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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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s like you said, i... i was getting cut out. and then i figured, with him out of the way, i could take over the business for myself. what? would you be so kind as to remove your gloves? i'd like to see your hands. palms down. well, you haven't said a single true thing to us. that includes your confession. you didn't kill bennett. you just want us to think that you did. i don't understand. holmes: it's a simple enough question. do you pluck between your eyebrows? yeah. i have since junior high. mmm. you have synophrys. joined eyebrows. in addition, you lack hair on the middle segments
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all three of those conditions are recessive hereditary traits. sharing one in common does not prove a genetic relation, but sharing all three strongly suggests kinship. what does this have to do with my husband's death? it has to do with the confession of one gordie kasdan. pilot. he said he sabotaged your husband's chute. but we think he was covering for someone. holmes: he, like you, has a unibrow, he lacks hair on the middle segments of his fingers and on the backs of his hands. he's your father. watson: we think he confessed to sabotaging bennett's chute to protect you. are we right? the other day, when you said bennett had been shot, part of me was relieved. i hadn't killed him. someone else had.
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lack of sleep, nausea, the hormones... that's not an excuse for trying to murder your husband. a couple weeks ago, i heard him talking on the phone with some woman, late at night. he thought i was asleep. i couldn't find any record of the call on his cell, so i did a little poking around. found one of those disposable phones hidden in his car. there were all these texts between him and someone named jaan. two a's. , he promised her he would leave me. so you decided to kill him. i was angry. i called my dad, told him everything. said i could solve the whole thing with a pair of scissors and a trip to bennett's storage shed. i'm guessing that's why he tried to take the blame. he realized i'd really done it. the night of the jump,
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i didn't want bennett to die. i tried to get him to call off the jump. but he wouldn't listen. (crying) he never did. well, that explains the sabotaged chute. but we're no closer to the sniper. i think we are. i think the sniper and mrs. nealy were both motivated by bennett's affair. and if i'm right about the sniper's identity, we need to catch him soon. 'cause i'm certain he's gonna strike again. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass.
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i-i don't understand. why are you showing us these? we found them on the ground where bennett nealy fell. in afghanistan, young lovers give each other tasbihs as a sign of affection, yes? (speaks pashto) (speaking pashto)
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i'm assuming by "hers," you meant your daughter, zohala. you speak pashto? not fluently. are these your daughter's prayer beads? bennett nealy had a lover. he called her jaan. holmes: "jaan," as you're well aware, is the pashto for "beloved." bennett nealy was having an affair with your daughter. you didn't know? the sniper knew. that's why he killed bennett. which brings us back to a question that you refused to answer earlier. where are your children? zohala ran away shortly after marjan and i arrived in new york. she left a letter saying that she wanted to... live her own life, as a modern woman. we thought that she was just being rebellious. so we sent marjan to find her. can we assume your son has military training?
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he learned to shoot, to hide, to stalk his target. and they poured their poison into his ears. what do you think your son would do if he knew that your daughter was sleeping with an american? the taliban preaches the old ways. in traditional culture, when a woman sleeps with a man outside of wedlock, she dishonors her entire family. the only way to restore that honor is through blood. if marjan thought that zohala and bennett were dishonoring our family... he would kill them both. holmes: so, if there's a way you could help us find marjan, his cell phone number, perhaps, be a good time to share it.
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bell: police! don't move! lower the gun, marjan. man: target in sight. three o'clock. we have visual. bell: your parents sent us. they want you to live. they want you both to live. (sirens wailing) (wailing stops) man 2: inside! quick! this way, please. move! move! nobody here wants to hurt you. (indistinct police transmission) (handcuffs clacking) (elevator dings)
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zohala. ? mmm... ? ? ? ? mmm... ? (phone chimes) ? a sigh went across my bones ? (knocking) ? didn't i tell you, shut the door? ? come in. been a while. it has. i heard you had a conversation with an old friend of mine. i did. he said that you reached out to him. is that true? say it was. okay, well, do you know what would happen to you if a parole officer knew that you were hanging out with tall boy? tall boy
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neither am i. not no more. okay, but you asked me for my help. and now i know better. you can't help me. really? you think you know everything. you don't. you just walked into a criminal's apartment in the middle of the night. a basement apartment. you can shoot a gun down here-- nobody'll hear it. it's not your world. it's mine. it's where i have to live, and it's where i have to survive. e you saying this? because this world's not safe. not for me. and especially not for you. so get out. while you still can. (loud crashing) (exhales) it's now or never, doc. ? what did you wish on that storm? ? ? was it worth it ?
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>>lydia: good evening. i'm lydia esparra. you'd better dress the kids warmly and yourself because tomorrow morning the wind chill beth mcleod is in the first alert center with all the chilly details. >>beth: yeah, it's going to be a cold one. if you thought today was cold, just wait. some of the coldest air of the season, tomorrow morning. so i thought i'd take a few seconds just to let you know that if you didn't know this already then you probably haven't downloaded our cleveland 19 first alert weather app. we had this latest technology. we're the only one in northeast ohio to offer this. our weather app is free. you have to download it or you
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first of all, if you have it, you'd open it up and see the last couple of videos, updating you on what's really important and how to help plan your day. both talk about the super cold temperatures starting out tomorrow morning. then the app allows you to see what the current temperature is. 34 right now. but it feels like 21?. then as you scroll down, you can see we are still not done with that lake-effect snow showers. this app is really easy to use. but more importantly it's re active. we can send push alerts to your ipad or phones alerting you to when the snow is going to start or when the thunderstorm is going to happen or like i did just a few minutes ago, i let people know how cold it's going to be. i'll show you on weather one on how cold tomorrow. wind chill forecast models puts out 11 in mansfield tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. if you have kids who have to wait at the bus stop, some
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winter gear. you'll keep using that winter gear because the wind chills are about 25 at lunchtime. 23 in mansfield. little colder there. they have a lot of snow down there. some places got five to eight inches of snow just to the west of mansfield. tomorrow, decreasing clouds as we go through the afternoon. we're actually going to see a little sunshine later in the day. temperatures into the upper 30s. the wind, although we have no more wind advisories out, we'll 35 miles per hour. so still windy, icy cold. a couple out towards lake ashtabula, geauga county could wake up to coating of new snow. latest wind gusts still howling but definitely not as window rattling as what we saw last night. lake-effect machine, lydia, unfortunately still not quite turned off. you can see it still coming out over the lake. just a portion between abbott
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those are the lucky folks who could wake up to an inch of snow by tomorrow morning. a of the that, no more snow in the forecast till next week. >>lydia: thank you, beth. one of the hardest hit areas with wind damage today was bay village. that's where shanice dunning spent the evening getting answers. >> we are on eagle bring drive in bay village. you can see this tree that came crashing down last night. winds were recorded out here up to 40 mis close call for the people who live here. >> a neighbor took these pictures that show more of the damage. here can you see how the tree just missed this car in the driveway, falling a few feet in front of it. and a look inside the kitchen shows how the roof is partially collapsed. >> it's just always extra windy here and just really did some damage this time. >>reporter: michelle lives next door and she called 911 when she heard the tree crashing down. she says it was a close call for
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in a safe place at the right time. >> his son that lives with them was going to take a shower within 15 minutes of when it happened. he would've been dead. they're doing okay. they are at a hotel that's pet friendly with their dogs, so they're okay. did i their laundry for them to help them out. they're doing good, thank gold, nobody was hurt. >>reporter: thankfully everyone is safe in the situation and the neighbor says crews should be out here tomorrow to move that tree. near her house so this doesn't happen the next time strong winds in this area. getting answers in bay village, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >>lydia: thank you. many while police in youngstown reopened roads that were closed earlier this evening. the roads were shut down after several accidents and icy conditions. police say crews had to remove about 40 cars piled up on those roads before traffic there. officers say a car was rear-ended, causing several cars
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wow. that looked bad. unfortunately not even the cold or the wind could help the browns today. mark schwab has more on another, should i say disappointing loss? >>mark: yeah, certainly disappointed. sometimes bad weather can be an equalizer to help a bad team stay in the game. not today. browns just run over by the steelers this afternoon. this is the last play of the first half. pittsburgh felt no need to kick a field gold. theyw score a touchdown. le'veon bell, got the two. cody kessler in third quarter, he got hit hard. he was out. another concussion. we have seen too much of this. second concussion this year. josh mccown did come in to throw a touchdown pass but strick, sacked, fumble. they were sacked eight times today. 24-9 the final. it couldn't end fast enough.
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pittsburgh, another defeat. tony zarrella was there to see the latest beatdown. the one on the scoreboard and between the lines. >>reporter: well, the only thing worse than watching the steelers and their fans come into this stadium every year and leave with bragging rights is watching the carnage in their wake. cody kessler, lawrence timmons sent him with a vicious hit back into concussion protocol. illustrates the beatdown that the steelers annually put on the browns. >> to me quarterback scrambling out of the pocket and they get started with a shoulder or forearm to the head, i know in college football they throw you out for something like that. hopefully the legislation and the nfl is trying to eliminate that type of play because quarterbacks get hurt when getting hit like that. that's something that you don't want to see in the game. >> it's a tough sport. the land was some hits out there that were, you know, i don't think they were border lune.
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called, you know, some guys launch from their team, they call personal fouls. that's what they are. but it is football. so, i mean again, it's tough. >>reporter: death, taxes and a steelers beatdown. on this day i felt like i was watching two of them. at first energy stadium, i'm tony zarrella, cleveland 19 news. >>lydia: we suffered. >>mark: they're just so bad. >>lydia: but there's always next year. we are moving on. >>mark: moving on. next year they might win a game. all right. new tonight, these pictures from ravenna where fire crews were called out to battle flames at a historic building. investigators still trying to figure out how this one started. and a pegs holiday season for a local family who just welcomed home their service man.
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afghanistan where he served with the air force. >> feels great. it's really, it's really hard adjusting, especially having all this freedom now. i'm glad to be back for the holidays. >> we're just so proud of him and happy and going to have thanksgiving dinner right after this. so, we're very happy to celebrate with him. >>lydia: oh, we're happy to have him back. hills aunt came all the way from colorado to welcome him with the rest of the family. they say this is their sure is. and coming up, donald trump wraps up a weekend of meetings as he decides on more members of his cabinet. the details still ahead. beth? >>beth: yeah, lydia, i'll tell you what it was a cold day today. even the temperatures don't tell the whole story. take a live look downtown. feazel roof cam not shaking as much. today's high temperature 36. 13 degrees below where we should be. wait till i tell you how cold tomorrow morning is going to be and who is going to see what
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>>lydia: and you can stay with us during the break by downloading the cleveland 19 first alert mobile app that beth mentioned. you can watch the interactive radar, get hour-by-hour forecast and even check customized conditions for your neighborhood.
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today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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>>lydia: and welcome back. three stunning attacks on police tonight. one of them deadly. the first one in san antonio, texas. a massive manhunt is under way after a police officer was murdered outside a police headquarters. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays. sapd will be own because of an ultimate act of cowardice. >> police released a picture of a person of interest in the killing. witnesses say benjamin marconi was doing a traffic stop when the suspect got out of a car and shot him in the head, then fired a second shot before driving away. meantime in st. louis, a police sergeant was shot twice in the face after a car pulled up next to his suv. he is in critical but stable condition. and is expected to survive.
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loose. and in sanibel, florida, an officer was shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop. the suspect was arrested after a shootout with police. president-elect donald trump held more meetings with potential members of his incoming administration, but no appointments were announced. roxannea saberi has the latest. >>reporter: after attending sunday service, president-elect donald trump held another round of interviews with potential members of his administration. at his he hinted he may be close on some finalists. >> [inaudible] >>reporter: former new york mayor rudy giuliani, a trump loyalist and long-time friend, had his final interview. giuliani is considered a top contender for secretary of state. >> and other things. and other things. >>reporter: trump also met with new jersey governor chris christie, who was demoted from chair of trump's transition team. his role in the new
12:00 am
>> is there a place for governor christie in your administration? >> a very talented man. great guy. >>reporter: after two days of meeting here in new jersey, mr. trump is expected to continue speaking with potential cabinet members at trump tower in new york on monday and tuesday. his administration takes over two months from today. mr. trump confirmed that first lady elect maliania trump and son barron will not be moving to the white house on inauguration day. >> when will theye white house? >> very soon after he finishes school. >>reporter: the windows in touch tower are being replaced with bulletproof glass. roxanneia saberi, cbs news, bedminster, new jersey. >>lydia: back here at home, everybody is talking about the weather and our new app, which is a great thing for times like think. it really is. so it is the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. let me just tell you, it's super simple to use. download it. it's free. lydia loves this app.
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this new technology, because i can pinpoint exactly what's happening. and this is new technology. nobody else has this in town. so, how this works is when we see an incoming storm or front, maybe it's going to put down some new snow in your backyard, we're able to send you an alert right to your iphone or your tablet or even your home computer. saying hey, you live in strongsville in 15 minutes you might see some snow. or the alert i just sent out talks about how c to be tomorrow morning. then what's fun, we get to track your interest in it. instantly within just a few minutes, go ahead and take weather one, instantly i ended up with a thousand people turning on their smartphones checking out the latest weather information. ultimately we are going to refine this and it's going to be awesome. we're the only one in town who has it. is the snow right now ultimately is going to move east. we are still seeing lake-effect
12:02 am
for tomorrow. and extremely cold start coming our way. it was awfully windy, saw wind gusts in the mid 40s as we went through the day. things settled down just a little bit. winds out of the west/northwest, 21 miles per hour. currently 34?. but you know the deal, doesn't feel like that feels like the low 20s. we're going to stick with that theme for tomorrow. then start warming things up. feels-like temperature starts dropping into the teens. even the warm body of lake is not helping the downtown area stay much warmer. lake still at 55. let me tell you, that's not helping the wind chill temperatures. you can see we are still seeing light flurries around town, between akron and canton. towards mentor is the bigger concern. tomorrow morning you might wake up to a new coating or up to than a inch in some areas through ashtabula county, lake and northern portion of geauga county. not earth shattering, but a
12:03 am
sometimes you have to scrape your car, could add a couple extra minutes to your morning routine. this system is slowly going to push towards the east. you can see buffalo, new york getting hammered by this. we are on the wrap around part of this system. ultimately high pressure comes in tomorrow. that will clear out our skies a little later in the day. our next system is way out towards the west. it's going to bring rain in for wednesday. futureview pretty uneventful at this overnight. keep that snow band in pennsylvania, it could wobble into ashtabula. so give you just a little heads up. tomorrow for the most part, we stay icy cold and will start warming towards tuesday. 27 tonight. not going to feel like that. many of you are going to drop down to 12 or 13. tomes feels-like temperature all day long, into the 20s. with little more sunshine coming
12:04 am
so tomorrow a lot like today but minus any of this snow. look at the little turkey. turkey day is coming. tuesday we start warming after midnight heading into wednesday. but that brings that chance of rain, rain wednesday afternoon, wednesday night. here's what's new about this forecast thursday. drizzle to get you going. but the afternoon will just be an overcast sky. so lydia, that's good news to know part of thanksgiving day will be dry. >>lydia: thank you, beth. check out the scene in strongsville. annual winter wonderland lighting celebration tonight. entire commons decorated with santa claus and mrs. claus met with kids. another sign wintertime is here in cleveland, ice skating is coming bab to public square tomorrow. the first skate starts at 10:00 a.m. cleveland indians mascot slider will be there to help kick off the festivities. nice. and coming up in sports, mark is back with more from the
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lost again to the steelers.


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