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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> nichole: good morning. i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. while you were sleeping the first ballots in the presidential election were cast overnight. donald trump is off to a quick early lead winning over the voters of three new hampshire precincts. people in the tiny new hampshire towns voted just after midnight. when you combine the precincts trump won by a hillary clinton. speaking of mrs. clinton, her plane landed in new york around 3:00 this morning. both her and donald trump will spend election day in new york city. here is a live picture from fairfax recreation in cleveland and in parma where the polls will open in less than 30 minutes. our team coverage begins at 6:03. election day 2016 is here. tia and brian. >> brian: nicki, thanks very much. it's straight up 6:00.
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8th. what a day it is shaping up to be. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. make sure and vote. the weather should cooperate, too, for the voters for most of the day. meteorologist sam roberts is tracking some rain that's going to come a little later this afternoon. sam. >> samantha: my afternoon voters will have to deal with a little rain. this is like late afternoon closer to the evening commute time frame. polls open at 6:30, and if you're headed out to vote early this morning, you can expect a little bit of a chill in the air. it in shaker heights. it's just a little bit warmer farther to the north. 52 in lakewood, good morning in strongsville. we are in the middle 40s right now. a decent warm-up in place. we have a southwest wind and that means that temperatures will once again be above average today. not quite as warm as yesterday but still warmer than what you expect for election day. 53 at 9:00 in the morning.
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through about 3:00. then once the rain starts this evening, we will begin to cool down. i'll go 63 at 5:00. your rain forecast through time, so this morning up through midday, minimal issues in our forecast. but i think as we start to get closer to 5:00, even 4:00 that rain chance will be climbing, so again, if you're voting later please take an your weekend forecast at 6:17. laura. >> laura: first a look at the roads now before we head to the news and talk more about your election coverage. look at this, though, this morning. nothing to complain about at 6:02. really, really smooth travels and no accidents out there. if you try to get on the roads and head to the polls, first thing is first this morning. you get the benefit of the new morning no blues travels. as you come from the west side of akron, 55 miles per hour
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towards the kenmore leg, no slowdowned are reported here, and no issues with the central interchange. the spots are actually open, because we have closures in place. look at strongsville to cleveland, 19 minutes, 17 minutes inbound and 37 minutes straight up 77 from akron. we've got some closures near the innerbelt and will talk about that coming up at 6:19. guys. >> tia: election day is finally here, and in the next next president of the united states is. >> brian: candidates will wait anxiously both in new york city as voters make their decisions today. reed binion covers our election this morning. >> reporter: even as the nominees themselves pushed forward with one final round of stumping, clin to and trump
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duelling rallies that ran into the morning hours. >> did you ever think you would hear a major speech at close to 1:00 in the morning. are we crazy? >> tomorrow you can vote for hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. >> reporter: it following a dizzying day of stops in key states as clinton made her final pitch with bruce springsteen and president obama introduced by first lady mll lady gaga stumping for clinton. >> go out and vote for hillary clinton. i think it's time to come to mama. >> reporter: tramp knocks the celebrity appearances. >> we don't need lady gaga. >> reporter: but touted his old high profile friends. >> tom brady called today and he said, donald, i support you. >> reporter: the campaigns despite the ideas seemed unified
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day, the importance of voter turnout. >> go out and vote tomorrow. >> let's get out and vote. >> good luck. get out there. i did my thing. >> tia: it's been a long and sometimes bumpy campaign trail. this morning we have live team coverage on election day 2016. >> brian: we begin with sia nyorkor live at the fairfax rec center. good morning, sia. we're less than a half hour from doors opening there. >> sia: yes, good morning, brian and tia. you're absolutely righ just a little bit ago i watched some poll workers take their oath. they are setting up and ready for the people that will come here and cast their ballots today. before you come, here is what you need to know. the polls open at 6:30 and will close at 7:30. you need proper identification. one of these pieces. a driver's license or state i.d. card with voter's name and photo
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motor vehicles. a u.s. military i.d. with voter's name and photo. a government i.d. with voter's name, current address and a photo. or a utility bill, cell phone bill, bank statement, pay stub or a government document. that's one of those pieces. security will be a top priority today. the board of elections director pat mcdonald says he's working with the sheriff's department, homeland security and the fbi. they're even bringing in a special rese during the rnc. >> the county impact team is basically a unit put together to be deployed out into the field, in this case the county, to handle any unusual circumstance or any crowds or any problems that we might have. >> sia: now, coming up in the next half hour, i will tell you the suggested best times to come and vote if you don't want to wait in any long lines.
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nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: aside from the presidential election, the next top tier political race on your ballots today is the ohio senate. incumbent republican rob portman is up against former ohio governor democrat ted strickland. in the last week there have been five polls. in those portman's lead ranges from 13 points to 21 points over strickland. the red line on this graph shows support for portman, while the blue line shows support for strickland. we have a link on that you will find other local issues on your election ballot. >> tia: this morning we highlight just some of them. denise zarrella is live at the pleasant valley elementary school where parma voters will cast ballots this morning. denise, anybody in line yet to cast those ballots? >> denise: it's funny you should say that. we've had people already show up here that wanted to vote. we had to tell them, hey, the
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the woman that runs this location. they have been furiously returning around to get it set up. one of the big things is for the first time ever she has an observer here. she says there are members of the national media that are already here. we were here. i guess they've never had media attention at this particular poll location. again, like i said, we've already had voters show up and say, can i vote right now? we have to tellm open at 6:30, and they tell me they will be ready. nicki. >> reporter: in lakewood the fight to save the hospital goes on. they will decide whether to seal the deal. a vote against it does not re-open the hospital. voting for it allows the facility to be used as a health clinic. in cleveland another hot topic, voters there decide whether to raise the income tax by half a percent from 2% to 2.5% to raise
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the mayor has warned a no vote would hurt the city. >> a failure to have the half a percent income tax increase will result in 40-something million dollar deficit next year that will result in layoffs in safety, layoffs in other areas of city services, which will mean reduction of service and in some cases services. >> denise: all right. obviously, the results of this election will hit many of our viewers square in the wallet. in cuyahoga county alone, ten school districts have a levy on the ballot and six communities ask to raise taxes to raise money for operating costs. we will bring you live reports through this polling location throughout the morning.
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>> tia: we're following all the local issues and races today. as we get answers and results, you can get them too on the cleveland 19 mobile news app. all the election coverage is available on the phone if you download or app for free. the second we get results in, key issues or races, you can bet on getting a push alert sent to your mobile device. you can also watch our live stream continuing coverage on the "cleveland 19 news" app. we will broadcast them on air at 7:00 station cle43. also tune in for election night coverage on "cleveland 19 news at 11:00." ten minutes after 6:00 on election day. free doughnuts and discounted admission to the rock 'n roll hall of fame. we get answers about the perks you can cash in on just by voting today. >> tia: this is scary. also ahead we get answers about a massive sinkhole that swallowed a five-lane road right in the middle of rush hour. sam. >> samantha: my goodness.
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hopefully your morning commute is smoother than that, right? 45 in akron this morning. clear skies and we cloud up soon. if you vote later today, not in the morning but have to wait a little while, you might run into rain. we'll sttalk about it after the break. >> nichole: at the alert desk breaking developments out of london of a surprising announcement from prince harry this morning. in germany several are arrested
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>> nichole: time is 6:14 at the alert desk, i'm nichole vrsansky. we have breaking news. prince harry's office confirmed that american actress meghan markle is his girlfriend, but he's accusing the media of harassing her in a highly unusual statement just released moments ago. harry says he's worried about markle's safety and is deeply disappointed he can't protect her. the relationship had been subject of media rumors and gossip over the past few weeks. more breaking news i'm following. five men have been arrested in germany on charges that they aided the islamic state group
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financial and logistical help. this comes after the arrest of this man in columbus, 20-year-old aaron daniels. he's accused of communicating with and donating money to isis for more than a year. daniels was taken into custody yesterday as he tried to leave columbus for libya. investigators say daniels sent $250 in january to a now deceased isis operative. and you need to see this video just into our newsroom from japan. down a road. it's 88 feet wide and 95 feet long. you can even see into this massive sewer line just spilling into that sinkhole. the cleanup just now underway. the good news is no one was hurt. >> tia: that is pretty remarkable when you look at that video. if you are an avid marks shopper, you'll like this. the discount supermarket is accepting credit cards but only at the strongsville location.
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discover cards, but they can use visa and mastercard as well. it's only in the testing stage but may he can up and down across ohio. >> brian: there are some perks to voting today. krispy kreme will give you a free doughnut, and you can get a free coffee at 7 eleven. the rock hall in on the action too. they offer 10 bucks off admission to voters that visit the museum. itnl and sunday. you just need to bring your i heart voting sticker. >> samantha: if you take a picture with the long live rock sign, you need the phone in panorama maybe. it's huge. >> tia: someone was asking do we still have 7-elevens around here? yes, we do. there's one in lakewood. you went to one this morning? >> brian: no, i thought i did.
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>> tia: just go to your gps and type in 7-eleven, he'll see all the locations around. >> brian: i don't know where i went. i like gas station coffee. that's a little insight. >> tia: you eat there, too, right? >> brian: i do not eat. i don't eat gas station food. >> samantha: i do. i will not turn my nose up at gas station food. >> tia: she loves a gas station hot dog. >> i love them. not if they've been sitting there for like three days, but, you know, if they me morning, and you go at like noon, yeah, why not? time is 6:17 on this -- especially sheet's, man. sheet's has the best food ever. made-to-order, baby. mto. time is 6:17. we're tracking a dry morning drive in. i will literally eat everything if you watch the show. you know, there's nothing that i pretty much will not eat. midday commute and lunchtime, thinking about that already, the
6:18 am
well. i tell you, your evening drive could be wet, especially if you commute 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and i'm concerned about wet roads. you want to give yourself extra time later, especially if that's when you plan to vote. right now we're dry. no rain at all. this is the radar and satellite right over the top of the cleveland metro area. totally dry. headed out the door right now in akron or canton, northern tuscarawas county, you're good as well. wayne county is also later today is when rain will move in for us. let's go through that hour-by-hour election day forecast. i do expect increasing clouds through the day. it will be a little breezy as well. we could see a stray shower pop up as soon as midday or early in the afternoon, but you're much more likely to get rained on after 4:00. if you head to the polls later, 5:00, 6:00, even 6:30 as we start to inch closer to the time where the polls close, be aware
6:19 am
and we'll top out in the low 60s later today. for tonight, temperatures in the 50s with scattered rainshowers continuing. notice how that rain chance does remain pretty high all throughout the night. i think it will drop off just a little bit by early tomorrow morning, but there may be still be a little light rain in the viewing area, even through 9:00 tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon we should be dry, but there is a big difference between today and tomorrow. look at your seven-day. i have it right up on your tv screen. it will be very cold tomorrow. upper 40s for high temperatures. brief warm-up thursday, friday features cooler weather and late-day rain. a little bit of snow mixing in at night, but no problems there. laura, the weekend does look dry. >> laura: our wazers on the road this morning talk about a couple problem spots. i just have a view on this map. if i move to the side here, along the turnpike we have lots of construction spots.
6:20 am
driving near the columbia station area talking about the construction you definitely see out that way. i wanted to move closer to the airport and over on 480. the eastbound lanes may have a blockage right now right over near the airport here. so it's going to be near that brook park road area, and there's an accident affecting the eastbound lanes of traffic right now. the drive is still green, so no worries there. let's switch to the other maps. we have some construction going under the innerbelt bridge. this went on yesterday. we g again tomorrow. it's closed tomorrow on canal under the bridge from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. drive times still look good. no big problems here. we're moving along fine. akron to cleveland, we take your drive coming up at 6:33. guys. >> tia: all right. time is 6:20. they don't call this the lucky lottery store for nothing. how about this? that shell station in brook park has done it again. another instant millionaire. >> brian: it's unbelievable.
6:21 am
story on the campus of kent state university this morning. football team's best player some believe facing serious allegations, won't be on the field saturday in what will be their toughest game of the
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[ music ] >> brian: a little eagles. good stuff here. they're going to be a r heartache tonight for somebody. and for a lot of people who voted for them. it was the number one song in the country, the eagles get it done. who is singing that? is glenn frey singing that one? i think so. check out the rock trivia and enter to win tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: this is an interes for sure. kent state football player will in a portage county courtroom today after being charged with kidnapping. nate holley is on indefinite suspension. right now police have not released other details on the case. a spokesperson for the school says ksu takes this matter very seriously. an update on a story we brought to you as breaking news and pushed out on our app about 24 hours ago. a lorain man is in custody this
6:25 am
standoff with police in rocky river. investigators say charles torres shot francisco rodriguez at around 1:30 yesterday morning in lorain, and then led police on a chase to rocky river. he got his car stuck in the mud behind a home on colahan drive but refused to get out. the man he shot is currently recovering at metro. >> brian: big winner on a scratch-off lottery ticket in cleveland. someone won $2 million. no surprise which gas station that ticket was bought at. it's a shell station in brook park, which is one of the luckiest stations in ohio for good reason. in the past this station has a $250,000 winner, a $100,000 winner and a $12 million winner. you know where to go to buy your ticket now. the honors are starting to pour in for the tribe. they have tlie american league finalists for 2017 awards. outfielder tyler naquin is in
6:26 am
he won't win. corey kluber is a finalist for cy young and terry francona is up for manager of the year. he should win. i don't know if he will. >> tia: it sounds like naquin must have stiff competition. >> brian: there's some guys out there that probably had better years. he's a nice player but a tough postseason. i'm glad he's with the ball club, yeah. >> tia: whether you're getting ready for work or preparing to vote, the weather will cooperate. that's good news, >> samantha: we don't want you to not go out and vote because it's raining, and it will be later. it's not right now. here's doppler max, and i have the radar trained on top of the city of cleveland, parma, garfield heights, university heights out towards euclid. there is no rain in the area right now. the polls open in like four minutes, so if you're going to go out and vote in the morning, you should be good. later today there will be some rain around. i will break it down for you
6:27 am
>> brian: all right, sam. on the left there you see inside a polling place where they're getting ready. on the right there you see a line of people getting set. polls open in just about three minutes. we've got everything you need to
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[heartbeat] >> nichole: good morning at the alert desk. i'm nichole vrsansky. breaking news right now. it's 6:30 on november 8th,
6:30 am
we're live this morning. let's begin with sia nyorkor at the fairfax rec center in cleveland. good morning, sia. >> sia: good morning, nicki. i'm at fairfax like you mentioned here on cleveland's east side, and they are ready in here. there's already a line forming at the door. people are ready to come in. in fact, there he is, one of the first people to come in and cast his ballot. so we will be here throughout the morning and give you all those updates on air and online. denise >> denise: yeah, and i'm here at pleasant valley elementary school where we just got the official word that the polls are now open, right, judy? the polls are now open right now for voters to come in and vote. i spoke to the woman running this polling location, and she said she's never had an observer before. there's an observer here. we've got national media here, and then she said, of course, you guys. but we had people trying to vote
6:31 am
of course, the polls were just opening now at 6:30. here come the voters. tia, duff. >> tia: well, i guess the good news in all of this, the weather is supposed to cooperate, which does impact if people go out and vote. >> brian: i think it does. people don't want to go out in the wind and rain and even with rain, nothing that bad. >> samantha: no, no severe weather or snow or anything like that. it's a little light rain possible 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the afternoon. let's get sai i want to show you what to expect for this election day. it will be dry for all of you voting this morning, but again, late in the day is whether when i expect the showers to move in. we will be mild today. another warmer than average day ahead before we turn really cold for tomorrow. for now it's not too bad out there. it does feel like november. some of you are running a little bit above average, which is a good thing if you're going to get out and vote early.
6:32 am
low 40s here, and i have some 30s still. it's about 38 down in wayne county. big, heavy coat needed there, but later you need the rain coat. right now just dry conditions, a few clouds moving in from the west. these clouds are on the increase through the day. as the clouds increase, so will be the rain chances. here's the hour-by-hour rain chance forecast. notice that there is still a little, tiny chance 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, but it es or 5:00. it's that evening commute time frame that i expect rain, but, well, i'm not talking about rain for friday. i'm talking about a little snow. we'll have your first alert forecast coming up at 6:45. >> laura: we still can't get used to her saying that word yet. my goodness. all right. if you get ready to get on the road this morning, we have a couple of issue spots out there. we'll get to those. look at this map. it doesn't look like any problems for you. so pretty easy so far, especially if you're headed to
6:33 am
get the benefit of getting that early drive for the rest of the drive thereafter. the akron drive looks very, very smooth from canton to akron, that's protect. it looks on time, too. 65 miles per hour there. 76 to the west and east moving smoothly as well. then we look at this accident. this is right near the airport, so if you head to the airport from the west side, this is affecting you because it's the eastbound lanes. now, the accident is right here right by the airport right by k as for slowdowns behind it, i don't see any. still looks very, very green. keep in mind, not a lot of people on the road yet. the drive times move perfectly on time. coming up we have an rta weekend alert. i'll have that for you at 6:49. guys. >> tia: after 18 months of rallies, over an entire year, right, debates and controversies the campaign is just about over. in less than 24 hours we should know who will be the next president of the united states. >> brian: should know, right?
6:34 am
anxiously in new york city as america makes its decision. craig boswell continues the campaign coverage in virginia. >> reporter: hillary clinton made her final campaign push in the critical state of north carolina overnight with the help of celebrity friends lady gaga and bon jovi. >> it's not just my name or donald trump's name on the ballot. it's the kind of country we want. it's every issue anyone cares about. >> reporter: the star-studded rally came as voters in the small town of the dixville, new hampshire cast the if i have ballots of the day giving clinton a 4-2 win over donald trump. >> i think she's strong. >> reporter: trump head his own midnight rally in the state of michigan, a democratic-leaning state he's eyeing to turn red today. >> today we're going to win the great state of michigan and we're going to win back the white house.
6:35 am
have already been cast, making today really the final day to vote at polling places like this one in northern virginia. trump's daughters courted voters in the state yesterday where 13 electoral votes are up for grabs. >> everyone you know, get them out to vote. >> reporter: in pennsylvania clinton was joined by president obama and the first lady, michelle obama. >> this country has always been great. >> reporter: clinton goes into today's contest with more ways to win the white house. in order to trump to win, to take pennsylvania, florida and ohio to reach 270 electoral votes. craig boswell, cleveland 19. >> tia: like we saw five minutes ago, the polls are open in cleveland and all across the eastern time zone. >> brian: let's go to sia nyorkor live at the fairfax rec with what you need to know before you head out there to vote. sia. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. let me tell you, right before that door opened, there was a little bit of a line about 20 people standing inside.
6:36 am
now, and that is one of the first people standing over there to cast his ballot. he is doing so right here at the fairfax rec center, but before you come over here, there's a few things that you need to know. here's what you need to bring with you if you're coming to cast your ballot today. just one of these pieces, a driver's license or state i.d. card with voter's name and photo issued by the ohio bureau of motor vehicles. a u.s. military i.d. with voter's name and photo, a government i.d. with voter name and current address and photo. a utility bill, cell phone bill or government document. again, one of those pieces. cuyahoga county predicts about 357,000 people vote tomorrow. excuse me. vote today. through the day they'll work with rovers and observers who have been trained to watch election proceedings and report on any issues.
6:37 am
place and they're uncomfortable in any way, they need to report that to a poll worker. we will be contacted. we also have rovers that are part of our staff. they're available to go to anywhere where there might beish is they need to look into. >> sia: officials tell us there's multiple officers on every precinct and on top of that there's 6,000 election workers. you can see them this room. they're all working together to make sure that everyone stays safe and you have the information you need to be able to vote. now, they're recommending if you don't want to wait in line for you to go during the day before or after work. those are some of the heaviest times and that's when you expect the longest lines. so try to go at an off-time if you don't want to wait. for now i'm getting answers here at fairfax rec center on
6:38 am
>> brian: thanks. of course, here on the ohio ballot everyone gets to vote in the senate race between incumbent rob portman and the democrat ted strickland. >> brian: locally, there are several school levies to update you on. good morning, denise. >> denise: we're in parma at pleasant valley elementary school where aside from the presidential election, they have a big school levy on the ballot here. we already have long lines, reasonably long lines of voters at 6:30. yes, the parma school levy is on the ballot here. they're in a state of fiscal caution here. if it doesn't pass, it's unclear how to deal with a $50 million deficit and the levy not passing. there are other schools in the viewing area where they ask voters for more money so they can run the schools. in the parma school district they have a $15 million deficit
6:39 am
le levy passes they need to figure out how to make up for the budget shortfall. in cleveland school leaders try to convince voters to renew a levy there. if issue 108 doesn't pass the district will have to cut $65 million from the budget. fairview park schools pushing for a levy to make renovations to schools. pafrnts have said their schools are in need of plumbing, electrical and structural and some schools in some other counties asking for levies to pass, the ravenna city schools and the norton city schools and stow schools as well. here in parma we have talked to voters here. many support the schools, but some have told us off-camera they're not sure they'll vote with the levies because they're frustrated and disappointed over the $15 million shortfall that just came up that was uncovered that was discovered. they said they're not sure that they want to pass the levy and
6:40 am
light of that. so it will be interesting to see what happens here in particular. we're asking questions and getting answers here in parma. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: d, thanks so much. stay with "cleveland 19 news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 right through the election tonight. we'll be live on cle43 from 7:00 to 11:00. we'll be streaming online and on our mobile app. >> tia: time is 6:48. desperate search is underway for a mother of two who disappeared while jogging. >> brian: there's a smeth on your smartphone that could set you up to get inappropriate pictures. uh-oh. sam. >> samantha: we don't want that to happen. 6:40 on this tuesday morning. this is a live picture out at cedar point. this is an absolutely beautiful sunrise. there is no lofi or other filters. what are the other ones, tia? xx pro. there's no filter on this, okay?
6:41 am
sunrise action out in sandusky. got a little rain on the way later. we talk about it coming up after the break. >> nichole: next, investigators make another gruesome discovery at the home of a south carolina man that investigators are calling a serial killer.
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>> nichole: time is 6:44. i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. following several developing stories right now. in south carolina investigators will return to the property of accused serial killer todd kohlhepp this morning, although the coroner has said he does not think there are any more bodies to discover at this point. a third body was discovered on the 45-year-old's property yesterday. kohlhepp is now linked to the deaths of seven kidnapping of a woman found chained inside of a storage container. the search resumes today for a missing mom in california who disappeared last week after going on a run. sheri's husband says he came home and her car was not in the driveway and their kids had still not been picked up from day care. authorities are now investigating, but they say they do not have enough evidence at this point to point toe an abduction. a quick update for you on the oklahoma earthquake.
6:45 am
in cushing sustained substantial damage. cracks in buildings, fallen bricks and facades. certain areas are still resfrikted this morning. no major injuries reported and no damage has been reported at cushing's major oil storage hub. brian. >> brian: thanks, nicki. you might see this on facebook this morning. this is quite a reminder now to parents when it comes to letting your kids use your phone. jessica peterson's 2-year-old daughter was wch on the iphone when all of a sudden a picture of a naked man popped up on the screen. it was airdropped, which is a feature on apple that allows people to share instantly. >> something that really -- you don't want your children to see that. so i felt vulnerable. >> brian: how you can prepare airdrops from coming on your phone. when you swipe up from your home screen, you see this. then go to airdrop and either
6:46 am
the feature at all or just contacts only. if you have it set on everyone, what happened to this family could happen to you. >> tia: for the first time in history, cover girl is featuring a woman mared a hijab. she's wearing the traditional muslim women's head covering in an ad campaign for a line of mascara. in a statement released by cover girl, she says she never thought she'd see muslim women represented on such a large scale. well, in the run up te election, you may have heard a lot of people joking about moving to canada, and it turns out more americans really are looking for jobs there. job search engine monster worldwide says the number of americans looking for work there this year rose nearly 60% compared with all of last year. it's very interesting, because market watch put out this withhold article about if you think moving there, it's not that easy. six things you need to know. for example to give you a few. immigration can be difficult and expensive.
6:47 am
pretty much anywhere. you may still have to pay u.s. taxes, so you may get to that point. first you have to have a job there. you may get to the point and still pay taxes. it's not that easy. not really. >> samantha: it's too cold. i want to stay here. >> tia: canada is a great place. >> samantha: it's lovely. there's tim hortons there. >> tia: no trader joe's, by the way. >> brian: there's tim ho there's one right around here somewhere. >> samantha: it's like in mansfield. erie. >> brian: there's one in erie, edinburgh, pennsylvania. >> samantha: i need one in downtown cleveland. >> tia: open one up. >> samantha: do they franchise? our producer is probably like, please stop talking. it is 6:00 in the morning. he gave me a big wrap. time now is 6:47. we don't want to move to canada,
6:48 am
in cleveland where it is beautiful and it's 51. there's no target in canada. i'm definitely not going there then, because target is everything, right? you got to have your target. we have a south-southwest wind this morning, and that means we're going to warm up today. so that is wonderful news for this election day. as we look live at satellite and radar imagery, you can see we're dry. i have some cloud coverov higher level clouds so they don't produce rain. the rain is back towards southern lake michigan, chicago, places way far off to the west. it's associated with a cold front. that front will be dropping in later today. it's going to do two things for us. the first is cool us down tomorrow. the second thing is going to bring us a little election day rain, but not anytime soon. the next several hours you are totally fine.
6:49 am
won't have to deal with any rain. just partly to mostly sunny skies. a stray shower could pop up as soon as midday, but for most of us it's 4:00 on that we see those rainshowers moving in. mid-60s this afternoon, and that will happen at about 3:00. so that will be the warmest part of the day before we drop back into the 50s later tonight. mid-50s at 9:00 in november is not bad. we'll take it. we have rainshowers night. dinner plans or a meeting at school you have to get to tonight, be prepared to deal with some rain on the roads. there may be a little lynner rain early tomorrow morning, but by mid-morning we should be fine. we'll be done with any rain, and then it just gets cold. here's your full seven-day planning forecast. we go from 65 today to 48 tomorrow. that will be really cold compared to what we've had to enjoy lately.
6:50 am
none of that tomorrow. little warmer on thursday, and then friday our next system moves in. we'll have a little rain late in the day, but some snowflakes may actually mix in friday night. they will not cause any troubles, and i think we'll be dry by the weekend. laura, chilly this weekend. >> laura: all right. bundle up for that and put on scarfs. headed out the door and 77 and starting to slow down a little bit. i know this is the headache everybody is dealing with. if you're coming up 77 and coming from the southern suburbs, maybe let your friends know coming from the west side suburbs there are now five lanes across the innerbelt bridge. if we can get more people over to the innerbelt bridge, hopefully that will alleviate some traffic that packs up along 77. akron is moving very, very well. no big issues here. that's the kenmore leg and typical slowdown there. rta this weekend, the green line
6:51 am
do track work for the weekend. so saturday and sunday, and an accident on i-480 eastbound near the airport still all green in the area and still all green on our drive times from strongsville, north olmstead, mentor and akron. >> tia: we'll have a new president of the united states by the end of the day. election day is here. you see it right there. people are at the polling places. the lines are growing like here at fairfax recreation center right in cleveland. >> brian: we'll get you caught up on all of the electio d information you need to know before you go. that's next. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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6:56 am
tonight on cle43. also tune in for our election night coverage on "cleveland 19 news at 11:00." sam. >> samantha: quick check of the seven-day forecast. today is a first alert weather alert day for the threat of late-day rainshowers. dry for now, but 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tonight could be rain around. highs in the mid-60s today before we turn cold then, and then check out the weekend, guys. that also looks chilly. laura. >> laura: t pack up. this is 77 northbound. this is the slowdown where the left lane is blocked. it ebbs and flows as morning goes on. the left lane, we need you to take the innerbelt bridge to help out those along 77. >> brian: not bad so far. >> tia: just a reminder, don't forget to vote today. make the switch to cle43. clickty click.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
? good morning. it is election day, tuesday, november 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." who will lead america? tens of millions head to the donald trump made their final pith. democratic runnining mate tim kaine and republican son eric trump will be with us. turns out across the country, watching the polls, and our elections director will provide an inside look at how each state calls the news. hackers go inside a secret government cybercommand center working to protect your votes. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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