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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we continue to follow breaking news tonight. reports of a suspicious package before tonight's jay-z and hillary clinton rally. >> allison has been there all night and she joins us live with the breaking details. >> the get out to vote concert just wrapped up moments ago. you can see behind me they are tearing down the stage. hillary clinton left about 30 minutes ago. like you said it has been a
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of events that unfolded earlier. we'll take a look at some video we shot earlier of a chaotic scene outside the venue earlier tonight around 6 o'clock. folks were working inside to the concert but because of a suspicious package that was reported, everything went on lockdown. lots of police presence and i even saw two bomb squad units fire trucks, local and state police. cleveland police and a spokesperson confirming with our newsroom that they got a report of a suspicious package the all clear was given around eight tonight. now let's get to video of the actual concert. the event, lots event ?lots of folks came out to. it was j call, beyonc and jay-z performance. immediately following that hillary clinton then took the stage. let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> i thank beyonc for standing up and showing the world we are strongest when we look out for each other.
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more barriers to break and with your help, a glass ceiling to crack once and for all! >> hillary clinton went on to talk about gathering more volunteers and winning ohio. she also mentioned beyoncc i don't know if you saw in the video but beyonc and her crew were all wearing pantsuits and heather clinton actually called her ou to see that beyonc was wearing that pantsuit during her speech. kind of a comical moment there. but again things are just wrapping up here. no matter what party line you stand for make sure though that you get out and vote on tuesday. back to you guys. >> thank you allison. chris is at the alert desk now travel tracking several developing stories today.
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concerned tonight about possible terror attacks monday. the day before the election. law enforcement sources say the threat coming from al qaeda. and intelligence points to attacks taking place in new york, texas and perhaps virginia. no specific targets however. earlier this week and alert to local police weren't of polling places being attractive targets for lone wolf type of attacks. new york city's mayor says they are always vigilant. >>we of ramp-up because of the marathon on sunday. and the extraordinary events of tuesday night having two presidential campaigns having their events in new york city. >> chris: a senior fbi official says the agency is working to disrupt any potential threats. >> a warning about a boarding scam on social media. it is being called dirty tricks. aimed at keeping hillary clinton supporters away from the polls.
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and it gives a number to text a vote for clinton. of course you cannot vote by text message. only at polling places or mail in absentee ballots. the ads have now been removed from twitter. both candidates making a last-minute push. donald trump used a final friday before election day to focus on his base. >> i didn't have to bring j lo or jay-z. the only way she gets anybody. i am here all by myself. max donald trump visited small-town america with stops in atkinson new hampshire. pennsylvania. they will cover thousands of miles this week and in their final push for votes. >> hillary clinton may still be in the lead heading into tuesday night but donald trump is facing to close in on her. dan is at the answer center with the latest look at the
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won't have to hear me talk about poles anymore. and i will have to talk about them. but there are some major poles that have been releasede have fox news, abc "washington post", you can see all of these polls, the dates ?they just came out. in the last day. when you look over here at the winter column in these polls, clinton by one, two, four, one, five. the only one that donald trump leads is the "l.a. times" pole. >> is basically saying it is a tossup when you look at where we have been over from june until october the blue line on top as hillary clinton the redline is donald trump. you can see hillary had the largest lead ray here october 18 this is right after the video came out with vulgar language from donald trump. hillary had a 7.1 lead looks like she was going to run away with it but that is not the case. remember, this is an average of all of the major poles that are
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using real clear politics. if you average all of the polls out there hillary clinton right now has just a 1.6 lead. that makes this, yes. a huge weekend for the candidates to get out there and states like pennsylvania, ohio, south carolina and florida. it is going to be what looks like according to the polls, a photo finish. we will have it for you on tuesday night. in the answer center, back to you. >> a verdict reached today in killings in warrensville heights. >> define douglas schein junior guilty of aggravated murder? >> douglas schein junior found guilty of killing three people and injuring others at a barbershop. he could get the death penalty. >> to have no remorse, to have no tears, to not have a heart. for the things that you have done. it is hard to watch.
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killed by schein. her other son was a witness to the crime and was gunned down several months later in his driveway while taking his child out of his car. schein is accused of arranging that murder two. he will go on trial for that case at a later date. the penalty phase of this trial begins november 16. there are no new talks scheduled between the louisville teachers students walked out of class today and joined teachers on the picket line on the third day of this strike. the district and union have twice rejected a factfinder report. alright let's see, combine the caps championship, the rnc and the indians making the world series and you have created an iconic year in cleveland. >> it was huge. so just how much money did the city bring in? shelby miller is here getting
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>> thank you ramona. it will take a while for all of those numbers to be totaled. but what i can tell you is destination cleveland estimates each championship sports game in town right in about $5 million. that is per game. now edit all of the games up plus millions from the rnc and it will be tough to top 2016. millions ?it is where cleveland ?it's what they are hearing a lot this year. packaging 1.3 million people packed the streets during the cavaliers championship parade. a month later the rnc earned the city $200-$250 million. our sports teams also brought in big bucks. >> people are starting to look at us as a destination for leisure, conventions, sports teams. quest destination cleveland says the cavaliers and indians home games both brought in about $3 million each. numbers are still being
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championship rounds raised roughly $5 million per game. >> whenever we think we are done we have something else going on it is great. >> spots like butcher and the brewer and east fourth street says the general manager says business during the world series was through the roof. >> on a typical tuesday night that is probably a good 80 percent more business than what we normally see down here. so you know every little bit helps but something like that you just can't even plan for. >> after such an amazing year, planning is exacwi city is doing for the future. they do not plan to slow down. >> it really exemplifies a story to clevelanders and for those around the world. there is a perception and they are starting to understand what's going on here. and kind of shedding the old mindsets that they had. >> the city believes the success this year will snowball right into next year. destination cleveland says they were already having meetings and conventions plan for 2017. includes a january motorcoach conference and that alone will
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cleveland. >> a lot of happy people around here. still ahead, a consumer alert. a gift card scam that could leave you with nothing to spend at the store. want to keep your kids on task with their chores? now there is an app for that e'll explain just ahead. >> when you typically think november ?you can go up and down but really that's not the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
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>> most people never knew that diesel fuel was spilling into the rocky river for years until our reporter cover the situation back in may. >> now we questions about what is being done to prevent future pollution. >> a beautiful scene taken on a sunny spring morning in the metroparks rocky river reservation. it is a key link in the emerald that the city is behind and below fairview general hospital that sits above. if you look closely there is something that didn't fit. at least it didn't fit the view who cleveland to get answers. we began with a question, what are these? long hose like devices placed
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we got busy and found out that they were placed on the water to contain diesel fuel that had been seeping from compromise tanks at the hospital. they sit on the shore at the bottom a long ?fed from a drainage pipe and leaks were going on for years> all my gosh, really? and then they cleaned it up r did it just sort of trickle down? >> well the containment didn't hold it. >> records show that they were not always doing their job. at and other times they were not tied off properly allowing diesel to flow into the water. turns out the problem began in november 2012. when an oil sheen was found on the river. tests were done in the underground storage tanks but they checked out. this bill diesel was cleaned up and the epa began to monitor the situation. fast forward a year to december 2013.
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over pressurization of the tanks. the 100 gallon leak was stopped in the spill cleaned up. diesel got to the sewer but apparently not to the river. a cleanup pumping station was put into place. in april 2014 another leak. the booms report to the river in the pumping system is restarted. september 2015 the epa investigated yet another leak of diesel. the diesel fuel is used to supply the hospital's backup generators. the epa documented all of the spells it with photographs. some were l enough to go on the river. and a containment had been installed but still leave. >> when we were about 30 yards you could smell the oil. and then again maybe two miles down the river you can still see it in the water. just glistening on the top. >> now we learn something permanent is finally being doneonstruction crews are busy behind the hospital installing a new tech. the hospital says in epa confirms that the job involves removing tooth $10,000 tank ?
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replacing themhe hospital refused a camera comment. the steps being taken include a double wall system and an integrated design which will have one third containment. with new monitoring systems. hopefully a lasting solution to the disturbing scene. >> there is no wildlife inside of the water. it's really kind of weird and eerie. i have never seen anything on >> make no mistake the leaks are infrequent but still leaks. the work is set for completion welcome news to everyone.hich i >>. [indiscernable] >> as long as they are working and not spilling that's fantastic. >> they now have a system that will exceed requirements. getting answers, cleveland 19.
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fairview hospital drained the fuel from the tank to ensure leaks would stop. now a cleveland 19 news's consumer alert. a warning you need to hear this holiday season. coming out, the feds are sounding the alarm over gift cards. scammers are pretending to be from the irs or fbi and demanding the person pay up by using a gift card or face arrest. older americans are especially being targeted. government agencies never called consumers to demand payment by gif getting kids to do their chores can be a struggle. but now there are apps that can reward kids digitally. with the site, parents upload money and assign chores. kids take before and after photos to prove the work is done. then they send mom or dad a text message and they approved the job and the money instantly appears and it is online in their account.
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power and authority. and small tasks get done. >> i will get a dollar for something small. for cleaning my bedroom i will get four dollars. >> the site allows kids to cash in their money for a variety of online gift cards like amazon or itunes or they can get actual money. >> we got the back of the hand if you didn't do your chores! [laughter] here is an can men and women be just friends? a new study says no. apparently men were more likely than women to report being attracted to their opposite sex friends. but not by much. >> what does that mean, not by much? i like you little bit? >> i guess. okay so we like the forecast that's for sure. >> is looking good little cool tonight but that's what you expect with calm
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and 37 worchester so we will develop the frost. here's 8:00 a.m.. you're looking at 30s in land, warmer along the lake shore here. a nice warm up once the sun rises. 50 or better by 11:00 a.m.. here is two in the afternoon we are already approaching 50 and 5 o'clock we will be around 60 degrees or so. this will be an extended dry spell for us. not only through the weekend but into next week. 61 tomorrow. 62 o game. the warm instead of the stretch would be on monday. 66 and 64 on election day. a week friends will sneak in here tuesday night. it could spark off a brief shower but that would be the worst of it as i see things right now. no alerts coming up the next seven days here guys. forecast goes like this. clearer, seasonable. right around 40 for the low.
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40 ?you will be right around 60 and most areas could start out with frost early in the morning. so keep that in mind. they will not let you tee off by the way until the frost kind of melts there. all right 61 tomorrow, 42 tomorrow night. anothe time and time again the clocks go back saturday. we and daylight savings time to get the extra hour this weekend. monday 66, sunny and increasing clouds. tuesday afternoon is election day. no weather worries across the state. 64. front comes through low clouds on wednesday and even next thursday and friday right around 50 again no alerts
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>> sports a still ahead. mark has a high school
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playoffs. they are underway. week one of those in the books. halfway in the bus. games were night. if you missed highlights early. ?this was a six ?three metric. in the quarterback just bear with us here, eventually we would find the play. there it is!nd david picked
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falls. what a play. spencer with in ?punching it in for the bulldogs. they went in. 31 ?28. big upset they are. and another one right here. avon lake, taking on the ?this is sullivan taken in the touchdown pass. they went up seven to nothing. the eagles tonight plagued by special teams. a missed extra point in the fo q they were down a point after that. a field goal to tie it. then it is block ?can you believe it? avon lake shocked the eagles 27 to 26. saint ed taking on the panthers at lakewood stadium. kevin kramer the quarterback keeperots of ?six points there. 28 ?seven. they would keep pouring it on. in the fourth quarter they would get into the end zone.
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win. >> we have a dogfight. bulldogs taking on the bulldogs. ?this is a house call for mckinley. it would trim this 14 to 10 ut these dogs weren't in either. to lindsay in the end zone for a score. 35 ?10. they are moving on. ?taking on glen the bubonic plague. finding anthony from 22 yards out. roads trying to bring the team back. ward with the interception. that would set up a score from four yards out. they are moving on 39 ?10. aurora hosting the magic of farmington. a big bash looking for blunt. they holiday inn and runaway.
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up next, you've got to see what happens tonight in columbus as
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>> browns quarterback turnstile continues cody kessler come on down! you're the next contestant. he is back after a week of josh mccowan kessler has been reinstalled as a start as a concussion is now in the rearview. >> obviously made the decision today.o you know if you want to look at it like that then it's good but i do reserve the right that if something is not going the way i wanted to to put the other guy in the game. >> don't forget to get your sunday started every sunday at
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it is the last tailgating ?the best tailgate in town. blue jackets taking on montrcl they scored not once not twice not three times not even 45678 or nine. they scored 10 goals. they blew out montrcl 10 nothing. i don't know if they didn't clear customs or what. but they had a bad night. 10 zip. blue jackets over the canadians. montoya, the name of their goalie he let him 10 of em in. he probably ran out of gunpowder. >> 10 goals? >> you don't hear that all the time. >> dear member last year? they had a horrible start. they fired their coach. >> yes and they were very happy after a 10 nothing win. they might not score ? >> are the browns going to score? >> i'm not going to go there.
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>> not even close. >> in also we can. >> not close to hockey weather. during the afternoon dare i say you might not need a jacket? because we will be above 60. at night we are seeing that tonight but a nice rebounding temperature up to 61. 42 is low for saturday night plans. clear sky and you will get an extra night saturday night. i think the bars even stay open an hour later. an extra hour. [laughter] it has been such a long >> i like that. >> all right. i know i wish it was an extra night. look at this, monday 66. it is looking fantastic around here and election day. no weather worries, mid-60s. wednesday is cloudy and 58. it's not really hockey weather. you won't be able to ice skate. >> all right. thank you for joining us for
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> cnn's new national poll shows only four point separate the two rivals. >> stephen: i've got to find some escape from this election! just a moment of peace. i know, i'll relax by finishing my ship in a bottle. let's see, just straighten the mast here and then pull the rigging over the spar... you son of a bitch colbert! you stabbed me! as sure as the sea is wet, i will have my revenge! you will rue the day you tried to murder captain bainbridge! i have need to take my mind off this severe puncture wound.


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