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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> dan: first we will go to dani carlson live where a poll worker was arrested. dani? >> that's right, guys. a poll worker was arrested after he brought a gun to the louisa may alcott school serving as a poll location and had an argument with fellow polling workers. i want to get to, we asked the cuyahoga board of elections what type of background checks for polling workers. today they said the process is on the application if you have convicted a felony. 6,000 people are hired for that process for one day. one person was allen bethea, the man who took the gun out at the school. he got in a fight with fellow polling workers and took out a gun and verbally threatened them. he took out a gun and marijuana and fired the polling worker. he had a misdemeanor until
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concealed weapon and having a weapon under a disability. we also did ask the rep from the board of elections here today if he could remember anything similar to this happening in recent memory to a polling worker and he said he could not. live in cleveland, dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> this story had us curious, what qualifications do you have to have to work the polls in cuyahoga county. workers make 172 to $200 for the day. we checked out the poll worker application on the board of elections web site. to get hired you have to be at least 17-years-old and not be a convicted felon. you could run as a candidate in the election you are working. >> in cleveland they are still voting at mary beth uni-school and classes were closed because of vandals. >> smashing windows and spray
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and thieves stole several lcd projectors and they spent the day cleaning up the mess. >> remember there's been confusion about the republican ballot based on the way it was printed up. and the party deciding to do a winner take all type of situation here. in the past this is the way it looked. you would have at-large delegates and vote for one republican candidate there and you have the district delegates. and it is the same list of republican candidates there. what we found interesting because it is going to be winner take all, it will be this at-large section, the top section. whoever wins this for the republicans will win all 66 delegates. earlier, i spoke with secretary of state john houston at almost 3:00. i asked him don't you expect the head republicans in the state who said whoever you vote for up top should vote for down low.
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will come up different and he fully expects that to be a different number and he himself heard of people who voted on the top choice and top category and maybe the second candidate in the second category. again, the republicans in the state said they would only take the winner of the top section, the delegates at large. it will still be interesting to see how numbers differ from top catherine? >> cathrine: we want to clear up confusion for people with absentee ballots. if you didn't get the ballot in today. >> denise zarrella is live with that now, denise? >> reporter: that's a great question. if you didn't get a chance to have the absentee ballot out in the mail, don't worry. you can get the absentee ballot in the mail and it can still be counted or go to the polling a provisional ballot. that's what one veteran we
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>> reporter: in the village of walton hills a large percentage of the population are seniors and they make sure they vote. >> we have a good 10 to 15% voting by absentee. >> i like to vote by mail for convenience. >> reporter: when your ballot doesn't make it to the board of elections it can throw a wrench in the process. that's what happened to santini. his wife mailed in both ballots at once. >> mine didn't get in. bernie sent a card in the mail saying please return your absentee ballots. i called the board of elections and they said my ballot wasn't in. that's about the second of march. >> by the time the second ballot arrived it was too late. >> this ballot they sent it. >> it was supposed to be here on friday past friday. they didn't get here until yesterday's mail.
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elections says you must return your absentee ballot to the board of elections by the day of the election. it is not clear why santini's ballot arrived late. >> it can be prevented i didn't leave the comfort of my home but it was my civic duty to get out here and cast my ballot. >> santini also is a veteran. >> it feels good. every day you get get out of bed and standing on our soil that you are in u.s.a. >> so again, john santini could have taken the absentee ballot down to the board of elections by 7:30 and had it counted and came to the polling location and cast a provisional ballot and the polls are open until 7:30 tonight. if you have the absentee ballot you need to get it to the board of elections by 7:30. >> reporter: denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> thank you.
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in ohio for ohio governor john kasich and today's results could make or break his campaign. >> the most recent monmouth university poll puts governor kasich ahead of donald trump by 5 points. kasich has the support of 40% of likely g.o.p. primary voters in his home state and trump has 35%. governor kasich will be riding out the results in northeast ohio. kind of a surprising move. >> cathrine: sara goldenberg has more from baldwin college. >> reporter: today is the deciding day for governor john ohio. as you said we are here at baldwin wallace where a party is scheduled to kick off in the next few hours. you can see the stage and chairs behind me set and ready to go. if kasich can pull off a win, it
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some of donald trump's momentum. now here on the other hand kasich said if he loses he will drop out of the race. so everything could be over tonight. the latest polls trump and kasich are neck and neck in ohio. i was at a trump rally yesterday in youngstown where trump personally attacked kasich calling him an absentee governor saying he is traveling all over the country and not here in ohio and kasich has taken the high road trying to run a positive campaign. at home he's had endorsements from former house speaker john bainer to ohio football coach urban meyers. 66 delegates on the g.o.p. side up for grabs tonight. 7:30 polls closed. we will start at 8:00 watching results come in live at baldwin wallace.
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cleveland sara goldenberg, cleveland 19. >> dan: we were curious and checked, donald trump will spend his evening in palm beach, florida. the billionaire has a press conference scheduled for 9 p.m. at the ritzy club coming up. we will tell you about a police investigation for trump inciting violence. >> things cleared up for election night and stormy meeting and heavy rains, thunder, lightning and strong winds. let's check in chief meteorologist jeff tanchak will decide what's on tap tonight. >> we could dole with more storms in the morning tomorrow. we are watching this area. let me show you the radar. this is where we are expecting the severe weather western chicago and illinois here in the southeast part of iowa. we will get leftovers from this. clearly we are in a spring pattern and warmer to the west
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here but late tonight after 2:00 a.m. after polls closed. commute. mild on st. patrick's day and tomorrow. 48 cleveland, 47 ashtabula and north wind off the lake 55 and akron-canton mansfield and dover new philly near 60. more on the morning commute and what's ahead, a downward trend. dan, over to you. >> thank you, jeff. an announcement from the vatican. mother theresa will be elevated to sainthood. pope francis revealed mother theresa will be canyonized on the 4th. a committee reported a second reported miracle attributed to the late nun. mother theresa died in 1987 known for her work with the poor in india. >> march is special for many including national eye donor
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it is time to look at that in cleveland. ever sight ohio is a bigger operation than many of us know. >> we have a couple of corneas that came in last night. >> for most of us that's a little uncomfortable to hear. >> we will take this image of the cornea. >> for the mission to pass on the gift of sight, it is precious. >> you know you are making a difference. >> kayla jones, the senior tech examines donated corn gnaws surgeons need for physicians and the grafts. >> there's stuff you learn every day. >> it is her job to bring it in and is a technician and knows what she does matters. >> i am a facilitator in the whole process and that's the reason i love what i do. >> run out of the commercial complex east side ohio is a busy place.
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director likes it. >> there's an ever-growing need. >> reporter: with that debbie johnson is grateful. they are at a point where there's no waste list for cornea transplants. >> the window to the world lets the light in. >> there's no blood tissue or eye color needed just healthy cells. the transplant is as easy as outpatient procedure and can restore sight almost overnight. problem is issues with the cornea account for 5% of those who are blind which makes research. >> you can see the cells. >> reporter: the other priority here. >> we are here to prevent blindness and cure blindness through research and through our partnerships we have. >> for that, the facility leading the way and making eye donation directly change the lives of more people.
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proud to call itself a global operation restoring sight around the world and sponsor and co-host that. more on that on our web site on >> reporter: coming up, new details on the knife found buried at o.j. simpson's former estate what testing revealed. and camera in oak park, see what happens when a train
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is
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>> dan: welcome. we have an update today on the body found in summit lake. >> the akron fire department received a call monday afternoon reporting a body floating in the water. a dive team recovered the male not yet identified. the summit medical examiner's office will determine the exact cause of death. an arsonist busy on cleveland's east side. someone set two vehicles afire on two streets. lampson and four other vehicles where they had windows broken and some sort of accelerant on the dashboard. they hope they will catch whoever did this. a roadblock for investigators looking into the knife reported found buried at o.j. since's
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>> something a cop kept hidden for years and cops say no traceable dna is found on the knife. simpson was found guilty in the murders of nicole brown simpson and friend ron goldmanman. both were stabbed to death. the murder weapon was not found. police have not connected the knife to the murders and police say forensic testing on the knife has not yet been completed, though. >> it was the hit scene around the world. a protestor sucker-punching a donald trump rally in north carolina last week. we learned the cumberland sheriff's office was not consider charging the republican candidate for inciting a riot. reviewing evidence from the rally they dropped the investigation into mr. trump. the man who hit the protestor has been charged. two former officials linked to the flint water crisis were on capitol hill. adrianna diaz reports from
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>> former e.p.a. official defended actions in response to the flint water crisis. >> i did not sit on the sidelines. i did not downplay any concerns raised by e.p.a. scientists. >> headman stepped down of the regional office in february as the lead crisis crew. federal law prevented the e.p.a. from acting more aggressively. >> did anybody at the eppa do anything wrong? >> i don't think anybody at e.p.a. did anything wrong but i believe we could have done more. >> flint started using water as a cost-cutting measure and water wasn't properly treated allowing lead to leach from pipes and allowing them to test positive for lead levels. >> this is not a water ship issue or lead issue. >> the emergency manager testified before the committee. he pointed fingers at the e.p.a.
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responsible for treating the water. >> we were grossly mislead by the experts at e.p.a. >> and el one of several emergency managers and schneider set to testify before congress later this week. adrianna diaz. >> many blame the governor for the crisis and still calling for his res layings. >> cathrine: caught on camera in brook park, a wildly close call for a driver stuck on train tracks. officer harold duncan saw them stuck at the crossings as the gates went down and had the driver jump out. >> and seconds later it slammed into the minivan. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> and get out of the van. run. that's something.
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>> it stopped the second time around. >> and we are chilly here. i will show you how close this warmer weather is to us right now. this is sparking severe weather west of us. we are at 48 in cleveland. >> and cloud cover off the lake. >> 60s in indiana and 80 evansville, indiana and that's how close the warmer weather is. it's where the warm is meeting the cold, or cooler and severe weather and the front crossing tomorrow morning. no severe weather here and this is a tornado watch and where we are expecting the potential of tornadoes in western illinois and hasn't formed yet. the big storms. we will monitor that situation and get the leftover stuff late tonight and tomorrow morning and
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will not break. >> and fog on the lakeshore and futureview dry until 11:00 and showers forming and mainly towards morning and futureview is not going nuts with this. showers and thunder and more than what the model was indicating. we only dropped down to 52 temperature and akron-canton storms late and 47 your low and we warm in the mid-50s by 8:00 a.m. we will get into the warmer air. tomorrow will be warmer than today and make it above 60s. wind gusts over 30. get used to that and i think it will be windy and st. patrick's day. heads up, an alert tomorrow morning for the rain and storms around during the morning commute.
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heavier showers and storms set up. wind gusts over 30. here is 9:00 a.m., bulk of the action in east cleveland and a bit of a break and seeing sunshine and windy after 2:00 seeing isolated showers and storms there. the best threat of rain will be in the morning. 63 the high. south to southwest winds gusting over 30. on st. patrick's day, 53 the expected high. windy and just isolated showers around and it gets even colder friday with a few morning showers and windy and only 39. weekend looks mainly dry in the cleveland area. 39 saturday. 28 the low saturday night and chilly sunday 41. wouldn't you know it, on monday could have some snow showers flying around there. more on the hour-by-hour breakdown in the next half hour. >> it came to me one day. i said i would get a trump
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>> oh boy, one man throwing
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well, it isly have tuesday as if you needed to be reminded. round 3. voters in five states including ohio are casting ballots in presidential primaries right now. here is a look at voters lined up in north olmsted earlier had afternoon waiting to choose who they would like to see run for the white house. one trumbull county man is making it pretty clear which presidential candidate he will pick. >> and check this out. he shelled out $500 get trump's
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i seen on the morning shows people were getting tattoos on the east coast and i liked the idea. >> wow. he went to trump's rally in youngstown and got a chance to show off his permanent commitment to it. >> not who i am and not supporting it. >> what happens if that guy doesn't win. >> what happens if he changes his mind all together. >> we were laughing. he had a chipped tooth. >> not sure if the tattoo artist was having fun there. >> a mole in the guy's skin and changes the look of trump's skin. campaign 2016 coming up next we will go live to ryan nobles
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>> cathrine: well tonight of course could be a pivotal moment for several candidates in the race for president as four other states cast their ballots. >> dan: ryan nobles is live with a breakdown of what to expect tonight. ryan. >> dan, we have been talking about this for so long. finally ohioans get a chance to weigh in on race for president. by all accounts this is a unique day and first time in 2016 we have two candidates who's names are on the ballots in the home states. of course your governor john kasich and marco rubio in florida and stakes for both men are incredibly high. it could mean a win that road. >> reporter: for marco rubio and
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a special one. it is special because both men get a chance to cast a ballot for themselves in their home states. along with that honor comes the pressure to win. >> feel great. we will win. >> the urgency could be seen and heard in rubio's final rally, a homecoming event in west miami and the sound system malfunctioned and a candidate was forced to give his speech in the back of a pick up yelling into a bull horn. >> i will never be able to express enough gratitude for the support this community has given me. >> reporter: polls show a win for rubio would be a major upset and john kasich is within striking distance and a win would inject new life into his campaign. if he pulls it off, donald trump is expected to proclaim victory in most of the states tuesday and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are talking about the g.o.p. frontrunner more and more on the campaign trail.
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tomorrow that can send a strong message that love trumps hate. >> reporter: clinton is poised to win the most states tuesday and sanders could keep the overall vote and pledge the delegate count across the board meaning it will be difficult for the former secretary of state to lock up the nomination soon. >> reporter: a pivotal moment and for millions cast ballots a powerful voice and latest stage in the race for president. >> a lot of that power in ohio today and let's not forget about ted cruz. he may not win a state tonight but the three states will award delegates proportionally on the delegate side f. he keeps it close with the delegate count with donald trump means he will be the closest competitor and it moves on after tonight.
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endorsed donald trump and recently had interesting things to say about the candidate. can you tell us about that, ryan? >> reporter: interesting is a good way to describe it. not what you expect from someone who wholeheartedly courses someone for president and didn't want to endorse donald trump and felt he had to and trump offered him a position in his administration and didn't specify what that was and subsequently, even if donald trump were to mess things up it would be four years and not something to concern ourselves all that much. bernie sanders has been somebody difficult to predict from the start of this campaign. after seeing him stand there with donald trump and endorse him, you expect him to be more passionate about support going forward. >> what would shock you seeing trump win iowa and florida or kasich winning ohio and rubio
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what would shock you more there. >> i think the biggest shock would be marco rubio winning florida especially being here a week and he lost a lot of momentum and from the tone of his voice and being reflective about his race for president. it seems it is probably a lost cause at this point. i would not be shocked if john kasich wins ohio and i believe the momentum is on his side and particularly, you see the race with polls showing him ahead or behind by a couple of points. if he doesn't have the best ground game in ohio he is doing something wrong being elected governor there. if you rank them in order of shock marco rubio win in florida would shock me the most and donald trump winning ohio and florida shocking me second most and john kasich losing in ohio. that would shock me the least. i think i said this right. >> i like the analysis.
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we will talk to you again tomorrow. >> aside from the presidential primaries, a big race we are watching at home today. the cuyahoga county prosecutor's race. tim mcginty is challenged and they have been in the spotlight for the controversial tamir rice and michael brelo cases. >> if you live in fair view park you get a chance to to whether or not to renew a five year fire levy. they will continue to staff the fire station 24 hours a day with 6 firefighter/paramedics. >> cathrine: elyria, we have done recent stories about the bad shape of city vehicles and police cruisers breaking down during the race. the five year, 1 1/2% income tax increase to help fix issues like this cleveland 19 news with
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full night of results beginning with the mobile cast at 7:30. don't forget we have the only 9:00 news in town and tune in at 9:00 and 10:00 on cle as results pour in and join us for extended coverage tonight at 11:00. >> dan: a top isis commander is dead following an airstrike in syria. the obama administration confirmed omar sha shawn ebert known as omar the chechen was killed in airstrikes earlier this month. omar was on the administration's most wanted militant list with a $5 million reward on his head. russia began withdrawing most forces from syria today. vladimir putin made the surprise announcement monday. the decision came during a partial cease-fire curbing the violence in syria in recent weeks in addition to keeping some troops on the ground. and naval facility incy.
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travel and trade restrictions in cuba. it will be easier for americans to travel to cuba for educational purposes and easier for american banks to offer more services in cuba and six businesses to operate more freely there. >> reporter: cleveland 19 news traffic is sponsored by ford. >> maybe headed to the polls or day of work. 77 coming out of downtown. looks pretty good. we checked with odot. no real problems in the area. no excuse not to get out to the polls until they open at 7:30. many automakers believe in the near future cars will be able to drive themselves. there are hurdles to clear before the cars are ready for the road. today lawmakers took a look at the issues. craig boswell reports from washington. >> it is a glimpse of the road ahead. automakers brought several cars
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congress could go for a ride. cameras and radar allow vehicles to steer, brake and accelerate on their own. >> it is remarkable how far they have come with this. the senator knows the future is cars that can completely drive on their own. his committee held a hearing what roadblocks need to be cleared to get them cleared they are working with techology along with google testing the cars for years. >> it is estimated 38,000 people killed and 94% of accidents are human error self-driving cars can help change that. >> many states have yet to allow self-driving cars on road and technology has not been perfected. a google lexus s.u.v. outfitted for self-driving accidentally hit a city bus last month in california. >> really not ready for widespread deployment. >> mary believes the autonomous cars are not ready yet.
5:39 pm
traffic officer and difficult performing in bad weather. >> if you have a case of sudden downpour, misty rain or snow then you worry about how the cars will reason. >> they want a federal testing program and automakers are working with the government to get self-driving cars on the road. craig boswell cbs news, washington. >> reporter: lawmakers raised concerns about the possibility of smart awe ton puss cars being hacked into. >> jeff: all right. let me show you the first alert here. i like the cleveland 19 umbrella right here. love that. if you have one, you will need it tomorrow morning. showers on the morning commute and could be impacted and how it is set up and some models hit pretty good and other models, it may be a few showers. whatever the case is, there
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firing up and west of illinois and we will get leftover stuff and explain that more as we move along. wind gusts over 30. right now a cloudy sky and dry and wind off the lake 48 and akron 56. that's what happens this time of year canton mansfield and sandusky a wind off the lake at 47. cleveland 19 first alert weather app. we constantly update you on the hourlies here and make sure you customize it to your neighborhood 47 at 7:00, 47 at 9:00, dry this evening. after 4:00, and 52 at 3 a.m. and seeing showers and rumble of thunder into the morning commute. that develops after 2a .m >> wet morning ahead. st. patrick's day. mild but not as warm as what we 63.
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mainly during the morning and that wind south to southwest gusts over 30 and the reason we will be warmer tomorrow because more sunshine is expected after the morning rain and storms move out. windy akron-canton 62. showers and storms and the planner tomorrow, 55 at 7 a.m. and rain and storms in the area mixed sky windy and 58 and isolated showers and storms and still windy and 62. dan, catherine? >> thank you, jeff. if you are serious about quitting smoking we will tell you the best way to maybe quit for good next at 5:00. >> cathrine: you may be surprised. who doesn't like to indulge on vacation. can pile on quickly. coming up, tips to enjoy without going overboard. >> dan: first our view of the day. blimp spotters. i didn't know there was such a
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>> dan: for the first time, the nfl is acknowledging a link between football and traumatic brain injuries like cte. a senior league official made the admission after a discussion with concussions. ct sexer a degenerative brain disease with athletes usually in high contact sports.
5:45 pm
the best way to do it successfully is quit cold turkey. in a study researchers asked 700 long-term heavy smokers to quit cold turkey or gradually scale back until they quit. the group that gave up cigarettes abruptly were less likely to pick them up again. >> cathrine: safe to say everyone enjoys indulgence on vacation. if we are not careful we may bring home more than souvenirs on the trip. adults gain extra weight on vacation and tips to avoid it using mindful techniques. >> and what happens they go on vacation and go completely overboard be mindful. mindful is not a diet and being aware of how much you are eating, mindful of your portions as slowing down. >> the study looked at more than 100 adults and found 61% gain weight while on vacation and
5:46 pm
what's telling for most, the weight stayed on after bags were unpacked. the culprit was increase in calorie intake especially from alcohol. >> dan: no. you don't say. >> cathrine: you have to be active to get rid of the calories. >> dan: and the cruises, i have never been on a cruise but all can you eat. i like the sound of that. >> cathrine: you feel you have to to get your money's worth. >> dan: outside right now it is cloudy as jeff has been telling us. he will tell us if it clears out in the 7-day focus. first here is romona. >> romona: thank you, dan. at 6:00 we continue to follow what's at the polls including a gun scare. we meet an illinois grandfather. why he is traveling around the country supporting senator john kasich in a vintage air stream. plus car owners waking up to see this.
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>> cathrine: the national weather service confirms three tornadoes touching down in western ohio. there was an ef1 and another twister and they are reporting anne-1 in wheatfield in the dayton area. >> jeff: yeah. >> cathrine: wow. looks like they did damage. >> this is the same system from overnight. we got good storms and downpour and that was mainly in the evening. now in its wake we were left with some drizzle this morning. fog along the lakeshore and we are still cloudy. now, we have another front that comes through in the morning and that gives a wave of showers and storms developing in iowa and illinois and we will get the
5:51 pm
heads up during your morning commute. windy, 63. st. patrick's day will be cooler at 53 degrees. i want to look at the planner tomorrow. 7 a.m. rain and storms, 55. it will be warm this time of year. 58 at lunch and dry and isolated shower and storms and 6. st. patrick's day will be windy and small chance of a shower and most of the day 53 for the high and getting colder and a few showers friday and windy 39 and weekend looks mainly dry now as well. and increasing clouds saturday. 39. 28 saturday night and 41 on sunday and how about monday snow showers perhaps could be flying. nothing too heavy in the morning. cleveland 19 first alert weather
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while away from the newscast and 10 day forecast on there. >> your favorite professor-turned hero is making its way to the big screen.
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ask your doctor about stelara
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> cathrine: calling all walker bait. a thome park attraction will drop you into the middle of the walking dead. >> dan: harrison ford will grab his whip and satchel and of course his hat. disney announced indiana jones is coming to the big screen reuniting stars harrison ford with stephen spielberg. ford played professor indiana jones since the raiders of the lost ark. the new installment does not have a title yet and supposed to hit theaters in july of 2019. universeal studios hollywood
5:56 pm
attraction and it's featured as a walk-through maze in the past four years during halloween horror nights. this new attraction is built as a year-round attraction of the park. >> dan: a big milestone for ncis celebrating the 300 episode on ncis. they revolve around a team of special agents investigating military crimes. the episode features a special guest feature of thai digs, a wounded marine suffering from ptsd. >> indeed a favorite. you are looking live at baldwin wallace university in berea. john kasich will be out waiting
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live from cleveland's newscenter. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: for democrats and republicans, the battle for ohio comes down today. overrated. >> the positive campaign is starting to shine through like a beacon. >> romona: voters cast ballots in illinois, north carolina and missouri and florida. >> i want it to be me and i need you to help it be me. >> we welcome you with open arms. >> romona: today is primary day. >> we are feeling good. >> hillary! >> romona: we have team coverage of campaign 2016. dani carlson is following details at a gun at a polling place. sara goldenberg is live as governor john kasich is neck-and-neck with donald trump and scott taylor is tracking the prosecutor. >> but first, though, we have to
6:00 pm
>> romona: after a wild monday thunder overnight. jeff tanchak tracking it all in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: we will have to see how things go down more likely commute. we have another front we are tracking producing severe weather or will be. that's a tornado watch in illinois a severe thunderstorm in western illinois. this will fire up as the evening wears on. we will see the leftovers from this. we will not see the severe stuff. rain and storms in the area tomorrow morning. cleveland 19 weather app of course. you can get the instant radar updates and hourly forecasts. notice how temperatures go up through the night downtown mid to upper 40s early on. rain and storms well after the polls close. the wind is also going to be picking up by morning. look at the temperature difference. 40s on the larry soulsby and


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