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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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nobody is exempt. >> we get e-mails every time. taylor black is a student at case western university and knows about the recent rash of robberies happening on or near camp us and in fact, he shows us the e-mail alert he received about a robbery that happened at 8:00 this morning. >> more violence is happening around you and a better chance of being caught up in it. >> are you taking any special precautions, walking in pairs, not having the ear buds in? >> at night. i won't listen to music and i go places with people generally during the day. i am less concerned. >> he has at least 7 good reasons to be concerned. there have been that many armed robberies in case's campus since october 28th. the first happened at 12:15 in the morning. two students were on east 115th street and they were
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taken at east 115th, another jacking took place. a total of 7 times so far. >> it seems like it is becoming a concern. well, despite the fact that case security says they have arrested at least several people they are holding security meetings for students. the next takes place thursday, 2:00, crawford hall room 209. getting answers, harry boomer, cleveland 19. thank you for that. >> a police involved shooting in ashtabula where officers killed an armed robbery suspect. police called to a family video store after a hold up. a suspect hit two officers in the chase. >> officers shot at the car and killed the man. >> state agents are investigating. cleveland police are
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pregnant woman. this happened last night east 101st street. chester was shot in the head and rushed to the hospital. the hospital is not releasing her condition right now. >> also we checked with police. still no arrests in this case. a young lakewood mother vanished almost a month ago. police are asking for your help. >> she left behind a 3-year-old son and the f.b.i. getting involved in her disappearance and may crosste >> lacy crisp is live in lakewood with details. >> reporter: the 24-year-old mother didn't have family members and moved to the u.s. a few years ago. the f.b.i. and police are asking for your help to find her. >> she has a very big heart. heart of gold. she loved life and always happy and loved her life and son. everyone she worked with. >> they came from iraq a couple of years ago.
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married and had marital problems in the past and got divorced and hasn't had a easy life. co-workers say her job as a cook caused her to start over and rebuild her life. the two have a 3-year-old son. >> she would bring them to work and get a chocolate chip cookie. co-workers say al dhannoon would never leave her son. >> she would do anything for anybody and it was uncharacteristic of her. >> the husband protective order. >> he was arrested on that charge and released. >> he has not been charged with the disappearance. >> at this point we don't know where she is. >> police and f.b.i. are asking for your help. >> there's absolutely no clue too small. time and time again this is prove. a little bit of information to help find her.
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dearborn, michigan. >> the f.b.i. is reaching out to the family hoping to find clues to what happened to her. >> lacy crisp cbs news. >> chris: check this out strong winds from the east 55th marina in cleveland. wow. some of that water even reaching up to the shoreway. >> of course if it were cold enough you would have ice on the shoreway in the same spot at the time. >> jeff: you can get that. it is a common scene with waves crashing like that. look at this. clouds breaking up and the wind is dying down and won't get as much wave action as earlier today. still cloudy cleveland hopkins, 49. about 46 at 6:00, 7:00, 45, 8:00, 44. it will be a cooler night.
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the wind will continue to diminish. you are at 46 akron-canton. northwest wind at 8. it was cooler today. we got another big change on the way tomorrow as we do 180 flip again. sunny and actually much warmer compared to today. we will be back up above 60 in the afternoon. also windy. so the clouds will continue to break up tonight. on veteran's dt with another front that comes through. not much rain with this system but ever popular winds of change and forecast details on this later in the half hour. here is traffic. >> all right, tan. thanks for that. taking a look at the cloverleaf now. can you see volume out there and things are moving. we had reports of an accident on i-90 eastbound after route 44. that was inside an hour ago. it's been cleared.
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that area be aware. we had an accident that was just cleared. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america. and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result and look to the future. hillary clinton tel submitters to accept the outcome of the presidential election and most people are glad this election season is over. >> chris: that's for sure. margaret brennan reporting on what president-elect donald trump could do with a majority republican congress. >> i look very much forward to being your president. >> reporter: donald trump promised his administration would bring on national growth and renewal. >> we will rebuild our
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which will become, by the way second to none. >> reporter: last month from gettysburg trump mapped out his first 100 days hitting on trade and tougher stance on immigration, an issue that catapulted his campaign. >> when they get deported they stay out otherwise they have very serious prison terms. >> reporter: armed with g.o.p. minorities in the house and senate trump won't face much of a fight over a conseiv >> donald trump did not layout a lot of specific policy adgendas in this campaign. that's a blank slate here. what are his true priorities. >> "new york times" reporter and cbs news contributor says those who expect trump to act like one could be in for a letdown. >> he did not run as a friend of any establishment and there's much more uncertainty with trump than there would be with hillary clinton. >> reporter: during the campaign trump made a number of
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>> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: he promised it build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. >> i will build a great, great wall. >> and pledged to repeal obamacare. >> all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. >> reporter: despite what seems like a blank check for the g.o.p., leib very much says some republicans on capitol hill may be holding their breath. >> trump was a wild cd candidate and not a conservative ideology, it's very much a new cree agencies around whatever trumpism is and will flesh it out on the fly which is concerning to people who expect a new republican president. >> chris: that was margaret brennan reporting. obviously a lot of people watching to see what happens next. time for more perspective on the campaign. jubilation for trump supporters. disappointment for hillary clinton backers.
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joining us right now, a political science professor at ashland university. we heard hillary clinton say that our country is more divided than we thought it was. is that accurate or just a matter of who came out to vote and where they live? >> i think it is accurate. it is a closely divided electorate. you saw it in the popular vote. secretary clinton won by at least over 20 thousand dollars even the electorate college. >> chris: interesting with what happens now with the congressional majority and obviously, the supreme court. donald trump as president has the ability to shift ideologies for decades, does he not? >> yes, he does. he will have one immediate appointment to the supreme court with justice ginsburg and kennedy and possibly three or four and doesn't include the
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>> denise: i want to talk about florida last night watching the returns coming in. it showed gary johnson had 2% of the vote which ended up being 206,000 votes and the difference between clinton and trump was 119,000 votes. is he the ralph nader of this year? this election? >> i think it is quite possible. what we thought is that young people would stay in the obama coalition and it is possible a number of those migrated to gary johnson. that's right. >> chris: with these elections people are invested with their time, energy, ideologies. the sun came up today. the economy is still cranking. the market rebounded after the future selloff at 1805l. things be okay for the democrats out there that needs a pat on the back. >> the sun comes up tomorrow that's one of the things about the election.
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after the agitation of the election and bumps and bruises we heal over time and come back together as a nation. it is remarkable. >> denise: it is. the millennials. surprisingly they didn't all go for hillary the way the pundits thought. what happened? >> i think sometimes pundits make a mistake in thinking once there's a coalition the coalition is set forever and made that mistake with the young people. people's opinions and preferences change and many cases they changed away from the democratic johnson or some supporting trump or not voting at all this time. >> chris: selective recovery that neglected large swaths of the rust belt even in ohio. >> absolutely. that's right. thank you kindly for your time. we appreciate you coming in. >> we appreciate your efforts. >> appreciate it. >> three big issues on the ballot yesterday were all approved locally. issue 32 cleveland income tax
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hospital measure. issue 118 parma school levy. they all passed. you can find results for every issue and race on even better download our free mobile app and we will send you text alerts when breaking news happens. >> denise: still am head, general motors planning big changes and announcing a major investment. it could come at a major cost to
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live from cleveland's
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19 news. >> denise: take a look. this is one of a dozen anti-trump protests overnight. people set fire in streets of oakland, california and broke into businesses and damaged windows. police did not make arrests but preparing for more protests tonight. >> it is tough for people to come to terms with a trump presidency. >> chris: a local psychologist weighing in on coping mechanisms. nichole vrsansky is about this election and there will be a sense of loss. >> the best way to deal with the loss is dr. adam borland. >> i am a believer in benefits of exercise, physical exercise and deep breathing exercises as methods of coping. >> dr. borland also suggests grabbing a pen and paper. writing down their fears and going through and looking at
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>> reporter: other coping suggestions is look at what you are monitoring on social media especially if it gets overwhelming. focus on the present and not what if's and know that you can't control the behavior of others. >> well, there may be different viewpoints and values, what i represent is people stay true to themselves and monitor their own reactions. that's all we have control over. >> reporter: nichole vrsansk >> chris: dr. borland says he hopes the country can focus on moving forward. but there's a big sense of relief the election is now over. >> denise: all right. time for a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. we are talking wall street and your 401-k. a lot of people feared a stock market collapse after a donald trump victory and dow futures plunged 700 points overnight and talk about a quick recovery.
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points by the closing bell. general motors announcing a major investment. they are spending more than $900 million to improve three different facilities including the transmission plant in toledo. but gm is also making cuts at two plants and that includes lordstown complex in northeast ohio. they plan to suspend the third shift production there, more than 2,000 jobs may be impacted. >> chris: some big changes for chocolate tobler own is getting smaller. it blames the change on rising costs of ingredients. many chocolate lovers obviously not happy. wal-mart now selling an award-winning wine. that's right. up until now it was only available in the u.k. it is a malbec.
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look for it in local stores beginning next week. all right. if you can pronounce it, i will buy it. >> as is typically the case with lake-effect situations western areas cleared out first. the overall trend is for a clearing sky as we go on through the night. can you see the dry air to the west. tomorrow. you won't believe this. in the 40s right now. tomorrow i think we will be above 60 just like that and plenty of sunshine. there's a lot of changing coming up to this forecast. here we are 49 in cleveland and actually 47 columbus and temps in the 50s to the west right now and 7:00 in the morning most in the 30s and and the
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lakeshore. >> and 10:00 tomorrow already around 50 and well in the 50s if not above 60 during the afternoon tomorrow. no alert days coming up in the next 7 even though friday we have another front coming through. but limited moisture with it. this is tomorrow night at 7:00 we're clear but clouds will quickly increase overnight. there's the next front that comes through friday morning. just windy conditions again. it will be another temperature change going from 63 tomorrow. again the front coming through only around 50 on friday. the friday night playoff games will be chilly and then saturday only 48. but the sun will bust loose again and then sunday we are back up in the 50s. no big systems coming up in the next 7 which means no big rains
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forecast the next 7 days. looks like right through the middle part of november. we don't think we will see any snow around here. another late start to that season. >> clearing sky. cooler. 35 the low in cleveland. akron-canton gradual clearing. you are dropping down to 34. and pockets of frost in there overnight. sunny and windy by afternoon and much warmer. 63. you've got a southwest wind in the forecast. 14-28. 38 at 8:00 a.m. 46 at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and nothing but sun near 60 at 5:00 and i think we will be in the low 60s there at 5:00. wow. by friday, though, there's that front isolated showers. it will be windy and cloud cover. 50 the high dropping in the mid-30s eventually friday night. check out this weekend.
5:21 pm
we turn sunny saturday and 48 down into the 30s saturday night and sunday not a bad looking day at all. 55. dry stretch extends into next week. 53 monday. 51 tuesday. more cloud cover tuesday and then wednesday of next week could get back up above 60. look at that. boy -- >> jeff: we are approaching mid-november. >> denise: it was crisp out there today. what a cha tonight. >> coming up next on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 another big delay in a halle barry move
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>> chris: time now for your eye on entertainment. a plot spoiler for the game of
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>> we begin with local favorite halle barry. her movie is delayed again. >> the northeast ohio native stars as a worried mom in this movie kidnapped. she needs help finding her abducted son without using the police. the studio behind the film is going through bankruptcy right now and bumped the film's release from next month to next year. >> i know what happens. >> chris: now it appears everyone knows what happens on game of thrones. the next round doesn't appear until next summer and widely reported posting on read it thread contains what appears to be a plot summary for the entire upcoming season of the hit hbo show. >> what are some ways to set our comic bookstore apart from the
5:26 pm
bang theory and multiple reports claim a spinoff is in the works and explains his quirky childhood and right wing texas town. catch the big bang theory thursday night here on cbs 19. >> chris: spin offs are always good in theory. >> yes. let's hope it is funny. more ahead at 5:00 continuing coverage of an
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?? tomorrow's the day we'll play something
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>> denise: well the campaigning is over and the people have spoken. it is president-elect donald trump and it is tough to swallow for many many people. >> sure.
5:30 pm
morning president obama invited mr. trump to the white house tomorrow. many wonder what happens next. the tireless ryan nobles now in d.c. with more on the historic election. how are you doing, ryan? >> reporter: couldn't be better denise and chris. thank you so much. you know, donald trump, the new president-elect huddled with top advisories at trump tower. meanwhile, just a couple of miles away in manhattan hillary clinton supporters and gathered to hear her speak. they had thought at this stage of the campaign they would be celebrating a historic victory. an emotional hillary clinton stood before her supporters and conceded the election. >> i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too. this is painful. and it will be for a long time. our campaign was never about one person or even one election.
5:31 pm
love. >> reporter: clinton privately conceded the race last night to president-elect donald trump but didn't speak publicly until this morning. in that late night call she congratulated him and offered to work together going forward. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> i love this country. >> reporter: the president-elect instruct a conciliatory tone in his speech, divisive rhetoric for the run for the white house. >> i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> reporter: tomorrow trump will head to the white house at the invitation of president obama. >> sometimes you lose an election. sometimes we move in ways that some people think is forward and
5:32 pm
that's okay. >> reporter: the trump administration is going to get a bit of a head start. they will have republicans in control of both the house and senate. there's certainly some relationship it is the new president has to repair including with the guy up until yesterday was the most powerful republican in washington, house speaker paul ryan and ryan saying today he understands many of his members were reelected in part because of donald strength at the top of the ticket and said he is ready to work with his new president and also says he plans to stand for the speakership when the new congress convenes in january. >> reporter: chris and denise? >> chris: a lot of drama going on. as far as numbers go, we saw the large red patch in the midwest that turned the election on its head. for the republicans, the numbers were about the same for the last three elections. what about the democrats?
5:33 pm
many postmortems written about the election and prognosticators were so far off. if you are looking for a key statistic take a look at this. the 2012 overall turn out for president obama and mitt romney. the president about 66 million and mitt romney 61 million. look at the 2016 numbers. hillary clinton falls about 6 1/2 million votes short of what president obama does while donald trump 2 million. that's a dramatic difference and it is really the difference in this election. democrats or people who normally support democrats just did not come out in the numbers they normally do. that's why you saw donald trump able to win states like ohio, like michigan, like wisconsin, like pennsylvania. something mitt romney was not able to do and john mccain was not able to do. there are many reasons democrats
5:34 pm
sometime to figure it out. if you are looking for the starting point that's a first to start. >> what names are tossed around for candidate positions already? >> reporter: denise, the ones you expect ben carson former candidate himself. maybe he is the next secretary of health and human services. you've got ryan priebus, chairman of the national committee floated as potential white house chief of staff and gingrich and does he end up secretary of state or a position similar to that. the name i think you will see rudy giuliani trump's ardent supporter mayor of new york is he the next secretary of homeland security and attorney general and chris christie headed up the transition team. he might have designs on the attorney general post and christie has his problems with the bridge-gate controversy and
5:35 pm
case. those names we will get to a better idea in the next couple of weeks. >> all right, ryan. thank you very much for the hard working campaign season. follow ryan on twitter and catch him on the running mate podcast. >> pleasure having you with us, ryan. >> a real pleasure to be in cleveland. a real honor. >> thank you. all right. check out this video from nasa. it shows wildfires raging there are several fires in north carolina. a burning ban is set up throughout the region. they are blamed on a serious drought in the carolinas. >> no such conditions here. rain tonight and tomorrow morning and fortunately, it cleared up. what does the future hold? good shot of rain early in the morning. lake-effect rain. we had rain with the system and then the lake-effect rain would
5:36 pm
what happened. we are mostly cloudy downtown. the rain threat is over. in fact, we will continue to clear things out tonight. it will be cool. most areas dropping in the 30s. the wind diminishes and that's good. sunny and much warmer tomorrow. what a change for one day. we will be back up above 60 tomorrow afternoon. but it gets colder again on veteran's day with the next front. but not much rain with that. just isolated down to 48 cleveland ashtabula 44. warren at 43 degrees across the greater cleveland area. we have 49 lakewood and 46 brecksville, strongsville and also shaker heights. you get this information on the first alert weather app with interactive radar and brand new feature and personalized push alerts we send out especially when active weather is around.
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overnight and we continue to clear out. like i mentioned, the rain threat is pretty much over. get this no alerts next 7 days meaning no significant rain or snow for that matter. we will not get snow with a temperature of 63 tomorrow afternoon. that's the high. windy as well. southwest wind 14-28 and it will be a gorgeous thursday compared to what we are seeing right now. 38 at 8:00 a.m. 46 60 at 2:00. this time of year on a day like tomorrow around 3:00, 3:00 to 3:30 is when we typically hit our high temperature. akron-canton, windy, warmer for you. you are at 63. the overall big picture. we get the one warm day tomorrow and on veteran's day another front slides through dropping us to 50 only for a high on friday.
5:38 pm
north. not much rain isolated showers. details headed into the weekend and next week coming up later in the half hour. chris? >> thank you. >> check it out. largest waves of the season keeping lifeguards busy in hawaii. oh, my. looks like waimea bay. safety officials confirm two people were rescued at the park. lifeguards pulled three people off the waters of west oahu. they are trying t k goers away from the shore line. of course it is never an easy task. >> this is like watching a fireworks show for me. >> huge waves. this is the biggest wave so far. >> shark's cove. the largest swell expected to top out around 40 feet. always impressive there. >> denise: monster waves. >> chris: winter is when the waves come from the north and you get the huge swells. >> denise: great surfing. you have to be careful.
5:39 pm
sweeping the internet. we have told you and shown you the so-called mannequin challenge. >> denise: we have done it on cleveland 19 news and hats off to a group of ladies from lake county lake erie gymnastics school in mentor. these athletes are perfectly still in pretty amazing poses. these are tough to do. their arms aren't even shaking. they are hoisting themselves up on equipment and hanging upside down and flawlessly frozen time for two minutes. >> chris: my goodness. good stuff. it is almost that time of year thanksgiving and christmas and season of giving. a survey revealing the most generous of cities. dan deroos in the answer center with details. how are we doing, dan? >> dan: this is an overview of charities in the community. not just handing a dollar out on the street, it doesn't mark how much charities are taking in or giving out.
5:40 pm
on administrative costs and giving out. let's take a look at the list money talks news pittsburgh. this is the score we are looking at overall charity navigator score. pittsburgh number 27. let's get to the next one. detroit comes in at 16. cleveland number 10 in the nation, 30 major cities and the fact we are at 10 and our score is 88.55. the real reason we are high on thiss have in reserves, the size and wealth of our 70 largest charities within cleveland. can you see in assets this blue bar is what we have. red bar is a national average. we have $7.4 million in assets for our charities compared to the national average at 6 million. what i like here is where we are spending our money and charities anyway. 19% human services. 14% on culture, art, humanities
5:41 pm
country community development. can you thank to to groups like the cleveland foundation and gunned foundation. we make number 10 on the list. that's a good mark. >> getting answers in the answer center, chris. >> chris: good stuff. thanks. coming up later on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 donald trump taking control of the white house just as importantly, maybe more so, republicans controlling
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5:44 pm
>> chris: a deadly attack on police in arizona. officer darren reed was killed during a shootout after a standoff. police say daniel erickson fired at police more than six hours after negotiations began late last night. officers returned fire killing him. one knows why erickson shot the officer. but he has a lengthy criminal history. aerial is sinking afte morning. coast guard video capturing the scene off the coast of rhode island. the accident happened 10 miles east of block island one of the small islands in the state. the captain of the lobster boat
5:45 pm
>> denise: crews responded to a massive fire at a wearhouse once used for leather goods and barrels. the building in wilmington, delaware was abandoned. at one point a large side wall collapsed during the fire. no reports of anyone hurt there and the cause is under investigation. and another fire engulfed a structure in upstate, new york. look at that. the flames broke out at a former bethlehem steel plant. witnesses report an explosion. and hundreds of firefighters were to control the flames and and there one was hurt. they still do not know the cause. seaworld is cutting costs after reporting weak profits. the company says the number of visitors at theme parks dropped slightly. seaworld is struggling to win back customers since a 2013 documentary accusing it of killer whales. still to come at 6:00 getting answers after the death of a suspect. police shot and killed a man following a robbery. plus campaign 2016 in the books. will you hear from an expert how
5:46 pm
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>> denise: now back to the presidential election. that's all a lot of people are talking about today. >> chris: how could you not. donald trump won the white house and republicans kept their lock on congress. mark continues campaign coverage. >> thank you, wisconsin. >> reporter: republicans couldn't contain their joy winning hotly contested senate races state after state. >> tonight was a reminder our charge in the united states senate was to serve and you people like you across this state and across this country. >> reporter: the electorate sent a clear message it was sick of washington and wanted change. >> the media. the government. big business. wall street, academia, they have
5:50 pm
people are so frustrated and angry. >> reporter: republicans retained control of the house and the promise to shake up d.c.'s establishment could mean a shake up in their own house. >> working for you has been one of the greatest honors of my life. >> house speaker paul ryan has been at odds with donald trump throughout the campaign and some house members say they may look at a pro trump member to challenge ryan for the speaker seat. >> you are looking at someone with exceptional opportunity in >> reporter: it wasn't a clean sweep for the g.o.p. representative john micah lost his orlando, florida seat after serving 12 terms in congress. democrat stephanie murphy thanked supporters and said she worked to end gridlock in congress. mark albert cbs news, capitol hill. the senate seat minority leader harry reed had will stay in democratic hands.
5:51 pm
against congressman joe heck. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. things are calming down tonight. lake-effect cloud cover will continue to break up. what a day we have coming up tomorrow after a cool start. all of a sudden we warm to 63 for an afternoon high. winds are picking up out of southwest. tomorrow night pretty warm as well and drop to 50 and another front comes through on veteran's day. isolated showers around. cloudy and windy. we will hold steady around 50 throughout the day. down to 35 for the low friday night and clear out again saturday becoming sunny and 48. saturday night down to 34. a little cool for your saturday night plans and sunday it is mostly sunny and 55 degrees. look at this. dry weather into the first half
5:52 pm
monday 53 partly cloudy tuesday 51 and next wednesday we could be back up above 60. no sign of big time cold. we have temperature swings going from 63 tomorrow down to 50 friday and 48 saturday. a cool period here. bang up to 55 sunday and then it looks like another perhaps bigger warm up on the way for the middle part of next week. there you go, guys. >> thank you jeff. co memory matters there's now a new excuse for most men on why some tend to forget about their
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>> chris: a new research is out on how long you should stay at work. listen up, bosses. a six hour day could be better for you and your employer. turns out working less could result in higher productivity according to social scientists in switzerland. they found working longer hours including overtime leads to higher rates of injury, illness,
5:56 pm
smoking. >> denise: wow. all right. a new study confirms what many women already believe. it suggests all of us ladies remember much more than men. researchers looked at more than 200 middle aged metropolitan and women, middle agers, not us. they found most men forget more as they get older things like birthdays, anniversaries, other important dates and experts hope findings lead to advances in medical science and they admit debate. >> chris: guilty as charged. >> denise: we all forget some things sometimes not just the men. >> chris: oh, boy. tonight at 6:00, with a lack of support from governor john kasich how did donald trump win the state? we are getting answers about a possible coalition. john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic!
5:57 pm
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this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> mark: now at 6:00 we get answers about the presidential election. what led to donald trump's victory and what comes next. >> romona: plus a deadly encounter. police shoot and kill a suspect after an armed robbery. jeff? >> jeff: cloud cover continues to break up. it will be a cooler night. but a big cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: and we begin tonight with an alert. >> romona: that's right 7 armed robberies near case western university. harry boomer is getting answers as students are on alert. >> we get e-mails every time.
6:00 pm
student at case western university and he knows all about the recent rash of robberies happening on or near camp us and in fact he shows us the e-mail alert he received about a robbery that happened at 8:00 this morning. >> there's more violence happening around you and better chance of being caught up in it. >> are you taking any special precautions, walking in pairs, not walking at night. not having ear buds in? >> yeah. especially at night. i listen to music a places with people. generally during the day. i am less concerned. >> reporter: he has at least 7 good reasons to be concerned. there have been that many armed robberies in the area since october 28th. one around 12:15 in the morning involving two students. a fight broke out cell phone and money were taken. five more jackings took place. one involving a gun and another time the suspect used a bottle. a total of 7 times so far.


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