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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> tia: the see the police cruiser there. we're trying to piece together what happened. at least two people spent the night in the hospital including a police officer. we do have a crew at metrohealth medical cente coming up in two minutes. >> brian: a hurricane warning for hawaii was issued late last night. two big hurricanes are churning in the pacific. madeline is a category 3 and could hit in the next 48 hours and possibly dump 10 inches of rain. behind madeline, hurricane lester is there. right now that is a category 4. >> tia: in the atlantic a tropical storm warning went into effect overnight in the outer banks of north carolina.
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tropical systems to hit north carolina as another storm is closing in on the florida gulf. forecasters predict it will then head towards the atlantic coast. >> brian: possible trouble in paradise if you travel to the beach for labor day weekend. you could get wet without going in the ocean. on the shores of lake erie things are much more quiet. >> tia: samantha roberts has our pleasant morning forecast. >> samantha: a perfect morning out time is 6:01. it feels so dpood good out there. we're in the lower 60s across the area. a lot of you wake up in the upper 50s, so maybe you grab that hot coffee this morning on the way out the door. 63 is what i'm thinking about 7:00 out at the bus stop. lunchtime is 84 degrees, and then an afternoon high today of about 88. that's for your ride home. a 99.999% chance of outdoor
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you get out there, and it's in the upper 80s, you start to sweat really quickly. this morning if you're outside getting active it will take a little bit to sweat. good morning in lorain. mid-50s there. that's one of our coolest spots. about 58 in medina but westlake is warmer in the lower 60s. out to the east, good morning in ashtabula. 60 is the current temperature. chardon at about 61, and down in rock creek we're also in the upper but if you like how it feels this morning and you're thinking maybe you could stand it to be a little cooler, it is going to get cooler. i will tell you when coming up at 6:15. something to look forward for those of you like brian dreaming of all things fall, right? >> laura: it's the pumpkins especially. he's really looking forward to that. you might see a lot of orange on the highways this morning, not just pumpkins.
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there's a lot of construction and cones. on this map there's nothing but green, but let's talk about this. we have i-271 northbound and southbound between cedar and chagrin. we have single lane blockages for a while so be aware of that one. also construction on canal. it's closed 9:00 to 3:00 coming up this thursday right under the bridge. both directions closed off here. down to strongsville we have a water main break on pearl r between whitney. here the road is open but there's high water in the area, so it's kind of dangerous. we want to make shoe you don't drive through water that would be seen above the roadway where you don't see the road. it takes very little water to wash your vehicle away. mentor to cleveland on time. 27 minutes from elyria and strongsville to cleveland takes that ride coming up and that takes 19 minutes right now. guys. >> tia: this is a story we've
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we're waiting to hear about an officer involved car accident late last night in downtown cleveland. >> brian: we're at mountain troe where they were sent after the accident. sia, what exactly happened? >> sia: good morning, brian and t tia. we're still trying to get antses, but here's what we can tell you. late last night a police officer was involved in an accident at ninth and euclid with another iv tribe game was letting out. now, this is the police cruiser that the officer was driving. eyewitnesses say it was involved in a crash with this car, a gray kia. you can see there's damage to the passenger side of the police cruiser and front end damage to the kia. police have not identified either of the drivers, but both were transported to metro after the crash. last night police closed the roads as they took pictures and gathered evidence.
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crash. now, there is no word on either of the drivers' conditions. we know that they were transported here to metro. we are waiting to get answers on the cause of that accident. for now we get answers at metro. i'm sia nyorkor. back to you. >> tia: thank you so much. today an akron police officer will be in court being arraigned on drunk driving charges. akron police say sergeant vince yurick crash z hid car and seriously injured his wife. he's on paid administrative leave. >> brian: today we're working to get more angss in solon where we now know a former united states marine shot and killed a woman after a car crash. he was arraigned for the murder of deborah pearl. people that know him saw he suffers from posttrauma tim stress disorder from his time spent fighting in the middle east. we will hear from his north
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minutes. a disturbing story out of akron. police arrested a man accused of standing over two women while sleeping in their own home. andrew hayes was watching the women sleep and then woke them up. he then just walked up the stepped and left. officers caught him. he's now in jail on burglary charges. >> tia: that's frightening. this morning we know there are 1 #,000 places in ohio to buy the heroin zone without prescription. it's known by narcan. 47% of all parmcys in ohio now offer the drug, and we checked this morning. there is a pharmacy in every county in northeast ohio that sells this antidote. last year narcan administered by emergency responders more than 20,000 times.
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illegally drug use by clicking on the health tab in in response to backlash over the skyrocketing price of the epipen up 400% in the past seven years, mylan says it will launch it's first generic in the next few weeks. >> brian: did this quickly, didn't they? millions use epipens. nichole vrsansky getting answers this morning on how much money people who need the epipen will actually be saving. >> nichole: significant amount of half the cost. the difference is significant. the brand name epipen is $600 for a two-pack. the generic option is $300. when mylan first bought epipen in 2007, the price was $57 for one pen. so any cheaper options right are great news for those whoo lives literally depend on the drug. >> when i'm using this, i'm
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>> nichole: she doesn't go anywhere without her epinephrine. a rare health condition triggers anaphylaxis. she went to adreniclick. it ranges from $200 to $300. soon patients will have access to another generic. mylan says the gentleric identical to the epipen at half the cost. >> they're actually listening to patients. >> nichole: so generic versus brand name. why would anyone want the real one now? 8 out of 10 filled in the u.s. are for the brand drug and not the generic. we get answers on the difference between generic and brand name. why are they so much cheaper? what do we need to know about them? we have that story in the next half hour. guys.
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>> base hit left center field. this should do it. coming around third. jiminez will score the winning run. >> indians were walk-off winners last night in extra innings at the ballpark downtown. they scored the game's only run in the tenth inning. it's the twins' 11th straight loss. same two teams tonight. indians are the division lead at 5 in the loss column, but only 11,000 people at the game last night. again, you know, people are going to do what they want to do with their own money. i'm not going to tell them what to do. >> tia: i'm having parade fever. >> brian: are you? >> tia: we had thele big parade for the cavs and i feel like it's time for another celebration. we need another celebration, cleveland. >> brian: we do. it's about ten minutes after 6:00 on your tuesday morning. coming up in 15 minutes, the indians could take a leap of faith and maybe signing a high profile player today. >> tia: that's interesting.
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for your old cell phones. we're getting answers on how to use an old phone to search the internet or make it a security device. sam. >> samantha: time now is 10 after 6:00, and i have a weather alert to tell you about. this is tomorrow, wednesday. it's going to be a first alert weather day as we have the potential for afternoon thunderstorms about 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., some of which may produce gusty wind and heavy rain. i'm going to time everything out for you, and of course we look coming up after the break. >> brian: up next, which country some say should be investigated for possibly rigging the vote on election
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all states to check their voter databases this morning. that's after foreign hackers broke into the illinois voter website. addresses and partial security numbers of about 200,000 people were stolen. an arizona election site was also hacked. the president of the national association of secretaries of state says all election machines have standards. >> the idea of a national hack of some sort is almost ridiculous, because there is no national system. >> both arizona and illinois election systeming were shut down for a week after the cyber attacks. both are back online this morning with enhanced security measures. >> tia: every two years or so cell phone owners face a solemn ma, what to do with your old phone, right? there are creative things to do
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just selling it. you can donate it to science and research, turn it into a security camera or baby monitor. there are plenty of tutorials online to make it happen. create a universal remote by downloading specific apps or use it as a wire computer mouse. by downloding apps to sync up with your electronics, they're listed on the instruction with a smtv bluetooth technology. >> brian: we show you the terminal tower all dressed up with the latest light show. pretty soon you can't check out the latest tweets from tower lights. here it is on the feazel roof cam on its locally famous local tower twitter cam. they say the light show will continue, but the interaction on twitter will go away. >> tia: that's sad. >> brian: she's not even lit up this morning, although they
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no explanation for it. probably whoever does the tweeting is leaving the job. >> samantha: i guess so. >> brian: nobody else wants to do it. >> tia: who else can you talk to at 3:00 a.m. >> samantha: they tweet back so quickly. i have no idea who manages that account. >> tia: i do. i'll keep your secret same. i promise. >> samantha: i don't know. >> tia: i vowed to keep the secret. i'll keep it. >> samantha: they're so quick to tweet you back. time is i'll show you this live picture from edgewater. a beautiful shot towards the city. it's gorgeous. have you taken your picture yet with one of the cleveland scripts? you have to do it. there's one at the marina and one in tremont and then you have this. it's gorgeous with the sunrise at about 6:52. coming up later and later. beautiful shot there. hey, if you're working outside today, here's what you can expect. i want to take you through the
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of the day is going to be this morning when it's a little bit more bearable. it feels great right now. we're at 63 at 7:00. low 70s through the 9:00 hour, but then 11:00 onward we start to get into the 80s and then it's just hot outside this afternoon with a high of 88 degrees later. really stuffy, but not bad at all right now. n in fact, right now it feels like fall. ashtabula is in the mid-50s. if you wake up with me in e elyria, good morning to you. mid-50s there, and cleveland is a little warmer at 62. as we travel into canton, good morning to you as well. we're at 63. nothing going on on the rad dar maps or satellite. nearly clear skies area-wide this morning, and we're going to see a ton of sunshine today. again, don't let this cool start
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84, 88 at 3:00. that is where we will peak for the day. you don't need your umbrella today, but you may need it tonight. i would take it with me as a stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. if you have plans this evening, most of us won't see any significant or measurable rain until tomorrow. here's the hour-by-hour forecast for tonight. it does feature increasing cloud cover and temperatures dropping from about 81 at 7:00, tonight down to 69 at 11:00. i don't think you need the jack there at the ballpark this evening. things look pretty good. tomorrow, a little cooler, but very humid and those scattered thunderstorms we were talking about, those come back into the equation tomorrow in the afternoon. then after that weather alert day tomorrow, things get really quiet thursday. that cooldown is going to be phenomenal, isn't it? could see a shower thursday
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then we are completely dry friday through the holiday weekend with things warming right back up by labor day. 87 degrees there. the dry weather is great news if you have plans for the holiday weekend, but not so good news for the drought. that could get worse with this dry spell coming. >> laura: it helps with the outdoor plans, but we still need water for the grass and garden. at least things are turning back to green, but you have the water flowing, right? a lot of green on the maps. things like 32 miles per hour along the metro curve. that drive looks perfect along 71. in fact, let's take that ride. as you pass by the airport, you can check on the flight times in a little bit. keep on going up 71, and there's the little bitty yellow by teal jard commons this morning. nothing major but normal stuff at 6:00 in the morning. 6:20 almost right now.
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cleveland 18 minutes for you. 28 inbound from mentor, and akron to cleveland a 38-minute ride. we have lots of construction out there, but we talk about the akron commute coming up at 6:33. guys. >> tia: people asking me on social media laura's big reveal, boy or girl. it's a boy! if you missed it, it's a boy. he is is a boy. i don't like to say it, because it's a baby. the results of a new study showed can detect breast cancer. >> brian: a parent's worst nightmare when a school bus
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>> nichole: time is 6:23. grief counselors will be at a school in georgia today after a student died in a bus crash monday afternoon. the victim is a 15-year-old girl. 13 other children were hurt in the crash. police say a semi truck rear-ended the school bus.
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are still under investigation. and the wait is about to be over for the next new iphone. apple teased fans by sends invites out to the press with the words see you on the 7th, as in september 7th. many predict a camera upgrade, a 3d touch home button, and new headphone jack. apple watch upgrades is also rumored. how good are our doctors at identifying breast cancer?ne women's hospital indicates some radiologists can detect breast cancer in the blink of an eye. radiologists shown mammograms for even just a half a second could identify abnormal mammograms at better than chance levels. amazing. tia. >> tia: it's amazing. with he gear up for week two of the high school football season. this is pretty amazing, too. don't forget to vote for the
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you can go to to cast your vote. >> brian: could this guy be the next prospect in the cleveland indians organization? don't count on it. it's former heisman trophy winner tim tebow. he gave up on football and the nfl. today he's showcases for 20 major league baseball teams including the indians. and it's a publicity stunt. there's no way this guy could play major league baseball, despite what you think of his ic >> tia: i'm with sam on this one. if i'm hr, he's got the job. let me write this down. >> brian: i will say tim tebow knows how to stay in the public eye. i will give him credit for that. >> tia: is he married? >> samantha: no. >> tia: he's not? >> samantha: he could be. >> tia: i got a new mission this morning. whoo. i've been re-energized. time is 6:25. let me get it together. coming up, the latest information about contract
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teachers union. >> brian: also, we know what caused all the damage across
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. we're getting answers this morning on a car crash that sent a police officer and another driver to the hospital. now, this happened just as the
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night in downtown cleveland. the police cruiser collided with another car. live report from metro is coming up in about two minutes. >> tia: no deal between the cleveland teachers union and cmsd. at least not yet. the two sides continue new contract negotiations today. if there's no deal by thursday night, the teachers union will vote to go on strike. >> brian: the national weather service released a statement about the storm damage that happened in medina over the weekend. they say it was straight line winds, n sunday's storm had winds between 70 and 80 miles per hour. >> tia: we don't have to worry about any of that today. in fact, we have cool temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. take a look at the sun coming up behind us. the sun will come up at 6:52 this morning. >> beautiful out there. if you're shipping your kid off to school right now, maybe a light jacket. i don't know. maybe not. sam is telling us all morning once the sun comes up it will be a beautiful, warm, summer day.
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>> samantha: another one. we're headed to 88 later today, but for now it feels like fall. this is a live look outside. you're looking towards terminal tower and the huntington building is just gorgeous out there early on this tuesday. we're one day closer to the weekend. here's your morning commute forecast. yellow light for the drive in, because some of you could run into patchy fog. any patchy fog that's out there should erode by 9:00 if not much sooner than that. we start off at about 63 7:00, but look how quickly we warm up. 8:00, mid-60s, and then 9:00, 72 degrees. there will be a lot of sunshine out there for the morning drive, so be aware of that. you will need the sunglasses and need them for the evening drive, too. here's your evening commute forecast. we gave you the green light for that, as i don't expect any showers. 88 degrees as you head home at 4:00. 86 at 5:00, and then about 84 at
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commute looks good, tomorrow's could get a little bit stormy. we'll take a closer look at tomorrow's rain chance coming up in the first alert forecast at 6:45. laura. >> laura: a look now on your roads out there on your morning commute. a lot of green out there. i got an alert of an accident along i-77 northbound right at 271. i'm hearing the far right lane is currently blocked by that accident. i'll get you more information and have that for you at 6:48 as that one did just now come as for the metro area in cleveland, things look very, very good. a lot of green on the map, and the yellow is in some of those typical spots. we head to the akron area. a lot of green here, too. we see that slowing headed towards the kenmore lake along 76. this is the alternate to 77 towards the kenmore leg for all those people who would use the central interchange because of those route 8 closures and 77 and 76 closures. it has a lot more people using
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that causes slowdowns there. if you drive it, you know what i'm talking about. the rest of the drive looks like this, through brecksville this morning we have some construction along 77 and the rest of the way looks to be moving on time. drive times look on time, but we will talk about some construction and also that accident at 6:48. guys. >> tia: this is an accident everyone is talking about. a cleveland police officer spent the night at metrohealth medical center after being hurt in a crash in the heart of downtown cleveland. ri following this developing story for us. it's still not clear at all right now how the accident played out. >> sia: good morning, tia and brian. at this time no one is saying exactly whose fault it is, but i can tell you that both the police officer and the driver were transported here to metro. now, this was the scene monday night after a police cruiser was involved in an accident at ninth and euclid. eyewitnesses say this police
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you can see the impact of the accident and where both cars are damaged. police have not identified either of the drivers, but both were transported to metro after the crash. last night police closed the roads as they took pictures and gathered evidence. they are still investigating the crash. now, at this time we don't have word on either the police officer or the driver's condition at this time, but we're still waiting to get when we get that information, we will bring it to you on air and online. for now we get answers at metro, and i'm sia nyorkor. back to you. >> brian: thanks so much. 6:34 right now. we learned suspect who shot and killed a woman after a car crash in solon was a former marine who's suffering from ptsd. matthew desha was arraigned on a murder charge and given a $1 million bond. he ran a red light and hit deborah pearl's car on saturday,
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and shot the 53-year-old to death. commander jim hurdinski has known desha for years, and his ptsd may have contributed to the crime. >> he could have thought that he's back in the war zone again, and you know, who knows what you're thinking of at this point. when you have something like that go wrong and all of a sudden you're -- you think you're back there fighting in iraq. >> brian: investigators say desha and pearl did not know each other. >> tia: that's a tragic story. post" earlier, and i found this interesting. the pen in 2007, 94 bucks. shot up to 609 bucks, and now we're saying this generic could be half that. that's crazy. 94 bucks. >> brian: still overpriced. >> tia: now a generic option for the drug could come out in the next few weeks. this is after a heavy dose of criticism for mylan, over the cost of the shot life-saving for those suffering from severe allergic reactions.
6:36 am
nichole vrsansky is getting answers this morning on that announcement and taking a look at brand name drugs versus generics. >> nichole: absolutely. 8 out of 10 prescriptions filled in the u.s. accorded to fda are gen generic. it's only half the cost, and that's why we turn to sna area ricks. the price difference is $300. right now it's $600 for a two-pack and the we were curious about the difference. according to the fda, generics have the same active ingredient, same strength and dosage and same way of taking it. the maker of the generic has to prove it's the same. they do that by testing the amount of the drug in our bloodstream. if it's the same as the name brand, the generic will work the same. why is it so much cheaper? because the generic drugs don't go through the same clinical trials and advertising, marketing plans as the name
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back to ep neve reason and looking at low-cost options. if you have a prescription you can buy a syringe for $20 and a vial of epinephrine for $5. some doctors say that's risky because getting the dose wrong could be dangerous. it involves two steps, and this is usually an emergency situation where time matters. now, with the epipen it is preset for you. guys.>> lake catholic high school will play its first football game this saturday. remember, they forfeited the first game upon an investigation into a hazing incident. we have answers on exactly what unfolded. police has surveillance video of the alleged incident, and it involves blindfolds and partial nudity. we tried to talk to people at lake catholic. no one there will comment. the victims' families have declined to press any charges.
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right? we're asking questions about a loud humming noise at lakewood's brand-new roosevelt elementary school. neighbors there have been complaining that the school's air conditioner is just constantly making the noise. we talked with lakewood's building department. they say they are working on a plan to fix the problem. >> brian: we told you about ten minutes ago there's still no contract between the cleveland metropolitan school district and the teachers that work in the district. they were in meetings all day yesterday. both sides are day, but if they can't compromise on a deal, the teachers won't be in the classroom this friday morning. that strike would start on thursday at 6:00. >> tia: that's not good news. >> brian: that's not good news at all. we can't afford to miss any class time in the cleveland schools at this point. >> tia: just started, too. time is 6:38. there's good news and bad news about gas prices as we head into the long holloway weekend.
6:39 am
with a creative way to flush the competition, sam. >> samantha: i posted that story on my social media, and a bunch of people were like, oh, my buddy who owns such and such plumbing company does that. i guess people come up with all kinds of ways to promote their businesses. time 16:39 on this morning. if you're headed out to the lake today, gorgeous weather. water temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. 1 to 2 feet for your wave heights today, andre wind. we take a closer look at today's inland forecast coming up after the break. >> tia: some people are in support of the qb and some people are not. who is not on board with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's national anthem protest? we have it right after the
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>> nichole: time is 6:43. today we could hear a response from colin kaepernick. members of law enforcement in the san francisco bay area are not happy about colin kaepernick's comments. the 49ers quarterback compared a police officer's training to that of a cosmetologist. >> life right, and to have somebody slam them or to criticize them on their choice or the training that they get, i think, was unfair. are you going to be a person that actually goes out and does something about it, or are you going to be the proceed verbal monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it? >> nichole: the san francisco police officers association has offered kaepernick to experience their training. again, no word yet from the quarterback.
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numbers remain far lower than previous years. aaa says the average price for the gallon of regular, unleaded gas currently stands at $2.22, that's 6 cents more than a week ago but still 27 cents lower than the same time last year. aaa says if current trends hold, labor day gas prices should be at their lowest since 2004. charlie, don't forget what happened to the man that suddenly got everything he al >> what happened? >> he lived happily ever after. >> brian: the world is still mourning today after the death of one of the most charming and beloved actors of our time. it's gene wilder. he may be best known for playing willie wonka. he died at the age of 83. wilder had alzheimer's disease but kept the condition private for three years. his nephew said he couldn't bear the idea of one less smile in the world. >> tia: that sounds like him,
6:45 am
sad saddles" that inspired the name in cleveland. they posted this on facebook, a scene from the comedy with a frowning emojis. several of his movies are top selling on amazon and itunes this morning. i love willie wonka. it's one of my faves. >> brian: "blazing saddles" is something else. >> samantha: it's so great. >> tia: is it? >> samantha: it's a really good >> brian: it's a little different. >> samantha: it is a different movie, but it's funny. let's take a look at what we have going on out there this morning. it's a beautiful start. i didn't mean to jump the gun. can we go back to bob's shot of the sunrise? was that bob's sunrise shot there where we had the skyline? here we go. there it is. oh, this is gorgeous. look at your tv screen looking towards downtown cleveland. is this not like perfect? i mean, my goodness, official
6:46 am
so coming up one minute later today. when you walk outside, you will notice just how cool it is. let's look at the temperatures. time now about 6:46. we are in the 50s, not in cleveland but in outlying areas. ashtabula is 55, mentor, warren, elyria, norwalk all in the 50s. new philly about 60, and akron is 61 and good morning to you in cleveland where we're just a touch satellite and radar showing up totally dry. there's not a thing going on out there, but we have our eyes on what's next, and that is a cold front coming through the upper midwest. you can see the clouds and showers associated with this front. that will all track in our direction for tomorrow. so tomorrow is a first alert weather day, and this weather alert is for the threat of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon, about 1:00 through 8:00. gusty wind and heavy rain will
6:47 am
day-day thunderstorms tomorrow. not a widespread severe weather threat. in fact, we're not even outlooked by the storm prediction center for strong to severe thunderstorms. i can't rule out some of these thunderstorms tomorrow producing the gustier winds or the heavier rain. today no weather worries at all. it's going to be so nice all day, but don't let the cool start fool you. we're at 63 at 7:00 in the morning. we hit 88 at 3:00. that will be your forecast high for the day, and tht start to cool off a little bit dropping back into the 70s. rain-free for today, but rain chances do go up a little bit tonight after sunset. could have a hit-or-miss shower or thunderstorm that pops up. the chance is pretty small. again, it is tomorrow that i think you're most likely to need that umbrella, primarily during the latter half of the day. after the rain moves out wednesday night, we get a big treat. here's your full seven-day forecast. 75 on thursday. yeah, that's the high for the
6:48 am
75 on friday. in the morning we're in the 50s. you wake up on saturday morning, some of you could be close to the lower 50s. then things heat right back up for the holiday weekend. by labor day, monday, we're at 87. so this little taste of fall at the end of the week is not going to last forever. if you do have plans for the holiday weekend, no rain in sight. laura. >> laura: all right. the cleveland metro area is looking very, very good this morning. so i wanted to head to akron and take a we look mostly good. a little slowing along the central interchange and we have that construction going on. some lanes are blocked andle also ramped closed off. that caused problems. i wanted to look at the drive. this part of the drive up 77 looks very clear. this is the final stretch of the drive headed towards downtown. let's look to the south. we have an accident on i-77 northbound right near 271. look at all of that red at 11 miles per hour. here's a picture of what that
6:49 am
lot of brake lights, so these brake lights stretch for a long stretch of i-77 basically extending to the north and all the way going back well to the south of where that accident is. those cars are not moving at all, and northbound looks touch-and-go here. we have the southbound lanes where you see they are actually moving along. so that is a problem if you're coming up 77 from akron right now. going to be a very, very slow go for you. we'll keep a look on that, and a lot more projects that could hamper your drive as well coming up in the 7:00 hour over on cle43. guys. >> tia: thank you so much. in in the highly competitive world of plumbing there's nothing wrong to use number two to try to be number one. nick is the owner of the salts plumber in ontario and uses his truck as a moving billboard. he hopes that it will help him get business. he says his grandfather actually gave him the idea.
6:50 am
>> brian: i think it's very funny. i think it's a good idea. tngz >> tia: i think it could cause accidents. i would do a double take if that was on the side of me. >> brian: are you kidding me? take that inside, pal. >> tia: stiometimes you got too what you got to do. coming up on cle43, one website willett you set up a payment plan when you purchase airline tickets. creative. >> brian: is that a good idea? i don't know. at 7:00 a.m. been serving mcdonald's customers more than 30 years, so it's only fitting the restaurant gives back to her as she
6:51 am
don't let dust all get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything.
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[ fly buzzing ] when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. [ music ] >> brian: here's a live look outside at the feazel roof cam. it was this day in rock history 1982 the steve miller band had
6:54 am
"abracadabra." for more rock trivia log onto you can win two tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: i love it. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. we're still trying to piece together what happened when a car hit a cleveland police cruiser at east ninth and euclid. at least two people spent the night in the hospital a police officer. >> the response to the backlash over the skyrocketing price of epipen, mylan will launch the first generic in the next few weeks. >> if you own a gun, keep it locked. that's why an organization in cleveland started a special program called love a kid and lock a gun program. they're giving away free gun locks. >> an 8-year-old is doing her part to help flood victims in
6:55 am
tissue holders to raise money for flood victims. she set a goal of $1,000 but has since tripled the goal. >> samantha: welcome back. time is 6:55 on this beautiful tuesday morning. this is a live look outside. what a pretty shot there as the sun comes up. official sunrise time was 6:52. so about three minutes ago was our sunrise time for the day. the sun will set after 8:00. 88 today despite a cool start. it's going to be hot this afternoon. tomorrow we have thunderstorms in the forecast mainly in the afternoon, so tomorrow is a first alert weather day, and then things cool off the end of the week looks great. mid-70s, and the holiday weekend, guys, looks wonderful. but we need some rain and not going to see it this weekend. >> laura: definitely need rain. out on the roads, road commutes look typical this morning.
6:56 am
we sailed towards rush hour. we have a big trouble spot to the south. check that out. richfield area, 77 northbound near 271. now, you've got an accident that's blocking the right lane. 10 miles per hour back behind that, 14 miles per hour. this is going all the way towards route 18 and towards 77 in akron. that's how slow this is, and this is what you sit in. so northbound a lot of brake lights and red you see. it's definitely a slower drive time, so canton to cleveland 91 minutes, nearing 100 minutes. that's about a little less than an hour drive from canton to cleveland. >> tia: have an excuse if you're late to work today. you're in traffic. it's true this time. >> samantha: you really are stuck in traffic. >> tia: thanks for watching this morning. make the switch to cle43. >> brian: have a great morning, everybody. >> brian: have a great morning, everybody. clickty click.
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good morning, it is tuesday, august 30th, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning." new details about the separation of hillary clinton's top aid from her husband, anthony weiner, after theor congressman's new sexting scandal. donald trump tries to make it a campaign issue. and the fbi warns that hackers could target the election after reported cyber breaches in two states. top senate leader says the threat of russia manipulating results is real. also this morning, unlikely match creates an unbreakable bond. wisconsin judge receives a life-saving kidney transplant. but we begin this morning


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