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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> the booster club, can you talk about the money missing from the booster club? did you take it? >> romona: a woman accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars tonight we are getting answers on how it may have disappeared. >> denise: but first, tiffani tucker is tracking a third night of anti-trump protests. >> tiffani: tens of thousands of protesters are coming out against president-elect trump in several cities. these are live pictures from portland, oregon there. not a lot of activity in that video, but we have seen plenty of activity throughout the
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it has been a distraction on major roads and they are chanting "not my president" and" love trump's hate." they say they plan to continue the protest throughout the weekend. we will continue to keep an eye on what has been peaceful protests as we mention at the alert desk. if things change we will come back immediately with an update. >> making our neighborhoods security alert. >> denise: imagine waking up and finding an intruder in your house just feet away from your child. >> romona: that happened to an olmstead falls day who fears for his family's safety and wants this suspect caught. now sara goldenburg has more. >> reporter: he said his sense of security in his own home is gone. that's because he doesn't know what the intruder was going there and going through his
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up. it is what he does for a living. he works for a radio show. >> he spend a lot of time behind the my microphone. >> it is fun being on the radio. >> reporter: now he is talking about something pretty serious. an intradder made his way into his apartment two weeks ago on a saturday morning. >> when i was in the hallway i thought i saw my daughter sitting on the couch and going through her >> reporter: he checked with his wife and she said her daughter in the fourth grade was still asleep. >> okay back up a little bit and look down the hall and i can see some guy sitting on my couch and rifling through my daughter's folder for school. >> reporter: seth panicked as he got a closer look. >> i had no idea what to do. i couldn't see a face. he had a gray mask and screamed what are you doing? >> the guy jumped up and bolted for the door. he chased him out of the apartment complex.
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>> he didn't take anything. that's what bothers me. >> we had a couple of ipads and cell phones and my wallet and my wife's purse. >> the stranger also tried to get into his neighbor's apart meant, but the boy who answered the door wouldn't let him in. so the suspect jiggled the patio door until the lock popped. >> he was sitting 20 feet away from my daughter's bedroom and again rifling through her stuff. i almost would have felt better if they robbed me. >> reporter: seth worries this intruder could be a child he has this warning. >> no matter where you are at keep the doors locked and know what you're doing. it can happen anywhere and can happen to anyone. >> he tells me that detectives have taken some fingerprints at the scene. the detectives are still investigating. >> we just checked with the fbi to see if this case can be related to two abductions earlier this year. they tell us it is not. but they are still looking for
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from their homes in separate incidents. if you recognize this man call the fbi. >> students are breathing a sigh of relief after they arrest 10 people suspected it in a series of robberieses. the first robbery took place on october 28th. since then there have been at least eight more. the school is holding security meetings on campus and they expanded shuttle service until 3:00 a.m. in an effort top >> good news if you plan to come downtown to the west side market this weekend. there will be more parking spots open for you to park in. the new parking lot is partially open right now. and by monday, all 128 of the spots will be available. parking has always been a headache for market shoppers, and the city hopes this will fix that problem. >> denise: three people in lorain county are facing charges after they were accused of shoplifting from a
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jonathon aladin even tried to fight one of the store's employees. the two women in that case were charged with assault. those arrests sparked two days of demonstrations. now why the demonstrators say justice hasn't been served. shelby? >> reporter: denise, the protest has quieted down and in fact gibson's closed a couple minutes ago and people are starting to the protest organizer who i spoke to say they gathered here because store workers treated some shoppers differently than others. the worker i spoke to inside gibson's say that's not true and they want them to stop stealing from the store. >> dozens of students stood holding "break lives matters" signs. these protesters tell me they are here again today because
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has a history of racially profiling shopperses. >> multiple students have had dings of racial discrimination and being followed around the store and being accused of stealing and having to turn their pockets out even when they are not stealing just because they are black and brown students rot he says that is -- >> reporter: he said that is not true. they are just trying to stop the shoplifting. >> the problem is quite extensive. to charge it is racially >> reporter: this stems from wednesday's incident. police say a man tried shoplifting wine and a fight broke out between him and a gibson's worker. >> it doesn't matter if you are purple, brown, blue, green, you are getting busted and going to jail. >> reporter: despite the protest business has been fine. the owners had to close early yesterday because of the crowds. >> that uh -- allowed us to
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student's rights. >> they want the constitution to be an -- angered by the protest. >> >> as you can see the protest has broken up quite a bit. it doesn't mean they are done here. when i spoke do the organizer they said they planned to be back out most likely this weekend and there is a cash mob planned at the store and that's where people who don't normally frequent gibson's say they plan to come here business here to show their support. shelby miller, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: you may have noticed some of your facebook friends showed up on your feed as dead. a glitch accidentally memorialized hundreds of accounts asking you to remember their lives. even the facebook ceo mark zuckerburg was a victim of the bug of the if it happens to you your account information
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>> denise: tomorrow a day you can get rid of your old prescriptions safely. county officials are urging you to take unwanted or unused prescriptions to one of the 42 dropoff boxes. it is part of the national day of awareness and disposal day. we posted a link on our app. you can click to see where the dropoff location is near you. >> romona: "60 minutes" landed the first big interview with president-elect donald trump. we have an part one on the one on one. in it mr. trump described the concession call he received from hillary clinton on tuesday night. >> she couldn't have been nicer. she just said congratulations, donald. well done. i said i want to thank you very much. you were a great competitor. she is very strong. >> romona: mr. trump talked about how he will try to heal our divided nation after the election. you can watch the exclusive
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at -- cleave 19 on sunday night. >> denise: we are getting answers on how an irregular sleep schedule can boost your child's chances of becoming overweight. the details are ahead. jeff? >> jeff: it is still windy out there especially along the lakeshore. not so much inland. we have lake effect clouds, but a sun-filled weekend is in store. and overall it is a dry forecast.i' about that. >> she took it from kids. this has been taken from kids. >> romona: and a woman accused of stealing moneyment for children. we are getting answers on where the 10s of thousands of dollars may have ended up. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app , powered by the
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>> live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: we are going back to tiffani tucker at the news desk for a third night of anti-trump protests. >> tiffani: things are starting to quiet down on the east coast, but demonstrators are picking up in the west coast. we will bring you live pictures of dallas where people have taken to the street. many police departments across
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crowds and they have seen over the last three nights people have been very active. we talked about portland. we have seen miami and seattle and we showed you new york m. people have gotten together at the town hall. so far with all of the protests we have seen that things have been relatively calm across the country. i will continue to keep a close eye on all of the protests from our alert desk and bring you another update. >> denise: thank you. if you had kids you probably had to do a fundraiser for their school, but are you sure that money is going to where it is supposed to? >> romona: in one school district it wasn't and parents didn't find out until it was too late. now more on the disappearing money. >> reporter: like just about every high school these days they depend on the booster club to pick up costs.
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fundraisers. they raise a bunch of cash. but for one booster club cash was the problem. it was disappearing, but no one knew exept is the treasurer. the club president was suspicious president. >> she was putting stuff in her pockets. and then also there is no type of money balancing when it comes to the end of the night and the beginning of the day. they were using things like zip lock bags of money in cub >> she got together with the former club president and they reviewed records, stats and nothing added up. >> one big fundraiser i figured out we should have cleared their thane,000. >> how much did you clear? >> what she wrote? 75. 7500. >> reporter: after getting more bank statements thousands of withdrawals were found, 400, 500, 600, 700 at a time and in all $13,000 of withdrawals used for all kinds of stuff. >> booster clubs don't use $80
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aware of. >> canopies, stuff that is not booster club related, prime rib, things we don't cook in the concession stands. >> can we talk about the booster club and the money missing from the booster club? >> no. >> did you take it? >> reporter: a security expert said with more kids taking part in extracurricular events , more parents are taking part in fundraising. be aware and beware. >> you can't down because you know the person. >> reporter: because the booster club is not an official function of the school the members feel they are being stiff armed and being kept the a arm's length. the school is not going to get involved and that leaves the club responsible for the bills that may come down and pros cautions and possible lawsuits. >> the athletic director gives us a bill. >> $34,000. are you behind that much? >> we are still behind about $9,000. >> the club's general fund is drained. and the project fund for major
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>> we can prove $30,800 was taken. >> how much do you think? >> i think it was in the ballpark of $50,000. >> you have a nice, new car. i would like to hear your side of it. >> she had nothing to say when we asked about the missing money and sped off in her new car, a dodge charger. so new it still had temporary plates. >> she took it from kids. >> and now the kids are not getting -- they are suffering now and they are not getting things they could have been getting. and it is really sad. balances in place. >> because things like booster clubs deal with a lot of cash, temptation can be great. because there is a spirit of doing a common good for the kids parents can trust too much. >> because we know somebody we assume we can trust that person to do the job well and not steal and not squander and that's just not true. >> they need to get involved and not just to support their kids, but support the community.
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club fundraising continues. the nonprofit status is in jeopardy and it could spell the end of the club. bottom line, more than one person should have to sign club checks. cash should be collected and counted in the open with several witnesses. notes about totals need to be kept as well. paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: we did some digging and found mia has a background in accounting and right now she works as a tax preparer. >> denise: parents, tonight even more evidence telling us to keep our kids on a regular sleep schedule. a new study found kids who go to bed at different times are 50% more likely to be obese. the different bedtimes give their bodies a jet lag effect which reduces the levels of the hormone that tells us we're full. >> romona: the national weather service upgraded our chances of seeing effects of la nina this winter.
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than usual this winter. so how much will this affect us? jeff tanchak has been tracking the forecast. you are going to let us know. >> jeff: if that pans out, la nina is the opposite of what we dealt with. i have a map illustrating what la nina conditions mean. typically it is warm early in normal in the southwest. if you notice colder in the north and wetter in the pacific northwest and here in the great lakes it is average temperatures, but we may be looking at a little more rain or snow than normal. that's depending on the temperatures. we'll see what happens. i will tell you this, we don't have any show in the forecast the next seven days and actually a little above normal of the the temperatures are still coming our way.
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you are feeling that. notice inland the wind is starting to die down, but it will take awhile longer before it does so along the lakeshore. and we are still dealing with this lake effect cloud cover. we are getting the lake huron connection as well as the lake erie moisture. there is cold air over the warmer waters of the lakes. that's what is producing the cloud cover. no rain, but as a result of the cloud cover we are not really dropping that much especially along the lash 41 sandusky, but we are starting to break up the clouds a little bit. akron-canton is at 37. you can see it here, no alerts the next seven days, but we won't be totally rain-free. we will over the weekend. lots of sunshine and 50 tomorrow and another chilly night tomorrow night. sunday it is full sun and 55. monday is sunny and well in the 50s. and then this front gets in
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tuesday. cloudy in the day on tuesday. then i have rain on tuesday night. that's the next opportunity of rain for us. partly cloudy and 31 is the low. and tomorrow, 50. high, thin clouds and not as windy tomorrow. look at the 7:00 a.m. temp. you have to definitely wear the sweatshirt. but then 46 at lunch and akron-canton is warming to about 49 there. right around 50 tomorrow and saturday night 31 the low. it is chilly there. and then we will feature sunshine 55 and monday 57. cloudy sky on tuesday and then we have the showers on tuesday night with the front. isolated showers on wednesday and 55 and look at this. by next friday we could be talking about temperatures in
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pretty calm weather other than the rain threat the next seven days. ladies, back to you. denton thanks, jeff. -- >> denise: thanks, jeff a special party for a boy who has cystic fibrosis. they sponsored his make a wish and sent him to california for seal training. >> it was very humbling and it was very awesome. it was a day my dreams came true. i always their courage, their will to live with integrity and never give up. >> brandon never gives up. he said the seals treated him like a brother and he hopes to help others some day by becoming a firefighter. >> romona: that's special. it is week two of the high school football playoffs. mark schwab takes you under the lights from the games all
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now, this is ther is pen 10 -- this is ther is pen teen sash sash serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> if you missed under the lights over on cle43, there is no problem. got you covered here. we fired up the express version. the comets are taking on the c the come messes are -- the comets are down, but not going away. the big ball and it is 80-yard score. sullen trailing 24-10. they were never back in. it wide open and a 40-yard strike. wild cats are moving on with a 31-17 win. they are gonna take on the eagles. they are taking them on tonight.
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7-0 eagles after the first quarter touchdown and move to the third. kevin kramer and big ball. hauled it in for a score. then in the fourth and kramer takes it himself. he will hold on to win it 41-35. rematch in the holy war next week taking on the explorers. and this is score less. he spun around and there and it it was 7-0. they get it even, but hudson would break the tie. down the seem and he runs away and that's the put away score. hudson moves on and avon lake taking on anthony wayne. a little short pass and he did the rest on his own. a big block and the block was gorgeous and a touchdown
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get it. he was picked off in the end zone and they lose 14-6. heartbreaking for the shore men. westlake and olmstead falls. on the move and they are intercepted by davidson. he finally gets tracked down. that put the bulldogs up and then in the third he is running through people and he can't a power touchdown and bulldogs win it 49-21. when we come back, the cavaliers are in action tonight in the nation's
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>> fresh off their visit with the president t with the wizards. lebron james with a big night and always fun to watch. back down and you are not backing out. lebron and steal and takes it coast to coast and throws it down 27 for the night. a little scoop and a little score. he had a big night. 27 for lebron. and jr smith, he didn't hit one. he didn't hit two. he didn't hit three or four. he connected five times.
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three's. more kyrie here because we can. the cavaliers win it 105-94. jr is so much fun to watch. >> bang, bang, bang. >> romona: are we close on june yet. >> mark: it is like an extestimonieded -- an extended pre-season. >> tomorrow is a little chilly there. and sunday is your sunshine and 55 and even into early next week 57 on monday and sunny. not feeling very much like monday. >> denise: thanks for joining us for news anytime download our free cleveland 19 news app. >> romona: have a great
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