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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> romona: this all started when people contacted us complaining about the way their water looked in a berea neighborhood. we sent water samples from three berea homes to lab for testing. >> mark: results revealed high levels of iron and one case lead and paul orlousky broke the story last night at 11:00 and back tonight wanting to know what's being done to fix the problem. >> reporter: would you bathe your children in this water? would you drinkt? posed to mayor kleem last friday. bottled water. berea water. a comparison that brings up an interesting question. in flint could there be heavy metal cadmium, chrome, rust in berea water. one of the samples we took from three berea homes we tested contain lead. the mayor claimed he didn't have time to respond. >> give us time to get the water tested.
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the colored sample about the lead. he is right. we didn't either. >> we didn't find out until yesterday at 11:00 in the morning. >> when we found out we notified the affected customers. the mayor complained loudly on facebook saying he found out about the problem and it is true regarding lead just as we found out monday. and months ago the mayor sent somebody to sandy's home. >> they don't test it. it is funky tasting. it tastes metaly, metallic taste in the water. >> to be doubly sure they sent it there. >> getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19 news. >> the investigative team is digging deeper and carl monday joins us now. >> looking for citations against berea water. what did you find. >> we looked at documents from
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complying with water safety regulations. the simple answer: not always. >> berea's quality of water surfaced last february. according to media minutes they assured council the water undergoes annual testing and falls behind the allowable limits and doesn't always mean the city is in compliance. at least twice in the past years. and the city cited for like nitrate in the water. just this month berea was cited for failing to record and maintain temperatures during water testing during a 19 month testing and it led to inaccurate test results. the e.p.a. evaluated lab's findings over that period of time. earlier this year the city sent a news alert reassuring them their water is safe.
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e.p.a. showed 400 complaints regarding the quality of water and 13 on 0 complaints we reviewed and 7 fortes and others fourscored water. at the meeting the service director addressed concerns of lead in the water system and says the system no longer a contains lead joints and no lead pipes anywhere in the berea water system. >> that doesn't necessarily mean if you have lead in the water. >> you could have plumbing problems in your home or condo and could have trace there is. >> it is obvious someone with concerns should probably have their water checked. >> reporter: probably so nothing else but peace of mind. berea maintains they have low exposure to lead and offering free tests. if you have a concern they will take advantage of it. >> thank you, carl. another beautiful fall day here. doesn't get much better than
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jeff tanchak is always tracking what's coming next and joins us with your first alert weather forecast. >> jeff: we have something eventually down the road. before that happens, big warm up on the way and you have your shot of winter over the weekend. we are at 58 cleveland hopkins cloudy sky and computer models dropping to the 40s as clouds break up a little bit here this evening. you are already down to 51 akron-canton and downtown cleveland. there you go. 57. warmer downtown because of the thicker cloud cover. okay. get ready here folks. it will be a wild ride. we go from the potential of record highs on friday where we could top 70 degrees. and this huge cold front saturday. it will start out as rain and the coldest air of the season after record highs friday and coldest air of the season arriving and snow, lake-effect
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romona? >> romona: all right, thank you. lebron james talking today and not only about basketball. mark schwab joins us with the superstar's race concerns in america. >> mark: well, lebron was asked to respond to phil jackson's comments and did an interview with espn's magazine referencing lebron and his business arm, jackson referred to them as a posse. that did not sit well with lebron. >> we see the success we have and that lets you know how far we have to go as african-americans, you know. i just don't believe phil jackson would have used the same term if he was doing business with someone else working with another team or anybody in sports owning a team and it wasn't african-american and they had a group of guys. i don't think they would have called him a posse. >> james said it is a shame. he had a lot of respect for jackson one of the best coaches
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had as you don't anymore and lebron confirmed yes, past tense. that bridge if there ever was one, burned. >> romona: words do matter. >> mark: he and jackson never crossed paths. and lebron was never on teams and big names in basketball. you would like those people to get along and no longer a the case. >> of the. >> thank you veryh. working to finalize key positions now. vice president elect mike pence arrived at trump tower and filling major cabinet positions and trump looking at mayor rudy giuliani and bolton and sessions considered including secretary of defense. >> meantime both houses of congress are back in session for
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houses in congress. they voted to approve paul ryan as speaker of the house. the gunman shot and killed the kent state freshman sentenced to death and graham convicted of murder and robbery from earlier this month. he was shot and killed or shot and killed 18-year-old nick massa of westlake in february and off campus party and co-defendants testified against him. >> they were set for trial. >> someone with a slingshot is causing damage and hurt someone. it caused $8,000 worth of damage at five businesses on center ridge road. a minivan was hit and three reports being shot at cars. a man was hit in the ear while driving on detroit road. well, you watch it every night
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cleveland 19. >> it is jeopardy. >> yes it is. >> and tonight we have the local contestant lacy crisp introduced us to the smart teen. a cuyahoga falls teen will be on jeopardy tonight. jasmine wheeler will be part of a two week jeopardy teen tournament, the 14-year-old western reserve academy student says academic challenge helped her prepare. e auditioned in detroit and beat out 10,000 applicants. >> it was great. we were in washington, d.c. and they had a whole stage set up and had a studio audience. it was large and exciting and i felt relaxed and it was fun. >> the pride goes from joys to tears of joy and you can't believe your daughter made it to something as big as this.
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10,000 kids took the on-line test. 300 auditioned and somehow your child made it to be the top 15. >> jasmine couldn't tell us what happened. the episode airs at 7:30. the winner takes home $100,000. she said other teens should try it. it is not as hard as you think. getting answers, lacy crisp cleveland 19 news. >> i don't know. >> i hear you guys playing jeopardy all the time. missing them. >> i wasn't going to say that. >> up next. a wild scene outside a local wal-mart. getting answers for a video posted on facebook. an officer almost run over. >> romona: dollar general under the micro scope as stores in ohio get fined for safety reasons. jeff? >> jeff: i will show you the map behind me. snowfall saturday night.
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>> details when i come back. we need an apology. our annual turkey give away at 4:00 p.m. friday. beth mccleod and laura demaria will be across from the summit mall helping to hand out a free turkey donating a new or gently used coat or nonperishable food item to charity. getting breaking news now powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall
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internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 30 meg internet and unlimited calling. say yes to more. call now. live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent. this is cleveland 19 news. >> oh [bleep]. hey, hold it. get on the car. >> mark: a witness posted this video on facebook after it appears an officer was almost run over. the tense situation was unfolded outside wal-mart last night. >> allison brunner went to canton to get answers. >> reporter: this officer did everything correctly. as you can imagine news stories are quite a talker across town
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more than 9,000 shares and more than 1,000 people talking about it. >> the center for the shoplifting incident starts here in the parking lot of the canton wal-mart. a woman caught shoplifting runs to the getaway car and three people confronted by a police officer. that's when things take a turn. this dramatic video captured by a neighbor monday night gives us a look at the intensity. the officer pulls out a baton and sho they say this is not common. >> do you frequent this often. >> yes. i do. i have never heard of anything like this going on here. >> the driver takes off nearly clipping the officer. those with canton police stand behind their fellow officer telling them they didn't do anything wrong. neighbors disagree. >> we truly support you. we love you. >> after the brief chase police
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charges. neighbors wanting them to be held accountable. >> i say stop it. just try to be a decent human being. >> neighbors on canton police department facebook page are citing and supporting this officer and those with the department chair after this incident unfolded, the officer hurt his hand and bleeding and a neighbor saw that and purchased rubbing alcohol and band-aids for him. >> in canton, allison >> romona: if you would like you can watch this entire clip of the incident on >> mark: osha says dollar general is putting workers and customer safety at risk blocking exits. there are violations totaling fines in the millions. dollar general and pioneer cited in august. they blocked exits. a month later osha found the
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received $117,000 fine. we did spot checking at dollar general stores around northeast ohio and exits blocked in independence and all clear in lodi and another in cleveland. headquartered in tennessee dollar general operates 12,500 in 43 states and employs 100,000 workers and they recorded sales over $20 billion. >> romona: we have a health alert. 200 cases of sudden unexplained infant deaths in ohio each year and why university hospitals is joining forces with nonprofits baby's need boxes in ohio and providing a free maternity packages for expectant mothers including a safe sleep space for baby. recently the american academy of pediatrics updated safe sleep
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bed box in a parent's bedroom for the first six months. mark? >> a tough choice today. take a nap or go for a run. give you a hint. i am tired right now. it is nice out. >> jeff: you took a nap. >> mark: i wish. beautiful day. >> jeff: i thought it was leading to a joke. >> yeah. run while you can now. over the weekend i have a hunch the nap is probably the thing with the craziness we will have going on. >> a ribbon of cloud cover coming through. a weak front. you can see no rain with it. cloud cover. we will keep it dry tonight and tomorrow. saturday, here we go. this is the alert. strong front morning showers, snow by evening, this after we will break a record high friday. wow. wind gusts over 40 and looking
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this is how the maps go. 57 tomorrow. thursday, 63. this time of year heat is on friday. 73 the high. perhaps breaking a record high. the old record the existing record 71 cleveland and then whammo in comes the big blast of cold and temperatures dropping through the 40s and by saturday night notice no yet. we see the set up will be here and moisture and wind out of the west, northwest and quite windy. lake-effect snow. higher terrain areas inland. you could look at your first accumulating snow. stay tuned. it will get dicey saturday and sunday. 40 the low tonight and mostly cloudy sky. akron-canton down to 38. a nice looking day tomorrow. 57 partly cloudy sky and good to
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tomorrow. 53 partly cloudy and 5:00 at 54. 63 thursday. 73 on friday. then here we go. we drop through the 40s on saturday. rain to snow, windy. same deal saturday night 33. boy, browns game against pittsburgh only 33. i think the snow will be flying. weather will play a role in that game sunday. maybe browns will have a chance because of that. >> 37 monday with leftover snow showers. >> romona: think the wind will blow that ball into the end zone. >> jeff: it will be windy, snowy and cold.
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now chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. terry francona was up for a huge honor after the big season with the tribe and just in the last few minutes he won it named american league manager of the year for 2016. he was up against texas skipper jeff bannister and baltimore manager buck show walter and may think jeez, indians did more than those guys, this is a regular season award and balloting done on this before
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francona still won it guiding the indians to a 94-win season second best in the american league and certainly smaller payroll than the other clubs had to work with. earlier i told about you the controversy between lebron and basketball. cavs play raptors at the q and last time they saw them was in the eastern conference finals, six games and for everyone in cleveland it didn't feel like a series. and not quite on don't expect lebron to say that. >> it is a year under their belt. familiarity and two-headed monster with kyle and derosen. and they are confident bunch which they should be. a very good team and see how the season starts. >> mark: browns 0-10 and could be 0-11.
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losing season and didn't expect 0-10 and whispers of a 0-16 season. sochi brown not second guessing the plan. >> that's one thing to be careful of. you go with one plan and then off to another one. that's not the definition of a plan. >> we know how facetious this is. >> and we will get through it and come out the other there are brighter days i am confident. >> and a future that laced themselves. nike cooked them up. >> i guess they will be available in a few weeks. and only $720. >> oh, no. they can be yours.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: transition trouble. the president-elect and a team divided trying to put together an administration. another top adviser is out. who will be secretary of state? >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i >> pelley: also tonight, the battle in the south against wildfires fed by autumn leaves. >> you fear that you're going to lose everything you have. >> pelley: the u.s. military puts its faith in a mustard seed to fuel this aircraft. and will the world hold still for the latest online fad?


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