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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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school following a series of telephone threats that put the school on lock "real world." the school says student safety is a top priority and police did not find anything during a security sweep of the building. >> chris: the school is investigating if the threats are related to so-called social media concerns with several high school students. harry boomer getting answers in shaker heights. >> someone got a text saying it was real and everyone started panicking and freaking including me. >> reporter: three anonymous bomb threats came to shaker heights high school and the school went on lockdown. it left them more than concerned. >> everyone was texting their families and people thought they were going to die. >> shaker heights police were called in and began a search of the building to ensure there's no real threat. kayla was on her way to school when the news broke. >> they texted me how much they
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>> reporter: 12 grader wilson was in choir practice when a text went out to students confirming the lockdown. >> we ended up going into a condensed dark room and panicking at every noise we heard and could barely hear the announcement and heard dogs over the announcements. we were absolutely terrified. when they told us we could go home we were grateful and thankful to be together because we all love each other is.>> thought. and a junior at shaker heights high. >> i just wanted to go home and didn't want to be there and wanted to be comfortable with my grandma and friends and feel safe. >> reporter: as to what may have caused three anonymous bomb threats, the superintendent says it may be connected to a social media event last week with several students, we will leave it up to the police to determine. getting answers in shaker
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cleveland 19. >> denise: certainly scary for the kids. we got off the phone with the shaker heights commander in charge of the investigation and told us police have found nothing suspicious at the school. >> denise: arrests in austin, texas over a donald trump protest. this is one of dozens of demonstrations. they are upset what america might look like under >> women won't be able to get an abortion? >> it will go back to the states. perhaps they will have to go to another state. >> chris: donald trump standing confirm on his vow to overturn row versus wade. the president-elect saying so during his first post election tv interview on "60 minutes." mr. trump named political party chairman reince priebus as chief
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senior counselor. inspiration day just 66 days away. attention focused on mr. trump's business interests. >> denise: that's right. his massive financial portfolio has an unprecedented conflict of interest for the president-elect. julia goldman is getting answers from d.c as a candidate last december donald trump was asked about turkey's role in the fight against isis and began by saying this. >> if i have a building in istanbul. it is a tremendously successful job called trump towers. >> reporter: as president-elect that concession is all the more striking given 59 properties at home partner the world bearing his name. there are rules to prevent conflicts of interest for officials but doesn't apply to president and vice presidents who put their investments in a blind trust. trump said he would tap his children.
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in a blind trust -- >> i would put it in a blind trust if ivanka and donald run it. but i would probably have my children run it with my executives and i wouldn't ever be involved. >> reporter: with his children involved in the transition ethics watchdogs say the set up doesn't wall off the trump organization to the trump administration. >> you are turning business over to your family which is close to you. a real blind trust is one where he independent third party to manage his investments. >> reporter: the arrangements doesn't solve conflicts with his arrangement with deutch bank one of his main lenders. he owes the bank more than $300 million in mortgages. the bank is currently in multibillion dollar negotiations with the justice department to settle a fine for trading in toxic mortgages and run up to the financial crisis. closer to home there's the trump
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landlord is the federal government which trump will now head. >> reporter: the general services administration oversees the land and lease and nothing has been put in place yet. trump will put in a new head of gsa and renegotiate the lease under certain conditions. >> denise: trump advisory rudy giuliani says trump's three children will not advise their father once he in january. >> chris: so complex, the weather outside far more simple. >> denise: gorgeous out there. and the moon, we get to see it tonight. >> jeff: it won't be as clear as last night. we have some cloud cover and it won't be totally overcast, either. it is generally a partly cloudy sky downtown and 5:44 is the moon rise. sandusky 54.
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mansfield 49. we are dropping right now and it will be a cool night out there. we are seeing 6:00, low 50s and 8:00 down to 44 if you are heading out the door. will you need a jacket and the dry pattern rolls on through the rest of the week. there's a big warm up at the end of the week and major cold front saturday. this is the next alert and next threat of rain and windy and yes, c stuff second half of the weekend. i will bring you details on that as we move along. here is traffic first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: let's take a live look at the roadways. 77 at 480 cloverleaf thick at 480. no real trouble spots. there was an accident earlier in
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before clague and looks like it has been cleared and there's a short delay there. police in cleveland need help finding a teenager. alexander mullens hasn't been seen since last wednesday on his way to school, 6-foot tall, 275 and call cleveland police if you see that young man. a man admitted to his role in a deadly bar fight last january at the zodiac bar in akro 65-year-old robert jarvis pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. he was a deejay at the bar at the time. forest ryan died of blunt force trauma after being punched. jarvis will be sentenced next month. this is day 12 of a contentious teacher strike in lewisville. >> denise: parents, teachers students and subs are on edge concerned about what kids are learning in the classroom and
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with the latest. >> loot of anxiety and frustration in louisville. they are concerned about safety and lapses in instruction. and they are concerned a deal isn't being discussed here. >> tammy schafer's daughter is on the picket line with her mother supporting lewisville teachers instead of learning from them in the classroom. >> they are below what we are learning in 6th grade. >> 6th graders watch the magic school bus. >> reporter: she is concerned about safety and content in the classroom not and getting a clear cut answer about truancy. >> a principal told me there's no way enforce the truancy issue. and they said it is state law. >> linda, who's grandson was one of the kindergarteners left unattended and locked out of the
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unacceptable. >> i don't know what disturbs me more, the fact that happened or the town's chief of police determined it wasn't a safety issue because they stayed on the sidewalk. >> others have concerns about the ability of substitutes to handle an emergency or threat. >> they think these people haven't been taught to take care of the kids with a threat like that. >> judy started the counsel to give a voice to >> there's no choice in what's happening here. >> and we are trying to get information out to parents. >> she says her son a sophmore is not getting curriculum they need in this pivotal year of high school. >> we are neglecting the children's education. this is neglecting their well-being. they are angry, sad, confused. >> reporter: we reached out to the superintendent of lewisville schools and requested we e-mail
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we did not get a message today. reporting in starke county jen picciano, cleveland 19. the strike began on november 2. teachers have been working without a contract since june 30th. metro health got a big grant. more than half million dollars is helping to fight infant mortality. metro will enroll up to 140 families in the program. they will partner first time parents with a registered nurse. the nurse will visit the mom to be before the baby was born and continue the visits until the little one turns 2. preterm births are the number one cause of infant death. thanksgiving a week and a half away and beginning to look like christmas in downtown cleveland. crews moved the massive blue spruce into place this morning. it was a beauty. >> 45 feet tall. the tree donated by a family in brunswick lit on public square with more than 363,000 lights.
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november 26 during winterfest. >> denise: my favorite part is the ice rink. when they put the ice rink it is fun to skate in downtown cleveland. >> chris: puts you in the mood for the holidays. >> chris: it does. >> denise: still ahead. school bus politics. a local student says he was disciplined for talking about donald trump. a teacher explains why he compared thesi janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. and don't forget the free tv app. switch to get ultra-fast internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 30 meg internet and
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph
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>> chris: a 17-year-old wooster student said he was disciplined for talking about politics on his school bus. >> denise: we broke this story on allison brunner is joining us with the latest on this unfolding story. >> reporter: i got off the phone with the transportation supervisor and says it is under investigation and not their policy to write someone up for talking politics. this unfolded last week when 17-year-old charles says when the bus d >> he shot a video of the cell phone of this incident and during most of it you can hear the audio. he shared with us the exchange he had with his bus driver. take a listen. >> it has problems. people voted for this person and it becomes so loud and people talk and hurt other people's feelings about it. >> you are taking away the
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these kids. >> no. >> yes, you are. >> in the video the bus driver tells a student his supervisor told him to write people up for breaking the rules. as soon as we get details we will update the story. >> do you think this student should be written up for talking politics? can you go to our twitter account and take part in oy poll. >> getting answers allison brunner, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: a california history teacher has been put on leave he compared president-elect donald trump to adolph hitler. the teacher is breaking his silence. frank navarro says it is a misunderstanding. he insists he talked about both candidates and as a holocaust expert he drew parallels to the president-elect and hitler. >> hitler said he would make germany great again, donald trump said he would make america great again.
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poles and donald trump is focusly on muslims. >> denise: navarro says he understands why some are offended and says he was just doing his job as a teacher. navarro was getting on-line threats and petition on calling for him to be reinstated. >> for a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. it is good news for drivers. gas prices are falling. national gallon. aaa says prices reflect low demand and lots of supply. this is the third straight week prices dropped. a wyoming bookstore wants customers to pay attention to the books. not their phones. the owner banned all electronics and wi-fi encouraging people to live like it is 1993.
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new rules. >> kenneth cole is closing almost all the stores. they are leaving two full-priced stores open and focus on international stores and on-line sales. oreo getting into the candy bar business now. the cookie maker teamed up with the chocolate company. the chocolate bar comes size examines has bits of oreo cookies in the middle of a vanilla cream filling and the big crunch weighs more than 10-ounces meant for sharing. jeff? >> jeff: sharing a candy bar? no. not going to do that. >> wow. what a nice way to start the week off here. we at least hit 60 perhaps 61. it will get warmer.
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cloud cover in place and east coast system bringing rain there and that won't affect us. we are dry to the west here. i think we will stay that way for the foreseeable future. we have a front coming through early wednesday. i have it coming through dry. and no big systems until we hit the weekend as you will see. enjoy the night. it will be cool,ug showers and wind. this is the next big front. timing on the rain 9 to 2 and it is subject to change as we move along here. wind gusts up to 35. we know it will be a huge temperature change as the front comes through. let me show you the warm up. 57 tomorrow and cooler than today.
5:19 pm
air. thursday 65. the high thursday. and friday we will be around 70. record high 71. it was set back last year and not an old record. we will see what happens here friday. this is the big front forecast to get in here on saturday. boy, is that going to change things up here. 7:00 temperatures this evening we will be dropping into the 30s because temperatures will be able to drop. 10:00 tonight. again well in the 30s inland. 40s on the immediate lakeshore and then going through the overnight and into tomorrow morning here upper 20s. wooster 20 and don't worry. we do recover once the sun comes up tomorrow and rise through the 40s in the morning and eventually back into the 50s
5:20 pm
clouds, it will be a cool night down to 33. the super moon and high clouds akron-canton cool and down to 33 as well. increasing clouds and more cloud cover during the afternoon and still mild. 57 the high. the planner goes like this. 7 a.m. 34 and a mixed sky around lunch time tomorrow 53 and 5:00, mostly cloudy and build up end of the week. here is wednesday. 56. thursday, 65. sunny. friday near 70. get ready. the weekend it will be a wild one. we have scattered showers saturday and windy here. 64. and cold enough later saturday night, a winter mix into sunday with highs around 40.
5:21 pm
that with the wind and even on monday a light winter mix. higher elevations south and east of cleveland and inland location and you could be looking at your first little coating of white. yeah, on sunday. >> chris: look at that smile. >> denise: i know it. >> jeff: you know, we will be watching that through the weekend. very cool. >> denise: thanks, jeff. still ahead at 5:00, remembering a rock hall music icon. >>
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with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> denise: time now for your eye on entertainment. we are getting a first look at a controversial new movie. >> chris: plus a money making weekend at the box office. we begin with the music world
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? some got to win, some got to lose ? ? good time charlie's got the blues.? >> chris: rock hall of famer leon russell passed away this weekend. family members say he died in his sleep. russell was recovering from quadruple bypass surgery. he was known for his appearance as well as his music. leon russell, 74-years-old. >> we in an instant. >> i get from here to there. >> another big weekend for dr. strange. the marvel movie adventure follows a neurosurgeon turned sorcerer. it took the weekend box office a second straight week. dr. strange took in $43 million. trolls was second with over $35 million.
5:26 pm
$15.5 million. >> you are the first of your kind and not invulnerable. >> maybe next time you can design me better. >> chris: plus a fist look at ghost in the shelves. starring as a cyborg police woman. critics blasting the move toe whitewashed casting of a japanese anime character. can you judge for yourself when movies hit local march. i did watch the entire trailer. >> denise: looks a little violent for me. >> chris: violent and -- yeah. we will see what happens when it comes out. >> coming up next on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. this super moon impact. cool in the sky and not all the
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? let me play among the stars.? >> chris: you could keep playing that music. >> denise: yep. >> you see the super moon last night? it was the closest, brightest the moon looked since 1948. it won't happen again until 2034. beautiful. >> it was a spectacular sight for sure. the super moon actually caused trouble. >> that's right. the super moon linked to astronomically high tides in south florida. david begnaud shows the damage. >> the super moon was stunning unless you live in coconut grove on south bay shore lane. it came ashore at high tide sunday night. >> looks like we have about 6 inches of water here in the street that shouldn't be. >> by 2030 we expect up to 6 inches sea level rise to
5:31 pm
on top of this. >> rising sea level seasonal king tides are swapping storefronts and submerging city streets and this month's flooding is expecting to be worse thanks to the so-called super moon. >> is the moon closer to the earth than normal? >> it is. that additional gravitional pull caused high tides to be a little higher than they would have been without that super moon. >> reporter: we are at the point now the waters are high enough not affecting public safety. >> raymon terrain souths sewer systems in miami beach and flooding incidents increased 400% in the last 10 years. >> miami beach sea level to rise 2 feet, the area would undergo a radical transformation. desperate lead to desperate measures. the city is spending
5:32 pm
mecca higher and drier. >> reporter: most here live five feet above sea level and it could rise nearly 6 inches by 2030. that would be four years before we are talking about the next super moon. >> reporter: david begnaud cbs news, fort lauderdale, florida. >> denise: wow. didn't know that. it was quite the sight though, got to get the kids out and check it out. jeff? >> jeff: you know for the most not as good as last night. we have more cloud cover around. they may block the moon at times. this has been a huge social media craze this super moon. 8:00, 44. by 11:00 we will drop it back down to 38 and eventually well in the 30s. if you are to watch the super moon this evening definitely need the jacket with the light
5:33 pm
8:00 tomorrow morning around 40. today we hit 60 for a high in many spots. it was a beautiful day and average high this time of year 52. we are above normal and we will be that way most of the week until we hit the weekend. 50 degrees akron-canton. in downtown cleveland we are at 53 and the sun has set for the night. eventually it will be getting dark here shortly. >> dry pattern rolls on. can you see mostly cloudy sky right now. we have this big warm up at the end of the week. my goodness. >> these temperatures are amazing by the end of the week. but then it all comes to an end on saturday. sometime on saturday we have a major cold front coming through. boy, that will send us near record highs to the potential of lake-effect sleet and snow. the second half of the weekend.
5:34 pm
showers with the front itself and right now the timing of the rain 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the wind will start to whip up here and you have that big temperature drop. 57 tomorrow. increasing clouds and mild. it will be a quiet week until we hit the weekend 40 at 8:00 a.m. 50 at 11:00 and 57 at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and cooler than today akron-canton a mixed sky. mild. 57. again, the b by the big front. i will detail that for you in the next half hour. denise? >> the weather not helping fire crews out west battling a brush fire in the san fernando valley. the l.a. fire department said it was reported 6 a.m. and flames and smoke are spreading uphill. >> no one hurt and no structures have been threatened so far. >> we are getting answers about your financial health. a recent poll revealed 76% of
5:35 pm
paycheck. >> incredible. >> amazingly there are several ways to save some money. dan deroos in the answer center with helpful advice. dan? >> with the help of huffington post we are finding ways to save you 100 a month or week and see how much to challenge yourself as we get into the holidays. let's get into it. the dollar bill challenge. we are used to throwing change in the jar. why not throw all the dollar bills in sometimes throwing $5 in there. i can't afford that. i need that $5. let's round it up. 20.13. when you go to record it in your account make it 21. then at the end of the month all the extra cents put it in a savings account. next, pay it off. >> keep paying. pay off a car and credit card and keep putting that same payment into your savings account, something you were
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grocery store and wal-mart and at the bottom it says you saved x- amount of dollars. you are not saving it unless you saved it. >> why not put that into a savings account. >> last, but not least thermostat meltdown. women won't like this. why not turn the thermostat, program it down a couple of degrees, 3, 4 degrees and save money over the course of a cold winter throw on an extra sweater or sweatshirt. helping you save money in the answe back to you. >> chris: thanks, dan. cleveland 19 news getting answers about the growing student loan crisis. 41 million americans have debt totaling more than $1 trillion. tonight at 11:00 investigator carl monday reveals where northeast ohio students rank on the debt scale and who is reaping the benefits. you know whether you are in college paying it off or planning for it, everyone affected by it. >> denise: absolutely.
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coming up later at 5:00, a major earthquake struck new zealand. dozens of aftershocks keep on coming, too.
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tv equiment and epix included. really? say yes to more. call now. this is the three month anniversary of a brutal murder. a man gunned down at a fast food restaurant. it happened during a attempted robbery in lorain. police have not made any arrests
5:40 pm
mark nolan at the alert desk with details. >> we are asking questions about robert gnizak at a taco bell drive-through. police are looking for a suspect and so far they have no leads in this. 49-year-old gnizak was in the passenger seat when he and another person were ordering food on oberlin avenue. a man came up and tried to rob him. gnizak was found shot to death found outside the car. this happened at 11:00 on august 14. the suspt man, thin to medium build wearing tan camouflage pants. >> witnesses say he fled the scene on foot. the case is concerning because it could be anyone. >> i will tell you right now. this is lorain, we have crime like everywhere else. this could be me, you or any one of their parents. i would say this person is very
5:41 pm
killed bob gnizak. the lorain police department and taco bell offering $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. if you know anything contact lorain police (440)204-2105. romona? >> coming up tonight at 6:00 we are investigating disturbing claims. homeowners who say they got hate mail days before the election. plus we are getting answers about a bridge situation in the flats after seeing movement in a problem affecting truck and boat traffic. it is a paul orlousky investigation. >> mark and i hope to see you at
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started assessing a earthquake damage. >> hundreds of people are in shelters as a result and a thousand tourists are stranded in one town. hedda daniels shows us some of the damage. strong aftershocks continue to shake new zealand after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the south island. cracking roads and demolishing homes and businesses. >> it is a bloody shame. it is brick you don't bring the people back. >> powerful tremors triggered landslides. they were stranded on islands of grass as the ground ripped apart around them. >> the aftershocks continued to rattle the nerves of already exhausted and terrified residents. the quake triggered a tsunami and residents told to move to
5:46 pm
off kaikoura where 100 tourists are stranded. >> quite a number of tourists ultimately stuck. >> the head of new zealand's civil defense force says a navy ship is on the way to ferry people isolated to safety. >> reporter: hedda daniels, cbs news. anth in 2011 killed 185 people. thousands more were hurt by falling debris and other injuries. >> pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 news forecast. let's pinpoint the 7-day. the planning forecast and overall through most of the week. it will be quiet. we have big time changes happening and you will hear about over and over again as we
5:47 pm
tomorrow 57 and increasing clouds. and quite a bit warmer tomorrow night dropping to 47. wednesday here more of a mostly cloudy sky and 56. then jack up the heat. sunny thursday, 65 and friday we could be approaching record highs around 70. then a big cold front will make its way through saturday. we will get rain during the day turning quite the front comes through and saturday night crashing in the upper 30s and windy night and winter mix setting up. rain, sleet and snow depending where you are. sunday, similar story, windy, cold around 40. wind will make it feel colder and most lake-effect. sunday night lake-effect snow showers around and monday a light winter mix here 41.
5:48 pm
you could be looking at your first snow of the season. stay tuned. it will get real interesting by the time we hit the weekend with those alerts saturday and sunday. chris, over to you. >> chris: all right, jeff. thanks. facebook apologizing for a huge mistake. a bug on the social media web site killed off millions of people, at least their accounts and facebook founder mark zuckerberg was affected. a title on his page remember mark zuckerberg. a spokesperson for facebook says the message was a glitch. no accounts were compromised. >> instagram testing a live video feature. it wants to compete with video snap chat. they told the financial times users can stream video to the world or just your friends in realtime.
5:49 pm
russia and no word when it will go live in the states. at&t is making changes to its streaming service. watching video on your phone won't gobble up much data next year. videos won't look nearly as good. the cell phone provider is providing stream saver. it will by default play lower band width videos and you can disable the function if you want full h.d. most pts age-old tactic and it suggests they are using time outs. moms and dads are making kids sit quietly and it is more effective than spankings. doctors found the physical rate of punishment has fallen since the late 80s. there are 12 more days until black friday one of the biggest shopping days of the year. >> we are getting an early look
5:50 pm
target and cabellas. >> we are back at it again with greatest black friday ads starting with target here and you will see more of these, more tv's and this one $250 for a 50-inch starting thanksgiving day on this deal. next up i will fast forward to page 9. cell phone deals seeing target. they have the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus and zero down with next up phones. a lot of phone deals. next we talk about the toys. that's what they are hunting for. "star wars" popular. 50%. at the bottom of the page you have a kid-sized life-sized jenga and this giant kerplunk. toys for the kiddos. >> we have cabela's. looking for something for the outdoorsman in your life, we
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one hundred dollars off this pair of binoculars and it makes it $129. next page up to page 21. a lot of clothing and guns and things for outdoorsman as i mentioned underarmor popular this time of year. underarmor collection will be 25% off and on the back page, looking for something for the cook in your life and outdoor smoking and bought it for my husband $139 and regularly $229 and comes with a $39 cover free with it. >> great deals at cabela's and places sure to be packed and getting more black friday ads to bring to you as well. >> good deals there. >> i will be honest and peeked. >> everyone is looking ahead.
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dropping traditions that worked and are continuing to work is like throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you are not getting wet. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg made her stage debut this weekend at the washington national opera. she played a duchess in the daughter of the regimen and the audience loved justice ginsburg has been a longtime supporter of the arts. >> the milk you pour for your children may soon come from high-tech cows. cows at hundreds of farms around the world are now embedded with hot dog-sized wireless sensors in their stomachs for real. sensors track health and even predict a pregnancy. the information is sent to the farmers. this helps them diagnose
5:56 pm
antibiotics. steelers week for the browns and their fans. pittsburgh of course rolling into cleveland this sunday. the browns still the only team without a win in the nfl and at least one fan actually wants to celebrate that failure proposing a browns perfect season parade. it would be held january 7th if the team ends the season 0-16. the events sparking reportedly a lot of interest on-line. not looking forward to this. >> they will get trounced. >> you know what, have some fun with it. >> you don't want to celebrate a season that bad. >> some day in their lifetime. >> earlier we told about you flooding concerns with the super moon.
5:57 pm
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>> romona: now at 6:00 students sent home from shaker heights high school digging for answers about several bomb threats today. >> the dry pattern rolls on. it will be warmer than normal until we hit the weekend. >> plus cleveland 19 asking questions about a bridge situation after months. what's going on with affecting traffic in the flats. >> cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your ca expert since 1960. >> live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we begin today with a disturbing letter that arrived at a local home. >> it came before the election. what it said had a local woman upset. lacy crisp getting answers for us tonight. imagine coming home, checking the mail and finding an anonymous letter saying you need
6:00 pm
vest what happened to one lorain family. >> it shocked us. a south resident born and raised here. >> it read you mexico stole my home go back to mexico. they bought this home and made improvements. the family had fallen on hard times and it was in answer to her prize and she is hurt to receive the hateful letter days to the election. >> i don't know if some people think it is the presidential election and coming out with their feelings. >> angle feels politics played a role. >> i truly feel this past year and a half has brought hatred to the light and made people feel comfortable with speaking the hate. >> he was so upset when he heard the letter and decided to go to the home to talk to the family about how he could help and took the letter to the police


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