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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> stop it, stop it. >> i can't explain it looked like war. >> denise: three bombs exploded in belgium and caused
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tonight we hear -- we here in northeast ohio are showing support as the terminal tower is lit up with the country's colors. >> dan: the fbi is sending people to help in the search. now the latest from brussels. >> reporter: passengers ran in pan neck after a bomb exploded in the departure area of brussels international airport. a second blast followed. it was not something that fell on the ground or something like that. you felt shock. >> reporter: belgian police say these are the suspects. they believe the two men in black blew themselves up. they wore gloves that may have hid detonators. there is a manhunt for the third suspect, the man in white wearing a hat. an hour later a bomb tore through a subway station that
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>> the train stopped. >> reporter: people scrambled through the dark tunnels to safety. ben -- belgian security forces have been conducting raids. one of the investigators say they found an explosive device with nails and chemicals and an isis flag. americans are among the injured including three missionaries from utah. one of the blasts at the airport also knocked 37-year-old sev to the ground. he played college basketball in michigan. his father spoke to his son on the phone. >> he saw people dead and dying. i'm sure that will stay with him for the rest of his life. >> reporter: belgium's prime minister warned more attacks could be coming. he has called for three days of official mourning. cleveland 19. >> denise: you know, hopkins has been on heightened alert since 9/11, but security was increased as a precaution because of the attacks. >> as a result of this
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heightened number of uniformed officers in the public areas on the roadways and on the ticketing and baggage claim levels. the tsa has a number of strategies to help minimize any risks. >> denise: airport officials say they will review their security procedures as well. and airports across the country have stepped up security. we were curious what travelers thought about when they stepped on a plane today. scott taylor is live at hopkins now with that part of the story. scott, a lot of people are leaving town for spring break. >> reporter: yeah, they sure are. you can see the taxis behind us as people are uh -- arriving. they did step up increased security here at hopkins, but it is hard to tell exactly what they did. we did talk to a lot of passengers who tbeel very -- who feel very bad and very awful about what happened in brussels. they say it is not going to stop them from getting on a
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flight. joy anderson and her two children are traveling to denver from cleveland and mom is fully aware of the terrorist attacks in brussels of the. >> i am a mom. we are going. it doesn't matter. i am a little nervous, but we know we will be okay. >> reporter: security has been increased here at hopkins airport in cleveland. >> the visible things you will see right now are the additional k9 units that were deployed at airports across the country. >> reporter: other types of security won't be obvious. >> hopkins like other airports across the united states have security agents who were walking among us and they take a look at our behavior. anything unusual and they will pull you aside. >> reporter: united is waiving change fees for passengers who rebook flights to brussels through april 1st. >> we had a plane full, absolutely full. i don't know. we are just hoping our security takes care of us. >> reporter: the airline did can sell two flights to brussels on tuesday.
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but it will continue with flights on wednesday. ken cassell just arrived in cleveland after flying all day. >> i tried to to the be fearful when i am flying, but i am very aware and keeping my eyes open and making sure i am my own security and can't rely on anyone else. but you qant to be comfortable. i felt the comfort in the air today. >> reporter: if you have friends and family in belgium or at the center of the attack in brussels. at&t and verizon are of onerring free international calls tonight and tomorrow. live at hopkins airport, cleveland 19. >> this hit close to home for some ohio ans. we talked with one man who travels to belgium often and he was in the country during the paris terrorist uhing tays. >> reporter: he is the vice
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president of operations for the winking lizard tavern. he travels to belgium once or twice a year to meet with partner breweries, and he has seen firsthand how terrorism is affecting this european country. winking lizard taverns is there from the start. >> it is humbling because we started out very small. >> reporter: there is a great selection of belgium beers. they bestowed john with the highest honor for pro eke iting their beer -- protecting their beer wul tour. >> i was knighted and so the country of belgium has a special place in my heart. >> reporter: john was shocked to hear of tuesday's attacks. >> it is very upsetting because that country is very much like us. it was a melting pot. >> reporter: he was last there in december a month after the attacks in paris had europe on guard.
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which is downtown. the mcdonalds is in front of it. it is very americanized. you had to go through a metal detector and pass through a couple soldiers standing there with machine guns, but felt very comfortable. the christmas markets were open. >> we asked john if he worries about traveling to belgium and europe again in light of the recent attacks. >> naturally a lot of people will be scared of going over dl and -- going over there and traveling. i say you can't live in fear. you have to do what you have to do. if you have business to do, you have to do business. >> reporter: john says he will continue to travel to belgium. we spoke with other business leaders who say business will continue with their european partners as usual and their hearts go out to those who lost loved ones in the attacks. tony? >> tony: and then there are direct ties to northeast ohio. some kent state students were in brussels. they are okay.
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a mormon missionary on her way to ohio was injured in the blast on the way to the airport. she just passed through security when the bomb went off. >> denise: a lot of people all over the world were quick to react to the news on social media. dan deroos is is joining us with the outpouring of support for the victims. dan? >> dan: as we see far too often, social media is a place for venting and a place for people to post comments of just wondering what they should do. an interesting picture here and this is the freedom tower at 1 world trade center with the antenna on top. and even all the way into rio de janeiro. this is christ the redeemer lit up in belgium colors. and then you have people circulating the picture of the suspect still wanted and the two believed to have blown themselves up. i can sympathize with sara's
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comment. i have been trying to think about something to say about the brussels attacks. the truth is talking won't be much help. my heart is with them. and then there are certain other tributes like the istle tower -- like the eiffel tower in red, yellow and black on the base. a lot of people trying to do something, anything to show that we are thinking about brussels. >> to recap here is what we know. 34 are dead and 250 others injured. two explosions rocked the airport while another was centered at a subway station in the capitol city. police looking for a suspect who was pushing a baggage cart. he is still alive. investigators got a big break when a taxi driver who dropped the suspects off at the airport lead them to where he picked the suspects up. they found chemical products and an isis flag during the raid on the home. stay with us on air and on-line for continuing coverage of the attack in
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brussels. cleveland 19 news this morning will have the latest at 4:theater a.m. 4:30 a.m. >> denise: and now breaking news out of lorain county. a man found skeletal remains near route 58 and 162. that's in huntington township in southern lorain county. the sheriff's office tells us they are investigating along with the coroner to try to id the remains. we will continue to follow this story tomorrow and bring you the latest details when we get them. >> denise: jimmy demora has been moved to a correctional facility. the former cuyahoga county commissioner spent the last two years at a facility in california. this is the fourth prison demora has been in since being sentenced in 2012. he was sentenced to -- for his role in the county corruption
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scandal. >> tony: the epidemic continues. several people died of a heroin or fentanyl over dose. eight people over dosing in the past four days according to the medical examiner. they ranged in age from 23 to 61. this news is is coming on the same day that the cdc released a report saying fentanyl killed 1,000 people in ohio from january 2014 to may 2015. >> jeff: and boy oh boy it is unseasonably warm. we had some light rain and a better opportunity of showers and storms on thursday. details in the first alert forecast coming up. >> denise: and a local company helping women follow their dreams and open their own businesses. we have details on bad girl ventures coming up. >> tony: and it is great on sandwiches or even as a snack, but be careful.
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>> denise: girl power is is working to give the tools they ned to be successful. tiffani tucker spoke with one
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cleveland. >> jennifer henry moved here a couple years ago. she knew she wanted to open a business and didn't know where to start. >> i didn't know the lay of the land to figure out where the location should be and how to market to the patients i would need. >> reporter: jennifer heard about bad girl ventures, an entrepreneur and networking program for women. shooy entered the nine -- she entered the nine-week program with all of the tools she needed to get her business going. in january she opened up. >> it condensed what would have taken me a couple years to figure out. i had a business plan and the financials worked out and projections. i had a lawyer and an accountant. >> reporter: rika is the market manager for gad girl ventures -- bad girl ventures. she helps women pitch their business ideas to coaches and
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mentors at their kickoff reception in shaker heights. >> we want to teach them how to be confident and how to put together a business sense that is fundable. >> reporter: it is that go get em attitude that jennifer says is is the support she and other women are looking for. she says she is excited to call cleveland her new home and be part of the changing landscape. >> but relevate means to lift up. that makes them bigger and stronger. we are trying to make the neighborhood bigger and stronger too. >> reporter: and she is doing just that. a special committee will pick a business to get a $25,000 loan to. there are programs in cleveland as you just saw and in cincinnati. to learn more go to the cleveland 19 news app or visit our website. >> tony: an activist shot in the back by her 4-year-old son will likely be charged in the shooting. she allowed a minor access to a firearm.
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picked up the unholsterred gun after it slid out from the front seat of the truck they were riding in. he accidentally pulled the trigger hitting his 31-year-old mother in the back. if convicted she faces a maximum of six months in jail. >> denise: want to cut back on eating cheese, but you can't? it is not you. it is the cheese. for real. a new study found a protein in the dairy product is just as addicting as morphine. it is all in the way it is processed. researcher found when a protein call casine is released it acts as an opiate and triggers the addiction. >> addictive foods are in fact addictive. it is not a made up thing and it is not a will power thing. it is a chemical thing in our brains. >> denise: i feel better now. the more processed and fatty the foods, the more it was
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sews -- associated with addictive eating behaviors. >> tony: this does not apply to romano and parmasean, right? >> everything in moderation and you are good, right? >> i have that problem with chicken wings. >> we are here for you. >> thank you. >> you name it. suddenly i'm hungry. >> it is a chemical thing. boy, is it -- yesterday at this time we were in the 30s and what a difference. we are still at 57 in downtown cleveland. how about that? there you go. we got 58 in akron and it is still shed a 60. still around 60. you can thank the south wind and the warmer air mass that has moved in. i am looking at temperatures in the low 50s on a scale of one to ten it will be a two. we could have a little light rain around. overall no big problems for the morning commute.
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this front right here, it is a big one and it is a warm front separating the colder air to the north and the warmer air where we are. that's the boundary. and we will see more moisture riding along it. so i think tomorrow we will have a lot of cloud cover first of all. i do think we are going to develop a little light rain. still have a 21 mile an hour wind in mansfield. brosy at times to -- breezy at times and as we look at the future view temperatures from 2:00 to 5:00 a.m., still around 50 and the average low is 32 for this time of year. you are not going to have to bundle up much. 52 the low. cloudy skies and still a little breezy. the winds will pick up again tomorrow. the first alert day, and this is is going to be just for light rain. a 10th of an inch are on less. this will not be the heavy rain threat. that will be on thursday with the cold front. you can see on future view here it is keeping us dry in the morning and it may have a
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little light rain around. the first batch looks like it is north of us. by tomorrow evening we develop light rain. with that front lolligag nie em to the -- locally gagging around, 55 is the high tomorrow. and you could have a little light rain in akron-canton as well and 54. so perhaps the umbrella, take it just in case here for the light rain potential. as a result of the cloud cover i did keep the temperature down. 53 at lunch. cloudy sky at 5:00 and 55. now tomorrow night mainly dry morning. and this is at 8:00 a.m. on thursday. this is going to be the heavier rain threat. we will have waves of rain and thunder on thursday. here is 2:00 in the afternoon and 5:00. this clearly could give us a lot more rain and then we have a temperature change going on
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when we get to the end of week on friday. in fact the next three days we have a lot of ups and downs. light rain tomorrow and 55. showers and even storms on thursday and windy. up to 66, but then look at that drop. low clouds and 41. the alert tomorrow and the alert on thursday and the drop in temperature. look what happens on saturday. the colder day is with us for one day on friday. partly cloudy. low. right now on easter sunday i kept it dry in the morning, but showers developing sunday afternoon and sunday evening. 56. monday and tuesday, sunshine, but cooler there. 50 on monday and 48 next tuesday. tony? >> tony: the presidential campaign is headed west. states taking place with a
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idaho. the results are in from arizona. the associated press calling it for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> now, it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: in the buzz, the life of tonya harding will be played out on the big screen. >> tony: and breaking out the lineup for next season. 2015 tony award winner "fun home" will start a national tour in cleveland as well as" finding never land" and coming to town "the king and i,"" the curious incident of the dog and the nighttime." for a full schedule go to cleveland or our app. >> denise: and there will be a movie "i tonya" about tonya harding. she made headlines after she and her husband hired someone to take out tonya's rival, nancy ker ri gan, before the
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no word on the release date. >> tony: a former super bowl winner is turning in his cleats forearm me gear. and coming up tomorrow morning. >> reporter: i am at the shark tank at the greater cleveland aquarium. we will tell you about a wine tasting event and spring break activities and we will be feeding some stingray. that's tomorrow morning at
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now, this is is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> cav-aholics are all about lebron. who he is following and who he is not following and what kind of music he is playing and what kind of music he is not playing. all he cares about is the triple-double tune they dropped on denver last night. >> if he is going through something about last night i
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hope he continues to play that way. like i said. i don't know. i haven't talked to him about that. his demeanor has been more serious. he has been more locked in. i will take that. if that's what it takes for him to get focused and get the team on track. >> in other words i like what he is having. hopefully they will have more when the bucs stop by. it has been changed to a 7:00 p.m. tip. you can catch it with fred and ac. rg iii looks like he will be getting a second chance. the browns are considered the front runners for yet another heisman trophy winner. hopefully one more mature. they say it could go down this week, but tonight the denver broncos are also said to be in the hunt. it is true, gary kubiak's offense resembles the one run by mike shanahan who clashed with griffen in washington and
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give rg iii a glowing recommendation. and he won a super bowl with green bay and played nine years in the nfl. and now he has a new position. he is a private in the army national guard. here is the tweet of the day. after a year retirement, a much needed vacation and new time with my family, i decided to hit the free agent market. i am proud to announce i have thrown my hat back in the ring and will join a new team and seek out a new adventure. after much deliberation and discussion i am proud to sign my longest term deal of all time, eight years and have enlisted in the army national guard. after all of my time in the nfl traveling and meeting and supporting the troops, i have decided to step up and stand shoulder to shoulder with them. this was not a decision made lightly. we live in an ever-changing world, and at this time in my life it is best served with me and in defense of my family, state and country. if you are looking for
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somebody to follow on twitter. >> tony: i hate to compare anybody to pat tillman who paid the ultimate price and walked away at the pinnacle of his career hee. is an inseparation. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them.
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> tony: whatever you did today, do it again. >> jeff: today was good. 62 was today. tomorrow will be cooler. whoa will have a lot -- we will have a lot of cloud cover around. low 50s to start things off. light rain and about 55. but then 66 on thursday. we have showers and storms though in the forecast.
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be able to see. cooler on friday, low clouds and 41. sam will keep you up-to-date at 4:30. >> denise: thanks for joining us. cleveland 19 this morning starts at 4:30 a.m.
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