needs, but he'll go into that convention and probably come out the nominee.
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for secretary clinton. this is a very hard race. she has had to spend a lot more time in ohio than she expected after her loss in michigan. so it's a real horse race on the democratic side as well. >> q.: now, according to the experts, they say we can expect a high voter turnout today. if that's the case, that bodes better for donald trump than it does for john kasich, and that's because usually trump attracts more than just the traditional republican loyalist. reporting live from baldwin wallace university, i'm q. mccray. >> tia: "cleveland 19 news" is your election headquarters, and on election day a full night of live results and analysis beginning with a mobile cast at 7:30 followed by expanded coverage on cle43 and cleveland 19. >> brian: 6:09 on your tuesday morning. it ends up -- this is good news for me. those march madness brackets
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>> tia: i don't believe it. how about that thunderstorm that came through last night? that system is moving out of the sam. great video. who shot that. i'm willing to bet that person is probably sawing logs right now since that video is from last night. yeah, got very rainy, and it also got very warm yesterday. 70 was yourmy my in cleveland. yesterday. it won't be quite that warm today, though. i'll have your forecast when we come back. >> brian: all right. coming up next, the latest from chicago where three police
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>> tia: some breaking news overnight in chicago. three offer icers were shot and an officer was killed. authorities say the shooting investigation. the husband of sarah palin is in intensive care this morning. todd palin was in a snowmobile accident in alaska. sarah palin was campaigning with donald trump is canceling up coming trump rallies to return home. >> brian: look at the view from cleveland hopkins airport. around 7:30 last night this massive storm system caught people off guard. it went from calm to thunder and pouring rain in a matter of minutes. sam called this whole thing. this is video from downtown last night. everybody in our area was hit by some part of this front. yeah, you told us yesterday morning we were going to get
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off guard. >> she's so happy that you're saying basically that she's so smart. >> samantha: i just heard, caught off guard, and i said, wait a minute. >> tia: if i told you, you're not caught off guard. >> samantha: we knew there would be rain and thunder. i'm just kidding. i'm not kidding about that. we said there would be thunderstorms last night. >> you did tell us. today is the ides of march. no matter the weather, it will be a better day than it was for julius cesar some 2,000 years ago. >> samantha: yes. we are looking at fog this morning, though. last three hours all that rain from last night has moved out, a lot of cloud cover out there, maybe some light, patchy drizzle but just the fog is our biggest issue. visibility is down to about half a mile in elyria, mile and a quarter there in cleveland. looking down towards worcester, we're also at a mile and a quarter. mansfield is half a mile.
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west, you get out of it a little bit. dover, five miles and ten miles in ashtabula. no problems there. just off to the east of sandusky we're also tracking areas of fog. so please watch for the little ones at the bus stop. you know, it's tough to see sometimes. you get in dense pockets of fog, so we want to watch for kids who may be out at the bus stop. as you get the kids ready to head off to school, 49 at 7:00 in the morning, 55 at lunchtime, and i think we're good to go for recess today, although it will be a little cooler than yesterday. upper 50s for your highs. a few low 60s out there as well, and a few peeks of sun. not a windy day. pretty quiet stuff by mid to late morning, and then tonight we may see additional fog pop up. i don't think it will quite as widespread as what we have around this morning. for tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies. any plans you have for the evening will be rain-free until
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that's when rain and thunder return to the forecast. that rain may hang around through early tomorrow morning. so morning commute tomorrow may be a little wet from time to time. there may be thunder around, but throughout the day we will see clearing and breezy. highs tomorrow in the low and maybe a few mid-60s, but then we cool it off for st. patrick's day. here's the forecast for thursday. scattered showers. i hope you have your green poncho, because you may very well need that on thursday. i need to buy something green. you may know that weather people stand in front of a big green wall, so we're not allowed to wear green or you can see through us. so john, we got to get some green. >> john: i guess. should we show folks what that's all about. take a look. here we go. >> yes, do it. >> tia: now you see him and now don't. >> john: nothing there but headlights, because this sheet is green.
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it's st. patrick's day green. all right. at east 105th, there you see the fog that sam is talking about. haven't had any problems out there except for this vehicle fire, which we still have no details on. at least it's off the road generally. an dora and lamson roads. no information has come in yet. we keep you apprised as we go. things moving along smoothly into and out of town. here's a look at the lens covered with some raindrops at 77 inbound. let's get by there. traffic is moving along fine there, and you can see up to speed just about everywhere across the region. per hour but that's no surprise off 71 and onto the jennings. it usually does get slow.
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picture and chromakey. >> tia: an eexam showed she had an rare eye disease. it's a waiting game to see if a surgery at cleveland clinic will ail lowell him to live a normal life. julius chapman is four years old going on 44. >> i'm just a little comedian. >> tia: that smiled turned upside-down when we talked about last month, a three-hour surgical procedure that left behind a big scar right down his tiny chest. >> it hurts when i touch it like really hard. >> tia: it started with a routine visit to the eye doctor. >> he was around 2 years old and at the did a routine eye exam. the nurse there says i think something is wrong. his vision is off. he looked at his vision and checked him out and dilated his pill pips and everything.
6:20 am
was diagnosed with ocular mya th hinogravis. the disease made his left eyelid droop low. >> i couldn't see anything. i was just blind. >> tia: hard to see now because medication rel lates some of the symptoms. >> i think you're pretty smart. >> yeah, but not that much. just a little bit. >> dr. neil friedman is his neurologist. >> for the past year and a half he was on steroids, and despite the steroids his disease was progressing and the eyelids were drooping more. the option was to use steroid sparing therapies. these are drugs like chemotherapy drugs. >> they opted to go with surgery instead. a cardiologist performed it because the thymus gland that had been to be removed is very close to the heart. >> he has to be on medication for a period to see if the removal of the gland actually worked, because what happens is once they remove the gland, they have to wait a period to see if it goes into remission.
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and even though the future is uncertain for this 4-year-old, he's looking forward to when he grows up. >> i'm going to be a surgeon. >> tia: and i believe he's going to make it happen. that's one smart 4-year-old. here are the odds of this disease impacting your child. about 10 in 1 million people are diagnosed each year, and just 10% of those diagnosed with the condition are children. so a little fighter there. >> brian: a tad precocious he was, so cute. >> tia: yes. i love that little boy. time is 6:21. more ohio primary election coverage today. we have live team coverage again beginning at 6:30 when everybody -- let's hope everybody. this is a warning. you need to head to those polls. >> brian: you better listen. all right. next, if you use dating apps, a
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>> tia: 6:24 on your tuesday morning. it's super tuesday. in case you don't know, maybe you're hiding under a rock. it's super tuesday right here in ohio. here's a live look at one of the polling places here in cleveland. we're less than 10 minutes away, really five minutes away at this point from the doors opening there for voters. nichole vrsansky is there, and she will bring us a live report when the polls open for the ohio primary. the bottom line is, don't complain if you don't go vote. so make sure that you get out of that bed this morning, whatever you're doing, and make sure you go vote. the dating app tinder is back up and running. for a few hours it deleted user matches. there was a glitch in the system that did not allow users to log in and didn't connect matches right away for people swiping right, okay?
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and also restored all of those wonderful matches. >> glad tinder is fixed. if you around in an office poll for march madness, odds are you will join one. companies reportedly lose $1.9 billion in productivity because of the ncaa tournament. that's hard to believe, isn't it? here's something to tell your boss today. a new study says employees should participate in the march madness pools? why? allows employees to play and match will boost the more ale and in the end helps them be more productive. >> tia: you shouldn't be doing that at work anyway. >> brian: you shouldn't be watching games on thursday or friday. >> tia: or checking your brackets and all that stuff. we're in the television business. we all have tvs at our desk. i'll put the game on. actually, i go home before the game. >> tia: you're at home watching, move all these tvs. i'm just playing.
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breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for
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>> brian: polls are open across the buckeye state for the primary election. we have live team election coverage in a few minutes. >> tia: first, how about that storm last night? oh, baby, did it roll through. it was the end of the same system that produced this tornado in western ohio, but
6:31 am
weather story. >> brian: we start with our meteorologist sam roberts. are you guys okay? i saw all kinds of activity and people throwing your shoes off. >> tia: you're on this box. >> brian: i'm too tall. the problem is i'm 7'3", so it's difficult for you guys. >> samantha: in real life. >> tia: the embellishment is unreal on this morning show. >> brian: all right, 7'1". >> samantha: the rain last night was awful. >> tia: you could really hear it. >> samantha: now we're stuck with fog this morning. time is 6:31. as i slide my shoes back on, because if i had shoes on and i was standing on a box, then i was taller than tia but still not as tall as brian. he's 7'3" according to brian. >> tia: yeah, right. >> samantha: anyway, the magic of television this morning at 6:31. last night's rain is gone.
6:32 am
but you will likely run into some fog, and that may be an issue through about 9:00 in the morning especially in cuyahoga, medina, and lorain counties. today will be cooler than yesterday. we made it to 70 in cleveland. none of that today, but still above average as we head for the upper 50s and then rain moves in again for tonight. no rain out there right now. again, it's just the fog. we've been talking about this all morning long. a mile and a half for your visibility in elyria. a mile and a quarter in cleveland. akron not doing too bad. six miles you and you get foggier around canton and worcester and mansfield where visibility is as low as half a mile. please use your low beam headlights this morning, not your high beams, because that just reflects those lights back into your face. then it's very difficult to see. so please be careful and watch for the little babies at the bus stop this morning, and the kids
6:33 am
accidents. right, john? >> john: you're right, sam. the clicker seems to have -- oh, there it is. all right. thanks for -- darn it. if i were 7'3" i would seen it from on high. but i didn't. 90, 490, 71, this is one of the few spots that doesn't have fog. the car fire i told you about was cleaned up and taken care of. no problem except a car destroyed. another picture is a little more foggy, and as you can see, once we go to the computer here, there it is. we're talking 480 traffic headed to the valley view bridge, and folks headed east on 480 in and out on 77 still looking just fine. things are moving slowly because of that fog advisory about which sam told you. take a look at 17 miles per hour as you come off 71. if you come onto the jennings, you know this time of day, almost any time of day you go a
6:34 am
start to pick up as you head into town. otherwise, no problems out there, no accidents, and rta is running on time. we'll turn it back to the desk. the 7'3" brian and tia. >> tia: have you heard the saying, don't talk about it. be about it? mean just do it. that's what you need to do today in terms of voting. the time for talk is over. the ohio primary is finally here. minutes ago we showed you the polls opening up for the ohio primary. >> brian: ohio is one of five states holding a primary today. florida may be the biggest prize of the day, ohio is a pretty big get now. nichole vrsansky joins us live at the fairfax rec in cleveland. we expect voter turnout to be pretty high today. >> nichole: yeah, some are expecting it to be high. i can tell you right at 6:30 when the polls opened there was a line ten deep here. those people already in and voting in today's presidential primary.
6:35 am
she is moved on to another location. the election rover says everything is working fine here. secretary of state jon husted is predicting excitement over the presidential race will lead to robust if not record turnout today. the issue that could be a factor, the number of 17-year-olds voting because those 17-year-old registered to vote and will be 18 before that november 8th election are able to vote today. that, we're told, will probably influence the bernie sanders/hillary clinton vote. bernie sanders attracts the younger vote, so that's an issue we look forward to seeing how it develops tote. in cuyahoga county here pat mcdonald expects the turnout to rival past primaries. nothing too higher than normal, more higher than normal. >> i'm projecting a 41% voter turnout here, and that includes both in-house voting, absentee
6:36 am
so it will be similar to previous elections, and it's going to be right in line with the november 2015 election and maybe slightly less than the 2012 and 2008 presidential primary. >> nichole: the election judges say you never know. you can never predict what voter turnout will be in elections. you think it's high one year, and ints the case. you think it might be low and it's higher than expected. they think voter turnout is high today. they think donald trump is the man to lure those voters out. polls close today at 7:30. of course, keep it tuned to cleveland 19 for the latest election results. live in cleveland at the fairfax rec center, back to you in the studio. >> tia: thanks, nichole. there's much more than just presidential candidates on the ballot today. the biggest primary volt is for cuyahoga county prosecutor. o'malley is challenges mcginty for his seat.
6:37 am
so whoever wins the primary is going to be the cuyahoga county prosecutor. the democratic ticket for u.s. senator is also on today's ballot. this race is down to former ohio governor ted strickland and current cincinnati councilman p.j. sittenfield. both are democrats and are aiming to take senator portman's seat in the november election. >> brian: other issues include all 16 congressional representatives, state senators in even-numbered districts and state reps in all 99 districts. if you want to look over the candidates and local issues, this is a good idea now. head to the home page and click on the election tab. we have links to everything you could possibly want to know to prepare for your visit to vote at the polls. >> tia: if the most recent surveys are any indication, today's presidential election might come down to the final votes tallied right here in the
6:38 am
>> brian: q. mccray joins us now. political analysts are saying donald trump and hillary clinton better be on upset alert in ohio today. >> q.: that's right. we have to wait and see what happens, but right now things are up for grabs here in the buckeye state. it's just too close to call. according to the latest survey just released taken of likely republican voters, billionaire donald trump and governor john kasich are in a virtual tie right now in ohio. according to experts like roger beckett of ashland university, he expects ohio's primary to be very entertaining as the votes are tabulated tonight. he said if the recent survey is any indication, both the democratic and republican presidential races should be very tight. >> the polls suggest that governor kasich has had some momentum behind him.
6:39 am
so it looks likely that governor kasich is going to win. on the democratic side, the momentum has been on mr. sanders' side, on senator sanders' side. he's been down in the polls in ohio, but he's been picking up. given the success he had in michigan, i think it's going to be a real toss-up. >> q.: now, analysts also say this should be a higher voter turnout than usual today. if that's the case, that should bode well for sanders and for donald trump. this morning we're live from baldwin wallace university, the campus where governor john kasich is expected to spend the day and also watch as the votes come in and are tabulated throughout the day. we'll let you know what happens. for now reporting live, i'm q. mccray, cleveland 19. >> tia: stay with "cleveland 19 news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have updated results
6:40 am
we have a full night of results and analysis beginning the mobile cast at 7:30 followed by expanded coverage on cle43 and cleveland 19. >> brian: coming off a four-game road trip, the cavs have a much hide needed day off today. they was in utah last night, salt lake city as the jazz put an end to the west coast winning streak. the cavs lost by 9. an alley-oop from jr to lbj. >> here's submit and the lob to jake. lebron! that was a tough one. >> brian: add that to the hall of fame highlight reel. lebron had 23 but wasn't a good shooting night for the wine and gold. kyrie through upper nine tleet pointers and not a good night for kevin love, only 12. cavs. they're back home tomorrow night playing the mavericks. you see this a lot at the end of a west coast trip. the team wants to get home and
6:41 am
girlfriends and their wives. well, not both their girlfriends and wives. >> tia: we hope not, right? >> brian: i'm just kidding. >> tia: time is 6:41. i need a break. >> brian: you like that shot? it was just a joke. >> john: it was funny. >> brian: goofing around. >> tia: after you vote today, treat yourself to some free sweets. of course, we're talking food. i'll tell you where in just a bit. sam, we should clear with this rain by sunrise, right? a little light drizzle out there, and most of that ending through the morning. us. we still have the dense fog advisory in place for lorain, cuyahoga and medina counties, this morning. so please go slow in these areas and really all areas because there is fog in other spots, too. i'll have your forecast for the day ahead and look at the weekend when we come back. >> brian: in about ten minutes
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6:45 am
>> brian: good morning, everyone. live look from the feazel cam. i have no idea where this camera is is because the fog is making it difficult to see anything. >> tia: it's typically terminal tower right there to the left of the screen. >> brian: i have to take your word for it. >> tia: come on. you know i'm telling the truth. >> brian: it's foggy out there. all right. we're moving on now to this day in rock history.
6:46 am
into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. it was billy joel, paul mccartney, bruce all inducted into the hall of fame. you can find more trivia on you can also enter to win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino in northfield. what did you say, sam? >> samantha: remember when he was here? pittsburgh! >> tia: apparently he was lost. treat yourself to free ice cream today. dairy queen is giving away a small vanilla ice-cream cone. normally they're 2 bucks and it's limited to one per customer. it looked like throw-back video at first. they do encourage you to donate, though. >> samantha: it goes to children's miracle network. >> brian: you get a free cone and give whatever you want as a donation. >> tia: whatever you have in
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>> samantha: worthy cause there. look at what we have going on this morning. it's 6:46. a cloudy start, kind of murky outside. we have the fog now. the rain, the steady stuff from last night has moved out, but there is still some drizzle around, little pockets of it from time to time so you may run into some of that on your morning drive. what i'm most concerned about is the fog, especially right now around mansfield, even in cuyahoga, lorain and medina county and where our advisories are in place. go slow. watch for little ones in the bus stop. i upped the impact on the weather in the morning commute so it's a 6 out of 10 from now through 9:00. we deal with the patchy, fog, mist and drizzle and temperatures in the 40s early this morning. we climb up to about 55 at noon and 59 for your high today. akron/canton, i think we get into the low 60s, a little bit of sun peeking out from time to
6:48 am
pretty quiet stuff once we get the fog and mist to lift by mid to late morning. tonight you have plans and the kids have something going on, no need for the umbrella this evening. you're good to go. after 1:00 in the morning rain will move back in. i'm talking like dinner plans, 8:00, 9:00 tonight no rain. after 1:00 in the morning, we're fair game for showers and a few rumbles of thunder. that will be with us through the early morning hours of tomorrow. i don't think we're totally dry around here until about that 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. window tomorrow. so it will be kind of a rainy start, and then a much better afternoon. st. patrick's day, we've been getting a lot of questions. oh, the big parade going on. pwhat can you expect for st. patrick's day? love this little leprechaun. cue that music. oh, that sounds wonderful. we're so excited to be participating in the parade on thursday. 55 on st. patrick's day with
6:49 am
so we'll be closely watching that. friday a chance for scattered showers and a lot cooler, and then the weekend looking like a rainy day on sunday. time now is 6:49. let's get a check of the roads with john. he's in for laura all week, so we get a special treat this week. >> john: golly, shucks. i love the introduction. the quarter will be in your jar. don't worry about it, sam. >> samantha: thank you. >> john: 90 and west boulevard looking pretty good, things moving along here courtesy of odot. we have a new accident. don't know the severity. it looks like a crash, and it's near wade oval and east 108th street. things moving along on the shoreway just fine, though. this is the new one. no details on it yet. it looks like just a single car. we'll find out. inbound traffic is the taillights heading off into the lower right hand corner of the screen. east 30th exit, outbound traffic is the headlights that you see
6:50 am
they're up to 21 miles per hour now as you merge onto the jennings from 71 south and coming up from the south. so that's a little bit better. otherwise no problems except that low visibility in the fog. we'll turn it back to the desk. brian and tia. >> brian: thanks very much. a battle for ohio tonight. the akron zips basketball teams rolls into columbus to play the buckeyes in the first round of the n.i.t. this could be a good one. tip-off tonight is at 7:00. >> tia: this next video might have you thinking twice before eating another big mac. we want people on our facebook stream to hear this, too. a youtube users poured molten copper on top a big mac. the blaze barely damages the burger before the copper slides right off. keep in mind the copper being poured on the burger is over
6:51 am
>> brian: you know, we don't know the parameters of what they did there. i'm not going to sit up here -- >> tia: i'm not either. you don't know what happens behind the scenes. >> brian: was it really as hot as they said it was? i don't know. >> tia: did they do something to the burger? there's a lot of questions. >> brian: i'm not about to rip on mcdonald's here. >> tia: me either. some people have no choice. not everybody has a whole bunch of money to go out and go to ruth chris. i'm just saying. time is 6:51. presidential candidates aren't just trying to reach out to voters at rallies. >> brian: this may come as no shock, but their first impression is shown online coming up only on cle43 at 7:00. we show you how candidates
6:53 am
6:54 am
@ now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tia: all right. this is the buzz this morning. look at this guy. who is that?
6:55 am
>> brian: i think it is. >> tia: oh, my goodness. look at superman and batwoman. we give away tickets to the upcoming "batman versus superman: dawn of justice" movie. click on the enter to win section on our web page. if you go to the top of the page, you see a few tabs up there. on those tabs one says more. once you click it down, you find it to enter to win and there's another location on a facebook page as well. we pick five winners on thursday. your tickets are e-mailed a week from today at cinemart. if you win, wear your best costume to a competition at the screening. >> brian: it looks good. as you head out the door to start your day, here are stories to know before you go. >> if we win ohio, we'll have to take some pictures because you might be taking a picture with
6:56 am
states. >> kasich cannot make america great again. >> i think we're going to win in ohio. >> there's a phone call you can make, if there's a door you can knock on or a person you can convince. >> five states and millions of votes and hundreds of delegates at stake. the candidates are making their final push for yet another super tuesday. >> brian: the nfl is acknowledging a link between football and traumatic brain injuries like cte. the akron zips take on the ohio state buckeyes in the first round of the n.i.t. tournament. >> samantha: waking up to areas of fog out there, guys. visibility has improved a little in cleveland and elyria, but still pretty bad around mansfield. take it slow out there. it looks like it's getting a little worse in akron, so go slow.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, march 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a pivotal primary day. donald trump hopes to knock out his rivals, and hillary clinton tries to expand her lead over bernie sanders. the worst flooding in more than 100 years threatens entire communities in the south. and we're in miami beach with struggles to control the wild spring break parties. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. win. this is the place.


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