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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> tia: we start out with breaking news overnight. cleveld led them on a chase killed himself at mlk and east 105th street after he allegedly shot and killed an elyria woman and two south euclid residents. police say he's 42-year-old buford. we're working on answers right now, and we'll provide updates as they become available. some sad news that developed while you were sleeping. numerous reports this morning say randy budd died of a
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the 55-year-old was his wife, sharon's care-taker after a rock thief throwing incident left her permanently disabled. we will continue to update the story as soon as details come into the cleveland 19 newsroom >> laura: this is a live picture from the west shoreway where crews put out road closed signs this morning for about a month. this is part of the ongoing work to convert the shoreway into a tree-lined boulevard. we have a crew on the scene and will have a full report for you i'll tell you the about detour options in a couple of minutes. if you are going to the airport, delta airlines computer is down worldwide. >> tia: no delays are reported at hopkins, but we are watching it closely. if that does change, don't worry. we will let you know. right now let's get over to meteorologist sam roberts with our wake-up forecast. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, guys. a gorgeous morning out there. time is 6:01. we're in the lower 60s in some
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we'll go about 66 at 7:00 in the morning, 74 at 9:00. so if you're getting out and taking a long run this morning, perfect weather. we'll be a little hot later, though. 80 at 11:00 in the morning and about 85 this afternoon. it will happen at about 3:00, but dry weather all day. of course, there's a pretty big half-marathon at the end of the weekend, and the weather right now looking a lot better than what i'm thinking for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. let's get a current temperatures, because some of you are not in the lower 60s. some of you are in the 50s. good morning to you in madison. this is in lake county. 57 there. 54 in rock creek, and good morning out in chardon. about 62 with low humidity. it feels incredible on yutside it's a gorgeous day. satellite and radar show you we have some cloudiness around, but they will break up through the
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storminess around. we'll talk about it coming up at 6:15. laura. >> laura: first, a look out on the roads. maybe you're trying to get out on the roads at 6:00 when you leave every day, 6:03 now. you're pretty much on time. when you get out there, still on time, too. really looks good this morning. have some issues along the west shoreway, but i'll get to that in a moment. first on all the area highways. 480, 71 and 90 all looking just fine. up 77, perfectou well. closer look on the west side now. i-90, look at the 60-mile-per-hour marks. that's a good sign. there's some construction out there, so beware of that you west siders and also along 480. lots of construction spots there as well. we were checking in with the airports this morning, both cleveland and akron airports this morning. both seem to be running well. there are some delays, but not associated with that delta problem. so just do keep watching out for what's going on, and we'll keep you up-to-date from the airports
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morning. every one is in green if you are on the area highways. where it's a little bit red this morning, you see a lot of taillights is where we find sia nyorkor. sia, a little bit of a mess out there for some this morning, right? >> reporter: yes, laura. you've been on this story for a little bit. you can see right behind me the road closed signs are up. traffic officers just got to the scene. several are here to direct trc, some delays with this construction going on starting today. the shoreway is closed in both directions at lake avenue and clifton boulevard. the eastbound shoreway will be closed for about 25 days. you can see construction crews there making a little bit of noise and doing that work. they're trying to replace the shoreway bridge that's over the ramp that carries lake avenue onto the shoreway going eastbound.
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the north onto west boulevard. the main line is also going to be restricted to one lane. odot has been telling us for a little bit now that there could be some delays, most likely there will be. so you want to pack some patience today, expect some delays, and if you can, you might want to avoid the area completely. they're also encouraging riders and drivers to take the rta to just k free. so it's a story we've been on since the very beginning. we'll have all the latest on air and online. back to you. >> tia: sia, thank you so much. we're waiting to hear from the pro football hall of fame how they plan to refund the fans for the hall of fame game. it was canceled after the field was deemed unsafe to play on. it didn't react well to the
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stadium and not the one they usually have. they got it from the new orleans. it was in the superdome last year which was, of course, indoors. that may have something to do with it. many fans, though, left disappointed. >> you drive eight hours to see some football, and it's kind of disappointing. we wanted to see some live action. >> this may have added to the disappointment. fans were the last to know about the cancellation. the hall of fame president made that announcement right at about 8:00 p.m hours before. >> laura: a popular water park in kansas city, kansas remains closed this morning as investigators try to piece together what led to a tragic accident on the park's main attraction. brian webb has the latest. >> reporter: a day after the tragic death of caleb schwab at kansas city's scrlitterbahn water park, they have yet to determine what had.
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underway. the focus is on the family. >> reporter: the 10-year-old was killed on the verruckt water slide. the slide features a 168-feet plunge at 65 miles per hour. 264 stairs lead to the top. >> our lifeguards are critical, and it would be very difficult for them to focus after something like this. so for that reason we felt it was wise to close >> reporter: caleb, the son of kansas state lawmaker scott schwab was at the park with his family at the time. in a statement the family thanked the community for their support adding, quote, since the day he was born, he brought abundant joy to our family and all those he came in contact with. the verrukt, which means insane in german opened in 2014 following multiple delays.
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as the entire park are closed pending the investigation. brian webb, cleveland 19. >> laura: we did some checking and found the latest injury statistics on water parks. the most recent numbers we found are from 2010 when the average annual injury rate was about 6 injuries for every 100,000 children. another study found the most common type of injuries were injuries to the head and face but only 1.5% of the injuries >> tia: we will continue to ask questions today about an injury at cedar point. this is what we know. a maintenance worker is recovering from injuries he received from a fall from the gemini roller coaster. witnesses did tell us he fell from the ride to the ground below. a rep for the amusement park only told us the worker had a nonlife-threatening injury. cuyahoga community college
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this includes chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes, and it applies to anyone on any part of the grounds from buildings all the way to parking lots. >> laura: there's a petition on has has almost 500 signatures and is it's asking to transform one of cleveland's water towers into a giant lego man. you probably have driven past this our seen it at the harp restaurantwe detroit road. the city doesn't have any plans to actually replace that water tower, but the petition argues a massive lego man would be more inspiring. what do you think? the petition will head to the desk of mayor frank jackson. how about that one? >> tia: no. >> laura: you think that will fly? >> tia: i'm sorry. they can get mad at me. that's a distraction in the sky. think if you're a pilot. >> laura: if you drive and see that and look at that instead of the road like these people
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>> tia: and how much money is that going to cost? no, i'm sorry. you can hate me. >> laura: time is 6:09 this morning. speaking of water from the water tower, we can use a little rain around here, right, sam? >> samantha: yeah. time is 6:10 on this monday morning. for the year so far, we have had 18 days with a high of 90 or greater. that's a lot, right? we typically have eight or nine hot days per year. that's the average, been way hotter than average. we take a closer look at when things might cool off for us, if at all, over the next seven days coming up after the break. >> tia: also ahead, our "money-saving monday" segment has tips to find the cheapest plane tickets around. >> laura: next, what donald trump is expected to say in his first major campaign speech
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>> tia: welcome back. time is 6:14 on your monday morning. donald trump is set to deliver a major economic speech in michigan today. over the weekend the republican nominee repeatedly questioned hillary clinton's mental health after she said she, quote, short-circuited. her response to questions about the fbi's investigation into her e-mail scandal. clinton's use of a private e-mail server resurfaced sunday following news that iran executed a nuclearness scientist for spying for the u.s.
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in 2010 appears to mention the scientist. iranian officials hanged him yesterday for allegedly giving information to the cia. >> laura: we continue our "money-saving monday" series. this time we take our savings to the skies. new data from the feds shows airlines make 25% of their money from baggage fees along. that means you could go online and think you're snagging a great deal on a flight. once you pay for all the luggage, that great deal gone. here are a few strategies to help you save at the airport. if you travel a lot and shop for a new credit card, look for one that offers airline credits. some american express and citi cards do. baggage fees vary widely, so make sure and compare the fees when you book your ticket. another approach experts suggest is just shipping that luggage to your destination ahead of time, which sounds expensive to me.
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>> tia: i guess. >> samantha: just drive if you can. sometimes it's less of a pain. >> laura: drive to rio. >> samantha: if it's a short trip. there's so many ways to travel less stressful. >> laura: i think train cross-country would be cool, too. you get to see everything. >> samantha: takes you about six years to get there. if you're out and about this morning on this monday, your coer good. morning commute, you get the green light and we're dry and no weather-related issues and your evening commute looks fantastic weather-wise. of course, laura will help us out with the morning drive in a moment. she'll have a check of your actual traffic happening outside. i can assure you that the weather on the roads will be perfect. here it is. this is a live look outside. what a gorgeous sunrise this morning. temperatures are in the 60s and
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about 62 in cleveland with calm wind. isn't this wonderful? this is a nice shot here as that sun comes up. official sunrise time today is about 6:30. coming up a minute later than it did yesterday and setting a minute earlier. we're losing a little daylight this time of the year, but still plenty of daylight to enjoy it. i try to go to bed every day at like 5:00 p.m., and it is light until like 8:30, 9:00, right? so we do have a lot of daylight. it's just weta minute by minute. here's what you can expect today. 74 at 9:00 in the morning, about 81 midday and then 85 is your high for today. partly to mostly sunny and no rain in the forecast. we're totally dry all day and all night, too. this evening looks wonderful. you have outdoor plans tonight. maybe take a long walk after work or a long run. 82 at 7:00, about 78 at 9:00, and then by 11:00 tonight we're
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mostly clear skies overnight, but we have more cloud cover around for tomorrow. our rain chance goes up tomorrow as well. here's the hour-by-hour chance of rain. notice that after 3:00 scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely. we'll be contending with those potentially into the night, so tomorrow is a first alert weather day. every day after tomorrow is also a first alert weather day. i know this can look a little bit alarming. i don't want you to think this every minute. it's going to be so hot and humid we will have daily chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms but not all-day rain events. laura. >> laura: we are taking to the roadways now. looks like a lot of green out there this morning, but i promise you a lot of orange, too. watch out for all those orange barrels and construction workers. they're all over the place. they like the earlier hours in the day. can you blame them when we get
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out on the asphalt, it doesn't feel good. give them a break and move over and share the roads with them as they work hard so we have safe roads to drive on. safe roads are looking good this morning. 271 northbound and southbound all the way from the county line from cuyahoga and summit counties all the way up to 480 at miles road is going to be a huge project going on over the next few years. now this week you can expect to see intermittent lane closures now lanes will close. this will last for years, and it is a huge project. also, caution to you. disabled vehicle on i-90 westbound right near the split. it's currently blocking the center lane there, so it could be a delay for those headed westbound, not eastbound. >> tia: got it. no major delays out there overall? >> laura: not yet. >> tia: people should appreciate that on a monday. got to get there on time, right?
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did not see before he crashed into power lines. >> laura: next, answers on a new california wildfire gaining more strength by the minute. new meta daily heart health. it's clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. and having lower cholesterol is something to celebrate. wow. he's got some moves. yeah, he does. help trap, remove and lower cholesterol
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. >> tia: time is 6:23. another wildfire is burns out of control this time in southern california. you see all of the smoke left behind. this has been cal t fire. more than 1,000 acres are already scorched since it started about 24 hours ago. look at that. that's from 24 hours ago. areas are being evacuated right now. no homes or buildings have been lost. also, no injuries to report to you this morning. we have new information on the pilot of the hot air balloon that crashed killing all 16 people on board in texas. investigators say the pilot didn't see the power lines that the balloon hit. now it's still unclear what
6:24 am
laura. >> laura: it was a tough weekend for our indians. it sure was. they lost two out of three games in new york against the yankees. that's two series losses in a row for the indians. their division lead over the tigers is now only two games and dwindling. they have the day off tomorrow. sounds like they need. tomorrow they have a two-game series in washington against the nationals. let's go, indians. get it back on track here. dozens of dancers are h downtown for the finals for the cavaliers girls audition on sunday. they showed off their routines they learned over the weekend. sunday's showcase wrapped up a week of interviews and workshops. the dancers might also earn spots with the mon sterz hockey girls dance team. look at them there. >> tia: if you can move like that -- >> laura: sam can. we've seen her do it already. flashback. >> tia: flashback friday. we have to bring that video back on friday or thursday.
6:25 am
she almost threw her back out. time is 6:24. it was a pleasant summer weekend, but sam, later this week we'll be hot and steamy yet again. >> samantha: yeah, i hurt my hip trying to do those cavaliers girls' moves. my hips are big, but they don't move like this. this is a first alert for tomorrow. i want you to be aware that showers and thunderstorms are possible after 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. this is your first alert that you will need that el i'll have a closer look at tomorrow in your first alert forecast after this. >> laura: up next, a huge closure begins today for west side commuters. a live report from the shoreway
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>> tia: we start out with this at 6:30. we are working to get answers on what police are calling a murder-suicide that happened overnight. cleveland police say a man that led them on a chase killed himself at mlk and east 105th killed an elyria woman and two south euclid residents. police identified him at 42leonzo buford. keep checking back for updates. >> laura: we're waiting on the pro football hall of fame to announce the refund policy for last night's hall of fame game. it was canceled just hours before kickoff because the field was not safe to play on. >> tia: also a heads-up if you go to the airplane.
6:30 am
is down worldwide. we checked cleveland hopkins and there's no delta delays right now. >> laura: akron/canton looks like it's running on schedule as well. you can count on us to stay with you throughout the morning commute this morning. good weather here in our area and across the viewing area. we'll turn it over to sam roberts to tell us this cool stuff may stick around a little longer, right, sam? >> samantha: we have nice, comfortable weather this morning. temperatures are in the lower 60s and i have some midnd by 7:00 we go low to middle 60s, about 69 at 8:00 and 74 this afternoon. excuse me. at 9:00. that's wishful thinking, 74 this afternoon. we wish. 74 at 9:00 in the morning with quiet weather all day long. that's your morning commute. your evening commute is also looking very quiet. we'll trade that 74 in for about 85 at 4:00.
6:31 am
green light for that evening drive as i don't expect showers or thunderstorms on the drive home. here's a live look outside. what a gorgeous morning out there. this is from high atop our feazel roof camera. you can see there may be a little haze out there. that is about it. it's 62 in cleveland right now with low humidity. just feels excellent. the doppler radar is totally dry. there's a quick check of that. we really need rain. i don't know if somebody out there needs to be a rain showers. we've been so dry, but we have a chance of rain tomorrow, and a few chances in the week ahead. we talk about it coming up at about 6:45. laura. >> laura: we head out on the roads now. maybe you're getting ready to head out and want to take a look and see what it looks like before you head out the door. this is your drive headed towards downtown up 71. that's the only place where i see a slowing along the metro curve. the first place we see it pretty much every single day if there's
6:32 am
so far that's pretty much what we're seeing. it's pretty normal out there. we have an update for you. red line use through the week this week. it won't stop at east 79th street if you're at the red line. it will be out of service. you can take the number 2, the east 79th bus or jump on the blue and green line. either work from east 79th street. that disabled vehicle i-90 westbound near the split is currently blocking the center lane. i don't see it as much of a delay for you, but check out the drive times. on time f elyria to strongsville. all headed into downtown and all of them headed right on time. we're not going to find people on time, though, out on the shoreway. exactly where we find our sia nyorkor covering this shoreway closure we're dealing with that started last week and develops more today. sia, so far, how's it looking? >> reporter: how is it looking? we've been talking about this for a little bit, laura. you've been on the story.
6:33 am
closed. you can see signs all up and down. there's even several traffic cops here directing traffic because cars are kind of flying by and pausing and having to turn right. now, we're at lake avenue and clifton boulevard. the eastbound shoreway will be closed for about 25 days. the plan is for those construction crews right over there right now to replace the shoreway bridge over the ramp that carries lake avenue onto th the main line is also restricted to one lane in each direction between lake avenue and west 73rd for about a month. odot is telling drivers to pack some patience, because there will be a lot of delays. if you can, take an alternate route or take the rta. you want to avoid this area or pack some patience. we're getting answers here in cleveland. back to you. >> samantha: tia nyorkor, thank you so much for that.
6:34 am
football hall of fame. what was supposed to be the kickoff to the nfl season last night, oh boy, it all had to be canceled. the packers and colts were set to play in the hall of fame game, but officials came out late last night and said the field was unsafe to play on. there was an issue with the paint on the turf. remember, this is the newly renovated tom benson stadium. the 22,000 fans that paid to get in, as you can imagine, they weren't too happy. >> it's pretty disappointing. >> we were enshrinement ceremony last night and the other activities with brett favre. this would have been the first nfl game for him. that would have been great. >> very disappointing. we came here for his birthday, and we came to everything else. we came last night. ended up not playing in the game today, so it's a big disappointment for him and his birthday. >> tia: not the birthday gift emented. they let fans meet and greet with the players. they're announcing how they plan
6:35 am
tickets. >> laura: some people want those answers, right? this morning we get answers about the death of sharon budd's husband, randy. he died on saturday, and sources say it was a suicide. budd was his wife's primary care taker. we're told budd saturday died in his home in uniontown. sharon budd nearly died whether teens threw a rock off a highway overpass into her car in 2014. her injuries left her permanently disabled and qu sad story there. >> tia: it is a sad story. >> laura: a sunday at a popular water park ended with a tragedy. a12-year-old died riding what is dubbed the tallest water slide in the world. >> tia: this is in kansas city. brian able has the story. >> reporter: in kansas city, kansas tragedy on schlitterbahn's verruckt. >> we're saddened to share a young boy died.
6:36 am
kansas city lawmaker scott schwab's caleb. witnesses describe him going down the steep 168-foot drop on the slide sunday afternoon and then going airborne over the next hill colliding with a safety net. >> extremely horrible. i have two 12-year-olds with me today, and still very emotional. lrp schlitterbahn closed the park and blocked the slide. families were scrambling to find out what happened. >> i saw everyone's faces to see if it was their loved ones affected. >> reporter: a spokesperson says it's the first death on the slide. >> we honestly don't know what's happened. that's why a full investigation is necessary. we have to understand what's happened. >> reporter: several guests told 41 action news the straps on the slide's rafts weren't working properly today. >> a laet lady in front of me said she rode the verruckt and
6:37 am
any of the times she rode it. >> laura: we got answers about that slide. there is no age limit. no age requirement. there are velcro seat belts and handles on the sides of the raft for riders to hold onto. also, there's no age restriction as we mentioned. the water park is investigating what exactly did go wrong here, and it is closed today. >> tia: an action-packed first weekend of the summer 2016 olympics in rio. we won the first gold medal of the the american men's swim team led by michael phelps does it go. >> the united states wins the 4x4 relay again. >> tia: it goes to team usa. it's michael phelps' record 19th olympic gold medal. he swims again later on tonight. >> laura: here's a look at the current medal count. this is all we have altogether. usa is on top with 12.
6:38 am
china has 8. italy and japan both have 7, and australia rounds out the top five with six medals. america is tied with two other countries for first with three total gold medals. we saw one right there. from what i saw, it looked like the usa wouldn't win the relay. when michael phelps got in the water and took it on the turn, he's so good. >> tia: i know. team usa. >> laura: he could do this longer, but i think he's wrapping it up and be >> tia: we're winning all the gold medals. a majority at least. while the u.s. olympians are off to a good start in rio, a northeast ohio man is a world champion in another sport. >> laura: we get answers on why lake erie's shoreline is turning green, sam. >> samantha: all right. time is 6:38 on this monday morning. maybe you're going to head out to the metro parks today. of course, it is still summer, right? probably looking for something to do with the kids. the morning is definitely the
6:39 am
74 at 9:00 with low humidity. really a perfect start. 82 at 1:00, and we gt for the mid-80s this afternoon with a partly to mostly sunny sky. really nice weather today, but how long is it going to last? it's about to get really hot around here. we talk about it coming up after the break. >> tia: we're also following this after the break. two parts of the world are underwater this morning.
6:40 am
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tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara? if you are allergic to stelara? or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara? saw 75% clearer skin be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara?. >> laura: the time is 6:42. tropical storm earl has triggered deadly landslides in
6:43 am
veracruz. at least 40 people have been killed there. the storm hit mexico as a hurricane, and that was later on downgraded. people in florida brace for a weather system expected to bring rev rains and flooding this week all along the gulf coast. the forecast calls for 10 to 15 inches of rain from tampa to pensacola over the next five days with some areas getting more than 18 inches. tia. >> tia: it's that time of y for algae blooms on lake erie. the latest pictures from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. don't be too alarmed. it's not a significant bloom. the only worry is if we see several rain events, a larger bloom could then form. it's pretty big, though. >> samantha: it is. we don't have any major rain
6:44 am
the drought we're experiencing will be ongoing into the fall it looks like. there might be some occasions during that time from now to fall where we get bigger rains. next seven days not looking good. >> tia: we need rain. >> samantha: minus the algae deal, we need it for the grass. with agricultural interests it's been so dry out there. no real significant chance over the next seven days, although there are smaller chances. we'll t moment. i want to focus on this morning and help you get out the door on this monday. we go about 66 at 7:00. it's 69 at 8:00 in the morning through the 11:00 hour. about 80 by then. we're partly sunny this morning, but the clouds we have around right now, i think those will decrease throughout the morning hours. our temperatures, well, they are fantastic. if you haven't got outside just yet, i think you will love how it feels when you do get out there.
6:45 am
oh, my gosh. it feels so good, that low humidity i think is even lower than it was this weekend. new filly is a little warmer, mid-60s there. if you wake up out in elyria, mid-50s, lower 50s in ashtabula. my goodness, what a great start. this is a tease, because it's about to get really hot. not so much today but in the days ahead. today we go 85 for a high. partly to mostly sunny skies, really comfortable weather there with the lower humidity. tonight pretty nice, too. i think our humidity is held at bay this evening. our hour-by-hour chance of rain overnight is zero, so we're dry during the day. if you have plans tonight you shouldn't run into any rain. the chance does go up starting tomorrow. here are the rain chances over the next seven days. if you are wondering, you know, when is my lawn finally going to get water? here's the time to look at the
6:46 am
thunderstorms. mainly late in the day. then we'll have another chance of scattered storms on wednesday. the chance stays right around 30% to 50% all through the weekend. it's not going to rain every second or every minute during that time. there will be scattered thunderstorms around off and on from tomorrow all the way through the weekend. the other big weather story, in addition to those weather alert days for scattered thunderstorms, the 89 tomorrow, 91 on wednesday. we don't really get any relief until the end of the weekend. laura, it is going to be hot the next several days. >> laura: enjoy it while we have a cool day. get outside and enjoy it if you can. if you get out on the road, our waysers are already out there providing great information. this comes straight from the ways app. it's on my ipad. it can be on your ipad, phone, iphone or samsung, whatever it is, droid that you have.
6:47 am
this morning, and some waysers report an dekz on 480 close to the intersection with 77. 29 miles per hour moving back behind that. look for issues. it looks like someone is reporting debris on the roadway there on 480. move over towards 90 and 71. we can see some slowing there. 31 miles per hour, but more slowing here along 71 northbound as you move towards downtown passing by the metro curve. this spot is also pretty much rm 55th street along 490. typical stuff there for waysers. look at the drive times. there they are. love to see that. it's only 6:47 right now. the drive times are running on time. canton to cleveland is 56 and on time from elyria and strongsville. >> tia: we had him on our show before. this is very impressive. we can't get enough of him.
6:48 am
has grown up mastering the art of boomerang. he recently competed at the world championships. logan is live in our studio this morning, and we're so proud because he's a world champion. what does it take to be a world champion? >> you know, it takes a lot of practice and time and the right equipment and the right boomerangs, and then it takes some luck and determination. >> tia: i'm impressed. we'll hear more from you coming up. >> laura: he has it all. not crazy climbing and jumping. skills here. >> tia: coming up in the 7:00 hour on cle43, we're talking to logan a little bit more about his experience. >> laura: can't wait. from training to competing to coming home after it was all over, logan may even throw a few booker er boomerangs in our studio. you won't want to miss it. maybe he'll teach us, too.
6:49 am
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today?
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>> tia: this is all the reason to get up and get out on your monday morning as we look at the feazel roof cam. 6:52, by the way. the sun came up in 6:30. this day in 1984 the song "ghostbusters" was the number one song in america. for more rock trivia, and enter to win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> laura: you could not see. she was doing all the gestures, too. we have to get her on tv for that. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. >> cleveland police say a man that led them on a chase late last night killed himself at mlk and east 105th street.
6:53 am
and two south euclid residents. >> starting today the shoreway is closed in both directions at lake avenue and clifton boulevard. you can avoid this area altogether. you might want to pack some patience and take another route. >> we learned from several sources that sharon budd's husband, randy, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the 55-year-old was his wife's teartaker of a rock-throwing incident left her permanently >> cuyahoga community college officially goes 100% tobacco-free today, and applies to anyone on the grounds from buildings to the parking lots. >> a refund policy will be announced today for those that purchased tickets to last night's hall of fame game. the game canceled after the field was deemed unsafe to play on. >> samantha: that was something. i took a nap yesterday evening, and i woke up to watch the game only to find out on twitter that there was no game.
6:54 am
rest easy. it will be soon. 63 in cleveland. beautiful sunrise out there. kind of feels like early football season. i think it's nice and crisp outside. we'll go 85 later today with a partly to mostly sunny sky, but here's your full planning forecast. i notice that every day after today is a weather alert day. there's a chance at least of scattered storms each day, but none of these days is an all-day rain event. otherwise, guys, just getting ho look at all the 90s. >> laura: warming back up for sure. we have that ac in the car for you. this morning we get close to rush hour, almost there and still looking very, very good on the highs. no problems. looks mostly clean. we have a disabled vehicle but this is the opposite way the traffic on i-90 westbound near the split. it's blocking the center lane there. the drive times are still on time out there. guys, you know, we all sit in traffic every single day whether
6:55 am
i've been sitting in a lot of traffic lately. i've kept a secret and it's time to come clean here. it's been a long secret to keep, and you know me. it's hard for me to stay hush for long but maybe you have caught on. >> use the alternate, less congestion. >> can't seem to catch my breath during traffic hits and caught me in the grocery store with pickles and ice cream in my rt ka. you guessed it. my husband and i are expecting our first our little bailey won't be the spoined one longer. in january she's promoted to big sister and guard dog duty officials begins. we can't to well wm kor long-legged bit footed and heartbeating a mile a minute little sprout home this january. >> tia: my god. you hid this from you, laura. congratulations. >> laura: it was a tough secret
6:56 am
it was so tough. thank you. >> tia: congratulations, laura. seriously from the bottom of my heart. >> samantha: it happened on monday, and we're so happy for you. >> laura: it's been tough, and it's got to the point where i had to say something soon or someone would ask questions. 17 weeks and we're due in january. >> tia: laura, i'm so happy. i need to clean up my makeup. >> laura: we don't know if it' a boy or girl yet, and we'll find out soon. we're taking bets and picking names. >> samantha: a baby shower! >> tia: get on top of it. you're going to plan it. we're going to clean up, and we'll see you all on the cle43. make the switch. i cannot believe you, laura.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, august 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? breaking news. delta airlines grounded all departing flht >> an accident on the world's tallest waterslide kills a 10 yer 10-year-old boy. we are in kansas to determine what happened. >> fiblmichael phelps and katie ledecky make history in the olympics and an upset with serena and venus williams. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this is an issue of delta passengers across the globe and


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