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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, march 16th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." a three-man race. donald trump stacks up victories in the republican chase for the white house, knocking marco rubio out, but john kasich's win in ohio puts a new obstacle in the billionaire's path to the nomination. while hillary clinton made huge drives towards becoming the democratic nominee winning four of the night's contest and closing in on a sweep.
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washington, d.c. shuts down its subway system for an entire day with little notice to hundreds of thousands of passengers. and the madness begins. three weeks of basketball mayhem hits off with the first of 67 ncaa tournament games. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the morning after critical presidential primaries in five states, hillary clinton has solidified her grip on the democratic nomination. while the republican race seems headed to a convention showdown. donald trump scored big wins in at least three states, including a blowout in florida, and is resist neck and neck with ted cruz in missouri. meanwhile, clinton dealt a blow to bernie sanders, taking at least four of yesterday's contests and is winning narrowly
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still too close to call. thanks to last night's victories, clinton picks up 400 new delegates and gives her 1,500 to date which is two-thirds of what is necessary to secure the nomination. don champion is following the democratic race in miami. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. certainly the kind of night the clinton campaign needed after that shocking loss to bernie sanders in michigan last week. clinton rebounded, once again, be handing the vermont senator some heavy losses in the south, while also slowing some of his momentum in the midwest. >> this is another super tuesday >> reporter: hillary clinton scooped up delegates all over the map. and ohio. in florida, where more than half of voters were over the age of 50, clinton won handedly, getting more than three-quarters support. concerns over her past view on trade deals did not seem to hurt
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amongst voters making less than $50,000 a year. >> our campaign is for the steel worker i met in ohio on sunday night who is laid off but hoping to get back to work. >> reporter: clinton once again received overwhelming support from minority voters, getting more than 70% of thepanic and latino vote in florida. voters in all five states believe she has a better chance than sanders of winning the general election.ention to the gop front-runner. >> when we hear a candidate for rounding up 12 million immigrants and banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embracesthat doesn't make him strong, it
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>> reporter: despite his sanders remained undaunted. >> she has a super pac where among other special interests have received $15 million fromeet. >> reporter: looking ahead at the upcoming calendar, sanders believes the votes in the west will be favorable to his campaign, but as clintonnight, she is capable of winning around the map. >> don champion in miami, thanks a lot, don. - back to the republicans now.reports, it was a big night for donald trump, but not everything he hoped for. >> reporter: despite wins in north carolina, donald trump did not land the knockout blow that would made him the presumptive nominee. in ohio. john kasich won and making a contested convention in cleveland more likely than not. >> all i can say is thank you
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i want you to know are going to go -- we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination! >> reporter: it was primary win and last stand. he said a loss in his home state would have ended his campaign. he won with a late surge of support from moderates and voters who the last few days. yesterday did end the campaign of florida senator marco rubio. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or le today my campaign is suspended, the fact his far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to be this way for rubio. once described as the republican savior, rubio was crushed b home state. the other winner take all contest. trump has a solid lead in delegates and despite what has been a nasty personal campaign,
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>> we have a great opportunity and the people that are voting are democrats are coming in, independents are coming in and very, very importantly,that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> reporter: so far, trump's s come from texas senator ted cruz. he finished close to trump in north carolina. >> god bless the great state of north carolina. spent time and money. >> every republican has a clear choice. only two campaigns have ah to the nomination -- ours and donald trump's. >> reporter: there are now three republican candidates left in a race that looks like it will o cleveland in july. major garrett, cbs news, palm beach, florida. donald trump now has more than 600 delegates pst of the 7 needed for the nomination.
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thousand delegates up for grabs, any kind of run by cruz or mp an outright victory. cbs news political and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson says kasich's win in ohio down trump but it's still not clear if it will matter in the end. >> the question on the republican side is whether that speed bump grows into something more.e been a part evident anti-trump movement they see glimmers of hope that they can deny donald trump the number of delegates that needs, 1,237, to get thehe nominating convention in cleveland. in they can deny him that number, then they can work it out in cleveland and have a fight either among ted cruz, who ishe number of delegates accumulated, or perhaps maybe a long shot spot for john kasich. we will see how much they can make out of this victory for john kasich in the days going for hillary clinton, on the democratic side, it was a big
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one, she added to her already lead with the big victories, particularly in florida, but also for her, she was able to win to the states that give her momentum, not only winning in the south but also inore contests to go for both parties probably still all the way into june. for cbs news, i'm john dickerson in new this morning," we will have more on the possibility that donald trump is headed to a contested convention in july.ould announce his nominee to replace antonin ska calia on supreme court as early as today. theian american could be the first indian american to
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the tornadoes are hitting the midwest. high wind advisories and warnings are posted this morning in iowa, illinois, indiana, ohio. a tornado touched down west of peoria, illinois, damaging several farms. but no injuries are reported.ful winds hit east moline, knocking over a truck and some power lines and homes. some residents trapped inside had to be rescued by police and firemen. this morning, washington, d.c.'s metro system is at an absolutely official shut it down at midnight for at least 24 hours while crews perform emergency safety inspections on the system's cables. this comes just a daye out in a metro tunnel. one person died last year in a similar incident. commuters on the nation's second busiest got half a day's notice to make other plans.
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region and to the shutdown prompted the federal government to grant unplanned days off for employees, though, government agencies are officially open. schools will also remain open, ces will be excused. apple filed its final court brief in its battle with the fbi before next week's court e says the american founding fathers would be appalled by the government's request to have apple unlock an encrypted phone tied to a terrorism case. apple is order to unlock the phone used in the san bernardino attacks. north korea sentenced an 15 years of hard labor. otto warmbier was sentenced in a trial this morning.ginia undergraduate was arrested in january. north korea says warmbier stole om his hotel. coming up on the "morning news." a guilty plea in a celebrity
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five people on a small private plane are all okay after a landing gear failure. the plane skidded in on its belly last night in van nuys,ia. the flight was transferring a patient between million facilities. a hacker pleads guilty to stealing celebrity nude selfies changes ahead at the ferguson police station. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports an overhaul of the police department is taking placeuson, missouri. a federal investigation found racism in the city's criminal justice system after the deadly
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teenager michael brown in "pittsburgh post-gazette" reports conspiracy and child endangerment charges against three former leaders ever a roman catholic order inpennsylvania. prosecutors say they allowed a known sexual predator to arrest more than a hundred children. the san fris can priests weren themselves in by friday. the "los angeles times" reports that a hacker will pleat guilty to hacking the e-mails of hollywood stars.n ryan collins is accused of stealing e-mails from hollywood celebrities accounts. he could get up to five years in> "variety" reports some members complained in a letter to the academy about remarks by chris rock and sasha barren the letter was signed by dozens. the academy award vowed to be more culturally sensitive in
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hing semeds ems so much more exciting when you hear that music, right? on the cbs "moneywatch," indiana jones is swinging back in action and it's easierel to cuba. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. news that the obama administration will not allow tlantic ocean is being hailed by environmentalists. it reverses a decision made last year that would have opened up a large area of the coastline to the oil industry is not pleased. the president of the american petroleum institute says the american decision, quote,ases extremists. the dow added 22 points. the s&p lost three points and the nasdaq slipped 21. the obama administration restrictions on
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americans are now permitted to travel on their own with no prior permission. the new rules, besides making itbers to see each other, will likely be a boom to cuban tourism. a series of food safety issues took a toll on the bottom line at sales dropped over 26% last month, more than expected by analysts. that is its first quarterly loss as a public company.taurant chain is working to return from a scare of norovirus rrison ford and steven spielberg are teaming up to make a fifth "indiana jones" movie. it made 2 billion at the box office worldwide. there is no word on but disney says the new movie will be released in july of 2019. that is when ford will be 77 years old!een
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oday's forecast in some cities around the country. march madness will cost employers in the united states $4 billion in lost productivity they did a study, wherever it is every
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they are making the assumption that its't working on their brackets should be working and if you've ever black and blue in an office, is farther from the truth. if we weren't filling out on facebook. >> i don't know what is he talking about. march madness tipped off with the first four. first up, gulf coast university taking on barley dickerson. won 96-65. next up for the eagles, top seeded unc. a matchup more fit for the sweet 16, wichita state and vanderbilt. in another blowout the shockers got the best of the commodores. wichita state gets arizona in holy cross tonight taking on southern university, followed by michigan and tulsa. the action heads to cbs tomorrow. duke takes on unc- noon eastern. speaking of the big dance,
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ating time at the iditarod iditarod. it was finished in less than 8 and a half days. his father was second and the as attacked by a snowmobiler was third. the tampa bay rays will have a cuban defector on their rostert tuesday in havana. the rays added outfielder dayron to the rays' he will be the only cuban player
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on tuesday, lawmakers got a closer look craig boswell reports. >> reporter: it's a glimpse of the road ahead. automakers brought several semiautonomous cars to capitol hill so members of congress ride. cameras and radar allow the vehicles to steer, brake, and accelerate on their own. >> it's really remarkable howalready come with this. >> reporter: but senator jon thune knows the future of the cars that can drive on its own. hearing looking at what road blocks need to be cleared to get the vehicles on the road. almost every major automaker is working with google, which has spent years testing the cars. >> this estimates that 38,000 people were coiled america's roads last year and 94% ofs involve human errors. self-driving cars could help us change that. >> reporter: he pointed out many
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a google lexus suv outfitted for self-driving accidentally hit a in california. mechanical engineering professor believes autonomous cars aren't ready sors can't demonstrator a priver. >> if you have a sudden downpour or rain or snow, then we worry how the cars >> reporter: she wants a federal testing program put in place. automakers say they are ready to work with the government to get he road. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. here is another look at this morning's top stories.inner of three of five states that held primaries yesterday including the big prize, california. john kasich slowed down trump's by winning his home state of ohio and senator marco rubio suspended his campaign after losing to trump in his home ary clinton solidified her grip on the democratic
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five states yesterday. she has two-thirds of the lench the democratic nomination. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," analysis of the primary results. we will raer from cbs news bob schieffer. plus cybersecurity therns over a new wi-fi abraham in new york city and discovery of a ship f oman. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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