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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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asking questions, and getting answers, "cleveland 19 news" starts now. >> tia: all right. we start out with this. we have breaking news out of lorraine. a man was murdered bell at over land avenue. they're still searching for the suspect. this is what we know about this. there is a man they're currently looking for in this situation. this is a picture from the scene taken by viewer mike d'angelo and posted on facebook. the man is describe as 6 foot tall, african-american male with medium build. he's said to have yellow camouflage pants and shirt and you can call police if you know anything. of course, we will continue to
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comes into the cleveland newsroom. i declare this assembly to be unlawful and order you to disperse. >> brian: protests hours ago in milwaukee. people there demonstrate and rioting for two straight days after a deadly police shooting. >> i want to stress the fact that this is still a significant flood event. >> tia: the flood he's talking about is a frightening situation. several of them happening right now in south thousands of people are homeless this morning after more than 2 feet of rain has fallen over the last four days. just crazy when you look at that video. >> brian: we're going to continue to update you on that still-developing story all morning long. of course, nothing that severe for us. we did have severe weather. we had some storms that rocked and rolled in and then quickly out. more rain today. >> tia: we had a flood watch warning, and turned out to not
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meteorologist sam roberts is tracking the weather that we have for you on a monday. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. nobody loves monday, but do you really hate it even more when there's rain coming in? today is a first alert weather day. still need a little of that rain although many are tired of it after the last several days. we have scattered showers and thunderstorms possible through 2:00 in the afternoon. mid to late afternoon we'll get a break in that rain. for now we've got only light rain, through the city of cleveland and through medina county. this is like the lightest rain ever. southwest of cleveland, that's where things start to pick up in intensity. tiffin, willard, bucyrus, good morning to you. we have a fairly steady rain there, and if it holds together mansfield may get clipped by this, ashland and northern ashland county and southern lorain county and northern huron county also into erie county,
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moving through for you this morning. i don't think it's going to rain on you constantly this morning, but we will be in and out of scattered showers. here's the planner for the several several hours through 11:00 in the morning. i would be prepared to dodge a shower or thunderstorm at any time. not a constant rain, but definitely enough to slow you down on the roads where it may be raining. time is 6:03. speaking of the roads and traffic, we have to let you know what is going on. we'll get minutes. guys. >> tia: yes, we will. thank you so much, sam. 84 days until we cast or ballot for president. the clock is ticking. this week the campaigning will be right here making stops in northeast ohio. >> brian: for good reason, of course. ohio hasn't voted for the loser in a presidential election since 1960. >> tia: that's a long time. >> brian: donald trump is campaigning here today. sia nyorkor is getting answers this moshing about how voters
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candidates. >> reporter: good morning, tia and brian. ohio is a battleground state, so there's good reason for both candidates to be here. most of the voters say they haven't seen a presidential election like this. both of the candidates running for president will be here in northeast ohio this week. donald trump will be in youngstown today and hillary clinton will be here in cleveland wednesday. trump is expected to address foreign policy at youngstown state it's invitation only. clinton's campaign says she will talk about taxes and the economy at john marshall on wednesday. many voters say they haven't made up their minds. >> the worst of two evils really. it's kind of scary. obviously, thinking about the future of our kids. so we're trying to kind of make an educated decision, but that's hard to do right now. >> we can't stand either one of them.
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>> reporter: vice president joe biden will came pain with hillary clinton in the battleground state of pennsylvania today. back to you. >> tia: thanks so much. as we inch closer to election day, stay with us for continuing coverage on the campaign trail for 2016. we have everything on our website and you can join in on the conversation by following our social media accounts. we want to get to traffic because, of course, you're probably heading to work on this monday morning at we want to show you this area right now. you see the cone zones, and it's up. biggest day on that sign, road closed. that is the west shoreway right now, and the exit ramp at west 45th street is closed so you need to be aware of that. it will be closed for about four months, so you may want to think of an alternate route. as for drive times, nothing to tell you about, because everything out there is in the green. >> looks good. if you're an rta rider reach
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morning. it's the first workday since this weekend's fair rate increase. one-way ticket prices went up a quarter, and your all haf day pass went up 50 cents from 5 bucks to 5.50. monthly passes cost ten bucks more, 95 bucks up from 85. some daily riders we talked to, of course, no one is ever happy with new prices. >> it's not doing the public no better. they're still doing the same service, but they're increasing the >> i'm on a fixed income, so it hurts me quite a bit. >> brian: we have some answers for riders who already have a monthly pass. rta says, yes, they will honor the passes until they expire. >> tia: a memorial service this morning for former ohio congressman steven latourette. he died at 62 earlier this month. it begins at 10:30 a.m. at university circle methodist
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of congress from '# 95 until his retirement two years ago. this may be exciting for some, happy parents to get the kids back in school and out of the house today. kids in the cleveland metro school district go back to the classroom. that means you'll be back out walking around. we look forward to seeing you with the school zones being in effect this morning for the first time in months. take it slow and watch out for kidsnd buses. the time has come and time to go back to school. possible health risks involving heavy backpacks kids lug around, many lugging them around all day. >> nichole vrsansky getting answers this morning. especially during the first week there's a lot to stuff in the backpacks. they get very heavy. >> nichole: very heavy. we'll show you how heavy. average book back is nearly 14 pounds. each of these -- i'm putting
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keep it piled in, brian. so each of those reams of paper weigh 5 pounds, so close to 15 pounds here. brian, are you done? >> tia: can you see it on the screen? >> brian: can you stand up? >> nichole: can it fit in the book bag. 15 pounds these kids are lugging around. they need to do some continuing in the summer to get used to it. >> brian: are you okay? >> tia: that's how they are. their backs. turn to the side so people can see down. >> brian: that's rough. >> nichole: that's perspective, right? >> brian: you doing the whole story with that on your back? >> nichole: i'm going to try to. if you see me sweating, you know why. the average book bag weighs 15 pounds and that's according to research. that's about 15% of the average student's weight. three reams of paper on my book bag right now.
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than 10% of their body weight. dr. dan davidson says he's seen at least 20 cases of back and neck pain relating to heavy backpacks in the past year. davidson says to make sure your child's backpack is balanced, meaning make sure they wear both straps and has goo padding. >> it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the neck, upper back, shoulders, muscles and joints. it's a >> nichole: i took that backpack already. that's heavy. they say cell phones play into injuries as well. we put that together for you coming up in the next half hour. >> brian: all right. nicki will catch her breath. that's heavy. i took it off her back. i can't imagine young kids walking around with that much weight strapped to their back. >> tia: they're expensive, and i'm sure some kids think they're
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kids have a good amount of books. >> brian: lame. i'm kidding. it's smart. it really is. >> tia: if you can afford it. >> brian: you're not going to see many kids doing it. it's not cool. >> tia: you're going to pull what i buy. >> brian: in about 10 minutes we get an update on the violent protests overnight in milwaukee. >> tia: it seems comparable to louisiana is devastated by severe flooding. what the government is doing right now to monitor this situation, sam. >> samantha: they can't get a break. it's devastating. they've had historical flooding down there. here a little bit closer to home, really just light rain around for your morning drive, but it could slow you down. so on the commute impact meter, about a 4 out of 10. so, you know, a few slowdowns are possible. 73 right now. we'll be in the lower 70s
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activity. we'll take a closer look at how long the rain sticks around after the break.
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of course, building wealth is not easy for anybody, but they say their first move was setting a goal and then dumping debt as quickly as possible. >> tia: this morning we follow a rapidly developing story out west. 4,000 people must evacuate right now in northern california. four homes have burned to the ground. firefighters are struggling to get this wildfire contained. this is called the clayton wildfire. several structures threatened right now. thankfully no fire is only 5% contained. well, also happening right now, more than 10,000 people are homeless in southern louisiana. the federal government has declared a major disaster for this historic flood. some places near baton rogue got 2 1/2 feet of rain since thursday. what's scary is more rivers and creeks are expected to burst their banks this week. hopefully they can contain that
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so much of that is below sea level down there it doesn't take much, right, sam? >> samantha: you're absolutely right. >> brian: that's too bad. i feel bad. >> tia: it happens over and over again. >> samantha: if any local groups plan to go down there and provide aid for our friends in louisiana, let us know. you can e-mail us, e-mail the station. we would love to hear your story and what you plan to -- or your organization plans to do. let's look at the radar this morning and show you what's happening here in northeast ohio. we had some rain, right? but certainly nothing like that. time is now 6:17. and i want to show you that school day forecast. then we get to the radar. not everybody is going back to school today, right? some of you are. here's what to expect at the bus stop. i would take that umbrella because you may need it from time to time. all the way through lunchtime a low chance of reverse today. by the ride home, things look pretty good.
6:18 am
for the ride home if you're going home after 3:00 or 4:00. 70s for much of the day, so not super hot today. 82 this afternoon but with high humidity. so it's not really going to feel refreshing, right? it's still on the stuffy side. here's where we stand right now as far as our radar goes, and you can see that there is a lot of green out there. this is light green, though. so very light rain from southern lorain county through medina and out to the east side. again, it's very light. cleveland here out towards tiffin, willard, norwalk, bucyrus. i told you in the 5:00 area that it would start raining around the norwalk area around 6:00. well, it's raining now. rain picks up in far southern lorain county, northern ashland county and richland county also seeing showers. i put a time stamp on it so you can see when the rain will move into your area.
6:19 am
if you join me from strongsville, about 6:48. cleveland is around 7:00, cleveland heights after 7:00. take that umbrella. you may need that from time to time through midday. by 2:00, 3:00 showers should be diminishing in coverage across the area. so if you have plans this afternoon, plan for clouds, milder temperatures in the lower 80s with that high humidity, maybe a spotty shower this afternoon. the s the morning. rain chances for tonight, well, they're pretty low, running about 30% from 6:00 through midnight. so your evening drive should be pretty quiet, but watch what happens after midnight. if you work a late shift this evening, that rain chance climbs and we look at the scattered showers after midnight up through tomorrow morning. there may be more rain around. midday we get a break in the rain before more showers develop in the afternoon. today and tomorrow, just got to
6:20 am
because you need it off and on. wednesday, the rain chance drops off a little bit but coming back up for thursday. oh, we just can't get rid of the showers, guys. pretty much all week ear in the 80s. back to you. >> tia: coming up, why a lot of flights out of cleveland to new york city are canceled this morning. >> brian: plus, nichole has an update for us on breaking news out of milwaukee where for the second night in a row protesters
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] r would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. >> nichole: time is 6:23. i'm following breaking news from overnight in milwaukee. police there made multiple arrests, at least 17 after a second night of unrest over the police killing of a black man. a few officers were injured as protesters threw rocks and other
6:24 am
milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is asking demonstrators to stop targeting police. >> we keep focusing on the police. i've said publicly before, stop trying to fix the police. fix the ghetto. >> nichole: as far as the investigation into the shooting, police say the man they killed, sylville smith was holding a gun and refused to put it down running away from the officers. today the wisconsin national guard is expected to arrive to relieve local police. in new york city lots of delays and cancellns morning at jfk airport after reporting of gunfire forced an entire terminal to evacuate overnight. no one was injured. police still aren't sure if any shots were even fired, but we know that numerous flights to new york city from hopkins this morning are canceled. make sure to check your flights before you head to the airport. tia. >> tia: thank you so much. a lot of people may want to head out to this. today is the last chance to enjoy the festivities at the feast of the assumption in
6:25 am
it starts with 10:00 a.m. mass at holy rosary church followed by a procession through the neighborhood. if you're thinking about lunch, this is perfect. from noon to 11:00 tonight, enjoy games and rides and, of course, all that mouth-watering food. the angels four-game series in cleveland was the wrap of a nine-game road trip for them. it did not go well. they lost all nine including four in a row to the tribe. the indians bats blew up and won the first two games, but the bull pen locked it down in the bats did just enough. here's a big base hit here. now they have a comfortable five-guy lead and six in the loss column on the tigers in the division. they play a makeup game against the red sox today. first pitch at progressive field is at 1:10. the indians are playing better. la do you do? >> tia: they have a lot to games to play. we have a lot of time. the dog days of summer are in
6:26 am
forecast. >> samantha: ask and ye shall receive, right? we wanted right, and we got it this past weekend. more rain for today. tribe taking on the red sox today. 1:10 is the first pitch. there may be rain early on, so maybe a possible delay. yon. we'll keep our eyes on it for you. could be some rain out there. 78 at first pitch. we got rid of the excessive heat. still rest of the week coming up after the break. >> brian: up next, what we hear from government officials in louisiana about what is becoming one of the worst floods in
6:27 am
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the president granted an initial -- a major disaster check largs for four >> he's talking about president barack obama. he's providing federal relief for parts of louisiana. you can see why. entire towns nearly underwater, submerged more than 30 inches of rain in some places fell. to put that into perspective, the most any town got during hurricane katrina was 15 inches. we will hear more about the evacuations. that's coming up in about 10 minutes. >> brian: it's crazy. also breaking overnight, lorain
6:31 am
overland avenue. police are looking for a 6-foot tall black man with medium build. now, he was last seen wearing yellow cam mow pants and a shirt. we're in touch with lorain police. when we hear more, look for an update on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: it's monday, august 15th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. we survived a rainy weekend. i actually snuck nine holes of golf in. i did. >> brian: very early sunday morning. >> tia: who is complaining if it rains on the weekend? >> brian: we needed the rain and got it. >> tia: i'm complaining on a monday. >> brian: sam, we had rain over the weekend. what about today? >> samantha: more rain, guys. it's already out there for us. time is 6:31 on this first day of the work week, and for some of you first day of the school year. it's a first alert weather day, because we are tracking the potential for scattered showers
6:32 am
by mid-afternoon. it's not going to rain constantly on you this morning. i think there will be breaks, but from time to time you will definitely need that umbrella. here's doppler max from cleveland down to the south. akron/canton, dover, we're completely dry and east of i-77 there is like nothing happening right now. but to the west we do have these showers. they extend from northern medina county through lorraine, huron county, northern richland, there's some rain there as well. and there's more, but wait. there's more. back to the west and down to the south. cincinnati, indianapolis, even all the way out towards st. louis just a big mass of rain. all that moisture is trying to work its way in here. i think most of the rain that we end up seeing it going to be in the morning. so, again, now through about lunchtime, 1:00, really want to have that umbrella ready to go. but this afternoon your drive home probably going to end up
6:33 am
one or two showers and thunderstorms out there. what about the week ahead? after today what happens? are we ever going to see the sun shine again? we'll talk about it coming up at 6:45. back to you guys. >> tia: in 84 days we cast that ballot for president. it's donald trump today and hillary clinton wednesday. both candidates are campaigning right here in northeast ohio this week. >> brian: both have a lot of work to do. of course, ohio is a big battle ground state. we wanted to know what local voters are thinking here. many ohio voters say this presidential election is unprecedented for a lot of reasons. as a battleground state, northeast ohio will be the center of this campaign this week. trump is expected to deliver what's being called a major foreign policy address at youngstown state university today, and wednesday clinton's camp says she plans to talk about taxes and the economy. that will take place at john marshall high school. most say they're just not sure
6:34 am
>> i was a good, big fan of donald trump for a long time. some of the things he says though, has kind of turned me off. now yon what to do. >> exactly what they're going to do for the country, you know. taxes, health care, education. those are important things. not picking on each other. >> brian: a new "usa today" rock the vote poll finds hillary clinton is gaining the support of sanders supports. it shows donald trump has the worst showing in young voters in modern american history. just 84 days from that election. look for more news and voter information on our website for you, everything you need to know on >> tia: this is heart-breaking when you think that today is back to school for so many kids, right? tragedy on the turnpike.
6:35 am
d accident in erie county. a truck didn't stop in a construction zone and crashed into five other vehicles. we're waiting to hear more on their conditions. all lanes are back open this morning. here at home we wanted to look at traffic to see if there's any tie-ups out there. as you look at the traffic map, there's nothing out there. everything is smooth going all in green right now, but there is a hang-up that we need to tell you about in mentor. this is on state rou between lindsay road and carpenter drive. that's reduced down to one lane for bridge repairs. that will go on through wednesday. so those repairs happen through wednesday. in terms of drive times, hey, there's nothing to tell you about out there bad. yon. maybe you decided to stay home on a monday, but everything at 6:35 on your monday morning is in green. >> brian: excellent. after more than five days without power, firstenergy has just about restored all services
6:36 am
heights. man, they had a rough go, didn't they? >> tia: they did. >> brian: we checked the outage map. 500 customers in cuyahoga county are currently without power. firstenergy's website says everyone should have the juice back by 8:30 this morning. we're asking questions today about an accident on one of the rides at the cuyahoga county fair. now, the fair wrapped up last night, but not before a worker was injured we've learned while operating the bumper cars. fair officials say the worker was hospitalized but okay. they also told us no one else was hurt or ever in any danger. >> tia: maybe your kids don't go back to school today and you're trying to figure out what to do today. great lakes science center in cleveland may be the place to be. there's free admission today for kids. nasa is there today for special demonstrations by experts and there are inflatables on the lawn. that's weather permitting. the science center is open from 10:00 to 5:00 today. we're getting our first look
6:37 am
three brand spanking new elementary schools, grant, lincoln and roosevelt elementaries were rebuilt in part of a $100 million project. lakewood's high school is still under construction and won't be finished until next year. i hate to break it to you, because i know how it was to start back the first day of school. it was like my mom had to throw a bucket of water in any face. i wouldn't get up. did you wake up? >> brian: oh, >> tia: it was a struggle. >> brian: it's brutal. >> tia: it started for the cleveland metro school district, right? it's the first day of school. it's crunch time not just for kids but parents are have it, too. >> brian: they morning we get answers for parents about how heavy is too heavy when it comes to the backpack, right? nichole vrsansky is working the story for us. there's health risks vovltd here. we talked about the backpack
6:38 am
is. >> nichole: a lot of weight and stress on your back. the consumer product safety commission says in 2014 alone more than 3200 school-aged children went to the emergency room because of backpack-related injuries. the american chiropractic association now saying that back pain in young children occurring earlier than in previous generations, and they believe overweight backpacks are to blame. doctors say kids shouldn't carry more than 10% of their body weight. dr. dan davidson has seen at least 20es pain relating to heavy backpacks in the last year. he thinks another growing problem, though, is posture when kids are looking at their electronic devices. >> once our head goes forward with that forward posture, graft pulls. gravity also wins. we don't want to work against gravity. you want a nice posture with your ear over your shoulder without that forward slumping. >> nichole: combine the two.
6:39 am
mix. make sure your child's backpack is balanced and make sure they wear both straps and it has good padding. we talk about how much our kid's book bags actually weigh. we show you the research on that. i'll try one on coming up in the next half hour. >> tia: some kids this morning are real lucky. cleveland 19 is showing up at your elementary school. that's the hint. we won't say we're showing up to one little elementary school. >> brian: they start early. they want to be in school as much as possible for testing. that's why cleveland is starting so early, yeah. >> tia: get excited. fifrs dfirst day of school. you can become anything you want to be. this is your chance to maybe last year you didn't like how school went. you can start all over and become the next president or maybe the next brian duffy. who doesn't want to be brian duffy?
6:40 am
higher goals than that. >> tia: time is 6:39. we now know kyrie irving, how he does it. we've seen it over and over again. now he's showing the world. that story in five minutes. >> brian: then there's this guy. he's 101, and he's still chugging away. sam, we will tell you and everyone else why we shouldn't rule him out for the 2020 games. good for him. >> samantha: love it. doesn't matter how young you are. doesn't matter everybody should get out there and run, right? it will put you in a great mood. time is 6:40 on this beautiful, rainy monday morning. i say beautiful because we actually really need the rain. it's not a horrible thing, right? maybe not so great during the morning commute. i do have some good news for you. we're saying good-bye to the 90s. saturday, 92, and since then we've really fallen off. low 80s yesterday and today.
6:41 am
weather stick around? we'll talk about it after the break. >> tia: not so good news for this state. more rain. that's what's coming to the flood-ravaged state of louisiana. an update on evacuations.
6:42 am
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time is 6:44. this is a "cleveland 19 news" news alert. president obama declared parts of louisiana major disaster areas after historic flooding. the governor says 20,000 people were rescued and 10,000 are staying in shelters. it's unclear right now when they can return back home. >> what's most important to us is to get to the people we need to. we have to make a decision based
6:45 am
that's been the most difficult thing that we've worked through over the last couple of days. >> nichole: a federal emergency declaration was granted to help people in the hardest-hit areas. the governor warns this flood event is far from over, and it could be getting worse before it does get better. so far five people have died in floodwaters. brian. >> brian: all right, thanks so much, nicki. 6:45. in rio the faster man in the world proved just that last night in the 100 meter. after a hit the turbo boosters. watch this guy. it's unbelievable. it looks effortless. he came from behind for the win. this is his third straight gold for this event. the first runner ever to do that. he's a stud. usa's justin gatlin, we were kind of hoping he might push bolt, but no such deal. in the medal count usa has 69 total and the next closest is china with 45.
6:46 am
irving two-on-one develops. he has it. kyrie irving. >> brian: he had the play of the olympics yesterday against france. he tossed this alley-oop to durant in the fourth to put them up six. team usa holds onto the lead from there, and they won it and beat france only by -- france, really? by three points, 100-97. >> tia: whiled the world's top athletes compete in rio, some not so youngun their dreams in michigan. this is 101-year-old fred winter. winter hopes his times are good enough to make it to the national senior games next year in alabama. he runs the 100 meter in 42 seconds. usain bolt did it last night just under 10. imagine that. that's kind of crazy. >> samantha: good for him. >> tia: you ran this weekend, right? the hock and really half marathon? >> samantha: yeah. i have no idea how i'm standing
6:47 am
you know, a shout-out to everybody that got out there and did it. >> brian: what race? >> samantha: the rock 'n roll hall of fame half-marathon series. >> tia: he's not listens to us. >> brian: you have my undivided attention. >> samantha: con fwrat lagss to everyone that finished. it doesn't matter how long it takes you, as long as you finish is what matters. forecast. this is what we have going on. if you have an early morning run planned, not me, i'm not doing that for a few days, you are going to be driving through some rain or running through the rain, whatever you do this morning. watch out, because it's headed in our direction. a 4 out of 10 on the commuter impact meter as we expect showers. look how cool it is. we're only in the 70s. now, these aren't refreshing 70s. it's still very stuffy outside
6:48 am
we had the cooler weather yesterday, but it was still very humid. it's going toe feel like that today. here is the rain. our radar loop showing you over the last three hours or so that we had those showers moving in from the west and southwest. most of the rain has been ongoing this morning in seneca county, huron, erie and now lorain county, also northern medina, ashland, richland and crawford counties contending with some light shower activity. here's a time elyria is already seeing those showers. if you join me from cleveland, it will be about 7:00ish before that rain moving in for you. the euclid area, probably 7:20, 7:30 or so. mentor same thing for you. that's when i expect the rain to move through. so umbrellas on tap for today. you will need them off and on, especially this morning. as you head out to lunch, i still expect a few scattered showers and thunderstorms out
6:49 am
progressive field, and there's probably at least a few showers around. by 3:00 or so, we should be mainly dry. maybe a little spotty rain out there this afternoon, but most of this is a morning through midday event. 73 degrees out there right now, about 74 at 9:00. mid-70s at noon, and then 82 is the forecast high temperature today. not a comfortable 82. it will feel every bit as s as yesterday. evening forecast featuring mainly dry conditions and a lot of clouds around. your evening commute you may not see any rain, and we may stay dry through about 11:00. maybe a spotty shower or two. rain chances really climb after midnight and through tomorrow morning. a first alert weather day today and tomorrow, because you will need the umbrellas off and on. are you tired of the rain yet? well, wednesday get a little break there.
6:50 am
possible. rain chances go back up just a little bit for thursday. guys, my pick day of the week right now is friday. duff. >> brian: all right, sam. it looks good. your drive times are looking pretty good here. this is the wide map. we're getting -- see anything there, tia? >> tia: i don't see a thing. >> brian: rolling along pretty good. there's a water main break in cleveland closing west 110th between baltic and clifton. laura demaria has the day traffic for you. drive times all in green, and that means good. >> tia: for some americans risking your life and limbs comes with the job. a new survey shows us the most dangerous jobs based on number of injuries and fatalities. here's the top five. firefighters, police officers, taxi drivers, truck drivers and veterinarians because of the injuries pets and livestock can inflict. >> brian: yeah. those vets working out on farms and stuff like that, they're
6:51 am
stuff. >> tia: i would have never thought it would that high on the list, though, but i guess so. time is 6:51. all right, kids. stretch it out. get up. it's time to go to school. that's the case right here in cleveland this morning. get excited. >> brian: we have a live look at wade elementary school, where police and firefighters will be there to greet the kids this morning. that's nice. sia nyorkor is aulsz there. we have a live report from her in our 7:00 hour on the cle43. first, what you need that's next. when i have a headache, i don't want to put my life on hold. i've got a big night planned with my friends.
6:52 am
excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 itch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. [ music ] >> brian: yeah, you're a hound dog. >> tia: i know a few. >> brian: here's a live look outside with the feazel roof cam. this day in rock history was
6:55 am
kinds of stuff. elvis presley started his 11-week run. for more rock trivia log onto win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: you ain't no friend of mine. all right. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. the clock is 84 days until you cast your ballot for president. >> ohio hasn't voted for the loser in a presidential election since 1960. >> they're still doing the same service, but they're increasing the prices. >> if you're an rta rider, you need to reach deeper in your pockets this morning. it's the first workday since the rate increase. >> speaking of buses, some kids may wait on the school bus this morning. the week has come.
6:56 am
as soon as today. today is your last chance to enjoy the festivities at the feast of the assumption in little italy. it starts with 10:00 a.m. mass followed by procession through the neighborhood. all proceeds go to holy rosary parish. welcome back. time is now 6:56 on this monday morning. a little light shower activity moving into the cleveland metro area. so take that umbrella, because you will need it this mo i expect additional scattered showers off and on throughout the morning up to about midday, early afternoon. and then more rain on the way tomorrow, guys, so from time to time next two days you will need to break out that umbrella. >> tia: little babies going to school may need those rain boots. >> brian: it's nice to go back to school when it's raining. at least not a beautiful summer
6:57 am
6:58 am
s with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college. i want to help her pay her way there, like i do for my son. call 1-866-999-0152 as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, august 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? more than 20,000 people are rescued from rising floodwaters in louisiana. entire neighborhoods are destroyed. president obama declares a major disaster. moments of panic at jfk airport. passengers hearing gunshots. two terminals were evacuated and all flights in and out were diverted or suspended. plus a new report links donald trump's campaign chairman with millions of dollars in off the book payments by a pro party political party in ukraine. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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