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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: and we need to stick with the weather situation. we do have severe weather in cuyahoga county. >> tiffani: beth mccleod lab all over this one. the pictures are absolutely amazing. look at the huge cloud behind you. >> beth: this is from our downtown roof cam. take a look at the severity of this. this is just looking bad.
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heavy downpour. lightning out there as well. anyone downtown is seeing this going oh, my goodness and hopefully, people thinking about leaving, thinking about leaving work will put it off for a little bit. let me update you. severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15 central and eastern portion of cuyahoga county. zooming in, here is downtown. it is just on the fringe of the heart of downtown. yeah, with you are still in part of the mix, rocky river you are pretty much done with this. and it goes all the way down past parma including the interchange of 480, 71 taking on a lot of water at this point. 90, the innerbelt bridge, all the construction, everything has to come to a complete stop. you can't drive-through this. the wind alone by the stadium is definitely picking up. some of the pictures we have
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the way through. the sweep arm keeps updating this as it moves towards the northeast. brooklyn, brooklyn heights. you are getting hammered right now. newburgh heights, if you are not already taking cover and protecting yourself you probably have a few more minutes before you see the heavy downpour of rain. 7 hills, independence and same with garfield heights. valley view. parma, you are right in the middle. go ahead and take one of the roof shots. go aad look outside. i'm sorry. who did you say, julius? >> live look outside you can see how ominous the clouds are. go ahead and show us the skyline of what's happening downtown. this is when you know the rain is starting to come in and visibility is compromise. you can almost not see downtown. traffic is moving just fine and that's a good thing and the heaviest rain hasn't even made
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if you don't mind, go to weather one, one more time. let me put a track other this for those on the east side of town and widen out just a bit moving up towards euclid and cleveland heights you will get socked beachwood heights and cleveland heights 5:22. mansfield heights 5:44. willoughby almost at the top of the hour. and mentor and making it to lake county before the top of the hour. this is heavy rain. could leave 2 inches and there's more storms behind this. i will update you on the entire weather picture coming up. >> dan: beth, let's talk about cleveland heights. almost 48 hours ago with the microburst that came down. this is why it will be so danger us there. there were a lot of trees. i was there yesterday with massive branches that had been snapped and now hanging from those trees. if you are in cleveland heights or anywhere with the damage from
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be extremely careful. get to your basement. there are so many loose branches and huge tree trunks snapped from the last storm this will just come through and knock all the rest of this down. this will be a serious situation. take a look at this. i have been watching firstenergy power outage map. two hours ago they were fortunate to get this number to 4,000. now we are back u customers in northeast ohio now without power. there had been the east side that's the major problem, cleveland heights we have been focusing on. take a look rocky river and lakewood, you all got pounded and probably a lot of people there without power. if you know people over there, give them a call and make sure they are okay. we have video that just came in. let's take a look at this from
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westlake area. as can you see, the storm came through and an immense amount of wind and deluge of rain that came with it. and our next video north ridgeville starting to see tree limbs down there, powerful storms rolling through. from what beth is saying this is not a rain event or wind event we will see flooding in this area again ridgeville eller as this storm came in. it is a nasty complex. i want to get back to beth as she is able to draw some stuff out. who is in the line of fire. beth, can you get us that? who needs to take shelter next. >> garfield heights is definitely on the radar. cleveland heights, mayfield heights. chesterland ultimately and for
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i don't think it will stay. it definitely will be extended as this continues to come downtown. taking a closer look, can you see the downtown areas for the most part on the fringe of some of the heaviest rain. one of the thing i am noticing as it moves up the shoreline, can you see more of the orange which means it is not so bright red giving the indication of just a little less rainfall. heaviest rains fromnt brooklyn. some of the areas, the innerbelt bridge, 90. if you are headed to the east you can see through bratenahl and rocky river they are out of the mess. put on the lessity and the winds and the pinks, wow. look at this. do you see this, the pinks, these are 60mile-an-hour winds
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area. heads up. harry boomer is out there. harry, are you in the mix of this. >> reporter: yes, beth, i am in the traffic on the east shoreway west shoreway. it is raining really, really hard. we are seeing lots of lightning and traffic of course slowing trying to adjust. some are slowing down and others are not being so cautious and it is raining heavily. i can't see the radar because of where i am right now i can tell you i can see thunder and lots of lightning as people make their way on the west shoreway. it is drenching and rain is powering and rain coming to the drain in front of us and we pulled over where you can see it is raining pretty heavily now. we will keep moving west as traffic will allow and keep you updated as to what's going on. getting answers, harry boomer,
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you can see some areas downtown getting drizzle and light rain. the winds are another big concern. this is what's knocking out the power everywhere. newburgh heights, you guys should be taking cover at this point. rain and wind picking up carrying the momentum to the east side. 77 and 71 brooklyn heights, garfield heights. you are up next. you had a blip for a little bit. trust me, the worst is come west of you down 480. bedford heights chesterland and mooreland hills and solon. i know there are other storms popping up all around the area. cuyahoga county this is the big living spot at this point. this is the box, the yellow box eastern portion of cuyahoga county and central cuyahoga county. you can tell as this continues
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cleveland heights. original warning was 5:15. this is extended. chesterland you are not out of the woods, a good 45 minutes before severe weather coming your way. let's take a live look outside and see the latest conditions off our roof camera. look at that. here is the heavier rain. look at traffic in this picture. it is almost at a standstill not quite. getting in and out of the city is bad. dan, what do yo >> >> dan: we are able to see because you are able to see and you are everywhere. take a look at some of the pictures to cleveland 19 already. i was talking it our meteorologist team. this is a shelf cloud. this picture is on the west sighted. take a look how ominous that was as it came from the west side into the downtown area. take a look at this. this was taken from the hilton. it is again the shelf cloud looking out over the lake one of
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hilton building. the shelf cloud coming in with the fingers that looks like it will suck up the rest of the lake water and deposit it on the west side and get to one more picture in the marina, maybe whiskey island. that's incredible photography. if you are seeing these kinds of pictures and you have video send it into us. we will be on this quite awhile to get it to the big board. send beth, i will get back to you. i heard bells. is that a new warning. >> beth: we are in the same severe thunderstorm warning which means heavy rain, big winds downtown and that's another problem. this is a highly populated area. the entire yellow box central and eastern portion of cuyahoga county f. you live in cleveland heights right now you probably don't even have power.
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cleveland heights, you need to tell them to take cover. if you don't have power and storms are coming at you, it is not a good idea. >> and brooklyn heights, and brooklyn, you are almost out of it. >> let's go to kevin. he shot video from a bit ago. kevin are you there? >> i am here, hey. what does it feel like? were you driving when the storm came through? what did you see fist. >> b i up my daughter from summer camp in hilliard at westlake. i sent video, i don't know if you got it yet. the front edge of the thunderstorms. it was coming in and it got really dark. it rained and a little bit of hail and cars stopped it was so dark and everyone was putting their flashers on and trees came down and it is scary because you don't see the power lines.
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it was dark. you couldn't really move far a couple minutes there. heavy winds. >> beth: everyone is safe, right? >> everyone is safe. it kind of blew through and bright skies now. it was moving pretty quick. >> beth: they move quick. it was maybe 20 minutes would you say? >> 15, 20 minutes. >> beth: 20 minutes. cleveland heights you have 15, 20 minutesil to you and you will experience the high, gusty winds and bursts of water making it very difficult to drive. cleveland heights, on the fringe of seeing this and closer to that and take a good 15, 20 minutes to get off your backyards. >> new you bury heights seeing rain and downpours of winds. you will probably feel the winds picking up if you are not seeing
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>> the system is slowly moving to the east side. we will put a tracker on this and you can see 5:44 chesterland and cleveland heights and you should be feeling this rain. mayfield heights 5:28. coming up wait until you see the
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life from cleveland's newscenter drive-in by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> beth: so we are tracking storms through downtown and
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thunderstorm warning, the box has expired but the severity of the storm has not gone away yet. i wouldn't be surprised if they reissue another warning. can you see all along through the southern tip of lake county headed towards willowick, willoughby ultimately as well. euclid. you are on the cusp of this. this is more of the storms moving towards the northeast. 271 is involved in this. coming downtown this is the initial cell we have been watching now since it entered county marching through town leaving behind a destruction because of the high winds knocking out power to a whole bunch of people. warnville heights and shaker heights. you are experiencing this and brecksville and independence. you are still dodging the bullet. at least some of you still dark out there with the rains coming down. this goes all the way down towards akron following 271. it is not everywhere.
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gotten anything, beth. just wait. we are not done yet. you can see we are dealing with pop-up isolated areas. the severe warning for cuyahoga county has expired. we were thinking still they would reissue this. in the meantime let's take a look at power outages and dan deroos has the latest. >> dan: and they are mounting up. this is a serious issue. firstenergy, just firstenergy customers, 54,000 without that's showing because we were dealing with everything here in cleveland heights. when they say 50-plus this is this neighborhood alone. i will click on this. we have 87 outages in that neighborhood alone. talking entire neighborhoods in cleveland heights without power and that's why this is so dangerous. the storm we saw two nights ago there are branches and things hanging from the trees that wouldn't take much to come down. i am hoping everybody will be
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social media stuff going on and some of the pictures we are getting in. take a look at this. this is from ellen. she gave us this picture not the operation backpack. right here. ellen sent this picture in. this was the view from lakewood as it was coming in. somebody else sent a picture from lakewood. let's get to our twitter page as well. this video from john demarco. i love his end of the work. take a look as he pans around downtown and to the west side. this is one of the more bizarre storms as far as clouds go and sara goldenberg was on her way to a story when they got caught on i-90 westbound in an absolute downpour. if you expect somebody to drive homemaking it home, hopefully they are safe. they will not make it for awhile because everything is tied up.
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>> beth: we have storms marching through cuyahoga county. at this point there's no more severe thunderstorm warnings issued. that's the good news. dying down just a little bit. you see the red box. that's a flash flood warning for most of ashtabula county from an earlier storm. lake county heads up. mentor, painesville, this is coming in your direction starting to leave euclid a little bit before you get socked again. this will make the drive up make it to 271. willoughby, timberlake, willowick having a problem at this point. this is moving. they move 15 minutes you can expect to have absolutely a downpour of rain and it will move out of here. dark skies will stick around lightning tracker is on with lightning associated with this. if you take the trip down 271 to mayfield heights, shaker, anywhere in gates mills, you are
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this point. down through pepper pike in shaker heights. can you see through this. 271 it is stand still with this amount of rain happening. downtown area starting to lighten up. once the system pushes through and make it close to the 7:00 hour we will be settled down for the evening. north field, 271 and 480, you know it is a complete stand still at this hour at 5:20. again, no more that are out but some contain so much rain and big winds upwards of 60 miles an hour taking out power lines. let's take a live look outside and see what it looks like off the roof camera to give you a better idea. look at that. it is gray and starting to leave downtown. could you see on the radar where parts of downtown was starting to lighten up. this is what the after looks like. give it a few more minutes and then mostly cloudy skies again
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a good 15 minutes of serious rain and storms and then you are back into the clear. harry boomer you are with us live tracking the storm. where are you? >> reporter: imagewater park, beth. we are down here. folks here came earlier foragewater live. they don't know yet this is canceled because of the rain. can you see the cars are out here. we have to get out and maybe talk to folks and let them know it won't happen. the rain came through q minute we were in the thick of it and a minute or so later it was gone. it is moving quickly. traffic is backing up as folks are on the shoreway headed west. it pretty much stopped raining near downtown to the west side at edgewater park. that's the story right now. it came, did its thing and now it is gone. back to you, beth. >> beth: take a look doppler max still lit up. definitely having our issues
5:22 pm
odot i'm sure. 271, 480 a complete stand still as this storm is set up over 271. heck, that's slow on a good day, isn't it? heavy downpours of rain and up to 2 inches of rain with some of the sections where it is deep, deep red. mayfield heights on the edge of it. >> all the way through 271 at a crawl at this point. down towards beachwood you can see pockets any rain but saturated in this area. highland hills and 271, 480, i-90 to the west side everything getting back to normal steamy hot conditions and not giving a break in the humidity. let me put a tracker on this. 5:23 mentor. a heads up. madison, you have a little bit of time. this will still create quite a problem for you. you should be inside.
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we will get to other news of the day, a tragic story out of cal shockton county. a boy dead. >> dan: catherine bosley is here to answer how this happened. >> reporter: this is tragic and a possibility with the storms we are seeing and always tough to hear about and especially when we are talking about a child. in this case we are talking about a require area in ohio. warsaw, ohio. friends of the family say 8-year-old noah stuttsman was hit at noon outside trying to get the horses back in from the
5:27 pm
the mother called 911 and tried to resuscitate him but it was too late. >> and everybody she called when it was little noah, everybody said oh, no. not noah. he was very dear to everyone. >> reporter: apparently his sister was with them at the time. she was hit too and reportedly will be okay. getting answers, carolyn corpus christi cleveland 19. >> dan: catherine, that had us ki and how often that happens. especially here in ohio. first, we were using the national weather service on this. this is kind of a heat map that shows you exactly, we are talking square miles how often lightning hits and you can see it is concentrated to the midwest and to the south. a lot of talking today. >> then we can go lightning fatalities by state.
5:28 pm
pennsylvania has 11, indiana and the big state texas had 22 fatalities from 2004 to 2013. people struck by lightning. look at florida. 46 people in that state in that span of about 10 years. we can break this down further when we want to talk just about indiana, kentucky and ohio. what's really interesting t fatalities, the number of lightning strikes per square mile. we are just talking per square mile through a span from '97 to 12. 11 times in ohio given average square miles and that square mile has been hit 11 times by a bolt of lightning. we are dealing with serious stuff. you can see ohio is tied for 12th in the amount of fatalities and so is kentucky
5:29 pm
fatalities. we will continue to follow all this severe weather.
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>> beth: okayet let me up get you up to date. 271 beachwood mall and chagrin. take a live look what the rain has done to your commute home on 271. go a awhile. 271 live pictures and you can see flooding in the culverts. this traffic is at a standstill as far as you can see. people are so miserable they are driving illegally on the shoulder to get out of it. more so on the east side and west side there are a lot of trees down and a lot of power lines down. go to weather one. the storm that came through is starting to lose some of its
5:33 pm
upwards of 30 miles an hour. through meanter you are coming out of it in painesville to the lakeshore. it follows all the way to the south. a huge line of showers and storms coming through. keep in mind these are more oranges and not the heavy downpours west siders saw. kirkland hills in the thick of it. you have another 10 minutes before you dry out as well. as we continue south on the radar, you can see down towards chesterland moved quicker than the tracking was giving us. 71, you are drying out and damage is done. your evening commute will be rough. solon is getting absolutely soaked at this point. if i widen out to give you an idea, there are more storms to the west. more storms out towards east of medina at this point headed towards akron. these are fizzling as they move. and can you tell, let me get out
5:34 pm
and/orville. you might miss on the next round. widen out to the west. can you see there are more storms in the path not nearly as big of what we have seen in the last couple of days and we will continue to track this. over to dan and tiffani. >> tiffani: all right. we won the championship and looks like the king will stick around for awhile. >> dan: king has a new deal. we have been waiting fors. he has the money to prove it. >> clearly, if anybody deserves to cash in for what they accomplish it is clearly lebron james. three years, $100 million with the cavaliers. he goes long term here and getting particulars when and if he can opt out. bottom line, this may surprise you, this is the first time in his incredible career lebron james will be the highest paid player in the nba. that may stun some people.
5:35 pm
next year $3 million. when you break down salaries around the league and look at some guys clearly getting overpaid, you could never mick that argument when it comes to lebron james and what he has delivered to the cavaliers the past couple of seasons. he announced it himself uninterrupted, the deal is done with the cavaliers.
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>> beth: okay. take a look. doppler max lakewood county to medina east of medina at this point the storm in general has loosened up a little bit. doesn't mean it is bad. will you have big winds and not as severe as earlier rolling through rocky river. kate miller is with us on the phone. kate, you are in rocky river or near rocky river when this storm started approaching. what did you see? >> i live in rocky river over i-90 on the detroit road overpass. i live a little bit back from the street. i think i was sheltered from some of it. >> the downpours were incredible. and the wind almost looked like it was whipping in circles, whipping the sheets around and definitely coming down quick and actually starting to flood the parking lot. it eased up a lot now. it is actually not raining
5:39 pm
from beginning to end to get through the storm? >> probably, yes. >> do you have power back? when you first put it out on twitter you lost power. are your lights back on? >> i am still without power. our power was down and actually went out before the storm came in. >> beth: kate, don't go anywhere. we are showing the live picture as radar backs up and showing the intensity and kind of picked up speed coming through avon and rocky river let me zoom in. deep reds showing you are getting 2 inches, inch and a half of rain per hour and took 20 minutes to come through. wharp the road conditions like when the rain came down. was it something you could drive through? >> it was. i have one room in my bedroom, a window that looks at detroit and i could see cars driving on detroit. and you could see they are keeping up a ton of water. >> i actually walked out to the detroit and it is leveled off
5:40 pm
a parking lot right under detroit road. i don't know if there's flooding there or what's going on. 90 east under detroit road is slow-going right now. >> i-90 east. 271, 480 jammed up from the heavy rain. kate, rocky river lost power. i am getting tweets bay village lost power with trees coming down n. columbia we are dealing with the storm, moving from rocky river to the east side of town to put a tracker on this. >> madison, 5:55. munson you are in the same loop. >> jefferson, if this stays together all the way to you and you are under the flash flood warning box because you had earlier storms. it will be a tricky time. right now, a lot of area and people without power. let's go to dan deroos from
5:41 pm
nights ago still impacting especially cleveland heights. we have mark durbin from firstenergy on the phone with us. mark, before we get to this, i want to update the live number under 57,000 customers in northeast ohio without power. explain to me the challenges you folks are fighting today. >> as you -- if you can't hear me, i am in the pouring rain in twinsburg. it is passing through very we were in the process of finishing things up on the east side area cleveland heights about 3,000 customers out from the earlier storm. the intensity of the rain on the west side with the trees down in particular, that's the true challenge. as strong as the system is and it normally is a strong system, when the big trees start falling and falls into our equipment that's what causes the outages.
5:42 pm
tree debris before our linemen can go in and do what they do. >> dan: i was in cleveland heights and there were branches hanging off of trees. i am assuming some of the work crews were able to complete has been ruined all over again. >> well, we will see how intense it was in those particular areas. it was a bit of a microburst that came through cleveland heights causing the problem. hopefully we didn't have the intensity on the we are seeing outages in the west side communities. i would you caution our customers if they are out and about to be careful of downed wires and tree limbs and make sure kids stay away from that. when you get home, if you are listening, you know, call us if you don't have power. people think my neighbor will call. you might be the only one on the street that has power.
5:43 pm
system with as much up to date information as possible. >> dan: let's talk about numbers. because of the storms two nights ago, do you folks have extra crews in. sometimes you pull in from pennsylvania and indiana, have you pulled in extra crews and how many numbers are we talking. >> keep in mind firstenergy is a big company. we had additional crews from the ohio edison and toledo and pennsylvania working on behalf of our customers in the clevelan as the system moves through and as a company, we need to analyze outages in toledo or pennsylvania and then transition some additional resources to come in to the cleveland area to help get outages done that way. keep in mind our guys are working 16 hours on, 8 hours off and every man on board when it comes to a storm like this. we will keep working it until everything is back on. i would like to caution people
5:44 pm
have seen and reports like yours it will be a multiday outage before everybody is back on from this last burst of weather and probably won't help on the east side where we were working to get the folks back on. we have customer's patience. >> when i get home if they don't have power call us and we will get it processed as quick as we can. >> long week and weekend. >> mark durbin from firstenergy. we appreciate the time and ahead of you. good luck.
5:45 pm
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>> beth: okay. let me get you the latest. doppler max line of showers and storms fair port and mentor down to ba'ath. east of medina north of akron a closer look on the lakeshore. everything is calmed down a little bit. there are no warning boxes out. with that said right along the
5:48 pm
towards the northeast madison, heads up. the biggest winds and strongest winds is on the edge of all of this. traffic is backed up where this storm has been. i-90 is one of them. lightning tracker you can see that at this point. right through here, this is one of our bigger concerns. south madison and thompson probably should take cover. the storm has the potential to have up to 60mile-an-hour winds and everything died down a don't tell anybody that in the path of the storms. we lost a lot of trees and power outages. down to chardon and munson. can you see it is breaking up in spots which is good. middlefield getting soaked again. every day you have something. bainbridge and ba'ath and akron and twinsburg. definitely starting to come on the edge of this going all the way through cuyahoga falls heads up. acts at blossom luke bryant i
5:49 pm
let's take one live look at studio, apple tv and look at your commute. we have dark skies where rain has come down. the ground is starting to be saturated and roads are wet. in some areas traffic commute is lightening up. 71. let's go to harry boomer over on the west side. lakewood. right, harry? >> reporter: that's right in lakewood. you mention trees coming down. one the tree actually didn't come down but a couple of rotten limbs came down. that is just pretty rotten, the wind took it right down and everything. i am at the house of kim and her son lincoln. they don't have any power here. kim, tell me about not having power and how it is affecting you. >> it's been on 45 minutes getting very hot in the house. we came and sat out on the porch watching all the traffic.
5:50 pm
raining. >> you were saying you were in it for a little bit. >> i was driving from north olmsted and we stopped for awhile because i couldn't even drive. >> good to be home. >> i am glad to be home. very glad. >> without power until later this evening. >> lincoln, how are you making it. doing okay? >> yeah. >> he said he is doing fine. thank you, kim. 57,000 people in northeast ohio right now without power according to cei. traffic is movin side streets out on 2 and 90 traffic moving slowly because of the weather. getting answers harry boomer
5:51 pm
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welcome. we have been covering severe weather for most of the afternoon. if you have been driving through wind and damage from the west side to east side and nearly 60,000 people are without power. that's on top of the people who didn't have power the other day. >> dan: we were talking with beth and some areas seeing up to 75mile-an-hour winds in westlake.
5:54 pm
beth who do you have for us now? >> beth: first things first doppler max, we took a snapshot what went through this afternoon and can you see the bright reds bay village to fair view park to lakewood. this is 4:40. this area has a lot of power outages now. >> and we have fred mccleod on the phone. fred what did you see, honey. >> columbia road two large trees probably 100-footers went down and thankfully not on top of a couple homes but on the street and columbia road is blocked. it did land on some power lines. as a result a lot of neighbors are without power because of the wind and fallen trees. it could have been worse but obviously the police have columbia road closed near wolf and lake until the debris can be cleared off.
5:55 pm
when this took place? could you feel the wind coming up at the time. >> a traffic light checking first alert app and watched, you know reds and yellows coming in as you taught me. that's not good and literally in 30 seconds the light changed when i got to the barber shop a wall of rain coming up wolf road. it came fast and blew through really fast and obviously quite a lot of residue. >> i hope everybody is okay and dogs are okay and house is okay. >> and people are getting out on the streets because of the heat in the home with air-conditioning and power and assessing the damage and luckily nothing serious has happened other than a couple of lost trees here. at least 100-footers anyway. >> beth: you hate to hear about the damage and air-conditioning being out for
5:56 pm
we are not quite done with this storm. this is the same system that came through bay village, avon and came through rocky river and downtown area. and traffic is slow out there. a slow go and not done with the system yet. dan, tiffani. >> dan: thank you, beth. from here this will be the damage report. we will continue our breaking news coverage and severe weather coverage. >> tiffani: we have lots of
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire company. live from cleveland's answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> live pictures outside. we have been watching this all afternoon pointed east.
5:59 pm
and rough ride in the weather department and coming days don't look much better. >> tens of thousands without power and flood potential. beth mccleod is tracking the latest. >> beth: we definitely have our issues out there. some of this definitely fizzled. there were severe warnings out and all those boxes are canceled with that said let me set the stage a bit. the original concern is moving to lake, geauga and moving towards akron and more thunderstorms to the west and not seeing the s.a.t. an hour, hour and a half ago and east of fairport harbor and near madison down towards thompson and heads all the way down towards akron. heavy downpours and big gusty winds on the beginning of this system and not like what we saw with the trees on the west side. with that said lightning tracker on and quite active. you shouldn't be outside at this
6:00 pm
rainfall estimates in the last couple of days are topping the 3-inch mark. this weekend will prove very interesting. first things first a lot of outdoor activities. tribe are playing tonight. blossom is taking on a concert. got to protect yourself from the wind and rain and storms and heat and humidity. just because you get the rain doesn't mean you will cool off for the night. also this weekend you should know we have the possibility to see upwards our biggest problem will be the flooding and flash flooding can be a concern. when i put this up on the future view rainfall monitor every time we see big rainfalls and you see red mansfield, 2 inches. we will track it all weekend long and get you the latest and 7-day focus up ahead. >> harry is out in lakewood right now covering some of the storm damage. harry, where are you and what


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