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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> tia: this is not the news that we want to bring you this early in the morning. someone is waking up without a loved one. we continue to follow breaking news. this is on cleveland's east side. this is the scene on east 116th and shaker boulevard where two cars collided. this is why i say someone is waking up without a love one. one person was killed, and this happened just after 3:00 this morning. the westbound lanes of shaker boulevard are closed.
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area. we will update you as we get more information. no rain in morning during our morning commute. that's a change. meteorologist jon layoff mloufmn is in for sam today. >> jon: here's ford first alert doppler max. almost everything is south and east of us. in fact this little dollop around alliance is headed off to the east and away from us towards youngstown. that's all we have out there. clouds have been abundant, and they will be right on through the course of the day. we look to get a few glimpses of sunshine from time to time as we make our way through a day that goes up into the 70s by 10:00, 7 # at noon, 83 at 4:00, low to mid-80s and some spots won't get into the low 80s. headed to the bus stop with a
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and more clouds than anyone else. there's humidity in the air. there's a slim chance of a shower, and on the lake today with 78 degrees in the water. waves two feet or less, and you may have to dodge a rain drop. chances are slip you have to do that there. there's the weather store for her. hour-by-hour through today and into the next seven coming up. right now, we'll turn it over to brian. >> brian: we'll check traffic real quick. here's the cleveland map. everything looks go and up to the 50s and 60s. >> tia: if we look at this, though, nothing to tell you about except you may want to avoid the area. there's a car fire on i-480 eastbound. the vehicle is on fire and has been moved to the shoulder, and that's probably why you don't see any delays right now, because it's moved to the shoulder. drive times, thousand, all in the green. so nothing horrible to tell you about on the roads right now this morning.
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battleground state. as the campaign trail heats up, you will see the candidates here. today hillary clinton will be in cleveland. >> brian: she will. she'll be on the west side talking about the economy at john marshall high school. cleveland 19's sia nyorkor is getting answers for us this morning on what her speech will focus on. good morning, sia. >> sia: yes, good morning, too yeah and good morning brian. they call this the hillary clinton tax fairness in clinton. around 11:00 a.m. those doors will open, and the event begins around 1:00 p.m. there are plans for her to tour john marshall high school and then break down the difference between her tax plan and republican presidential nominee donald trump. she touched on it during a campaign stop in philadelphia yesterday. she says donald trump's tax plan eliminates the estate tax, which could save his family about $4 billion.
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that can be used in other places. >> early childhood, helping our veterans, helping our law enforcement do what they need to do, helping more people get the job training and the skills training. >> sia: the public was invited to attend today's event, but you did have to rsvp. there's still time to do that, if you want to check out my twitter account a this area is expected to be busy when the secret service starts their sweeps in about an hour. we were just told by cleveland police that they're going to lock down this area, so we have to move out of here. if you're coming out this way, you want to be mindful there could be some delays. right now we get answers here in cleveland. i'm sia nyorkor. back to you. >> brian: sia, thank you. you can stay with "cleveland 19
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the 2016 campaign, and you'll get all the news and important voter information you need on our website, this morning we get answers about a series of police raids targeting people involved in a major atm theft ring. cleveland police were knocking on the doors of several homes with search warrants, and we're told they made multiple arrests. at 11:00 this morning cpd will hold a news conference, and we will be there. look for that information "cleveland 19 news at noon." >> tia: some kids walking to school every morning in lorain could be put in danger now that the city could be taking down traffic lights at 40 intersections. 39 traffic lights are under review across the city after two studies show they didn't comply to standards. odot and the city plan to take them down. residents say the light at east 31st and lorain has already been shut off, but some drivers haven't noticed. >> it's obvious that they're not
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pretty much doesn't have one, so they're just speeding through it. >> tia: the city says it has to comply by odot standards, and police are monitoring any traffic problems. two-way stop signs have been installed and have also clearly noted the traffic pattern has changed. the heroin problem has reached epidemic proportions in northeast ohio. in an effort to combat the issue, two local police departments are doing something different. waiving arrests for recovery. >> brian: nichole vrsansky getting answers this morning on this program. it's the first of its kind in cuyahoga county, although other areas have had some success with this as they look to get help for addicts. >> nichole: that's what it is, another option for help. the berea and olmstead police departments are teaming up on a safe passage heroin initiative. they're thinking outside the box on this one. addicts can come to the police
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officers will help to place them in a recovery program in ohio or other parts of the country. >> we're just trying to open a door that allows those looking for help to get the help they're looking for. >> nichole: barea ya police chief says they're responding to overdoses usually involving heroin every week. olmstead falls chief describes a similar situation in her nearby town. both agree the status quo of arrest and then repeat is not working. >> we see it all the time. we arrest the same people time and time and time again. now if we arrest somebody, at least we can tell me them, hey listen. when you're ready and sick of tired of being sick and tired, we have the police-assisted addiction recovery program here for you. >> nichole: the safe passages heroin initiativele officially
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addicted recovery initiative or pari. they'll be put in a recovery program with no arrests as long as they're warrant-free. >> here in ohio it's very difficult to get into any type of detox or 28-day program. it's very difficult. the waiting lists are ridiculous. that's why pari works with facilities ought over the to implement that. the way of chiefs say it. >> if you can help just one addict with their addiction, you're decreasing the chance for multiple crimes. you're decreasing the chance for families to encounter that tragedy of death and to encounter that disruptiveness of the addiction.
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interested in this program for yourself, for a family member, there is an information session on august 25th, that launch date at the german american culture center in olmstead township from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. word has got out about the new initiative and they have already started to place people with recovery centers. i'm have the specifics on that. also, the chief has pointers on the best way to start the process with them. we have that in the next half hour. >> brian: thanks very much 6:09. lebron james at the roller coaster capital of the world. he was at cedar point last night to kick off a new school year for thousands of kids in akron. this is part of his family foundation's we are family reunion. he brought in a new class of third graders into the wheels for education program. it's all designed to encourage young students to keep pursuing their dreams and, of course, pushing the importance of an education. >> tia: make sure don't forget
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komen race for the cure. you can sign up on our website,, to be part of our team and registration begins at 6:00 at mulls b and c and the 5k gets started at 9:00 a.m. those times are bright and early in the morning. >> brian: yes, they are. it's bright and early right now, but we're here cranking it out, right? lebron was at cedar point, and the park has been hinting about a new ride. we'll tell you about when we think the big announcement just may come >> tia: it's pokemon go on the go. we have the answer where you can charge up and train your pokemon. jon. >> jon: here's the way the day is going to go. the humidity is going to stick around, and maybe a passing shower. it's a slight risk. another mild, muggy night to follow, but the weekend is what we're keeping our eyes on. it's going to be unsettled and i'll alert you to what to expect then. >> brian: thanks. up next, devastation in louisiana. we have new information on when
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begin receding.
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>> tia: time is 6:14 on this this wednesday morning. the death toll is at 11 in louisiana, and authorities expect that number to rise. rescue crews, neighbors, and volunteers are going door-to-door checking for people unaccounted for. 40,000 homes are damaged and even more people are evacuated from the area. fema can only provide $5 million in disaster aid. a lot of the focus is starting to be geared towards how to
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rogue, louisiana. look at this. new video overnight from southern california. that was a house it appeared to be going up in flames. this is the blue cut fire. 82,000 people have fled their homes in the last 24 hours. all of them evacuated as this wildfire is moving very quickly. right now crews are working to get this fire under control. 18,000 acres have already been scorched. >> brian: it's hard to argue with the go. people in painesville, kentucky like plays it so much the city installed a charging station. they hope it helps to keep people downtown, and that would of course help the businesses in the area. a pokemon party will be held this weekend. if you think this summer has been hotter than normal, guess what? you're right. nasa confirmed this past july was the hottest month our planet has ever seen, and it's the tenth straight month of
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90s. if that seems like a lot, that's because it is. in 2013, 2014, 2015 the last three years combined we only had 12 days in the 90s. >> jon: it's nowhere near the record. the record is 37. we've had two years of 36 days of 90-plus in '52 and '55. this july, 17 days, 31 days in the month, and 17 days 87 or hotter. i mean, yeah, it was hot around here, too. >> brian: we're still a little fried. >> jon: yeah. all right. must be 6:16 in the morning. sunrise doesn't show up until 6:39. yeah, we're not going to see a whole lot of sunshine today. thank you for getting up with us. we appreciate that. take a look at what's going on south of us. dover, hey, look, this is farm country. millersburg down in holmes county, they may see a little
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35 miles per hour and will continue that progress through the course of the morning. so the further south you are, the better chance of catching up on the rainfall deficit. i don't think we'll come anywhere near 90 anytime soon. here's a slice of clear skies in indiana. so you live in northwest ohio, chances are real slim you'll see anything in the way of wet weather. if you live farther south and west, chances are a little bit better. here's the story on temperatures. we'll head from the 60s into the 70s, into the lowo some spots won't get above 80 degrees. i'm thinking around the akron/canton area. here's what we have to deal with. temperatures in the upper 60s, mid-60s to around 70, 71, at cleveland, akron/canton. ashtabula is always cool at 61. worcester is always foggy. a quarter of a mile visibility here, three-quarters over to warren. a half a mile visibility in fog.
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and so visibilities have been reduced in a few spots. a half a mile here at mansfield, but unless you get down to a quarter of a mile visibility, you're really not dealing with anything too difficult to navigate in on the roadways. 83, limited sun, slight risk of a storm. light southwest winds and 80 for akron/canton. a little better chance of a passing shower or rumble of thunder as we go through the day there. tonight, humid again and not great sleeping, 68 degrees, spotty showers, and then tomorrow partly cloudy but, again, can't rule out a passing shower or storm, hit-or-miss. somebody will get it. 85 degrees is the high temperature. from there we head into a friday that is quiet. sun and clouds mix and 84. tonight get used to it for the weekend. beginning friday night into saturday scattered showers return. we alert you to that then and into sunday with the expectation
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cold front comes through and knocks us down to a couple of mid-70s temperatures on monday and tuesday under partly cloudy skies. brian, tia. >> brian: jon, thanks. look at the cleveland map at 6:19 and see how we're doing from a traffic standpoint. those run times all look still pretty good and pretty green. >> tia: look at the akron map. pretty much the same story in akron as well. i don't think there's any spot on there that isn't green, so everything smooth sailing in >> brian: we have a car fire, though, on i-480 near the 130th street shoulder there. that could cause some problems, of course, as people drive by and look to see what's going on as we get closer and closer to rush hour. >> tia: for the drive times, though, it doesn't appear that anything is impacted right now because everything is in green, everything is smooth sailing. time now is 6:19. don't look now, we don't want to
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>> brian: feeling pretty good about this. we got a ways to go, and we're getting answers from a new report on gas prices. we have a go ahead why prices are going for the rest of the year. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations
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she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! time is 6:23. pat yourself on the back, america. we have saved $38 billion in according to a new report out overnight by the website says prices are likely to fall each month for the rest of 2016. right now the average price per gallon in our area is around 2.19. earlier this month we told you that cedar point will be closing its wooden roller coaster ride mean streak. the park is already hinting at what could be going up in its place. the park reached out to us and
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the second we get the news, look for a push alert on the cleveland 19 mobile app. i'm already signing up for media day to be one of the first ones to ride it, whatever it is. >> brian: you had your turn all right, nicki. the magic number is 39 for the indians. they beat the white sox last night behind the smoking gun of this guy, corey kluber. man, what a stud. he's won the last five decisions. he's starting to get back into that cy young conversation. the tigers lost, division lead up is to six games, seven in the loss column. game two in the three-gamer with the white sox is tonight. first pitch at 7:10 at progressive field. >> tia: believe it or not, it's been two whole months since the cavaliers won cleveland an nba championship. the merchandise is still selling like hot cakes, though. that sounds good this morning. the national bobblehead hall of fame is the latest to cash in. they are selling special edition
6:25 am
pop. if you want lebron and kyrie, they're sold out, but you can get the other ones on the website. no james or r irving, but you can get everybody else. >> brian: i thought you couldn't get them on -- lebron and kyrie are sold out on the website, too? >> tia: yeah. >> brian: doesn't surprise me. >> tia: after going weeks with barely a drop, it seems like every day we're talking about dhans of rain and today is to different. right? >> jon: wait a minute. there's a national bobblehead hall of fame? okay. 69 at 8:00 and we're headed to 83 and then down to 79 making our way through the day that could bring passing shower or thunder. i have the details in just a few. >> brian: that hall of fame is in milwaukee, wisconsin by the way. then there's this. a fatal car crash on cleveland's
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the very latest is coming up.
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>> tia: we continue to follow breaking news. this is on cleveland's east side. this is the scene on east 116th and shaker boulevard where two cars did collide killing one person. this all unfolded just after 3:00 this morning. the westbound lanes of shaker boulevard are closed, so use caution when driving through the area. of course, we will update you as soon as we get more information
6:30 am
>> brian: a lot happened while you were sleeping with this massive wildfire in southern california. we haven't seen flames move this fast all summer, really. 82,000 people had to leave their homes because of what is now called the blue cut fire. 34,000 homes are in jeopardy. >> tia: little improvement in baton rogue, louisiana overnight. in fact, the water is expected to rise today in some parts of the area. the death toll right now from these historic floods i to 11. good morning. it's august 17th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thank you so much for joining us at 6:30. i'm brian duffy. things are calming down for us, i hope. we have rain and storms all over the place since the past week or so. meteorologist jon loufman is in for sam this morning. we could still see a little rain today, huh? >> jon: we could. we need a little rain because the rainfall deficit is nearly 2 1/2 inches.
6:31 am
ford first alert doppler max takes us down south to find anything sneaking through the clouds in the way of weather. this is really sprinkles through. this is what you have to put your windshield wipers on one time, and it's done. so clouds across the region right now, a glimpse or two of sunshine is certainly possible today. it will be a commodity that we don't see a lot of. as we head from 69 at 8:0 at noon and the low to mid-80s through the course of the afternoon, a passing shower could not, cannot be ruled out. passing is the keyword. not far from the bust stop, 69 degrees at 7:00 and slight breezing and a slim chance a rain drop could sneak through the clouds there. on lake erie, 78 degrees and light winds out of the southwest. waves 2 feet or less.
6:32 am
because of storms. again, the chances are very slim, but i'll take you through the day today and the next seven, which does include another very good shot of showers and thunderstorms. i'll let you know when coming up. right now, let's head back to the desk, tia and brian. >> tia: thank you so much for that, jon loufman. right now we look at the realtime traffic on the roads. this is a live odot camera looking at i-480 and transportation. you can see there are definitely some slowdowns outre now. so you may want to give yourself a little extra time. >> brian: traffic building, of course, as we get closer and closer to rush hour. we're looking for slowdowns here now on the cleveland map, though. still looking pretty good at this point. >> tia: there's some construction in mentor on route 615 between lindsay and carpenter. there is one lane open in each direction. this project is expected to end sometime tonight. >> brian: drive times still in
6:33 am
77 northbound from akron to cleveland, 47 minutes. everything else is looking good out there. >> tia: on monday it was donald trump and this morning it's hillary clinton comes to northeast ohio for a campaign stop. >> brian: we're going to be busy around here. the economy is expected to be her focus today during her visit at john marshall high school. sia nyorkor is there right now. what's very interesting about this is school is still in session this morning. a lot of local teens will mbe get their opportunity to see the person who could be president of the united states. >> sia: yes, good morning, tia and brian. school is still in session. there's a lot of activity here at john marshall high school for this hillary clinton tax fairness event. you can see that the cleveland police have come and locked down the area where we were earlier and put down some cones. the doors will open at 11:00 this morning. the event starts around 1:00
6:34 am
tour john marshall high school and then break down the difference between her tax plan and republican presidential nominee donald trump's. now, she touched on it yesterday during a campaign stop in philadelphia. she says donald trump's tax plan eliminates the estate tax, which would save his family about $4 billion. mrs. clinton says that's money that can be used in other places like to hire public school teachers. >> we could hire 95,000 public school teachers for $4 billion. we could actually double health care for our veterans for $4 billion. >> sia: the public was invited to attend today's event. you do have to rsvp. we have put that link on social
6:35 am
account or "cleveland 19 news" account for a chance to rsvp to come to the event. for now we're getting angss here in cleveland. i'm sia nyorkor. back to you. >> tia: thank you so much. as for republican candidate donald trump, he'll get his first classified intelligence briefing today in new york. what does that mean? this is common procedure for presidential candidates. it gets them up to speed on some of the top secret service info. so if they take office in january, it's a transition. hillary clinton will get the same briefing. remember, everything you want to know about either of the candidates or even some of our local elections and issues coming up on the november ballot, it's all on our website, >> brian: september 1st is the thursday before labor day and also the soonest we could see cleveland metropolitan school district teachers walking pickett lines. to be clear the teachers union has said they don't want to strike, but they're also not
6:36 am
involving testing. these negotiations hopefully will continue. we will get answers for you about this as this process moves along. some upgrades just announced to air traffic control for airports in our region. the faa says the cleveland/detroit area is moving from ground-based to satellite-based traffic systems. this is a big-time tech upgrade, means safer, more efficient flight patterns in and out of the airport. the new system will, not be in place until 2018. >> tia: police officers in two northeast ohio communities are asking heroin addicts to come to them for help. they will not face arrest. instead, they will be matched with a recovery center. >> brian: interesting idea, right? it's the latest plan and seems like a good idea to do something to slow the heroin overdoses. it's an epidemic in our communities. nichole vrsansky is getting answers this morning on this new program that's set to launch already next week. >> nichole: next week, august
6:37 am
heroin initiative. the believe chiefs in berea andoma citied townships say we have to think out of the box when it comes to the epidemic. >> the goal of the program is to help in a way that's different from what we're doing. >> eradicate the insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. here we are. what are we doing over and over again? arrest, prosecute, incarcerate. >> nichole: the in this case an addict can come to the police departments in berea or olmstead township and don't face arrest as long as they don't have warrants and get helps into an inpatient recovery center. people are already been calls. the word has got out. they have worked to place three in centers so far and partnering with the police addictive recovery initiative or pari network. they have resources all as kro
6:38 am
>> we're not stuck to the defines of what is here in ohio, the norms. if we find the right fit, we will have them on a plane to florida. >> we're talking about human beings, sons, daughters, fathers, brothers, sisters who have hopes, dreams and aspirations of their own. it sounds cliche, but we're in law enforcement to protect and serve and help to save lives. >> nichole: you don't have to live in berea or olmstead to the chief says the best first step is to call berea or olmstead township police departments for more information and set up an appointment. also, an information session is august 25th. we have that information on our website at if you're interested go there and check out that information. this paari program is going on
6:39 am
well. >> brian: very interesting. the numbers behind the heroin epidemic are absolutely staggering. a cbs report from this past april found at least 23 ohioans die from heroin overdoses every single week. last year in cuyahoga county 228 people died overdosing on heroin with more than three months left in 2016, we've already gone past last year's total of at least 280 people who died from heroin. >> tia: the age g deaths range from 19 years old all the way to 65 and it's all demographics in neighborhoods all across the county. this is everywhere like nicki just showed us. there is help available. you can go to our website where there's an entire page dedicated to how to spot the signs for heroin use and get help for yourself and loved ones. >> brian: it's a problem for everybody. everybody is dealing with this. >> tia: all walks of life for
6:40 am
it's built ford smart and could reshape the landscape. >> brian: in rio a real teaching moment for young athletes during the women's 5,000-meter run. >> jon: great story. my story includes a break or two in the cloud deck and a peek of sunshine may get through. we look at the slight risk of a passing shower and another mild and muggy tonight. unsettled this weekend. rain f all about that and the next seven days coming up. >> tia: next, new numbers released overnight about just how safe strollers really are.
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>> nichole: time is 6:44. about two children every hour are injured in stroller and carrier accidents according to a new study in academic pediatrics. most injuries happen when the child falls from the stroller or the carrier tips over. many are treated for bumps and bruises but a growing number are treated for concussions. fo automakers with ambitions to provide consumers with the first driverless car. he promise will hit the sales floor within the next five years. ford intends this car of the future to be fully driverless, meaning no steering or pedals and everything operated by a computer. we check this morning. there are several flight delays for travelers flying from cleveland to john f. kennedy airport in new york. things are backed up because of
6:45 am
8. this is the same terminal that reported gunshots and had to be evacuated on sunday. tia. >> tia: we were just talking about that driverless car thing. you look over and see someone, and they're like hands like doing everything else. i would call 911 right away. that's weird. >> brian: tesla had a couple of problems with that. >> tia: it may be a long way out before we get to that point, i think. >> brian: i hope so. >> brian: kerry watch jennings is in and out 26-1 in olympic matches. walsh jennings and her first year partner april ross loss in two sets against the favored brazilian duo. it wasn't a brutal loss. this is incredible. before this match walsh jennings only had lost one set in olympic
6:46 am
parents are maybe with their kids right now and maybe in the kitchen. you may want to watch in and show this to your kids. this is all about sportsmanship and what it looks like. usa runner abby d'agostino tripped and up and fell with new zealand's nicki ma'am lhamlin. since the fall wasn't their fault, they both automatically qualify final. that's very good. >> brian: i didn't realize that. >> tia: isn't she injured now? >> brian: i don't know if she can run. we're told she may not run, so that's unfortunate. >> jon: still, she's been offered the opportunity, and that's nice. >> tia: absolutely. >> jon: we're going to get an opportuity for a little more rain, and that is a welcome thing for a lot of farmers who said, where was this in june? a lot of people, i mean, i think i went for about three weeks
6:47 am
didn't have to. duff, did you find yourself that way? >> no, i have not. the grass has not been cut for weeks. >> i went for a while, stripe of a little bit of light blue and also we have the showers that remain to our south and continue to move eastward. so if you live south, if you live in farm country, this is holmes county, wayne county, stark county, you could see a little bit of a shower sneak on through. it will be light. it will be passing. hey, we need some rain believe me. here, skies are clear across northwest indiana, and if you live in northwest ohio, you will discover chances are real slim that you're going to get anything in the way of a rain drop sneaking through the clouds. we'll go from the upper 60s to the mid and low 80s before the day is done. again, a passing shower is a possibility. temperatures, we're -- well, the
6:48 am
everybody else is in the mid to upper 60s, low 70s. 71s across the board at cleveland, akron and canton. a little fog out there. it is reducing visibilities a little bit. there you see a quarter of a mile visibility at warren, mansfield, it's hard to see, and worcester's visibility has improved. across the northern tier, you can see pretty well. when you get down to a quarter of a mile or less, that's when you have problems. you have to make sure the headlights are on low, and something could pop up that you couldn't see otherwise. limited sun, a slight risk of a storm today, 83 here. akron/canton, i think topping only around 80 degrees. a lot less of a chance of sun and a little more of a chance of a passing shower. muggy foent and spotty showers possible and 68 degrees. tomorrow, sun/clouds mix and partly cloudy and can't rule out a passing shower and temperatures that top in the mid-80s.
6:49 am
looking pretty good with regard to dry weather. 84 degrees. again, partly cloudy, and we head to saturday, though. the scattered showers start to show up. we'll alert you to that and to sunday's expectation of showers. expect sunday to be wet from time to time. cold front comes through and knocks us down into the 70s on monday and tuesday, and we're back to a sun/clouds mix and more seasonable temperatures. tia and brian. >> tia: thanks so much. this i avenue. everything looks like it's moving smoothly out there. >> brian: doesn't look to busy at all. let's check the map and see if that's working with that. it's slow down there. some areas are slow down there. 17 miles per hour there is a little bit of a slowdown. that's on 90. 43 miles per hour. so things are slowing down a little bit, but i don't see a lot of problems there. >> tia: no major hiccups. the it's indicative when we look
6:50 am
terms of the drive times into downtown. you can see that obviously there's no problems at all. everything is pretty much in the green. [ music ] >> paul sa back in the birthplace of rock 'n roll. he is plays a show tonight at the q. this video is from 2002 when mccartney played. that's the last time he played here other than his appeara induction last year. the band on the run starts playing tonight at 8:00. mccartney is playing a second concert there was so much demand. tomorrow night at 8:00 as well. two nights at the q. that's pretty impressive. >> tia: that's funny when you say 2002, it doesn't seem that long ago. you see that video, but people look way back in time. the attire and everything. it makes me feel old. time is 6:50.
6:51 am
in cle43, mcdonald's wants your kids to eat a happy meal and burn off the calories at the same time all in the same visit. we'll show you how. we're getting answers. >> brian: also at 7:00 a.m. on cle43, we're getting answers on what's being called the facebook of the highway. it's an app that connects drivers using their license
6:52 am
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] [ music ] >> tia: that's when you used to do the bump. >> brian: i could do the the bump. that's right. this is a live look outside feazel roof cam. this day in rock history, and this is not rock but it's still good. 1979 "good times" by sheik and was the number one song in america. sheik has been nominated for the
6:55 am
most nominated act to not earn an induction. did they do anything else? >> tia: we have to check. i don't remember. >> brian: if you need more rock trivia, log onto win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: there's more lyrics. >> brian: there's a short version we heard on the radio. then there's a long version that had all kin it. >> tia: look it up. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. >> we are on the scene at east 116th and shaker boulevard where two cars collided with one another. one person is dead. please use caution whether driving through that area. >> it's no secret ohio is a battleground state up as the campaign trail heats up, you see the candidates right here. like today democratic presidential nominee hillary
6:56 am
>> two local police departments are doing something different. waiving arrests for a chance at recovery. >> the first of its kind program here in cuyahoga county, and they're providing new help for addicts. >> threw it by him. >> indians win 3-1. detroit lost. the tribe is six games up on the tigers sitting pretty in first place in the a.l. wow. >> jon: there's the graphic that tells the story. temperatures climbin lower 80s today, and a passing shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. again, we still need a little rain, but anything we get is short-lived. >> tia: all right. that's what we want to hear. thank you so much for that, jon, and thank you so much for watching. you can make the switch to cle43. >> brian: we hope you do. clickty click right on over. breaking news updates at any
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a new california wildfire explodes, burning whole neighborhood to the more than 80,000 people are told to evacuate their homes. donald trump reboots his campaign team again. the gop nominee add two new managers amid controversy and sinking poll numbers. >> a former all-american javelin thrower records himself killing a bear with a sphere. while the hunt is now being investigated. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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