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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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they tried until it was -- there was nothing left. >> brian: there was no quit in cleveland. tribe lost, though. they made game seven of the 112th world series one of the most memorable games in baseball history. lebron loved it until they lost, right? in extra innings after a rain delay, cubs came out winners at progressive field. final score was >> tia: we can't be any more proud of our indians and this morning fans express their thanks at some time team for an awesome season. we need to tell you about the rainy, morning commute. meteorologist sam roberts has more about the rain sweeping through the forecast. it impacted the game last night, sam. >> samantha: it did. we mentioned there would be showers in the later innings we would have to really closely watch. they did end up moving through. i was hoping that they would
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rain out at the ballpark last night. time now is 6:00, and we have a little rain this morning as well. here's your school day forecast. bus stop time is going to feature a few spotty showers midday and for the ride home we should be just fine, and you will want to dress a little bit differently than the last couple of days. we've been near 80, but today we're only in the 60s pretty much all day. with the breeze it will feel a lot cooler than the last couple of days. no rain area right now. down to the south, dover, new philly has some showers here, carrollton waking up to shower activity. what i'm watching is out over the lake if these showers hold together, they could impact the morning commute along the lakeshore a little later today. so we'll be closely watching that for you, and we're watching this weekend's forecast. i've got some wonde about 6:15. >> laura: we all need something
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if you're heading out on the roads, here's a look on this thursday morning. it's very wet as you heard sam say. 6:02, and 77 headed nobody through the independence area looking up to speed. then 60 miles per hour, 50 miles per hour once you get a little bit to the north near 490 and east 14th street. don't forget, that left lane is blocked off. so we see the slowdowns that pick up more for those driving a little later on into rush hour in our 7:00 hour. really the map is looking all green. same story in the akron well 76 on the west side towards 77, no slowdowns along kenmore leg and northbound on 77, 65 miles per hour there. not a trouble heading out of town and headed towards downtown cleveland. drive times look perfect. if you're headed to downtown, it looks right on time. the east side of our cleveland metro is coming up at 6:18. >> tia: thank you so much. no one is happy with the way the series ended, but it was some kind of effort from our indians last night.
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didn't play all that well all the time, but listen, the indians played deeper into the postseason than anybody expected. it is frustrating, and the series came down to extra innings and the tribe lost by one run. their backs were against the wall down 2 facing chapman, when rajai davis reached out and crushed a two-run home run over the left field wall. that tied it at 6-6 the ninth. the indians had all the momentum. the rain stopped playing for 17 minutes and may have taken that way from it the indians. people ask questions about terry francona's decision to keep ryan shaw in. here's his an after shaw gave up two. >> i don't think it had much of an impact. brian shaw, if there's one guy that you're going to have that happen to, because he bounces back so quickly, and he was fine.
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scoring two runs off of shaw, who is going to take some heat, maybe really not well-deserved from indians fans. in the tenth inning the tribe made it interesting scoring once in the tenth, in the end they fell one magical moment short of a world series title. >> there's the 0-1. this is a tough play. bryant. the cubs win the world series! >> tia: just seeing that brings back my memories from last night. >> brian i that anymore. i've seen it. >> tia: the pitching struggled in game seven, but talk about leaving everything on the field. they gave it everything they had. >> brian: they, really, really did. disappointing it didn't work out. tony zarrella getting answers last night after the ball game. he wanted to know if the pitching staff just kind of ran out of gas. >> reporter: in the end i'm not convinced that the cubs were the better team. certainly a much higher payroll loaded with talent, but in the end it came down this.
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especially the pitchers, although andrew miller disagrees. >> i don't think so. i felt pretty good. i felt like my command was there and fastball velocity was there. didn't necessarily spin it as well as i wanted to today, but that's something you have to work around. that happens in may. i don't think there's any excuses about this time of year. >> best group i've ever been around. i think we played could play to force a game seven and have probably one of the better world series i've ever seen. >> we have overcome so much with all the injuries and everything else throughout the year, being able to tie it up in the eighth like we did and going to extras is the way the team is. obviously, almost came back in the tenth also. that's what this team does. we grind every day, and grind out every at-bat and go for it. >> reporter: an incredible season comes to an end with a
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in a nutshell. i'm tony zarrella, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: the within word we are consistently heard from the players and coaches as we listened to them speak was proud. >> i'm proud of all these guys. we fought and battled, and then been our m.o. all year. >> very proud of these guys. a tremendous ride for me. >> amazing series. fought this whole year. >> tia: indians fans have been incredible, too. tv ratings skyrocketed this season and already the indians see season ticket holders increase for 2017. >> brian: that's right. after last night, it's a long drive from chicago for indian regular season games, but what do you do? h heart-breaking loss last night. sia nyorkor is live at progressive field with our story.
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yes, a lot of sad tribe fans. the workers here at progressive, some of them told me what made it sad is a lot of the cubs fans refused to leave. so a lot of the indians fans ended up rushing out of here. let's take a look at some of that video from the game last night. for many indians fans the loss was too painful. after the game ended many rushed to get out of progressive field. after you can see the disappointment on many of their faces. some even took a moment to lay down on the ground and gather their thoughts, and while the cubs celebrated the win, many say this one hits too close to home. >> what a game. what a classic game for the ages. the cubs, i've been waiting so long and so have the tribe. anybody who won today was going to be ecstatic. it was going to be history to watch either way. >> any well. they played really well and came
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incredible. for us to be in this position is a great thing. >> we'll be back next year. see you cubbies next year. >> there you go. go cavs! >> sia: so a lot of people sad we didn't win it, but that's okay. we're still so proud of those indians, and i think that sentiment is of how a lot of fans feel around here. as they say in cleveland, there's always next year, and i think that people really, really believe that. for now i'm at progressive, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thank you so much. 6:08 now. we are working to confirm this today, but already there are some reports out there that game seven had the most social media interaction in baseball history. it wouldn't surprise me. >> tia: i could believe that. it lasted through the morning. right now the indians are still trending on facebook and twitter. nichole has been on top of this. fans are all over these social media sites right now saying all
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>> nichole: the cubs have their fan base, but so does cleveland. a lot of love four boys this morning. governor kasich, cleveland police, celebrities and a lot of support. one tweet i have to tell you about in particular is going viral. it's eerie. this is a tweet from november of 2014. rays fans geo predicting the 2016 world series cubs versus i unde understandians and they predict the score go into extra innings. however, he doesn't predict the world is going to end, too. we know that didn't happen. the cubs did win. this is a tweet from cleveland sports line summing up i think what a lot of us are feeling today. what a season. it didn't end how we wanted it to, but we weren't even supposed to be here. thanks to you, 2016 indians, what a ride it was. here's the indians post on facebook this morning.
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our guys never gave up. we appreciate you sticking with us. we will be back! my favorite line, we will be back, #rallytogether. there was a picture of guyer and rajai davis with a chest bump after the big homer that tied the game last night. of course, the best moment i think of the night for indians fans. celebrities from cleveland also on social media with reaction. i'm sorting through all of that. some new stuff is coming in. we'll show you celebrity mentions in the next half hour, and foror reaction to the game, download the "cleveland 19 news" app. >> brian: in about five minutes, you won't want to miss the heart-felt message lbj sent to the tribe. live report from the ballpark is coming up. sam, a little dreary out there. >> samantha: yeah, it's cloudy. i think the weather kind of fits the mood, right? there's no rain in cleveland right now. we are dry, but some of the outlying areas are seeing some light showers.
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see a rainshower at any time, so i have increased the impact number for the morning commute. a 6 out of 10. the weather may slow you down a little bit. we look at when this rain moves out coming up after the break. >> tia: still to come system budget issues looming for the rta. we get answers to what riders could lose. >> brian: next, two officers are dead and a man is in custody. what we now know about a deadly ambush against police. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ? ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin' ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [eagle screams] ? that the whole wide world is watchin'... ?
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>> nichole: time is 6:14. from the alert desk i'm nichole vrsansky. this morning we hope to get answers as ambushed and killed two police officers. police arrested a 46-year-old man while he was walking down a rural road outside of des moines. investigators think he shot and killed two police officers while they were sitting in their patrol cars. the suspect is currently in an iowa hospital after he told police he had a medical condition. so far no charges in this case. a lot of developments this morning in iraq.
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inching closer to mosul. reports from the battlefront say isis has fled their stronghold city, but the worst of the fighting is believed to be over. hillary clinton and donald trump hold duelling rallies in the crucial state of north carolina today. meanwhile, here in ohio the national guard's elite cyber unit has been called in to prevent election-related cyber attacks. election day is now just five days away. >> tia: a last night, right? the cavaliers players have shown tremendous support to the indians throughout the postseason. >> brian: it's nice to see, i think. they were at almost every home game, even on days that they were actually playing. cleveland 19's denise zarrella joins us live now at the ballpark with the message lebron gave to the team after that tough loss. >> reporter: yeah. it was a great message, and, of course, as you mentioned the cavs have been out here to show
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rest of the team. a championship team has been out here cheering on a team that was so close to becoming another championship team. he was here last night, lebron james was here last night. there's some really cool video of him as rajai davis him that game-tying home run. lebron james, as you can see, just went crazy. it looked like the indians might be able to pull this one off at this point, but that didn't happen. shortly after the game, though, lebron posted this message for the indians. >> at the world series game seven. just want to congratulate the indians on an unbelievable season. you guys did something that nobody thought you could do, and we're very proud of you. you know, the whole cavs organization, all the fans, the whole city of cleveland, we're all proud of you guys. you guys got nothing to hang your heads low about. use this as inspiration, and get
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>> reporter: a lot of fans excited about next year, disappointed this morning, but we're hearing a lot of people talking about how they're looking forward to the next season. coming up in the next half hour, lebron's very classy move. we have another bit of video to show you he post odd social media not long after the game coming up in a live report. for now we're here at progressive field where they're cleaning this place up, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: well, pitchers and catchers rep i >> samantha: what do you say? >> brian: we have a basketball season to get to now. >> samantha: they play tonight. hopefully they get a win. browns win on sunday. >> brian: browns got to get a win. they need a win for that franchise. >> samantha: i know. >> brian: they'll win one. >> samantha: we'll salvage the week. >> tia: you're going way too far now. >> samantha: come on. we have weather to do.
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there for this time of of the year. we're in the 60s right now, but i think by 9:00 we probably drop into the upper 50s and stay there through about 11:00, and then we recover a little bit this afternoon. low 60s, about 62 at 3:00. it will look like rain all day, although it won't be raining all day. the rain is mainly a morning issue. we start off in cuyahoga county, and most of us are dry. on the far west side of cleveland approaching avon lake, the rest of us in at least the cleveland metro area are dry for now. akron also dry. we have some showers to the south. these are moving out of dover and new philly, so you should be done with rain for now in those areas, but there are some showers out over the lake. coming over the islands right now, and they're moving generally off towards the east. i'll watch those through the morning to see if they impact or lakeshore communities during the morning drive.
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should be gone by 9:00, but until then take your umbrella with you if you're out early, because rain is possible at any point through 9:00. midday, just cloudy skies, and then in the afternoon we should see a little bit more in the way of sunshine. a few peeks of it are possible, and low 60s at 3:00. it's going to be breezy today, so it will not feel as nice as it felt yesterday. we made a record 78 degrees that broke the old record of 77 it's not going to be that warm for today. tonight's forecast, mainly dry weather and mostly cloudy. after 10:00 a little hit-or-miss lake-effect rain may develop, but most of us should get through the night just fine. if you have dinner plans through 10:00, that would be a late dinner. i don't expect rain for you. the next seven days as we show you that full planning forecast, nice weather here. now, tomorrow will be a lot cooler. we're only in the low 50s in the afternoon, but then we get back
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the weekend is very nice. bear in mind that there is a time change this weekend. late saturday night before you go to bed, you want to turn that clock back. laura. >> laura: we need that extra hour, right? i'm sure many across the area have catching up to do. not on the roads this morning. you're up to speed. no big problems at all. if you hit the roads all green up 77, so 50 miles per hour but i want you to think about being extra, extra alert because with the wet roads we definitely hav with that said, we've had a few out there this morning and cleared out of the way now. no worries with them now, but as you continue out through the rest of the morning and traffic picks up, i respect 480 to get busy between 77 and 271 closer to rush hour. you see where it's nothing but 60 miles per hour both eastbound and westbound right now from 77 to 271. straight up and down 271 look being up to speed, too.
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towards solon you're 63 miles per hour. no reports of majors accidents out there. we're moving along well. mentor and akron, your drive times to downtown cleveland run perfectly on time. we saw the east side and look closer at the west side coming up at 6:33. guys. >> tia: time is 6:21. head to the cleveland 19 twitter page right now. we have a poll up asking fans what they think the tribe will do next year. we have those results coming up in about five minutes. >> b: happening at a local school district? the teachers are on strike, but class is still in session this
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closely. classes are still in session but with substitute teachers because the faculty is still on strike. all 180 full and part-time teachers have worked without a contract since june 30th. both the school board and teachers hope to return to the bargaining table to get a deal done. if you ride rta you might have more service cuts coming your way. rta could face a $30 million budget shortfall by 2019 because of the loss of an important medicaid tax. slash 7% to 10% of routes and lay off more than 150 people. this isn't official, but if it does happen, it wouldn't go into effect until november of 2017. >> brian: i know it's hard to wrap your head around it, but this morning we're already looking forward to next season for the cleveland indians. the good news is kluber, carrasco, salazar, top three pitchers are locked up under contract for the next few years,
6:26 am
mike napoli, rajai davis and coco crisp will be free agents. all may move on if the tribe can't meet their price. maybe the biggest difference, all-star michael brantley will be fully recovered from his shoulder injury, at least we hope so. so we wanted to get you involved in the conversation. how do you think the indians will do next year? this poll is on the cleveland 19 twitter page. i think that's why it's disappointing for me that they lost, because it is so, so hard to get to the world se. you have to make the playoffs. you have to win two series against very good teams, and then you get to the world series. it's up to you. >> tia: at least we know our team is really good. >> brian: they're good, and should be good. any got a nice little window here. >> tia: we'll get it done next year. more tribe coverage coming up, and sam, the rain won't help the grieving process this morning. maybe washing away the tears. >> brian: come on.
6:27 am
>> samantha: we try to keep it light and positive, but sometimes you get a little down. time is 6:26. let's smile and just make it through the day, right? we have a little rain over the lake. we talk about when that will move in coming up after the
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it's going to hurt.
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head held high. >> brian: heartache in the big city today. it's tough. great run by the tribe. there's the final out. really was a good run, because no one believed indians could take this to the world series and push the cubs, the best team in baseball all year, to a game seven. that said, it does not take the sting away, especially after the indians left a little bit on the table last night during this baseball game. it wasn't a clean game by the ilts a classic. it will go down in history. we'll all be talking about it. there are things the indians could have done a little better if things turned out differently. what do you do? >> tia: pull out the band-aids. i need them right now. we move on. it's november 3rd. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. reaction from the tribe and tribe fans. that's coming up in just a few minutes. first, we need to talk about the weather this morning. meteorologist sam roberts, the
6:31 am
huh, sam? >> samantha: yeah, you guys, we have some showers in some areas. we have a dry afternoon on the way, so that will be good news for any plans you may have later today. better days ahead, though, after today things get really nice going into the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. the time is now 6:31. we want to show you what you wake up to here on the satellite and radar imagery. we have cloudy skies across northeast ohio. we don't see a ton of sunshine first part of the day. the showers through canton are gone, but i have a little light rain on cleveland's west side. these showers move through bay village and westlake. if they hold together they may impact the 77 corridor later this morning. again, it's pretty light rain, and steadier showers over lake erie drift off towards the east and southeast. if these hold together, they'll
6:32 am
maybe impacted around 7:00. same thing in the cleveland area around 7:00 or so. there might be light rain moving through. that could slow you down on the morning drive, but by 9:00 all the rain will be gone, and we will have a mainly dry afternoon. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up at 6:45. laura. >> laura: if you're headed out on the roads right now, it is thursday, so it's a typical commute day. i'm wondering if today we might do rush hour a little l up very, very late last night. we could see more people hit the road at that peak time, that 7:45 to 8:00 range. look for that to get busy. if you can scoot out the door early this morning, i'd recommend it, especially with the wet roadways because we could have more troubles. 45 miles per hour along the 77 area headed past 490 and inbound into downtown. no big slowdowns reported out there despite the fact we're dealing with some rainy roads,
6:33 am
this morning that cleared out of the way. one was on the west side along i-90 and had a car on an embankment gone out of the way now. just a reminder how dangerous it could get. drive times look really, really good from all across the map, guys. we have the drive at 6:48. guys. >> tia: well, a historic night right at progressive field. sadly the indians for the third time in 21 years lost in the world series. >> brian: second time in 21 years in game seven that they lost. the last game of the down to the last out. unfortunately, the tribe ended up on the wrong side of the deal. they blow a 3-0 lead in the series. that hurts. disappointing end to what still must be considered a great run through the postseason, right? we were banking on kluber, but dexter fowler took him deep leading off the game. kluber battled, but i tell you what. i don't know what he's going to say about it, but you have to believe he was out of gas. the cubs keep building the lead until the eighth. they were up 2.
6:34 am
one of the hardest-throwing pitchers in baseball, chapman, he put one out over the fence. the indians were tied. the lead didn't last. the cubs bats came alive again rallying from two runs in the tenth off of brian shaw. cubs win 8-7. terry francona was not surprised that his team kept battling back. >> we get so caught up in the game, you don't think about what your emotions are going to be or things like that. you are t find a way to win a game. the emotions come after, whether it's good or bad. you don't think about storybooks and stuff like that. you're trying to figure out a way to score one more run. >> tia: all right. even the loss, that home run by rajai davis is what everyone will be talking about this morning. >> brian: tony zarrella continues our team coverage now from progressive field. >> reporter: how do you sum up a season like this?
6:35 am
for the ages and an emotional roller coaster. this scene sums it up. the fans don't want to leave. indians, cubs fans, nobody wants to leave the stadium. in the end. indians played -- they won 104 games and played for seven months. i'm going to start with the guy who saved the day and tried to do it twice and certainly did it one, rajai davis. >> tied up was unbelievable and beyond my wildest dreams. it was incredible, that feeling. obviously, unfortunately, we couldn't do the whole thing and win it all. that was a great, great fight by our guys. we have a lot of good players in here. never give up. >> for me, it wasn't a letdown. it was a successful season. we shocked the world. nobody had us here, and it was fun. i believe in the guys we have,
6:36 am
we have a great chemistry. >> reporter: franky lindor is already talking about tribe season, but for tribe fans you look back and remember the incredible run by a team that certainly wasn't supposed to be in the world series and took the cubs to the limit. at progressive field, i'm tony zarrella, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: oh. we were talking about we should have a parade anyway. that's what sam was saying. >> brian: they did that in >> tia: nobody showed up, did they? >> brian: you don't win, you don't have a parade. >> tia: player participation, right? as you saw from tony, fans stuck around to support their team. >> the fans were down and frustrated. it's all okay especially whether you consider it was a heck of a run through the postseason and came up short. sia nyorkor is live downtown with what fans are saying in the big city this morning. hey, sia. >> sia: hey there. good morning, you guys.
6:37 am
i mean, what can you say? the indians played such a good game, but just didn't win it. last night we talked with several fans as they were trying to rush and get out of here from those celebrating cubs. the die-hard fans poured out of progressive field after the cubs won the game in the tenth inning. face painted and still wearing their tribe gear, many took the loss hard. some even dropping to th others made a beeline for the doors rushing to get away from those cheering cubs. win or lose, most indian fans say they are proud of their team. >> they didn't do it. that's okay. we still love them. we stif love our tribe. >> we love them to death. >> just going to take a few days and cry about it, i think. >> it is what it is. the indians surprised me. so like i believe they'll get back here next year. if it's the cubs again, i'd love to see it.
6:38 am
year to be absolutely terrible, because the indians are in the world series and we won a championship. nobody cares. we would have loved to have win, of course. congratulations to the cubbies, yay, whatever, but i'm not as sad as devastated as i would have been. >> we don't care the indians lost. we are just proud of the tribe and we're proud the whole city golt together. >> sia: so no official indians parade with us cheerinbo championship, but the tribe fans say they hope that we celebrate and honor those indians anyway. i think that we are doing that by rallying together. so you never know. getting answers here at progressive, i'm sia nyorkor. back to you all. >> tia: i'm not wearing my party at napoli work, not this weekend. fan reaction has been pouring in all morning on social media. >> brian: cleveland 19's nichole vrsansky has been checking everything out on the web overnight.
6:39 am
of the story. >> nichole: i don't know if you were like me, but last night during the game i couldn't let go of my phone. it was like a nervous energy release. some therapy going. >> brian: it's come to that, hasn't it? i do the same thing. i send out tweets. listen to the game. >> nichole: a lot of people in cleveland are doing that this morning. it's their way to mourn together for this loss, you know? >> brian: sure. >> nichole: some cleveland celebrities like actress monica potter taking to her support saying we love you and are so proud. i think we have that tweet for you there. indians backup catcher chris jiminez tweeting, pretty proud to be an indian tonight. no matter the outcome, i would go to war with this team any day. also congrats cubs, well deserved. carlos santana tweeted congratulations to the cubs. played us hard and earned it, but i couldn't be more proud of my indians boys.
6:40 am
there is so much more support for the indians coming through. cleveland police and governor kasich and some emotional ones. some comic relief, too. he'll show you more in the next half hour. for more pictures and raek reactions, download the "cleveland 19 news" app. >> we're all proud of you guys. >> tia: lebron james sent a heart-felt message to the indians. get the kids and gather them around the king james in five minutes. he shows us the true meaning the sportsmanship. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. it's 6:40 now. i track some showers out over the lake. if these hold together, they could impact the avon lake area around 7:05. vermilion around 7:00 as well. cleveland about 7:00 or so. we will watch these closely. your full forecast is coming up after the break.
6:41 am
him a hero and for good reason. now dash cam video shows a deputy saving a woman's life. >> tia: breaking news from london where a british court
6:42 am
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>> nichole: time is 6:43. i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk with breaking news. normandy high school in parma is closed this morning because of a power outage. we also have breaking news out of london to tell you about this morning. "the washington post" is reporting a british court has ruled that prime minister teresa may must get pa lament's approval before beginning the country's exit from the european union. it complicates plans the move in the spring. this story is still developing. we will bring you new information as soon as it comes into the newsroom. in court in morning in cleveland, closing arguments in a triple-murder charges. shine is accused of shooting and killing three people at chalk line's barbershop in february of 2015. if convicted, shine could face the death penalty. this morning we are working to get answers from an incident after the indians game last
6:45 am
hit by a car while directing traffic. this happened at the intersection of huron and ontario. we're told the officer was not seriously injured, but whether we get more details, look for it to be posted on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: so much. while you were sleeping, one of the indians biggest fans sent them a special message overnight. >> brian: lebron james was at almost every game with his teammates, but it's a classy move in this case certainly he made early this morning that has everyo denise zarrella gets answers from the ballpark on what exactly it was that lebron did. hey, d. >> reporter: that's right. not just from the ballpark. in fact, we're in the dugout right now, the dugout that hasn't been cleaned out yet. it looks like they went to battle, and they did last night. they played a great, great game. lebron james was here to take it all in. there's some really cool video of him posted that's making its rounds.
6:46 am
run. lebron went nuts, and so did everybody in the suite he was in. it looked like the indians were rallying at that point. of course, we all know how that ended. after the game lebron james took to social media to, of course, put out a message to the indians and tell them what a great season they had and look forward to next season. then he also congratulated the cubs. >> i want to congratulate the chicago cubs on winning the world series, the first one in i think it's magical season to all. you were the best team in baseball all year, man, and you guys show why. much respect to both ball games. like i said, congratulations to the chicago cubs and much respect to my hometown cleveland indians. looking forward to seeing you guys back out there next year. >> reporter: the big question
6:47 am
messages was the bet he made with dwyane wade, the superstar of the chicago bulls. the deal was whoever lost the bet had to come in full uniform of the team that won the world series to the first cavs/bulls game. we'll see if lebron makes good on that. we're here at progressive field where they're cleaning this place up after a huge, obviously, historic game last night. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: all right. a little rainy, huh? >> samantha: yeah. he's just funny. >> tia: wash the tears away. >> samantha: yeah, the rain is coming down hopefully to make us -- i don't know. we've been trying to make it positive all morning, but, you know, it was a rough evening. >> tia: it's so hard. >> samantha: we'll try to move past it. it's almost the weekend. that's good news. cavs play tonight. also good news. hopefully they get the win as well. time is 6:47, and you could see that our hour-by-hour rain chance map does show a little
6:48 am
and then those chances drop into the afternoon. i do not think we'll see much, if any, rain after 9:00 in the morning until very late tonight. here's what's happening right now. not widespread rain. we had a lot of rain move through yesterday evening. most of that is gone, but some showers did develop overnight out over lake erie. we also have a little light rain moving through the southern half of the cleveland area. this is just south of downtown, and then again out over the lake still some s moving generally off to the east and southeast. these are very scattered, most of this is light to moderate rain, and here's the time stamp on it. about 7:00 in the avon lake area, we could be seeing some showers. cleveland, 7:10 or so. elyria about 7:15. if you wake up me in mentor, good morning to you. about 7:30 or so, and you could have a few showers moving through. i think by 9:00 rain will be moving out area-wide, and she
6:49 am
rest of the day. just a little bit on the cloudy side today, breezy with some sun breaking out this afternoon and our temperatures, well, they're going to be way different from the last couple of days. i go 62 for an afternoon temperature, about 3:00 i think that is as warm as it gets before we drop into the 50s overnight. mostly cloudy in evening and a little lake-effect rain possible after 10:00 tonight. not everyone will see that. that's going to be very hit-or-miss, and then for the stretch of dry weather for the weekend. brief cooldown tomorrow. we're only in the 50s, but check out the weekend. highs in the low 60s, and next week we're going to stay right around 60, so that will be nice. above average temperatures continuing for us. it looks like we won't see any rain after today until tuesday of next week. laura. >> laura: sam, i want to real quickly mention power outages as kro the area.
6:50 am
firstenergy currently without power. the majority of them, the bulk of them south of independence and broadview heights. about 1200 customers currently without power in broadview heights. across the area this includes some areas to the east and west side, central areas as well in the cleveland area. it looks like the restoration time is no later than 9:00 a.m. heads-up to anyone out there that doesn't have power and you're watching on the app or you have friends or family without power. that's the information we can give you right now. as for the morning dr drive in up 77 from that area, 30 miles per hour. right along 490 that's the only slow spot this morning. as we get to rush hour, watch out for that. that will slow down more for sure. akron looks perfect and nothing but green in the entire akron area. the drive from akron to the north, this is what it looks like through fairlawn. all the cars are moving green,
6:51 am
students head to class in one northeast ohio school district this morning, but their teachers are staying home. >> brian: i wonder if they get anything done. next, how a mroof police officer
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> tia: the time is 6:53. >> brian: before you head out the door, here are stories you need to know before you go.
6:54 am
a police officer in oklahoma pulls over a man for speeding to find out his wife is having a heart attack. dash cam catches officer jordan jones giving the woman cpr and then the medics arrived. she's doing fine this morning. >> brian: students are on their way to school in lewisville. the teachers are on strike after contract talks broke off. substitute teachers are it turned out to be one of the greatest world series of all time. it was phenomenal except the tribe lost. the skipper terry francona told the squad they should hold their heads up high for the season they put in together. sia. >> sia: i'm sia nyorkor here at progressive field. now, despite that world series loss, the fans we talked with overnight say they're proud of this team and their effort all season long.
6:55 am
be said on social media. >> nichole: that's right, sia. i'm nichole vrsansky. social media still exploding with world series raekdz. dan gilbert tweeting congrats indians to r an incredible year and lighting up cleveland with hope and winning. don't despair cle. this is the same as the cavs in 2015, and he predicts the tribe will win it all in 2017. denise. >> reporter: i'm zarrella live in the indians dugout in progressive field where overnight a cavs superstar sent out a special message to the indians thanking them for a great season. now we have to stee if lebron james makes good on a bet he made with dwyane wade where lebron has to wear a cubs uniform. tia. >> tia: yeah, if you're wondering what the front page "the plain dealer" looks like, you're probably not wondering this morning.
6:56 am
outfielder michael martinez after making the final out. the headline reads curses, cubs drought ends and tribe's continues. >> samantha: can we get that off the screen and go to the ra radar. it's cloudy with rain through the area. we have light rain through downtown, and that's gone. we have showers over the lake, and i'm timing it all out for you. here it is. vermilion, heading-up, rain is on the way. cleveland at 7:15 to 7:30 you could see more showers. laura. >> laura: the roads still look very, very wet. see the road spray behind the cars, so be very, very careful out there because we've been prone to accidents when it's wet on the roads, and we certainly have had several this morning, too. they're clear now. b >> brian: thanks so much. >> tia: go cavs, right? live to see another day.
6:57 am
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